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mudpuppets · 2 hours ago
god alone knows my sorrow
and he will shelter me
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bccfggffbgv · 3 hours ago
Jackrow doesn't feel comfortable with mother's day at times due to my time being held prisoner by Samuel and when his adoptive mother, Susan Joyce...passed away tragically due to being heavily poisoned by Gray Matter's venomous bite...
Helen, while explaining to Lilith why her son isn't a fan of mother's day while at camp.
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corazondejaguar · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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rastronomicals · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
8:27 PM EDT May 9, 2021:
Pallbearer - "Foreigner" From the album Sorrow and Extinction (February 21, 2012)
Last song scrobbled from iTunes at
File under: Arkansas Doom
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bccfggffbgv · 8 hours ago
(The fury of a mother/Two brutal Clashing forces)
[Beta! Eda V.S. Sadistic Sam]
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bccfggffbgv · 10 hours ago
Q-shorts: Lunch plan
Lilith, to the clone sisters: Helen is picking up lunch, what do you two want?
Onyx (Brisk's newer/better name), as her eyes became black: THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT...~!
Eve: A bagel!
Onyx, while annoyed: NO!!
Eve, wanting to be nice to her younger sister: Two bagels!!
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bccfggffbgv · 11 hours ago
(Ghouls and slashers)
(<Boss music and Level music>)
(\Made to lose fight/)
[Beta! Luz V.S. Sadistic Sam]
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bccfggffbgv · 11 hours ago
Mother's day fic: Claws out
[Tw: Torture and violence]
*Beta! Luz was thrown at a wall hard, she could've sworn she heard a crack from the impact. When she looked up, she saw the masked silver armed slasher towering before her*
Sadistic Sam, as he grabbed her by the neck and looked dead set on her eyes: You never plan ahead when things go out of hand, do you? I should thank you for giving me enough time to examine your weapon with minor interruptions! Considering I took a few notes on your glyph-bat and I've managed to modify my blade to do magic as well...but more better~...
*His arm blade unsheathed itself with engraved elemental glyphs attatched. The fire glyph lit up, causing the blade to glow white hot*
Beta! Luz, while glaring at him: Go ahead, kill me! At least I'll die knowing you'll be burning in hell with me!! *Instead of being annoyed, he laughed in amusement*
Sadistic Sam, while smiling beneath his mask: Oh sweet naive Luz, I'm not going to kill you...I'm going to shame you very being~! *She began to struggle after hearing that. Samuel brought the blade closer and closer to her face, ready to mark it...until multiple bullets flew right towards him, causing him to stumble and let go of the teen, he looks to see Beta! Eda with an uncharted glare and sneer of bladed teeth*
Beta! Eda, with rage and hate in her voice: I will only say this once...GET AWAY FROM MY OWLET NOW!!!!
Sadistic Sam, as he got back up in a fighting stance: Well then...Why don't you make me~...*The fight of two clashing forces has now taken place*
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fyodors-crime · 14 hours ago
i thought i was over bungou stray dogs, but the love i have for chuuya keeps bringing me back.
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chaosandsunlight · 15 hours ago
But sorrow is unreliable in that way. When people don’t share it there’s a good chance that it will drive them apart instead.
–Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove
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levis-petras · 16 hours ago
okay but imagine levi living with falco and gabi after the rumbling and he’s lamenting about the past and thinking about petra and all of his friends and one day he just wakes up and he’s back to the day Trost is invaded and this time he is equipped with the knowledge of everything that will happen and he can do something about it, i-
yes, this will be titled unholy divination and why am i like this 
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The sky is a peaceful grey.It's covered with a thick,dirty,cozy blanket of clouds.It hasn't yet been pierced in the heart with spades of sunlight.Chaos is at bay.Little gusts of wind bring refreshing sprinkles where they blow.The electric fan in my living room spins incessantly, it's long arms slicing through my thoughts that float aimlessly about the room.My walls have been the same they were,when I slid down them,aching,crying and screaming.Only now,they echo with sweet symphonies of gleeful music as I glide through the hall,singing along to the tune.They no longer come closing in.The sky crumples up before it breaks.Cracks of light pour in through the ruptured edges.The grey sky is torn into fluffy fragments.The sun proclaims it's triumph over the turbulence. The sky commemorates the victory by adorning herself with a single sheet of multicolored crystal rainbow shaft,that loses it's color towards the edges to sit on it's worthy mistress.A single musical note hangs in the air,that is picked by the wind and memorized by birds that knit melodies for eons to come.Scattered twigs fall on water retained surfaces,as if they were nature's paint brushes used to paint the reflected landscape.A faint moon appears above the horizon like a fading white paint speck on a light blue canvas.My shelves are clean and dusted,lined with my favorite classics.My curtains are neatly drawn,my windows are open and my letters are no longer torn,but mailed. Where void darkness once confided,there now a human with a beating heart resides.My battles have been won.There is a sudden glimmer of hope over the horizon.The beautiful sky elates me to such an expanse that my soul wishes to escape my mortal firm ,fleeting away to morphe with the celestial sphere.After what feels like an eternity,my chains have been unleashed. Innate joy pirouettes within my heart,that toils just for me.The clouds settle in the sky like froth on water.Larger ones floating away from each other while smaller ones diminish.My inner joy dissolves into the peaceful ambience in sweet harmony.The storms have ceased.The one outside and the one within.No soul is plunged into the darkness.No tear is shed.
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