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#son of odin
virgonix · 6 hours ago
I love ho Thor can get stabbed and be fine but when that doctor tried to take some blood he went all HOW DARE YOU ATTACJK TEH SON OF ODIN!!!11!!!!!!1!!1!!
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secretlypeggycarter · 2 days ago
Peggy’s Masterlist
I stared writing some ideas down, and I thought I should start a page where I expand on them. Obviously the Masterlist isn’t going to be full when it’s first posted, but it gives everyone some ideas on who they can request and who I’m going to write for. 
If there is someone you do not see on here, you may still request for them. I just didn’t want to clutter this list, really. 
Started: July 18th, 2021
Last Updated: July 18th, 2021
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
not yet :/
Steve Rogers
not yet :/
Natasha Romanoff
not yet :/
Bruce Banner
not yet :/
Stephen Strange 
not yet :/
Thor Odinson 
not yet :/
Loki Laufeyson
not yet :/
Peter Parker
not yet
Bucky Barnes
Dream A Little Dream of Me
Pietro Maximoff
not yet :/
Wanda Maximoff 
not yet :/
Sam Wilson 
not yet :/
Helmut Zemo
not yet :/
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checkerboredworld · 2 days ago
there were six time lines before they murged them into one
there are six infinity stones •_•
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blood. It painted the walls, stained the ceilings, coated the floors.
The room seemed to buzz. Shaking in perfect clarity as he fed. And fed. And fed.
He tore the once-living breathing corpse to shreds instinctively. Craving every last drop of rich blood it could offer him.
The body still twitched slightly and he groaned. Surely, this was perfection. This was why they turned him.
For the kill.
The warm metallic liquid tasted so much sweeter the more he drank. His already heightened senses sharpening further with every morsel of the delicacy he consumed.
He did not care much for decorum. Blood spilt down his chin, staining his dress shirt, his trousers and even his shoes.
This time he doubted it would come out. It was a shame really, these had fit him perfectly after all, do you know how hard that is to come by?
Finally, he had bled the bodiless limb dry and he tossed it rather unceremoniously onto the rather alarming pile of dismembered bodies.
Then, in the blood that had dribbled down his chin, he drew a red star on the wall, with the words ‘Hail Hydra’ written underneath it, in a language all of their own creation.
It drove the cops mad trying to decipher it. Code analysts from all over the world had been called to New Orleans to deal with this mysterious and seemingly uncatchable serial killer.
He wouldn't bet on them figuring it out.
He would move on soon. That was what his handler had said before pumping him full of something.
“It makes you strong.”
That was all he knew about the miracle drug. It made him...act and say without thought or care. Made him kill without remorse.
Made him strong.
Though it also had some undesirable effects. His mind played many tricks in him, overactive as it was. The latest one still haunted him.
Bucky. Bucky. Bucky.
That man had been so sure. Convinced beyond all doubt.
It struck a chord within him. The name that is. Reminded him of smoggy streets and honking cars and cursing dock workers. Of cramped apartments and rumbling stomachs and sick children. Of shivering and sobbing and death and pain.
Blood. He needed more. Craved more. Wanted more.
Of girls in sweet dresses. Of lips stained red and curved upwards in radiant smiles. Of music and dances and stolen kisses in coatrooms.
He could sense someone nearby. A heartbeat. Singular. It would not sate him for long.
Of burning drinks. Of cigarette smoke. Of playing cards.
The girl could not see him. A shame really. He needed a hunt. Needed the thrill of a chase.
Of being blown in dark alleys. Eyes darkened by pleasure and hands fisted in perfectly styled hair.
He would lose her soon. The bright lights of The French Quarter growing steadily larger as the approached. He lengthens his stride somewhat.
Of his first taste of a girl. A woman really. So different from what he imagined, all salt and no sugar. He lost interest soon after.
He could reach out and grab her now. Turn her to face him, watch the fear flit across her features as he drained her.
Of a trail of broken hearts. Of whispers giving chase down packed streets. Of an infamous smile.
She had stopped and was rifling through her bag. She found nothing but kept going. So did he.
Of friendship. Loyalty. Of broken promises and childish wishes.
His hand caught her shoulder. Spinning her to face him.
Of dreams. Of hope. Of life.
The pain was instantaneous. A stake was buried deep in his chest. It just barely grazed his heart. The miss was accidental, he presumed.
Of normalcy. Of worry.
He groaned as a dagger was thrust into his neck whilst his assailant whispered hurriedly. He was lifted off his feet and dropped. The blackness that had been plaguing his soul for so long finally engulfed him.
