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#someone please make this a story-
thestarlightsymphony · 2 days ago
I’ve discovered a common theme throughout the Cowboy Bebop fandom:
We just want Spike Spiegel to get Absolutely Railed.
doesn’t matter if it’s Julia, Faye, Jet, Elektra, fucking Vicious even, we just want our depressed space cowboy to get Fucked. sure, we all have our preferences, but no matter what Spike’s gotta get rawed hard and Someone needs to do it.
has he earned it? no
do we care? no!
someone please fuck Spike Spiegel. that’s all we want.
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belovedgnf · 2 days ago
the whole reason twt can get dream to talk about topics is because they essentially bullied him into it and sometimes he words things wrong (which is understandable) but he gets even more shit for that as well so im glad george isnt in that position because he clearly strays away from things like this to avoid controversy
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damagecompiilation · 11 days ago
tag dump cuz tumblr broke - tv muses pt 2
- jennifer blake / scott mccall / stiles stilinski / zach (teen wolf) - maggie vera (charmed) - wish!henry mills / mr hyde / ruby lucas (once upon a time) - lizzie samuels (the walking dead) - kit walker (ahs asylum)
#;out of worlds#;do you know what it takes to be able to look like be able to look normal? it takes power. (interactions - jennifer)#;look like the innocent flower but be the serpent underneath it. (character study - jennifer)#;you have to show them you can get back up. leaders don't run. (interactions - scott)#;life can't ever be all bad or all good. eventually things have to come back to the middle. (character study - scott)#;sarcasm is my only defense ! (interactions - stiles)#;some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. some of us are human! (character study - stiles)#;i'm just like you - one of the experiments (interactions - zach)#;doesn't it make you wonder what the success is going to look like? (character study - zach)#;if you don't want me to read your minds don't let me touch you. (interactions - maggie)#;with my powers all i do every day is see everyone’s else side. could you please try to see mine for once? (character study - maggie)#;i tried finding my happiness the right way. but i got desperate. (interactions - henry)#;in this realm stories are written in blood and tears. (character study - henry)#;there's one final twist...i am not the monster you need to worry about. (interactions - hyde)#;everyone sees their worst self differently. some as a mirror image others as a literal monster. (character study - hyde)#;when there's something i want...i'm good at tracking it down. (interactions - ruby)#;i sort of found someone in myself that was more than i expected. (character study - ruby)#;i'm not afraid to kill. i'm just...afraid. (interactions - lizzie)#;sometimes we have to kill them. but sometimes we don't (character study - lizzie)#;they weren't human. they were monsters. (interactions - kit)#;there is no god. not a god who would create the things i saw. (character study - kit)
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bigskydreaming · 23 days ago
What kills me in fics is when you have tags going like "Good brother Jason", which, cool, but in the same story there's " Dick TRIES to be a Good Brother" LOL way to switch the dynamics. I also tend to stay clear of the ones where the centric character seems to have a platonic relationship tag with everyone (including the ones where they're antagonists in canon like Jason & Tim) except Dick. You can feel the hate/dislike/prejudice a MILE away.
Yeeeeeeah. You are definitely not alone. Like pretty much every Dick Grayson stan I’ve ever talked to on the subject stays the hell away from any fic tagged “Dick Grayson tries to be a good brother.”
LOL’s basically what I was talking about in that older post I just reblogged a few minutes ago. That thing where Dick’s actions or choices in a canon story or fic aren’t judged on their own merits but are rather inherently weighed against some hypothetical perfect choice that he DIDNT make and so he’s basically evaluated based on how much he falls short of that mark each time instead of anything he actually did.
Sorry not sorry, but I’m just not interested in stories that TRANSFORM the character most commonly referred to as the emotional glue of the family and the only one who consistently even CARES about them all being a family....into the fumbling incompetent relationship disaster man who at best gets credit for at least putting in an attempt at being there for his family.
Especially not when Bruce and Jason and Tim are praised for doing the bare minimum in canon when it comes to family interactions while everything Dick ACTUALLY did is just completely ignored and overwritten in order to make his Failure to People Good the narrative obstacle to be overcome.
Now, the “Dick Grayson Tries To Be A Good Brother” tag applied to Tim-centric fics in particular tho....hoo boy I am out of there so fast there’s a Kool-Aid Man shaped hole in the wall and not a sign of me as far as the horizon.
