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#snk modern au
sashabrausbrainrot · 8 hours ago
mechanic!reiner headcanons
featuring: reiner braun x gn!reader
content warnings: none
ellie’s notes: reiner simps can thank @nightofthenoon for making me write this ✋
Tumblr media
okay - let me preface by saying that when you called for a mechanic to fix your car, the handsome blond man that showed up at your door was definitely not who you had been expecting.
of course, you weren’t exactly complaining. you didn’t know a single thing about fixing cars so getting yours fixed along with a view (😳) was perfect.
anyways, you find out his name is reiner and he gets to work almost immediately. you offer to sit out with him - you know, to take notes and definitely not admire his muscles - which he accepts eagerly. too eagerly, he thinks to himself.
you sit on a lawn chair and watch as he slides under your car with his mechanic seat. for such a built guy the man makes this task look easy as pie. you can’t help but notice all the grease and oil stains that paint his work pants and arms.
he’s very informative, too. tells you exactly what’s wrong and also gives you a play by play of what he’s doing and how he’s going to fix it.
you offer to help, too, of course. and he’s more than willing to accept. “hand me that flashlight, please, darling,” “can you pass me the wrench, sweetheart? that’s it. thanks a bunch.”
like i said, he’s very informative, which you use to your advantage. “reiner, what does this do?” “can you explain what’s wrong in more detail? you just seem to know so much.”
you don’t even notice when he’s finished, rolling back up to face you with a few fresh grease stains on his face that make him even hotter. both of you are too engrossed in small talk and getting to know each other better. while he’s telling you stories about some of his friends, you take notice of the tattoo on his right bicep; a little creature - almost human like - covered in armor. you wonder why he picked it. maybe a reference.
of course, before he leaves he makes sure to give you his personal phone number - you know, if another problem ever arises (totally not to ask you out - wink wonk)
Tumblr media
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highschool AU Pieck teaches her teacher Zeke all sorts of dumb stufflike internet slang and memes. He majorly uses them to infuriate his colleague, mostly Levi who is absolutely not an internet person, he probably doesn’t even own a smart phone and still uses a Nokia 3310.
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alyokkotsu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags: romance, fluff, heavy angst, established relationship, hurt/comfort, parental issues, pining, mutual pining, betrayal, modern au, teacher!reader, explicit sexual content
note: hello! just a note, this prologue is set at the present and the next chapters would be the past arc then the next chapters after that would be the present. just to be clear <3 okaayyyy, here u u go! i hope u enjoy 🤍
Tumblr media
“No, stop. Stop it.” You groaned as Erwin continues on pestering you to go on this blind date that he keeps on yapping on about.
Seriously, it is going on for weeks and he is not stopping.
“Come on. You need to get out there.”
You gave him a blank look as you sighed, “Fine! But if that person is really horrible then I would pick your guts out.”
Erwin lets out a triumphant smile as he places his arm around your shoulder, “You know me, I wouldn’t set you up with someone horrible.”
“How did you know him anyways? Can I at least get a name?” you look at Erwin as you sip your coffee.
“He is my college friend. You’ll know his name on the day of your date because it is a blind date, you know?”
You pursed your lip but then you agreed. “Okay, fine.”
You are kind of regretting that you agreed because you are most certainly not ready to get back out there. You had your old boyfriend when you were in high school and you kind of messed it up.
So, you are kind of afraid to enter a relationship with the fear that you might fuck it up again.
But, what’s the harm of trying?
“Yes! Show up! Okay? Don’t back out. You already said yes and I am texting him right now.” Erwin announced as he types on his phone.
You just shook your head as you stood up from your seat. You heard the school bell, meaning the break time is over.
“Hey. You don’t want to be late for your next class, Mr. Smith.” You said, Erwin is still busy texting on his phone and he just nodded at you and you went out of the teacher’s lounge.
Some students greet you as you walk on the hallway to your next class. When you were in high school, you never thought that you would be teaching.
Your dream was to be a doctor but then you don’t really have any money to study medicine. Your mother was a teacher and she is the one who urged you to pursue education.
Well, you really have no choice but to shift programs because what is the point of continuing your pre-med program?
Now, you are a science teacher that educates the second grade. You have come to love your job. It is exhausting most of the time but it is certainly fulfilling.
