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#somehow.... 😑
starlatte27 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its ironic that this person blocked me when... I would NEVER want anyone to be attacked over Stolitz.
Did they make this as a response to the people who dislike Stolitz? Because.... most of us never want to directly attack others in the first place. We are just saying our own thoughts on our own blogs with little to no discourse besides maybe a few direct responses. But thats it!! The fandom has ironically been MORE peaceful since episode 5.
Basically what im trying to say that if ANYONE attacked people over a ship with fictional characters then they’re the worst filth on this hellsite.
These fictional characters arent more valuable than the human lives behind the screen. So again, I find it to be very ironic that this person got pissed at me because in reality.... I actually agree with everything this post is saying! 🤦🏾‍♀️
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42idiots · 20 days ago
Sometimes I swear spotify reads my mind; they're like "oh she's feeling shitty" *plays all the pentagon on my playlist without being asked*
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chuckhansen · 3 days ago
33, 45, 49, 52, 67, 100, 111, 114, 117 134, 139, 146 for Jeremy + any oc of your choice 🔫😑
33.  Does your character like math? How good are they at it?
jeremy: ANSWERED! 
ami: you know what’s funny? she did enjoy math. it was a superiority thing. she was good at math, is STILL good at match, no genius level or anything and she wasn’t gonna go off and be an accountant or a scientist...but she was better at it than most people she knew. she loved to rub that in people’s faces whenever she got the chance. hot AND good at math? she didn’t think it was something that went hand in hand so she thought it made her cooler, made people more envious of her. even though she’s been knocked in the head a few times she can still do some pretty complicated questions. found in old ‘practice your math’ book in the little outlook she calls home and likes to do some problems in front of noah to flex here and there. 
45.  Would your character kill someone to get what they want?
jeremy: absolutely not! he never took pride in killing anyone or anything EVER. only had to keep reminding himself that it was either them or him, nobody was right in war, but, he did it because he didn’t want to die. he would never kill someone out of spite or personal gain, ever. he doesn’t have it in him. 
ami: listen. ami has done it and will do it again. that’s literally how she’s survived as long as she has, killing and taking what she wants/needs. she doesn’t sit there as she’s eating those beans she slit a guy’s throat for and think “damn. did i really need them bad enough do that?” no ma’am she continues eating them beans and says “sucks to suck.” hell, she was even willing to threaten to kill deacon should he refuse to help him get information about the transport her daughter was put on. she’s not above this type of behavior. 
49.  Are any of your characters certified Bird Nerds ™?
- i’m assuming this is people who like I personally have a vendetta against these things...none of those clowns like them. except maybe nina...and that’s only because of her last name :^)
52.  Would your character prefer to have history know the truth or have many different versions of their life?
jeremy: jeremy would much rather history remember him truthfully. his flaws, his ups, his downs, his mistakes and regrets...all of those have shaped the person he is and have shaped how he made a life for himself. because within all those mistakes and flaws there is strength and perseverance and lessons that he hopes other people can learn from as well. 
ami: ami honestly...could care less how people remember her in version of hell she’s living in because she already knows if the world somehow goes back to the way it was before or gets some semblance of normalcy back that she’ll be remembered as everybody else was; people that did terrible things in order to survive. though, she suspects that they’d emblish the truth a little bit, up her brtual ways though stories passed down if they could and in all honesty she’d welcome that. it’s of no concern to her how people remember her now, as long as they remember she wasn’t a bitch to be fucked with! 
67.  Would your character be willing to do something they consider morally wrong in order to achieve their goals
jeremy: no absolutely not. it’s taken him most of his adult life and a lot of heartache and hardship to gain footing in his own morals. not the ones society or his country or job said were the right ones, but, the morals that he lived by personally and the morals that shaped HIS decisions regarding situations and the people around him. he would never compromise those in order to achieve a goal. 
ami: the only thing ami considers morally wrong is harming children and she would never, ever do that. so, the list of things that ami find’s PERSONALLY morally wrong is very...very small and she’d pretty much do anything in order to achieve her own goals. i mean...she has literally killed people in order to make things go her way.