Like, currently my Pet Peeve Thermostat is set to Battle for the Cowl-referencing fics that don’t use this tag but very much are in that spirit. You probably know the ones, like their summaries suggest they’re open to considering Dick’s side of the situation but turns out the author at most is throwing him a “well at least you tried not to suck” bone while still reading him the riot act for very much still sucking.
Because what drives me up a flipping WALL here in particular, when I naively click on a link that seems different from the usual and ignore the voice of experience because I’m just desperate enough for Tim and Dick food that doesn’t just go on and on about how Dick ruined their brotherhood and it will never be truly repaired....
What makes the fruit bats in my belfry go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S is not just the super fun realization that Psych! You thought this fic might be different but it’s actually the same!
It’s how much people, both writers AND commenters, just absolutely LOVE to reference Tim’s shitbag parents and how emotionally abusive and neglectful they were (all true and valid, btw, let’s be totally clear about that)....but bringing them up here specifically to emphasize just how great Dick’s ‘betrayal’ was and how what he did makes him no better than them.
It’s like. Oh. I see.
So because after twenty years worth of stories about Dick dropping everything the second Tim needs him, whether it’s for help or just advice or even just reassurance or comfort or ANYTHING ....because after two decades worth of content showing Dick absolutely doting on Tim in their EVERY SINGLE interaction and buttressing his self confidence at every opportunity, never passing up a chance to call him his brother and emphasize that they’re family and he loves Tim and is so proud of him...
Because after all that there’s a story whose very premise forced Dick to choose between two kids, both still very much his brothers and their shared father’s sons even if one was new to him and didn’t have the same history the other two had....
Because by the very nature of the story Dick had no choice but to prioritize one over the other due to them both hating each other and Dick already being stretched to his absolute limits trying to live his dead father’s life and take on everything Bruce used to do at the cost of giving up everything Dick had chosen for his own life and wants and priorities, all while dealing with his own grief....
And with it being inevitable that the boy he DIDNT choose to prioritize was going to be hurt....
Because after twenty years of never failing to put Tim first the second Tim needed him, never even putting HIMSELF first OVER Tim....because for the first time Dick felt that someone else he felt obligated to, felt a responsibility towards, actually needed him MORE than Tim....
And for that reason and that reason ONLY, Dick picked that other boy, all while trying his best to tell Tim that he still needed him, still valued him, all the things that Bruce DIDNT tell him when he took Robin not even because he thought someone else needed it at the time but simply to take away, with absolutely nothing Dick said in any way negating or contradicting any of his many, MANY assurances to Tim over the years that they were brothers and always would be and with them still very much legally brothers and with concrete ties to each other that declared them family even WITHOUT the connection of Robin....
Because after and despite ALL OF THAT, Dick picked the brother that he didn’t know and frankly didn’t even LIKE, because he knew no one else was going to pick this kid and he also knew he’d already picked Tim a hundred times before and hoped that at least all that HISTORY of past focus and attention he’d given Tim to help build him up, give him foundations to build further upon, that hopefully at least that history that was still there, still relevant, still something Tim had actively benefited and grown from in ways Dick now hoped to help surely this would be of at least SOME significance to Tim, SOME kind of proof of how much Dick loved and valued Tim....
Because one time and one time ONLY, Dick DIDNT put Tim’s needs first, not because he didn’t want to or because he was being selfish or short sighted or simply didn’t care, but rather solely because this one time Tim’s needs were in direct opposition with the needs of another young boy Dick saw as his responsibility and in even greater need and with even less of a foundation than the one Dick had helped Tim build....
This puts Dick on the same level as Tim’s shitbag parents, the ones who are infamous for (and practically synonymous with) emotional abuse and neglect. Dick’s basically interchangeable with them now. Certainly no better than them. Tim’s entire emotional well-being rested on Dick and Dick alone and nothing he’d provided Tim with in the past counts, just this one moment in time right here right now, that’s the entirety of their relationship see, it all comes down to this and nothing else, and because Dick didn’t put Tim first, no matter WHAT his reasons or how much he wanted to, he has officially failed Tim as hard as the neglectful parents who did nothing BUT neglect, ignore and just not give a shit at all, simply because they couldn’t be bothered to.
That’s neat.
