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Listen, I love Shakespeare, but seriously. My dude has no chill whatsoever.
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newintrigue · 9 hours ago
Color Me Into the Sky - Poetry Film
Color Me Into the Sky – Poetry Film
This is a film of my poem “Color Me Into the Sky,” written for the Vocal poetry competition, which had the theme color poetry, expressing the self. Find my entry here: This video was made using stock footage from and music by Daniel Birch. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos relating to poetry, philosophy and…
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septicbro1005 · a day ago
not me getting bored and reading through some lovey-dovey shakespearean sonnets and stumbling upon sonnet 61, which has very quickly become one of my favorite sonnets of his.
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No time for a new board today, but I felt like iambic pentameter, so here’s another set of Black Sails sonnets. Taken from 4x02. Interior, ship, night. JACK and TEACH in the Great Cabin.
[JACK] It’s been confirmed. The governor’s a sneak He’s boarding now, his ships departing fast They’re hauling back their anchor as we speak He thinks- somehow- our idleness will last I spoke to Anne before the action’s start I think you’d do to speak with her again She said a word that pierced me through the heart For fools alone seek love from vanquished men Yet still, my fancy could not help but mark A certain likeness in her thought and tone As though a voice beyond the Stygian dark Had spoke through her, and made his thinking known A man we loved. A king. A former slave Whose memory endures beyond the grave
[TEACH] Two weeks I spent careening on the sand The man you speak of, then, a reckless boy He joined my crew in some exotic land I held him fast, he was my only joy On certain nights I’d stay up very late My anxious mind consumed by thought’s disease So sure that we were bound by blood and fate Until the day my mind was put at ease An alabaster bird, as bright as gold Had caught the sun reflected in the lake To bear her witness touched my aching soul And after years of of sleep, I felt awake I asked him how that omen made him feel He said, the bird is naught but evening’s meal
[JACK] I too am oft’ consumed by anxious nights And long for half a minute’s easy rest It will not come for me until the blight Of Guthrie’s heart is gutted from her chest But then I often wonder, would he care To watch me take revenge and have my fill I think whatever spirit of the air He has become in death may love her still If in my quest to kill her in his name I douse the flame my brother died to burn Then how can I endure the kind of shame I’d get from him when Death declares, “Your turn,” Perhaps my thoughts are cloudy, far away Envisioning the words he might still say
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adrasteiax · 2 days ago
I never again shall tell you what I think. I shall be sweet and crafty, soft and sly;
Edna St. Vincent Millay, from Sonnets (XXXI) in “Collected Poems Of Edna St. Vincent Millay”
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words-and-coffee · 2 days ago
And now, beloved, through the crackling sea we return like blind birds
Pablo Neruda, 100 love sonnets:   XXXIII
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chunky-dove · 3 days ago
Sleep is for the weak and while I may be weak I also contradict myself constantly so I think it’ll be ok
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allegoryofthebeast · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sonnet 138 / ada limon, The Great Blue Heron of Dunbar Road / nicole piasecki, Maybe We Can Make a Circle / harry styles, "Cherry" / rene magritte, La Reproduction Interdite / me lol / mitski, "Nobody" / Sonnet 80
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strickenbyyou · 4 days ago
"Each Other" - A Sonnet
"Approach the bench!", the judge again calls out
Defense and plaintiff's couns'lors do approach
"So what, exactly, is all this about?",
Our advocate the topic would now broach
"I need not hear your arguments, you know,"
The judge's curt words spewing from his mouth --
"Unless you have new evidence to show,
I'll render judgment, send this whole thing south!"
The prosecution rests, our lawyers shrug
This weight, this judgment seeps into my soul
You turn to me, and calm me with a hug
Then stand and point, reversing judge's role:
"Wait! YOU'RE sick! YOU'RE wrong! We now call you out!
We've found each other: love overcomes doubt"
(oh dear forgive me for using this image)
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maybewren · 5 days ago
Fuck romantic love, queerplatonic crushes is where it’s at.
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asktheheirofslytherin · 6 days ago
I like the sonnet format the best. Short but packing a lot of different readings and metaphors, and usually poses a problem -> solution kinda style. Nice.
I used to abhor the more solid predictable formats of poetry, but have come to appreciate them, the time it takes to learn them and follow the rules, the complexities. My teenage self would have sneered at your sonnets, however. True poetry, I would have said, was boundless raw emotion and ink. 
I thought I was edgy, I suppose. 