100.  Are any of your characters queer?
evelyn lawrence (bisexual)
jeremy stanford (bisexual) 
maeve (bisexual) 
nora higgins (bisexual) 
holly mcdowell (bisexual) 
nina bird (bisexual) 
eleanor greene (lesbian) 
vianna salvatore (bisexual) 
vanessa lennox (bisexual) 
sara vaughn (bisexual) 
ivy wilson (bisexual) 
jaxx ackerson (bisexual) 
noah taylor (gay) 
111.  Do any of your characters have dogs for pets?
eleanor green (pancake, goldendoodle) 
robert lawrence / evelyn lawrence (two golden retrievers, lucy and sonny)
maeve (dennis, german shepherd) 
rian (cujo, st. bernard) 
jeremy (wally, dachshund) (buck, basset hound) 
jacqueline dubois (ginny, english bulldog)
regina salvatore (four cybernetic pomeranians) 
114.  Do any of your characters insist on going by their full name rather than a nickname?
jacqueline dubois (price calls her ‘jackie’ anyway....only he’s allowed) 
nina bird (if ashley found one someone else was using HIS nickname of ‘nene’ he would lose his mind) 
jeremy stanford (only fatima can call him ‘jerbear’ and only his niece and nephew can call him ‘jerry’) 
117.  Could your character build a house or possess the knowledge to build one?
jeremy: 😏 he can...kinda. he can’t just go out and buy some wood and build a WHOLE ass house from scratch, but, he can build minor structures on his own. he’s not a pro or anything and most of what he learned is from his brother in law (evan) or though self help guides and talking to people at the local home depot. he DOES build fatima her own greenhouse in the backyard when they get their house and the engineer who came to inspect it said he did a good job so 😊
ami: hell no. hell nope, and HELL NO. ami can steal a home real quick, can establish a base and make sure everybody knows it’s hers but building something from scratch? no ma’am.
134.  Has your character ever been alone in a hostile environment and been forced to travel a long way to reach a safety that wasn’t for sure?
jeremy: ABSOLUTELY! after he and fatima escaped the oil refinery they had to somehow make it back to the mainland in order for him to radio in help to HQ for an extraction. though they knew it wasn’t SAFE, they couldn’t have imagined the clusterfuck that awaited them once they made it back to an area that had been relatively safe before they left. so while he wasn’t alone was still the only time he’s found himself in that kind of situation. 
ami: yes. when her shitty little group left her for dead (after she murdered someone in cold blood for their supplies...which her group TOOK WITH THEM...), she was forced to walk miles and miles and MILES to some sort of safety. barely healed from a previous injury, low on food, low on water, and with nightfall and the promise of freaks and other dangers lurking at every corner. she made it to a safe-ish area...but it was far from “safe” in the regular sense. 
139.  Has your character ever survived a fatal wound?
jeremy: oof, yeah. back when he was being used in trials for project apex he had some sort of device attached to his chest that would feed small amounts of the virus into his system and in order to escape he quite literally...ripped it off his body and it left him with indentations and really, really gnarly scaring behind since he had to doctor himself up just enough that he could get out of that place in once piece. he also broke several ribs and was nearly gutted during the intial capture weeks prior. 
ami: what hasn’t ami survived tbh? the way carlos carved ami’s face up should have quiet literally killed her, but, for some reason the rage she felt must have kept her alive. it’s healed into this really ugly, gnarly mess that covers most of the left side of her face and makes her look even scarier than she is...but she’s just come to live with it. she’s also survived having several of her fingers severed, falling off a roof, having R.I.P carved into her back, trauma to her head, and being shot in the shoulder. 
146.  Were any of your characters disowned or abandoned by their parents?
amara (parents literally looked at someone in corellia and said...this is your problem now)
victoria cousland (honestly has no idea who tf her real parents are) 
regina salvatore (basically sold her to the industry so she could be the family cashcow) 
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hajimine · 6 days ago
LMFAOOO ,, yeah same they're so om nom wnjrwjrw ; ayy das good :D here's a 🍪 cake? idk what that is ; aaa i hope it's the bestest est bc yes >:) aahh same ,, friday best mf (not sunday tho i despise sunday)
thanks for the cookie 😭 this is turning into a food trade but idm it,, uhh here’s a dumpling 🥟 for ya !! no omg i hate sundays too pls they go by way too quickly and the next thing u know it’s monday again 😑 also i’m somehow almost always in a bad mood on sundays so that’s also unpleasant </3
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tomatosoup2001 · 6 days ago
I just feel so 🤪🙃😶😐😑 and. idk how to not feel like that ... just had dress rehearsal for my dance and we messed up really really bad halfway through (its 15 minutes long) ... we managed to recover somehow but it made me feel so YUCKY and i cant get the tension out of my body and now its 9:30 and i have to do hw ...
