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#so you can block it if you're just here for the incorrect quotes
incorrect-drxreader · 2 days ago
uh so im gonna cut off the hiatus for this blog short since school isnt stressing me out as much. you’ll get content on monday june 14th but im setting up my queue for only once a day instead of three. the blog will go under construction for a bit and ill remodel for a bit.
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katsstratford · 2 days ago
@servingcunt tagged me in this cute lil ask game, tysm bestie this was so fun!!!!!
why did you choose your url?
inspired by my idol, katerina stratford from the seminal classic film 10 Things I Hate About You
any side-blogs? if you have them, name them and why you have them
i have @incorrectamericanvandalquotes which is an incorrect american vandal quotes blog which i have not updated in a very long time, and i have one that i made for an assignment last year that just has a few reblogs and a piece of writing about wuthering heights so if you're at all interested in reading my ramblings about wuthering heights and the idea of the tumblr feral woman and female emotional repression lmk and i'll tell you the url bc honestly i think it was pretty good.
how long have you been on tumblr?
since like march or april 2013, so like a month or two before my 14th birthday. i've had the same blog the whole time. please don't look at it.
do you have a queue tag?
i literally JUST figured out how to queue stuff AJSHABDHS, so no. i do queue stuff sometimes but only bc sometimes i don't want people to know i'm online but i still wanna reblog stuff
why did you start your blog in the first place?
i'd been lurking for like. years. so i just finally decided to actually make an account because using tumblr on a browser without an account (which is what i was doing) is nightmarish.
why did you choose your icon/pfp?
i'm obsessed with wanda maximoff duh. also i had picked my header and i wanted something red/pink to match it and i found this one and she's wearing red and has the most amazing energy that i wanted people to feel when they saw my posts.
why did you choose your header?
i'm obsessed with ivy by taylor swift. best song of all time i fear
what’s your post with the most notes?
oh god it's probably this awful fucking reblog bait i made when i was like 17 testing if there was a correlation between hogwarts house and whether someone is a boogara or a shaniac. it's terrible bc 1. that was pretty cringe of me ngl 2. it very clearly says 'in the tags' but people still reblog it and don't put their answers in the tags they only put it in the reblog they reply or they just reblog it and leave the tags blank and i'm like bestie the instructions were very clear.
how many people do you follow?
too many. 1237 to be more specific.
have you ever made a shitpost?
darling, with me every post is a shitpost
how often do you use tumblr?
i would say too much but can you really spend too much in your own home? like i'm always here but of course i am i live here.
did you have a fight/argument with a blog once? who won?
yes ♥️ they did not admit defeat but they stopped arguing in the reblogs and switched to the replies so i think it's clear who won (me)
how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this post’?
don't tell me what to do.
do you like tag games?
i ADORE them!! i love being thought of and i love talking about myself ♥️
which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? 
i think all of my mutuals are cool and intimidating and if i actually answered this question it would be incredibly embarassing for me but let's just say yes i do consider some of them tumblr famous and i love that for them im so proud ♥️ also am obviously obsessed with emily referring to herself as "Kafkaesque" bc it's so true. all those urls is the TRUE metamorphosis.
do you have a crush on a mutual?
i'm in love with all of you let's kiss 😘
last song i listened to
i hoped beyond hope that it wouldn't be a taylor swift song but alas i checked spotify and it's king of my heart by taylor swift. i truly do listen to music that isn't taylor swift but you would never know that from looking at my tumblr.
my phone bg and lockscreen
i'll just put a screenshot. my lockscreen is the same as my bg, it's a picture of my wife 💖 also blocked out my location not doxxing myself today ♥️
Tumblr media
@quinnmorgendorffer @gobbluthlesbian @gobbluthbisexual @bethecowgirl @grasslandgirl @distortedfractals @bettymp3 @dilfmaverick and anyone else who wants to do it <3
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eile24downtown · 12 days ago
Tagged by @carters-coffee Thnx!
1. Why did you choose your url?
Well, is has my first name in it, the day I was born on and one of my favorite Tegan and Sara songs, which is Downtown.
2. Any side blogs? If you have them, name them and why you have them.
I can barely keep up with one, so no, I don't have any other side blogs😂
3. How long have you been on Tumblr?
Since the very beginning...........of 2020😆 I'd visited the site a few times before that, but it wasn't til the first days of 2020 that I created my account and became an official member. I discovered a great Bellamione community on here and I just couldn't let it pass me by.
