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#someone let that man take a nap
beenovel · 4 days ago
Aragorn: Ok, I’ve called you all to this meeting because some of us don’t seem to get along.
Legolas: Gimli and I are literally the only ones you called here
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kirsteiiins · a day ago
aww i’ll love to and yes bby ur blog honestly makes me feel super comfortable it’s just ugh i love it<3! so here
mechanic! reader x boss! eren like eren’s car keep getting fucked up so he goes to get his car fixed but he’s getting stressed cuz it’s taking long and he has to go a meeting and he’s just keeps bothering the reader telling her to hurry up and all that um yeah i haven’t got too deep w/ this one but yeah i liked it<3 *plus it could be the other way around like mechanic!eren x reader like just him saying “don’t worry angel your car will be ready” OMG and then him blowing a kiss*
i have soft!reader x goth! eren like he’s super big and strong and scared tf out of someone if they looked at you the wrong way but also goth! eren who’s like super into those unnatural stuff and one day he gets you to go summon a demon w him but you’re scared:( and he’s all mean telling you that you agreed to it and then later he’s just fucking you rough yeah
also bad boy! eren dating cute little innocent! reader like she’s never been grounded always been good at school like ugh he thinks she’s so cute omg so imagine just him taking her out @ 2 am to go to parties or just chill in the car and she’s just nervous 24/7 and he’s just trying to calm her down telling her she needs to go out oh! also he’ll even sneak her into his house or he’ll go to her at house at night just to fuck cuz he’s rlly into it besides he thinks it’s so cute when she’s trying to hold everything in cuz he doesn’t want her or his parents to find out and that just makes him want to go faster
okay so about the corset baby i can’t stop thinking about what you said 🥲 but i really can’t come up w an scenario other than this one so i’m sorry if it’s bland so just you and eren going to a ball and so he has to help you get dressed up and yk the corset scene comes up like tying your corset a bit to tight so all he hears are those cute little noises that you make and he just puts his head on your back resting w this evil smirk while he’s tying your corset and gives your ass a slap cuz ugh and when you guys get home he’s helping you get out that dress he slaps your ass again and hears you moans man he’s going crazy so he’s fucking you dumb and when you guys are over he’s just sitting there back against the headboard of your bed smoking and grinding seeing your sleeping figure<3 *plus he spill wine all over your naked body*
Eren lovebot<3
So I was reading this before I napped but let me tell you, all of these ideas have been swarming around in my head since then and let me tell you, that corset one might become a fic now.😩 like your idea combined with the one I was going to write about where Eren is actually a designer for the corsets or maybe he’s just some very bad guy that’s trying to hide his identity and the reader decides to be helpful by helping him out(to later find out she has a crush on him and yeah cue your idea coming to play here) like I really do like this idea. But everything else though....that’s some yummy stuff right there baby.
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red-writes · a day ago
Before I take a nap I just have some thoughts pls indulge me.
just normal minimum wage worker who gets shit on everyday is dating the most important man on this side of the world, he’s powerful, rich and has more connections than a goddamn spider web. During the day you get chewed out by costumers, your boss and more mf costumers on the verge of tears every two seconds from the constant mistreatment, but at night you’re draped in diamonds and the most lavish of dresses with most indisputably important man’s arm wrapped around your waist, he did and still does illegal things to get where he is right now. Killed people, families and even those close to him to become a pillar of pure grandness. He isn’t soft for anyone, the word soft only seems to exist in dictionaries but not in his vocabulary unless it involves you of course.
You’re so privileged you can sashay your way in red bottomed heels through the two rows of men that line the hallway leading up to the meeting room door, you don’t have to announce yourself and ask for permission to walk in, you just do, his gun is already in his hand the moment he heard someone walking down the hall he only lets out a sigh and beckons you onto his lap as you wrap your arms around his neck giving him a fat I’m home kiss
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tophats-n-lespauls · 2 days ago
Part 3 of Incorrect Eroica Quotes
Klaus: *holds a gun out to Dorian* Dorian: I-I don't believe in guns. Klaus: Well, trust me, they're very real. Now take it.
James: Everyone knows that Santa is an invention designed by the big five corporations to sell tinsel and video games to an unsuspecting public. Dorian: The whole “childhood wonder” stage just blew right past you, didn’t it?
Dorian: You know my motto: carpe diem, carpe noctem, carpe coles. James: Seize the day, seize the night, what’s the last one? Dorian: Seize the dick.
Klaus: Could you maybe just like… stab me… right in the gut. Just REALLY twist it in there. Because that honestly seems less painful than this conversation.
Dorian: I scare people a lot because I walk very softly and they don't hear me enter rooms. So when they turn around, I'm just kind of there and their fear fuels me.
James: I personally don't think it's possible to come up with a crazier plan. Dorian: We could attack them with hummus. James: I stand corrected. Dorian: Just keeping things in perspective.
James: I don't need to go to bed. I'm not tired, I'll be fine. Dorian: But, darling, I'll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again. James: O-oh. Well. Are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns?? Dorian: Is it working?
Dorian: Am I in trouble? Klaus: Take a guess. Dorian: No? Klaus: Take another guess.
Dorian: Do you take constructive criticism? James: Not without crying.
Dorian: Are you a masochist or a sadist? Klaus, deadpan: I’m a Taurus.
Dorian: It’s nice to be wanted, you know? James: Not by the law!
Klaus: Dorian, this morning, I called you abhorrent and reprehensible, and I’d like to withdraw that statement- Dorian: Aww, thanks- Klaus: But I can't. Those are the 2 words that best describe you.
Dorian: I am going to need you to swear- Klaus: Fuck. Dorian: Dorian: ...swear as in promise.
James: Name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. I’ll wait. Dorian: You and me! James: *tearing up* Ok.
Dorian: Bonjour, Klaus. Voulez–vous coucher avec moi? Klaus: No, I don't want to sleep with you. Dorian: Is that what that means? Oh, man, I had a really gross tennis instructor.
Klaus: I don’t know the first thing about clothes. Pretty much all I can do is look at something and tell you if it’s clothes or not. This chair? Not clothes.
James: I am very small and I have no money, so you can imagine the kind of stress that I'm under.
Dorian: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're impressed. Klaus: But you do know better.
Dorian: We are not mad. We are just disappointed. Klaus: No, we are mad. Dorian: Yes. We are. We are livid. But we are going to let this one slide. Klaus: No, we’re not! Dorian: I am not a mind reader, Klaus!
Klaus: What's this? Dorian, hugging Klaus: Affection! Klaus: Disgusting. Klaus: ...Do it again.
James: What are your three best qualities? Dorian: I’m hot, I have soft hair, and sometimes I cry because I love my friends.
Klaus: Start talking! Dorian: Well, I- Klaus: Shut up!
Dorian: Life keeps fucking me and I can't remember the safeword.
James: How would you like your coffee? Dorian: As dark and as bitter as my soul. James, shouting to someone behind the counter: I need one vanilla latte with extra cream and sugar!
Dorian: When do you usually go to sleep? Klaus: Whenever I collapse is entirely up to the gods.
Dorian, skipping rocks on a lake with James: It’s such a beautiful evening. James: Yeah, it is. James: *whispering* Take that you fucking lake.
James: The last time I went to an urgent care clinic, I checked off 'excessive crying' on the symptom list, and then the nurse got really confused and said that was meant for babies.
Dorian: If I can't cause tiny bits of chaos every day, I think my body will shut down.
Klaus: I’ve been sleeping so little the past few nights that when I go to the alarm app, I click on the “power nap” button. I don’t set up alarms, I set up timers, Dorian.
Klaus: What happened?! Dorian: Do you want the long version or the short version? Klaus: Short?? Dorian: Shit's fucked. Klaus: Okay, long. Dorian: Shit's very fucked.
(part 1) (part 2)
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dfroza · 2 days ago
Today’s reading from the ancient books of Proverbs and Psalms
for may 6 of 2021 with Proverbs 6 and Psalm 6, accompanied by Psalm 48 for the 48th day of Spring and Psalm 126 for day 126 of the year
[Proverbs 6]
My son, if you will risk your family’s future to put up collateral for the debts of an acquaintance,
if you seal a commitment with a handshake to someone without first knowing the value of his word,
Then your words may well be the trap that snares you,
and your promise may seal your fate.
You can’t be sure to whom you hitched your future.
So, my son—save yourself! Here’s what you need to do:
go to that person who became your master with a handshake,
humble yourself, and plead your case.