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jabc98 · 7 days ago
It's not fair 😑I'm always a good boy 🤤 and somehow I always end up in situations like this 😳💦🤗
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sunflowerslut · 8 days ago
Cw: weight talk
God DAMN it I weighed myself for the 1st time in 2 yrs and I'm somehow the same weight I was when I was 15 and rly anorex*c 😑 how the FUCk do I eat 2500 (net) calories a day sfshdhkflgksv
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bauhows · 8 days ago
27.04.2021 13:00
Big gain. Last was 43.6, that's 1.3kg. In 2 weeks? Probably lost a little and gained after, I had 2000 kcal for a few days (half of sweets and chocolate which is just awful). I had a good look in the mirror and I need to start working out and toning. Like hell. Abs, butt and legs. Which means I need a hell lot of LBT classes. Im thinking I should do it in rotation but I don't have any resources now. Idk how to even exercise butt without weights. Or anything. Which means I need to whip out the weights. And preferably clear out the room upstairs so I can exercise there. Hopefully will sort it out by this weekend.
So, actually my mum decided I can have the adhd meds (but different, one she picked) on the condition that she is trying it out too and that the purpose of it is to go to bed at a normal time and get up at a normal time (which is a big issue for ehr but stopped being an issue for me, now I just get under the duvet and sleep when I get tired. In clothes and without showering because I have up on that too. And you know what? It's so much better than stressing about what time I go to bed and what time to wake up and all this. I decided there is no point changing into pyjamas because it was awfully cold in the house all the time and having to take off all the layers and get naked to change was too much. I had a "rule" that I'm showering after running but I was planning to do some work on an exercise bike which means exercise so I didn't shower after running because I was going to get sweaty again aaaaand this way I haven't showered for some days now.
and I went and got them today. And tried the first dose and it made me feel a bit similar to sudafed+caffeine combo but weaker I guess. I'm not sure if it helped or not yet. I had a fairly good day, bought a 400g chunk of salmon in Carrefour discounted for circa 4 euro. Which I think is a steal and oh boy it was SO YUMMY. I love salmon. Also its 162/100g.
It's been warmer and I've been not wearing a hundred layers of clothes and mum told me I lost even more weight while I actually gained 😑
Also, I'm gonna watch my limits closer and plan ahead more. Idk how I somehow ended up at 1200 instead of 1000 max... Because I had dinner that was vegan and I thought veggies won't have as much. I even skipped the sauce that came with it. And still, like 300 kcal.
I ate so much oil recently it's ridiculous.
I've been doing experiments with carob and replacing chocolate too.
And stuff. Now this meds probably wore off. I took it at 12:20pm today, and half an hour later I started feeling a bit off so maybe it was working. At 6pm I was a mess again. Idk. Will keep trying.
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asknarashikari · 8 days ago
Rintaro somehow accidentally kabedons Mei
Rintaro would be very apologetic and immediately backs off even though Mei 100% does not mind one bit and may even ask him to do it again 😂
Meanwhile Touma and Kento are wondering how it would be like if they kabedon’d the other two and everyone else is just 😑 “Really, right in front of the salad?”
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chaos-with-wings · 10 days ago
Ngl I expected the Pens to lose today because it’s the second half of a back to back, it’s an afternoon game, those cursed jerseys, and they struggle against the Bruins but I was pleasantly surprised that Jarry got a shutout?? And apparently it was one of the best defensive efforts the team has done this year. Somehow this always happens whenever I don’t watch/follow the game 😑.
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captainpikeachu · 10 days ago
It’s funny how some people will act like Walker is the most indefensible and horrible person ever because he killed Nico, the flag smasher, but then turn themselves into a pretzel trying to explain how Nico doing murder and attempted murder and accomplice to murder is cool because it’s the right cause or it’s an accident.
Tumblr media
Nico didn’t physically kill anyone because he was lucky Lemar jumped in the way before Nico could do it. And he wasn’t defending anything when he participated in an obvious attempt to separate everyone and kill Walker, that’s literally just a purposely done assassination attempt, they literally planned to lure him here just to kill him. And just because he was shocked when Lemar died doesn’t somehow mean he’s not an accomplice to murder???? “Oops someone else died while we were trying to kill our target” is hardly a justifiable excuse.
