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#someone last week dropped the ball though
rougeminded · 2 months ago
Mild rant time. I was going to be vaccinated last week. Had the appointment scheduled- and the damn "must cancel if you've had these systems in the last 48 hours" thing comes into play because I GET SICK and have to RESCHEDULE. .. and they tell me to call today (next week) to reschedule while they cancel the appointment. Well, I did. I canceled like they told me too. I saved their number like they told me to. I called today like they told me to. "We're sorry, but we're not giving out first vaccine shots at this time. Only the second ones. You'll have to sign up somewhere else." Excuse me, what? What?!?! WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME TO CALL AND RESCHEDULE IF YOU WEREN'T GOING TO RESCHEDULE ME! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! Fucking assholes-
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just-a-nervous-bean · 2 days ago
Can i ask cold ridden dizzy thal during his office hour??😢😢 cuz I love weak thal with his professional and STUBBORN mind,, u kn0w what I mean though🤔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AN: 2000 words. I love workplace fever whump babey!! also this is like a modern au to an older fic i wrote, also with Arbiter and Thal bc hehe workplace exes who are now friends is my religion. Also should mention there’s mess in this in case that’s no good for some of y’all
Thirty Minute Intervals
As if his body was trying to force every bit of air from his lungs.
The ticking of his watch sounded like a grandfather clock in his sensitive ears. The light from his window was blinding.
With a wretched sniffle, Thalin balled up a tissue from his nose and dropped it into his half-empty wastebasket.
Thunk! Came the sound of one of his bureau drawers.
A little bottle of pain relievers he had drunk with his morning tea came rolling out to bounce off the front panel.
Someone was to be meeting him. An informal meeting, of course, because you never wanted a formal meeting with a friend. He got up, steadying himself along the edge of the desk to the coat rack to quickly pull on his coat. If anyone asked, and they better not, he was about to head out.
Hours, it felt like, but it was probably only thirty minutes. He had sat down with an elven man and his halfling partner, both of which had an appointment with him as a consul. It was quite boring business really; they needed his signature with the right forms and such to get a renewal on their passports, travelling abroad and all, something about...about poor public relations. Not his problem, frankly, but he had to smile and carry on. He’d held a job long enough to basically catch inconsistencies like fish in a net.
That being said — catching inconsistencies and all — he could see the look they shared with every sniffle, every clear of his throat. He wasn’t about to blow his nose in front of someone, but he needed to. Sounded that way as well.
Another thirty minutes. He was in a meeting over the phone with a handful of others. No need to say anything, he was there to bear witness only, as a representative. However, it meant he was stuck from sniffling over and over to spare his colleagues from the noise. The droning on and on...he hadn't meant to groan, what sort of impolite wretch would?—but he did. After the pressure in his sinuses shifted and he was hit with a load of pain between the eyes. Shot point-blank.
Instead, he locked his office door, slumped in his chair, and gathered a wad of tissues to merely hold his nose in as it dripped and dripped like a stubbornly leaky tap.
One more thing, before he had the luxury of that informal meeting.
His emails. Travelling overseas meant you had plenty of connections, and there was always someone in the area looking to have lunch with him. Always, he meant it with every meaning of the word. Several for the week after, which, foolishly, he accepted. He would have to be better by then whether he liked it or not. Emails about meetings to fill his calendar, an invite for a quick trip across the country, just a day or two. Emails about other emails. Promotional emails, about city events as well, something coming up next season that the municipal head wanted his presence at. His fingers felt hot dancing over the keyboard. Figuring he was alone, he let himself finally cough which to his dismay, came from somewhere deep in the chest. This was a head cold, wasn't it? Who gave it permission to set up camp in his lungs? There was an ache in the back of his head, as well as his nasopharynx which smugly reminded him it could very well be both should he test his luck. A few sneezes as well, ones that sounded bad enough for him to physically shrug up his coat and drag a tissue across his lip.
And at long last.
Arbiter. Both of name of profession.
Dressed in a black pantsuit and sleeveless blouse, ankle boots making her already tall stature even taller. Her golden eyes and bull-like horns loomed in his doorway while a rust-red complexion reflected off his name plate at the door.
He narrowed his eyes. Focus…
Everything was fuzzy, like looking through an old camera lens. How long has it been since he finished his last meeting?
He weakly grabbed for his desk, just to feel something cool and sturdy against his skin. Everything ached…
His stomach did a flip, abruptly feeling off-balance.
Under his foundation, his cheeks were probably a searing red.
There was suddenly a knock. He turned to the door, only then realizing it was a knock on his desk. Oh-
Gods, long legs. She could travel quickly.
“Thalin…” A gentle nudge, “Your pupils are…they are moving quickly. Are you alright?”
Thalin blinked a few times. Was that where the headache was coming from? He forced his eyes wide open to let them adjust to the light. Like feline eyes, his pupils slit thin.
She continued, “Why are you wearing your coat?”
“About to go out-…”
“We have a meeting-? Are you going out?…Are you feeling ill?”
She took a seat, still a foot taller than him. A respectfully professional distance away on the comfy sofa chairs he had set up on the other side of his desk.
He didn’t mind some distance, not with her. Gods know how close that distance had once been.
A bejewelled finger rested millimetres from his forehead, followed by a hasty tut. He suddenly jolted to attention. His nose was starting to run. There was a building tension in his brain, gears slowly turning whilst being covered in hot tar.
“Eh-excuse me-“ A request as he whipped to the side, making a weak grab for the tissue box on his desk before opting to completely duck past the edge of the desk to hide, “-hhhIHd-! Hhdshh!!’SSCHHHhwww!!…-eezSSHHHihhww!”
His whole upper half heaved forward, ribs pushing into his lungs as his abdomen clenched tight under his suit. His tie, it was choking him-!
One more sneeze.
A noise that scraped painfully along the back of his throat, tearing loose any congestion that had been sitting there to fester. In turn, he blinked his eyes open in horror to find a bit of shininess on the edge of his dark, Oxford shoes. Damnit…he hated to see how the floor looked.
“Goodness, you sound like you have a cold. I can hear it, no covering that with makeup…”
“U'der...Under this meeting please refrain from commenting on my…misfortu'de…” Thalin thickly responded with a weak sniff. He rolled the underside of his hand along his now slicked nostrils, trying to wipe everything away with his thumb. Sheepishly, with a hand over his face, he came back up to reach for that damn tissue box to finish up the job.
A few pansy blows of his nose — it was probably too rude, even in Arbiter’s company to be as lousy as he felt. There was a pained squeak that rattled his eardrums.
Pick yourself up, you have work to do. A loud and commanding voice told him from the back of his skull.
With a palm placed against the sturdy mahogany, Thalin pushed himself to stand.
Speckles of purple flashed through his vision. They blotted, blocking the door, his guest, his own hand. The clamminess of his palm gave way to a crumbling arm as he collapsed back into his chair.
“Enough-! Goodness, enough, you need to get home…”
“I do not-“ He protested, a bead of sweat forming at his temple. It dripped down to his jaw and past his collar, “I just...juh-! Mnnh...need…some papers. Do you have the documents? I believe the Tail’fonce’s are looking to set up a meeting with me after working out their settlements with you.”
His voice was low, rough like gravel. The tone was professional enough but he was straining. A pain formed above his ears.
Gods, his head was still spinning, as was the room. That cafe chicken soup he had for lunch felt kind of weird in his stomach. He grimaced, momentarily looking to the side as a chill shot up his spine.
Everything at once.
He felt awful, truly wrecked to be sitting here, sweating through his cotton suit and designer tie. Grabbing another handful of tissues, he weakly excused himself before being cut off with a choked sneeze.
And another.
“hhHKk-!hhkEZzsshHHIHHhh!!” And another. The tissues, now drenched, swiped a few times over his nose before he let them fall into his wastebasket.
“Health, Thalin.”
“Files please-“
With his accent, the undercommon bleeding through in his exhaustion, the final syllables became stretched and hissy.
Arbiter narrowed her eyes. A disapproving scowl formed on her dark lips.
Reluctantly, a tan envelope slid across the desk, opened with her hands which batted away his.
“I am taking you home to bed. You can use my sick day if it must come to that.”
Thalin sheepishly slid the tissue box onto his lap as she flipped through documents, pointing out where he was to sign and what he had to read through with a decorated nail. While his mind and his ears were focused in, another, nagging train of thought had begun chugging along.
Look at you…wasting your precious sick days on a nasty head cold instead of when it counted. What happens when you inevitably catch something worse? Or you have a sudden asthma attack? Or injure yourself by accident? Ugh.
He patted dry his chapped nostrils, clearing the slick over his lip and septum. A cold-laden fluid dribbled from the cusp of a narrow nostril. He pulled a rather hefty pen from his pocket — fountain, adorned with fancy metal trim, a stylus end and a compartment for nibs. It shook between his slender fingers.
The pen streaked his signature across the margin, finished with a dot while his nose wriggled impatiently against scratchy tissue paper. There.
“I still have an hour before I am supposed to leave…” He croaked, sniffling with an open-palmed shrug. It wasn’t much of a protest as it was a whimper of defeat.
She wasn’t convinced.
“Do you have any other meetings?”
“Paperwork only…”
“Take a nap,” She whispered, “Most people will assume you are busy anyway.”
“…I really rather not-hhPTT’zxxsCHHh!-ihhw!!“ How mousy. He sounded squeaky.
“I rather you do! Thalin-“ Her hand pressed firm to his forehead this time, thumb and forefinger aligning with the curve. When she pulled away, a smudge of grey makeup came with it. A spaded tail lashed about impatiently, “How is this? I will speak on your behalf, go talk to the desk, let them know you are out of the office today and if anyone should reach you, they can do so on your phone.”
Sternly spoken, as a concerned friend.
He sighed, reluctantly. Could barely keep his damn eyes open to answer.
Thalin fell asleep in the passenger’s seat, his head lolling back and forth with the turns in the road. His dress shirt was getting ruined, unbuttoned and being the unfortunate reciprocal of his dripping nostrils. He was also sweating into his collar, a feverish, disoriented mess with his lap covered in tissues. She had even offered to get his car driven back, gods on high..!
“Are y’stayi’g…for dinn’r…?”
“No, Thalin, I am not…stop being a host and just be a person for once. Alright? Can you please? At least for me?”
She sighed, angling the vents to blow warm air onto him. The seats were heated as well! And, although he couldn’t smell it, he spotted a cinnamon-scented air freshener dangling from the rearview. It wobbled too and fro, his crimson eyes finding calm within the pendulum-like motions. Her voice drifted in from the side.
“Work yourself into the grave one of these days….”
At least he had someone to dig him out.
He scoffed at his own joke, cheek coming to rest against the seatbelt.
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kingkyoujurou · 7 days ago
[✩] collegeau!anonymous admirer. {moniwa kaname x reader}
Genre: Fluff
Categories: F/M
Relationships: Moniwa Kaname/Reader
Word count: 1,412
a/n: hello dropping another oldie while i work on request, should b a student genya x reader that i got from ao3 but just a reminder that i don't do underage nsfw or anything nsfw or sexy themed cuz that's extremely weird, but if you wanna drop a request in my inbox please b sure to read my faq thanx
Tumblr media
Every morning you'd wake up and check your tumblr to have a little message in your inbox from the seemingly same anon with a cute pick-up line. At first you thought that maybe you had reblogged something along the lines of "fill my ask", but it started to become a routine. It was never anything raunchy or lewd, just cheesy, cute one-liners that'd make you smile to yourself. Though, you had really appreciate whoever was sending them to you, you were starting to get really curious. Who could they be? Someone thousands of miles away or just around your area? It was hard to decide. You sighed as you shut down your laptop and slid it under your bed. You really shouldn't have been on your laptop at such a late hour. Finals week started tomorrow and you were beyond nervous. Sure you had studied but you always felt a bit on the edge during these five days. The thought of your anonymous admirer was the last thing on your mind before you drifted off to sleep. At least, they'll keep me positive throughout the week.
But you were wrong. It had been five days. Five days your inbox had been empty. Five days since they had last messaged you and you were actually beginning to feel a bit upset. Had something happened to them? Had you reblogged or posted something that they found offensive and possibly unfollowed you for it? You let out a groan as you spread your arms across your mattress and lay flat against your back. At least finals week was finally over and you could relax. Your phone made a small noise and you reached over your dresser to check whatever the notification you had just received. You almost jumped for joy when you had saw that you got a message on tumblr. Quickly logging on from your laptop, you clicked on your inbox, though it had a similar choice in pick-up lines it wasn't your typical anon. It was... "k-name?" You voiced aloud as your face scrunched in confusion. But then it hit you. You could finally find out who your anon admirer was! Your heart raced as you clicked on the icon and revealed the mystery person's blog. There wasn't much information, just a small quote on the bio: "Forever an Iron Wall" Hmm... That sounded a bit familiar. As you racked your brain for something that could connect to the quote, you hovered over the links and found the appearance link. Jackpot. Hurriedly, you had clicked on it but it was as if your laptop sensed your urgency and wanted to fuck with you because it was loading insanely slow. "C'mon you slow piece of shit." You muttered to yourself. A few agonizingly slow moments later, the page had finally loaded and your mouth dropped as you laid eyes on him. "Mo-moniwa Kaname?!" You exclaimed. Your face nearly burst into flames as you threw yourself back onto your bed and raked your hands through your hair, shaking your head in disbelief. No way, it just couldn't be him. You were dreaming. Getting back up again you scrolled through the many photos he had posted. Most of them with his teammates and some shots of him throwing the ball up into the air.  Moniwa had been someone you admired from afar. His spirit and gentle personality is what attracted you to him, but being the shy person you were, you never approached him. You went back to your inbox and read over the pick-up line. How was heaven when you left it? And there is was again, that overwhelming feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever you saw him or were anywhere around him. How would you even begin to reply? You fingers hesitated over your keyboard before you hastily replied. Heaven is anywhere you are You slightly cringed at how cliche that sounded, but as you tried to click on the text box to undo it your mousepad had acted a bit out of sorts and pressed on the answer privately button. Oh shit. "NO!" You exclaimed, as you slapped your face and fell onto your side. What have you done?! Now you really ruined any chance you possibly had with your crush. That night it was safe to say that you didn't get much of any sleep.
- - -
Waking up you felt as if you hadn't even fallen asleep at all. Your mind was murky as you washed up, dressed and got onto your campus shuttle. As you plopped onto the seat, you let out a small groan as your threw you head back and stared up at the ceiling of the moving train. "No sleep?" The voice resonated in your ears and you took a moment before you turned to the stranger. Though your reaction was delayed, you could barely believe who was seated right next to you at that very moment. "Mo-moniwa-san?!" You near shrieked, as you stood up straight and looked at him with ample eyes. His cheeks were tinged a rosy hue as he bit back a laugh. You turned a few grouchy college student heads due to your random outburst and you sulked a bit as you felt your cheeks warm. "I-I mean, weird seeing you here..." "Really? We've been riding the same train for the past three months." He replied. Your attention now fully on him as he looked down at the floor, expression slightly saddened. Had it upset him that you never noticed him on the same train as you?  Well, of course you idiot. Who wouldn't be upset? He laughed a bit as he looked out the train window and you tilted your head to the side in confusion. "I mean, I guess that makes sense since I'm probably overshadowed by much better looking guys." He sighed and rest his palm on his chin as he wandered through his thoughts. "That's ridiculous." You said a bit too quickly. His feline like eyes shifted towards you and you gulped a bit as you continued on. The morning sunlight shone on his form, giving him a celestial glow and your lips parted in as you gawked at him in pure awe. Your mouth moving with your mind. "Heaven is anywhere with you." His breath seized as he realized what you had spoken and you clamped your mouth shut. The train had come to a stop and you grabbed your belongings and rushed through the doors. Shit. Shit. Shit.  Had you really just fucking said that?! A far but audible, "hey!" could be heard though you didn't stop. A hand on your shoulder had given you quite a fright as your whole body tensed. Damn, you thought you had outrun him... "Hey..." He breathed out. You turned around seeing Moniwa out of breath, body slumped over as he let his arms fall to his side. "Jeez you run quick."  He straightened up with one eye squinting as he looked up at you, as the sun beat down on him.  "Aren't you part of the volleyball team?" You blurted. He chuckled. "Used to be. I'm getting out of shape. But damn, this is just ridiculous..." He mumbled the last part as he felt himself starting to regain his composure. "What you said earlier though," The blood rushed to your cheeks as you felt yourself shift uncomfortably under his gaze. "Uh, u-um--you started it with the cheesy, cute pick-up lines! And then you stopped for five days and it--damn it--was surprisingly pretty hard getting through finals week without having you send a dumb one-liner. I mean, at least I had something to look forward to."  His eyebrows raised and his mouth open ready to utter a word, though he's speechless. Had he really developed that affect on you? "But--but they were so terrible I thought I--" You nervously scratched your cheek. "Well, yeah, but I really liked them. It made sense though, why you stopped. Our finals meant a lot more than just a meaningless message a day. I'll just be going now." You finalized and began to walk toward your campus, but he caught your wrist in time and you turned to meet his gaze.  "You don't mean that." He spoke. "I don't." You replied, not bothering to hide your smile. A small pause before you spoke up again. "Let's talk about it over coffee, yeah?"
A large grin now on his face as he nodded. "I'd like that."
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ohdrarry · 18 days ago
the anatomy of a love letter.
The fact of the matter is: Harry’s pants at writing. 
