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#sorting marvel characters
diamondsky717 · 9 days ago
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Bruce Banner | Ravenclaw House
intelligence • wit • curiosity
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lilyofthesword-writes · 14 days ago
Impossibly Redeemable - Chapter 17 - Pancake Car
Summary: Shortly after faking  his death in Svartalheim to fool Thor, Loki wakes up to find himself in a  realm that is not the one he “died” in. After meeting another person in  a similar predicament, he learns the only way home is through  redemption. But how can he possibly do that? Monsters like him don’t deserve redemption, do they?
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Word Count: 1,514
Warnings/Disclaimers: Starts fluffy. Hits a depressing moment with Eva having to come to terms. Tried to lighten it up at the end.
A/N: I’m sorry.
Car Request/Suggestion: @superheroesandstardust
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You stepped forward, opening the door to the next car. The pastel horizon flooded Loki’s vision. Mountainous stacks of puffy, golden disks at varying heights littered the landscape. They looked… Fluffy? Then, there was the smell. Absolute Valhalla. A freshly baked cake but with an added buttery sweetness of honey and a dash of vanilla wafted to his nose.
Loki could feel his mouth watering as he glided into the car with Eva and you in tow, hopping down immediately onto one of the discs. His feet sank into it. So strange. It was fluffy like a cake but it was more dense, more… Squishy and jiggly. And it was warm, just pleasantly so.
Breaking his own reverie, he spun around in time to see you stepping onto the same fluffy platform. You hadn’t been ready for the ground to have so much give. He reached out as you fell forward, catching you before you could inadvertently bury your face into the new substance.
Eva observed inquisitively from the door. Loki was about to hold out his arms to her when you had righted yourself when she leapt out to land near you. The ground sank even deeper with the force of her impact, but it reacted differently. Instead of stilling, it wiggled before popping back up, throwing Eva up into the air. She squealed as she met the apex of the bounce. As she met the ground, she sunk again but not quite as far. Nor was she tossed in the air as high either. This next time she landed, it was for good. Loki and you rushed to her as she sat with a shocked expression. In your arms, she shook her head like it would slow her thoughts before her lips tugged up into a grin, one just as large as when she played with the corgis.
“What is all of this?” She was already back on her feet, testing the bounce factor.
Loki stood with no issues, diverting the question to you with a shrug.
“Well…” You let out a puff of air as you took in your surroundings before attempting to stand with little to no wobbling. “Looks like pancakes… Very large pancakes…”
“Pan. Cakes?” Loki drawled out the words like a foreign language.
Your eyes narrowed incredulously. “Yeah. I guess you’ve never had them before.”
You received head shakes from both your companions.
“Okay… Never thought I would ever need to explain this, but here we go. A lot times it’s made from a simple batter similar to a cake. You cook it in a pan on a stovetop. Hence, the name. It’s usually topped with butter and syrup or honey, but that’s a matter of taste.”
That would explain the delightful smell…
“And what is the occasion for this?” Loki was fully engaged now as was Eva.
“Any, really. It’s easy to make. Considered a breakfast food, but my family would switch things up and have it for dinner.”
Eva jumped lightly and earned herself a tiny bounce. “So we can eat this, too?”
Loki and you shared a look. The god stepped in for this one. “As wonderful as it sounds, little dove, I would not eat these specifically.”
Of course, she pouted but didn’t put up much resistance. She would at least get to jump on the stacks while they looked for a door.
“But,” you chimed in, “if we find a car that has a kitchen, we might be able to make some we can eat.”
With a grin showing most of her teeth, she agreed and spun around to launch herself at the neighboring pancakes. Loki shot you a smirk, clearly intrigued by your proposition, before you both cringed at her bouncing much too high on the other stack. Now you two weren’t so sure you would make it to the next car. You might have a heart attack just trying to keep Eva safe.
Tumblr media
“Watch this, kid!” the butter stick yelled out just as it was sliding across a tall stack of pancakes. It sprung up right at the edge, a trail of butter left in its wake, and soared up high before landing on a lower stack.
Eva hopped up and down causing a rolling ripple across the pancake you all were on. You had taken to clinging to Loki as you traveled from mountain to mountain. You had the worst time maintaining your balance.