4. Do you have a queue tag?
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
Well, at first I just planned to use it to loop up Bellamione content, but then I thought, "Why not post some original stuff as well?" So now I use my blog to post my Incorrect Quotes, Art, and fanfiction😊 (as well as like and reblog)
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Cause it's Bellamione😁 Though I sometimes change it to pics of myself.
7. Why did you choose your header?
Cause I love Orion's constellation
8. What’s your post with the most notes?
It a meme about how I perceive my fanfiction in my head vs how it turns out once it's written down lol
9. How many mutuals do you have?
No idea
10. How many followers do you have?
Rn its 192
11. How many people do you follow?
I follow 70, though I need to purge cause when I first started using Tumblr, I began following so many accounts that weren't even active no more lol
12. Have you ever made a shitpost?
I don't think so🤔
13. How often do you use Tumblr each day?
All day every day lol It literally replaced Insta (which was the only other social media I used)
14. Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? Who won?
Honestly, I don't like conflict, if anyone wants to start something I'll just block them. I have no need or desire for such things in my life😒
15. How do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this' posts?
I'll reblog anything I want to. But when I see posts that tell you to forcefully reblog or ask you to donate/reblog to help a *insert ethnic/sexuality* person, I just skip. If you're using your race, nationality, sexuality, etc for notes, reblogs and/or money, then sorry, I won't reblog.
16. Do you like tag games?
Yeah, I find them fun! Everyone gets to express their opinions, experiences and thoughts😄
17. Do you like ask games?
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous?
Idk, I think of all my mutuals as highly active and probably way more famous then me😅
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
Not really. I find one cute/hot but that's pretty much it.
20. Tags:
I tag @hustlingrube @cissaswife @frncnluthor97 @hp-wlw-ships @sinedd
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pepsi-vent · 16 days ago
| This is my main blog | Other main |
My name is Pepsi-Vent, but you can just call me Pepsi! I post everywhere. You can look at my carrd if you’re interested in my work! My pronouny has all of my pronouns and other aliases listed on it, so go check that out. I’m a genderfae homoromantic bisexual mess, and also a minor. Make comments towards me and I will not hesitate to use the block button.
I am very susceptible to mood swings, so my posts might switch between conveying different emotions very often.
My activity on here is ✨wonky✨ so if you sent an ask and it’s taking a while to get answered it’s because I’m either sleeping or at school (8AM to 2:45 EST)
Please tell me if you need something tagged; it’s okay if something bothers you and you need it tagged. You can find a ton of tags to block on my list.
DNI | Triggers + Squicks (please tag with ‘pepsi don’t look’, with or without the apostrophe)
I’m countryhumans trash, but I’m also into statehumans, and Among Us too!
- pepsi <3
my other blogs:
Main blog: @i-use-neopronouns-fight-me - My other main blog.
Writing: @pepsi-writes - This is where I’ll upload the fan-fiction I’ve written. Mostly CH, and my OCs, but there are some dumb stuff that I upload for fun!
Art + Quotes: @pepsi-is-dumb - This is where I’ll post art, incorrect quotes, and dump headcanons for CH and my OCs.
Asks (countries): @ask-countries - This is where countries answer your asks! However, RP’s are only open to mutuals.
Asks (NY state): @ask-ny - This is where you get to spend time with New York and ask him and his family anything you like!
Have a great day / night / whatever time you're at!!!!
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MASTERLIST, Introductions,Rules, f/o's and s/i's, and fandoms 💕
Well, it would be only fitting to start off with introductions. Hiya, nice to meet ya! You can call me Doll. This blog is going to be full of writing and reader-inserts for all your favorite toons. It would be just swell of you to come along!
Just a quick note, I ask that anyone under the age of 15 to refrain from following this account! While I do appreciate the support, it would make me quite uncomfortable. I, myself, am a minor, so keep that in mind when communicating with me. Please don't spread any hate or negativity in the reblogs. I will block anyone who does so, as to keep this a safe place for other self-shippers. ♡
As this blog is also a spot for me to gush about some of my favorite toons, this little list below shows a couple faces you're going to see on this blog most frequently. This list is bound to change, so keep on the lookout!
💕Current F/Os (Romantic)💕
• Pepé le Pew
• Raggedy Andy
• Bugs Bunny
• Yakko Warner
• Panchito Pistoles
• Jose Carioca
• Roger Rabbit
💌Non-Toon F/Os (Less common on this account, romantic)💌
• Eric and Debrabot 5000 (TMVTM)
• Senpai (FNF)
• Bumblebee (Transformers)
• David (Camp Camp)
✨Current F/Os (Platonic/Familial)✨
• Dot Warner
• Wakko Warner
• Dr. Scratchansniff
• Raggedy Ann
🎉Current Fandoms🎉
• Looney Tunes
• Animaniacs
• Who Framed Roger Rabbit
• The Three Caballeros
• Sam and Max
• Bonkers
Click here for my list of s/i's and bios!
