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#so then you get another branch in the multiverse for each option
tetsuwan-atom · a year ago
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This has been a long time coming.
With roleplaying with a certain partner for a long time, as well as constantly making new Villain headcanons (another coming soon), I have made the jump to introduce Story Arcs, to those who are interested! These are big plots in the Tetsuwan ATOM/The Mighty ATOM setting, involving Bowen Chuuno’s adventures against many of the adversaries listed here. These are available for anyone to take part in and each version will be specific to their muse interactions. Plotting is recommended!
The following Arcs are as follows.
Woke Up This Morning - This is the first Story Arc and it basically introduces you to the initial setting of Bowen Chuuno vs the X, a terrorist organisation bent on taking down the United Government, causing untold chaos toward it’s citizens. This is a 4 part arc, going through different bosses and interactions. There’s action, drama, politics. It is set in Authrum, the central United Government universe, giving an idea of where Bowen works and what goes on in the epicenter of this multiversal entity.
Father’s Day (Working Title) - This one is centered around Atlas Ethinger, Bowen’s father. It is based on an old RP I had with a friend some years ago. It goes into the story of how he came to be where he is and the difficulties in stopping him. It is also a lesson into what happens when another, reckless department decides to take matters into their own hands.. and the catastrophic results it produces. This one isn’t as long as Woke Up This Morning, but it is considered to be more serious in nature, diving deep into drama and reflection. You go from the basics of Woke Up This Morning right into the deep end with this adventure.
Exterminator (Working Title) - A short story to make you think. Bowen Chuuno has been tipped off about a cult that worships the Darkness, lead by a man reported to be a descendant of a historic tyrant. An investigation into the matter confirms the rumour to be true and a hunt for the man begins. But what will you find when you reach this village? Is the man really the evil monster that is claimed in his bloodline? Is the tale of Good and Evil really as black and white as you think it is? The main antagonist in this story is Lucius Einholt.
Innocence in Hell (Working Title) - This one I’m not sure how long it’s going to be, might be a single story or have a few parts. This one dives into the introduction of Tenma and his swarm of manifestations, consuming universes one by one. His presence brings to the forefront one of the darkest days in the history of the Ministry of Science and the corruption that was an era long ago. With so much time passed, many fear the being is too far gone and that the only option is to end him, but what if the trapped, tormented soul, that has been enduring such agony, for so long, can be saved?
White Feathers (OPTIONAL) - This one is meant to be a short story. Not really a lot of action in this one, more to do with drama and politics. Tensions are running high between the United Government and a new problem, a corporatocracy whose greed and ignorance rapidly grows by the minute. Bowen Chuuno is worried about what could come about, bringing up a painful memory of his youth. With his relations and connections, can he be protected from the brink of war? This one tends to be an optional arc that brings about Bowen’s past and the trauma he once went through, as well as the politics of argumentative Ministries, to prevent history repeating itself once more.
Marine Express (OPTIONAL) - The Suburban Transport Authority has finally completed one of it’s most ambitious projects, an undersea railway connecting two cities. Bowen Chuuno is selected as part of the maiden trip’s inaugural crew. What drama and suspense will this day bring? Sort of based on the movie and looks a bit into the STA side of things. It’s one I have to work on a bit before I can really consider it.
The Genocidal Automaton (Working Title) - Planets, universes, wiped out in the blink of an eye, energy readings coming from a single individual point to the source. Stories of a robot that senselessly kills everything in sight, humans, gods, without any emotion or reason. An uncontrollable killing machine programmed only to destroy. Can it be stopped? Is it too strong? What if there was another way? This one focuses on Zero, a new addition to the cast. Lots of fighting, as well as investigation. A race against time, to stop the worlds you love from being nothing more than a single sentence in the novel of history.
The Mechanical Mastermind - This one is based off of an RP I’m currently having with another good friend of mind. A new inter-dimensional device is being tested by Bowen Chuuno in one of the Ministry of Science’s field testing facilities. Suddenly, militia storm the facility, with only one goal in mind. A chase ensues, to claim back something so dangerous in the wrong hands, it could spell trouble for the multiverse. But not all is clear cut.. nor as it seems. What if the real objective is something else entirely, and all Bowen is doing is being lured into a dastardly trap? The main villain in this story is the Madman. This story also has the potential, depending on the direction, to branch off into another arc entirely. Or, alternatively, said arc can occur on it’s own.
Shadow Rising (Working Title) - This is the story arc that can occur right after the Mechanical Mastermind or standalone, depending on the story. The premise occurs differently depending on the route chosen. Not everyone is perfect, not everyone is good. What if that niggling side, your dark side, your evil side, had a mind, a body, a will of it’s own? What would it look like? What will it do? You can’t let this thing loose out in the multiverse. It’s too dangerous, not a being like this. It could be capable of anything. The cutest, kindest, most loving individual, too, has one of these sides.. and it’s now loose, causing havoc wherever it goes. Will Bowen Chuuno be able to overcome the very being that is his own flaws and fallacies? A being on the extremity of his opposite, that represents everything he is against, everything that he is not, a negative, to the positive? This arc in it’s entirety is considered to be Part 1 of a bigger, two part story.
The Wrath of Hadron (Working Title) - The passing of time can wake up the dormant, the things that can come back to haunt you. An individual sheds his skin of his past, to become his own person, to create his own identity, life, movement, to go beyond what he was only capable to do. He seeks conquest, revenge, to erase the blemishes in his memories and unfinished business. The one person he has to eliminate to vindicate his soul of his existence and to then bring the multiverse to it’s knees. This is not the same man you saw once before, he has become the ultimate of himself.. and he has his sights set on you. This new found darkness has a new face, a new resolve.. and a new name: Hadron. Bowen Chuuno has to finish off what he started, to swallow his morals and put an end to this man’s terror, before it all gets out of hand. Can he do it? Can he face someone so in tuned with energy, science and magic, the closest thing to an Ultimate Being, whose very existence... comes from Bowen himself? This is Part 2 of the story that comes from Shadow Rising. Both parts involve the same character, which is to be written.
There may be more coming in the future, these are what I have in mind and are meant to be written through in order, save for the optional ones. May be one more coming soon to add to this too. If you are interested, send me a message and we can get to plotting! I look forward to bringing these stories out and exploring more into the universe that I’ve created. Just writing the descriptions to these is ever the more exciting! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I feel it’s going to be, while a big challenge, an incredible journey as well.
If you have read all this, thank you! It means a lot to me. If you’re interested, I look forward to hearing from you!
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