His homework at Hogwarts had been subpar at best and the letters he wrote to Ron and Hermione and once-upon-a-fantasy to Sirius were too concise for embarrassment. There had been a memorable attempt at writing one to Ginny when that had still been— something, but had the presence of mind to realise comparing someone’s skin to a Sphynx’s belly wasn’t the genius compliment he’d assumed it to be in the shower. 
(Which is more than can be said about Ginny’s judgement at eleven— he still mouths fresh pickled toad at himself in the mirror sometimes— but then again, being eleven is a pretty solid defence for terrible judgement calls.) 
Harry’s just— he’s just bad. The words never say what he wants them to, scratched out lines like wet wounds. He spends hours trying until too many balled up parchments are littered around his desk, and realises he’s forgotten to write what he wanted to in the first place by the time the owl carrying it is a speck in the distance. 
But Draco’s in a remote village in Belgium for research and looks gnarled and green in the thready Floo connection, speaking indecipherable streams of gibberish. So Harry’s here at his desk, staring at the checklist he made last night, trying not to fuck it up too badly. 
1. Dear Draco. 
2. Tell him why you’re writing this. Tell him you love him.
I love you. I miss you. The Floo’s shit and you look confused every time I speak. There was that one time after a late dinner when I went to sleep without telling you I love you and you asked me if I wanted to break up in the morning. It’s been a week and you look tired look like you’re waiting for something look like you need to hear it  so here, seven times: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I re-counted that six times to check if I got the number right. If I didn’t— I meant seven anyway. 
3. Tell him something about home. Tell him you love him. 
The Mimbulus Neville gifted you lives in the shed now. It’s a bit dark, but it’s squirted Stinksap at me twelve times. Your plants hate me. The Venus grew eight heads and tried to eat all my fingers. I put that one in the attic because you said this one needs light. Do you ever want children? Will they hate one of us too? We can’t put them in the attic or the shed. I want to scratch that bit out, but Godric Gryffindor is whispering in my ear. Anyway, I love you. We can talk about children later. Months later, years later. Decades—
4. Tell him about his friends. Tell him they love him. 
Pansy came over two days ago and spent the evening drinking all your wine. She misses you, she told the sofa. She whispered it to the leather, I was watching from the kitchen. Zabini came by to drop off a suit. Hermione left a book for you on the coffee table, something about the intersection of Potions and Chemistry. It’s thick and heavy as three bricks and I think you’ll love it more than you love me. Parvati asked when you were coming back. 
5. Ask about his research. About Belgium.
How’s the birdwatching going? You’ll kill me for calling it that but Orini Onith Onther Ornithomancy takes me four tries. I’m jealous of magical crows. Did you spot the corvids you were looking for? How’s Thomas? Does he still smell like garlic? Is the host treating you right? Are the pillows soft enough? What’s the village like? Are the people kind to you? Are you happy? Do you miss me? I asked too many questions so I scratched some out. Tell me everything, though. Everything you want to. 
6. Tell him you love him. 
I’ll try to write more. I know you’ll laugh at the way I write, this isn’t fancy and I’ve only now realised that this parchment is the one you bought to wrap books, it’s soaked with ink. But— Floo’s shit. And I needed to tell you I love you. And that I miss you. And that I’m very happy for you and your research but that the bed is very cold when I wake up in the middle of the night. I made a checklist and everything. Come back soon When you’re done, I’ll be waiting. 
7. His. 
Yours,  Harry. 
written for the @drarrymicrofic prompt: love letters. 
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jiminrings · 18 days ago
last chronological part for stem koo... WHEW I WATCHED THEM GROW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW
Tumblr media
cold senior!y/n x stem major koo masterlist :D
they finally become lunchbox lovers
“you’re asking me what’s jungkook like?”
jimin couldn't be any more surprised
first of all, his day started with yOU texting him and asking if you can drop by for a second, and the moment he texted "sure???", you're literally already knocking on the door
and second, you're asking him???
“oh come on. he clings to you with every chance he gets. i thought you gave him a chance already.”
your eyes only deadpan that jimin actually gets the hint, his mouth curling in a eureka moment that he managed to figure out himself without you talking
“oH! so that’s why you’re asking me because you’re thinking of giving him an actual chance.”
alright finally
you slump in relief over not saying it out loud, expressing the slightest bit of worry you have to someone (that's not as close to you like yoongi and jin are) who'd get where you're coming from without bias
“i just wanna know how he usually is when he’s not on my heels.”
“honestly? the same. probably even a bit more clingier.”
jimin wastes no time in ratting jungkook out, even leaning back to the couch with how relaxed he is
“talks about you too. i’m sorry y/n but even i know what shampoo you use!!!”
jimins knows your wHAT
"my shampoo???"
“mhmm. made me drive him to a grocery store at 10 in the evening so he can individually smell all the shampoos without anyone calling him a creep or something like that,” he nods earnestly and doesn't look like he's playing with you or the sort
you're quite frozen and jungkook's roommate isn't at all fazed and is even pulling up pICTURES of their impromptu grocery trip
“he even made it in a scientific paper format. with the hypothesis and conclusion and everything.”
he points it out just in time when you swipe to jimin's hand holding a printed piece of paper with the document in the monitor right behind it, the next pictures being blurry because that's when jungkook freaked out
jimin gets his phone back but not without sending you the pictures you just saw even if you didn't ask for them, trying to hide the amusement in your eyes when you decide to scroll through them again later
“cut him some slack though. he’s never really had a girlfriend, y’know? or like even a crush. he’s just navigating it with his instincts and all the advice he gets.”
hold on a second
“... advice?”
he thought you'd never ask (he'll still say it even if you don't) which is why he brightly grins, hunching over as if to let you in on a guarded secret
“i’m one of his consultants!!! didn’t suggest the shampoo part though.”
who could have possibly thought of that idea then ://
you hum in faux complacency, trying to get this as fast as possible so you could make up your mind quicker
“what else?”
jimin's relaxed now that he's had a proper laugh with you and realized you aren't as Intimidating As He Thought You Were, recounting the things in his mind like a to-do list
“he’s sickeningly kind.”
the gravity of his words strike him before they do with you, straightening his posture to clear up the air right away, “but i knoW that what he did to you is the furthest thing from kind, and trust me, i really got that point across!!!”
by point, jimin means cooking him burnt meals and jungkook having to endure it because he doesn't like wasting food
additionally, that also meant jimin served kook a cRISP smack on the back of his boba ball head into next week
look at him <3 seokjin, yoongi AND jimin gave him shit!!! now isn;t that teamwork
you're unable to paint the mental image in your head because he continues, grabbing your attention once again
“but apart from that, jungkook could just be too kind for his own sake,” he says sincerely. “he’s like the kid the principal refers to in elementary when they talk about peer pressure!!!”
your first instinct is to snort at that, the mental image definitely forming in your head now
is it just sO bad that you and jimin agree on this
“jokes aside, jungkook’s really genuine.”
it's the last thing jimin wraps it off with when you stand from the couch, cheeks still a little warm when he trails you behind the door
you're just about to thank him when the door in front of you opens and almost hits you in the process, the person behind it just as alarmed
jungkook’s just now coming home because he had to pick up some last-minute groceries from the convenience store downstairs that jimin forgot from his last run, clearly startled to why would wou be here
"oH???? y/n??? what are you doing here???"
his pupils are shaking between the two of you and he's not even trying to hide is incoming panic
“.... a-are you and jimin-“
“yup! sorry bud! we were just-...” jimin's attempt at a lighthearted joke is halted as fast as it was introduced, getting a smack on the middle of his back that makes him wince
“you’re annoying, jimin."
oOOOOH you just put your palm on him!! yea at this rate he's gonna be your best friend too won't he
jungkook's processing things as fast as he could, getting a reassuring glance from you that puts him at ease
“we were just talking, kook.”
he nods even if he's still a tiny bit unsure, calling for you when you're on your way out the door
“a-about what though?”
“you’d know soon enough.”
( ♡ )
“you wanna tell me now why we went on this drive?”
seokjin yawns at a stoplight even when his car is the only one waiting on the intersection right now, not in the mood for a ticket with a printed traffic light picture of him mid-yawn in his matching pajamas anytime soon
“no reason," you sing-song and it makes him snort, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “couldn’t sleep."
“well that makes one of us.”
you've unabashedly knocked on jin's door and even if it took you two tries, he still answered nonetheless, not even asking for an explanation why before he sleepily took his keys and grabbed his house slippers for shoes
you had no destination in mind at 3 in the morning which is why jin’s just driving for no rhyme nor direction and is just going with his brain’s one-second impulses of where to turn
he’s game for anything, actually — that much you know
although you do know that jin literally wouldn't do this for anyone else besides the people he find worth all this (aka everyone except you and yoongi and ok maybe namjoon sometimes)
the drive is beyond serene and even with repetitive radio music playing in the background, you don't actually mind it
when you're with jin, it just feels like you're in a constant bubble of comfort and ease that you always try to look for in everything
he doesn't necessarily need explanations,, he just deduces from things at face-value and later ask about it when you're comfortable enough to share
jin points at a drive-thru he suddenly had a craving for as you were about to suggest it anyway
you're not even quite sure why there's a line but neither of you complain, the situation more than bearable that a little waiting wouldn't dampen your mood
the words you've been thinking of the whole day finally slip across the silence, as casual yet as sincere as they could be
“i’m really thankful that you’re in my life, jin. you know that right?”
he seems pleasantly surprised when you look at his side profile, shaking his head
“mhmm. you only tell me a couple times but you put your knee on top of mine everyday,” he chuckles at the habit of yours and he kNOWS for a fact you would put your knee on top of his if only he wasn't behind the wheel. “tell me all about it, kid.”
it's genuine laughter that encompasses the whole car, his chuckles suddenly ceasing when he realizes another possibility
“you’re not asking me for allowance, are you? because yoongi’s already bugging me for his next month’s.”
wait what
“you give yoongi an allowance???”
“you didn’t know???”
“... i’m not asking for an allowance.”
“..... but do you want it,.,..”
jin sees you pursing your lips and intentionally looking at everywhere but him, already getting his answer
“fine. that’s the furthest you two could get from me!! don’t expect me to pack your lunchboxes to school now. you must be crazy.”
jin, in fact, packs you and yoongi lunchboxes more often than not
jin, aLSO, does all the paper rolling for you so when the three of u get occasionally high, it’s all nice and tight
jin is also the one who does all the talking on the phone to customer service when neither of you are willing
he asks the moment he relays your usual midnight snack slash early breakfast order he's already memorized to the attendant, patiently looking at you
“you want anything else with that?”
“i’m all good.”
it's in between cars and stoplights that the car is filled with more emotion again, acting on it when you realize it when seokjin's mid-bite on his hashbrowns
“yes?” he speaks muffled, looking at you once before bringing his attention back on the changing stoplight
“love you.”
he feels himself still for a second even if his foot's on the gas and one hand is on the wheel, a somber look on his face that he later smiles sincerely
“love you too, kid.”
( ♡ )
“it’s not my birthday if that’s what you’re thinking.”
yoongi sleepily mumbles the moment he feels his bed dipping, his side that was once holding a pillow now being occupied by you
“i know.”
you wedge yourself between his heavy comforter, tossing and turning until it feels comfortable
“but i actually don’t know your birthday lol it’s-...”
“fuck right off.”
yoongi doesn't question why you're in his bed, because the last time you did, it was because you were left traumatized after seeing a genuinely good horror movie that it was pending to give you nightmares
he didn't see you watch any movie today though, but he'll take you in nonetheless
you offer in consolation because yoongi's birthday is in your calendar even if you know it by heart, a mindless hum in reply
it's when you drop your arm on his waist like it's dead weight and relax completely, your face near to his mop of hair that it's making him think you're actually cuddling him rn
quick how can he get a picture of this to get this framed
“are you telling me now?”
he questions with his eyes half-open, shimmying backwards so that you're able to hug him more comfortably
“my airconditioner’s busted.”
“mhmm. give me ten minutes. i’ll fix it for you.”
it's 4 am and if your airconditioner really was busted, you wouldn't have let it stay busted for that long
“don’t. it’s okay. i wanna ba here anyways.”
both you and yoongi know that your airconditioner’s in tip-top shape and is actually the one that blows the coldest air in the dorm
sometimes you think he’s an angel in disguise because there’s no way you deserve a human best friend like him
“hmm?” he hums before he falls asleep again, trying to keep up while having his eyes closed so he could listen to you
“you know that i’m really glad you’re in my life, right?”
“mhmm. you don’t say, sweets," he teasingly chuckles, feeling his ribcage rise in amusement under your arm
“yeah, i know. i do, because you put me as your family member in your emergency contacts, but you don’t know that i know that.”
... oh
you don't even know how yoongi came to know but you don't question it, the warmth in your heart doubling
“love you.”
“love you too, y/n.”
( ♡ )
jungkook’s the most nervous he’s been in awhile
and that’s coming from him who sees yoongi in almost a daily basis
after all, jin did tell him you can be quite forgetful becasue you tend to take care of things all at once
he’ll sTILL try to be as smooth and casual as much as possible though
“big game tomorrow huh?”
and by big game that means as in your last qualifying game to whether or not your team would compete in the yearly (not to mention prestigious) soccer tournament
you chuckle at the thought because by now, you should already be sleeping and getting some rest even if it’s just seven in the evening
but you’re here <3 out at a park near jungkook’s dorm, sharing hand warmers <3
“yeah. it’s a make or break match.”
“i actually haven’t seen you play before, y’know," jungkook silently admits, looking down on his shoes as he thinks if he's just offended you
“really?” you ask in genuine curiosity, “then how come you interviewed me for your little survey when you haven’t watched me play before?”
“i uh, i actually just really wanted to talk to you that day. i-i don’t normally approach people first, but you just looked warm enough for me to reach out first.”
he's babbling before he even knows it, oblivious the growing smile on your face
“then i asked jimin because he kNOWS everything, and it was all in good fate that it turned out you were the soccer captain!! i was excited because i had a legitimate reason to talk to you that day.”
so that’s why
he wanted to talk to you even before his lunchboxes were taken out of the situation!!!
“how about me? why was it me?”
you're not trying to be funny but you can't help but chuckle, scratching the back of your ear in thought
“i honestly couldn’t tell either, jungkook.”
he almost coughs in shock, masking it off with playing it off for the bite of the chill of the night
“all i know is that something told me it was you,” you timidly add, looking down on your hands. “and i went for it.”
right can he chalk up mad blushing to the night air
he fiddles with the drawstrings of his sweatpants this time, his eye contact with you becoming fidgety
“big game tomorrow,” he repeats and you're just about to tell him that your conversation sounds like it's gonna be repeated
“don’t forget your eyedrops, alright?”
was that smooth enough
that was... random
“oh right! you gave them back to me.”
“yeah. you should open it tonight, probably. to see if it’s already all-evaporated, y’know? if it is, then let me know tomorrow so i can buy you new ones.”
“highly doubt that they would, but alright, kook.”
you take the little banter to be your cue to walk back to your dorm, about to say goodbye to him when he makes an audible sound of confusion
it confuses you even more when he's trailing behind you
“your dorm’s twenty feet away from where we are, jungkook.”
“y-yeah i know that!! i’m walking you home, silly.”
he’s keeping his hands to himself even if he BADLY wants to hold your hand or even your forearm but he has to resist that urge rn
but he does intentionally brush shoulders with you and mumble “pothole.” so he could nUDGE you to the side even if there aren’t any to begin with
silence with jungkook now is comfortable as it has been for more than awhile, the walk passing by faster that you almost wish you walked slower
goddamn it he should've said there was a pothole atleast ten more times to make the walk longer
“goodnight, koo.”
“goodnight, y/n.”
there’s obviously no goodnight kiss but he dOES get a squeeze on his bicep
you take your time when you come home — to unwind as much as you could before you stress yourself out tomorrow
your shower routine may have took a little longer this time but it makes you get dressed as quick as you could when your eyes see the origami box you've been putting off from opening, one that jungkook just told you to open, because as far as you knew they were just EYEDROPS!!!
... the supposed bottle of eyedrops that’s too well-packaged and clearly thought-out
an origami box, a carebear heart initial drawstring pouch AND a plain ziplock baggie as if the other two weren’t enough
it’s when you open the box within the ziplock bag that you feel it’s definitely not as light as a bottle of eyedrops would be
there’s a very visible dent weighing down on the pouch (that’s within the origami box) that’s cLEARLY not your eyedrops
you’re actually nervous to the point that you just open unfurl it with your eyes closed, feeling two items in there
the plastic bottle of eyedrops, and definitely the cool surface of what feels like
a bracelet?
it’s a pretty straightforward yet timelessly elegant silver link bracelet, equipped with a couple options for how tight or loose you want to wear it
it hits you all at once and god does it just render you speechless
jungkook has this bracelet too.
you’re quite speechless and in between looking at it up-close to avoiding looking at it at all, trying to calm your breathing by focusing on the eyedrops instead
the said eyedrops you've been so used to seeing that you immediately sense that there's something oFF with the label???
its stuck-on, that's for sure, but something about it is not as seamless and stationary and official as it should be
it's almost as if there's something snuck inside it and-
..... there is
it's scotch tape that's just as thin as the actual label of the bottle itself, having to peel the whole label in order to see it in entirety
it's the same double-sided label jungkook worked so hard to peel flawlessly so he could try and replicate it in the same exact design and measurements, having to even take it up to a classmate from stem he once knew that transferred to graphic design
(yeonjun did ask for a science paper in exchange for his replication of the eyedrops slash adhesive label because who fucking kNEW he still had science even when in graphic design, but jungkook thinks it's fair trade so it's worth it)
it's the same exact label jungkook's had for a month and only recently gave it to you a week ago, a truth he's long since known
it's the same exact label that reads —
i love you
— in his handwriting you've come to known by heart, the label in your hand feeling much more heavy than the bracelet in the other
you already know what to do.
it's game day and u are about to launch yourself into orbit if you hear oNE more drum cheer because it just makes you nervous even more
yeah SURE it makes you pumped when it's the actual game itself but not now!!! not now when you're pumping yourself with electrolytes and at the risk of peeing from nervousness and too much hydration
you haven't seen seokjin nor yoongi yet and as much as that lessens the pressure on you, that alsO makes you nervous because they're your emotional support people!!!! where r they
usually you would see them in the front row of the bleachers and neither of them have any snacks because all of their focus would be on you
jin is nOT mr. kim from student affairs when it comes to your games,,, nuh-uh sir,,, he's that guy from the other team that glares so hard it dISTRACTS me from scoring in the perspective of the opposing team
coach's about to whistle like five minutes from now for a final huddle and everyone's getting their final stretches in
you're too busy looking for people that you actually want to be here that you're taken off-guard when one of them grasps at your forearm, a breathless smile one his face
"give them hell out there, alright. you're a champ."
it's jungkook!!!