The name reminded him of humanity long since lost.
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ellena-asg · 5 days ago
Soon in cinemas...
After The Dark World...
Thor: Alliance of the Realms (dir. - oh, Kenneth Branagh, Joss Whedon and Alan Taylor together, please?)
gifs: Pinterest, makeagif, tenor, gfycat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well... It's a long story. And you won't like it.
Tumblr media
Why? We are brothers. I love... I would do everything...
Tumblr media
That's why.
Tumblr media
Why not me? Why him?
Tumblr media
I enjoy it. Causing them pain. Watching them being like... bugs under my feet. And I can't stop, can't finish them off because the pain... is much better than death, isn't it? One of them... is so brave. Doesn't wish to die. What a joy, I can torture him indefinitely.
Tumblr media
Not my son, beast.
Tumblr media
He is not Laufeyson. And not one of you. Instead insulting my brother, help us defeat Thanos. Jotunheim... is still one of the nine.
Tumblr media
Three stubborn men loving but hurting each other... I had to. I had to help you! And you, Loki, my son, have the smallest right to judge me for having plans and using magic.
Tumblr media
Thor: So... No coronations this time?
Loki: Yes... And no hammers.
Thor: No... hammerworthy?
Loki: What about... brotherworthy?
Thor: Always. So...
Loki: So?
Thor: What are we planning? Good food? Songs? Dances? Adventures?
*Loki laughs*
Thor: Wait... What were we doing... before the Jotuns... Hm?
Loki: Well, you didn't want to give us a kiss.
Thor: Ah... Really, cow?!
Loki: Yes.
Thor: It's a scandal!
*both princes laugh*
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bow-echo · 6 days ago
I haven’t been into MCU
-- in ages.  I stopped at the very early Modern Age.  The movies just didn’t do anything for me.  In an “eh, it’s okay” way.  However! That Loki series looks like great fun. 
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miss-smutty · 6 days ago
Alternate Reality
A/N- it's here! Finally 🥵 that Thor and Chris Hemsworth Man-Sandwich I was telling you about, inspired by @mostly-marvel-musings Threesome Fic ⬅️⬅️
Summary- You don't care how or why it's happened but all of your dreams are about to come true when your boyfriend and his alternate universe clone are in the same room together.
Word count- 3,112k
Pairing- Chris Hemsworth X You X Thor
Warnings- Swearing, smut, smut and more smut
18+ only!
Posted: 14th June 2021
Taglist:- @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap @longlostinanotherworld @mostly-marvel-musings @darklydeliciousdesires
@swaggysposts @skyfullofsong123
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What the actual…" Your trial of thought disappears as you watch the huge ring of light appear in the middle of your living room. Chris wraps his arms around you instinctively, as you both stare dumbfounded. The place on the other side of the ring looks different, where ever it was it definitely wasn't here. The funny thing is, you knew what these rings were and who was in control of them but how could that be? They're fictional characters from a movie your boyfriend starred in.
You're proved wrong, when the God of Thunder himself steps through the ring and into your dimension. The very same God of Thunder that Chris stars as, surely this is a dream conjured up by your sick imagination. The tall, broad God looks exactly the same as Chris with the exact same characteristics he portrayed in the movie. You pinch yourself just to check you weren't dreaming, screwing your eyes shut and opening them again a couple of times while Chris stares, completely lost for words.
"Is there something in your eyes?" Thor asks in the exact same voice you were expecting to hear, a look of amusement in his eyes at your reaction.
"Wait, what the fuck? You're real?" You ask.
"I am from an alternative Universe to yours, I have been sent here to gather information from you." Thor says nonchalantly, pulling his eyes away from you and looking to Chris.
"From me? But I'm just an actor, I don't even understand how this is real." Chris says, his eyes blown wide with shock.
"We want to know how the infinity war happened here so we can plan our moves and ultimately win."
"We, who's we?" 
"I have been sent by the Wizard, err I mean Doctor Strange."
"Of course you have, of course you're all real." Chris takes a minute to compose himself, running his hand through his hair and sighing heavily. "Fuck mate, you don't want to know how it worked out in the end." Chris paces the room, trying to make sense of everything that's happening.
"Yes we do, any information we can acquire may be able to help us defeat Thanos." 
"How do you know that it will play out the same way as it did in the movies?" Chris enquires, stopping on the spot to look at Thor.
"We don't but we are willing to try anything." You can see a note of anguish on Thor's face, knowing how the movie pans out you can take a guess at what he's thinking about.