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cupidko · 6 days ago
listening to mitski (normal) and reading sonnets out loud detesting every second of it (not normal)
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eijiroukiriot · 7 days ago
if we r talking abt ships—romantically or not personally I wish there was more of a shinsou & todoroki dynamic it would literally be SO interesting
honestly i do think their dynamic could be nice & sweet! comfortable silence. i started thinking abt it and then i felt like i had thought abt it before and i Had 
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in the tags of an ask abt who i think shinsou would be friends with! 
i definitely think they’re fun as friends but when i do try to think romantically (and bc this is my brutally honest answer) i kinda start to think like . isn’t this the same dynamic as shinsou and bkg. bc i think like a casual shinsou + bkg friendship is based a lot more on shinsou not taking bkg’s shit and managing to pull his strings all the time, but when you think abt if they could get along better, it feels like it’d be a similar comfortable silence, slight snark...which is a weird point to make but i feel like i’ve seen that as a ship a few times and todoshin (lol giving a ship name to it) is something i’ve never really heard of, so it’s like, what more is this dynamic providing? probably the tried and true todoroki confusion in romantic situations. which is fun too actually 
send me a ship for my brutally honest opinion!
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pocketramblr · 8 days ago
Ah yes the Erlkönig. So like is it custom in schools at the age of like 11 to try and decipher which meaning this fucked up poem had or is that just German schools sksksks Like one version is that the Erlkönig is straight up Death. Why would they go over this with 11 year olds sisksks Anyway how are you pocket?! I hope ya having a good time!
So I just looked up the Erlkönig to read what it's about and uh well
I'm gonna go with "no" we do not read such poems at age 11. That said, from like ages 11-14 I had to read the Giver in school every single year and there's only so many times you can analyze a dystopia where the main character's father calmly kills a newborn baby on screen....
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whoopdyprompts · 9 days ago
AAAAAA guys i just told my best friend that i love her because its her birthday and i just got hit by another wave of love but i can tell its different than a friend love and i just told her that i LOVE love her but i still dont know what my sexuality is or what she feels about it and now im living in panic until she texts me back and uhhh im scared that she would choose to cut our friendship of sth
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mementofloreo · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
@tomestobetold || 3 things my muse finds attractive about yours! || Ashe > Marianne
Tumblr media
"...Only three?" he mutters, "...How do I even narrow it down that much...?"
Even so, he clears his throat. He's no shortage of glowing praise for Marianne, and no reservations about sharing it, so if he's being asked...
Tumblr media
A"Well, of course it's kind of hard not to notice she's very pretty. Her features are a little delicate and dainty, I guess you could say- honestly, I think cute is a good word for it too, but...Marianne is really a lot more than just another pretty face."
"She doesn't have much confidence in herself," Ashe says, "And I admit that does make me a little sad- but that's because I wish she could see herself in the same light I do- the same light a lot of people do.
She has one of the gentlest spirits of anybody I've met, and what seems like an endless capacity for compassion. It may be hard for her to open up, but she cares very deeply about everyone. Having such a giving heart is actually very rare and special, you know?" that one, or two? He taps his chin. He'll call it one- the part about her appearance just feels like objective fact, so he won't count it.
"Also...she's very strong- or resilient, I should say. She probably doesn't see it that way, because she struggles so much, but...I don't think resilience is about whether you struggle or not. It's more about holding on and pressing forward even when you feel like you've got less than nothing left in you. Even if you're wishing every moment for luck, or fate, or anything else, to just bring everything to a halt. Even if you're just going through the motions, feeling kind of numb...when you still walk forward despite all that, at least willing enough to continue trying for even another second...that takes a lot of strength. A lot more than people realize.
I don't know all of what she's gone through, but...there's a lot of grief in that girl, a lot of pain. I can tell that much because I have a lot in me as well. But despite it all she's still here, and despite it all she still wants more than anything to help people. Choosing kindness, even knowing how cruel and unforgiving the world can be...that takes another kind of strength altogether. It takes incredible courage and resolve, though most people don't think that way. They call it naive, couldn't be further from the truth if you ask me."
Tumblr media
"...Ah," he catches himself, "I've really run on and on, haven't I...? I guess I got a little, er, carried away. I think I can get away with squeezing in one more thing, though..."
He looks down at his palm for a moment.
"...I...I really love her hands," he finally says, "I don't know if that's something people generally care very much about, but I love Marianne's hands. It's less about how they look- though they are lovely- than how she uses them.
I said earlier that she's gentle. That goes beyond her personality. The way she holds things, reaches for things, touches people- it's so delicate, like a whisper, and..."
He trails off, sighs, and flushes a little. "...I think I should wrap it up there for now before I end up with a whole novel. Um...maybe don't uh...maybe don't tell her too much of what I said. It's less that I don't want her to know and...well, if she's going to hear what I think it should be from me."
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