IT'S JUNGKOOK!!!!@&$&":@:"$
he looks especially handsome today that you just short-circuit immediately
he's wearing a shirt with your team colors on it aND!!!
he ditched his glasses today to wear contacts, not only because he wanted to look a bit more different and special today, but because he's also scared that a ball would be thrown in his direction and injure him with the additional impact of his glasses
his hair's pushed back with his forehead showing instead of his usual hairstyle and god is it making you a little dizzy
he's beaming at you and his eyes immediately wander to your wrist, not expecting the feeling in his gut next
you're not wearing the bracelet.
jungkook feels the sudden urge to cry even when in public but it's when you grip at his forearm tightly that he stays still, squeaking when you realize his line of thought
"can't wear any jewelry on the field. i-i'm wearing your bracelet as an anklet for the meantime, it's underneath my sock."
...... oh my god
jungkook's never felt this frozen and euphoric at the same time, sputtering over nothing when your face looks like the furthest thing from joking
you're about to excuse yourself suddenly when your eyes finally take notice what's thrown on his shoulder, something about it being so familiar that it throws you off for awhile
"is that my jersey?"
he nods eagerly to your query, proudly unfolding it for you to see your spare soccer jersey with your surname and number right on it, the exact marks being the same from when you tried to use a laundry pen on it
he didn't get it replicated???
"h-how did you get that? where did you get that?"
jungkook thought you'd never ask, the words he never thought he'd say already leaving his lips
"yoongi gave it to me."
you only have a handful of jerseys on-hand and even if you could always request for more, the ones you have at home are a little more sentimental
you gave jin and yoongs one each from the only several ones you had, and you know yoongi would not give up his for jungkook
but now, you do know that he snuck to your closet and took one to give it to jungkook willingly, trusting him enough to give it to you behind your back
kook's sTILL not fully-forgiven but they're getting there sooner or later
wait why is this making you cry
before you know it, you're pushing yourself to jungkook to hug him tightly, the boy being surprised for a second but ultimately reciprocating once it registers
"i love you too."
this is the last chronological update for stem koo aka lunchbox lovers!! however, this is not the end of them!! with the end of this chronological series, this means that all the future updates don't necessarily have to be linked — they're miscellaneous and don't have to follow a specific layout like this part of their arc.
with that said, feel free to send in asks on what you want to see from the lunchbox lovers (misc. requests, questions, and everything in between) and i'd love to fulfill them because after all, this series was born purely out of your ideas <3 also pls send in ur thoughts and feedback and love because i have da greatest time reading through all of them!! thank you for all the love for da stem koo universe <3
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willowser · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
take a breath, baby, let me in—
Tumblr media
dabi x reader
wc: 1.4k+
warnings: explicit language, dabi is jealous but won't admit it because he's Bad at Feelings, fluff
Tumblr media
part one | part two (it is not completely necessary to read the previous parts for this, though it might make slightly more sense if you did)
Tumblr media
That cafeteria cocksucker doesn't get it.
It's obvious, no matter how many times you try to deny it. For fucks sake, you let him take you out on a date, stupid, of course he's got a hard on for you, just like Dabi told you last fucking week.
"We're friends," When he didn't take the plate you were handing him, your arms dropped to your side, exasperated look on your face. "It's not like that, now here, put this in the cabinet, please."
Tumblr media
But it is like that, which is why he's still blabbing his fucking mouth at you, standing in front of his piece of shit car, trying to get you to go home with him. Dabi's watching, quietly, fucking livid, against the fence around the side of that damn hospital.
And he's trying to think of all the reasons he shouldn't burn this fucker's balls off.
"I get worried, thinking about you walking home so late at night."
"Oh, Kinjo, that's sweet, but you don't have to worry." There's a grin on your face, he knows it, and you flex in your scrubs playfully. "I'm stronger than I look!"
Kinjo laughs and steps up the curb, steps closer to you (and Dabi does, too). "I bet!" And then this fuck reaches to push a hair behind your ear--at least you have the decency to swerve your head, pretend you're seeing someone behind him to wave at. "You can call me Sana, you know? I don't mind."
The blush on his stupid face is clear as fucking day; it is like that.
"I had a lot of fun when we hung out that time, if you ever--well, if you ever want to do it again." Kinjo is shifting on the balls of his feet, fucking loser. "There's a new place down the street that serves American breakfast all night. I heard they have great waffles, and I know you love them!"
Waffles? What the fuck?
Since when do you like waffles?
"Oh, really? I haven't heard about that place!" You tuck your own hair behind your ear. It kinda pisses Dabi off, that your back is to him, that he can't see the look on your face. Precious little Sana doesn't say anything, just smiles in waiting. "If I'm honest with you Kinjo, I'm kinda, uh, seeing someone right now, actually."
The cigarette drops from Dabi's mouth as he raises his eyebrows, lips parting a little more than he meant them to. Seeing someone? Is that what the shit you two are doing, seeing each other? He saw you twice a week for 11 years, what do you call that?
Still. It's annoying, the way it makes him sweat.
"Oh, shit, I had no idea, sorry!" Kinjo steps off the curb, leaning against his ugly car, rubbing a smooth hand on the back of his smooth neck. "That's--that's great! I hope it's going alright, I hope that you're happy."
What a kiss ass.
"It's going good, I think." The way you're twisting your arms behind your back, unclenching and re-clenching your fingers, tells Dabi all he needs to know: that you're nervous. "I am happy!"
"That's great! Yeah, totally! I'm happy, too, for you!" (Fucking cuck) "But yeah, if you ever have some time off and just want to hang out again--totally as friends, completely--just let me know!"
It's a good thing Sana the Shithead gets back in his car then, because Dabi is having a real tough time finding reasons not to smear his melted skin against the concrete, and it's a good thing you just keep twisting your hands together until that ugly car finally drives off.
And then, with a big sigh, you turn around and stare almost directly at him.
It's really dark out tonight and he's stood in this exact spot more than once, hiding from you, so it doesn't surprise him when you step a little closer, peer a little harder, before giving up and turning on your heel. It's not like he comes and walks you home every night or something, because he's got shit to do, but sometimes he does, when he's feeling a little--
Yeah. Whatever. Sometimes he does.
You're gonna get whacked again, he knows it, because you don't even hear him coming until he's grunting your name, nudging your shoulder with his as he falls in step with you. The surprised look on your face makes him snort, and then the cheesy smile you give him makes him turn away.
"I was hoping you'd be here." When you loop your arms around his and hug it to your chest, he lets you. Only so no one thinks he's trying to kidnap you or something, and then starts calling the cops.
(That did happen once, when he was sneaking up behind you, and he had to run all the way across town back to the hideout--jumping over chain-link and skirting through backyards like a teenage fucking delinquent.)
"Oh, yeah? So I could meet your perfect, little boyfriend over there?"
"Touya," you chide. The frown on your face makes his glare lessen, just a little. Only because his eyes are tired. "He's not my boyfriend, I told you--"
"'s'that what I am, then?" It makes him feel gross, to say that, like a stupid, love-sick kid. "Your boyfriend?"
The smile on your face softens and you stop in the middle of the sidewalk, tugging him when he tries to go on without you. Dabi doesn't look at you a lot these days, not when you look like that.
"Well, I don't know, mister." When you tug him again, he looks out into the street, at the sidewalk, at the dim light poles. "Are you?"
Dabi huffs, twists his mouth all up. "That sounds fucking stupid." Finally, after you quietly whine, "hey", he looks. "I don't know if you know this, babe, but I'm a criminal."
The look on your face is downright mischievous, the way you narrow your eyes and grin at him. "Yup, you sure stole my heart."
For as long as he lives, Dabi will never speak to you again. Because you're so fucking embarrassing.
"Hey, c'mon," By the time you stop laughing at your own shitty joke and catch up to him, he's halfway down the street. There's too much energy flowing through your veins, probably had a fuck ton of caffeine during your shift, because you leap at him and throw your arms around his neck.
And you better give him some fucking credit, because he's trying; under any other circumstances, he would have launched your silly ass into the bushes.
"Don't be such a grouch!" The kiss you plant on his mutilated cheek makes him groan, makes him swivel his head so it's harder for you to reach him. "Hey, hey, Touya," You knock your forehead against his very softly, the eyes you're giving him making his stomach hurt. "You don't wanna be my boyfriend, hmm? Don't wanna meet my friends and my mom, let my dad interrogate you about your intentions with me?"
"My intentions are to fuck you into next week, how's that for an answer?" His lips twitch when you place a hand over his mouth, leaning into him to sputter out a laugh. But they only twitch because your palms are sweaty and make his cuts sting.
"Touya!" When your hand drops from his mouth, he surges forward to kiss you in that too-rough way he always does, in that way that makes you let out a small noise of surprise. A little laugh huffs out of your nose and it always sets him off, when you do that, like he's not affecting you the way you're always affecting him, so he grabs the front of your scrubs and kisses you harder, until he's sure your lips will be swollen. 
And they are.
"'s'that what I am?" The two of you are panting against each other, making him want to touch you in all the ways he's still scared to. He steps away from you after you nod, letting his heart rate settle down, casting his eyes back out to the street. "Better update my emergency contact, then."
When you laugh and slip your hand in his, he lets you.
Only because he wants you to.
Tumblr media
a/n: i've written a few little things like this, just random pieces for these two in this little universe, and i'll probably just post them when i feel like it ! i plan to compile them and post them on ao3 all at once, so you might not see them on there for a little while :)
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lostinfantasyworlds · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Teaser for Under the Northern Lights, Chapter 8: Stay
This is the moment for this story. 
As in, one of the very first moments I imagined when I first came up with the idea for UTNL. Basically, everything that has happened so far in the story was just a lead up to this one scene I had imagined months ago.
This is a long ass teaser (almost 2k words), but this is going to be one of those ridiculously long chapters again, so it’s still only a small snippet. I have a feeling you guys won’t mind the length for this one 😉 .
This is still subject to light editing later on, even though I spent 3+ hours editing this one small section today because I am a crazy person.
Taglist (let me know if you want on or off!): @aelianadawn​​ @alisanangel​​ @alysssa-inukag​​ @bluehawaiicat​​ @born-for-eachother​​  @deactivated2431545484​​ @goshinote​​ @gruviyasharuto​​ @inussunflower​​​ @julyzaa​​ @keks-creations​​ @ladyaerilla​​ @littleredwritinghat​​ @liz8080​​ @malditamigs​​ @neutronstarchild​​ @purplemys​​ @redflamesofpassion​​ @rocioanime4​​ @sailorlolo​​ @sangoslays​​ @sunsetskys​​ @superpixie42​​ @theinuyashareader​​ @zukkosbaby​
Inuyasha smiled before standing up and walking to the coat hooks by the door. With the fire roaring, it was finally warm inside the cabin, making the coat he was still wearing feel like overkill. 
Kagome watched as he shrugged off his jacket and hung it on one of the hooks, gasping when she saw what was underneath. Inuyasha’s sweater had been completely torn to shreds on his left side, dark red blood staining the frayed edges of the fabric.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome exclaimed, standing up abruptly. 
“What?” Inuyasha asked, alarmed by her tone. Why did it sound like he was being reprimanded all of the sudden? 
“You’ve been taking care of me this whole time when you have even worse injuries?!” 
Kagome pointed to his side where his shirt was torn, starting to walk around the back of the couch so she could inspect his wounds. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Inuyasha looked down at where she was pointing, vaguely surprised to find his sweater in bloody tatters. 
“Keh, this is nothing for someone like me. Just scratches,” he said nonchalantly, twisting a little as he inspected the wounds underneath. He brought his hands to his side to move the torn fabric out of the way, his mild surprise turning into annoyance. 
“Sucks that this sweater got ruined though, I just bought it a few days ago.” 
What a fuckin’ waste of money. Stupid wolves.
Inuyasha sighed a little, gripping the hem of the ruined sweater and pulling it off over his head. He walked around the breakfast counter to stand at the sink, balling up the sweater and throwing it in the trash along the way. Tearing a few paper towels from the roll on the counter, he wet them in the sink before starting to dab at the patches of blood on his torso.
All while Kagome stood transfixed, frozen in place, unable to stop her jaw from dropping. 
Not only were his wounds already closing up on their own, but Inuyasha was now standing shirtless in front of her.
The man she felt more attracted to than all of the other men she had been with, combined.
Right there.
And we’re completely alone…
It was a scenario she had envisioned since she first saw him in the daylight. Finding herself alone with him, getting to see the hidden planes of his body. It was something she had thought about in the shower in Denali, imagining his hands were the ones running across her body, instead of her own. 
She had produced quite the detailed fantasy in her mind of what he might look like underneath the layers of clothing he typically wore, and yet, it couldn’t compare to real life.
He was so hot.
So ridiculously fucking hot. 
She couldn’t even think of a more eloquent word to describe him, due to the fact that her brain had short circuited the moment his fingers slipped under the hem of his ruined sweater. It felt like she had been hit by a freight train of lust, rendering her utterly useless as she watched his large muscles rippling underneath his tawny skin. 
It didn’t help that the position he was in only accentuated the very features that had her heart racing faster by the second. As he wiped the blood from his skin, his forearms and biceps flexed subtly, his well-defined abs tensing from the twisted position. Every last ripple and bulge was an ode to his strength, the raw power that had kept her safe.
The way he had protected and cared for her over the last week tapped into a primal, instinctual desire that she wasn’t even aware she had. An attraction to his chivalry and brawn and that was deeply ingrained in her subconscious, and only made her want him that much more. 
She wanted to feel that smooth skin and solid muscle underneath her fingertips. To grip him as hard as she could while he surrounded her with that delicious body of his and she surrendered to him completely.  
Kagome had to stop herself from letting out an audible whine as she watched several drops of water slide down his side, trailing down until they met the belted cargo pants that hung low on his hips. 
She had to be in a movie. 
Or a porno. 
People don’t just look like that in real life. 
Men don’t just show up, with adorable dog ears and chiseled jaws, and steal your heart in a matter of days. They don’t just appear out of nowhere at the last minute to save you from being eaten by wolves. 
And they certainly don’t just casually undress in front of the person they had been flirting with for days like it was no big deal.
As if they hadn’t been about thirty seconds from fucking each other in the middle of a restaurant yesterday.
He seemed to have genuinely forgotten for the moment, not even looking in her direction as he inadvertently flaunted his body. Apparently, he had no inkling of the effect he was having on her. 
Finally managing to tear her eyes from him, she turned away so as not to get caught staring. Her mind raced a mile a minute as she stood awkwardly near the front door, unsure of what to do with herself. 
She knew he wanted her too, but where did they stand after everything that just happened in the last twenty-four hours?
He had just saved her life, risking his own in the process.
He had invited her into his home, something he claimed he had never done for anyone else before.
It was all so overwhelming that it felt wrong, in a way, to try and make a move on him right now. Especially when his mind was clearly not following the same train of thought at the moment. 
She already felt like a voyeur for staring at him unabashedly when he had only been trying to clean up his wounds. 
This was his home, a place where he probably felt safe and in control. He had to be the one to make the call. If he wasn’t thinking about finishing what had been set into motion two days ago, after everything that happened, then she couldn’t blame him. 
Unfortunately, Kagome was losing any semblance of self-control by the second. The freight train was now off the tracks and barreling towards Inuyasha with no way of stopping it. If she didn’t leave now, there was no telling what she might do.
Inuyasha finished wiping the blood off his torso, the deep scratches he had sustained from fighting off the wolves already mostly healed over. He threw the blood-soaked paper towels into the trash, and was just about to go grab another sweater, when he stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes snapping to Kagome.
That scent...holy fuck.
He had caught whiffs of the delicious spicy-sweet addition to Kagome’s scent that indicated her arousal before. Most notably during the ending of that game of truth-or-dare, and last night when he spread her legs under the table at dinner.
It had been hard enough to keep himself in control those times, wanting nothing more than to give in to his desire and take her right there. 
But now?  
Her scent was stronger and smelled more delicious than any of those times before. He could already feel himself salivating in response, wanting to taste the sweetness of it on his tongue.
But what the hell had caused such a strong, sudden infusion of arousal into her scent? He looked around for clues, everything clicking into place as he realized that he was standing there half-naked, Kagome pointedly looking away from him. He could faintly hear her heart beating faster than usual, her cheeks flushed. 
Kagome was smelling like that...from him taking his shirt off? 
