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loonika · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HELMUT ZEMO - Fake magazine
Fake ‘Suitkovia’ magazine (from Assemble : The making of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier)
Do not repost/edit
Like if you save
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uh-leck-see · 3 days ago
I just KNOW that Wanda Maximoff listens to death metal & some like, Sokovian black metal & it’s not up for debate.
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freudensteins-monster · 3 days ago
Just saw over on @fuckyeahdarcylewis a fic called "Queen of Sokovia" (a darcy/zemo fic). The title immediately made me think of a QuickTaser fic idea, basically a The Prince & Me AU with Pietro as the trouble making playboy son of the King and Queen of Sokovia, a small European country no ones ever heard of.
After one too many clashes with the local paparazzi, and one too many lectures from his family, including his much more serious twin sister, about his responsibilities as Crown Prince he cons them in to letting him enrol in an American university where he says he'll study political science and do some growing up away from the all the attention he gets at home. In reality he just wants to enjoy frat parties and spring break with all the beautiful college girls he sees on social media.
Through some misinformation or perhaps some sneakiness on Wanda's part Pietro winds up enrolled at Culver University, who have done away with frat row etc and has a strong feminist culture.
Cue meet ugly with Darcy, a poli sci study buddy. Slowish burn enemies to friends to lovers as Pietro does a lot of growing up after watching Darcy get into a debate with a classmate about Sokovia's tense/complicated political situation, something he's been wilfully ignorant about.
And just as he and Darcy get together/fall in love paparazzi flood the campus and catch them in an intimate moment and start referring to him as the new King of Sokovia, which is a really shitty way to learn his parents have been killed by rebels/political rivals (or something a touch less dramatic).
Pietro has to return home, mourns with his sister, and prepares for his parents funeral / his coronation.
Cut back to Darcy moping around campus. She and Pietro haven't technically broken up but they haven't exactly talked since he left either. She goes to class one day to find everyone in a tizzy over what happened in Sokovia overnight. Fearing the worst she looks it up to find a video making the rounds of Pietro abdicating the throne to his sister (in dramatic fashion).
Cue Pietro's return/their reunion.
And they lived happily ever after, perhaps flashing forward to a royal wedding so that Darcy can have her princess makeover moment.
Tumblr media
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In memory of Sokovia
A little oneshot I thought about while writing Zemo- I’ve decided to put it here.
Zemo tells an audience of children all about Sokovia, how the earth there was rich and matted, and all around them tall grass would spin out crackling sounds.
That if you walk far enough into the rising mountains, till you could only see the tops of the low terrace houses and the smoke spiraling up lazily from your house chimney, and you closed your eyes: you’d hear the rise and fall of hissing grass, they’d turn in huge ocean waves as the wind blew.
He would name all the mountain ridges, from the snowy peaks, all the way to the parts where the ice melted and trickled down into streams, gathering into cold rivers and bubbling springs. The water would be a pale green from afar, and a hazy yellow up close, reflecting the small brown rocks that lined the bottom.
He’d tell them that where the river mouth was, the water was flowing clear and crisp, and children used to drink from it and catch tadpoles. A kilometer down, where the bustle of the town was, the river would be sun-warmed and algae infested, swirling lazily around and releasing the deep grassy perfume of the hills, saturating the air. In summer this was even more so.
When the plum and apple trees were ripe you could pick the fruits as they came bobbing down the river. The children would stand at the banks and fish them out with long nets, and even those that were partially rotten would be taken back home.
When the sun rose you could hear the song of the Stieglitz- the goldfinches, all across the valley. And the Gimplel with their red bellies and the Blaumeise, the rotund little scoundrels with their small beaks.
There’d be roads of crunching gravel and houses built on hills, stacked up like a mound of uneven books, the steps and rooftops cascading down into flatland where the bridge crosses the river and meets land.
You could harvest berries from the mountains, any berry was the right one, all were ripe and burst into sugary water in your mouth. You could pluck them straight from the stems, collect bunches and bunches, eating and spitting out the seeds as you went.
When the apple flowers bloomed he would wear crowns of them in his hair, spun by the maids that worked for his mother and father. They smelt delicate and sweet, like roses but without the dampness, and just a hint of fresh apple skins. When he was young he had thought they were cherry blossoms, for they looked so much alike. And he would tell the children in a conspiratorial whisper, that these were better than cherry blossoms, for they flourished for months and months instead of a mere week.