"Y/N why are you so quiet?" Chris turns away from Thor, looking over at you sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.
"Just trying to focus my attention else where and not on the fact there's two of you stood right in front of me." 
"There's not two of us, this guys some sort of clone." 
"I believe I am a lot older than you, therefore you are the clone." Thor corrects Chris, looking rather happy with himself.
"Yeah you look it mate. You've got a lot more wrinkles around your eyes." You focus on the childish behaviour, hoping it would stop the images of the two of them running around your mind, naked. That maybe just maybe it would put you off slightly but who are you kidding? There's two of him, here in front of you and one of them is a literal god. You remember all the fantasies you had while Chris was filming Thor, begging him to bring his costume home so he could fuck you as Thor. Now the actual Thor is here as well as Chris, it couldn't get any better.
"Why don't you just slap your dicks out and measure them while you're at it." You slap your hand over your mouth, surprised that you'd actually spoken out loud. Both of them turning to look at you equally surprised.
"What?" You question innocently. "You can't tell me you're not at least a little bit curious to know if your cocks are the same size? I know I am." 
"I'd be more than happy to show you, my sweet." Thor mutters under his breath folding his arms across his chest and leaning against the door frame. His statement not quite going unnoticed by Chris when he glares at him before shooting daggers back at you.
"Are you enjoying this?" Chris asks, his voice oozing possessiveness.
"Oh, more than you'll ever know." You smile smugly. "You don't know how long I've had this actual fantasy, only it's not quite going how I planned." 
"You've fantasised about fucking other men?" 
"No not over men, just you… Times two." You shrug your shoulders.
"And how exactly does this fantasy play out in your mind?" They both look curious, forgetting about their arguments for a minute, Thor standing straight waiting intently.
"Do you really have to ask?" You say slyly feeling super confident and ready to make your move. I mean it's not everyday your going to be faced with this situation, you need to make the most of it. "Why don't I show you?" 
"I am not opposed to this." Thor perks up eagerly, puffing out his broad chest.
"You don't get a say." That death-glare aimed at Thor again "and I'm not quite sure how I feel about this." 
"Relax baby, it's not like big man over here is here to stay. It's a one time deal. Besides if you fulfil my fantasies I'll be more than happy to fulfil yours." Chris thinks about it for a second while you run your hands over his thick shoulders, loosening him up. You pull his face down to reach yours, open mouthed kisses taking away any thoughts he had.
You open one eye, spying Thor in your peripheral checking out your curves with a sly, lustful look in his eye. You catch his hand in yours pulling him behind you where he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into him and planting wet kisses down the side of your neck. A tiny moan muttered into Chris' mouth makes his eyes flutter open. Anger flaring in his eyes at the sight of Thor's hands all over you.
"Listen, if we're doing this. I'm in charge. You got it, space punk?" Chris reaches over you to poke his finger in to Thor's chest.
"I think the lady should be in charge, not you nor I and she does not seem to be protesting against this." Thor turns you around to face him, one hand guiding your face to his open, eager lips.
"No, her lips are mine." Chris pulls you back from Thor, your lips still pursed needily.
"For fuck sake Chris, I am not an object. Listen, Chris I love you. Let's just play nice ok?" You grab their hands, pulling them both in front of you. The sight of them together makes you unwillingly gasp, your pussy clenching.
"Exactly." Thor smiles smugly.
"And Thor, stop winding him up. Let me take the lead." You reach up to kiss Chris first, making sure to satiate his jealousy while he wraps his arm around your lower back protectively. "Love you." You remind him before pulling away and moving to Thor.
Standing in front of the God of Thunder you search his face, trying to find any subtle differences. Apart from a couple of scars on Thor's face, they were identical. A slow smirk spreads across his face as he watches you, his hands twitching by his side, desperate to get a hold of you.
You move closer to him. Exploring his face with your hands before taking his bottom lip in your teeth, the seductive smile that appears makes your nervousness ebb away. Lust taking over as you kiss him deeply, finding that difference you were looking for. The kiss, not better and not worse just different. And the taste, he doesn't taste like Chris, he has an otherworldly taste you have never experienced before. It tastes like sin, like you're cheating and your stomach flips at the thought.
"Do you like what you see?" Thor asks after you pull away, not wanting to linger on the kiss for too long with Chris watching.
"Of course, you're beautiful." He smiles back at you, a twinkle in his eyes. There's an immediate connection with the two of you, an enigmatic connection that you're not willing to dive further into right now.
"Hey." Chris pouts, the intimacy between you and Thor making him feel pushed out.
