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#so its. something one of us does all the time im not mockin anyone
squid-god-supreme · a month ago
Sweet things to be called
Current fatui x reader (separately)
Haha maybe I wrote for the fatui 👉👈 oops
Anyway this is cute and fluffy hcs on Nicknames I think they would call you, I'm also quite pleased with the headers
Warning : it's the fatui, they do be a tad bit possessive
Tumblr media
Im kidding haha
I feel like he'd call you pet names all the time, like you don't have a name anymore
Definitely calls you honey or some form of honey like honey buns or hon when he wants to tease you
Calls you wifey/hubby even if your not married, he just likes the terms
Loves to call you ridiculous names when he wants attention
Also gets pouty if you don't do the same! He wants to be called your sweet thing and your big strong mans, please just call him pet names he literally thrives on it
Will also tease you if you get flustered because of it
I really like the concept of him calling you Sneznyan terms of endearment but being way too flustered to translate them
He can get supper sweet and sappy sometimes, especially talking about the future and he’ll whisper pet names into your neck while he clings to you
Takes great joy when you get flustered when he calls you something cute in public
It seems every day he comes up with new nicknames
If you hate the term girlie he’ll only use it when he wants to annoy you, he’ll chase you around saying “hold still girlie” even if your a guy-
Please shut him up, annoying fatui smh
Never want you to call him his name, who tf is childe/tartaglia/ajax? Hes hubby and that IS IT
If you call him his name he wastes no time correcting you “huh? What was that honey?” if you decided to prank him and only call him his name he might just have to hold you down until you call him something sweet and gooey as an apology
Smh he's such a S I M P
Tumblr media
Yall just lovingly bully each other
No seriously he's such a little-
He calls you stupid as an afectinatote term and loves to get into (playfull) arguments with you
He's so mean TwT but he loves you lots i promise
Alright he does have some cute ones, but only behind closed doors or when your alone
These cute ones include things like : my sunshine, my dear, darling, and cutie
The first two are actually affectionate while the other two are slightly threatening
When your alone he likes to call you his sunshine because in his mind you light up his world and warm his heart
He also likes my dear because deep down you are very dear to him
Always always puts “my” befor terms of endearment because he's possessive af, your HIS s/o and he likes to remind you of that little fact
However when he's a little low on patience or your acting a little bratty? He's gonna be slightly threatening with calling you darling
It's almost mockin how he sneers it at you, a threatening twitch of his eye when he says such sweet words, so strained and fake that it's all too obvious he's giving you a warning
Cutie is more mocking, when you look stupid or d something dumb he’ll call you cutie with all the sass in tyvat
Says he dosnt like pet names but gets hella pissy if you dont use them at least occasionally
Will rather die than admit it but when you call him a pet name after a long, hard day at work he just melts
Instant calm and happy scara
Specifically something along the lines of “my love” “my man” basically anything with “my” in front of it because he just wants to feel wanted by you
never skips a beat if you call him something like dear/love/a pet name because you are his afterall and while he doesn't like pda he does enjoy making sure people know exactly who your with
Tumblr media
La signora
Alright here me out, she calls you down to her office and beacons you over, having you sit on her lap before she speaks “so- how was your day sweetheart”
Hnggggggggg the way shed drag out sweetheart, making sure it was crystal clear when she spoke it
Mommy signora supremacy
Look her voice is hot, idk man it's got a charm and quality to it and i want her to call me sweetheart very much
It's the main one that she uses, whether it be genuine, seductive or slightly teasing, calling you her sweetheart when she teases you about anything really
She's someone who enjoys lettinging others know your hers, her s/o and hers alone, only she gets to stare at your pretty lips and daydream about smothering them with her own and pet names are just one means to the same end
Enjoys calling you her love and likes teasing you by saying things like “why are you so warm? Is it because they all know you're my lover~?”
Ara ara
Always smirks when you get shy because she calls you her lover or her darling
Very much wants to be called your queen, no i don't take criticism
Also appreciates your sweet words when you say shes your love because your just so gentle and nice about it
Definitely makes her melt a bit
Does ma’am count as a pet name? Idk but if you teasingly call her ma’am she just might kiss you to shut you up
If your a girl i could also definitely see her using belladonna
Tumblr media
Il dottore
Hmmm he's hard to pin down on how frequently he'd call you by a pet name, most of the time its just your name of legit “you” if he's snippy, usually tacs a “my” to it because like most of the fatui, mf possessive
Besides that i think doll/doll face is something that he'd use, both teasing and genuinely- sometimes it just slips out when he doesn't mean for it to
When he's feeling soft, witch is usually when he's gotten all his work done, or when you've been away for some time he’ll use some cute ones
Until either confirmed or denied i will hold firm on the hc that dottore is originally from fontain so some french nicknames perhaps?
Mon amour, mon cheri, and mon ange are some he's fond of, meaning “my love” “my darling/my sweetheart” and “my angle” respectively
While he calls you doll/doll face in passive as almost a reflex, when he speaks to you directly like disgusing research or dinner plans he tends to use more endearing terms like “my love”
There are specific names he favors but he does favor pet names if they are the right ones
He’s fond of dear, love and if he's in a good mood he likes sweetie
Yall definitely like to bully each other
Gets the most annoyed expression if you call him doctor/doc” mockingly
Your are of course the only one who gets away with this, if anyone else tried then they would become his new labrat
Speaking of witch he will call you his lab rat to piss you off
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