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#sorry for the rant
access-ark · 13 minutes ago
I just want to enjoy Edelgard content and appreciate her character without people trying to "prove" to me why she's evil. I mean why do you find the need to do that? Do you get a sick satisfaction from watching people not enjoying the things they like anymore? I can't go to a single social media app without seeing "Here's why Dimitri is great, religion is good, and Edelgard is wrong" This is coming from someone who is religious and follows their religion: if it's harming people, it NEEDS to go down. But Edelgard's goal isn't bringing religion down, it's destroying a millennia old corrupt system. Yet the point of the game isn't about who is right or wrong, or whose ending is best. It's about how your view of something can change from different perspectives. Arguing about who's black and white misses the point entirely
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sadgirlvibinggg · 14 minutes ago
Day #2:
I have been thinking a lot lately on how my birthday is coming up. (Not telling how old I’ll be, over 21 though) I haven’t done anything with my life besides take care of men who have treated me like shit and/or done things I can never forgive them. My trust issues are basically out the window. I haven’t gone to school or done half the things I thought I would have done by now. It’s upsetting to me what I have done. Hmm.
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just saw some comments under a yt video about Billie's vogue cover and I'm!!!!! "she's taking her power back!" "glad to see she loves her body now" "she's an adult now!" WHY is it that a woman's way to 'take power back' is to undress??? why do people think that when she wore oversized and non revealing clothes that meant that she didn't have power? or that she didn't love her body or that she wasn't happy??? WHY is 'female liberation' and 'empowerment' ALWAYS associated with women being sexual and more revealing??? don't get me wrong I love her and I'm all for people doing whatever they want with their bodies but I HATE the moral meaning that that shoot has taken and the fact that it just reinforces that image and the idea that empowered confident and free women are necessarily sexual and okay with showing their bodies!!! that's not true!! a woman covering her body and not wanting to be sexual/sensual doesn't necessarily mean that she's not confident!!! or not free!!!or liberated!!, how much a woman chooses to reveal about her body doesn't say anything about who she is as a person!!! and I'm not saying all this is Billie's fault obviously, this is just another example of how deeply rooted it is in people's mind the idea of a liberated woman as a woman who's half naked and being sensual when it's not necessarily like that and it shouldn't have to be!
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sandcastle-clan · 3 hours ago
Hey, just a PSA to fr art rebloggers, since I've seen some non-fr artists get kind of frustrated about this, don't tag random peoples ocs as flight rising dragons???
Very simple fixes for this: Are you reblogging the original post? Literally just look at the tags to see if there is an indication that it isn't fr art. Are you reblogging it from someone else who tagged it as fr by accident? Also check the original post and maybe tell the person with the wrong tags that it isn't fr content.
Seriously. Please just, check the tags on the original post. 99% of the time people who are actually drawing flight rising WILL tag it appropriately. Look at the person's blog! Do they mention fr in any of their other posts/info? Are there other posts of that OC that clearly aren't fr?
Don't randomly reblog non-fr stuff and tag it as flight rising if you aren't 100% sure what it is!!! It's really annoying and frustrating!!!
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ieatpoisonousspaghetti · 3 hours ago
can I just say that, as a lesbian, I always feel super uncomfortable hugging/having physical touch with my female friends (especially straight ones) cause whatever form of affection I show they're gonna think I'm in love with them???
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crying-over-gay-dramas · 7 hours ago
okay so fuck Tiktok. Tumblr is back to being my safe space. Straight tiktok found my account and I got harrassed endlessly with endless homophobic and transphobic comments. I might have to delete my account which sucks bc I’ve spent ages on it and even reached 10.9k followers. I had to to unattatch my insta cuz they tried sending hate there too.
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str4ycals · 7 hours ago
im going to fucking k!ll myself my mum just sprung cooking butter chicken for dinner on me out of nowhere and so i told her im still full from lunch and dont really want it tonight and she was like ok we can cook it tomorrow and now i feel like im gonna have a fucking panic attack because ill barely be able to track cals and every other time my parents have cooked butter chicken ive binged really bad on it and bc of it and now im just panicking wishing my fucking parents would let me live just cooking my own meals like i have been for months 😀🔫
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bvckactually · 8 hours ago
okay but i just saw a post about how taylor is like abby 2.0?? how she’s also a redhead and buck knew her by her voice first just like with abby? then there’s ana who they are trying so hard to make like a shannon 2.0 with all the flowery clothes she wears like shannon used to? if they really throw these 2 as endgame for buddie instead of just lookalikes for their past loves, then we’ve seen this film before. where is the creativity in that? instead, can we get our “you’re my problem” to “you can have my back any day” to “there’s nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you” to “i’m not really a guest” to “i know you did” now? thank you.
