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#sorry been bad at tagging these
di-kutla10 hours ago
Ahhh! I've been reading your tags on Tech specific posts and I agree!
He is the emotional rock and anchor for the boys and, as much as it would hurt, I do want to see him break. That would be such a sharp contrast to everything we have seen from him, and I want to know how his brothers would react to their most emotionally reserved (distant?) brother.
And I fully agree with your idea of him being an insomniac. I've headcanoned that his brain is almost too active for his own good, and it won't rest - so sleep is either fleeting or near impossible for Tech.
And I FULLY agree with the desire to see Wrecker reconcile with his brothers over what happened in Battle Scars. He choked Tech, and almost killed Hunter, but we only see him apologize to Omega? I was a little frustrated that we didn't see him get to talk to his brothers about that situation, as the brothers relationship is the most important part of the show to me. I don't know but... ah, I think I'm frustrated that we only really got to see how Omega reacted to that whole situation? The episode focused on her, when I was desperate to see how Tech would respond to his big brother choking him - especially since I see Tech as almost unable to process one of his brothers hurting him? And to see how Hunter was feeling after Wrecker almost killed him, but ugh, that's :/
Anyways, just wanted to say that I love seeing your tags about Tech!
honestly i think at this point its a necessity for Tech to finally just. break, and i just hope its in this overly exaggerated way! i want there to be emphasis that Tech has never reached this point before, he has always been able to keep himself under control no matter how exhausted or stressed hes been before. I want the emotional breakdown to crash through him so hard and fast that it leaves him so devastatingly exhausted that he cant even stand on his own and Hunter and Wrecker have to run to catch him from falling. I want Tech's breaking to break them. and really i think more than anything i want Tech's final breaking point to be just. something, ANYTHING relating to Crosshair.
i completely understand why they would keep all the focus on Omega, and show the importance of Wrecker apologizing to her and explaining that he tried. she's not a soldier, this was never the life that she was meant for. she was never trained for this and is so unaccustomed to the terror and the violence that could possibly follow. though she was raised around soldiers, she was kept pretty sheltered, i think. whereas, this is the life that the batch is used to, what they were born for and trained for. so i get the distinction and the importance of Wrecker apologizing to her
but still the FRUSTRATION of not getting the same with Hunter and Tech bc, like you said, these are his brothers, these are two people who he was raised with, trained with, theyve been through everything together. they are his team, his family. Wrecker would never hurt them, and they would never in their life think that Wrecker could hurt them, but now its happened! even if it was bc of the inhibitor chip a line has still been crossed. even if it wasnt Wrecker's fault, there still had to have been a shift in trust and awareness on Hunter and Tech's side of things
and that needs to be addressed! it needs to be rectified! there needs to be a clear understanding of "you didn't mean to do this, and i don't blame you, but it still happened and we still need to work through the aftermath. things have changed, but we can get past it and come out on top" and frankly if i am not given this then i will have to do it my damn self!!
#carif answers#wwheeljack#tech#wrecker#the bad batch#i just. AGH#let me see the consequences for actions taken#let me see the reconciliation!!#give me the horror and the shame and the emotional conversations that are almost too hard to have but NEED to be had!!!#give me the not broken but fractured trust and then show me that despite the difficult things and the hardships that trust is still there!!#and at its very foundations is unshakable no matter what happens!!!#except apparently if you are crosshair bc then one (1) specific bespectacled brother just throws everything out the window then#i just. god. GOD#honestly ive been debating it and i think i might start a fic series that just. addresses these sort of things i guess??#like i have a few ideas like wrecker apologizing to tech#and also rex and echo actually talking about fives#just stuff happening between scenes or between eps that i wish would have gotten addressed or talked about deeper#cause theres just. THERES A LOT#ANYWAY god sorry i went on a rant dksjf;a#thank you for the ask and im really happy youve been enjoying my tech tags i just. i love him very much and i have a lot of thoughts!!#also sorry this took me a hot minute to get to ive been slammed with work and prepping to move#and wait okay one more thought really i think it would really be more hunter and tech trying to brush off what happened#even echo would probably shrug it off bc wrecker did say that he tried to fight it#but still just the amount of shame wrecker would be feeling for it regardless#i think there really would be this interesting distinction to be explored of like....... knowing there is a line#between who you are and what the chip is making you do#but in that moment that line is just so blurred and everything just kind of bleeds together the longer the chip stays activated#and even after the chip deactivates or is removed its still just. hard to distinguish if who you were before and after the chip#were really two separate people at all#i. this may be a scene and conversation that i want to write between tech and cross bc i just. i have a lot of thoughts about them frankly
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ace-with--a-mace2 days ago
i love how my christian radio station talks about the family friendly rating of the In The Heights movie and mentions 'brief viewing of a same sex couple' and the rates it 2.5 out of 10 stars like yes king confirm the homophobia in your station 馃槏馃槏
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soultronica3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the fact that they're every bit as beautiful as they were in 2015!