#and please before certain people get all up in their righteous umbrage and declare a blood feud against me for this#take note of how nowhere did I say Tim doesn’t have the right and reason to be hurt#because of course he does#you will never see me claiming otherwise#but just because someone was hurt that doesn’t mean that someone did it to hurt them#and that is the distinction so many fans don’t seem to care to make#I’ve literally seen people call Dick emotionally abusive and neglectful for this era of canon and holy shit people#in terms of abuse specifically you absolutely can be abusive without meaning to#hell this is basically the nature of neglect. they’re not TRYING to hurt a child because the entire problem is the child#doesn’t even rate as much of a presence in their awareness as they should#but people can yell it’s just their interpretation all they want about this era of canon#but it’s flat out not true. it’s their transformation of the material not an interpretation of it#because you literally have to CHANGE what Dick ACTUALLY says to Tim to paint him as neglectful or not caring about his emotional well-being#you have to CUT OUT all mention of the times Dick tried reaching out to Tim or checking up on him in order to paint Dick as simply moving#on with his shiny newer little brother#that’s not a difference of interpretation. that’s an act of transformation. changing details of a story that isn’t reading the way you want#it to....until it DOES say what you want it to#and the problem has NEVER been some of us just being unwilling to let people have their headcanons#the problem is people’s refusal to call them headcanons or AUs or anything that acknowledges they’ve transformed the source material#in order to CREATE the interpretation they’re going with#AND OTHER FANS HAVE EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD TO SAY YEAH WE’RE NOT TRYING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR TRANSFORMATION OF CANON THO#we’re literally trying to talk about what you transformed it FROM....and the fact that despite all your complaints about canon character#choices....some of you repeatedly make the CHOICE to change canon not just to fix or address the poor character choices you don’t like for#your faves.....but also at the same time making this other character do the very stuff you claim to hate canon having your faves do#and that is your CHOICE. AND YOU GET TO MAKE IT. BUT IT IS STILL A CHOICE TO MAKE CHANGES#NOT simply a different interpretation of the foundational material#like you guys keep trying to pass it off as#and that MATTERS#it matters quite a lot in fact
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exposebbs · 24 days ago
ArcaneLyssa on twitter seems preparing to give some evidence against Del; however, they claim to not have been a minor during their interactions with him
So now she is saying that Del manipulated her but it wasn't when she was a minor, her story happened when she was an adult...
I just don't understand why victims keep going to Ohm when it have been proven that he doesn't really care about your trauma. Please go to someone that will bring justice to your situation and help others that have might gone through that too, not to someone that will get a vendetta out of your story. This is very serious, people.
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MHA but it's a wattpad werewolf fanfiction. P1.
As a werewolf wattpad author myself, I am taking the library to mock this strange culture phenomenon.
Warnings: Mentions of abuse and abusive fathers, nothing super graphic. Slut shaming. Possible hints at beasality (???). And no spell checking. Read at your own risk.
----I don't know how to center text lmao---------
A/N: omg guyz!!!!! im so excited to share this story idea ahhhhh but I'm also super nervous please b nice :)))))))) also to all the haters I'm sorry you're peanut butter jealous of me >:}
Hello, my name is Izuku Midorya! I am a 4'1 greenette with wide beautiful jade orbs and a slim body. Sadly, I'm very ugly :( because I wear glasses and enjoy comics and other geeky things that other people don't.
Today is my first day at ForestWood High school and I'm super nervous. Everyone at my last highschool hated me because I was super ugly and shy.
"Izuku, sweetie, get up you're gonna be late to school!" My mom whispered yelled through my door.
I gasp, my jade eyes blinking open in panic. I had another nightmare about my abusive acholic dad beating me :(
"C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Ccoming mom." I stuttered.
I slip out of the soft comforters of my bed and quickly made my way to the mirror. My messy, green hair and beautiful jade orbs staring blinking at me. I frown. My ugly freckles are ugly against my super smooth and milky skin. God, I hated how I looked.
"Honey?" My mom whispered yelled again.
My abusive acholic dad used to beat her whenever he spoke higher than a whisper so now her voice is permanently damaged and she can't speak higher than a whisper ever again. Damn him!!!!!!
"Sorry! I'll be down quickly!" I gasped.