Rules for Requesting:
• An ask does not guarantee a fic! Many apologies, but I will write anything that strikes my fancy. ♡
• I (most likely) will not do character x character or any oc x characters, but feel free to drop an ask anyways. I might do it if the mood strikes me. My exceptions to the character x character rule are Sam x Max and Ann x Babette, though I prefer to write for them on my time, rather than constant requests.
• I do x reader requests, so keep that in mind when requesting!
• I will NOT write any NSFW or under-age pairings. I will also refuse any pairings asking for unhealthy or toxic relationships.
• I also tend to not write angst (no comfort) fics, as they are personally not my taste.
• I WILL write fluff, headcannons, drabbles, and just about anything else!
• Feel free to use my ask box to ask me ooc questions, gush about mutual f/os, and just chat!
• If you have any questions, feel free to DM me! ☆
Masterlist || Updated 6/10/21
Looney Tunes
Marvin the Martian x Reader (General Romantic Headcannons)
Daffy Duck x Reader (Hike Headcannons)
Raggedy Ann and Andy
New Girl's Toy (Raggedy Andy/Reader) || Chapter 1
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Laugh! (Roger Rabbit x Detective!Reader)
The Three Caballeros
Panchito Pistoles x Reader (Crush Headcannons)
Yakko x Reader (Crush Headcannons)
Wakko x Reader (Crush Headcannons)
The Warners + Reader (Platonic Power Outage Headcannons)
"A Rabbit and a Mouse Walk into a Movie Set..." (Mickey Mouse/Reader/Bugs Bunny) || Chapter 1
In between the fics you can find imagines, s/i x f/o posts, and reader-insert incorrect quotes! I won't link them here, since it would be a really long list, but you can find them with the 'posts about' search bar!
And remember...
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!
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kahaaniyaa · 2 months ago
Hello!!! So @thewraith18 asked me for some tips on starting a writeblr in a post's reply, so I decided to make a separate post for it, here we go : —
So first of all, make a writeblr intro (which usually includes general information you are comfortable with sharing, your interests, and what you write, and if you have any WIP, some info about it) to your blog. It's not obligatory ofc but it helps for other writers to get to know you.
Next, I cannot stress this enough, when you are writing, please don't keep comparing your writing with others. We all have different writing styles and we all prefer different ways of writing and what you see on any other writeblrs, any excerpts, all of it is edited. So your first time writing a scene of a first draft is not going to be similarly polished.
Also! Post a WIP intro of you have one which includes a synopsis and the general information like genre, writing style, trigger warnings and such.
Talk about your character/confusing plotlines on your blog! Its your blog, talk about things that are confusing you, let us get to know more about your WIP but ofc its alright to redact things for the sake of privacy.
Have a writing problem? Talk about it, someone might be able to help you out!
Reblog anything that makes you think of your WIP or a character! You see a photo of an ocean and if it makes you think of your WIP? Reblog it! You see a quote somewhere that reminds you of your character? Reblog it! You see an incorrect quote interaction and it reminds you of a dynamic from your WIP? Reblog it!
Join nets and discord servers! There are many nets that have started recently/have been going on and some servers with writers forming a community where you can talk about your characters, vent about writing problems, vent about balancing academics/ jobs with writing.
Interact with other writers! Send asks, join tag games, talk about their WIPs and yours! Don't forget that writing is still a fun thing we all like and enjoy the experience of it!
Next, okay so we can see pretty gorgeous edits all around the writeblr community which can even be intimidating at times, but remember this is a writing community. What matters in the end is what you write. Nothing else.
Make pinterest boards, spotify/ youtube playlists based on your WIP to gain inspiration for anytime you get stuck or have a writer's block
Also, one thing, this isn't much related to starting writeblrs or writing but really necessary for writing. We all want to have compelling characters. But please make sure to also have diverse characters. N do not fall into stereotypes when you write them.
About characters again. Remember that your character probably isn't going to stay the same as you first thought of them as. They're bound to change. So if you feel that you haven't been able to put much personality in your character or that you can't think of what to add more? Its alright. Just set them aside for a while. Focus on other elements of your story until then. Focus on some other character. You will get what you're missing soon.