You smiled as soon as you enter the classroom, there goes your students greeting you with their cheery attitudes.
You placed your things on the desk as you get them to settle down. “Okay, who can tell me what we learned yesterday?”
You chuckled as soon as they raise their hands, some are shouting their names just to get picked. This is one of the things you love about them, their enthusiasm.
“This... or this?” you asked Erwin as you raise two of your dress in each hand.
Not that you are looking forward to this date but you want to look presentable.
Erwin said that you are meeting in this restaurant in the city. You are getting kind of nervous because you don’t know anything about this guy and Erwin really isn’t breaking, he is really not telling you anything.
“I don’t know.” Erwin hummed as he thinks about what to pick in between your dresses. “That?”
“Oh. Really nice pick.” You said because you were leaning on to that too, you just need a second opinion.
“Are you nervous?”
You blew a raspberry as you sat in front of your vanity table. You looked at Erwin through the mirror, “Kind of. But you said that he is nice, right?”
Erwin gave you a smile and you looked at him suspiciously. “Erwin. He is nice, right?”
“Yeah, of course. Though, he is kind of... Ah well, you’ll know that on your date.”
“Erwin! He is kind of what?”
“Nothing. Just get ready.”
You just rolled your eyes at him and starts on putting some light make up and after kicking Erwin out of your bedroom because you need to change your clothes, you are ready to go.
Your heart is pounding inside your chest because you never know what may happen. Maybe that guy is the one or maybe he isn’t.
You don’t really know.
Erwin drove you to the meeting place and you are utterly anxious because until now Erwin isn’t saying anything about your date.
There goes the fast beating of your heart when you reached your destination. Erwin chuckled at you when he noticed your uneasiness. He tapped your shoulder gently, indicating that you will be fine.
“Don’t be nervous, I just know that you will get along well.” Erwin said, you took a deep breath as you look outside the car window.
Your date is already inside.
Fuck. I can’t do this.
“Erwin, maybe I should- “
Erwin tutted you before you even finish speaking. “Now, come on. He won’t bite you. Unless you hit it off then there would be some biting involved.”
“Oh my god, stop talking.” You glared at him but then he just laughed at you. “Shut your mouth. I’ll go now.”
You exhaled as you remove your seatbelt. “Good luck. The reservation is under my name.”
“Yeah, I know. You told me that already.”
After the small bickering with Erwin. He drove away and you are currently standing in front of the restaurant.
After battling with your thoughts, you entered the restaurant. You gave the receptionist a smile as you say Erwin’s name, she directed you to the table and once you got there you suddenly froze.
As in, literally.
Oh, Erwin Smith. I will fucking kill you with my bare hands.
“Would you just stand there?”
That voice. That fucking voice. That intimidating look. That fucking pretty gray eyes staring at you once again, as if it sees through your soul.
You are screaming at Erwin in your mind but then again, he doesn’t know that he would be setting you up with your ex-boyfriend.
It has been ten years since you last saw him. He was supposed to be the one, you know. You just wanted to laugh because of all of the promises you two made.
But then you thought, you were young that time. Do you really know what love is back then? Then why are you feeling this stitch in your chest?
Well, shit. It is because you really loved him.
You gave him a nervous laugh as you sit in front of him. He leaned on his seat as he stares at you.
You never expect to meet with him again. To see him again because you said back then that you wouldn’t know how to face him, given how you broke up with him.
You are getting tensed but then if he is going to just stare at you then you would do the same. You don’t where are you getting this kind of confidence but well, you are with him for eight years.
You know him, very well.  
But really, you shouldn’t be this cocky because you broke up with him and messed your relationship.
You cleared your throat as you muster all your strength to speak but then he does it first.
“I am not planning to stare at you all night. Are we going to eat or not?”
Well, you don’t want to eat. You want to go home. You don’t want to face him.
Levi is convincing himself that he doesn’t want to see you after your shitty way of breaking up with him but then he knows that deep inside he wanted to see you again and it would be a shame to go home after all your efforts to make yourself presentable for your date, well, for your ex.
You two were silent the whole time as you order your food, as it came to your table and started to eat until you decided to speak.
“I’m sorry.”
You really are regretful, sorry doesn’t even begin to make up for the thing that you did but it is all you have to offer.
