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#sorry it's stupid
pure-clown-shit · 5 hours ago
this may sound a bit stupid but man... i think i may be crushin on alice from the l word.... she's just so damn cute like wtf!? WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE!!
i wanna go pick flowers with her and go to random cafés and chat about our day
simple shit like that
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I haven’t eaten yet today even though I’ve been up for 17 hours and I literally have food sitting in front of me but my brain just keeps yelling that it’s gross so so so gross but I should eat it but I do not know if I can chew it without gagging kmskmskmskmskms I am not well
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bronan · 9 hours ago
Lavender, Aqua, Green, and Red!!!
Tumblr media
OOOOOOOOOOH ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💗💗💗
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anypassingthought · 10 hours ago
i hate when posts abt infps say tht they feel things on a deeper level thn any1 else. how do u kno? have u evr been any1 else? nah man, stop assuming u kno how ur life matches up w/ evry1 elses. it's entirely possible tht we all feel things at th same level, nd infps just focus more on their emotions, or r just wimpy or smthng. smh
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noxhero · 10 hours ago
@sirens-shock said:  “  what can i do to help?  ”
Timothy stiffens in shock at the unexpected request. When he heard the footsteps approach he’d thought surely this is it. Down with a nasty gunshot in his thigh whoever had come had done so to finish him off. He knows how this works. The last thing he’d expected was to be offered help.
However, he’s very aware that his hood is covering his face. If the stranger sees his face or recognises his voice well, this might still be the end after all. 
He keeps his head down and wildly waves a hand in an almost coherent dismissive gesture. “ No I’m - uh , I’m fine ! This is nothing . I mean it’s not nothing but - erm . I can take care of it myself ! Thank you . “ He stutters through, trying to pitch his voice higher in the hopes it won’t be recognised. As he waves around however, he accidentally knocks into his leg and exclaims in his normal tone of voice.
“ Ah ! Freaking - - fuck ! “
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bisexualcryptkeeper · 11 hours ago
when i was a teenager i thought this was the most badass scene i had ever seen in a movie. still do, actually. it took me a long time to accept that i am not ahmad ibn fadhlan and i can’t learn a language without actually fucking studying like all regular people have to do
the vikings aren’t even speaking the right language. they’re speaking swedish. modern-day swedish. they are not swedes. i think they are danes or geats or whatever. you know. beowulf’s people. although it is very confusing where they are actually supposed to be from. the northmen the real-life ibn fadhlan met and wrote about were kievan rus living along the volga river. so i guess these guys are some kind of Generic Pan-European Viking? that’s the kind of movie (and book) this is.
also there’s a part where the only words he CAN’T understand (ie the audience doesn’t hear as english) are “I” and “my”? wtf. has the writer of this ever tried to learn a second language?
unfortunately the main fanbase for this movie is a bunch of fucking meatheads who worship vikings, “western civilization,” and toxic masculinity, so they all think ahmad is “boring” or “a pussy” or something (he’s never called by first name by anyone but i think i’m gonna start calling him ahmad for convenience’s sake and he’s too cute to keep calling him by last name only sorry). and ignore the extremely likeable titular 13th warrior in favor of buliwyf (boring blond guy whose main thing is not emoting or showing pain ever) or helfdane (the designated comic relief).
here’s the part where i go on about how much i wish for a remake of this movie. (i do this every couple of years.) i even have a dream casting for ahmad now. i nominate Omid Abtahi, who played Salim on American Gods. he’s not the same ethnicity as the character but i tell you i’d MUCH rather have an Iraqi played by an Iranian than an Iraqi played by a SPANIARD, right? look at him he’s so damn cute. he’s got this “innocent yet mature and knowing” quality that is (the fictional version of) Ahmad ibn Fadhlan to me. shit i guess i gotta come up with fancasts for the other characters now.
btdubs i am confused about whether the cab driver is a jinn or an ifrit. i don’t think i fully understand what either of those is. not sure neil gaiman does either. i think an ifrit is a TYPE of jinn? it seems very vaguely defined judging by wikipedia
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rae-arts777 · 11 hours ago
How the fuck did I get The Room and Welcome To The Game games mixed up?!
Rae is a dumbass
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queenmolina · 12 hours ago
Can I ask ..sparkly violet or rose gold?
i’m not sure what sparkly violet is considered to be really (aside the obvious) but it sounds pretty so i’m gonna go with that :)
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wandamax-vision · 12 hours ago
Actually Sam and Bucky's fight is gonna be about Sam's inability to share.
Sam: Hey, Buck, what do you think of my new shirt?
Bucky (snatching it, and checking himself in the mirror): OUR shirt, you mean?
Cue title card:
Cap 4: the Saga of the Shirt
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Nothing better than having end of year exams and asking the group chat how the fuck anybody’s studying a particular subject and just receiving ‘seen’ until one brave soul pipes up with a ‘I don’t know’. My friend I love you, but this is not helping.
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translancelot · 14 hours ago
maybe I should ask if I have that um dyslexia for math or whatever but that sounds like a made up disorder and my parents would probably just say that it's an excuse for being lazy if i asked about it
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