I totally forgot it was my first day at ForestWood High school - i hope the other kids don't bully me for my super ugly glasses and totally weird hobbies like reading comics or listening to Panic At The Disco!
I quickly pull on my vans, my best pair of jeans, and the cutest long sleeve shirt I have. It has to be long sleeved cuz my abusive acholic dad left burn scars all over my arms.
I look at myself through the mirror and nod happily - I am still super ugly tho.
"Hmmmm, it feels like I'm missing something....Oh!" I pulled on my glasses, almost forgetting them. Wow I'm such a klutz!
Laughing to myself, I climb down the stairs and find my mommy in the kitchen making breakfast.
"Hi sweetie! I hope you aren't too stressed out about moving in the middle of sophomore year. It's just that we needed a new start after your abusive acholic father was arrested for a DUI." She whisper yells.
I nod. "No I understand mother."
She smiles. "Okay sweetie, so long you are happy. Do you want me to drive you?"
"No thanks" it's so lame to have your mom drive you too school, I think to myself.
My mom lays down a plate full of eggs, bacon, cheese, pancakes, sausage, and beans. I smile and take a piece of toast "thanks for breakfast mom" i say as i run outside.
"You're welcome honey!" She whisper yells back.
Everyone is staring at me as I walk into the door of WoodForest High School. They all stare wide eyed before turning around to gossip to each other.
I nervously look down, clinching the schedule my student console gave me. Already the weirdo :( it must be the Naruto shirt I'm wearing.
Since I was looking down nervously, I didn't see the slut in front of me. I let out a gasp, body falling backwards as my papers are all scattered to the floor.
"Omg I am sooooooooooooo sorry!" I cried out, head snapping upwards.
Across from me sat the slutties person I've ever seen!!! With a skin tight, thigh high dress, super long heels, and a face full of makeup, he looked like a low-end prostitute.
"Omg! You better be sorry! My father just got me these heels! Ugh! Stupid human!!!!!" He said, beautiful blonde hair shining and gray eyes twinkling with anger.
"I-I-Im-" I stuttered.
"Just fucking shut up you stupid fucking whore omfg this is why i wanted Alpha Todorki to fucking kill all the humans and shit but nooooo that was genocide and bad. Ughhuuuy stupid ass fucking bitch." He yells down at me, standing up from the floor.
Around me the whole student body stares, most laughing or throwing in their own insults. Tears fill my jade orbs as I sniffle.
The slut huffs, spinning on his heels as he marches down the hallway. Everyone watches his ass as he goes because damn.
"Oh my god! Are you okay?" A kind and gentle voice calls out. I turn to see a beautiful brownette standing before me and I blush - she's so cute and nice!
"You must be the new guy! Hi! I'm Ochako~ and the person who just rudely left you sitting on the floor is Momoma - he's sorta the Queen Bee around here. And a mythic bitch" (A/N: if you got that reference plsssssssss be my friend 😭)
Ochako helps me pick up the single piece of paper I dropped when I ran into Momoma.
"Wait, how do you know I'm knew?" I ask confused.
Ochako laughs, sounding suspiciously nervous. Weird...
"Uh....its a small town and every one sorta knows every one hahahaha! OH! It looks like you have Mr. Aizawa first period, so do I! He's sorta of a hardass but is also super kind!"
I nod, "okay!" We walk down the hallway together.
"Hey, do you think you can tell me more about this school?" I ask, not wanting to repeat the same thing I rid with MoBitch.
Ochako nods, "sure! Well this school isn't like most because we have two packs right next to each other -" ochako's eyes widen as she looks my way. I am confused. "-I mean! Not packs. No. That's weird. Wolf like. I meant...families. Two different families and we don't like each other and we don't have many outsiders hahahha"
I blink before nodding, "that makes sense. Who are these families?" I asked like a good main protagonist.
Ochako continues with the NPC dialog. "Well first you have the Todorokis - Alpha, i mean, leader Todoroki is a real hard ass. His son is unmated, I mean, is currently not in a relationship. He's weird but nice. Then there are the bakugos. Alpha...leader Bakugo is real nice! I love her cooking but her son is super mean and is a bad boy so stay away from him. He's also single."
I nod as we come up to a science classroom, "thank you."
"Well, here we are! First period of the day! Ready for hell on earth?" She asks me with a wink.