Check out blogs like @/heywriters @/writingwithcolor @/wordsnstuff for tips and resources
Then there's also @/original-writing there to support original writing as the name suggests, you can tag them in your writing and their net will reblog your work
And just keep writing, don't forget your main focus
That's all I can think of at the moment, writers, feel free to add something! And I hope this post helps! If you want to ask anything else, my asks are always open!
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peppersonironi · 5 months ago
12, 21, 19
(Is this late? Oops. Sorry!)
12: Favourite character to write about this year
Stephanie Brown, easy. She's my spirit animal, so I might be doing a touch of projecting, but I honestly don't care. She's just pure chaos in the best way. Some of my favourite lines that I've written are for her. Such as:
"What's up bitches? I brought donuts!"
"My waffles await!"
"Welcome to Steph’s Glitter Bomb Palace, Where Snitches get Stitches™! So don’t tell Bruce or I’ll sic Jason on you."
She's also the character I've gotten the most comments on. People really seen to enjoy how I write her!
A close second would be Duke Thomas. Bliss, a fic I wrote for the 2020 Duke Week, was one of my favourites! Or maybe Damian? His dialogue just comes easy to me.
21: Most memorable comment/review
the batfamily exist:
everyone: is,,is that allowed?
On Code Orange (Batfam/Young Justice Crossover)
I have wanted to read a DCU/MCU crossover for a VERY long time. This story is such a delight. Your characterisation (and for me an introduction to The Signal) was fascinating in the extreme. I loved the game playing and the fact that I could watch (open-mouthed) as Bruce Wayne enjoyed childlike fun with his children and Alfred(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) was the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake. I look forward to your updates in a way that you wouldn't believe.
On Batfam/Avengers Crossover
19: Any new fics to start next year
Oh boy. So many. You know what? Here's a list. It'll be good to get these ideas out. Plus, you guys can tell me what you'd rather see first!
Gen/just Batfam
Crack fic based off this piece of dialogue (came from a convo between my sister and I): Tim reached forward and poked Duke's face. "You're right!" He exclaimed. "You really *do* squish like a block of wood!" Duke Centric.
Based on THIS Incorrect Quotes. Talia moves into the Manor because she's sick of Ra's. Featuring a bunch of good mom!Talia.
Based off THIS Incorrect Quotes. Jason runs for President as Red Hood. I have so many ideas! This'll be really fun.
Loosely based on THIS post. It explores Jason and Cassandra's relationship, and how it evolves.
Duke Thomas Big Bang Fic (can't say much, but it'll be great!)
Platonic (need to be certain you understand that. There were some misconceptions w/ my Discord server) Slow Burn between Tim and Damian. At the beginning the absolutely despise each other. But over time they realise their own insecurities, and how they don't actually hate the other. And by the end they fully admit and embrace their being brothers.
Reverse Robins with Damian as the oldest (I made THIS post talking about it a while back. But I've highly revised it.)
Reverse Robins with Duke as the oldest (I wrote THIS fic, but I think I want to change this into a series!)
Cassandra as Batman. Stephanie as Catwoman. Carrie Kelley as Robin.
5 Times Bette Kane was the mastermind behind the batkids' pranks without Bruce's knowledge, and 1 Time her brilliance was brought to light.
5 Times Duke thought that he couldn't possibly get any more siblings and 1 Time he met the cousins (AKA: Duke meets the extended family)
Birdflash in the JL/JLU universe (based off that one hexagon by @novaviis ! Super fun!). The league is inviting potential members to the Watchtower one day. Except Wally wasn't there during the choosing of said members. So he's completely shocked when his husband Nightwing shows up. They have to act like they don't know each other, which basically involves Dick flirting his butt off with Wally, Wally trying desperately to remain professional, Bruce digging in the corner, the rest of the League in varying degrees of disapproval and confusion (at least a couple have seen Wally's wedding ring. So that adds a while 'nother layer).
Young Justice soulmate au. Dick, and eventually everyone else, knows that Wally is his soulmate. Wally is oblivious. Lots of pining and angst in this one. Slow burn to an extent (depends on how long I make it). But definitely a happy fluffy ending in sight!
Batfam Meets Young Justice
THIS fic.
Duke gets yeeted into the YJ universe, and promptly passes out. He wakes up in the Watchtower, and breaks out of the confinement the Team has set up for him. Pulls shenanigans (some unwittingly) and used his powers. The Team and JL are confused, and panicking. Because this guy keeps muttering things about the Batfam. And he has a bat on his chest.