Well, that was certainly an ego boost. 
He had done it without thinking, completely distracted by his wounds and every other fucking thing that had happened that night. He had been in “protect” mode, focused solely on dealing with the situation and making sure Kagome was okay. There had been no room in his mind for thoughts of the current state of their relationship, only the overwhelming need to ensure her safety.
But was as if a switch had been flipped in his mind. 
They were finally alone.
She was unharmed, and clearly wanted him.
She was...putting her boots back on like she was trying to leave?
“Uh...Kagome? What’re you doing?”
Kagome still seemed unable to look at him as she picked up her camera bag.
“I should probably get going. I...want to check in on Miroku and Sango first thing tomorrow, — you’ve already done so much for me, I don’t want to put you out any longer,” she said distractedly, fumbling over her words like she was trying to make up excuses as she went along.
Inuyasha stood dumbstruck and utterly confused, unable to come up with any kind of coherent response. 
He watched her secure the strap of her camera bag across her shoulder, trying to make sense of the disconnect between what his nose was telling him and the way she was acting. Her scent had only grown more potent in the moments since he first smelled it, but now she was acting as though she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
What the fuck was going on? 
Had he done something wrong?
Inuyasha walked around the breakfast bar, not sure what he was about to do, but needing to do something. He halted, standing in the middle of the cabin, when Kagome finally turned to look at him. 
She looked even more beautiful than usual with her cheeks flushed, her eyes burning bright with the same desire as her scent.
“Thank you, again, for everything, Inuyasha. I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.”
Her voice was quiet and sincere, if not a bit shaky. She smiled warmly at him, giving no indication that he had done anything wrong.
Every sign pointed to her wanting him.
But, if she wanted him, then why was she leaving? 
Unless she thought he had changed his mind since last night?
Inuyasha watched her turn towards the door and reach for the handle as if in slow motion, her long black hair sliding over her shoulders. She was wearing his sweatpants, and for some reason, it was the sexiest thing in the world.
And that fucking scent of hers was driving him absolutely wild.
There was no way he could let her walk out that door.
Gathering all the confidence he could muster, he spoke clearly and loudly enough to get her attention.
Kagome’s hand froze on the doorknob, turning her head slightly towards him in a clear indication that she was listening.
Inuyasha’s next words were quieter, his voice trembling a little despite his best attempt at confidence.
“ could stay.”
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The Royal Ball
The Royal Ball
Loki laufeyson x Fem!reader
Summary: There is an Asgard ball being hosted in the palace, Y/N is yet to find a date to accompany her. She’s disappointed when a certain God doesn’t ask her, however, what happens when he sees someone else getting a little too close for comfort throughout the night?
Warnings: lil bit angsty, self doubt, JEALOUS LOKI, fluffy ending
Word Count: 3.3k
Message/ask if you’d like to be added to the taglist!
Requests are open loves <3
Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful autumn’s day, crisp brown leaves were falling off of the large trees in the courtyard and scattering the cobbled ground. Loki and I had been wandering around for some time now, discussing everything from the books we’ve been reading to the dreams that have come to us in our sleep.
“And then this huge ghost thing was chasing me around the halls! and if that wasn’t weird enough, you popped up-”
“Ah, seeing me in your dreams are we, darling?”  Loki chuckled, taking great pleasure at the fact that he had made an appearance in my subconscious, completely ignoring my distress at being chased by a supernatural being.
“Funny you should say that, right after seeing you, I woke up. The sight must’ve given me quite the scare.” I scoffed, a smile unable to stop itself from making its way onto my face, eyes meeting his, face etched with shock. With a hand to his chest, he spoke again in disbelief.
“You have truly offended me, love. I never knew you had this side to you.”
“What can I say? I’m a woman of many talents.” I winked, nudging his side slightly with my elbow.
“Really? Can you produce illusions?”
“Look inside other people’s heads?”
“Well, no, but-”
“Turn yourself into a snake to scare your eight year old brother?”
“I still can’t believe you did that”
“My greatest achievement yet.” He smirked, the memory never failing to amuse him.
His stories always had me in awe of his capabilities, even if it was to give his brother a long-term fear, it was still an incredible talent. Whenever he tells me of his latest adventures or tricks, I always think of how well his title fits him. God of Mischief. Maybe that’s why I liked him much more than what a best friend should, not that I'd ever admit it. Not to him anyway.
We soon found ourselves standing next to one of the windows of the hallway, the crystal clear glass giving a beautiful view of the city of Asgard. From here, you could see the Queen’s gardens, full of flowers in all different colours and types, grass cut to perfection. You could see the families in the town, walking around the different buildings, children playing. It was lovely to watch, seeing everyone enjoy the seasonal weather and the light bounce off of the windows, it was ethereal.
“I never get tired of this.” I sighed, voice only slightly above a whisper
“Tired of what, love?”
“Just, this. This view, this kingdom, it’s incredible.” I looked up at Loki, trying to see if he was seeing the same beauty that I did. He was already looking at me when I met his eyes and upon seeing the way they sparkled, I assumed he did.
“Actually, speaking of the Kingdom, I have something to tell you. There’s-”
Abruptly stopping him from continuing his sentence, voices were heard from the other end of the hallway, though we couldn’t make out the words until they came closer. We gave each other a quick look of confusion before turning to see where the commotion was coming from, hearing the quick and heavy footsteps before being able to put names to the faces.
“Loki! Y/N!” A deep voice bellowed. Was that Thor making all of that noise?
Before I could process any more information, a blur of a pastel pink dress was in my face and hands were placed on my shoulders. I smiled down at the slightly out of breath figure using me as a support stand, it was Y/F/N.
“Wow, Y/F/N, you sound much different than when I spoke to you yesterday, did you drink something funny?” I chuckled, receiving a glare from my friend and a quiet laugh from the God beside me. Thor soon appeared next to Y/F/N, hands on his hips and head thrown back as he tried to compose himself.
“My God, Y/F/N, you run fast.” He pants.
“Care to tell us why you’re both running like madmen through the palace?” Loki speaks, one eyebrow raised in curiosity and what looked a little like concern.
“We..had to..tell you..there’s a week.” Y/F/N spoke, a bit more stable now, but still in between breaths.
I felt my eyes widen, a ball? I didn’t know Asgard held balls.
“Father is opening up the palace next week to neighbouring kingdoms, in hopes to be closer with them, open Asgard up to more trade opportunities, build relationships and whatnot.” Thor explained, emitting a loud sigh to come from Loki.
“I was just about to tell her, brother. Thank you for interrupting.” He rolled his eyes, half joking, half serious. I reached up and patted his shoulder gently, a small smile on my face.
“Maybe next time Lok” He nodded in response, I didn’t get a chance to comfort him much more before I was being pulled away by Y/F/N. With a small huff of surprise, I gave Loki a glance, silently apologising for our conversation being cut short, receiving a shake of his head in reply, affirming me to not worry about it.
“So.” she begins. “We need to find you a date and a dress. I’m thinking blue. I’m wearing purple so it’s probably best to avoid that one. Hmm. let’s see..oh! I know! we could- Y/N? You listening?” I snapped my head around, not missing the sly smile that was plastered all over my friend’s face.
“Y/F/N, don’t-”
“Loki! He has to be your date. You could wear green and match! If he’s even going to wear green, I'm sure I can get Thor to find out, I assume they’ll get ready together. And black accessories! I have so many ideas.” She clapped her hands, over-excited about the opportunity to plan this evening for us. Except for one minor detail.
“That sounds great, Y/F/N, it sounds wonderful, you’re just missing something.”
“Missing something? Oh, if you mean our hair then i’ve already-”
“No, not our hair. Loki hasn’t asked me, and I doubt he will.” I spoke, the second half coming out more as a whisper, my heart dropping a little at the thought. He’d never really expressed having those kinds of feelings for me and I'd always seen him be close with different girls around the palace, he’ll probably ask one of them.
“He might ask you, you never know what’s around the corner.”
“I guess so, we’ll have to wait and see.”
And that was the last we spoke of it before she went into full planner mode again, while I continued to ponder over all of the thoughts running through my head. I mean, he could ask me, right?
He didn’t.
After talking about it with Y/F/N, I had a glimmer of hope that maybe I was wrong, maybe I hadn’t noticed something that she had, that Loki would approach me and ask me to be his company for the evening.
I spent the next couple of days with him, hoping he would ask me, everytime a pause would appear in conversation, maybe he was finally going to do it. And everytime, a little bit of the hope I had, had fizzled out.
I’d even considered other reasons as to why he hadn’t asked, maybe the King didn’t want him and Thor to have dates so that they could mingle with members of the other kingdoms. Of course that theory had flown right out one of the Palace’s windows when Y/F/N told me that Thor was going to be her date. I was right then, he wasn’t wanting to go with me.
I guess I understood, I’m the best friend, we’d always been that. I think a part of me just thought that maybe he, like me, wanted something a little more. Clearly, I was mistaken.
Y/F/N and I had been getting ready for a while now, our hair was styled to perfection, our dresses were on and both of us were fully accessorized. We were looking at ourselves in the mirror, doing spins and curtseys and gushing over how good the other looked.
“You look amazing tonight, Y/N, really. Loki is missing out.”
“Thank you, and I'm sure his date is beautiful.” I spoke, fidgeting with the fabric of my dress, trying to avoid the subject and the twisting knot in my stomach at the thought of him with someone else all night. “You look incredible! You were right to pick purple, it’s definitely your colour.”
“Y/N’s right, you look gorgeous.” Thor declared, leaning against the doorway sporting a black suit and a dark purple tie, the perfect match with his date’s dress. I could feel my eyes light up when seeing how happy the simple, yet effective comment had made Y/F/N. Rushing over, she engulfed Thor in a hug before leaning up slightly and giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Ah and can’t forget, Y/N, you look stunning tonight.” He gestured to me, arm almost scanning me up and down.
“Stop, you’ll make me blush.” I laughed. “You both head off, I’ll catch up.”
“Are you sure? We don’t mind waiting?” Y/F/N questioned.
“Don’t be silly. You guys go on ahead, I'll meet you there.”
With a nod and a wave, they were off. They really did look like a perfect match tonight. I continued to look at myself in the mirror, fixing any stray hairs, flattening any kinks in my dress. Realistically, I was probably trying to prolong leaving for as long as I could. I was excited, but I was turning up on my own while everyone else had someone, it was a bit nerve-wracking. I still wanted to look my best though.
“Stop trying to convince yourself that you look good, you could literally blow an army of men away by looks alone.” A voice spoke, I spun to see who was speaking, the flash of green was enough to decipher who it was.
“You look lovely tonight, darling.” He grinned, the pet name had set off butterflies in my stomach.
“Thank you. As do you.”
“Well, I did put in an effort, nice to know it’s appreciated.” He joked, a breathy laugh left my lips, entertained by his words.
“Yes, well, I'm sure plenty of others will too.”
“The eyes will never leave me, I'm sure. Unless they’re on you, then I'd be surprised if I get even so much as a glimpse in my direction. Someone is a very lucky guy tonight, that’s for sure.”
“Why do you say that?” I asked, confused by his statement.
“Well, they get to be beside you all evening, it’s a beautiful view.” He winked.
It could’ve been you, I thought. I knew he was joking, however that didn’t stop the fire in me from igniting.
“I could say the same for you, someone is a very lucky girl.”
“I’ll be sure to let her know if she ever thinks otherwise.” Joking, again.
So he had asked someone. Albeit disappointed, I'm happy he’s happy. Though I still wish I was the girl in question, I couldn't stop him if he was interested in someone else. That wasn’t fair.
Giving him a brief nod and a tight lipped smile, I picked up the front of my dress a little bit and made my way out of the room and downstairs to the ball. I could still enjoy myself, the night is young, I've got this.
“It was crazy! And let me tell you, my dad was so angry with me. He didn’t let me serve Turkey again after that year.” Charlie, a guy that I had met an hour or so ago, finished his story of the Christmas horror he had, allowing me to relax for the first time that evening. Up until now, it had felt like all I’d seen was either happy couples, or stares from across the room. Usually the second and usually Loki. The same Loki who had a girl’s arm linked with his and was looking at him like he held the world in his grasp. I broke the gaze, finding it difficult to look at the pair for any longer, as I turned back to Charlie so he could have my attention again, a lazy smile was present as he took a sip of his wine.
“I don’t blame him, really, it sounds like you started a riot!” I exclaimed, sending us both into a full on belly laugh, thinking back to the story. This continued for another five or so minutes, laughter turning into a low chuckle, as if we were about to be told off for how loud we were being. Just as my hand had reached his arm to help hold me up, saving me from laughing myself into the ground, Loki and his date had made their way over.
“Enjoying ourselves, I hope?” He beamed, taking one look at me before giving his full attention to Charlie.
“Yes, yes we are, thank you. How about the two of you?”
“It’s been fine, yeah, good. So, what’s your name then?” Loki interrupted, his date having no choice but to leave him to respond instead.
“I’m Charlie Fernsby.” He held his hand out, greeting Loki. A gesture that was very awkwardly not reciprocated as he let his hand fall back to his side before Loki spoke up again.
“Charlie..Charlie, now, isn’t that a girl’s name?”
“Loki!” I scolded, giving him an evil side glance, what was he doing?
“No, no it’s okay. Yeah, it can be used for girls too, but it's common for boys to have the name Charlie.” Polite as ever, he responded. A mischievous look made its way onto the God’s face. Oh no.
“So, I take it your parents wanted a girl?”
“I- I’m sorry?”
“I assume your parents wanted a girl, considering they’ve given you a girl’s name?” I rolled my eyes, this teasing was unnecessary.
“Charlie, let’s go and get a drink.” I tried to tug him away, only to be halted by another sentence leaving my best friend’s mouth.
“It was only a question, I'm sure he doesn’t mind answering, do you Carl?”
“That’s what I said.”
“You said-” I tried to interject, but he was quick to stop me
“I know what I said, Y/N, but I'm speaking to him. Let him answer the question.”
Loki’s date was long gone by now, she’d left to speak to another group of people, presumably another few couples, leaving us three to have this discussion, thing, whatever you would think to call it.
“I’m just saying, maybe they would’ve preferred a daughter, seeing as they’ve very obviously made that clear.” He beamed, expecting me to join in and agree with him, I don’t find this funny. At all.
“Can you excuse us, Charlie? Loki, A word.” I pointed to the door, giving him a look implying for him not to test me.
“I’m in trouble. Wish me luck Carlos.”
“I know, that’s what I said.”
I pushed him all the way out the door, into the hallway and round the corner so as not to disturb everyone else’s evening. When I’d made sure there was no one else around, I looked up at the Asgardian, my arms crossed, eyebrows furrowed, I wasn’t impressed anymore.
“So, are we out here for some hide or seek, or?”
“What the hell was that in there?!” I raised my voice slightly, his need to always make everything a joke wasn’t working this time. He had his night, his date, he didn’t need to come over and insult mine.
“What was what, darling? I was making conversation.”
“You were making fun of him.”
“No, I showed some concern about his parents choices, that’s all. Friendly advice if anything.” He looked a bit more frustrated with me now, as though he was stating the obvious and it was going over my head. I wasn’t having it this time.
“No, Loki. You weren’t and you know you weren’t. You had your date, she was fine, you were fine-”
“Let me finish. Everything was fine. Until you caught sight of me having a friendly conversation with another guy who wasn’t you. But guess what Lok, I’m allowed to do that! I’m an adult, I can speak with whoever I like!” My arms were all over the place now, my frustration was starting to show itself, it seems I had a bit pent up.
I saw his lips move, I heard something, but it was so quiet I couldn't make it out.
“Speak up, Loki. I can’t hear you.”
“I said, if you think he was just being friendly, you’re clearly out of your mind.”
Is he serious?
“Are you- Loki, you have no right to make a judgement on who and how and why I interact with other people. Not that it should matter to you anyway, you’ve spoken to other women before and I've never said a word or tried to stop you. Why does this matter so much?”
“No, please, go on, tell me, enlighten me as to why this bothered you so much tonight, because trust me, I'm dying to know, truly.” I was shouting now, I just wanted answers for his behaviour, I didn’t think it would be this difficult.
His hands had made his way into his trouser pockets, eyes looking everywhere before settling on mine. He looked conflicted, I wanted to drop it when I saw his troubled gaze, but I couldn’t go back in there without an explanation.
“I like you, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear, love? That I was so uncomfortable seeing some you get close with some guy that I had to embarrass him in front of you? Something I'm sure my father won’t be so impressed to hear, but there, you’ve got your confession.” His voice had gone much louder than mine, taking me by surprise, so much so that it took me a minute to process what he had said. He liked me?
He turned to leave, I assume because I hadn't said anything for a matter of minutes, but I gently grabbed his arm, tugging him back towards me. I looked up into his eyes again. I was so close that you could see the specs of different colours spotted in them, they were flawless. This view beats the Asgard view anyday.
“Why didn’t you mention this before?”
He shrugged, “I don’t know. Worried I guess. We’d never spoken of moving past friendship and I didn’t think you’d be interested.”
“I’m more than interested, Loki.” I grinned, my smile meeting my eyes, never leaving his.
“Not Chelsey?”
“For the love, it’s Ch-”
I couldn’t say his name, a certain pair of lips had stopped me from doing so. As they molded against mine, my hands went up to tangle themselves in his hair, his hands falling to my waist and pulling me closer, I didn’t even think that could be possible. We pulled away when we needed to catch a breath, foreheads falling against each other, smiles painted on both of our faces.