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communistvriska · 9 hours ago
"true love is 100% positive/well-intentioned/compassionate anything else is Fake Love" what a bogus sentiment. Whether youre talking about romantic love, fraternal love, platonic love, parental love, love of God, or love of oneself, love is Imperfect. that doesn't make it less beautiful or less important and that doesn't justify the harm you inflict on others or others inflict on you but to pretend that the second love becomes destructive it ceases to be love is just. a mind-boggling notion to me, frankly.
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jasonsthunderthighs · 12 hours ago
So, I left to drive to Oregon with my friend driving and grabbed my best friend from the abusive house. Long story short of goin on plane, the cats were a problem and we didn't have the money to do so.
So much has happened and I'm so fuckin stressed out.
My twin's cat ran off and is now missing and my twin is pissed off cause if it. It's causing me so much stress and anxiety cause of it.
I just found out that my twin's boyfriend lied bout having a place for us, and we'll be living in a hotel for TWO MONTHS.
Tobin's girlfriend was stressing me the fuck out over all this the whole week I was at Tobin's.
The whole family was using Nanny and Papa against me to make me feel guilty and bullshit.
My best friend's “mother” was pissed off and guilt tripping my friend cause of it and messaged Tobin bout it so he's pissed off at me for no fuckin reason. Cause it doesn't involve him whatsoever.
My twin and boyfriend is pissed cause of their missing, and I feel guilty even though I had nothin to do with it.
Shit is gonna get real soon. This'll be interesting.
I'm so stressed....
Tumblr media
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quinnmorgendorffer · 16 hours ago
puckert, klaine, and blunder for the ship ask meme
thank you! and ohhhh boy lol
Let’s start with Blunder - which I obviously ship way too much lol
What made you ship it?
Just the whole show? Lol I think like most people it was all of “A New Attitude” and the “SAME!” scene. It just blew my mind to see this sort of plot from a sitcom? Like, I remember the first time I saw it back in 2013 I was just so amazed they even had them have sex and everything like. God. What a TIME. 
And lbr, I got so fixated on it because I just finished grad school when s5A came out and all my hyperfixations have happened when I’ve been transitioning to a new part of my life. G/lee was going into undergrad, Crazy Ex was going to grad school, etc. 
What are your favorite things about the ship?
The mountains of meta I’ve written on them just…I love that they are truly same but also not-same enough to balance each other out. The fact they truly understand each other so naturally. The fact they both actually do respect each other - even if Tony truly is the better magician. The fact they are both so truly, truly DUMB in every sense of the word. Like, you know there’s the fandom thing of just referring to any characters you like as dumb and all, but they are truly, truly SO FUCKING DUMB.
And, god, in the finale when Tony goes from yelling at Sally to just smiling and speaking so softly to Gob…the ultimate dynamic of him just melting in front of this goofball is everything.
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
Lol I think all of us think very similarly about the two of them, right down to the sexual dynamic. 
Puckurt - ship it (regretably to this day)
What made you ship it?
Honestly, it started with fanfics. I was a senior in high school during s1 (ugh if THAT doesn’t age me so fucking much…) and went on to see what people were writing and was a little surprised there was SO MUCH Puck/Kurt, since I assumed it would’ve been Kurt and Finn what with the canon crush/love Kurt had for him. And after that I just kept watching and started seeing things and this would be the best summary…
What are your favorite things about the ship?
THE PATRIOTISM. Lmfao, okay, there was this thing that literally every time they had a scene together, or even like NEAR each other, Kurt would wear stars and stripes. Like, when I ran Puckurt Week the 2nd time, it was planned purposefully over July 4th just for the Stars and Stripes theme. It’s quite possibly the best gifset I ever made lmao. Also in the “Me Against the Music” scene, everyone is coupled up in the background with canon couples - Tina/Mike, Finn/Rachel - and then Puckurt are together like WHAT EVEN. 
