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shigures-house · 53 minutes ago
Season 3 episode 7 thought
This seems kind of weird and random, but the confrontation between Ren and Akito reminds me of Electra, with Akito as Electra, Ren as Clytemnestra, and Akira as Agamemnon--though in Fruits Basket, Ren did not murder Akira with her lover.
But the scene, with Akito and Ren screaming at each other in a room, along with maids who are also screaming angrily seemed like ancient Greek tragedy to me.
(Who is Aegisthus, then? Maybe Shigure, because he was Ren’s lover, but possibly Kureno because Akito tries to kill him. Whichever one isn’t Aegisthus can be Orestes. I suppose Tohru has to be Chrysothemis--but maybe Yuki? Rin can vaguely be Iphigenia. Actually, so can Kyo--but he’s also slightly Orestes, which I like, because Kazuma can be the tutor of Orestes.
Obviously Saki is the Chorus.)
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ohquotescom · 5 hours ago
Stranger in a strange country.
Sophocles -
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alolanrain · 11 hours ago
What if I mix my Council!au and my TA!au?
Like Professor Kukui is having trouble with his class but like not academically but more so on the Pokémon front, if that makes sense?? Like the class is super smart with science, arts, history, all that but they just can’t get the hang of Pokémon in general. 
Kiawe only really see’s the Pokémon under his care as tools/distant companions. He loves them of course, like a lot, but he’s only ever grown up around farm Pokémon that have a purpose. He doesn’t see battling as something he can do.
Of course there’s Lillie and her problems.
Mallow is to busy helping her dad run the restaurant, not like they don’t have employees or anything she just likes helping to much, which ends up neglecting her Bounsweet. Like it’s fed and exercise by helping around where it can in the restaurant but it can’t really battle in case Mallow gets in a tough situation.
Lana is just a normal distant girl and Popplio needs someone who can bounce energy off. It does have the twins so it’s not really lacking but Popplio and Lana really need to work on their coordination and their friendship.
So far Sophocles and Togedemaru are the farthest in the Pokémon front of the curriculum but Sophocles babies Togedemaru to much. It’s obvious that the electric ‘Mon wants to get stronger and battle, it certainly has the spirit for it, but Sophocles is scared to battle. Less so then Lillie but he’s very close to her level.
Since it’s a Pokémon School Principle Oak has to step up and personally tell Kukui that if he doesn’t get his class moving in the Pokémon section then their all going to be held back a year and for the class to be split up. Kukui obviously not wanting this for his class ask’s the principal what he can do.
This is where Ash steps in. Fresh in from Kalos and desperately needing a place to relax with no high end stress adventures, hah.
Principal Oak talks to Hala and Koke, the Council member of Melemele and the human body of Tapu Koko not that they know, and asks for advice. Koke immediately jumps in. Knowing the perfect person for the job. 
That’s how Ash physically comes into the picture. He’ll be staying with Koke since the council member lives in a giant house and he’s seen the extensive list of Pokémon held under Ash’s name so if he wants to bring them over he can. Along with having his own office and secluded bedroom. Which is something Kukui can’t give him.
Ash is around 19 to 21 in this, just a general age if anyone else wants to take a crack at this au for a fic, and is a bit miffed from being pulled away from home but is quickly calmed down when he finds out it’s not somewhere cold and damp but warm and dry-if a bit humid.
So Ash comes and the class is very weary for the first week but slowly warm up to him.
Especially when Tapu Koko makes himself known after the first week near the end of the school day to offer Ash a Zring with an ElectriumZ.
Ash is rightfully confused but excepts, you always except a Gods gift no matter how small and stupidly dinky or extravagant and rare it is, and the class gets excited after their shock comes off.
This is the first time they truly bond as Ash asks them to teach him about the Zring and the culture. He gets even more confused and ask’s why they don’t have one/can’t do it with their Pokémon. This gets them flustered and Ash finds the perfect little cranny in a tall rock to start climbing in.
Ash: if Tapu Koko thinks I can do it, a non-native, then why can’t you?
Them: well... we can’t.
Ash: have you at least tried?
Them:... no
Ash: then let’s learn together. Let’s teach each other and build ourselves and our Pokémon up to be something strong and great.
Ash is a sculpted leader, definitely not a natural born, and with how many people and Pokémon he’s met it’s easy to find the right way to get through everyone. his hardest is obviously Kiawe but also Lana out of all of them. She’s to timid and shy and Mallow keeps coming to her rescue.
Also to note that these kids are in their middle school/beginning of high school age group so their attitude varies so much.
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ohquotescom · a day ago
Tumblr media
No enemy is worse than bad advice. - Sophocles -
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ohquotescom · a day ago
No speech can stain what is noble by nature.
Sophocles -
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Kukui: Now, for the last time, "your" is the possessive. Like "your shirt" or "your socks", whereas "you're" is a shortened version of "you are".
Lana: My fire
Ash: The one
Kiawe: Desire
Mallow: Believe
Sophocles: When I say
Ash: I
Kiawe: WANT
Lana: IT
Sophocles: THAT
Mallow: WAY
Kukui: Why do I even try to talk to any of you.
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Sophocles: Petition to remove the 'D' from 'Wednesday'
Lana: wednesay
Sophocles: Not what I had in mind, but I'm flexible.
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forestcreatures · 4 days ago
ANTIGONE: And if I am to die before my time I consider that a gain. Who on earth, alive in the midst of so much grief as I, could fail to find his death a rich reward?
Sophocles, Antigone (trans. Robert Fagles)
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andstillpossible · 4 days ago
i think i’ll spend the rest of my life just retelling antigone. i’m not taking questions at this time.
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ceejayheff · 5 days ago
By Memory's daughters, the Muses, Forgetting, named Lethe, is hated And not to be loved. But for mortals, what Power there is in songs, What greatest happiness That can make bearable this Short narrow channel of life!
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finelythreadedsky · 5 days ago
me last night while studying: uh women of trachis is just not good
me after writing two exam essays about it: women of trachis is iNCREDIBLE actually
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forestcreatures · 6 days ago
ANTIGONE: I have longer to please the dead than please the living here: in the kingdom down below I'll lie forever.
Sophocles, Antigone (trans. Robert Fagles)
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naotowiki · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
for some weird ass reason i keep having these dreams where sophocles is in garupa as a member of hello happy world so here’s this i guess
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jewfrogs · 8 days ago
wake up babe new women of trachis translation dropped (and it’s open access)
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kirby-happy · 9 days ago
Sophocles: Oh? You had sex? For real? No cap?
Sophocles: Well I've had enough
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perfectquote · 11 days ago
Go then if you must, but remember, no matter how foolish your deeds, those who love you will love you still.
Sophocles, Antigone
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the-queen-of-sevens · 12 days ago
The State of the Reader: 5/5/21
The State of the Reader: 5/5/21
<–The State of the Reader: 4/21/21         The State of the Reader: 5/19/21–> A biweekly post updated every other Wednesday detailing my current reading projects and what new titles I’ve added to my to-read list.  Title links go to Goodreads, and if you have an account there feel free to friend me!  I’d love to see what you’re reading and/or planning to read. Purchased: 1 The Body in the Garden…
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