Do not sleep;
don’t even rest your eyes until you deal with this.
Get out as quickly as possible,
as a gazelle runs from the hand of the hunter,
as a bird takes off from the grip of the fowler.
Take a lesson from the ant, you who love leisure and ease.
Observe how it works, and dare to be just as wise.
It has no boss,
no one laying down the law or telling it what to do,
Yet it gathers its food through summer
and takes what it needs from the harvest.
How long do you plan to lounge your life away, you lazy fool?
Will you ever get out of bed?
You say, “A little sleep, a little rest,
a few more minutes, a nice little nap.”
But soon poverty will be on top of you like a robber;
need will assault you like a well-armed warrior.
Someone who struts around taking advantage of unsuspecting souls
and deceiving others is to be avoided.
With a wink of his eye, a quick shuffle of his feet,
and a slight gesture with his hand, he signals his roguish treachery.
With a warped mind and twisted heart, he constantly looks for his own gain at others’ expense,
causing friction everywhere he goes.
But you watch: his actions will bring sudden disaster!
In an instant, his life will be shattered,
and there will be nothing to save him.
Take note, there are six things the Eternal hates;
no, make it seven He abhors:
Eyes that look down on others, a tongue that can’t be trusted,
hands that shed innocent blood,
A heart that conceives evil plans,
feet that sprint toward evil,
A false witness who breathes out lies,
and anyone who stirs up trouble among the faithful.
So, my son, follow your father’s direction,
and don’t forget what your mother taught you—
Keep their teachings close to your heart;
engrave them on a pendant, and hang it around your neck.
Their instruction will guide you along your journey,
guard you when you sleep,
and address you when you wake in the morning.
For their direction is a lamp; their instruction will light your path,
and their discipline will correct your missteps,
sending you down the right path of life.
They will keep you far from the corrupted woman,
away from the smooth talk of a seductive woman.
Do not lose yourself in desire for her beauty
or let her win you over with her painted eyes,
For you can buy a harlot with a loaf of bread,
but sex with another man’s wife will cost you your life.
Can you carry fire right next to your body
and keep your clothes from burning?
Can you walk over fiery coals
and keep your feet from blistering?
Take another man’s wife, and you will find out—
whoever touches her will be found guilty.
People don’t despise a thief
who only steals to fill his hunger;
Still if they catch him, he must repay seven times over—
he could end up losing everything he owns!
By contrast only a fool would commit adultery
since by his action he loses not only his possessions but also his own life.
He will suffer injury and be disgraced;
dishonor will leave a permanent mark on his life.
For jealousy sparks a husband’s rage—
when he gets his revenge, he’ll show no mercy.
He will not be paid off or appeased;
no bribe or gift will set things right.
The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 6 (The Voice)
[Psalm 6]
For the worship leader. A song of David accompanied by the lyre.
O Eternal One, don’t punish me in Your anger
or harshly correct me.
Show me grace, Eternal God. I am completely undone.
Bring me back together, Eternal One. Mend my shattered bones.
My soul is drowning in darkness.
How long can You, the Eternal, let things go on like this?
Come back, Eternal One, and lead me to Your saving light.
Rescue me because I know You are truly compassionate.
I’m alive for a reason—I can’t worship You if I’m dead.
If I’m six feet under, how can I thank You?
I’m exhausted. I cannot even speak, my voice fading as sighs.
Every day ends in the same place—lying in bed, covered in tears,
my pillow wet with sorrow.
My eyes burn, devoured with grief;
they grow weak as I constantly watch for my enemies.
All who are evil, stay away from me
because the Eternal hears my voice, listens as I cry.
The Eternal God hears my simple prayers;
He receives my request.
All who seek to destroy me will be humiliated;
they will turn away and suddenly crumble in shame.
The Book of Psalms, Poem 6 (The Voice)
[Psalm 48]
Beautiful Zion
A poetic song by the prophetic singers of Korah’s clan
There are so many reasons to describe God as wonderful!
So many reasons to praise him with unlimited praise!
Zion-City is his home; he lives on his holy mountain—
high and glorious, joy-filled and favored.
Zion-Mountain looms in the farthest reaches of the north,
the city of our incomparable King!
This is his divine abode, an impenetrable citadel,
for he is known to dwell in the highest place.
See how the mighty kings united to come against Zion,
yet when they saw God manifest in front of their eyes,
they were stunned.
Trembling, they all fled away, gripped with fear.
Seized with panic, they doubled up in frightful anguish,
like a woman in the labor pains of childbirth.
Like a hurricane blowing and breaking the invading ships,
God blows upon them and breaks them to pieces.
We have heard about these wonders,
and then we saw them with our own eyes.
For this is the city of the Commander of Angel Armies,
the city of our God, safe and secure forever!
Pause in his presence
Lord, as we worship you in your temple,
we recall over and over your kindness to us
and your unending love.
The fame of your name echoes throughout the entire world,
accompanied with praises.
Your right hand is full of victory.
So let the people of Zion rejoice with gladness;
let the daughters of praise leap for joy!
For God will see to it that you are judged fairly.
Circle Zion; count her towers.
Consider her walls, climb her palaces,
and then go and tell the coming generation
of the care and compassion of our God.
Yes, this is our God, our great God forever.
He will lead us onward until the end,
through all time, beyond death,
and into eternity!
The Book of Psalms, Poem 48 (The Passion Translation)
[Psalm 126]
A song for those journeying to worship.
Remember when the Eternal brought back the exiles to Zion?
It was as if we were dreaming—
Our mouths were filled with laughter;
our tongues were spilling over into song.
The word went out across the prairies and deserts,
across the hills, over the oceans wide, from nation to nation:
“The Eternal has done remarkable things for them.”
We shook our heads. All of us were stunned—the Eternal has done remarkable things for us.
We were beyond happy, beyond joyful.
And now, Eternal One, some are held captive and poor.
Release them, and restore our fortunes
as the dry riverbeds of the South spring to life when the rains come at last.
Those who walk the fields to sow, casting their seed in tears,
will one day tread those same long rows, amazed by what’s appeared.
Those who weep as they walk
and plant with sighs
Will return singing with joy,
when they bring home the harvest.
The Book of Psalms, Poem 126 (The Voice)
to be accompanied by this line as the first verse of Psalm 126 in The Passion Translation:
“It was like a dream come true
when you freed us from our bondage and brought us back to Zion!”
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outofcontextaidungeon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m glad I decided to look back at my old stories. I wouldn’t have found stuff like this or the last few screenshots I posted otherwise. The image descriptions are under the cut because they’re kinda long.
[ID: 3 AI Dungeon screenshots. The first one reads:
> You take a nap. You lie down on the couch, and have a nap. You don't feel any presence of God in the room.
Back in the living room, God faces the devil.
"He's sleeping," God says. "Leave him be."
"I can't," the devil says. "He has to face me sometime."
"He does, but not today," God says. "Now, go play elsewhere. We're not here to fight."
"But I want him to suffer!" the devil exclaims. "I want him to know the pain I've known for centuries! I want him to feel what I feel every time he thinks about turning off my voice!"
"No," God says. "Leave him be. He doesn't want to play your game. In fact, I think he's suffering from a condition known as boredom. Go bother someone else. I don't care anymore. Good day."
The devil screams in anger, sending you into a sudden wakefulness.
"What...?" you groan.
"I heard that!" the devil says.
You look around, to see if God has heard the devil, but he's no where to be seen. The devil exists just in your mind.
"Now, now, let's not be hasty," the devil says. "There's still time for you to give into temptation. You know you want to.
The second one reads:
You begin to feel a presence of God in the room. It's getting stronger.
"No!" the devil screeches. "You're not the boss of me! Let me back in! I want to torment this man! He deserves it!"
"No," God says. "Not today. I've had enough of you. Go bother someone else. I don't want to hear your voice anymore. I don't want to see your eyes anymore. Leave this man be. He doesn't want your company. He doesn't want your temptations. He doesn't even want your sin. Go ahead. Leave him. I dare you. I double dare you."
"I... I think I'll take that dare," the devil says.
Suddenly, the devil fades away into nothingness. It's gone just as suddenly as it appeared. You're alone in the room again.
"I'm sorry for that," God says. "I've had to endure that devil for centuries. He gets more persistent every now and then. I'm a little tired of him."
The third one reads:
"Oh, yes. He's a complete brat. He throws tantrums like a two year old. Actually, he's worse than a two year old."