"Babe, you're identical." You roll your eyes. "He's you, you're him." You point between the two of them. The puppy dog look in Chris's eyes completely contradicts the growing erection in his shorts.
"Yeah but…" Chris tries to protest before you cut him off, not giving him chance to ruin this for you.
"Just shush and take off your shorts." That stops him in his tracks, his eyes growing wide, a moment of lust flashing before them.
"What are you laughing at? You too." You say to Thor.
"Wait a minute, why are we stripping and you're still completely dressed?" Thor asks, while hastily unbuttoning his trousers.
"Now that is something we agree on, come here."
Your two favourite men, the best looking men in at least two dimensions, work in tandem to remove your clothes. The touch of Thor's fingertips to the nape of your neck sends shivers down your spine, an electrical current running through your veins. Your heart beating impossibly fast as you finally get your own way.
Chris kneeling on one knee to slowly pull down your shorts and panties. His thumb hooked in either side as he takes his time revealing your pussy, the pussy that is usually all his. Now he's come to terms with your desires and he's ready to take it in turns blowing your mind. On cue, Thor's hands move lower down your back, his fingers trailing a path down your spine and leaving goosebumps in their wake.
Lifting your top over your head, Thor's hands fall back to your breasts. His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he takes your nipples between his fingers. Your mouth left agape as you feel the warmth of his breath against your neck, at the same time as Chris's fingers spread on your stomach, clutching as his thumb presses against your clit making you moan deeply.
You almost lose control, your legs going weak as you hear Thor groan at the sound of your pleasure, quiet enough for only the two of you to hear. Your body on fire already with the feel of two pairs of hands tweaking your senses into overload. Your body jerking with every oversensitive touch.
Thor moves your hair to the side, biting gently on your neck as Chris' tongue takes over his thumb. The tip circling slowly over your bundle of nerves making your legs buckle completely, falling back into Thor, his body holding up your weight as he moves backwards towards the bed and sits down on the end of it. Chris moving with you, still on his knees at the foot of the bed. The feel of Thor's huge cock pressing against your bare ass is too much and you need to feel it, you need it inside of you.
No longer bickering they finally fall into a rhythm, content on accomplishing the same goal. Giving you as much pleasure as possible and it's driving you wild.
Thor holds your legs open, giving Chris better access to your dripping folds. Your head resting against Thor's shoulders as Chris' fingers curl up inside of you, when you moan it drives them both frantic with lust. The same desires and turn on's as well as the same looks. An unspoken bond between you all.
Thor's uneven breath on your neck, his beating heart against your shoulder blade and Chris' unrelenting fingers stroking against your spot - push you over the edge. As you cry out, arching against Thor's swollen cock, his thumb reaches down to your bundle of nerves - the pressure unbearable - working as a team to pull another orgasm from you. The sound of them both groaning as their fingers drive you into another realm of pleasure, grinding against Thor as your moans become feral. Your arousal dripping around Chris' fingers, his eyes pooled with need.
Thor stops to pull down his pants, lifting you up and onto his cock. The angle making you groan like a dying animal as he stretches your walls deliciously. Your face screwed into a ugly expression as you watch Chris stand, freeing his cock from his own pants and guiding it to your mouth.
Your mouth eagerly open, waiting for it to be filled with your loves huge, smooth cock, dripping with that sweet precum. Hardly noticing the ache in your thighs as you bounce yourself on Thor's cock while he rests back on to his hands watching your ass jiggle with every movement.
The sight of Chris watching you get fucked pulls you over once more, the look of lust in his eyes as you savagely take his cock in your mouth as Thor ruins your pussy. The fact Thor looks just like him is like watching himself fuck you, like some fucked up porn but he loves it. He loves it way more than he thought he would, grunting with every jerk of your hand and twist of your mouth. Your tongue swirling around his tip as he twitches inside of your mouth.
"Spit on it." Thor says his voice so deep and laced with need as he eases out of you, lifting you effortlessly into the air while he lays back down on the bed.
"Spit on my cock." You do as your told without delay. Drenching him in even more lubrication.
Chris waits anxiously, handling his own dick with gritted teeth as he watches Thor positioning himself at your tight hole. Squeezing himself between your cheeks slowly, waiting patiently for you to become accustomed to the size of his cock. You suck in air between your teeth, your body defying you as it tries to push his cock back out but you want it, you want it so fucking bad.
You take his cock, you take it so well and he gives you more, he gives you it all until he's balls deep in your ass. You spread your legs open wide, an invitation for Chris to join in the fun and he doesn't hesitate. Holding onto your knees while he pushes himself into your pussy. You feel so full, your eyes hooded with arousal, the feel of two cocks inside of you at the same time from the men you desire most. 