The Team break into some ancient temple after getting info on a new Supervillian plot. They find purple clothed woman draped across a throne. She talks, and they panic, as she knows all their secret identities. The only one who isn't, is Tim. He looks bored. Alternatively: Steph needs Tim's credit card to take his sister out on a date, and absolutely refuses to text.
While the Team is on a mission to stop Lady Shiva, a dimensional portal opens up and spits out a strange Robin (Damian) and what seemed to be a female Batman (Cass as Black Bat). This new dynamic due promptly defeats Lady Shiva and all the goons. The Team is freaked out, and 'apprehends' the dimensional anomalies, bringing them back to the Watchtower. Where the due promptly break and and start chaos. Featuring "Toxic" by Britney Spears. I will not explain why.
The Watchtower gets a sudden emergency message from the Batcave. They accept, to find a stranger calling himself Signal panicking about Robin being missing. They all look at Tim, who ignores them, and says that he doesn't know where Robin is. Some naming shenanigans occur.
(Not sure if this fits here, oh well) Set in Season One, Bruce is tired of Clark's attitude towards Superboy, and adopts the clone himself. Not sure how far this'll go, but at least goes through Dick's time as Robin. (Based on THIS Tumblr post)
(Also iffy on placement) a continuation of one (not sure which? Probably Damian as older) Reverse Robins fics. It's a retelling of Season One of YJ, with Dick as Robin. Nightwing (Damian) feels protective of his brother, and so takes on the role Black Canary had in the show, training the Team. But as time goes on, he ends up being more of a big brother to the group. Cameos from the rest of the Batfam as well! And an Identity Reveal (including finding out Dick and Dami are brothers) at the end!
Batfam Meets the Justice League
Cass takes over being Batman for a bit, because Bruce was an idiot and broke his leg. This happens to line up with when the Justice League reach out to the Dark Knight, in order to extend an invitation to the league. They eventually meet Bruce as Batman, and are confused as to why he is so tall. And male.
Lian accidentally reveals her three parents' relationship by calling Bruce 'grandpa' over dinner.
Museum Heist
THIS fic
Operation: Seduce Nightwing. Based on a post for an ATLA ot3, Wally and Artemis realise silumaneously “Hey, we kinda have the hots for Dick” and decide together to see if he likes them back. Which involves a heck ton of over the top flirting, and shenanigans. The Team is sighing on the sidelines at their idiocy. Dick is internally combusting and thinking “Do they like me back? I’’m not sure.” 
5 times Dick and Wally fought over being the middle spoon, and one time Artemis had had enough.
Set in Season 3 (but ignores some canon), Bart is kidnapped by some mad scientist obsessed with the Speed Force. The Team mobilizes, and gets Bart back from the evil base. But when they get there, they find Wally West freed from the Speed Force. He and Artemis reunite, and everyone is happy. They prepare to leave. Then the Pick-up Squad arrive in the bioship, and Dick gets out. Everyone is expecting Dick to give Wally a hug, because hey, he's his best friend! What they weren't expecting was him to run forward and pull the speedster into a passionate kiss. They go back to the Watchtower, and some more stuff happens.
Soulmate AU where the first thing your soulmate says to you after they fall in love with you is tattooed on your body.
Post Season Two Get Together. Starts with Artemis living with Dick as opposed to Will. Might be Slow Burn? (They come pretty close to kissing) Eventually Wally comes back. Arty and Wally are back together. They both live in the same house as Dick, for convenience. Then some more Slow Burn happens. Maybe some Birdflash moments. Arty tells Wally she kinda had a thing for Dick. Wally admits the same. Maybe a touch more Slow Burn. They Eventually get together.
AU where Bruce met Hal back when he first came back to Gotham. Fic goes through how their relationship evolves over the years (up until current time, when Damian is 13). I'm considering a relationship reveal with the Justice League.
Hal's interactions with Bruce's kids.
Green Lantern Corp acting protective of Hal when Bruce comes to Oa. This was an ask that I got, and I'm holding off on writing it till I get as much into on the GL's as possible, as all I know if their characterization comes from that animated series, and Guy Gardener's (Hilarious!) parts on Young Justice.
Like 3 different versions of the Peter Parker Field Trip to Stark Tower Trope.
2-part Crossover with the Batfam (they exist in the same universe), where the Avengers go to a Wayne Gala, and interact with the family. The second chapter involves them heading out the next night to try and contact Batman.
THIS fic.
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