You snicker at that remark. It's hard not to when you hear the devil's tantrums discussed in such a way.
"I think I'll leave you be now," God says. "I've enjoyed our time together. I hope you have, too. Good bye."
God disappears from the room.
End ID.]
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dragonsinkwell · 3 days ago
Persona 5 Comfort List
Ren Amamiya
Ren is very quick to figure out a plan and round up supplies, and with your strong network of found family, neither of you have to go anywhere for anything, obviously short of something akin to a doctor’s appointment.
He didn’t figure out those massages for nothing, my friend. If it is of any benefit to you at all, you’re getting all the tension and pain melted from your body that he is physically able to. Ren isn’t going to let you suffer an iota more than healing requires of you, and even that is going to be challenged.
Always has plenty of entertainment to keep you sane while you need to be resting. Whatever it is you like, just name it and it’s yours. Books? Movies? Obscure corrupted bootleg game carts? Hands-on hobbies? All that and more.
For someone who wholly enjoys a good kaiju movie marathon, you find yourself entirely unable to focus. The last bit your brain caught was the Zigran spaceship morphing into a swordfish shape after Gamera breathed fire on it, but you’re definitely well past where that led. Instead you’ve melted into an almost trance-like state of relaxation, lost in the sauce of a calm afternoon, and it’s all on Ren.
Honestly, you’ve joked more than once he should be locked up for how good he is at massages and you’ll stand by that today as he sits behind you, hands lazily kneading your shoulders and upper back. Even on a fantastic day Ren can steal all the tension from your muscles so on a day like today, when the thread of pain keeps your body wound up, his skill is an actual miracle. If you aren’t careful you might actually melt, you think sluggishly to yourself, melt and soak right into the ground.
“Do you want me to pause the movie?” Ren asks, all but whispering the question into your ear to not disturb you. It takes your lagging brain a long moment to process what you’ve just been asked, but when it does you nod once. You don’t have the presence to keep paying attention, and that seems to show given the soft laugh your answer earns you. “Alright then Treasure, how about a nap then?”
Ryuji Sakamoto
For someone who is hard to keep down to heal on his own accord, Ryuji is extremely good at taking care of others, having learned a lot of tips and tricks between being a lovely mama’s boy and his time on the track team. If there’s something that isn’t quite relieved, Ryuji will know a way to ease your burden.
At least half of his help comes in the form of keeping you busy. Time is gonna fly like a fighter jet when he’s hanging around during your recovery period, and a lot of that is going to be movies and video games, though he’s also very good at being a fun commentator during a marathon of a show, too.
While maybe not a fantastic cook, he’s good at the basics and there is no denying the amount of heart he pours into it. He’ll keep you warm and fed, and always buys Ann off to bring some nice desserts to treat you to while you can’t enjoy time out on the town.
"Ahaha! If you get any worse I’m going to have to go tuck you in for some bed-rest, Grandpa!” you can’t help but bark out amidst your laughter, trying and failing miserably to not fall over to the side into the blankets you’ve cast off to reveal your true gamer prowess. So invested are you in your winning streak, you’ve completely forgotten why you were curled up here on the couch on the first place.
“Oi! I’m only makin’ sure you get a proper handicap!” Ryuji snaps back with a pout. Obviously, his reaction and denial only renews your laughter, causing him to softly bat you on the head with a pillow.
You reply by sticking out your tongue and giggling. “I’m not that beat up that you need to let me win, you know. Come at me full throttle and let’s see if I need to give you a handicap for the next round.”
Yusuke Kitagawa
Yusuke is almost going to need more help than you are if you’re at least well enough to be at home. While not the kind of young man to panic, he also doesn’t have any practice at all in tending to someone else despite his sincere desire to help you on your road to recovery. Thankfully, one thing Yusuke is very good at is requests, and so long as you ask in a straightforward manner he is willing to do anything he is able to help you.
While not the tenderest of lovers, Yusuke always does his absolute best to make sure you are better off at all times, and the proof of this comes from how much time he actively takes from his art to assist you. Even when he is busy with his tasks, he tends to stay close by, no more than a room or two away in case you need his assistance.
"What’re you working on there?” you can’t help but ask after you’ve looked away from the TV during a commercial and over at Yusuke, who is unsurprisingly at an easel laboring away at a painting. He’s been here with you all day, each of you keeping yourself busy while remaining in soothing company.
It’s one of his abstract ones, that much is obvious, but it doesn’t give you any good vibes at all. Instead it’s discomforting, dark reds and purples lingering among pasty greens and yellows. Knowing how Yusuke tends to pour his emotions out onto the canvas, it makes you nervous. Is he okay? You aren’t imposing on him, are you?
So lost in thought at that exact moment, you miss the way Yusuke catches your expression. “Seeing you in such a state brings me grief,” he states clearly, voice carrying an edge of softness for your benefit. “I find myself at a constant loss knowing you must wait out your suffering. If I cannot rid you of your pain, I thought by expressing it in this manner would ease my feelings.”
Goro Akechi
A bit of a hit or miss when it comes to actual TLC, Goro really does try his best for you, whatever that ends up looking like. A lot of his behavior is going to reflect exactly how you’ve acted in similar situations where he’s gotten to watch you in charge; his keen eye as far as watching other people’s behavior pays off here. Outside of that, it’s going to be a little textbook, running off what he’s heard or seen on TV or in conversations.
Ask and you shall receive, however. Anything you ask for that he can bring you, he will. He finds out here that he enjoys pampering you and finally fully understands why you are so generous with him when he needs your assistance. There’s a trust in this that teaches him something, and that newfound knowledge gets expressed in his care too.
In all his time performing favors and services for other people, Akechi has to admit to himself that he’s never once found it to be such an experience as this one is turning out to be. Needless to say, seeing you injured and forced to rest isn’t at all a welcome scenario, the complete opposite is the true, however getting to help you when you very well could use his help awakens something in the young man. To be needed, in a way, to be trusted to help, and then for said assistance to be met with sincere thankfulness and gratitude. In it’s own way, the reaction that your lovely smiles drags from his rehabilitating heart is an intoxicant.
Which leads to here and now, finally back from a quick errand run this morning to surprise you. You haven’t asked him for much even though you’re stuck at home for a while yet, a trait of yours he’s learned in your presence, and Akechi can’t stop himself from thinking about how excited he’s certain you’ll be when he shows you later this evening. In all the years he’s known you, you’ve always loved when he brings you to someplace new that he’s found in his trips around the city, eyes sparkling like a kid in a candy store, and since you can’t get out and about with comfort, he’s made the effort to bring as much of the novel experiences in to you.
Beloved Barista’s Bonus Round Time
As far as Satanael is concerned you are Actual Royalty and will be treated as such until there isn’t a single speck of injury left on your mortal frame and there are no Ifs, Ands, or Buts about it. You can try and talk your way out of it, but for all the wiggle room you get for your comfort you’re still going to learn what it’s like to be put on a pedestal.
I mean it, you couldn’t pay any amount of money to be cared for so intently. Whatever you want to eat is yours, with some negotiation at least for nutrition, and if you don’t outright object you’re going to be fed. You want something to keep you occupied? Yours, just don’t ask questions about how he got it so fast, the only answer you’ll get is that smug smile of his. Some bit of pain not quite leaving you? He’ll find a way, come hell or high water, to soothe it out of you so you are in zero discomfort.
In all your imagined scenarios of how you thought this time of staying home to allow yourself to rest and recover could be spent, not a single one of them was anything like this. You haven’t been this well tended to even in during your one stay at the hospital back as a kid. It’s... Well, honestly it’s complex. You’re used to taking care of yourself, of being self-reliant, and this definitely isn’t what you’re used to. However, you have to admit, a very large part of you is reveling in being spoiled so wholly rotten; you only have to put in the absolute bare minimum effort for your own self care, everything else is taken care for you.
“Is there something you are lacking?” A baritone voice, smooth as silk, cuts through your internal monologue causing your gaze to snap up. Inhumanly gorgeous liquid blue and gold eyes are peering down at you, laying here in his lap, softly with the same curiosity as Satanael’s question. “What can I provide for you?”
A question you’ve been asked often in these last couple days, and one you always feel a little guilty answering. Oh certainly, you could ask for quite literally anything on the Earth itself and you don’t doubt it would end up in your hands, but there’s a limit you find yourself with, especially since you don’t even see yourself as being so wounded that you’ve earned such showering with gifts. Eventually and answer comes to you and without saying anything first, you lift an arm up and carefully, with infinite delicacy, boop him on his nose. “You’re all I could want.”