Chris unable to hold back any longer, thrusts into you, pushing you back into Thor, his hands holding you by the waist as he begins bucking you up slowly. The pleasure is indescribable, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You're pretty sure this is what heaven feels like, a whirlwind of pure bliss as your holes are filled so tightly. 
Chris' fingers gripping into your knees as Thor's fingers grasp your waist, they fall into the perfect rythym which isn't suprising. Their cocks entering and retreating all at the same time until the pressure builds immediately, your body jerking with powerful gusto, your legs shaking uncontrollably. You scream and I mean scream as your body comes undone, gripping around their cocks as you cum, a gutteral moan leaving your lips afterwards.
Thor pushes you forward as he chases his own release, the tight grip around his cock making it inevitable. The same time Chris pounds into your pussy, your body leaking juices consistently. Knocking your languid body backwards and forwards which each incredulous thrust from the two sex gods.
Your mind blank, your eyes blurred with the hedonistic pleasure coursing through you. You don't ever want it to end, you want to stay lost in this state of arousal forever but at the same time your body can not take it anymore, the whole thing has been like one neverending orgasm.
You've lost count of the amount of times you've cum, one after the other until your no longer sure of your name or even where you are. Your mind consumed with pure satisfaction. 
They're both grunting in synchronisation as they finally release at the same time, pushing into you with one last powerful thrust making you spiral out of control. The feel of their mighty load shooting inside of your holes makes you scream again, your cum spilling out and dripping down, pooling beneath you.
Your mind is still consumed, no coherent words can be spoken when you fall backwards on to Thor, rolling to the side of him and pulling Chris down with you. You all lay panting on the bed, smiles plastered on all of your faces. Smiles you're pretty sure aren't going to leave you for a very long time. That is until the ring appears back in your bedroom and reality sets in.
You can't stay in the state of satisfaction for any longer and you're likely never to feel this amount of pleasure ever again. Thor has to leave and it makes you emotional, you'd built a connection with him in such a short space of time and you weren't ready to let go yet.
"Don't go, please." You manage to string together the words as you pull on his arm.
"I'm sorry, I have to." Thor says, you can hear the sadness in his voice. Chris doesn't speak, he lets you have your moment. Reaching up to kiss his lips fevently, his hands tangling into your hair as he returns the kiss just as deeply. Dreading having to pull away from him and watch him leave but he does. He pulls away, your fingertips losing grip as he looks back over his shoulder before stepping into the ring. Gone forever.
"What did you find out?" Strange asks Thor immediately upon his return.
"What do you mean, oh?" 
"I erm… Didn't get any information." His mind is consumed with you, his mission has failed but he doesn't care.
"You will have to go back." Doctor strange declares, anger and frustration laced in his voice.
"I will go back as many times as you wish." He smiles triumphantly, maybe he will have to keep thinking of reasons to be sent back to you.
"What exactly did you do while you were gone?" Strange asks. Thor doesn't answer, instead his thoughts drift away, the memories replaying in his mind like a movie. 
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Omg I think I've noticed something. Grandmaster wasn't on the tape of Loki's memoirs. I mean, contrary to what most of us think, there's nothing very special between the two of them. Because Mobius said "it was a recording of us collecting your special moments." I feel so sad to have noticed that.
Tumblr media
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canonicallysoulmates · 11 days ago
I'm sorry, I know it was only like 3mins of a 52min episode and this is only the first episode I shouldn't jump the gun- but I'm jumping cause I can't deal with the fact that fans waited so long for something Loki centered and the very first episodes is an Odin apologist
Tumblr media
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Everyone was upset that this wasn't going to be Loki in Ragnarok. Guys, this Loki is a thousand times better than him. He knows he's loved. He wants to make things right. He saw the consequences of his actions and learned a lesson.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oneshortdamnfuse · 14 days ago
Odin really just took one look at Jörmungandr and tossed him into the ocean where he could get even bigger. Like, imagine someone handing you their child and you going ‘this thing is hideous and freaky. I am tossing it into the ocean’ and then you do. Odin’s brain...
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brokenwhiteboyy · 21 days ago
I'm attracted to men who :
- are older
- are tall
- have long dark hair
- are from Asgard
- stabbed Thanos with a butter knife
- are Loki Odinson
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missazura · a month ago
me listening to audiodrama and hearing Loki go from being a little shit to his punishment at the end
Tumblr media
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