Like y’all say Walker apologists make excuses for his actions yet y’all turn around and do the same shit without any sense of self awareness. If anger and grief doesn’t excuse murder, then neither does “oops it’s an accident, we killed the wrong person while trying to kill someone else” 😑
Tumblr media
But hey at least some other people are honest in their hypocrisy that murder is a cool thing if it happens to people they don’t like so I know this ain’t really about real morality but just tumblr clout/brownie points 👍 🙄
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coffee4bookworm · 11 days ago
Shadow & Bone Episode 3 Thoughts
Holy shit 😲😍🤩
That shot was awesome 🤩
Alina’s adorable
“utter respect” 🤣
We love a sassy Alina
Genyaaaaa!! We love!! We stan!! 💖
bitch 😤
“I’m a Tailor” 😍🤩
I love Genya so muuuuuuuuch!!
So cool 🤩
11...oh baby....oh sweetheart....💔
*squealing* Ninaaaa!!!!!
I love Nina so much already
*sigh* 😍
me too dude, me too 😍
Ah yes, the assholes are sexist too. Why not...
I hope that douchebag dies at Nina’s hands 😊
Jesper’s going to fuck this up somehow, isn’t he...
No Jesper!😩
All the royal assholes on one place, oh the joy😑
Ben Barnes *sigh* 😍
bitch 😑
Hot af!!!
Kirigan and Alina have CHEMISTRY 😍
holding haaands!!! 🤩
Ah yes, I did wonder when Zoya’s hatred would surface.
Kaj and Inej  😍😭❤️
Hello, Matthias😏
What Matthias, don’t like the truth?
I forgot how much I disliked Matthias at first
I stan the Conductor 🤣
Jesper indeed fucked it up.
My love for Botkin can’t be expressed
Alina making stupid choices. Fun. 🤦
Zoya is playing dirty😏
Bad idea Alina, such a bad idea
Ah yes, she manages a hit and we change the game 😑
Ugh. Not this douchebag. Why couldn’t he.. I don’t know, die?!
Noooo, get away from him honey!!
I forgot how much I disliked that douchebad 😤
Like mother, like son
Saints I love the conductor
and Jespeeer
“If they haven’t attacked us in...well, now we have a problem” You don’t say? 🤣
Ivan’s fun....😬
Jespeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!! 🤩
Jesper, I love you but you’re bad for my blood pressure
Nina baby💔  
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jungxk · 13 days ago
yes on ur post about if he wanted to, he would & how theres always a hotter funnier dude out there. i used to b so scared of relationships ending/getting dumped but now im like 🤷🏻‍♀️ yea ok. people come n go and theres always gonna b someone better (kinder? funnier? will make time for u?) for me so why not just work on /me/ instead 😑 then the right ppl will come for u (doesnt have to b romantic.. can be more fwends! 🥺🤩💕😳) LIKE THIS WORLD IS HUUGE
also sorry to hear abt u getting dumped.. 🥺 hope ur gonna be a-okay soon queen 🥺💕 uhh sending u hugs & kithes 🥺🥺🥺😗😗😗 *hugs* *kith* 🥺😳😗😗
ur absolutely right we’re just here to feel things and change nothing more!!! i’ve just never experienced anything like this before and i love processing my emotions here lol. it’s literally already been half a day and i feel better for it. def not okay yet but i noticed that so many friends came to me with love and support and it made me realise that those horrible moments can be magnets for goodness somehow. if our only purpose is to feel things then i did a good job today!!! thank u for the sweet message x
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kikifeliz · 15 days ago
THE WEEK AHEAD: April 19 - April 25, 2021
By Kiki Feliz
♑️♉️♍️ Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Y’all gotta stop being so damn ungrateful y’all 😑. It is not cute and it’s not helping! I know you may feel like you’re not where you want to be yet, but you’re more blessed than you’re giving anybody credit for, and this is part of the reason why things are moving so slowly for you. Practice more gratitude!!!!! If a negative feeling or thought of ungratefulness comes in, kick that bitch out and find 3 things to be grateful for immediately, preferably about whatever you were previously complaining over. Start acknowledging all the good things in your life!