And then the children, in wonder and amazement, would tug at his sleeves, asking him to point out his country on the map. Zemo’s gaze would drift away, his face would settle into the mould of its suffering... Sokovia was gone from the maps, would only exist in his memory.
Slowly, the children would see that he was drifting away, they would lose interest and run away to play together, leaving him alone with his thoughts.
Sitting alone, Zemo thinks of fires burning and towns flying, snow melting under tremendous heat. He remembers water evaporating, berries and flowers crushed under stampeding feet, and the smell of smoke. The grass is no more, the roads and the rooftops are no more, they’ve been covered by wet concrete.
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belleinhell · 4 days ago
Genesis- Chapter 10
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: Character Death, blood.
The duo walked into the memorial, Genesis holding Blue and white orchids placing it in the vase.
James read the name on the tombstone. ‘Pietro Django Maximoff’ it was the man who Genesis cried for, who she said she failed, who she almost killed Zemo for. He safely assumed he was Wanda’s brother, given the words written below the name read ‘brother, son, boyfriend, avenger and hero.’ No one talked about him to James.
Genesis sat there looking at the tomb but in reality, she was talking to him, asking him questions, telling him the stories like she always did after a few minutes she got up from her crouching position and kissed her fingers and placed on top of the stone.
All James could wonder was what relation she had with the fallen hero.
Genesis moved away and stood next to James and dove her hands into her pocket fetching out a picture and handed it to the super soldier.
He took it examined the faces of the people, a man with platinum blond hair, Carrying Genesis with the biggest smile on his face and Genesis placing a kiss on his cheek, they were wearing their battle suits. He flipped the Polaroid to see words written in the back, he quickly glanced at genesis whose eyes were trained on the tomb
‘It’s our lucky charm. I am no man-child. I love you моя королева, Pietro’
it said marked with hearts and written in scratchy handwriting
His blue eyes widened at the date on the bottom of the photograph. The day of the battle of Sokovia.
As if she were reading his thoughts she spoke “we took this right before the battle, he died protecting Clint and a kid, Wanda felt it, I did too, I came to see what happened, and I saw him, too many bullets to count, he died…in my arms.” she sniffled at the nightmare.
“I’m so sorry.” James apologized for the loss, receiving a nod of acknowledgement.
“Printsessa one picture!” Pietro Maximoff called out to his girlfriend who was busy loading her guns and cleaning her dagger “Nessy come on!” he whooped in victory when his girlfriend came to him laughing while Wanda stood there holding the camera with the widest smile looking at her brother in love.
Genesis wrapped her arms around his waist but let out a squeal when he picked her up bridal style, she laughed and pressed a kiss to his cheek making him beam happiness, Wanda quickly captured it and showed it to the couple.
“I am in love with the biggest child in the universe.” Genesis laughed looking at her boyfriend who was wearing a cute pout.
“I am no child.” he muttered with his hands on his hips making the two women in the room look at each other and laugh.
“Man-Child.” they agreed and laughed and immediately ran when Pietro chased them but he caught up to his girlfriend first.
“Genesis reign…you know I love you yes?” he questioned after a moment of laughter she quickly pressed her forehead against his and nodded.
“Pietro Maximoff I love you too.” she proclaimed capturing his lips with her own “my personal own man child.” she whispered and the two laughed.
The young couple didn’t know it would be the last time they would be able to live like this.
Genesis smiled sadly at the last happy memory they shared together.
“We gave each other these rings, mine is purple for my powers.” she took out her chain from under her shirt “his is blue for his powers. I decided to hold on to the picture, he kept saying it was a lucky charm.” She chuckled weakly.
“You two really loved each other.” James concluded looking at the tombstone and returning the picture to her “I never stopped, I never could, but I am in terms that he isn’t coming back.” she nodded. “For a long time I was hoping since it’s a crazy world we live in.” she smiled.
“I think our definitions of crazy changes every day.” James noted making the brunette laugh.
“Wait till you hear Sam sing.” she laughed and walked out making the man stop in his tracks.
“Wait what?”
James had told her he was waiting for the Wakandans to give him something he had asked for and no matter how many “tell me” came out of Genesis’ mouth he wouldn’t budge.
Sitting in a café waiting for the package Genesis was deep in conversation with a young Doctor while James looked at her with a comical expression when he tuned into the conversation they were having.