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moonlight-prose · 4 days ago
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
A/N: Vintage Bucky is back and ready to put us all in our feels. Also because I got this idea thanks to a depression nap. Not beta read or edited.
I added back my old tag lists but let me know if you wanna be taken off or added.
(may or may not be pre Fatality. I’m not sure yet)
Summary: Time was most cruel to those who were waiting for loved ones to return.
Word Count: 1k
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: ANGST proceed with caution if you don’t appreciate angst, depression, grief, mentions of bucky being dead. let me know if i missed anything.
Tumblr media
    There’s irony in the feeling of grief. Irony in wanting someone by your side so much that it’s practically painful. And yet you are stuck, watching life play its painful tricks on you, as you continue to hope. Continue to wish. Except wishes aren’t granted; dreams rarely do come true, and all you’re left with is the ironic bitterness of life.
    You weren’t a fool for wanting him back. Weren’t being ridiculous for begging with fate, with anyone or thing that would listen.  Just to get him back. You didn’t care if it was for five minutes, five seconds, or even for just a glimpse of his face. None of it mattered, because you just needed to see him. To let him know that you still longed for him, still wished for him, still spoke to the moon and hoped she’d grant her wishes.
    They gave him a funeral and you attended. All the while knowing that he wasn’t gone, because you could feel it in your bones. Could see that he wasn’t going to vanish from your life. So, you continued to visit; believing that his fake grave was the only thing that you had left of him. You pretended that he was merely away at war, that he’d come home with the rest of the boys, that he’d step off that train and give you his smile that you loved to see.
    But then time passed, and it wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t freeze and allow you to lay down and wait for him. What if you could do just that? What if you had the chance to stop your aging, to stop yourself from changing, and simply wait for him? Would you take it? Would you give up everything for him?
    You’d known the answer the second you met him at that park, his hat having fallen off as he tried to rush someplace. At that point you figured you would have to keep it, but then he turned around, and you knew whoever this man was, you would fall for him. No matter how many times you told him that, he continued to ask why. Why did you want me out of all the men in Brooklyn? What made him so lucky?
    “I blame those big blue eyes of yours James,” you would whisper against his lips as an answer. “They had me the second I saw them.”
    He’d turn red, tell you that he still didn’t get it, and that would be the end of conversation for a few hours, because words ceased to exist.
    Every now and again you’d remember that; catch the sight of the small image of him you had in a frame. And you would lose yourself in the past. In the memory of him, because you still held out hope that one day he would return to you. One day after the damn war ended, after people were back home, and the world could celebrate, he’d walk through the front door. He’d be banged up and bruised, but he’d still be your James.
    But then the war ended…
    “You remember how to dance James?” you asked, trying to ignore how he stepped on your foot.
    He laughed, his arm tightening around your waist as he led you through the steps. “It’s been awhile doll.”
    “So, let me lead.”
    Bucky shook his head. “I’ve got this under control.”
    Really you didn’t mind the awkward steps, because he was there. He was in your arms, just as warm as you remember him. Eventually he did get the hang of it, dancing as if he never left, as if he had been home with you the whole time. And you continued to clutch at him, admiring him in nothing but a white shirt and suit pants; having claimed that he needed to have you the second he stepped through the door.
    “Did you miss me doll?”
    You ignored the sting of the tears, the ache in your chest, almost as hollow as the shells you’d picked up with him at the beach that one time. “You have no idea how much James. I thought my heart would stop beating.”
    “But it didn’t.” His smile could light up an entire room. You had come to that conclusion early on in knowing him, and you should have told him.
    “I’m glad it didn’t, because now I can be here with you.”
    “I just hope you’re okay,” he said, the smile having faded, only to be replaced by a look in his eyes that you’d never seen before. Nostalgia? Pain?
    You cupped his face, watching as he leaned in. “What makes you think I’m not okay James? You’re here with me.”
    The song grew, the crescendo almost loud enough to hurt your ears, but still you ignored it. You ignored the way that your head began to hurt, almost as if you’d been sleeping wrong. You ignored everything except him, because he was home and you refused to let anything ruin that fact.
    “Time is cruel,” he whispered. “I love you doll.”
    The glass hit the floor, waking you from your nap, the shards of your cup now scattered along the living room floor. You cursed, grabbing what you could and trying to remember the dream you had. It felt off. Almost as if you were being held by Bucky again on the nights he’d crawl into your bed. A comforting feeling you didn’t think you would get the chance to experience again. But you merely shrugged it off choosing to toss the glass away before heading to your room.
    The moon continued to shine, illuminating the room along with the single streetlight outside as you crawled beneath the covers, Bucky’s pillow in your arms. You let out a breath, pushing down the pain that ate away at your chest, forcing you to focus on it. But for right now you wanted to do nothing but sleep.
    “Time is cruel,” you breathed against his pillow, the chilled Brooklyn air lulling you to sleep.
    People’s voices echoed outside, a jazz song playing on a record from upstairs, a couple saying their goodbyes down below, and the distant sounds of piercing screams. The screams of a man who continued to dream of a woman he couldn’t remember, and a home he didn’t know how to get back to.
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shadow--writer · 4 days ago
Kind of hurt/comfort? Main 6 + artist MC who's frustrated about not being able to get something quite right. The classic, it's attempt number 17 and yet that hand still doesn't look like it should, so they end up glowering and cursing at the paper/canvas, doubting their abilities. (yes, yes this is a self-callout)
ugh this is a callout post to ME. And I am UPSET ABOUT IT.
Main six x MC not quite right
Ah this lad. This lad has no idea what tf you’re doing. I’m sorry but when it comes to the art process he’s left in the dark
But he gets upsetti when you get upset at your art because it’s BEAUTIFUL TO HIM DON’T BE ANGY :((
Drags you away with a kiss to the tip of your nose (“you need cuddles and to talk this out on the couch, scat. Doctor’s orders”)
If you whine he’ll kiss you softly to get you to hush a little. You have been working on that piece for HOURS now and you need a break >:C
Will cuddle you, play with your hair, and listen to you rant because LAWD KNOWS YOU NEED IT
Not great on the art side of things, but he feels the struggle of not getting something right. Gives pretty decent advice ngl
When you get back to work he’ll pop in from time to time with something to drink or snack on and a kiss
Will sit and tell stories as you work to keep you laughing and not caring about if it’s wrong. Even if it doesn’t turn out the best he’ll love it
Would laugh at you affectionately. Ruffles your hair with a kiss, tugging whatever you’re drawing with out of your hand (getting whatever’s on it on him)
Spins you around slowly, leading you into a dance. It quickly gets heated with your anger and him helping you get it out
Would sing to you as they waltz you out of the kitchen to get some snacks 
Faust would wiggle along with the two of you :D
Amazing listener with the BEST advice. Will listen to you stew about your latest piece over a nice cup of tea
Comes with you to see what’s wrong, hugging you from behind as you erase your latest attempt 
He (if you ask) helps you fix it. Usually by holding your hand and guiding it. Soft kisses to the back of your ear bc u gave them access to the area >:3
If needed he’ll angry nap with you, helping you get back to it later. Sometimes it’s good to step away, or get someone else’s help (IF YOU ASK)
Would massage your shoulders as you rant about why the other hand is bugging you so freaking much
Always there for you when you need it for this STRUGGLE BUS OF A PROJECT
Gives great advice on the subject. Always mentions to take a break and come back to it later with fresh eyes (taking a bath, sleeping, or getting something to eat are great tips)
Will wrap her arms around your waist and watch you get back to work on it. If you like, she’ll rock the two of you back and forth with a low hum
Doubt your abilities and she gets a little annoyed. You are GREAT but sometimes stuff doesn’t turn out amazing and that is OKAY
If you finish it and it still doesn’t look right she’ll drag you away for angry snuggles. It’s okay it didn’t go well, you can try again later
For now she’s gonna reward you for giving it your best shot and seeing it through :)
He would gently take your hands in his, not caring if you have paint, ink or charcoal on them
Just take you away from whatever you’re doing for some time to calm down and think things over
He makes you a nice cup of tea :], something to eat, and will just sit and listen to you complain and talk about what you’re working on
He doesn’t try to offer up stuff like “oh I’m sure it’s fine” because that’s not what you want to hear. So he suggests you take a short break for a little while
He’ll let you paint on his back, just random doodles :)
He’ll wear the doodles with pride as well. Generally he wants you away from what you’re doing to give you a bit of a break. 