“I bet I'll be in your dreams again tonight.” He whispered.
“I bet I'll be in yours.”
“Always are, Darling. Always are.”
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notanotherspnrewrite · 23 days ago
Supernatural Rewrite - 1x13 Bypass
Summary: Dean is contacted by ex-girlfriend Cassie Robinson, who asks him to come to Missouri to assist with a string of strange attacks.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Cassie Robinson
Words: 6K+
AO3 Link
Chapter 1
St. Louis, Missouri
A car drives along a dark road. It’s brake lights come on and it slows, turning down a tree-lined route marked with a bright sign that reads “Bypass Now Open”. 
Martin Robinson, the driver of the car and it’s only occupant, talks on the phone. “Yes, honey, I know the bypass is a ‘bastion of evil’, but it’s also faster.” 
He listens to the person on the other end and rolls his eyes. “I know I shouldn’t be talking on the phone while I’m  driving, but you called and-” 
Something large flies low over his vehicle, temporarily blocking out the street lights. “What the hell?... Honey, I’ve gotta go.” 
He hangs up and tosses the phone on the passenger seat, then leans forward to try to see what it was. But the sky is now empty. “Martin, you must be seeing things. That’s not good. Better not let Audrey know.” 
He focuses back on the road in front of him. His eyes immediately grow wide with fear and he slams on the breaks, bringing the car to a screeching halt.
About ten feet ahead of where the car stops, a dragon about the size of an elephant - covered in scales, with clawed feet, massive wings, and a spiked tail - has set itself in the road facing the car.
Martin’s mouth drops open. He opens and closes his eyes. When he looks again, the dragon is still there. “My god. I’m not hallucinating, am I?”  
Before he can react further, the dragon opens its mouth, revealing sharp teeth and a ball of fire. The fire erupts outward, singeing the hood of Martin’s car. From there, the flames start to grow, preparing to engulf the entire car.  
Martin throws open his door. “Nope.” He gets out and runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction, away from the dragon and the burning vehicle. 
As he does, a small, weasel-like creature, covered in hardened mud, runs past him with purpose toward the dragon. The sight is odd enough that it gives Martin pause. He stops running and looks back. 
The small creature has climbed onto the roof of Martin’s car, unperturbed by the flames, and seems to be preparing to face off with the dragon - shoulder hunched, ready to pounce. 
“What the hell?” 
When the dragon sees the creature, it takes a startled step back and lets out a growl before flying away, disappearing above the trees. 
The creature watches after it for a moment before it jumps from the car and hurries off in the same direction. 
Martin and his car, still burning, are left in the road alone. 
Chapter 2
The Impala is parked outside of a gas station. Sam has a map open on the roof, his finger tracing a line along a route. Dean stands off to the side, phone to his ear. 
“Okay. I’ll be there soon as soon as I can,” Dean says into the phone, his expression difficult to read. He hangs up and heads back to the Impala. 
Sam closes the map. “I think I found a way we can bypass that construction just east of here. We might even make Pennsylvania faster than we thought.” 
Dean shakes his head. “We’re not going to Pennsylvania just yet.”
“I just got a call from an old friend,” Dean says. “Her father was attacked last night. She’s pretty sure it’s our kind of thing.” 
Sam doesn’t compute. “What?” 
Dean fidgets with the car keys. “Believe me, she never would’ve called - never - if she didn’t need us.” He gets in the Impala. 
Sam just stands there, dumbfounded. 
Dean rolls down the window and looks out at him. “You coming or what?” 
Sam frowns. “Yeah. I guess so.” He gets in, still confused. 
The Impala drives off.
Some time later, with the Impala on the way to St. Louis, Sam looks over at Dean and asks, “So we’re going to St. Louis? In Missouri?” 
“Uh-huh,” Dean answers.  
“Okay. And by ‘old friend’, you meant...?”
“What it usually means. A friend that’s not new.” 
Sam rolls his eyes. “Yeah, thanks. And her name’s Cassie? You’ve never mentioned her.” 
“Haven’t I?” 
“Oh. Well, we dated for a bit.” 
Sam raises an eyebrow. “You’re telling me you dated someone? You had a relationship with another human being?” 
“What about ‘we dated for a bit’ didn’t you get?” Dean snaps, defensive. “Am I speaking a language you don’t understand? Dad and I were working a job in Evanston, Illinois. She was finishing up school there. We dated for a couple of weeks.” 
“And?” Sam presses.  
Dean doesn’t respond, just looks straight ahead at the road.
Sam sighs. “Listen, it’s terrible about her dad, but his story is a little far-fetched. I mean, a dragon - which is crazy enough on its own - that was scared off by a weasel nowhere near its size?”  
“Sam, we just fought off a kraken with a smoke bomb.” 
“I know,” Sam concedes. “But isn’t it possible his engine overheated, caught fire, and he just... lost it? Made up some crazy story?” 
“Okay, okay. How does she know what we do, anyway?” 
Dean doesn’t answer. 
Sam guesses and immediately gets angry. “You told her. You told her the secret. You broke our family’s number one rule - we do what we do and we don’t tell anyone about it. The entire time I knew Jess - for years - I had to lie about my past, who I was, and you went out with this girl a couple times and you tell her everything?” 
Dean still doesn’t respond.
“Yeah, I guess so,” Dean finally says. 
Sam turns away from Dean and looks out the window. “Unbelievable,” he mutters hotly under his breath. 
In the offices of the St. Louis American, the St. Louis mayor, Blythe Stevenson, an elderly white man, meets with Sherman Odell, the newspaper’s first Black editor, and one of his top journalists, Cassie Robinson. Whatever the discussion, none of them look particularly happy to be there.  
“This is ridiculous,” Cassie fumes. 
Mayor Stevenson ignores her and addresses Sherman. “So what do you say? Will you hold off on publishing that article?” 
Sherman gives a fake smile. He has a wide gap between his two front teeth. “It’s a newspaper we put out here, not a bulletin for the mayor’s office.” 
Mayor Stevenson scoffs. “Get off your soapbox. All I’m urging is a little bit of discretion.” 
Cassie folds her arms across her chest. “No, I think you’re telling us what you want us to print and what you want us to sit on.” 
“I know you’re upset, Cassie,” Mayor Stevenson says, a patronizing edge to his voice. “And I like your dad a lot. But I think you’re too close to this.” He turns to Sherman, “You too. I know Martin and Wes are both friends of yours.”  
“Well, what I know is that two people have almost been killed on your new bypass,” Sherman says. “It’s only been open a week.” 
Mayor Stevenson laughs. “Killed? By what? A dragon? Maybe you should tell your readers to stop going to whatever crappy mechanic they're going to so they can stop lying for their insurance.”
He gets up and walks out of the office. On his way, he passes Sam and Dean coming in.
Dean and Cassie spot each other and make eye contact, then quickly look away. They tentatively glance back, mixed emotions playing across both their faces. 
Sam watches this, frowning. 
Cassie excuses herself from Sherman and walks up to them. “Dean.” 
“Hey, Cassie,” Dean says. He clears his throat and gestures at Sam. “This is my brother, Sam. How is your dad doing?” 
“Okay. Pretty freaked out.” 
That evening, they get a more detailed response in the living room of the Robinson house.  
“I think my mom is more worried than my dad,” Cassie says. “I’ve been staying with them to make sure they’re okay. They should be back soon.” She turns and looks nervously out the window. “My mom insisted on taking my dad to the doctor to get checked out, even though he insists he’s fine. Physically, anyway.” 
“Is there any particular reason your mom’s so worried?” Dean asks.  
“You mean besides my dad nearly getting burned to death?” 
“Well... yeah.” 
Cassie sighs. “Because he wasn’t the only one. There was another car that was attacked two days before. And that’s not all. Lots of people have reported strange sightings, weird noises, all near the new bypass.” 
“What sort of sightings and strange noises?”
“Things that are consistent with a dragon,” Cassie says. “At least based on the folklore.” 
Dean raises an eyebrow. “The folklore?” 
Cassie hesitates and looks away. “Look, I know I was skeptical about all this stuff before-” 
“You said I was nuts.” 
“I know. But... I’ve been online, reading...” 
Dean looks away, too. “Right. Who was the other person who was attacked?” 
“Wesley Yates - Wes,” Cassie says. “He’s a friend of my dad’s. We all live in the same neighborhood. The one that’s already getting screwed by the bypass.” 
“How do you mean?” 
Cassie explains, “The bypass directs people away from the old business district to the new one. Flashy new offices, coffee shops, vegan restaurants. But to get there, you still have to go through our neighborhood first. Which means-” 
“They’re gonna try and gentrify.” 
Cassie nods. “Exactly. So the cops think we’re trying to get revenge for the bypass by making it look bad. Or that it’s some kind of insane insurance scam.”
“And you really believe that what your dad, and Wes, and the others saw was a dragon?” Sam asks.  
“I know how it sounds,” Cassie says, glancing at Dean. “But all those people couldn’t have hallucinated the same thing. And this is the kind of stuff you deal with, right?” 
Worried about Sam’s response, Dean glances at Cassie and jumps back in, “You said your dad saw some kind of weasel-thing go up against the dragon. Did everybody else see that, too?” 
Cassie shakes her head. “Not that I’m aware of. But he seemed pretty sure that’s what he saw. I haven’t been able to find anything online about what it might be, though.” 
Out in the hall, the front door opens. Visible from the living room, the group sees Cassie’s parents, Martin and Audrey, step inside. 
Cassie jumps up, hands on her hips. “Mom. Dad. Where have you guys been?” 
“Oh, well, you know how Dr. Caulfield likes to talk your ear off,” Audrey says, dismissive. 
Martin looks at Cassie and rolls his eyes. Cassie smiles and drops her arms, easing up. 
Audrey looks curiously at Sam and Dean. “I had no idea you were inviting friends over.” 
Cassie gestures a little awkwardly at the two brothers. “Mom, Dad - This is Dean, a friend of mine from, uh, college, and his brother, Sam. They were just passing through and stopped by to say hello.”
Audrey links an arm through Martin’s. “Oh. Well, have fun catching up. We won’t interrupt you.” She starts to direct the two of them farther into the house. 
Sam and Dean stand up. 
“Mr. Robinson?” Dean calls. 
Martin and Audrey both stop. 
“Yes?” Martin asks. 
Dean takes a step forward. “We were very sorry to hear about what happened to you. We hope you’re doing okay.” 
“Thank you. I appreciate that.” 
“If you don’t mind, we’d like to talk to you for a minute.” 
Audrey tugs at Martin’s arm and the pair starts off again. “He’s really not up for that right now.” 
Martin looks back at them apologetically as he disappears from view. “Maybe another time!”
Out on the bypass, a car, burned to a crisp, sits idle in the middle of the road, a charred body behind the wheel. The mouth is slightly open and a large gap between the front teeth is visible - Sherman Odell. 
The weasel-like creature, still covered in hardened mud, scurries up to the car, sniffs it, then runs off into the woods just as headlights shine onto the back of the burned car.
A second car stops and a woman gets out and stares at the scene. “Oh my god.”  
Chapter 3
The next morning, police vehicles and their associated personnel are parked all along the bypass, circling the burned out car.
Cassie stands at the edge of the chaos, tears streaming down her face. 
Mayor Stevenson arrives at the crime scene and walks up to greet her, “Ms. Robinson.” 
“What do you want?” Cassie responds coldly.  
“Just to give my condolences,” Mayor Stevenson says, his previously patronizing tone turned formal. “Sherman meant something to this city. He was one of our best. It won’t be the same without him.” 
“It wouldn’t have to be if it weren’t for your bypass.” 
Mayor Stevenson bites his tongue. “What is it exactly you want me to do?” 
“Shut down the bypass.”  
“And inconvenience all the businesses that are relying on it?” Mayor Stevenson asks innocently. “No, I couldn’t possibly. Accidents happen, Cassie. And that’s just what this is - an accident.” 
The Impala pulls up and Sam and Dean get out. They approach the pair. 
“Have the cops been able to determine what caused the fire yet?” Dean asks the mayor. 
Mayor Stevenson frowns at him. “Who are you?” 
“Dean and his brother, Sam Winchester. They’re friends of mine,” Cassie says. Her voice turns acidic as she continues, “Sam, Dean, this is Mayor Blythe Stevenson.” 
Appeased, and seemingly oblivious to Cassie’s tone, Mayor Stevenson responds, “They haven’t said. But it’s probably an overheated engine like the others.” 
Cassie scoffs. “Like the others. Mayor, the police and city officials take their cues from you. If you’re indifferent about-” 
“If it was people from your businesses getting attacked and killed, you’d do whatever you had to to make sure they were safe,” Cassie says. “Wouldn’t you?” 
“I don’t like what you’re suggesting.”
Cassie sneers at him. “Good.” She marches away. 
Dean points after her. “What she said.” 
He and Sam follow after her. 
In a motel room, Sam and Dean put on suits and ties.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to wearing these,” Dean grumbles, attempting to tie his tie correctly. 
Sam only half-hears him, as he has another topic in mind. “Yeah. So Cassie...” 
“What about her?” 
Sam finishes with his suit and sits down to put on his shoes. “She’s kind of badass.” 
“I bet she didn’t take any shit from you.” 
“She didn’t.” 
“What’s really interesting, though,” Sam says, slowly tying his shoes, “is that you guys never really look at each other at the same time. You look at her when she’s not looking. She looks at you when you look away...” 
“What’s your point?” 
“No point. It’s just an interesting observation.” 
“I think we might have some more pressing issues here.” 
Sam finally finishes tying and stands up. “Oh, I’m sorry. Am I hitting a nerve?” 
Dean sighs. “Let’s just go.” He gives up on his tie and shoves his feet into his shoes. Then he grabs the keys to the Impala and walks out the door.
Sam laughs. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” 
“I heard that!” Dean calls back.  
Later, they walk through a construction site and approach a group of workers on break. 
Before they reach them, Sam asks, “You sure he’s one of these guys?” 
“This is where the office said we could find him,” Dean says. 
“And you really think this is gonna help?” 
Dean shrugs. “Maybe not, but I’m willing to take any piece of information I can get. Aren’t you?”  
They reach the workers and Dean addresses them, “Excuse me. Which one of you is Ron Stubbins?”  
One of the workers raises their hand. “That’s me. Who are you?” 
Dean turns to him, “I’m not sure if you’re aware of the death that occurred on the new bypass-”
Ron nods. “Yeah. Sherman Odell. Guy who ran the paper.” 
“We’re with Mr. Odell’s insurance company,” Dean says. “We’re trying to figure out what happened.” 
“What’s that got to do with me?” 
Dean pulls a small notepad out of his pocket and flips to a page. “We understand there have been a number of other incidents along the bypass, various people saying they’ve seen quote ‘a large, flying creature that breathes fire’.” 
Ron glances around at his coworkers, embarrassed. “Yeah...”
“We also understand you were the first to make such a report,” Dean says. 
“I don’t know what I saw. I was tired. I’d had a long day.”
“When you were working on the construction of the bypass?”
“Yeah... What company did you say you were with?” 
Dean pulls out an ID card and shows it to Ron. “All National Mutual.” 
Ron frowns. “Right. Well, I’m really not sure I can help you.” 
Standing next to Ron, another worker chimes in, “I didn’t work on the bypass construction, but that large flying thing you’re talking about... My dad worked construction back in the 60’s the first time they tried to build there. The construction stopped after someone - or something - burned all the equipment one night.” 
“And it didn’t show up again until the work started up again,” Dean thinks aloud. 
“Yep,” the worker says. “That was just a big stretch of forest before. When no one bothers it, nothing bothers us.” 
“Thank you both for your time,” Sam says. 
He and Dean walk off, back toward the Impala.
When they’re out of earshot of the workers, Dean says, “So basically they built a road right through the dragon’s house and now it’s pissed.” 
“Sounds like,” Sam agrees. “I’ll do some research, try to figure out how to kill it. You should go talk to Cassie, see if she can find a way to get the mayor to shut the bypass down.” 
“Will do.” 
Sam hesitates before adding, “And while you’re there, you might also want to mention that other thing.” 
“What other thing?”  
“Whatever the unfinished business is that you two have. I mean, what happened?” Sam asks. 
Dean fidgets. “We might have been more involved than I said. A lot more.” 
Sam rolls his eyes. “Really? I hadn’t picked up on that.”  
“Don’t do that,” Dean snaps. “Look, I know you’re upset that I told her the secret. I know I shouldn’t have.” 
Sam shrugs. “I guess we’ve all got to open up to someone sometime.” 
Dean shakes his head. “No. It was stupid to get that close. I mean, it didn’t exactly end on a positive note.” 
“It wasn’t stupid. You loved her.” 
Dean groans, uncomfortable. “Oh, god.” 
“You were in love with her, but you dumped her.” 
Dean looks away. 
Sam’s jaw drops. “Oh, wow. She dumped you.” 
They reach the Impala and Dean hurries to open it. “Just get in the car.” 
Dean opens the driver’s door. “Get in the car!” He dives in and slams the door behind him.
Sam does as he’s told. “Alright. Geez.” 
Still at her parent’s house, Cassie sits in her father’s office typing something up on the computer. She is struggling with it, biting on a nail as she tries to focus. “Sherman Odell was... was something.” She sighs. 
A knock comes at the front door. Relieved at the excuse for a break, she gets up to answer it.
She opens the door and is brought face-to-face with Dean. Alone. “Dean.”  
Cassie moves out of the doorway. “Hey. Come on in.” After he steps inside, she closes the door behind him and leans against it. 
Dean walks a few paces away before turning around to face her. “Where are your parents?” 