You are so blessed. I know it feels like you constantly have to defend yourself, and maybe your plan isn’t going as smoothly as you want it to. Maybe your mind isn’t as clear as it could be. Maybe you’re emotionally (or physically) alone for longer than you wanted to be. Maybe you have more competition than you thought you did. It doesn’t matter — this time is necessary for you to not only acknowledge your blessings, but also for you to really thoughtfully plan your next move. You’re a trendsetter and a thought leader in your space — how are you ever going to come up with some original shit if you’re constantly surrounded by other people? This time of loneliness is part of your incoming strength. You need to look inside and create a world of your own so that you can truly embody that champion energy that you’re meant to.
Pretty soon, you’ll have people rallying around you. The sun will come out and everything is going to be brighter and bolder than it was before. You are on your way to being SO content and happy, and just feeling super loved and taken care of. But you still have some practice you need to do when it comes to your spirituality and manifestation powers.
PATIENCE, my friend. That is the name of the game right now. Nothing happens overnight; everything good takes time and also a little bit of luck and hard work. It also takes a good team. Have you figured out who’s on your team yet, and which tools you’ll need to get your work done? Once you know those two things, move out! Mobilize! Get going, because success is YOURS.
Intuition will help you decide your tools & your team, but make sure you are practicing adequate self-care as your embark on this journey. You’ve been learning how to take better care of yourself for a while now; don’t let those lessons and practices fall to the wayside just because you’re going to be on the move. The movement will happen faster than you think.
There’s also a creative practice that you just started, which will be important for you to continue on this journey. Intuitively you know what it is. Mix a little bit of this with a little bit of your older practices and you’ll find lasting harmony in your life. “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.” You need both silver and gold on this journey; they both have their value and a time a place for when they are most useful.
I see you receiving a gift or new resource this week. The gift/new resource may help you learn how to communicate better with a group somehow. I’m hearing something about learning new languages, going on trips with a group, possibly something to do with a group retreat of some sort.
I’m getting big “moving out” vibes right now. I’m also getting nomad energy. Are you thinking of adopting a digital nomad lifestyle, or considering moving to a new place soon? If so, I see you attracting the right roommate or partner to do this with.
It looks like a brand new chapter is about to start! Go into it boldly and impulsively! I know you usually want to have everything planned out ahead of time, but I’m just getting really lovely and lucky energy for you here, Earth signs! You’re attracting all the right things, and even if you’re unsure of how things will all shake out, if you have a vision of the end result, I see things going well for you. Big “leap of faith” energy here! Be brave, walk boldly, and let you freak flag fly! It will allow your tribe to find you, thereby bringing all these beautiful blessings in sooner.
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kageyuji · 15 days ago
BABIEEEE 9K as game 👀♥♥ pronouns are she/her and my love languages are time, words of affirmation, and touch! my ideal partner's love languages are words and time >.< congrats again on 9k bb 🥺 that is no ordinary or small feat, so do feel proud of yourself! please don't forget to take time for yourself as well and not to over exert yourself 💕 ilysm bb mwah
; just remember you both have two hands and i’m sitting right here 😑 /lh
matchup loading . . .
Tumblr media
matched with: akaashi keiji!
⤷ song: safe and sound, christian leave — “so just stay right here safe and sound, if we'll hold tight for just one second more, we can win this fight, we will beat this storm”
Tumblr media
he was nervous. it didn’t matter how much you reassured him that you wanted to go with him, he had this sinking feeling that he’d somehow pressured you into it.
then he heard the bell on the door ring as it opened, saw you walk into the small, little cafe. then you smiled at him, and the anxiousness left him.
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maerenee930 · 15 days ago
random thought i just wanted to share 😅
also, it’s a bit tmi so just a heads up. kinda venting about pms. so if that makes you uncomfortable (which i can totally understand) you may just wanna scroll past this.
i don’t understand my pms cravings. i’m currently craving swiss rolls, timbits (which i’ll openly admit that i do get regularly lol), my normal sub i get from tubby’s, i want grilled cheese, cool ranch doritos, sour cream and cheddar chips, sour cream and onion pringles, blue raspberry and cherry gummy bears, i want a grilled chicken pita with just chicken and cheese, mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets and fries! how can i crave all of these at the same time? 😂 and my appetite has been so back and forth. i’m so hungry one minute, it could literally be the next and i’m not. i get nauseous but am still hungry. some times my appetite will be gone for hours and i’ll be good. and then other times i’ll be starving and can’t eat enough.