At first, you had merely hung off his arm. The god had decided to tease you a bit, offering to carry you like he had in the Gravity Car. He adored ruffling your feathers as you attempted to hide your flustering embarrassment, but he had to keep his mischief at a minimum. There had been a couple of close calls with Eva almost bouncing so high she could go flying off the edge. Then, she’d met her new friend, a Denizen who was literally a stick of butter with limbs. It encouraged her recklessness. Loki opted to snake an arm around your waist so he would at least have one free hand in case something happened.
“Eva, wait!” You panicked as she took off immediately.
She slid across the slick butter trail. You were too late to stop her from launching herself off the edge. Loki and you rushed over, careful not to take the same path. She had landed safely alongside the butter stick who was already starting its slide to the next stack. The pancake jiggled and bounced her on impact. Now, she was laying on her back in the midst of a giggle fit.
“Mama, Papa! Did you see that?” She rolled onto her side peering up and Loki and you.
And then her laughing ceased. The smile on her face faded at her realization. By the time the two of you made it down to Eva, she was sitting up, arms hanging limply at her sides. Her eyes swelled with tearful memories. You were the first to scoop her into your arms to hold her tight followed by Loki who wrapped you both up. Eva buried her face in your chest, and the dam broke. Bulbous tears shed themselves from her eyes. You combed your fingers through her hair as you tried to coax her soft cries down.
“I didn’t… I didn’t mean to…” Eva choked out.
Loki tenderly rubbed her back. “It’s alright, little dove.”
“No…” she sniffled and untucked her face to look at both of you. “I… I love you both… But I don’t want to forget them…”
“Oh, Eva…” you breathed, kissing the crown of her head. “You won’t forget your parents, and we’re not here to replace them either.”
“I know… Just…” She clenched her eyes shut in an attempt to stop the tears.
“Nor will we leave you behind,” Loki added. “I suppose we would be more like godparents. We care for you in addition to your parents.”
She ventured a peek at Loki. “Godparents…?”
“Y-yeah. Think of it like…” you started to explain, worrying your bottom lip in the process. Your eyes suddenly lit up. “Bonus parents.”
Huh. Loki hadn’t thought about that one. It wasn’t as eloquent as he would have liked, but it wasn’t bad.
Eva started picking at her palms, again. “So then… you would be Bonus Mom, and you would be Bonus Dad?” She looked to you and then Loki.
The god and you nodded. That would be the simplest way to put it. Eva mulled it over with a look of uncertainty.
“But you don’t have to call us that if you don’t want to,” you threw in hurriedly. “You can call us what you always have.”
“Whatever you would like, sweetling,” Loki agreed softly.
She bobbed her head up and down. It was easy to see she wasn’t quite alright with anything yet, but neither of you minded. You’d give Eva as much time as she needed.
After a time, she finally relaxed in your arms and wiped the trail of dried tears from her face with her sleeve.
“I think I’m ready to go.” Her voice was small with a hint of finality.
“Okay, honey,” you whispered, your lips grazing the top of her head.
Loki helped you both stand. Eva, having slung her arms around your neck, stayed clutched to you. Then, the mischievous god decided to try something a little different. Keeping an arm around your waist, he swooped down and lifted your legs into his other arm, effectively carrying you along with Eva like the combined weight was nothing to him.
“Loki!” you squeaked in protest.
His lips twisted into a playful smirk upon your shocked expressions. “Ladies, might I suggest you two hold on. Tightly.”
And with that, he leapt to the next stack of pancakes, barely giving you any time to wrap an arm around his shoulders while still keeping a grip on Eva. Loki figured this would be the easiest way for you all to reach the door. Plus, he caught a tiny smile sneaking its way back onto Eva’s face.
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madd-nerdd · a month ago
I love it when I complain about certain things not having more representation, like when a show or movie doesn't have any LGBT characters even if it should, then my family shoots in with "Oh, don't ruin this for me by complaining" or "But they're making plans to add a gay character in eventually"
Like, cool cool cool, glad we'll get one gay person at some point even though it totally could've happened way sooner and I'm glad that you all get to see yourselves represented while I just get ridiculed when I even just suggest that a character could be gay
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kingandqueenwang · a month ago
I hope the Shang-chi movie provides for the Asian community what Black Panther or Luke Cage provided for the black community.
I remember Black Panther was released during a time when our community was struggling (more than usual, I guess) and just broadcasting to the world that we could be royalty, come from wisdom and beauty and power aaahhtfred yes! Or in Luke Cage, there was a man that wanted to help his community and happened to have the amazing ability to not be hurt by bullets; just all these positive things to indulge in really had us all in party mode. I hope the Black Panther sequel refreshes that feeling for us.