#applies to all of them but yeah them's the biases#loved the suits loved moon's voice as ever#bit surprised that gabin and not keumjo did sera's first part i can't remember if that's the way they did it as ot8#erin was a bit stiff at her part ahah i'm sure they only had like 1 or 2 practice sessions#if i'm honest.... the combo of sera's voice being so obviously in the backtrack despite not having been invited and sem's last minute drama#kind of dampens my enthusiasm it's a bit unfair#especially with raina on the after school stage poor sera must've been inundated with insta stories all day#and sem bringing it up this way kind of sinks my hopes of a bigger reunion with sem and sera like way to burn that bridge lol#me a couple months ago: isn't is so nice that sem showed up again and is interested in interacting with the other girls nothing bad could#ever come out of this lol#but maybe we can still at least have ot8 + sera one day#gabin's little sign <3 if the girls are serious about wanting it then yes i so want it to happen#last gripe i promise but i'm 100% sure the reason sungah wasn't there is the reason she hasn't shown her face on her insta in over a year#ie she hasn't lost her pregnancy weight and it's kind of sad she's allowed to not be thin#but seeing how people have reacted to her weight gains in the past -- as a fellow easy weight gainer i understand :(#glad they tagged and photoshopped her in all the previews regardless eheh#kpop#nine muses#sorry for the wall of tags i promise i'm only this embarrassing about my fav group and they've been disbanded forever this is my yearly foo
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dawns-beauty4 days ago
I avoid talking about Project AHO whenever i can, my problem with it is the whole Slavery thing, the mod tries to make you sympathize with the slavers, like bro, just no.
(also pretty sure slavery was abolished by the 4th era in morrowind)
That鈥檚 my thoughts exactly!
Not only sympathize with slavers (which, sure, an asshole character could do) but sympathize with the people who enslaved YOU (which, I don鈥檛 think even the most evil or angelic DBs can get behind that logic.)
And there鈥檚 like. No choice! You either go along with them or you leave and stop playing the mod. I guess you could kill them all, but that鈥檚 playing against the mod and doesn鈥檛 offer anything interesting.
It鈥檚 a passable for a Skyrim mod, with honestly gorgeous scenery, for sure, but so freaking overhyped as a quest. It has flaws, which personally ruin immersion and just generally irritate me.
(Slavery was super abolished)
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doemons-blog4 days ago
fic that never got written has a scene where dean crawls up to cas after lucifer stabs him in all along the watchtower and he pulls him onto his lap and just holds him. he's not crying because he's in shock and his mind is just static and his ears are ringing and mary is here (because she didn't really need to get pulled into apocalypse world like that that was stupid) and she's just staring at her son and she always knew cas and dean were more than just friends but she gets it now so she sinks into the ground next to him and puts a hand on his elbow, but he doesn't move and he doesn't really acknowledge anything.
he's just staring up at the stars and back at cas' body with one hand pressed to his bloody wound on his chest and the other carefully cradling his head somehow hoping that this isn't real and it isn't happening. but it is. and there's nothing to do.
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sunnibits5 days ago
I want to see Loki physically shape shift into Lady Loki as much as the next person but I also feel like it would be a power move to just start calling Tom Hiddleston as Loki a milf
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laurelwinchester6 days ago
rules: tag 9 people you want to know better/catch up with
i was tagged by sonyarebecchi聽:)))
last song/album: be my baby by the ronettes
last movie: i guess it's not technically a movie but i finished bo burnham's inside last night聽and yeah it definitely deserves all the praise it鈥檚 been getting.
currently reading: i just finished this is how you lose the time war by amal el-mohtar and max gladstone (it was so beautiful!!! it is not at all my normal taste - i鈥檓 not really into novels in general these days, i鈥檓 more of a short story collection kind of person when it comes to fiction - but it was so gorgeous) and now i鈥檓 about to start a house is a body by shruti swamy. i鈥檓 also, because i always have a poetry book going in addition to whatever else i鈥檓 reading, making my way through a book of edna st. vincent millay poetry.
currently watching: our planet on netflix for like the fourth time.
currently craving: sushi! there are no good sushi places where i am and i miss it so much!
tagging: anyone who wants to do this :)))
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manletcombat7 days ago
Anyways I鈥檝e decided to draw and upload one sheriff doodle a day so here鈥檚 today鈥檚 :]
Tumblr media
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sincerelyyours-chris7 days ago
I've been drowning in the drugs, trying to bury everything about myself you touched, and I still dream of you.
I drink until standing is a chore and my head clouds over, but still you find me in the fog, unfailingly, every time.
I fuck to my heart's content, I try to burn away the echoes of your hands, and still the thought of you chases each encounter.
I've tried the lightheaedness of nicotine, and your voice still tries to ground me with concern for my health.
How is it you see fit to chase me through a purple haze? Over the rivers of wine and dark pools of Jameson? Out a stranger's front door and into the gray of the morning after? Passed the suffocation of cigarettes?
Why does my mind let you haunt me?
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blackpinkse9 days ago
Honestly? Didn't need your shitty blackpink vs 2ne1 take in the tags. Be better.
can鈥檛 be better when im already the best 馃槝
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