also, i’m so tired! it’s like no matter how much sleep i get, it’s not enough! it’s crazy! and then when i’m actually on my period, i’ll somehow be even more tired than i already was and i feel like there’s a magnet in me and it’s being pulled down towards another one and being awake and having to function like a normal human is exhausting 😂 or i feel like i’m being weighed down by something. it’s so weird 😅
oh and this is a bit tmi but OH. MY. GOSH. my boobs hurt so much right now! like they are so sensitive and uncomfortable and hurt! i can’t win with them. wearing a bra makes it worse cause they’re squished (gotta love having big tits, am i right? 🙃) and when i don’t wear a bra, they hurt just as much even though they’re not being squished 🤦‍♀️ and nothing i do and stop the discomfort and how weird and awkward they feel. that’s an odd way to describe how they feel, but it’s accurate.
dude, pms and periods are so weird and annoying 😑😅
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bangtantaegi · 16 days ago
I agree with you about idols date but they called it "scandal". I remembered G dragon dated Japanese model named Kiko. The media and knetz said kiko is the "problem" and "3rd person breaking" g dragon with idols kpop fans shipped him with 🙄😒 toxic fans and shippers... same goes to kmedia 😑 why can everyone normalise idols date someone they love. They are humans with feelings, not some possession toxic fans think their idols are "innocent and pure who never date", never date really? How delusional 🙄 I have been a kpop fan for 14 years (26 years this year) I normalise celebrities date who they love. Sorry destroy your delusional imagination of toxic fans i have to say idols date YES! They date secretly. They date.
istg kpoppies are the most toxic of all when it comes to dating but i’d have to put some of the blame on the companies too - they make it seem like these idols are somehow attainable to fans and cater to their delusional fantasies, i genuinely believe that’s why everyone loses their fucking minds when a ‘dating scandal’ comes to light!! EXACTLY!! if people seriously think their favs haven’t dated before then that’s next level delusion, please come back to earth and face reality babes <3 🙄 NORMALISE WHAT’S ALREADY NORMAL! that’s all i ask. dating and being in romantic relationships is part of life! i can’t wait to see the shitshow the internet will turn into and all the delus coming out when one of the boys announce they’re seeing someone or getting married shsjsj calling for namjoon to just get married already so we can watch the world burn 😎
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kimtotes · 16 days ago
You definitely should watch Theo and Kim on YT they are somehow even cuter🥰They posted a little clip from next episode and now Kim is the one who has WhoCares as his screen name🤣I also died last week when Theo ditched the no spoiler rule😂he was like,come on the show ended like ten years ago,who cares😂I’m so glad they really get the show,I admit to be a bit afraid about what they are gonna say about J/T in the later seasons😬so many people hate them and trash them so much,at least Theo and Kim seem to know there was an intense and old love between them,Kim never entertained the idea of love with Wendy🥰he almost said Jax was using her🤣I agree with everything you’ve been talking about Colette/Jax,but sometimes I think maybe he really liked her more than I thought🤔it’s crazy she was in a list about better fits than Tara on screenrant🙄they are little trolls but I never even considered them as a couple,they are super loved on FB too😑😒
I love them so much 😂!! I love that they continue with their little inside jokes too, they’re so cute. I definitely have to watch them one week! I’d also like to see them because they’re always commenting on each other’s looks and I’m like I haven’t seen them recently! Like Kim will mention how much weight Theo lost for his new role and Theo will mention Kim’s hair. He went back on the spoiler rule so fast! It’s so funny too because he was giving Kim shit for it the week before and now he’s like I’m not doing that anymore 😂. He’s right though! Like how are you gonna be mad when the show ended that long ago! I’m a little nervous too, but I have a lot of faith in Theo and Kim. They’ve really surprised me so far with how supportive they are of J/T and how much they understand where Tara is coming from! I mean I think he only really liked her because she was giving him attention and he constantly needed to be validated by women. I mean if he really liked her, why wouldn’t he hook up with her in S7? He didn’t want anything to do with her. Wow, really screenrant?? They have a lot of questionable views about SOA though so I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s also like don’t people realize that Tara was perfect for Jax because she wasn’t the better fit? Like they constantly choose women who are okay with the life and don’t challenge Jax, when that’s what Jax needed and that’s why Jax was drawn to Tara. She seen him as more than just the MC, unlike the women who were the “better fit.” 😑
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