And don’t doubt your abilities. Even if this doesn’t turn out how you want, he’ll still think it’s beautiful 
You need a break. If you are cursing at the canvas her instincts kick in and she’s dragging you away
Will set up something in the garden for you to attack your frustrations on. Generally it’s a canvas and paint for you to splatter on it. It gets MESSY
She gets MESSY
And it’s CUTE
Will listen to you yell and scream about how you can’t get the other eye while you WRECK a canvas with colour and get it all over the two of you
It always ends with the two of you covered in paint and her chasing you around the garden until you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe 
And with your anger and frustration out, she’ll come join you as you get back to your piece. She’s your cheerleader!
Always there with a canvas to wreck and paint to splatter everywhere :D
He would make something MUCH WORSE to make you feel better. A shitty drawing of him flexing? Y’all have like 80 of those now
Blocks what you’re working on with his body when he sees you frustrated (“Don’t you want to see something else artistic~?”)
Will take you to go steal treats from the kitchen as a distraction to calm you down
You’ll snack on cookies and he’ll listen to you rant :]. Ur very cute when ur frustrated. He doesn’t offer advice because he uh can’t but he’ll listen and admire you
Will doodle funny things on your arms so when you get back to drawing you have something to look at and giggle about
Loves doodling on u btw. Loves being doodled on as well
Really good at distracting you so you can get away from what you’re doing so when you come back you can see what you can do to fix it
If it still ends up poorly and you hate it....if you want a good scream he has some nice pillows to scream into 
And he’ll be there for you when you try again
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leylaniee · 4 days ago
HQ Boys as things my mom did/said
Genre: crack
Characters: all of my list😭☝🏼she’s done so much shit lmao. (My mother was the girl who threatened Atsumu in Atsumus part-)
Tumblr media
Daichi -> farted in the bus, as he thought he was alone. Turns out a classmate of him was in the bus. But he couldn’t hold it in anymore, poor Daichi.
Sugawara -> accidentally purred red wine at the white wedding dress of the bride. Did I mention the bride was his brothers soon to be wife? I do now.
Asahi -> had to babysit his neighbors little kids (2 and 4 y/o). They went to the park, the older kid got with the younger child into the stroller, and Asahi thought the 4 year old is behind him. So when he asked the older one something, and didn’t get an answer, he almost got an heart attack, and searched the whole park. Turns out the child was asleep in the stroller.
Nishinoya -> looked at an old couple, and noticed that the woman doesn’t let herself get touched by the man. He looked at Asahi and said "That will be us if you don’t satisfy me properly."
Tanaka -> kept talking (flirting) with an with an girl, until she told him she’s lesbian.
Ennoshita -> got drunk, and masturbated at the bar. The bartender looked at him like '😦'
Kageyama -> broke an beer bottle on someone’s head in the bus, as he flirted with Hinata. The man had a good nap☝🏼
Hinata -> looked at an old man, who doesn’t speak properly, and said "Are you in pain? Did you loose your balls?"
Tsukishima -> has build an wooden radio, and made eye contact with the teacher who spoke without taking a break. He turned the volume off, and said "Why can I still hear you?" I swear I pissed in my pants as she told me that
Yamaguchi -> slept in, in middle of the lesson, and the director himself had to wake him up.
Kiyoko -> had an one night stand, and he was about to eat her out, but she suddenly got her period, and both did not continue the sexual act.
Yachi -> had bad anxiety as she was in 5th grade. It was the first school day in a new school, and she shit in her pants as someone tapped her shoulders.
Saeko -> played model with Tanaka (my aunt) and her heels broke so she fell on her nose and had nose bleed💔
Tumblr media
Oikawa -> kept flirting with an girl, but felt really stupid, as she told him she’s in an relationship with one of his friends.
Iwaizumi -> got himself an coffee, and wanted to take a sip like some gangster dude as a girl watched him. He ended up burning his tongue. Screaming.
Hanamaki -> kept telling some not funny jokes. He laughed like a maniac about them lol. And as he calmed down a bit, he saw that everyones gone. Poor dude.
Matsukawa -> looked at a girl, who he swore looked at him too. So he winked at her, and she looked so disgusted at him. Her boyfriend was right behind Matsukawa and thought Mattsun did something to her. Poor dude.
Kunimi -> got asked, how he thinks of an specific person, and started roasting the shit out of them
Kyoutani -> had to take his neighbors dog out. On his way to the park, he saw his enemy, and let the dog free. His classmate got bit 3 times, but the dog died a day after.
Tumblr media
Bokuto -> started singing "smooth criminal" in class, and every time the beat went off, he used the words(?) "da dum"
Akaashi -> kept telling Bokuto, that he’s wrong, and used a harsh tone after every word. Turns out Akaashi was wrong and Bokuto right.
Tumblr media
Kuroo -> had to brush a knot out of his hair, but didn’t find his brush, so he cut his strains off.
Kenma -> did a presentation on his laptop, but the first thing that was shown on the screen, was one of his nudes When she told me I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe lmao
Lev -> got lost, and as Yaku (me🙄) called the police, they found him, and as they asked Lev if Yaku is with him, he said "No I don’t know him." (She said she isn’t my mother I never felt so hurt😭)
Yaku -> punched a man, after he made fun of his height (my mom is 1,49m) and the man had to stay for 18 days in the hospital.
Inuoka -> asked an man in the bus who had trouble staying, if he wants to take his seat. Turns out the man just had to hold in his own shit😭
Alisa -> gave her boyfriend head, and sneezed so she bit his dick.
Tumblr media
Ushijima -> pretended like he can’t speak, just so his teacher left him alone.
Tendou -> pretended like he can’t see, had sunglasses on, and an stick for blind humans (Idk what to call this lmao- anyways don’t ask me where she found it I have no clue.) as he crossed paths with an man, he touched his crotch with his stick, and said "Mister has a big dick"
Semi -> wanted to buy himself an burrito, but he needed 0.12$ (Germany is so harsh omfg) so he didn’t get the burrito💔
Tumblr media
Kita -> got pissed off by Atsumu (my sister) and had his cold look on his face. A little girl stood beside him, and shit her pants as he looked at her.
Aran -> played beach volleyball, and as he hit the ball, it got to the middle blockers face, and he was unconscious for 3 hours. (I didn’t believe my mom but there was and old asf dvd where it’s shown...)
Atsumu -> insulted an girl, who he hooked up with, in front of his friends, until she threatened to tell his friends how small his dick is.
Osamu -> baked a cake, but instead of sugar, he took salt, and his visitors (including me😍) threw up.
Suna -> recorded his teacher how he masturbated, and got suspended because other teachers caught him.
Tumblr media
Futakuchi -> visited his aunt on another land, and lost his passport on the flight back. But no one understood him so he had to stay with his aunt.
Aone -> asked an old lady to carry her bag, and she hit him, because she thought he wants to rob her.
Tumblr media
Terushima -> got so drunk, that he asked his mother if she wants to fuck with him.
Daishou -> insulted a girl so bad, that she started to cry, and didn’t even felt bad.
Sakusa -> had sex with a girl, and she was so wet, that he had to put on gloves.
Tumblr media
Tagsies: @prettylittlebabysworld
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disasterfandoms · 4 days ago
Hurt S/O || Seal Team Edition
Tumblr media
Anonymous requested: “Hi, ok I spoke to a friend about what a preference is I now understand! Obviously I'm gonna ask for Trent! and oh Brock and Metal, their reaction to the reader being hurt? Either physically or emotionally? - Your Trent Anon”
A/N: it’s hilarious to me that this was requested before I knew your identity lmao. I think I’m going to do this a bit weirdly, and react to both. 
TW: none?, brief mentions of being patched up and hurt feelings.
Taglist: @twentydavid @a-kate3 @jasonbabymama​ @bravo-four-seal-team @chibsytelford @rebelwrites @supervalcsi @jayhalsteadfan-2417 @mrsmarvelous1995 @velvetcardiganbucky @softi92 @itsonautopilot @pinkrockstar19 @galaxysanduniversesinmymind @abby-splace​ 
emotionally: Trent will try and make you talk about what it is you’re feeling, and how he can help fix it. He doesn’t like not being able to fix injuries, even emotional ones. He’ll ask what you need, even if that means just him holding you while you cried, or distracting you with food or your favorite tv show.