I take her arm in mine, "only if you're ready to talk along side with me."
She laughs, "of course we're best friends after all."
"I've known you for five minutes."
We step into the classroom, arm in arm. I feel ready to face any weirdos or bad boys.
A/N: omggggg that was so much fun 2 write and i feel like it was really good. Please comment and like :))))) it makes me happy and I'm very sad :(((((( love you alll!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxozoozz
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just-love-nikki-things · a month ago
Currently reading the Dawn Front stories that I never paid attention to whilst listening to the 10-hour Wii theme, and having the time of my life. Debating on whether making a commentary of it, though I don't know how much the music is severing the seriousness of it all.
(Spoiler: it isn't. It's literally absurd in my mind. The music is just enhancing it.)
Side Note: Am I seriously supposed to believe Love Nikki happened in one year? ONE YEAR?! Like I known we've touched upon this a little but... a lot of the interactions that occur seem to take place in canon. Like, it actually answered some of the questions I had.
One year?!
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simpforthemcu · a month ago
Tony: You know how you always wanted a new Rolex watch?
Tony, opening the door: That's right, I got a llama!
Pepper, simultaneously: What?!?!
Y/n, simultaneously: YES!!
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jostenneil · a month ago
i’m genuinely confused by people who think talia’s portrayal in the last issue of the lost days isn’t a direct product of racist writing and reducing her to a pawn in the narrative between jason and bruce (and even ra’s). like who comes out of that issue thinking there’s anything realistic about ra’s conveniently dying off the page so talia can retaliate against bruce by sleeping with someone whom she’s been looking over as a pseudo mother figure for the entire run before that. i don’t care that winick explains it away by saying that talia and jason are fucked up people so that’s why they do it. talia has had her share of grievances with bruce before but she doesn’t use them to retaliate against him, and there were even inconsistencies with how she was characterized in lost days as a whole—hardly reacting to jason mentioning a sex trafficker or other criminals she used to be loudly critical of in her original portrayals, ra’s saying she was caring for jason to get bruce to love her back when bruce’s love for her is never something she’s doubted bc she knows their obstacles are largely circumstantial—so it’s not like people (or at least me lol) are just picking the one issue to have a problem with. i like the potential the lost days sets up for a dynamic between talia and jason bc with regards to bruce there’s a lot that they can relate to each other on. but it’s shitty that some people think it can’t be explored just bc of that one issue that sought to mischaracterize and render her into a predator when it was entirely unrealistic for her as a person regardless of whatever issues she had with bruce. what kind of entitlement is it to tell someone they can’t pick and choose what canon to accept when racist writing is something present across a lot of a character’s portrayal? there’s not a huge amount of liberty available to cleanly accept entire runs or events as acceptable portrayals of characters of color. ofc we have to pick and choose even within runs themselves bc that’s how shitty white writers are
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flowerflamestars · a month ago
Shoreless Sea snippet
“I like him.” She absolutely did not hide in her hand, but it was a close thing. “I…enjoy him. There’s humans in fucking Summer, did you know that? Mixed as our cities. Gentry titled selkies. Sirens. Citizenship to refugees. They call their Death God mother.   Helion made a little noise. “Oh, I see. A beautiful sailor revolutionary.”   The flat tone she was trying to affect failed full-hearted. “He’s a good man.”   “He is.” Helion agreed, reaching for her hand. Nesta let him take it, the gentle squeeze familiar as the wash of sunlight arriving home. Day, where love was made to be shared, choice more guiding than stars. 
Where the High Lord knew a thing or two about walking forward into a less lonely life that strayed from expectation.   Nesta flipped her wrist. “What’s the scent, to you?”   “Sunshine on the sea,” Helion answered immediately, before a glorious, laugh. “Like you spent the last thirty days loved up and rolled in sugar. Salt and blood and warmth. You smell adored, Nesta.”
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mayberenee · a month ago
We’ve all heard of friends to lovers and enemies to lovers, but may I present to you:
Acquaintances to rivals to annoyances to (begrudging) friends to enemies to partners in crime to friends to lovers
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theearnestonion · a month ago
Throwback to the time when my friend on the bus told me something pretty personal, and I was so deeply honored that she trusted me to tell me but I had no idea what to say in response (beacause trust me when I say that I have never once ever in my entire life known what to say at any given moment, ever) so my mind is racing, right? Because if I sound too flippant she’s gonna think I don’t care but if I sound too serious it sounds like pity, and come on come on think what do I say—
and what comes out is: “Do you do hugs?”