I know the Asian community is currently struggling as well, so I really hope Shang-chi is successful and gives you guys something to celebrate during these times. Puff out your chests a little bit, enjoy it.
(Disclaimer: I am not claiming any of these movies solve racism or anything. Just provide a source of escapism that you can enjoy as well as promoting a large scale source of love to the world for the associated community represented in these films)
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macgargan · 2 months ago
It's been two years and I am still full of rage whenever Jessica Jones season 3 is mentioned.
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 3 months ago
thinking about how for years in the late 90s/early 2000s there was this obsession with like, hackers as both protagonists and villains in various movies, and there was so much pseudoscience bullshit because a lot of the people writing hackers didnt actually Know Any, and science enthusiasts all over went “this much pseudoscience cant be healthy for consumption”, and people went “its just a movie, movies dont have impact (jaws), let people have fun” and now we have qanon
#im not saying thats the ONLY thing that caused qanon but by god did it contribute#like people wouldnt be so ready to accept such obvious fakey fake bullshit about hacking if they werent used to doing so for bad fiction#pseudoscience in fiction Absolutely is a problem and even today marvels just like idk he did a technology and then a thing happened#its the worst. like you cant just say nonsense and pretend thats science#you either lean into the nonsense angle and do a phineas and ferb or you actually do real research#straight-up pretending pseudoscience is real for the sake of convenience with zero irony has never been a good strat#you know what happens when you train audiences to stop critically thinking about what 'science' theyre hearing?#you make them extremely susceptible to big words with no meaning#which contributes to everything from queerphobia to diet scams to cults. any bullshitting with ulterior motives basically#the human brain doesnt have this secret ability to not be affected by fiction. if it did people wouldnt care about fiction at all#we wouldnt jump at scary movies or get emotional over sad/wholesome ones or laugh at funny ones#people wouldnt cosplay or write fics or do art or character analysis#we do these things because we ARE affected and thats perfectly okay but that means you gotta think about what youre putting in your brain#you dont have to stop consuming content you just gotta think about what content youre consuming and why#like the sort of bullshit attitude of 'shut up its a movie if i think about it it all falls apart' is so fuckin frustrating#if thinking about a movie makes you realize its bad it was never good to begin with!! simple as that#you cant just turn a blind eye to bad shit that doesnt make it go away that just means youre not aware of it#this is baby 101 for christs sake#like god im so mad at the robert langdon movies and its not for subjective reasons. fucking cern had to make a website#SPECIFICALLY JUST TO COUNTERACT ALL OF THE PSEUDOSCIENCE BULLSHIT IDEAS THE ROBERT LANGDON MOVIES CAUSED#THATS HOW MUCH DAMAGE THEY DID#i could rant for HOURS about the robert langdon movies but im supposed to Not use up all my spoons today so ill spare yall#just tldr The Series Sucks I Hate It. its too terrible to even ironically like. FAR too terrible. it caused real palpable damage#italked#itagged#original post#queerphobia anecdotal#about queerphobia#anti-[robert langdon movies] tag#anti-qanon tag
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moon-mia · 4 months ago
Spoilers ahead
What I find interesting about Wanda compared to the other heroes in the MCU is that she’s not only the villain in several peoples stories, she’s the hero and villain in her own story too.
She’s sympathetic because we can relate to her. Despite the powers, she’s very human. She’s having a full meltdown in 5x07 after extending her powers to save the man(?) she loves, who did lie and leave her. And you can see how all of the years of loss, loneliness, and grief have caught up to her. She’s being forced to contemplate all of her decisions in the last month and is facing her reckoning. It doesn’t help that Agatha been pulling strings behind the scenes and messing with her mental state.
Presently, she only has Vision and their children. Natasha died. Steve went back to the past and is now an old man. And Clint is with his family. She’s got no one. I think it’s very possible that Agatha preyed upon her because she was an easy, powerful target. I doubt any of the remaining Avengers noticed her absence in the month since the second snap.
She’s less of a villain though and more of an anti-hero. She took Vision’s body, and there was some self-interest involved in that decision. And yeah, she’s not really the key person to speak about morality, but I think that’s why she’s so compelling to watch. She struggles immensely with what’s right and wrong like a true morally grey character. She has these strong moments of awareness, and then there are times where she seems like she’s being controlled by someone else too. So I don’t think she’s solely to blame for whatever is happening.