“Wait so the Unsub is killed the victims and took only their lips?” all James could do was stare at her with wide eyes, when her eyes met his she laughed hysterically at his disgusted expression. “He walked out with his mom’s corpse?” she repeated Spencer’s sentenced to get on James’ nerves.
“Okay Okay Nes I get it! Jesus Christ!” James exclaimed flailing his arms around “god that’s fucked up.” he breathed making her laugh and bid goodbye to Dr. Reid who had now started to relentlessly tease her.
Soon Ayo came with a Brief case which James accepted with gratitude “tell me.” Genesis started “tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me-” she repeated and got cut off when the brunet’s hand clamped her mouth shut while she let a muffled word out.
“What was that?” he removed his hand.
A/N: short but Emo. sorry. also Genesis and Pietro were cute *cries* maybe after the series is over i can write a few parts from the past. *not so gracefully cries about Pietro*
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belleinhell · 4 days ago
Genesis- Chapter 9
Tumblr media
warnings: blood, John Walker, slight breakdown.
“Walker...” Genesis spoke up as followed the man to a warehouse.
“You guys should see a medic, you don't look so good.” He suggested to the trio, Genesis knew what was going to happen, and she was scared.
“Stop, Walker.” She stopped him from his pacing.
“What? You saw what happened. You know what I had to do. I killed him because I had to! He killed Lemar!”
“He didn't kill Lemar, John.”
“Don't go down that road. Believe me, it doesn't end well.” James tried to reason with him.
“I'm not like you.” John sneered.
“Listen, it was the heat of the battle. Okay? If you explain what happened, they may consider your record. We don't want anyone else to get hurt. John... You gotta give me the shield, man.” That sentence changed his perspective on the trio.
“Oh, so that's what this is. You almost got me.” He laughed sarcastically.
“You made a mistake.” Genesis tried to stop him, stop what was going to happen.
“You don't wanna do this.” He gave a final warning.
“Yeah, we do.”
Genesis’ POV:
He was now obsessed and convinced he was Captain America, and no one could stop him. Every time I saw the bloody shield, it fucking hurt.
One by one, Sam, Bucky and I came at him, trying to get the shield away from him, it was supposed to a symbol of protection, not fucking murder, I don’t blame Walker, not completely anyways.
He was now a super soldier.
It wasn’t long before he pinned be to the ground with my wings out, he started putting force on my injured bicep, keeping my arms apart, I wouldn’t be able to use it unless my hands we’re together. cried out it pain, that wasn’t nearly as painful as when he pulled on my wings, tears leaking down my cheeks from the pain, oh joy his signature is shoving the shield to decapitate a person. Cool.
I could breathe again when Sam knocked him off of me and James came to my aid and I immediately pulled in my wings with pain
“James I can’t use my powers.” I rushed out fanatically when I couldn’t use the force
“Nes, look at me, I need you to calm down okay? You’re hurt.” and his voice made me immediately stop trashing when I realized when I’m in too much pain, my powers would slow down.
I was too weak from not using my powers constantly after 5 years, great my dumbass couldn’t move now. But I could try to use my powers enough to restraint walker for the boys to get the shield. And that would hurt like a bitch.
From my place in James’ arms I pushed my arm out the last of obsidian force coming out, it was more than enough to stop walker, and it did he couldn’t move.
“Bucky…Go” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear and understand. Ah fuck I called him Bucky, weak me? You’re a dumb bitch.
With every blast of energy, I lost more and more of my strength, it hurt a lot holding it long enough for the boys to take the shield from walker, but it worked.
Oh wait…it worked.
I could still feel the dry blood which flowed down my nose the more I pushed myself, somewhere along the way, I managed to stand up on my feel, except now I collapsed out of exhaustion.
I could feel heavy footsteps coming towards me, if it was walker, I’m going to lose my shit.
“Genesis? Nes? Hey, stay with me, don’t close your eyes okay? I’ve got you, c’mon Doll, I’ve got you.” James called out, picking me up, yeah that felt great, I’m just going to rest my eyes.
Did he just kiss my head?
3rd Person’s POV:
James Barnes’ eyes widened when he felt the girl go limp in his arms, he looked down to hear soft snores coming out he immediately relaxed and chuckled.
“You know, you could save the world?” Sam Wilson spoke up from beside him as they walked out making him look at the tanned man in confusion “if you could just tell her how you feel” that made James look down at her to see if she could hear them, when he was sure she couldn’t hear them he spoke up.