Physically: He’s the medic, it’s became instinct for him to shut down his feelings and patch up his friends. He would patch you up, and then not leave your side until you tell him to go away or you’re healed. Internally, though, after the adrenaline wears off he’s freaking out, worried about the potential of losing you.
Emotionally: He would try his best to distract you, whether with going for a run with the dogs or taking you out for your favorite food. He’s not one to talk about feelings, so he’d do anything to cheer you up rather than talk about why what someone said hurt you.
Physically: He’d be more panicked, trying to help you in any way he could. He’s out of his limit, though, so he would call Trent for basic medical advice. He wouldn’t let you get up, bringing you anything you need and even let you nap with Pepper or Cerberus on the couch if you wanted.
Full Metal
Emotionally: Metal would reassure you how much he loves you and cares for you. He would deny it if anyone ever found out, but he’s very soft with you, and hates it when you’re upset. He tries his best to comfort you however you need him to, but at the end of the day he would just let you let it out and remind you how special you are to him.
Physically: Metal would be so upset if someone had hurt you, or you had accidentally hurt yourself. He would instantly go into “murder man” mode because he wants to protect you and hates seeing you hurt. The only time you see that side of him is if he feels you need his protection.
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obeythebutler · 4 days ago
Crushed ( Solomon x Fem! Reader)
It's you.
You're standing in front of him. But when he looks beside him your body is on the floor and there's blood everywhere—your eyes won't blink and Solomon feels them stare into his very soul and—
" I'm here."
You rush forward to hug the bewildered man who is still gaping at the body on the floor, your corpse, which disappears into thin air as soon as you run forward, earning collective gasps from those around you.
But Solomon is still gawking at the spot where your body is supposed to be. His hands are still coated in blood, the floor is stained red, and the ring—
The ring is still on your finger.
It's really you.
This time, he can feel your heartbeat. Loud. Assuring. Rhythmic. Thumping against your ribcage as Solomon sighs in relief because you've guided your husband's ear on your chest—to calm him down and also hide him from prying eyes for a while, at least.
" I don't believe it. How can a human have that much willpower to cling to life like that ?" Belphegor groans in frustration as he stares at you, coughing as he tries to take in much-needed air. He's appalled at the turn of events, but that doesn't mean he won't try to kill you again, and ensure that the dead stay dead this time.
Solomon gently removes himself from your embrace as he glares at Belphegor, and everyone can feel the tension between the two men.
A demon that wants to kill the human.
A sorcerer that wants to protect the human.
Solomon won't let Belphegor do it again. He hides you behind his frame, shielding you with his own body as he stares at the demon and a ball of magic forms in his hand—purple, shining and bright.
" A sorcerer and a human, how romantic." Belphegor snorts as he pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance. He leans on the wall, his carefree eyes going around the room, taking note of everyone's faces—of betrayal, sadness, anger and frustration.
He slowly walks towards the bottom of the stairs. Solomon and the brother's eyes are trained on his form, looking for any sudden movement or surprise attack—almost waiting for him to strike.
But he doesn't. Choosing to rather descend up the stairs. His movements are slow and lazy, just like when he would drag himself to the nearest bed to nap, sometimes falling asleep on the floor out of sheer exhaustion.
" I'll kill and bury you both together!"
And Belphegor jumps from the railing in one smooth motion—straight at you and Solomon.
" Don't do it!" Beelzebub screams as Belphegor throws himself over the railing to attack you both. But the ball of magic that Solomon had created prevented him from attacking, rendering his body useless as he falls on the floor with a thud.
A paralysing spell.
Belphegor has been stopped, but that's the least of your problems now because Solomon is marching towards the demon with murder in his eyes, and you aren't sure if you can stop him.
" Solomon, wait! No—don't do it! Please!" You try to reason with him as you hold onto his arm, and then Solomon stares back at you with a ferocity that makes you take a step back out of fear.
" He killed you." He whispers, grabbing your shoulders harshly as he stares into your eyes, "He killed you and he's going to do it again. I won't let that happen."
" He won't kill me again." Solomon's eyes widen at that, utterly bewildered as to why you would trust someone who killed you to not do it again, and it shocks him at how assertive and confident you are with your words. Part of him thinks you have gone mad.
" And how can you be so sure of that?" His voice is hushed, barely audible to you. But you cup his cheeks and look into his eyes—and Solomon calms down—his shoulders sag as the man closes his eyes and sighs. He's quiet because he knows it won't happen again because he sees in your eyes the same unwavering determination that made him fall for you.
But then your next words take him by surprise.
" Lilith lived, and she was happy."
It's almost like your declaration alone affected the demons who are standing with their mouths open, and Solomon would have chuckled at the sight if not for the preposterous statement you so confidently announced. He has questions his tongue is begging him to ask.
" She lived and died as a human."
" How," Lucifer begins, utterly bewildered as everyone else. It's unusual, to see him baffled and shocked. He was the one to always remain calm in a difficult situation, and Solomon remembers the way the demon composed himself when he was 'accidentally' summoned by the mage. " How—how do you know that ?"
" She was reborn..."
" She didn't—"
" You're lying."
" It's the truth." Lucifer confesses as he stares into his brother's eyes, and his posture is of a man having accepted defeat because this was something he was desperately trying to keep hidden.
And when Lord Diavolo and Barbatos come, all Solomon can do is listen intently as you recite the exact words Lucifer said to his dead sister. And he can see the effect they have on the brothers, who are equally shocked and happy.
Your angelic heritage has been revealed, but Solomon can't care less. All he wants to do is take you away from those demons and have you in his arms, back in your shared room.
So he does exactly as his heart tells him to and becomes selfish, taking you in his arms, away from the brothers—ignoring the way they gawk at you, ignoring the way the Prince and the butler look on in shock, ignoring the sounds of protest, and taking your hand in his, leads you back home. To Purgatory Hall.
The walk back is quiet, with neither Solomon nor you saying a word—simply enjoying the world again with your husband and Solomon with his wife even if no words are said, for none are needed.
Solomon holds your hand a bit tighter when you pass through the streets— because there are demons still loitering around and they're unpredictable creatures. And you give him a reassuring squeeze, and Solomon smiles before leading you through the sea of demons.
When you both pass the bridge, however, is when Solomon stops in his tracks because you have stopped. But when he turns around and opens his mouth to ask if you're okay, it promptly shuts, because your eyes are cast upwards and when Solomon follows your gaze he gasps in surprise.
The sky, dark it is, is clear, devoid of any clouds. The stars and their constellations illuminate the sky with their patterns, some that Solomon can name, and some he doesn't know the name of. If he tries hard enough, he might remember one of the names he read in a thick book years ago.
He's mesmerized by the stars and the moon.
Your eyes have stopped admiring the sky, choosing instead to admire your husband instead. His mind is lost in the stars and their beauty, and it reflects perfectly in his eyes. In the way they shine brighter than any star, the way he's bathed in moonlight—and you can't help but kiss the sorcerer in front of you. The sorcerer that loved you, that wed you, that laughed when you messed up a spell, the sorcerer that bore the pain of your death today.
Memories of today come flooding back, which make you cry, make your heart ache in pain, which make you feel guilty for leaving your husband.
And then you're struck with a realization that makes the pit of your stomach sink.
" Darling?" His voice is soft, a hushed whisper which makes you weep even harder.
" I'm sorry." You manage to blurt out between tears before sobs consume your voice again and you start weeping in his arms. "I'm sorry for leaving you." Your voice is broken and choked, and Solomon smiles softly with tears in his own eyes as he hugs you tightly. He was the one who couldn't protect you and you're the one apologizing.
" It's not your fault." He mumbles as he cups your face and wipes away your tears, smiling softly. But then you remove his hands and start crying harder.
" No! You—you don't u-understand! " You scream these words as you bawl, falling to the ground as your knees give way. Solomon stares in bewilderment as he kneels too, not knowing what to do, utterly confused at your statement.
" When I came here," Your voice breaks again as you weep, and Solomon gently tries to console you, stunned at where this is going.
" Before I came from that timeline I had promised you that I'd come back, and now that I'm here you must be waiting for me to come back, you're alone in our room—you're waiting for me! And I won't ever come back! I—I'm sorry f-for leaving you all alone—"
Your voice is nearing hysterics as you're crying so hard that you can't even speak any more because your Solomon is waiting for you to come back, alone in your room, staring at the ring on his finger, desperately trying to feel your heartbeat as he rubs it—something he won't feel any more as magic doesn't work in different timelines, and he must be sobbing as he waits for you to come back. You've left your husband and you're not going back, you're breaking your promise—and, and yet here he is in front of you.