I’m still rooting for her because I don’t think she meant for any of this to spiral out of control. With two episodes left, I know there’s a lot of ground left to cover and some of it will undoubtedly extend into the Dr. Strange movie, but I don’t think Wanda will be able to walk away from this. It’s very clear from the commercials and passing comments that Wanda is heavily affected by her past.
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skyetheprophet · 5 months ago
We Need To Talk About Fat Thor
My brother just told me that he doesn’t like Thor in Endgame because he’s fat and not as cool and I nearly flipped my lid. Not cool, he says. 
For one, Thor is obviously majorly depressed and it’s not hard to see why: his mom is dead, his dad is dead, his brother is dead, his sister broke his beloved hammer and gouged out his eye, his best friends are dead, and he just lost for the first time in his entire life. He has more reason than anyone to let himself go, and I love how they took that into account when making Endgame. It’s a beautiful acknowledgement of past consequences that you don’t normally see in these types of films (I’m looking at you, Tony’s-suddenly-forgotten-anxiety/PTSD). 
We see this clear as day when Thor is still able to wield Mjolnir when he visits Asgard in the past, and I think it’s an absolutely beautiful message. 
Not cool, says my brother. 
I think this is the most heroic Thor’s ever been.
Tumblr media
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worthingtonenterprises · 7 months ago
question for the marvel community on tumblr
so uh,, i have a strong feeling the x-men are gonna be done dirty by disney, by adding them to the mcu and fucking around w characters/timelines, and focusing on characters they believe are the most profitable, instead of the ones that have good stories behind them,, i guess??
so?? i do a lot of writing. i dabble in that shit,, it’s fun?? and i wanna screenwrite one day, or write novels, or comics?? or soMETHING along those lines, and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing the planning/little draft scenes from an x-men show i’m writing??
it centres around the o5 (mostly) and is set somewhere in the 80s/90s for the sake of Wanting Magneto And The Professor To Have Beef and all that good stuff. it’s not really about supervillains and huge, world-ending stuff, but about the o5 and their unique perspectives on the very hateful world around them. it’s really rambly and gross but if u wanna read little blurbs about the reworked o5 x-men and their origins then idk keep reading this cesspit of a post.
bobby is essentially the goofy little brother of the x-men, and hank mccoy’s best friend. i’ve got the show focused mainly on him at this point, purely because he’s the youngest of the x-men, and it makes sense for him to be the audience’s introduction to the world of mutants, and their perspectives. his ice powers are a bit of a metaphor for his ‘awkward teenage phase’, as he has a tendency to ‘freeze up’ in social situations (especially those which warren worthington iii is involved in). since it was revealed in uncanny x-men 600 (from memory) that bobby was gay, and thinks angel is ‘hot’, that’s something i wanna focus on, especially the turmoil that bobby will feel when he’s forced to work with archangel, who LOOKS like warren (to a degree) but acts totally differently, and the conflict he’ll feel regarding warren at the time.
jean’s personality isn’t just ‘girl’, and NOBODY has weird random crushes on her (looking @ u prof. x. god the 60s was a weird time for comics) she’s dealing with terrifying telekinetic episodes, which are a manifestation of her desire to do well in life, as well as the death of her best friend (which i believe happened in canon somewhere?? as the event that triggered her powers) who she feels immense guilt for wanting to move on from. her telepathy manifests towards the end of the first episode, when she’s hanging out with bobby drake, and ends up listening in on a conversation between erik and charles, which they’re having telepathically.
hank’s struggle is with wanting to balance his intelligence and his physical strength. he wants to be the beast, and he enjoys it, but he also wants to be recognised and appreciated for his intelligence, which is often overlooked. hank is the most outwardly pessimistic of the group - his intelligence has made him very aware of the world around him, and the nature of the people in it. he doesn’t believe in the professor’s dream, and makes no effort to keep it a secret, though he does stay with the x-men for a reason.