“I know, I know except we don’t really have the greatest track record in friendship to randomly tell her that I like her.” he argued with slight tint in his cheek.
“Listen man, she’s been through a lot, both of you have, just suck it up and be happy for once.” he advised walking forwards leaving the couple with the man confused as ever as to his course of action.
When they finally reached their destination, he put her down and immediately grabbed supplies to he could patch up her bleeding wound, both men worked, Sam with stitching the cut, while James wrapped the bandage.
“Good Job, doc McStuffins.” Genesis piped up making the man jump in fear and fall to the ground as she laughed.
“No, nope my bad.” she clutched her stomach in pain.
“Moron.” he muttered making her slap his metal arm.
“The GRC is conducting raids to try and find Karli, but so far they've only found her followers. They've searched this camp, and just like the last camp, nothing. She's gone. We'll never find her.” Sam shared the information with disappointment.
“Optimism, great look on you Birdie.” Genesis waved her hand at the man who entered to room with another soldier.
“Jesus Gen, are you okay?” Sam rushed to her side.
“yeah yeah, you guys did a good job patching me up, and the little nap I took was enough to regain my powers.” she waved it off “Hi, I’m Genesis.” she introduced to the stranger in the room.
“Joaquin Torres.” he shook her hand “Hey, you got your sleeve back.” he looked at James who simply walked out.
“Are you off to take care of Zemo?” Sam questioned after him as the Lieutenant also called out sarcastically, Genesis looked at Sam who nodded so she took off after the super soldier
“Shouldn’t you be resting?” he asked her when she caught up with him
“Do you know where he is?” she ignored his question and asked her own question making him sigh and nod, knowing she wasn’t going to back down and started the car making their way to Sokovia.
Genesis’s POV:
It was awfully silent, I hated it because it made me think, I didn’t know how to stop thinking.
I couldn’t stop thinking of the people I failed, I couldn’t save.
Images of people I’ve failed flipped through my mind and before I knew it tears rolled down, I broke down more times than I should and I hated that I couldn’t stop it.
3rd person’s POV:
James Barnes looked at the girl, concerned with the silence lingering In the car and immediately stopped the car to the side when he saw the silent tears flowing down her face, he got out and rushed to her side pulling her out to the side walk and crashed his body with hers, he now knew what she needed, he now knew all he wanted was to be there for her, he knew how hard the day was, she broke multiple times, both physically and mentally. All he wanted was for her to be okay.
“Nes?” he whispered gaining her attention “Nes, hey.” he called out after a moment of holding her and immediately sitting her down and crouching in front of her and wiped her tears with the sleeve of his dark shirt.
The pain he felt, the way his heart dropped when she grabbed his hands desperately finding something hold on to was hard to explain, even for him.
Finally coming in terms that he loved her, it was harder for him to collect himself while she was falling apart.
“Nes, I’m here, I’m here, I’m right here.” he repeated as tightened his grip on her hands seeing her need for him.
“b- bu- Bucky…” she stuttered, making him frown
“Doll, I need you to tell me what’s on your mind? Let me help you.” he pleaded one hand holding on to hers and the other caressing her temple.
“I couldn’t save them.” she mumbled, his hand moved to the back of her head and pulled her face closer to his, and rested her forehead on her.
“Genesis, what happened to Lemar-” she immediately pulled away and looked at him.
“It’s not just Lemar, it’s that man Walker killed, it’s Walker, Tony, Nat, all the victims who I couldn’t save, I couldn’t even save Pietro!” she yelled and James immediately shushed her.
“Genesis, look at me.” she hesitantly looked at him “listen to me, you’re a hero, you saved millions of people, you took down serial killers, but you can’t save everyone, you can try, but you’re only still human.” he stated sternly.
“Then why does it hurt every time?” she whimpered, James just shook his head and pulled her against him again, before he could stop himself he kissed her hair, which immediately calmed her.
“You care.” she pointed laughing through tears forcing a chuckle out of him.
“Of course I do.” She was taken by surprise with the response she received making her smile even more.
“Ready?” He asked nodding towards the road, she returned the gesture, and he moved and sat on the driver’s seat.
Genesis let the Exhaustion take over she took James’ metal arm and played with his fingers, at first he tensed at the contact but relaxed when he saw her drifting to sleep playing with his hand making him softly smile at the brunette.