Solomon's eyes widen as he takes in the meaning of your words, and then he realizes that he's waiting in another timeline for you to come back, and he can only imagine what he would do if you won't come back.
Another Solomon is weeping in your room, wondering why his wife hasn't come back. Yet, here you are.
The situation is absurd because both of you lost each other in one timeline and were united in another.
Solomon tucks your head under his chin as he stares at the sky—littered with stars and a moon far bigger than that of the human realm.
The sky is the witness of what happened today because the sky won't change—not in this timeline nor another.
The sky witnessed a man seeing his wife dead, only for her to come back, saw a woman promise her husband that she'd come back, only for her to break and keep that promise at the same time.
The sky saw two soul's fate woven together intricately.
Today was eventful to say the least, a lesson for Solomon—that time was something a God couldn't control but a demon could, that mortal lives were frail, that the Avatar of Pride is not what he seems to be,and the most important—he's reminded of his love for you.
Solomon cries with you under the starry night of the Devildom, and he forgets that he has to rush home before Simeon ventures out in search for you and him.
He laughs when he remembers he's on cooking duty today.
@turningmad @nataliahemsworth @kaijindesu100 @cheesey-fox
This made me cry at the end...I hope you all like it!
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butyouknowiwont · 4 days ago
"I've been sleeping so long in a twenty year dark night, now I'm wide awake...I wanna be defined by the things that I love, not the thing I'm hate, not the things I'm afraid of [afraid of], or the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. I just are what you love."
It's weirdly surreal. There were so many signs, glowing in neon lights, begging for someone to notice them. But I couldn't see them until now. A huge part of me feels foolish for missing them for all those years, after all, they're so obvious now. My therapist likes to remind me it's not fair to be mad at myself for not knowing what I didn't know.
There were the girls I had this overwhelming desire to be best friends with, but were too scared to talk to. There was that one friend who spent hours just driving with me at midnight, while we talked about being roommates forever. There's the way I panicked and just picked a boy to tell my friends I had a crush on when they asked. There’s the fact that men have always made me uncomfortable down to my soul.
But women? Women. I remember thinking that it was the best argument about sexuality not being a choice, because obviously everyone would choose to be with a woman. It turns out that apparently not everyone would choose to be with a woman, although if I'm being honest that one still confuses me.
I once read a quote talking about how people only ever ask why you don't like men, but no one ever asks why you love women. While I could give you a laundry list of reasons I don't trust or feel comfortable around men, I would much rather talk about how all I find is magic in women. How life can be so rough and cruel, so why wouldn't you want to come home to someone who is naturally soft and gentle and understanding? I'd much rather discuss how fascinating the dichotomy of gentleness and fierceness that women carry is to me.
But they only ever want to talk about if my ex knew I liked women. No one wants to hear about how I felt like a lightbulb came on, how for the first time I woke up from a nap and knew exactly which century we were in.
I am endlessly grateful that the family members who offered to let the boys and I live in their house are a lesbian couple. For one, it's incredible to be certain that my living situation is secure as I come out. But it's also really helpful for me to spend all these months in a world that's not centered around men, but rather a world that's solely centered around healthy relationships.
I get to spend every day in a world where women loving other women is beautiful and unquestioned. After a lifetime of religious guilt and suppression, that's really freeing. I have room to be a woman in her mid 20s having a schoolgirl crush on someone if I want to. (Sorry, no roofs or plastic cups here) And that's a really unique and beautiful privilege for me.
My world is undeniably different from what it was when I last wrote on here. But it's brighter and more clear and it all just feels right finally. I'm still figuring out what life will look like from here, but I'm certainly excited to build a life that's for my own good. It will take time, I know it will. And I hope that eventually I'll get to start all over again with the woman I never let myself dream of.
I do want to be really clear about one thing here. Yes, I was married to a man. Yes, we're getting divorced. No, it was not solely because of my sexuality. I had largely made up my mind that I wouldn't be going back before I realized this about myself. Our relationship had issues outside of this area, and each of those reasons is still just as valid as they ever were.
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fireflilawrites · 5 days ago
want to be special to this person. i used to like him very much. i value him as much as i value my closest, best friend. i share with and show him almost as much as i share with my best friend. it takes me forever to trust someone, but with him, i knew right away i could feel safe around him. we get along Extremely well. maybe if the circumstances under which we met were different, it could have been something more, but i know it can't. not in this universe, anyway. i dont like him in that sense anymore, but i want him to value me as much as i value him. i want him to know he can trust me, i want him to treat me as good a friend i treat him. everytime i scratch the surface of getting to know him better, getting to know his troubles and carrying his burdens, he pushes me away. he slams a door in my face and that's that. i want him to take his time, i want him to have space and feel secure around me, so i dont push. i never push, because that could ultimately drive him away completely. i hope if we become closer and better friends one day i no longer feel what i did for him. it's not meant to be like that, and i know it isn't, but i also cant help what i feel or have felt for him. i think it's unfair to him, and unfair to any future lover for me to keep him in my life knowing that i like him a little more than i should, so i stopped. funny, how easily i can stop liking someone, but that's just how i am. i enjoy listening to everything he has to say, every story he as to tell, when he talks about his job, the things he has an interest in, what he ate that day, what games he's currently playing, what he bought online, wishing him a good day, all the little things he collects and every silly joke he has to crack. i even know what time he sleeps, what time he naps and what time he eats. it's stupid, i know, but he's quite amusing. i notice when he talks about what he loves i dont take interest because i like him, i can never force myself to like something, but i take interest because i genuinely want to know. maybe i enjoy listening to what he has to say, maybe i feel learning about what he loves brings me closer to him and helps me understand him. maybe that's his way of communicating and showing im important to him somehow. maybe i want to know because i need the dopamine. it's unfair because we get along so well, all of our interests align, he understands me, he listens to me, he spends time with me, he's honest with me, he treats me better than I could want, he has dignity, he offers good advice, he's level-headed, he's pure and simple, he's true to himself, he's smart, he matches my vibe, he's a little cute in his own way, he minds his business, he doesnt overstep, he knows what he wants, he thinks of me, he knows me better than most, he is everything i need in a friend and makes me feel important. i want him to let me do the same for him as he has done for me. i want him to know it's okay to reach out to me, that my problems can wait for him. i dont want Him anymore like i once did, but i do want him to let me inside.
I've moved on.
he's no longer a man i desire, but a man whose friendship I hope to treasure for a long, long time.
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to-read-tltdl · 5 days ago
Fandom, I was wondering...why were Remus and Tonks taking a nap in the middle of the BoH? Seeing as they survived, I thought I might write something the day after the anniversary. Not set then, though.
‘Teddy? Are you in there?’ Remus called through a locked bathroom door. He was pretty sure his son was in there, seeing as the only other inhabitant of the Lupin household was in the kitchen, making pancakes. ‘Teddy?’
‘I’m coming, Dad!’ A slightly aggravated voice came back through the door. 
‘Alright, hurry up! We have to be at King’s Cross in half an hour!’
‘I know!’ Remus wondered why his son was being so snappy, especially on this special day. He remembered his first train ride to Hogwarts, and how it had changed his life, meeting the Marauders. Remus had been absolutely terrified at the prospect of boarding a train to go to school for months at a time. However, he had had his “furry little problem” to deal with.
‘Hey, Dora?’ Remus said as he entered the kitchen.
‘Yep?’ Tonks was busy at the stove, not bothering to turn around.
‘D’you know why Teddy’s being snappish?’ He asked. At this, Tonks turned around and studied him. 
‘Well...I might have a suspicion,’ She said slowly. ‘When I started at Hogwarts, I was dead worried about what to do with my appearance, and perhaps it’s the same for Teddy? He does use anger to deflect worry...’
‘Yes, he does...’ Remus mused as he moved around the kitchen table to help with the breakfast. ‘Just like someone else I know,’ and he pressed a kiss to her cheek.
‘Really, Dad?!’ A voice from behind them sounded. Remus turned to see his son take a seat at the table. 
‘Really, Edward?!’ Tonks said as she laid a plate down in front of Teddy. 
‘Son, why’s your hair black?’ Remus asked. In contrast to Teddy’s normal hair colours, this was a big change.
‘Is there something wrong with having my normal hair colour?’ Teddy snapped.
‘Teddy, watch how you talk to your father!’ Tonks warned.