“Date night. They went to the movies.” 
“Oh. Well, I hope I’m not interrupting anything. For you, I mean.” 
“I’m working on a tribute for Sherman. For the paper.” 
Cassie gestures back toward the office. “I picked up some of his stuff from work, his awards and things, to help me find the right words.” 
“That’s got to be tough.” 
Cassie nods. “It is. For years this one family owned the paper, the Dorians. They had a real good-ol'-boy way of doing things. It wasn’t until after they sold it that the paper got it’s first Black reporter - Sherman. He didn’t stop until he got to the top. He taught me everything I know.” 
“Yeah,” Cassie says. “So where’s your brother?” 
“Not here.”  
“And what brings you here?” 
“We think the bypass runs right through where the dragon calls home,” Dean says. “So it’s probably not gonna stop anytime soon. Would you be willing to take another crack at getting Mayor Stevenson to close it? At least until we take care of the dragon.” 
Cassie shakes her head. “I’m not sure there’s any point in trying again with Stevenson. He obviously doesn’t care.” 
“Right. Sorry.” 
“What do you mean by ‘take care of the dragon’?”  
“That’s what my brother’s working on,” Dean says. “Why’d you ask me where he was, by the way?” 
Cassie responds a little too quickly, “No reason.”  
Dean notices. “Could it be because without him here it’s just you and me and not you, me, and Sam, which would be easier?” 
“It’s not easier.” 
Dean doesn’t believe her. He looks away. 
Dean raises a hand in half-hearted dismissal. “Forget it. It’s fine. Really. We can keep it strictly business.” 
Cassie scoffs. “I forgot you do that.” 
“Do what?” 
“Whenever we get close, anywhere in the neighborhood of emotional vulnerability or honesty, you back off or make some joke or find any way to shut the door on me,” Cassie says.  
Dean gives a bitter laugh. He looks back at her and takes a step forward. “That’s hilarious. Because as I recall, I’m not the one who took that big, final door and slammed it behind me. I’m not the one who took the key and buried it. I was totally up front with you back then and you turned me away.”  
Cassie steps forward, too. “You told me that you professionally hunt monsters, and that you would regularly have to leave to go work with your father.”  
“I did.” 
“I thought you were telling me some insane story to get out of the relationship,” Cassie says.  
Dean throws his arms out. “It was the truth, Cassie. And I’ve noticed it doesn’t sound so insane now that you need help.”  
“That’s not fair.” 
“And let's not forget who dumped who.” 
“I thought it was what you wanted.” 
“It wasn’t.” 
Cassie takes another step forward. Dean does, too. They are almost close enough to touch.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Cassie says. “I’m sorry.” 
“Me too.” 
Their eyes, always drifting, finally lock together. They stay there, frozen like that, for what seems like an eternity. 
At the same time, they lean forward. Their lips meet in a soft kiss before they both reel away, dazed. They return to staring, breathing a little heavier now. 
“You sure?” Dean asks. 
“I’m sure.” 
They come back together again, less gently this time, kissing roughly and tugging at each other's clothes. 
They make their way to Cassie’s bedroom. They shed their clothes down to their underwear before Cassie shoves Dean back on the bed and crawls on top of him. They kiss some more, bodies moving rhythmically together.
Cassie moves away from Dean’s mouth, trailing kisses down his neck to his chest and stomach. Dean’s back arches and he moans. 
Cassie slowly makes her way back to his mouth, where Dean takes the opportunity to flip them over so that he’s on top. 
Cassie smiles and shakes her head. She pushes them upright and slips herself into Dean’s lap...
A car parks along the bypass road near where Sherman’s car and body were found, marked by a charred patch of asphalt.
Mayor Stevenson gets out and stares at the spot, frowning. “This is going to end up being more trouble than it’s worth, isn’t it?” 
Suddenly, Mayor Stevenson is covered by a large shadow. He looks up. The dragon is hovering about ten feet above him, its head turned down to look at him.
“Oh my god,” Mayor Stevenson gasps. He starts running, but only manages to get a few steps before a ball of fire hits him from behind, engulfing him in flames. He screams. 
Chapter 4
Dean and Cassie lie together in bed. Dean has his arm wrapped around Cassie, and Cassie is resting her head on his shoulder. They are both smiling. 
“Wow,” Cassie breathes. 
“Mmm,” Dean murmurs.  
“We should be honest with each other more often.” 
“I completely agree.” 
Cassie nuzzles against him. “Though I guess you were always being more honest than I was able to realize.” 
“If only you had. We could’ve had more great sex,” Dean teases.
Cassie smacks his chest lightly. “Stop.” 
Dean chuckles before his expression turns more serious. “Telling you who I really was... that was a really big first for me.”
“Why did you tell me?” Cassie asks. “Why didn’t you make something up?”
“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t want to lie to you.” 
“Dean,” Cassie says carefully, “when you told me about what you do, it scared the hell out of me. I didn’t know if you were just crazy or if you were actually dangerous. Though, honestly... I think I was looking for a reason to walk away.” 
Dean nods. He understands. “Sometimes fighting monsters isn’t the scariest thing.” 
“Yes, I’m far scarier than any dragon.”  
Dean’s smile returns. “Mmm.” 
“Still,” Cassie says, thinking. “Maybe we could work something out. If you want to, too.” 
Dean hesitates. “I’m still really involved in my dad’s work.” 
Cassie props herself up on an elbow so that she can look Dean in the eye. Then she places a hand on his chest, over his heart. “I know that. But I still want to. Okay?” 
Dean puts his hand over hers. “Okay.”  
They press their foreheads together and lean in for a kiss.  
Dean’s phone rings. He pulls away so that he can answer it, keeping his arm around Cassie. 
He listens to the person on the other end and his eyes widen in surprise. He looks over at Cassie.
“What’s wrong?” Cassie asks.  
“You’re kidding,” Dean says into the phone. He apologetically untangles himself from Cassie and gets up, reaching for his clothes. “I’m on my way now.” 
The same stretch of the bypass is a crime scene once again. Sam is showing his FBI badge to a police officer when Dean walks up. 
Dean nods at them both. “Hey.” 
Sam gestures at him. “He’s with me.” 
The officer nods and walks off.
Sam turns to Dean. “Hey yourself. Where were you last night? You didn’t make it back to the motel.” 
“So I’m guessing you guys worked things out.” 
“We’re working on it,” Dean says, then gestures around the crime scene. “What happened exactly?” 
“They’re not sure why the mayor was out here, but his car was parked along the road,” Sam says. “His body was found a few feet from it.”  
“Can’t say I feel that bad about this one.” 
“Yeah, but we’ve still got to stop it. Or help to, anyway.” 
Dean frowns. “Help to?” 
Dean meets Cassie at her office, where they sit together in her cubicle, talking quietly. 
“I’m sorry I ran out this morning,” Dean says. “I-” 
Cassie puts up a hand to stop him. “It’s okay. You had somewhere you needed to be,” she says. Then, “So Stevenson is really dead? I mean, we’ve all heard by now, but...”  
Dean nods. “Yeah. He’s really dead.” 
Cassie has no remorse. “Good.” 
“But that’s not what I came to talk to you about.” 
“Then what?”  
“Sam found some information that might be useful,” Dean says. “That weasel that your dad saw? It wasn’t a weasel at all. It’s called an ichneumon. It’s more like a mongoose. And the dragon is it’s snake.”
“What does that mean?” 
“Ichneumon are basically dragon-killing machines-” 
“Something that small can actually kill a dragon?”  
Dean shrugs. “Apparently. It covers itself in mud, making itself impervious to dragonfire. Then, depending on which lore you read, it either rips the dragon’s throat open, or it crawls inside the dragon’s mouth and devours it from the inside out, to kill it.” 
“Yeah,” Dean agrees. “Sam thinks since this ichneumon seems to be having trouble, we could find it and give it some help. Which... should be very interesting.” 
“Find it where?” 
Dean grimaces. “Well, it’s probably in what’s left of the forest looking for the dragon. So I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.” 
“Job perks, huh?” 
Dean stands up with a sigh. “Job perks.” 
He bends down and gives Cassie a quick kiss. “See you.” 
“See you.” 
Dean disappears out of the cubicle. When he’s gone, Cassie smiles to herself, hopeful. 
That night, with her parents already in bed, Cassie sits on the living room couch alone, watching TV. She hears a loud THUD as something lands heavily outside, followed by a growl. 
Cassie jumps up. “What-?” She goes to the window and looks out.
The dragon is sitting in the front yard, steam blowing from its nostrils. Cassie backs away and grabs her phone from the coffee table. She dials a number and puts it to her ear. 
“Cassie?” comes Dean’s voice.  
“Dean!” Cassie shrieks. 
Chapter 5
Cassie is curled up on the couch, shell-shocked. Her parents, in their pajamas, are sitting on either side of her, trying to comfort her. 
Sam hovers nearby, clearly out of place. He eases up when Dean comes into the room holding a cup of tea. He holds it out to Cassie. 
Cassie takes the cup. “Thanks.” She drinks unsteadily, hands shaking.
“How are you doing?” Dean asks. 
“Still processing. I can’t believe it just flew off.” 
“Well, be glad that it did,” Audrey says. “That thing has already caused us enough trouble.” 
Sam thinks aloud, “But why did it move away from the bypass? What’s it doing here?” 
Martin grunts. “Maybe it realized all of those annoying cars are coming from somewhere.”
Audrey shakes her head. “Well, maybe it could fly a little farther down the road and terrorize the vegan restaurant next time.” 
“Sam and I will keep watch tonight, make sure you’re all safe,” Dean says. 
“What good do you think that could possibly do?” Audrey asks. 
Martin gives Audrey a sidelong glance. “We’d appreciate that very much, thank you.”
Sam and Dean make their way toward the door before Audrey can protest. 
“We’ll be outside, then,” Dean says over his shoulder. “You all try and get some sleep.”  
Later, the Impala has parked in the Robinson’s driveway. Sam and Dean lean against the hood. 
Sam looks up at the sky, thoughtful. “Huh.” 
“What?” Dean asks. 
“It just hit me that we’re dealing with an actual dragon.” 
“Yeah, we are,” Dean says. “I hope our next case is something simple. Like a ghost or a vampire, maybe.”  
Sam scoffs. “You call that simple? My life used to just be classes, exams, and papers on polycentric cultural norms.” 
“So you’re saying I saved you from a boring existence?”   
“Yeah. And sometimes I really miss boring.” 
“I bet,” Dean says, before switching back to business, “Do you think the ichneumon wasn’t in the woods because it followed the dragon here? Or wherever it was before it was here?” 
Sam nods. “Probably. That might have even been what scared it away from the woods. And what scared it away from here. Cassie just didn’t see it.”
“Well, it is pretty tiny.” 
Sam hesitates. “She said she saw it go back toward the bypass, though, so maybe if we went now...” 
Dean frowns. He glances up at the house just as Cassie steps out and walks over to them. 
Dean stands up to meet her. “Hey. Feeling better?” 
“Hey,” Cassie says, no longer shaking. “Yeah, I am. And my parents are asleep. So now what? What do we do?”  
“You stay put and look after your parents,” Dean tells her. “Sam and I are gonna go see if we can’t end this tonight.”  
“I should come with you. I want to help.” 
Dean shakes his head. “That’s not a good idea. We don’t exactly know what we’re dealing with. Maybe some other time. ”  
Cassie kisses him, slow and sweet.
When they pull apart, Dean walks around to the driver’s side of the Impala. He ignores Sam, who is grinning from ear to ear. 
He opens the door and starts to get in. He glances at his brother. “You just gonna sit there or what?” 
Sam jumps up. “I’m coming, I’m coming.” 
Sam and Dean walk through the dragon’s forest side by side, flashlights scanning the ground in front of them.
Nearby, they hear tiny feet scurrying over leaves. Dean shoots his flashlight in the direction of the sound, but it’s only a squirrel. He curses under his breath. “We’re gonna run out of forest before we find anything.” 
But Sam isn’t interested in Dean’s complaining. “Uh-huh. So when are you going to admit that you’re still in love with Cassie?” 
“Can we focus, please?” 
“I’m just asking.” 
They step into a clearing. Directly ahead of them is the dragon. They freeze, but it has already spotted them. It growls. 
“This would be a good time for the ichneumon to show up,” Dean says. 
Sam looks around the clearing. “I don’t think it is, Dean. It’s just us.”  
Dean starts to back away. “Then we run. We each take a different route. It can only follow one of us.” 
“What’s the plan?” 
Dean shoves Sam in one direction. “Running is the plan!” He runs the other way. Over his shoulder, he shouts, “Meet you back at the Impala!”  
Behind them, there’s a whoosh of wings as the dragon takes off, too.
Dean runs out of the forest and makes a beeline for the Impala. He stops when he reaches the car and looks back at the treeline, searching. “Come on, Sam.”  
No one steps out. He looks up into the sky. It, too, is empty. A chattering sound makes him look down. A small, weasel-like creature, caked in mud, steps around from the other side of the car - the ichneumon.
“Oh, now you show up,” Dean blurts out. “Where the hell have you been?” 
The ichneumon glares at him.
“Okay, okay. Do you at least know where the dragon is?” 
The ichneumon looks up. Dean follows its gaze. The dragon has appeared, hovering above the trees. It flies over them and lands in the road up ahead, facing them.
The ichneumon jumps up onto the hood of the Impala, then climbs up onto the roof. It looks at Dean, who looks between the ichneumon and the dragon, slowly realizing what the ichneumon wants. He grins. “Oh, hell yeah.” 
He starts to get in the Impala, then pauses. “It better not hurt Baby. You gotta do your thing before that, capeesh?” 
The ichneumon rolls its eyes.
“Right. Sorry,” Dean says. He gets in the Impala and starts it up, revving the engine. “Hold on, little guy.” 
He slams on the accelerator, heading straight for the dragon. Up on the roof, the ichneumon holds on for dear life.
About ten feet in front of the dragon, as it’s opening its mouth, a fireball forming, Dean hits the breaks. The Impala slides to a stop and, with perfect timing, the ichneumon lets go and flies forward, landing in the dragon's open mouth. 
Unperturbed by the flames, it slides down the dragon’s throat and disappears. The dragon freezes for a few moments, eyes wide, then its head tilts upward, shooting its flame into the open sky. It collapses to the ground, seemingly dead. 
The ichneumon scurries back out of the dragon’s mouth and looks at its handiwork. Then it turns and nods at Dean. 
Dean gives it a thumbs up, stunned. “Uh, yeah. You’re welcome. No problem.” 
The ichneumon runs off into the forest, passing Sam on his way out, who stares at it in bewilderment before his eyes fall on the very dead dragon in the road. His jaw drops. 
Dean rolls down the window of the Impala. “Did you get lost or something?” 
Eyes still fixed on the dragon, Sam says, “Uh, yeah.” 
“In half a forest?” 
“Shut up,” Sam snaps. He gestures at the dragon. “What the hell did I miss?” 
Dean shrugs. “Nothing much,” he says. “I’m just wondering how the government’s gonna cover this one up. Cause I’m not moving that.” 
Chapter 6
On the porch of the Robinson house, Sam and Dean say their goodbyes to Cassie. 
“My parents said to thank you again,” Cassie says. “I’m sure everyone else here would thank you, too, if they knew.” 
Dean chuckles. “We didn’t really do much.” 
Cassie smiles. “You did enough.” 
Dean and Cassie’s eyes meet. They don’t look away. 
Sam clears his throat. “I think I’m gonna go wait in the car. It was nice meeting you, Cassie.” 
“You too,” Cassie says, still focused on Dean. 
Sam walks off to the Impala and gets behind the wheel.
“This isn’t goodbye, is it?” Cassie asks Dean. “Not really?”  
Dean hesitates. “No, it’s not. But for now... Sam and I, we need to find our dad. It might be a while before I can get back here.” 
Cassie nods. “Okay. I understand that. But I also want to be clear... it’s gonna get to a point where I’m not gonna wait for you. I’ve gotta live my life.” 
“I know.”  
They press close together and kiss, not wanting to part just yet. 
Dean breaks away first. “I’ll be seeing you, Cassie. I promise.”  
“You better.”  
Dean gives her one last long, longing look, then turns and walks to the Impala.
Cassie watches him go.
Dean gets into the passenger side. “Let’s get out of here.” 
“Are you sure you’re ready?” Sam asks, sincere. “I could come back-” 
“I’m ready.” 
Sam raises an eyebrow, skeptical. “Alright.” He starts the car up. 
Sam waves at Cassie as the Impala backs out of the driveway and speeds off.
As the Impala drives out of Cassie’s neighborhood, Sam asks, “So do you wanna look into that case in Pennsylvania now?” 
Dean gives a half-hearted, “Sure.”  
An awkward silence follows. Sam glances over at Dean. “I like her, by the way. It seems like you two could be good for each other.”  
Dean looks away, out the window. “Yeah. Probably.” 
Sam wonders, “Meeting someone like her, does it ever make you think it’s not worth it, doing what we do? Putting everything else on hold?” 
Dean doesn’t answer. 
Dean leans back in his seat and closes his eyes. “Wake me up when it’s my turn to drive.” 
Sam sighs, disappointed. “Yeah, okay.” 
The Impala slows and turns onto the bypass. The “Bypass Now Open” sign is still there.
But now, there are no dragons in sight. 
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mi-amor-me-ha-dejado · 23 days ago
For You.
Mi Amor Me Ha Dejado, Y Me Hace Llorar
It was the dead of night. You were exhausted, but you had waited until even Vah Medoh was just a tad slower in its circles above Rito Village. You strapped a bag to your chest and flapped your wings quietly, just enough to stir the stale air around you.