Genesis’ POV:
I was gonna bite the head off the person who woke me up. Oh shit. Zemo, yeah okay. I groaned and opened my eyes to see James hovering over me with an amused smile.
So what? When I sleep? I sleep.
“How are you feeling?” he questioned as we walked towards where zemo was…
Ah crap, I broke down in front of him, again. “I’m sorry about earlier.” I apologized, although I didn’t really mean it cause it felt good having him there but he might’ve hated it so…did he just slap my head? “What was that for?” I cradled my head looking at him like he’s crazy…well he did admit that he was.
“stop apologizing for being human.” he stopped turning me around and looked at me, nope I should not have realized I loved him, it just makes looking at him harder, I nodded with my head down and continued walking towards Zemo.
“Thought you'd be here sooner. Don't worry. I've decided I'm not going to kill you” he informed turning to us from his Family memorial.
“Imagine our relief.” James deadpanned removing the safety of the gun.
“The girl has been radicalized beyond salvation. I warned Sam, but he didn't listen to me. He's as stubborn as Steve Rogers before him. But you... They literally programmed you to kill. James, do what needs to be done. Karli has people everywhere, and there's only one way to make sure she cannot continue her mission.” Zemo continued when I spoke up.
“I appreciate the advice. But we're gonna do it our own way.” I informed him as James pointed the gun to his face.
“Yeah. I was afraid you would say that.”
That’s when James pulled the trigger, the Disappointment in Zemo’s face knowing he couldn’t join his family was sad, but then again… he kind of deserves it.
“Ladies” He greeted at the Dora who marched in taking Zemo.
“I took the liberty of crossing off my name in your book. I hold no grudges for what you thought you had to do, Goodbye, James” I wasn’t really gonna miss him.
I walked away from the group, looking around the place, it was pretty beautiful, and soon James joined me. “hey do you think we have time for another stop?”
A/N: i was so close to throwing away my laptop cause tumblr wouldn't work. after bitching about it on wattpad it actually worked lmao.
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burningfestunknown · 5 days ago
I really want Wanda and Zemo to have some kind of interaction
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wlwgrayson · 6 days ago
love how my first ever marvel movie was civil war. had no idea wtf was going on 12 year old me just walked in hoping i could see tony stark die. again, i had never seen a marvel movie before that so i knew nothing abt him except that i hated his guts
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belleinhell · 6 days ago
Genesis- Chapter 6
Tumblr media
“Anybody see Zemo?” were the first words out of Genesis’ mouth once the smoke had cleared, she was on high alert and adrenaline and she couldn’t find the Baron.
“Let's go.” James Barnes instructed as they slightly moved to take cover.
“Wait for my signal!” Sam called out and proceeded to move to the right when another attack hit them. “Damn it! And you like living here?” he yelled out to the blonde woman.
“It's not terrible.” She countered while Genesis was trying to deflect the bullets with her powers.
“I thought we were gonna go left?” James yelled at Sam only to be yelled at by him.
“You went the wrong way!” Sam pointed at him.
“I came out first.” James Defended himself.
“You are supposed to follow me!” Sam yelled over the noise again making the brunette girl roll her eyes.
“It's in every action movie!” Genesis threw a ball of force at them.
“Hey bitchasses get your shit together!”
“Go. Come on. Let's go.” James pulled Genesis’s arm making her groan in pain just as Sharon notified everyone that she was out of Ammo.
“Supercharged.” Zemo Greeted as he pulled of a The Pontiac Firebird in front of the group which made Genesis drop her mouth in shock and admiration for the car, James looked at her and let out a small laugh at her face of awe.
“You're going back to jail.” Genesis angrily pointed at the man sitting with a smug smile.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” He questioned the group with an innocent smirk. If he doesn’t die in the hands of the law, he will in the hands of Genesis Reign.
“He's right. We need him. And there's two of us, and at least 20 of them. Come on.” Genesis was really annoyed every time James would defend the criminal.
“Fine. But if you try that shit again...” Sam warned getting in the car.
“I wouldn't dream of it.” Zemo promised making Genesis choke.
“I don’t want to know what you dream of.” she muttered sarcastically which did not go unnoticed by James who let out a small laugh.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion.” Sharon smirked as Genesis Frowned.
“Come back to the States with us.” The brunette tried making ‘grabby hands’ at the blonde making her chuckle.