Beyond that, they just had a lot of sweet moments people just ignored like okay, Kurt’s dad was in the hospital in a fucking coma and little sweet fucking Noah “Puck” Puckerman, knowing Kurt didn’t want to hear about people praying for his dad, FUCKING TOOK HIS NANA TO TEMPLE AND PRAYED FOR HIM SINCE HE KNEW WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO NOT HAVE A DAD AROUND!!! “MY BOY KURT!” THE BARBRA-VENTION TO STOP RACHEL’S NOSE JOB!!! THIS LAUGH!!! THE PARALLELS IN THEIR STORIES!!! “THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON, PUCKERMAN: TRUE LOVE”!!!!
And, again, I am all about the complementing dynamic. Bad boy Puck loosens up Ice Queen Kurt. The redemption of it all. Enemies to friends to lovers. God, I keep trying to make myself get over them but I know I never will.
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
Just the fact I still like it, probably? For what used to be the most popular Kurt ship, I’m sure it’s considered not cool to like it anymore. I mean, part of why I want to not ship it is, not just because I don’t want to be so attached to Glee, but because of what Mark Salling did/turned out to be. He’s scum and I had very much separated him from the character of Puck by the time he got arrested but STILL…
And now for the negative - I hate Klaine with a fiery passion
Why don’t you ship it? 
Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, and then go from there with just (some) of my complaints (all of which and more could be found here lol)
Blaine calling Kurt unsexy (while knowing Kurt has a crush on him). Blaine saying Kurt was trying too hard with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” when he’s way more over the top. Him saying he wouldn’t go for Tony in WSS and then SINGING ONE OF TONY’S SONGS FOR THE AUDITION. Him literally PULLING KURT DOWN AND TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM WHEN KURT SAID NO REPEATEDLY Kurt and then KURT had to apologize for not being his “gay bar superstar”!!! If that was a girl, we all know people wold’ve called it out for what it was. and I cannot believe people still shipped them after that.
Then you add in how Blaine flirted REPEATEDLY with Sebastian but got mad at Kurt for texting another guy, and  Blaine cheating on Kurt and getting mad that Kurt was spending time AT HIS JOB and not paying him attention? The fact that just a few weeks after he was in a gay bashing he was upset that Kurt had muscles and was seen as hot because that was his role? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE SHIPPED THIS AND STILL SHIP THIS!! Like it seriously concerns me that people like them so much!!! I’m all for liking ships that aren’t morally okay but the fact that people who like them think they’re HEALTHY…I don’t get why they like them.
(it’s because they’re all hot for darren and used kurt as a self-insert, like, literally, that’s what all klaine fanfic turned into)
What would have made you like it?
I actually liked them at first, but I hated them by the time Blaine kissed Kurt. If they had kept with the dynamic of Blaine being this mentor/ally who helped him build his confidence…if he had stayed consistent to his “Never Been Kissed” personality, I would’ve been on board.
Despite not shipping it, do you have anything positive to say about it?
They still did my favorite version ever of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and it will forever be on my Christmas playlists. And, I discussed this recently with a friend, but, honestly, “Never Been Kissed” truly was a landmark episode for television no matter what Klaine turned into and no matter how much the quality of the show went down with it. 
Send me ships!
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yourstateofdreaming · 17 hours ago
Honestly, any man out there who believes women are inferior because we have children: fuck off. I want to see these idiots inject their sperm into a chicken egg and wait for a baby to come out of it. Better yet: have your own children, you psychos! And religious men? who are like "women have to carry the burden or original sin"? My eyes could reach Venus, that's how far back I roll my eyes every time.
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georgerus63 · 17 hours ago
when you wanna write into the merc discord but there's nothing written in that specific channel yet and you don't want to be annoying but you also want to scream about it with someone <<<<|
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kaiisens · 20 hours ago
All Might is so weird... he starts off good then he keeps just letting Deku almost kill himself and exploit him. I dont even like Deku
he’s really an awful mentor like he doesn’t even start off good? he was originally quirkless until he got OFA, but when deku asked if he could be a hero while quirkless he’s just like. be a cop instead lol he didn’t even consider being a mentor to izuku until he saw how izuku was self-sacrificial to a fault in the slime villain incident. looking back especially with these newer chapters in mind, he’s always been totally fine with using izuku for his own gain (i also really hate how he obviously knew about endeavour abusing his family, or at the very least knew about the issues between shoto and his dad, but never bothered to use his own influence to help)
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