You missed when you were able to fly above Rito Village— when the air surrounding Lake Tottori was full of life, full of wind. But with Vah Medoh’s reawakening, the air had fallen quiet— no, not quiet. It had grown dangerous. Everyone who flew just a smidgen above Rito Spire was shot down, their feathers charred and blackened by Vah Medoh’s cannons… you shuddered to think what Harth’s wings looked like after trying to fight the Beast.
You flapped your wings again, though rather absently, as you pondered what you would do once you were out of Rito Village. I could become a wandering traveler, like that one guy… Kaz, I think his name was? He makes a nice living off of music. Or perhaps I could set up shop in Gerudo Town, if that even exists… I hardly hear of it, but I know that there must be something in the desert. But deep down, you knew that neither of those options were good enough for you. You knew what you wanted to do.
You recalled your younger years, when you were drawn to water like the ducks that rode its surface. You remembered how your father would laugh every time you dove beak-first into Lake Tottori’s chilly waters— you were always “his little penguin.”
I’m not so little now.
With one great heave of your wings, you were just able to lift your talons off the ground.
Damn it.
You paused, dropping dully to the landing again, and turned. As soon as you saw who was confronting you, you gave an awkward smile, trying to smooth over the situation. “Yes?”
The other Rito girl stepped closer to you, her sleek lavender feathers illuminated by the pale moonlight. “Where are you going? And so late, too?”
“I, um…” You spread your wings open to her, dropping your shoulders. “Look, I know this looks bad, but—”
“Oh, Hylia!” Saki’s wings flew to her face, a sudden look of understanding and shock washing over her. “Don’t tell me you’re leaving Rito Village!”
“Er… unfortunately, you’ve got it.” You chuckled, the nervous sound falling flat on the night air. You grew serious again, finally saying the words you had longed to say for weeks— or had it been months? You couldn’t remember. “I’m tired of life here, Saki. Can’t you see how it’s gotten boring? Vah Medoh has us held hostage here. We can’t even fly without worrying about ending up like Harth.”
“But someone will stop Vah Medoh soon!” Saki insisted. “Soon, a Champion will come and turn Vah Medoh to our side again. I just know it!”
“Well, that Champion hasn’t come in time to keep me. I’ve made up my mind.”
“But— won’t you miss Rito Village? Rito Village will miss you. You’ve always been a big help to us, Albatross. Won’t you miss Drake?” “Do not bring Drake into this,” you said coolly, as your younger brother’s face flashed briefly into your mind. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this, and not even he can tether me here. If Vah Medoh cannot, then neither can he.”
Saki sighed, her shoulders rising and falling gently. “It seems you’ve made up your mind…”
“I’ve debated this ever since Vah Medoh reawakened.” You turned your gaze to Lake Tottori again. “I have to go now. This never happened. You don’t know where I’ve gone.”
Saki hesitated, her expression uncertain. “Albatross…”
“Don’t make me say it again.” Saki, I know I can trust you. Please, just trust me, too.
Saki scrunched her eyes shut, then took one final look at you. “This never happened,” she recited. Each word sounded as though it were another chunk taken out of her beak. “I don’t know where you are or where you’re going.”
“Good. Goodbye, Saki.”
With that, you turned back to the still-rising sun. Once, twice, you flapped your wings, as hard as your shoulders would allow— whorls of wind stung your eyes and ruffled the crest of feathers on your head, but you were undeterred. You could feel yourself growing lighter with each stroke of your wings. Three times, now, four— finally! Your talons left the wooden planks you stood on, finally allowing you to be fully airborne.
You tilted your wings to dive towards Lake Tottori, soaring upwards at the very last moment. As you swung your head over your shoulder to take one last look at Rito Village, you saw Vah Medoh, its wings illuminated by golden light. It let out a great screech as the sun rose over Hyrule Field, as though it knew you were leaving.
Undeterred, you set your sights forward, past Tanagar Canyon, beyond Hyrule Ridge. You knew where you were going.
Goodbye, Saki.
Goodbye, Rito Village.
This is my world now.
— — ❀ — —
The first half of the day had been easy enough travel. There were the occasional close calls— you still cringed to think what could have happened if that Guardian’s blast came any closer to you— but other than that, the skies were carefree and forgiving. When you got tired, you would stop at the strange towers that had spawned throughout Hyrule, high enough to keep you safe from harm. The strange thing was that some were illuminated with blue light, and some with orange. You couldn’t figure out the pattern of why which one was what color.
But, as time went, it quickly turned from noon to mid-afternoon to early evening. Before you knew it, the crescent moon that had illuminated your departure now shone her light on your journey.  You gritted your jaw, knowing the danger that lurked in the woods below you. At such a low altitude, it wasn’t hard to hear the guttural sounds of Lizalfos camps celebrating their kills. If you succumbed to your weariness now, you surely wouldn’t again.
It seemed that each flap of your wings brought you closer to the ground, despite your best efforts to stay in flight. No—no, no, no! Vah Medoh has kept me prisoner to the ground for too long. I’m not leaving the sky so easily. A strange feeling welled up in your chest as you saw wildlife on the ground growing closer— something that made you want to crush Hyrule into a ball and cast it over your shoulder.
Is this what they call anger?
You sighed, though out of relief or frustration, you couldn’t tell. You thought you saw firelight ahead, but you didn’t think you’d be able to fly for another flap of your wings. “How disappointing,” you muttered to yourself as your talons touched the dirt path you had been following. I hope that that’s not a monster camp up ahead.
Sure enough, the firelight was too consistent and bright to be a measly Bokoblin camp. A strange patchwork sculpture of a horse’s head peered across the field it inhabited; the stables teemed with life, from both stablehands and the horses themselves. You peered around and saw all sorts of livestock, from herding dogs to things you thought were sheep. They looked like the mountain goats you often saw in the Hebra Mountains, but fluffier, and a lot whiter.
“Great snakes, gal, where you been!?” Came a shocked cry. “Ya look like you ain’t rested in days!”
You swung your head around, trying to find the source of the voice.
“Over here, gal!”
As he spoke again, you caught sight of the man at the counter of the stables. He wore strange garb, and he looked nothing like anyone you had ever seen. He had smooth, dark flesh, not feathery and bright like the Rito you had always known.
“Don’t talk, eh? Where ya from, where ya goin’? Never seen a Rito like you before, except that one who comes through with the music every now and again. What’s yer name, gal?”
“I talk,” you replied simply. “Where is this and who are you?”
“Well, well!” The man crowed, a joyful laugh entering the air. “She speaks!” His joy was cut short by your quelling glare, at which he coughed awkwardly, trying to cover the sound of his laughter. “Well, to answer your questions, welcome to Wetland Stable, the greatest stable in all of Lanayru! I’m Lawdon, the owner of this here place. We host horses of all kinds here. You got one to register? Doesn’t seem you do, but I’ll ask anyway.”
“We Rito have no need for horses.” You were beginning to dislike this man— Lawdon, he had said his name was. He was too energetic and peppy for your liking.
“Well, you’re in luck! We also double as an inn!” Lawdon swept a hand behind him, gesturing to the inside of the stable. “You can pay 20 rupees to sleep here. Or,” he added, lowering his voice, “the soft beds are twice as expensive, but they’re twice as good.”
“What’s a rupee?”
Lawdon froze at your question, a strangled sound coming from his throat. “Wh— what? Everyone knows what rupees are…”
“I’m joking,” you said flatly, struggling to maintain a neutral expression at the look on his face.
“Er, um— right! Yes, I thought so… So, will you be staying here for the night?”
“I suppose I am. Where are your soft beds?” You dug into the bag you’d brought with you, searching for a small satchel that contained all the rupees you had. Clink-clink— two red rupees glinted in the firelight around you, each one worth a night’s stay at this stable.
“They’re right this way! If you’ll just follow me—”
“Not yet. I have questions.”
“5 rupees a pop,” Lawdon said, sticking his open palm out to you.
“That’s a ridiculous rate for questions. They’re worth two each, at most.”
“I was joking,” Lawdon mumbled, quiet for the first time since you’d met him.
“So was I.” You paused. “Lanayru, huh? Zora's Domain is east of here, is it not?”
“Yes, it is! But you don’t want to go there. I hear they have a horrible problem with their own Divine Beast.”
“They have a Divine Beast bothering them, too?” If I could figure out their Divine Beast, then perhaps I could figure out Vah Medoh… no, don’t think that. I’ve left Vah Medoh and Rito Village behind. “What kind of ‘problem’ are they having?”
“They say their Divine Beast has flooded their entire domain,” Lawdon replied, as though this were common knowledge. “You're a Rito, ain’t ya? Ya got your own Beast to deal with? I hear tell of a giant bird that’ll kill ya if ya get close.”
“I will neither confirm nor deny that,” you said, trying to bury the image of Harth that you saw every time you thought of Vah Medoh. “I’ll take one of your soft beds.” As you abruptly changed the topic, you handed off the red rupees to Lawdon.
“All righty, one soft bed, coming right up! Right this way.” Lawdon stepped away from the counter, beckoning for you to enter the stables.
Shortly after, you were left alone again, and you had an impossibly soft bed to lay on. For the first time in ages, you felt safe. There’s people around to alert me if Vah Medoh comes to hunt me down— people who seem competent and not in denial about the state of things, like Saki. And I’m on my way to Zora's Domain. I’ve made it almost all the way there in just one day.
This journey is off to a good start.
— — ❀ — —
You woke the next morning with a start from a strange dream. Though, the more you tried to recall it, the further it faded from you…
You groaned and set your talons on the wooden floor, rolling your shoulders as you sat up. Skies above, I am so sore… I can’t think about that today, though. I’m almost to Zora's Domain.
“Hope you slept good!” Came a familiar voice. Lawdon poked his head around the counter, looking you over as you woke. “How you feelin’ today?”
“Not bad.” You stood and grabbed your bag, fastening it across your chest once again. “Goodbye.”
“What? Yer leaving, just like that?” Lawdon’s expression was that of amused confusion, as though he couldn’t believe that you were about to leave. “Not even breakfast to start ya on yer travels?”
“I’m not hungry.” As though on cue, your stomach growled loudly, completely contradicting your words.
“Ah, there’s the tell of a liar, gal!” Lawdon laughed, as though this were the funniest thing in the world.
You gazed at him again, trying to keep from snapping at him. “Food will weigh me down on my flight to Zora's Domain.”
“Oh, right! I keep forgetting Rito can fly. Well, if you want something to eat, I think there’s someone who can sell you food. His name’s Beet or Beetle or something like that.”
“I’ll take my chances on an empty stomach,” you replied curtly. You walked around the side of the stable and hoisted yourself onto the thatch roof, climbing the patchwork horse head that topped the building.
You flapped your wings again, though now, it came with a twinge of pain. Soreness from yesterday’s flight, you remembered, but that isn’t a concern. I’ll rest more thoroughly once I get to Zora's Domain. Once, twice, you flapped your wings again, stirring a breeze that traveled down the side of the stable. With one final heave of your wings, you lifted off of the horse’s head and leapt into the sky, quickly catching a strong breeze blowing east. Perfect, you thought, a small smirk crossing your face. Now I don’t even have to work to get there.
Zora’s Domain, here I come.
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moldisgoodforyou · 24 days ago
sorry i don’t care abt my titles and it clearly shows !!!! this one is dedicated to @sunnypogue and @everybodyscupoftea you guys should see the pegging jokes in our groupchat
wordcount: 3.2k
warnings: it’s flirty at the start and then it’s smutty at the end
“Where are you going?” Colin questioned as Rafe and Sophie came down the stairs, both dressed in workout gear. Rafe was normally adamant on running alone (“it’s like my therapy,” he’d said, only for James to mutter in response “maybe you should try real therapy”).
“We’re doing a kickboxing class. It’s free at the student rec center.” Sophie responded as she tied up her hair into a ponytail, swatting Rafe’s hand away when he tugged at the ends of her hair.
“You two? You’re trying this together?” James asked skeptically, eyeing the both of them.
“Yeah, why?” Sophie asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she put up her arms in defense, pretending to punch Rafe’s arm. “I’m gonna be great at it.”
“You two are gonna kill each other.” Colin remarked dryly, shaking his head. “You’re too competitive.”
“We are not -” Rafe started in protest.
“Last week the kitchen was covered in flour because one of you started a fight when you were making cookies. Neither of you have a limit.”
“It was his fault -”
“It was your fault!” Rafe exclaimed, ducking his head when Sophie pretend-punched him again. “Sophie, if you hit me one more fucking time -”
“What. What are you gonna do.” She rolled her eyes and returned to bouncing on her feet, going to punch his chest a little harder this time, just because she could.
James snorted.
“Don’t encourage her.” Rafe glared at James as he caught her fist in his hand, narrowing his eyes at her. “I’m kicking your ass in this class now. Just you wait.”
“I’d love to see you try.” She grinned and smacked a kiss to his cheek. “C’mon. The gym awaits.”
“My money’s on Soph.” James commented as he watched the two leave hand in hand.
“Oh, absolutely. He won’t stand a chance.” Colin agreed, a small smile on his face as he watched Rafe jog around to her side to beat her before she could open her own car door. “Fucking simp.”
After they both got all the equipment on and did a small warmup, the lesson began. “Everyone pick your partner, please!” The instructor announced, and Sophie turned to the guy next to her with a grin, about to open her mouth.
“Do you want to partner up?” The guy asked politely, offering his hand to shake.
Rafe stepped in between the two and slung his arm around Sophie’s shoulders with a scowl. “She has a partner, thanks though.”
“Oh. Sorry.” The guy apologized, turning away to look for someone else.
She raised her eyebrows at Rafe. “I was giving you the chance to pair up with someone more your skill level, baby.”
He scoffed. “Okay. Whatever. You’re just trying to piss me off.”
“I would never!” She mock-gasped, tugging off her shirt and tossing it at him to leave her in a sports bra and small tight shorts. The attire wasn’t out of place for the class, fitting in with the other girls, but Rafe narrowed his eyes.
He stepped closer, lowering his voice. “Don’t be a brat.”
“I’m not. You’re overthinking. Pay attention.” She checked her hip against his, turning her attention to the instructor as they went over a series of standard kicks and punches. Both of them were ultra-tuned in, carefully correcting each other’s form if something looked off and encouraging each other after a strong hit.
After he took her down - again - with a well-timed kick to the calves to sweep her off her feet, she clambered back up and shoved at his shoulder. “Hit me harder.”
“What? I am hitting you.”
“You’re going too easy on me.” She squared up again, bouncing on her feet. “Stop holding back.”
He squared up too, responding with a quick punch to her stomach that she deflected. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“You won’t. Come on, try harder.” She tried another series of punches that he easily blocked again.
“Okay, but don’t complain because you’re too slow.” He caught her off guard with a punch to the ribs, making her groan.
“Fuck. Okay.” She breathed out, trying to kick out at him. He caught her ankle easily, throwing her off balance and sending her toppling to the floor. She lay on her back for a moment, trying to catch her breath and glanced up at him. His smug little smile was enough fuel to get her up again.
“You alright? Need some water?” He asked, concerned, and reached out to her on instinct.
She took the opportunity to send a punch straight to his gut, making him keel over. “I’m fine, pay attention.”
“Jesus.” He breathed out, standing up again and tried to hit her again unsuccessfully. “You’re not mad at me, right? ‘Cause if you are, we should probably talk it out first. Did I do something?”
“No.” She retaliated with a kick to his hip, knocking him off balance again. “No, just trying to do this right. It’s like, pent up tension from when we used to fight for real.”
He laughed and hit her a little harder, taking advantage of her surprised reaction and hooked his leg under hers, knocking her to the ground and pinning her easily. “Got it. Maybe try harder though?”
“I could peg you, you know.” She muttered in his ear as he laid on top of her. He choked, eyes going wide, completely caught off guard.
“You could what?”
That was enough distraction for her to flip them over, despite his six foot three frame, and she grinned down at him, triumphant. “You heard me.”
It only took another moment for him to flip them back over and he pinned her down for real, letting her go after a few seconds. “I won.”
“Hardly.” She argued, accepting his hand to get up. “I almost had you.”
“By manipulation alone.” He retorted. “You’re really cute when you’re trying, though.”
“Fuck off.” She scowled, shaking out her arms. “Let’s go again.”
He grinned, doing the same. “You didn’t mean that.”
“Let’s go again? Yeah, I do, we have fifteen minutes left here.” She attempted a series of hits, batted away by him.
“No. What you just said. The - the thing.” He faltered, cursing when she kicked at his thigh. Even though she was fairly flexible, he still had quite a few inches on her and the balance of height and strength was clearly off.
“I absolutely fucking did.” Her eyes were bright and he was surprised she wasn’t holding back a laugh, but smirking instead.
“No. You’re just trying to catch me off guard. You and those tiny little shorts.” He retorted, letting his gaze trail over the small drops of sweat gathering across her chest.
She did the same - she’d been thinking the entire time about peeling the sweaty tank off his body and having her way with him in the locker room showers. (It’d never happen, of course, she’d die if they got caught, but a girl can dream.) When he checked her back into reality with a firm but gentle kick to the stomach, making her stumble backward, she shook her head. “Sorry. What?”
He smirked. “Pay attention. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I am paying - god. You suck.” She breathed out, aiming a punch at his chin.
He batted it away easily. “Hey! Not the face.”
“Oh my god, you’re such a Leo.” She grumbled, pretend-swinging at his cheek just to antagonize him.
