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#snk stoner au
arminhug · 4 months ago
THE ARMIN CONTENT IN YOUR STONER AU WAS *chefs kiss* would you ever consider writing more just for Armin?
YES???? bold of u to assume i don’t already constantly daydream about armin and have an extensive mental list of hcs for stoned armin anon xo
☄. *. ⋆ armin arlert stoner au! headcanons ☄. *. ⋆
tw: drugs. please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
hoo boy the number of times i wish i could smoke up with this boy 
i think that because he grew up as the textbook teacher’s pet smart kid, he was dead set against drugs until he got to high school and a couple of his friends started to experiment with alcohol/drugs as they got older
it definitely freaked him out at first because he was so used to hearing of all the dangers and terrors of narcotics at school that he learned to associate drugs and alcohol with only danger.
i think he finally gave in and tried pot when he was 17/18 because he’d had a hell of a day, was feeling incredibly anxious and eren brought up the idea of smoking some of a new indica based strain he’d bought
my man is so lucky to have eren by his side to have taught him how to smoke properly because he wouldn’t have known. 
definitely coughed his lungs up the first time he’s asthmatic LOL. probably still coughs quite a bit even though he’s a pretty seasoned stoner (no shame in it homies. i’m not even asthmatic and i’m a frequent smoker who still occasionally dies from coughing)
he views getting high as an after college/work treat, especially if it’s been particularly busy or stressful, and won’t get high until he’s finished all of his work for that day
i don’t think he’d mind group seshes, especially with his closest friends, but he’d definitely prefer smoking with just eren or his s/o.
ok so it’s been established that armin loses every one of his damn brain cells when stoned and he forgets things a bit too easily. he may or may not have ordered food for his s/o and himself, forgotten that he ordered and then ordered more food.
pls just imagine the pizza guy arriving with three lots of pizza and armin is just there like 🧍why is there so much food y’all would be eating pizza all night, for breakfast and lunch the next day
i don’t imagine him to be the hungriest stoner in the world, but when he does get hungry he won’t shut the fuck up about food. pls order him a chinese so he can just scran 
pls pls watch an ocean documentary with him. he’s already so excited by the ocean whilst sober, but high armin will be absolutely entranced i love him sm
he always likes to have eren, mikasa or his s/o nearby when high because he is known to get paranoid on occasions and wants someone he trusts fully to help calm him down
he’s 50/50 when he’s high. sometimes he’s completely zoned out, grinning, just absorbing the vibes like a damn shamwow
but the other half he will latch onto someone the entire night and talk their ear off. sometimes it’s actually quite profound (although not necessarily intellectual) and other times it’s just “hi there i was wondering if you can help me find this song so we can listen to it, it goes nananananana DOO DOO DOOOOO nananaaaaa na na-”
you have no idea what the fuck he’s trying to sing
“no it’s ok you can just shazam my singing”
you definitely cannot
i think he’d want to beach house, sea fret and tv girl while high. also would be a fan of lofi but it isn’t his go-to because he uses lofi to study and might end up worrying about his assignments even though he’s a good boy and has completed them all already
probably not the biggest fan of edibles because waiting for them to kick in makes him anxious and he feels like he has less control over the dose of thc.
PLS HE’D BE SO CUTE IF HE GREENED like just brush his hair from his eyes if he vomits and get this man some orange juice and when he’s finally well enough to move from the floor he’ll snuggle up to you all night
THE FIRST TIME HE GOT HIGH WITH THE CIRCLE HE STARTED OVERSHARING LIKE HELL AND IT WAS SO FUNNY CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE he would just pipe up with something random like “oh i think i jacked off to this song for the first time when i was 12-“ “OK ARMIN LET’S GET YOU A SNACK”
and mikasa definitely has multiple videos of him trying to look for his glasses whilst he’s wearing them or similar dumb stoned armin antics for birthday posts
armin arlert get stoned and make out with me challenge bye
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