“I told you I can't. Just get me that pardon you promised me.” She told them and walked away.
“Thanks for everything!” Sam expressed their gratitude
“Stay hot!” Genesis yelled at her making the carter woman blow a kiss which Genesis caught and plunged it in her heart.
“You’re not gonna move your seat up are you?” Sam huffed.
Genesis walked out of the washroom with her bloodied dagger in hand the stones on it slightly stained with blood she came to sit opposite to James and yanked the cloth with which he was cleaning his hand and started to clean her dagger, she could’ve left it like that, well she did have 6 more with her but she didn’t.
“Is your dagger more important that my arm?”
“Obviously, you dick.
“You want this dick.” he smirked at her.
“I also want ice cream, I set my priorities straight.”
“Unlike you.” he laughed.
“You know what? That was pretty good.” she laughed along bringing her hand up for a high five with the super soldier.
“They found Madani... Dead. She died in Riga, a city near the Baltic Sea.” Sam informed walking in, quickly making a face when he saw the duo laughing together.
“I have a place we can go. I, for one, am looking forward to coming face to face with Karli. Oeznik, we're changing the course.”
“This bitch has a place everywhere.” Genesis uttered quietly.
“I heard what became of Sokovia. Cannibalized by its neighbors before the land was cleared of rubble, erased from the map. I don't suppose any of you bothered visiting the memorial? Of course not. Why would you?” Zemo talked as they made their way to his place.
Genesis frowned at his remark, she fell back among the group when the talk of sokovia started, James noticed this and slowed his pace to match with the girl’s “I did you know, visit sokovia, I mean. I have been, for the past eight years, ever since the battle.” she spoke quietly to him even though she thought he wouldn’t care for her justification, but instead he nodded to her words.
“He wasn’t the only one who lost his family that day…was he?” Genesis just nodded at his words, she wasn’t gonna let her emotions cloud her professional persona.
She heard faint beeping from the ground below her and immediately slowed her pace, she hit the super soldier’s arm grabbing his attention when she saw a familiar shiny bead and nodded at him who returned the gesture.
“I’m gonna go on a walk.” James announced to the group.
“You good?” Sam immediately asked in concern.
“Yeah, I’ll see you in a bit.” he bit his goodbye and walked away to talk to the Wakandan.
Genesis went on to change her outfit and sit down comfortably and took out her phone to text Spencer and Penelope that she was okay and that the ‘mission is getting spicy’ immediately getting a text of acknowledgement from her friends she quietly laughed wondering if they’d been waiting for her text all day, knowing them, they probably were.
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wwwinko · 7 days ago
all I'm saying is that if you've ever watched an xmen movie and have agreed with either erik or charles you can't be pro team iron man in civil war because that's literally contradictory.
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wwwinko · 7 days ago
civil war would've been so much better if the xmen were in it and mutants existed in the mcu because it would've been so very clear that the accords were wrong and we wouldn't have had people debating whether or not legal discrimination is within a governments right 😃
the accords were never about accountability they were about control and they quite literally strip "enhanced individuaks" of their human rights.
the idea that superheros need to be held accountable isn't bad, but the way it was presented in that movie wasn't about that at all.
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adelaideybug · 8 days ago
ok but tony taking charge of the accords is such bullcrap. he can take off the suit and the accords would no longer apply to him. steve, for example, though? or vision? or t'challa, post-heart-shaped herb? or peter? or the dozens of children across the world? bucky barnes, a person who was held as a war prisoner for over 70 years? tony takes off that suit, he's not enhanced. tony has a choice on whether or not he wants the accords to apply to him in the first place, and enhanced people don't. there isn't an anti-super-serum out there.
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8bitluck · 8 days ago
IN DEFENSE OF HELMUT ZEMO: I would also be pretty pissed if my military squad was called in to defend sokovia then promptly have my entire country destroyed and my entire family die. Oh and not to mention, the fact the Avengers just walked away from it and got to go home to whatever family and place they had. like yes, your honor, he may technically be a terrorist...But he was well motivated
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bumblebeei3 · 9 days ago
Wait a friggin moment, there is no Slovenia in the MCU! They replaced it with Sokovia lmao
Tumblr media
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janetsnakehole02 · 10 days ago
Idk about y’all but once this pandemic is actually over the first thing I’m doing is going to Suitkovia with Daniel Brühl
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