He just grabbed her wrist to stop her, using his height to his advantage. “I still don’t understand any of that. Can we get smoothies after this?”
“Fucking - focus, Rafe.” She hissed, wrenching her arm free and tried kicking at him again. He turned away from the kick and caught her with a couple punches to the shoulders, making her hiss. After a few deflected hits back and forth on both their ends, he managed to catch her off guard again and pin her, laying on her like a dead weight as she struggled.
“Aw. That was cute.”
She bit at his earlobe, making him giggle - literally - and scrunch up his shoulders.
“That was cute.” She retorted, flinging his own words back at him. “Get the fuck off me.”
“Only if you admit I’m better than you at this.”
“Never in a million fucking years.” She growled, shoving at him.
“Must you be so stubborn?” He rolled his eyes, only getting off her when the instructor clapped her hands to signal the end of the class. He tugged his gloves off and leaned down to give her a hand.
She laid there for another moment to catch her breath, eyes squeezed shut, then accepted his hand to hoist her up and leaned into his side as the instructor thanked everyone and handed out flyers about the next classes offered.
He glanced down at her, affectionately stroking his hand over the top of her head. “You good?”
“Yeah.” She nodded, letting him pull off her gloves to return them. “Just tired. And probably bruised.”
Rafe laughed, grabbing his keys and their water bottles then slung his arm around her shoulders to walk them out. “You said not to go easy. Do you want to go home, take a nap?”
“I’d rather do something else.” She muttered, matching his stride to walk with him out to the car.
“Huh?” He asked as he opened the car door for her, offering her a hand to step up. Once she sat, she fisted the front of his tank and pulled him close to kiss him, hard. “Oh, hello.” He mumbled against her lips, caught off guard.
“Hi.” She breathed out, pressing her forehead against his. “I really wanted to fuck you in the locker room. You’re so hot when you’re sweaty.”
His eyes went wide and he didn’t dare move, frozen in his spot. “We haven’t left the parking lot yet. We can go inside.”
Sophie giggled and pressed her hand flat against his chest, pushing him back. “We can’t do that. You know that.”
“Says who?” He leaned in again to kiss her hungrily, only to be pushed away by her again.
“We’re not breaking the rules. My place or yours?”
“Uh...check Find My Friends. See who’s home.” He jogged around to the driver’s seat, jamming his key in the ignition, and started up the car.
She swiped through her phone, then nodded. “Okay. My place, but we’re quiet anyways, so it doesn’t really matter.” She glanced over at him, then down to his lap. “Are you seriously already -”
“Yeah. Have been since you took your shirt off, I’m surprised you didn’t notice.” He gave her a sheepish grin, his cheeks going red, and shifted in his seat. “And it does matter.”
“Why?” She leaned over and swiped her thumb over a drop of sweat from his forehead before it could fall into his eye.
“Why am I hard? You’re really asking that?”
“No.” She giggled, shoving at his shoulder. “Why does it matter if anyone’s home?”
“Because. I want to hear you.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “It’s more fun that way.”
“Mmhmm.” She let her hand slide down to the back of his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of her neck.
“So, uh, what was that, that you said earlier?”
“The thing. Uh, when you pinned me. Just for a second though.” He refused to look at her, his face turning more and more red and she could see a clear tent in his shorts.
“Ohhh.” She grinned, leaning closer. “The pegging thing.”
“Yes. That. I thought you’d only been with one other guy?” He glanced at her and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, clearly nervous.
“I’ve been with four others -”
“No. Just sex. Like, all the way.”
“Oh. Yeah, just you and someone else.” She nodded. “What are you getting at?”
“So you, uh.” He pushed his sweaty hair back from his forehead, glancing at her again. “You pegged this guy?”
Sophie burst out laughing, shaking her head. “Rafe, what?”
“You said it so casually earlier! Like you’ve done it before!” He exclaimed, reaching over and grabbing her hand. “So you haven’t?”
“No, oh my god, I haven’t pegged anyone.” She giggled, kissing the back of his hand. “You’re so dumb sometimes.”
“Why’d you bring it up then!” Rafe retorted, all the tension gone from his body.
“I just wanted to catch you off guard.” She grinned, sliding her hand up his thigh and grazed over his hard cock in his shorts, putting on a teasing tone. “Why? Do you want that?”
He jerked his leg, cursing as he bumped his knee into the steering wheel. “I - I thought only lesbians did that.”
“No. I don’t think so. Julia -”
“No!” Rafe exclaimed, slapping his hand over her mouth. “I do not want to hear about the girls and their sex lives -”
She licked his palm to get him to let go and immediately regretted it, tasting the sweat. “Oh my god, no, nothing happened. She almost hooked up with a guy that asked her to but she got too scared.”
“Huh.” He wrinkled his nose, more focused on trying to get the mental image of Julia out of his head.
“I’d do it, you know. If you wanted me to.” She raised her eyebrows at him, dropping the teasing tone.
“I have no doubt you would. But I think that’d be too much power going to your head.” He grinned as he pulled into her driveway. “Plus you hate taking control in bed anyways.”
“That is not - I’ll fucking show you.” She protested, hopping out of the car and striding into her house without waiting for him. He just snorted and followed her in and up the stairs, unsurprised that she took it as a challenge. When he made it up, a couple seconds later, he opened her bedroom door to be greeted by her leaning against the wall in the tiny little shorts and her sports bra, her shirt and shoes discarded on the floor.
“Hello.” He greeted, amused, and closed the door behind him.
“I want you undressed.” She replied evenly, eyeing him over.
“That’s hardly fair, you’re still dressed.” He shot back but kicked off his shoes anyways. He loved when she got like this, all bossy and demanding - it just reminded him of what they were like before they dated and how many times he wished their arguments before could end in kissing and making up.
“Okay.” She opened her arms wide. “Have at me.”
He grinned and tugged off his tank top, striding toward her. “Thought you were taking control?”
“I am, I’m telling you what to do, but you get to do the work. I’m tired - Rafe!” She squealed, giggling as he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed.
“Yes ma’am?” He hooked his fingers into the sides of her shorts, hovering over her and raised his eyebrows as he glanced up. “You gonna instruct me, or…?”
“Mm. Pretty sure you know what to do from here, actually.” She leaned back with a smug smile, intertwining her fingers behind her head.
He snorted and dragged her shorts down her legs. “Brat.” He pressed teasing kisses up her thighs, spreading her legs apart slowly.
She shuddered in anticipation as the cool air hit her, sitting up a little bit. “Rafe.”
“Yeah.” He kissed everywhere but where she wanted, making her squirm. He dug his fingers into her thighs and dragged the tip of his tongue up the inside of her thigh.
“Please what.” He kissed up her stomach, making her huff in frustration as she tangled her fingers in his hair.
“Please, just - oh, fuck.” She gasped as he slid his thumb over her clit, slipping two fingers inside of her easily as he grazed his teeth over her collarbone. He laughed at how easy she was to please, how predictable she could be sometimes - though he did suppose he knew her body like the back of his hand now. She whined quietly underneath him, pressing her hips toward his hand. “So good, Rafe.”
“Louder. I want to hear you.” He encouraged, curling his fingers toward himself. It only took a few more breathy moans and quick passes of his thumb over her clit before she was whimpering against his lips, unable to stay quiet. “C’mon, Soph, want you to come for me.”
She nodded, desperate, as he worked her body expertly. When she finally came, she curled her arm around his neck, holding him tight to her. “Fuck, I love you,” she breathed out, pressing a kiss to his temple.
“Love you too.” He mumbled against her collarbone, nipping at the skin. “Even if you are a brat.”
“You love it.” She giggled, leaning back enough so she could wrestle her sports bra off, struggling a little as it stuck to her skin.
He helped her tug it off, kicking off his shorts too. “Are we still pretending you’re in charge here, or…?”
She was too tired to argue but scowled anyways, gesturing loosely at the nightstand. “Yeah. Grab a condom, I want you to fuck me. Can we get sushi later?”
Rafe laughed, leaning over, and grabbed a condom, rolling it down himself. “It’s Sunday. Our place is closed.” He teased his cock against her, glancing up at her for approval.
She nodded, sliding her hand up her back to comb her fingers through his hair. “Right. Um - fuck -” She gasped as he entered her. “Thai?”
“Nah. Burgers?” He thrust into her hard, making her moan. “Or we could go downtown for that other sushi spot?”
Sophie closed her eyes for a moment, trying her best to think straight when he was fucking her, but felt like her brain was foggy. “Uh - what? Don’t remember.”
He smirked and continued his steady pace. “Can’t think?”
“No - just, fuck, right there, faster.”
“Pizza instead?” He pinched her nipple, grinning when she moaned just a little bit louder. “Close?”
“Yes, please - not the pizza -” She chased his lips with hers, meeting him in a heated kiss.
He laughed, thrusting a little harder, groaning as she tugged a little too hard on his hair.
“Sorry - didn’t mean to -”
“No, fuck, felt good.” He corrected quickly and thrust a few more times after she came with a breathy moan, reaching his own orgasm. He lay on top of her afterward like dead weight, panting hard. “What did we decide?”
“I dunno.” She replied, dropping her head back against the pillows. “I can’t think straight and you’re over here having a full on conversation like you’re putting in zero effort.”
“It’s all that work at the gym.” He quipped, rolling off of her and tossed the condom in the trash. “C’mon, you need to shower.”
“Noooo.” She whined. “I’m starving. What do you want?”
“Whatever you want to decide. The faster your slow ass is in the shower, the faster we can go eat.” He encouraged, stretching out. “Go.”
“Come with me. Wash my hair.” Sophie argued, tugging on his arm. “Did I win today?”
He snorted. “Like, one round out of six. Loser buys dinner, that’s what we agreed, right?” He teased, giving her a short, chaste kiss before dragging himself up.
“That hardly seems fair.” She grinned when he stood and followed, rising up on her toes to peck his lips quickly. “Hey.”
He should have known what was about to come out of her mouth just by the smug smirk that graced her lips. “I’ll peg you if you buy dinner.”
“Jesus Christ, Sophie.”
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catharticallysarcastic · 25 days ago
Tales of a Fake WAG - Chapter 45: Fix You
Tumblr media
Genre: romance I erotica I adult fiction
Word count: draft 1: 907 draft 2: 1695
Chapters: 45/?
Warnings: explicit sexual content, strong language, name calling, throat grabbing, PTSD, spanking, choking, roleplay, oral (male/female), unprotected sex, mention of violence, alcohol, death, grief, car crash, explosion, blood, head trauma, slapping (non sexual)
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“What do WAGs do? What do WAGs do?” Harley kept repeating the question like a broken record. She was laying on the couch. The tennis ball in her hand flew above her head and back into her hand again and again. She was bored out of her mind, so bored she felt like the world spun around her but she was standing still.
The meals for Roman had been cooked for nearly a month ahead. She'd made so much bon bons that even sending small boxes to the entire team and all of their families still left her with enough to open a small shop. The house had been cleaned back and forth, everything was shining like in a damn museum.
Of course, it was different for those WAGs who had kids. Kids demanded a whole lot of time, especially when your husband demanded just as much. Assuming looking after a professional athlete wasn't a full time job was ignorant. The problem was Harley barely slept so she had a bit more time on her hands than an average person.
In the last couple of weeks Harley had tried to apply to a couple of jobs, mostly assistant positions, alongside some office manager ones, things she had a very decent resume for, as well as years long experience. However, she'd had to realize getting a job as the wife of a famous footballer was anything but easy. No one had even replied to her and whilst she'd first believed it to be the general ignorance of most employees. Though, she'd had come to the conclusion there was more to it when finally, one place had summoned her in for an interview. They likely hadn't recognized her name on the resume or they'd called every applicant in for an interview, either way, it had resulted in a rather awkward situation with the leader of human resource asking her if maybe she could get a signed ball for her son.
Everyone demanded the partners of famous footballers to work but no one realized it wasn't necessarily the easiest to find an ordinary job. Of course, Harley could have asked money from Roman and open a beauty salon or a gym. She could learn to be a personal trainer. But these were not things that held interest for her. She liked working in an office. She liked working in nature. Maybe she should apply to the zoo, offer to wear a gorilla mask so people wouldn't recognize her. It was so easy for everyone to judge.
“Try and get a job then with your stupid face on every stupid front cover,” she grumbled, letting out a surprised squeak when the ball hit her right in the face. “Fuck sake, I must do something!” She growled and pushed herself to sit up, her feet thrown over the edge of the couch with a loud thud. She could get her hair done, her nails done... Get a breast job, she glanced at her chest, pursing her lips – too bad she's never wanted bigger breasts. She could go and buy more clothes but she most certainly had more than enough since Roman had begged her to spend some money on herself during pre-season besides shopping really wasn't one of her favourite past time.
This would be a good time to finally read all the books she'd been collecting. She'd always complained that she'd had no time to read all the amazing stories and now that the opportunity was here, she couldn't figure out what she wanted. She'd spent at least an hour scrolling through the list on her phone only to come up with nothing.
She'd read the news, international, politics, business, tabloid and of course sports, back and forth. She's refreshed the news site so many times, they didn't even have time to give her new articles. The sports section of course got the most time and attention from her, particularly the news about Real Madrid and Roman. It was peak comedy to read some of them though. Some news were so far from the truth that she wondered if maybe journalists had a secret competition who could come up with the biggest lie and make people believe it.
Though, of course, nothing was as hilarious as the rumours about her. She'd found one the other day, on a mediocre tabloid site, claiming she was having trouble getting along with other wives and girlfriends. It was complete bullshit. Harley might not have been extremely close with anyone but she also had no issue with any of the partners. Everytime they were invited to a grill party, she joined Roman. As a matter of fact, she planned to make one herself. Harley didn't just stand in a corner either, she mingled, made small talk, smiled a lot.
“I should like more photos on Instagram –” she mumbled with a grimace scrunching her nose up. “ – that would show them just how we are all besties forever” She snorted with a roll of her eyes. Maybe she wasn't even the most fake part of this world.
With a sigh, she opened the laptop on the table and started browsing blogs. Maybe she could find something interesting. Crocheting, knitting, decoupaging... She'd used to love trying all sorts of creative things but somehow the thrill had gone since Jordan and... No, don't think of that, Harley chided herself, scrolling further before dropping back on the couch with a frustrated growl. What the hell did others with no kids do?
Her gaze fell on the glasses Roman had left on the table and she sat up again, her mouth pulled into a smile. They had had an amazing time the other day with their little roleplay session. She'd truly had a great time slipping into someone else's shoes and Roman has been even giddier since than usual.
“What if...” A thought started shaping on her mind. Her eyes moved between the laptop and the glasses. This could be interesting. What if... Could she? Did she still have it? Pulling the laptop to her, she wriggled her fingers and opened a new document. Her tongue pressed against her bottomlip as she stared at the blank screen in front of her with the black little line blinking rhythmically. It's been years since she hasn't written a single word. The last thing coming out of her fingertips had been Jordan's necrology for the local paper. The memory left a bitter taste in her mouth and she shook her head. Don't think of that now.
Harley swallowed the lump in her throat, shook her hands to stop the slight tremble. Curling and uncurling her fingers, her skin touched the keyboard and she let out a sigh she didn't even realize she was holding. Just fill the blank page with tiny little ants looking letters. She'd used to be good at this, sure enough, one didn't just forget to write because they didn't practice, right? Don't think, just write, she ordered herself. Just let it go, Harley, the voice on her mind almost sounded like Roman and a smile pulled the corner of her lips upwards. With a loud exhale, she pressed down the first key and that was it, like magic, the words were pouring out of her as if a dam broke down and all the words untold in the last couple of years found their way out of her. The white screen filled with thousands of black letters that then shaped into words and sentences and paragraphs. She'd almost forgotten just how she enjoyed doing this, getting lost in her own world, in the world she created.
Her writing was not Shakespeare, not even an outstanding pulp fiction, just porn, nothing but pure porn, recording their first sexual encounter with Roman to the tiniest details. The memories of that steamy night rushed back to her. It was like describing a movie, an erotic film, sheer porn and Harley loved every moment of it, her body buzzing with excitement as she recalled the events of their first time.
An hour later she blinked, her eyebrows raising in surprise when she checked the word count. Over 5000 words in just a little over 60 minutes. The sort of fulfilment filled her what she hadn't felt in a long time. But then she hadn't done anything nearly as creative as this in a very long time.
Her bottomlip slipped between her teeth, hand hovering above the touchpad. Her gaze moved between the document and the open browser window with the blogs lined up. What if... Maybe she could get away with uploading the story to a blog – no names, completely anonymous, appearances and every little personal detail changed... Maybe she could just upload her writing and feel like she actually did something. It was hardly unlikely anyone would even pay attention to it anyway but she could feel at least a little bit productive.
With that thought, she clicked on the browser and the register button and within 20 minutes she was staring at her very own blog, titled “Tales of a Fake WAG”. The design was minimalistic with the most basic theme she could found, a generic photo of a football pitch for the header, a ball for her avatar, everything else just black and white. No one would be interested anyway, nor she wanted anyone to read this. The blog was mostly for her, for her own entertainment. But better be safe than sorry, Harley made sure to write a disclaimer and state that all stories, every post was purely fictional, the product of her rather filthy mind.
Once finished, she went back to the document and copied the whole thing into a new post on the blog. She hesitated for a moment before pressing the post button. No one besides Roman and her would know it was about them, she reasoned. She was also extra careful, used a fake mail address, one she created specifically for the blog. This could not hurt Roman in any way, she thought and clicked on the post button before she could change her mind.
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