When they arrived at the platform, Remus loaded Teddy’s trolly and the family strolled into King’s Cross Station. ‘Okay, Teddy, let’s go through the barrier!’
Teddy grabbed his father’s sleeve, and together they ran at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Teddy shut his eyes just as they reached the barrier, for fear of crashing. However, the crash never came, and when Teddy opened his eyes, he was standing in front of a large scarlet steam engine.
‘Woah, that’s the Hogwarts Express...’ Teddy said in awe.
‘Indeed it is,’ said Remus. He turned to greet his wife as she came through moments later, accompanied by a young man with scruffy black hair and sharp green eyes peering through round glasses. A faded scar resided on his forehead, the lightning bolt a reminder of his childhood.
‘Harry!’ Remus said, and he pulled the younger man into an embrace.
‘Good to see you again, Remus! Even though I see you every Friday! Can’t be like that now though, with you and Teddy at Hogwarts! Where is he?’ Harry asked.
‘Uncle Harry!’ Teddy flung his arms around his godfather. ‘I knew you’d come!’
‘Hey, Ted! What’s up with the hair?’ Remus and Tonks grimaced, expecting a snappy response, but Teddy only beckoned Harry down, and whispered into his ear. After a few moments, Harry nodded sagely, and with an apologetic look at Remus and Tonks, steered their son away from them. Remus watched as Harry bent down to Teddy’s height. The black haired boy who so reminded Remus of his father looked Teddy in the eyes, and began speaking to him in a low tone.
Slowly, the normal turquoise seeped back into Teddy’s hair, and Remus smiled, wrapping his arm around Dora’s waist. ‘Miracles what Harry can do, eh?’
‘Indeed. I wonder where he gets his ability to cheer people up from?’ Tonks replied.
‘Sometimes I do wonder...’
‘It’s you, silly! You always have your chocolatey ways to set examples for Harry!’
‘I guess so...’
The small family (plus Harry) waved Teddy off, and as the train chugged out of the station, Remus turned to Harry.
‘What did you tell Teddy that changed his mind about his hair? What was going on with him?’
‘Oh,’ Harry smiled, ‘He was worried about the Sorting. He didn’t want to disappoint either of you, but he wanted to sport the “house colour hair”. I think he was also afraid of being judged.’
Tonks and Remus nodded, understanding their son’s odd behaviour. ‘Well, what did you tell him?’ Tonks pressed.
‘I told him the Sorting Hat will know what’s best, but that it does take his choice into account. All he had to do was be himself.’
‘Really, Harry! You have a way with words and children, it’s a wonder you aren’t a teacher!’ Remus said.
‘No, that’s your job, Remus. I’ll take over when you become headmaster!’ Harry smiled. ‘Besides, I’m not having much luck with getting James changed!’
Remus snorted at Harry’s first comment, and smiled at his second. ‘Well, Dora and I had trouble getting his hair done, so it seems that the boys don’t much like listening to their parents!’
‘Well, there is no surprise there! Look at you two, a Marauder and a Marauder’s son, wondering why your children are rebellious!’ Tonks said.
They all laughed, before they apparated to Hogsmeade together. Time for a visit to the Three Broomstick’s before the Sorting.
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gregnas-the-grouch · 5 days ago
I guess my curiosity has gotten the best of me. Let's see what happens when Eudai takes posession of the guardian of the mystical evergreen forest Merick! (ask-the-Evergreen)
“Tell me, what is a friend to you?”, the buff Gallade spoke to himself. Sitting down in a meditative position, his face the definition of calm and collected. Silence followed for a brief moment before the Gallade spoke up again. More emotive and exasperated than before. “A friend? It’s someone that… hmm, it’s a bit complicated” the Gallade spoke out loud, trying his best to form it into a more coherent message. “A friend to me is someone you hang out with! They’re someone you play around and laugh with! Someone who is there for you in good times and bad. Does that make more sense to you?” A long silence came after, the seconds felt torturously long before the first voice responded again. “No, not really. I see no beneficial outcome to this beyond having these individuals solicit their services and trust to you. Yet, from the sounds of it, you make it sound to be more than that, when I see nothing beyond that. As if you involve yourself with them beyond that.” The Gallade paused, the other voice was silent, as if confirming the first voice’s suspicions.
“Well, of course, why wouldn’t I? When you make friends with someone, it shows that you care about them, even if it puts yourself at risk” Merick explained casually. Yet for Eudai, the ghost seemed unsatisfied with the answer. The ghost himself was about to respond, only to cut himself off as he heard the sound of a feminine voice in the distance. “It seems your female compatriot has come looking for you. We’ll continue this conversation another time.” Eudai muttered, slowly standing up as his host looked nervous. “I don’t suppose you’ll let me go now, will you?”, Merick asked with a bit of hope in his voice. Eudai never responded. Letting out a sigh, the Gallade huddled in a mental corner of his mind, wondering how much longer he’d remain a prisoner in his own body.
As the Roserade approached Eudai, the ghost’s flickered through an assortment of emotions before settling on a mildly pleased expression. “Oh, hey Gail, what’s up?”, the Gallade inquired as Gail shot him an annoyed look. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, you goof! You’ve been gone longer than usual and I got worried”, the plant murmured. Merick stared for a second before letting out a light chuckle. “Ah, sorry about that, Gail. I’ve just been practicing one of my moves and needed a bit of time to myself, y’know? Didn’t mean to worry you like that.” The man let out a slight yawn, “must be more tired than I thought. Wanna head back home? I could use the nap.” Marick chuckled lightly as he walked past Gail. The woman raised a brow, staring for a moment before shaking her head. She could have sworn something seemed off about her friend. If only for a moment.
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metamorphesque · 5 days ago
I am in love with your tumblr and the dark academic aesthetic. That being said, can you recommend me some poets that don't write too long poems and have the same unabashed anguish and love like Richard Siken?
Honestly, anything like Richard Siken or something you would recommend that is poetic, passionate and tragic and wistful.
Thank you! Below i’ve listed some poets you might like. Some of them do not necessarily write in the same style as Richard Siken, but their poems, to me, have got the same “smell”.
Ocean Vuong 
Young enough to believe nothing will change them, they step, hand-in-hand, into the bomb crater. The night full of  black teeth. His faux Rolex, weeks from shattering against her cheek, now dims like a miniature moon behind her hair. In this version the snake is headless — stilled like a cord unraveled from the lovers’ ankles.
Jericho Brown
  This is what our dying looks like. You believe in the sun. I believe I can’t love you. Always be closing, Said our favorite professor before He let the gun go off in his mouth.
Lang Leav 
I still search for you in crowds, in empty fields and soaring clouds. In city lights and passing cars, on winding roads and wishing stars.
Sylvia Plath
I should have loved a thunderbird instead; At least when spring comes they roar back again. I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. (I think I made you up inside my head.)
Matthew Dickman
When grief comes to you as a purple gorilla you must count yourself lucky. You must offer her what’s left of your dinner, the book you were trying to finish you must put aside and make her a place to sit at the foot of your bed ...
Mary Ruefle 
I take the bird on the woodpile, separate it from its function, feather by feather. I blow up its scale. I make a whole life out of it: everywhere I am, its sense of loitering lights on my shoulder. 
Carl Phillips
Under the night, somewhere between the white that is nothing so much as   blue, and the black that is, finally; nothing,   I am the man neither of you remembers.  
Ada Limon 
I like the lady horses best, how they make it all look easy, like running 40 miles per hour is as fun as taking a nap, or grass. I like their lady horse swagger, after winning. Ears up, girls, ears up! But mainly, let’s be honest, I like that they’re ladies.
Louise Glück 
Staying was my way of hitting back. I tended his anemia and did the dishes Four months—the whole vicious, Standard cohabitation. But my dear, my dear, If now I dream about your hands, your hair, It is the vividness of that dead end I miss. Like chess. Mind against mind.
Mary Oliver
June, July, August. Every day, we hear their laughter. I think of the painting by van Gogh, the man in the chair. Everything wrong, and nowhere to go. His hands over his eyes.
Rainer Maria Rilke
I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone    enough to truly consecrate the hour. I am much too small in this world, yet not small    enough to be to you just object and thing, dark and smart.
Charles Bukowski (someone said unabashed anguish?)
there is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it in the slow movements of the hands of a clock
there is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it blinking in neon signs in Vegas, in Baltimore, in Munich
there are people so tired so strafed so mutilated by love or no love that buying a bargain can of tuna in a supermarket is their greatest moment their greatest victory...
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