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#so many books so little time
littlebitarue · 3 days ago
June 16, 2021
Spent the day taking notes on databases and queries (sorry no picture this time) and finishing up my first summer session classes that end next tuesday. Also been reading a lot lately and bought 5 new books I have to make room for on my bookshelves somehow. Pretty productive day and I still plan on taking inventory of the books I have read that I own because I think my Goodreads is not as accurate as I want it to be. Hope everyone is doing well <3
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today i pet a cat several times, picked some oranges & mandarins w/ my flatmate from the fruit trees, played minecraft on the new update and found an axolotl!!!!, watched twitch, napped in the sun streaming onto my bed, walked through the warm wet grass after it’d just rained and the sun had come out in jandals and had one of my favourite pasta dishes for dinner so i think i had a pretty good day
might even read a book to finish off the rest of the night in a good way
passing that energy along to everyone reading this. have an unexpectedly good day too!!
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stumpyshocky · 5 days ago
With Cloudlibrary and Libby, i am unstoppable.
Can now listen to the Southern Reach Trilogy in audiobook form, so excited!
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bookwormforalways · 8 days ago
Tagged by @burninghoneyatdusk, thanks friend! 💜
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Favourite colour: turquoise & navy blue
Currently reading: Just finished ‘The Bone Houses’ by Emily Lloyd-Jones, and it was phenomenal! I made a book aesthetic and character aesthetics for ryn and ellis because I could not get the story and imagery and world building out of my head! 
Last song: Obviously, by McFly. A major throwback, but it was fic research for chapter two of my bbb fic. ‘cause obviously she’s out of his league, so bellamy is going to be pining over clarke to these lyrics, ya know it ✌️
Last movie: currently watching ‘In The Heights’ rn... the musical numbers are fun, but the plot pacing is kinda slow
Last series: working my way through Lucifer s5b and as always, my one tree hill rewatch - i’m almost done s2 now, lol
Sweet, spicy or savoury: sweet! i have the biggest sweet tooth, it’s so bad
Craving: a cocktail with a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries at an outdoor patio, ‘cause restaurants officially re-opened for outdoor dining today after the longest lockdown ever, and aaaayy I have reservations for tomorrow night! 🎉
Tea or Coffee: coffee, coffee, coffee! 
Currently working on: last edits for my bbb fic, my sequel for the courage of the stars, and a few other fic wips that I’m excited to dive into and finish over the summer. 
tagging/saying hi/sending love 💜: @infp-with-all-the-feelings | @igotbellarkeforthat | @clarkesplaylist | @ninappon | @moreflowersthanweeds | @gansxythethird & anyone else who wants to wants to tumblr friends ✌️
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madamescarlette · 10 days ago
You guys, Thorn by Intisar Khanani (another Goose Girl retelling) good. It's so good. I'm a bit devastated I read it so quickly.
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yesireadforfun · 19 days ago
The wine of Dionysus, when the weary cares of men leave every heart. We travel to a land that never was. The poor grow rich, the rich grow great of heart. All-conquering are the shafts made from the Vine.
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bookplush · a month ago
aghhh my to read list is so long it stresses me out just looking at it
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geekwritersworld · a month ago
That absolutely frustrating moment when you buy 3 new books and want to read them but then you also want to finish the one you were in the middle of, but you still want to read the new ones and by the time you decide which one to read its 3 am and your eyes feel like they're on fire 😶
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