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#social distance
theenchantedteaparty · 58 minutes ago
I'm social distancing Man, these niggas can't touch me, I can't get sick
Lil Baby
(but when I do allow it..)
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smiles-advice · 8 hours ago
Hello! I feel like I’m in a bit of a tricky situation rn with the pandemic coming to an end and all, which is great and I even just got my second dose of the vax recently so I’m super excited to go out and do stuff again, but my friend is coming back from uni to visit for a while this summer and is asking to hang out with me which again, normally I’d be excited for, except for the fact that I just recently found out that she’s an anti vaxxer :/ she’s been my friend for pretty much my entire life so ofc I love her and wanna see her but I feel like she doesn’t really like when I say no to her, or that she thinks my family is overreacting to the whole covid thing by social distancing and I also just hate conflict so I’m a little scared to tell her that of course I can’t hang out with her rn if she doesn’t plan on getting the vaccine. Bc when she told me she was coming back even she kinda laid it on pretty thick that she thought it was unreasonable for me to NOT be able to hang out with her, and that it would be dumb to say no, and I’m nervous to tell her about why it’s a bad idea or just argue about stuff in general bc I get scared of messing up and not being able to get my point across properly. What should I tell her? Whenever it’s brought up she usually just says that I need to “stick up for myself” to my parents for having restrictions even though I agree with them... Anyway this is getting long and rambly haha sorry but any advice would be appreciated thank you! Love your blog btw :)
Hiya sweetheart,
Gosh that’s a lot. I’m ever so sorry you’ve found yourself in this situation.
Of course, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but anti-vaccination is a pretty stupid one to believe in. Maybe just explain to your friend, to the bets of your ability, that you find it unsafe if she isn’t vaccinated. If she doesn’t get that, then just firmly say no. Set some boundaries and stick to them, as scary as that may be.
What’s important is that you and your family stay safe, so you do whatever you have to do to feel comfortable.
Best of luck, lots of love and thank you! 💛
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thesdrshowofficial · a day ago
Nonpoint (Elias Soriano And Jaysin Zeilstra) - Ride The Line - The SDR Show Interview
Nonpoint band members Elias Soriano and Jaysin Zeilstra join Ralph Sutton and Geno Bisconte and discuss the "crappy" history of Elias and Ralph's relationship, Jaysin getting shut down after reaching out to Ralph, Nonpoint creating their own label, how Jaysin joined the band, making a hard song work acoustically, stories of Nonpoint and Ralph on Shiprocked, whether Elias would ever cut his dreads, a live performance of "Ruthless," Jaysin's first concert, first drug and first sexual experience and so much more!
Nonpoint is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The band currently consists of vocalist Elias Soriano, drummer Robb Rivera, lead guitarist Jason Zeilstra, rhythm guitarist Rasheed Thomas, and bassist Adam Woloszyn
(Air Date: June 12th, 2021)
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the longing I have for either my parents’ pool or their basement is unreal right now. I’m on my third outfit from sweating through the others because it’s finally hot enough that I’m uncomfortable
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Off to get my vaccination now to help my body tell Ms. Rona to get to fuck today. Fully intend on feeling like shit and living on the sofa, watching Devil Wears Prada and Romy and Michele’s Highschool reunion on a loop tomorrow.
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i-am-a-sweet-peach · a day ago
Hello 👋 what is your current hyperfixation, if you have any?
Oooh hello ooo anon... Well... Tooo many... Actually.
Current hyper fixations incluuude Loki, Lokius, Sambucky, Stargate sg 1, and taskmaster.
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valemtine · a day ago
I keep thinking about how universal studios orlando resort continously puts us in the line of fire and consequently wanting to die
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ghospoke · 2 days ago
gonna write up a thing abt Dustin’s au where he doesn’t die. I am simply thinking abt him in college and how much more outwardly soft he gets to be. and then that makes me sad thinking abt how he treats ppl sometimes in public because of how he’s afraid of being perceived in high school
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yourhealthtown · 2 days ago
Low-cost, saliva-based Covid-19 test inspired by diabetes test strips developed
Low-cost, saliva-based Covid-19 test inspired by diabetes test strips developed
Researchers are developing a rapid, low-cost and mass manufacturable saliva-based biosensor test for COVID-19 inspired by the glucose test strips used to check blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. According to the research team from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, the test could eventually be mass manufactured for as little as 20 pence per test. It is designed for rapid in the…
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gaberoothekangaroo · 2 days ago
i have to pee but i refuse to walk past two people that are coughing. one of which i think still has covid even tho they tested negative
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rightnewsindia · 2 days ago
ना मास्क ना सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग, डीजीपी ऑफिस में उड़ी कोरोना गाइडलाइन्स की धज्जियां
ना मास्क ना सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग, डीजीपी ऑफिस में उड़ी कोरोना गाइडलाइन्स की धज्जियां
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tgigoldie · 3 days ago
There’s someone I wanna message on here but idk if they wanna be friends 😩
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kkaebsongtypo · 3 days ago
[9:13pm] You sipped your hot chocolate as Jisung rolled the dice onto the board, deciding his next number of moves in the game. Numerous boardgames were stacked ontop of each other on the floor next to you, the ones you had already played stacked on the opposite side of the table. A slightly disappointed sigh left Jisung's lips as the dice settled on the number that would land him in an unfortunate position.
You chuckled quietly at your boyfriend's small pout before adjusting the volume on the TV, Buzz and Woody's voices coming through the speaker a slightly louder than before. Jisung popped a small handful of popcorn in his mouth as you took your turn with the dice, wrapping the blanket tighter around his shoulder and getting cozier on your comfy game night.
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unus annus m.l
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