playing with scott and his origin has been REALLY cool, as he’s the only x-man in this group with a power that is innately destructive. his perspective because of that is unique. he understands why mutants are feared for their abilities, because HE fears his abilities. scott’s probably the most distant from his teammates, as he’s sort of taken on the leader role, and prior to the series beginning, he’s taken on training obsessively - to the point where he’s unable to stand due to exhaustion, and mf warren and hank have to drag him out of the danger room. scott believes that his training is what’s gonna keep his teammates alive - he knows he’ll feel responsible if something happens to one of them. he’s got to come to terms with the fact that he can’t help his team as a tactician if he’s unsure of himself. mr. scotty’s gotta learn that he’s never gonna be able to see the full picture if he’s afraid to open his eyes.
warren, who is considered to be the ‘most boring’ of the original five x-men underwent a lot of work here. warren never really had a stable home environment, as he moved around from boarding school to boarding school, as his stupid parkour hobby got more and more dangerous, and out of hand. warren’s got a lot of internalised self-hatred, due to the stance his family took on mutants. he was raised to hate mutants, and therefore himself. warren parties a lot, and ditches the x-men at the mansion to go hang out with normal people, but as time goes on he knocks this off, he becomes increasingly close to jean grey, and eventually the pair hit it off,, platonically. under his cocky playboy persona, warren’s sweet and sensitive, but he’s got a violent streak a mile wide, a nasty temper, and is recklessly brave.
i’ve obviously thought about some characters more than others but?? idk i’m enjoying it. i’ve got stupid ideal cast ideas (which isn’t gonna happen they’re just face holders) and individual sub-plots set up for each character. i watched skins recently, and i’m drawn to that structure?? where each episode follows a character a little bit, so it’s sort of set up like that.
FUCK anyway if u enjoyed n wanna see more comment ig and i’ll drop stuff >:)
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perhapspearl · 8 months ago
marvel rant incoming lmao
@freshlybakedfandoms and i were talking about marvel’s version of peter parker and our opinions on it, the following paragraph (paragraphs?? idk man)  is kinda a amalgamation of all of it!! be warned, there’s a lot of swearing and and capitalization. 
MCU peter could have been so GOOD but they fucked him up by having tony be his mentor and just GAH!!! i love tony but his mentee should have been fucking harley keener not peter!!!! there was no connection between them!!!! tony and harley literally talk about having a fucking connection MULTIPLE times in im3,, and peter's whole fucking thing is that he's still grieving uncle ben!!! he has his parental figure, aunt may!!! also there was a reason the little boy in im3 (the one w the iron man helmet) was unnamed!!! to show how much of an impact tony has without realizing it!!! WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THAT. 
also why would they bring back harley keener in the funeral scene, but not have him have any mentions after im3,, it doesn't fucking make any goddamn sense.  also peter needed to be more grounded in the world, an actual friendly neighbourhood spiderman. like tony and peter are such DIFFERENT characters!!!! whereas him and harley have so many similarities and they are literally paralleled multiple times!! it just doesn't make any sense for tony!!!!! he wanted to help harley,,, that's why he gave him the freaking equipment at the end and also his email!!!! WHY WOULD YOU THROW THAT AWAY FOR PETER.
overall, peter should've had a completely separate storyline from the avengers that only connects when iw and endgame happens, and maybe have harley and riri replace his part??? since they are canonically tied to tony!!! and if u really want a peter & avenger tie in, it could connect through bruce banner because peter and bruce are kinda similar in a way if you really want him to have an avengers buddy but it's unnecessary. 
at the end of the day,, peter’s mentor shouldn’t have been tony, and harley keener and riri williams (also kamala khan!!!)  deserve better than being taken out of mcu canon for peter. 
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pumakaji64 · 8 months ago
I had this weird dream last night about being a part of a creepy pasta dating sim, it was brutally difficult like 1 wrong choice would cause your date to flip out and the game would change into a survival horror. My date and I were trying to get to the hospital and I somehow managed to make all the right choices, unfortunately I had only beaten the first part of the game. There was a time skip and I found out all the fates of my potential dates, some were fine but others had died including the one I chose so I had to pick a new guy. Turns out I picked the worst one because his first dialogue choice was total BS and had like 20 options to pick from, I guessed wrong of course and he starts to get mad as the screen took on a rid tint. I panicked and restarted the game but the title screen was red now with no music. I felt really unnerved before finally waking up.
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leonkenedy · 9 months ago
do you have any fics posted? I would love to read them.
I haven't posted anything since like, 2018? I think. They are still up on ao3 but I'm not sure I feel very comfortable properly sharing my account there and associating it with this blog
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