“Do you do hugs?”
me @ myself: I’m sorry??? come again???
“do hugs” ??? Is that a phrase?
Sounds like I’m about to pedal this girl some sketchy back-alley drhugs.
At this point I am beyond certain I’ve messed this up horribly. But then.
She bursts out laughing. Her face just kinda lights up and she looks at me and tells me she thinks it‘s one of the cutest things she’s ever heard.
(it was a very good hug.)
I’ve messed up a whole lot of social interactions. But I think I did something right that time.
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widonotts · a month ago
haven’t made any progress catching up for over a week but just learned the context for “young man” and wow! i dislike it even more
#negativity#late night thoughts#i already tend to feel pretty ‘meh’ about phrases like ‘young man/woman’ ‘little boy/girl’ etc taken as and/or meant as flirting#(i mean. ‘meh’ is the BEST i could feel about it. usually i feel... notably less pleased.)#but oof!#great that es.sek is acknowledging that he has Really Fucked Up but wow!#that read as so very patronizing to me#and that’s setting aside the ‘young man’ :/#who’s gonna tell him that he doesn’t know everything (even though he incited a war to try and know more) 💜#i don’t even know where the story is but one of my greatest hopes is that essek betrays them again in favor of knowledge#LISTEN: i love knowledge-seeking neutral evil characters#i love neutral evil es.sek#AND#i think it would be incredibly powerful for the characters to try and befriend and change someone#and for once for their efforts not to succeed#because ultimately a person has to want to change and make great strides themself#no person can change another’s morality no matter how much they want to help them#and as i understand he’s starting to move in that direction already but...#just based on what i know through 2x130.... it feels like he could still very much be swayed backwarcs#backwards*#and I Would Like To See It.#The Angst It Would Create. The Narrative Intrigue.#i just don’t think it’s fun if ALL the evil npcs with strong ties to the party turn neutral/good!!!#some of em gotta have messy redemption arcs that take a nosedive halfway through!!!!#anti essek#anti shadowgast#hopefully putting the tag at the end will get it out of the main tag? :o
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hahaha oh wow
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jeonjunghoseokjin · a month ago
#...thinking about how idols are told play-up their relationships with group members of their groups for fanservice and#usually it doesn't rub me the wrong way too hard bc often u can See when idols are playing things up bc they're often average actors djdhdj#but idk i was just thinking about the ones who actually are close to some or all of the members of their groups and just#imagine having an exec come in and say 'everyone loves your ship please act like you love each other but it's a secret but it also isn't'#and no matter what legitimate relationship you have with that person that's kind of fucked#and it all feeds back into it when people make their dumb shipping videos and then fan engagement research people see that shit#and go okay time to report back on the popular ships like i was watching that friendship test vid with nct127 and like#taeyong Knows that people love his relationship with doyoung and that was one of the points he brought up talking about it like#???? imagine being close with someone partially bc u know the fans love it wtf#like maybe that didn't do anything to their friendship maybe they were already like this and it's chill#but idk feels weird don't like it...#sometimes i see a fic that is like here is group members in their real life and i've written a fic about their secret relationships and i#i just don't quite understand why you would think it's okay to publish that kind of weird speculation about Real People#i find it less weird when it's like here is my story about a world that doesn't exist and i've projected these people into it as like#actors playing the role of barista and tired university student dkdhjd that's chill and like#idk it just feels seperate from Them as People who Exist in the world and who deserve Privacy and not having a bunch of weirdos speculating#about their love life or worse......#like it's dumb to think that writing isn't often based on the characteristics of other people and characters#and it's smart to use popular characters and people as an easy way of introducing a character in the setting of fanfiction i Love that shit#i guess what this rant is coming to is i'm mad when people don't put in big bold easy to filter out print that a story about a real person#is either 'in canon' or 'canon divergent' like no bad i don't want to read that it feels gross#like i know it's all pretend but i still feel like i'm invading a real person's privacy it's gross and voyeuristic in the worst kind of way#sorry if you read this dkhdjdg i wonder how many shitty anons i'll get who don't even follow me this time lmao
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