“For what? For leaving that text message saying you are breaking up with me? For completely cutting me off your life without any explanation? Yeah. I’m over it.”
You scoffed subtly, you don’t seem like you’re over it, dumbass.
Well, he isn’t. That really is a shitty way to break up with someone.
“What kind of person does that? What kind of person are you?”
“I don’t know, Levi.”
Saying his name now feels familiar. You looked into his eyes, trying to find that same person that you were with before.
Trying to find that person who you promised to spend your whole life with only to leave him questioning himself.
What has he done wrong? Is he not enough? Did you find someone else? He tried to understand that you might have a reason but how could he if you didn’t even explain it to him?
If you didn’t even spare some time to talk to him.
How could he understand you?
How could he possibly understand you if you just tossed him aside, as if the eight years of your life didn’t even mean something?
“I don’t know what to tell you.” You said as you place your utensils down on the plate, “I know I hurt you. I’m really sorry.”
He scoffed as he gave you this sort of sarcastic look. “Your apology is useless. I don’t know what are you even sorry for. I don’t even know the reason why you have to say sorry.”
“I...” you sighed. “What do you want me to say? That is all I can say to you right now, Levi. I know that I messed up before. How can I say this to you if I’m the one who hurt you, right? How can I have the guts to be like this if I fucked our relationship up.”
You looked away. It has been ten years but you can’t even bare to say the reason why you did it. All you can say is that you were afraid.
“How about you start by telling me the reason why you had to do that shit?”
“I can’t.”
Levi thought before that you will either be the woman that he would marry or you would be his greatest heartbreak.
But the moment that you left him, he got his answer. He was hoping that it would be the former because you are the only one who he loved like that.
But what does he know? He was young and in love.
He was foolish, he thought.
Foolish that he poured his heart to you, for even loving you and you just end up on leaving and hurting him.
You never really gave him a chance to forget you because up to this day he is still wondering why you just up and left.
You broke up with him, you cut him off completely then you moved away.
Ten fucking years.
You can’t just say it because you were afraid that Levi would leave you. That he wouldn’t look at you the same way once he knew.
So, before he does all that you are the one who left and you don’t even know if he would do those things.
“Because... I.” you took a deep breath as you look at him again. You are trying to hold your tears; you never expect this on your blind date.
You really wanted to blame Erwin for putting you in this awkward position but then is it really his fault that you are in that situation? No, but you need someone to blame.
“I can’t do this, Levi. I need to go.”
Levi gave you that familiar stoic expression, “Really? Is leaving the only solution that you know? All these years and leaving is still your way out? Are you that much of a coward? If you cheated on me and shit you can just say it. All I need is an explanation.”
That is all he needs and he thought he would start to forget about you.
“I didn’t cheat on you. How could you say that? I can’t do that to you.”
How could you do that? You can never set your eyes on anyone else besides him before. You loved him so much before that it hurts up until now.
“Then what the fuck was your reason?” Levi really is desperate to get some answers from you.
He thought that he would never see you again and now you are in front of him, he would never let this chance slip. He needs some peace after years of wondering what the hell were the reason.
In all those years, he convinced that he should forget about you. He had something much more important to care about in these past years but you are still at the back of his mind.
He keeps on convincing himself that you aren’t important, compared to what is going on in his life now because what he have right now is pretty amazing but no matter how thankful he is about his life right now, that bullshit of a promise that you made to each other is still inside him.
“You deserve to know it but what’s the point? It has been ten years and we are done, right? We shouldn’t be talking about this now because there isn’t any point.”
You aren’t planning to date him again after this and you are sure as hell that he doesn’t want to date you too.
This is your first date after a few years and the outcome is hell. Well, you aren’t considering this to be a date. This is you unpredictably meeting up with your ex who you never planned to face again.
“You really don’t have the decency to tell me?” his jaw tightened as he stares at you intently. “The point? The point is how can I forget you if I don’t know the reason why you had to go.”
So, he hasn’t forgotten about me too all these years?
“Then just forget about me. Just erase me from your life. Just forget that I exist.”
“If it’s that easy then trust me, I wouldn’t be asking you any of these questions right now.”
All these years he is convinced that all he needs is just some answers but he knows that he needs more than that.
I need your answers.
So that he can forget you.
But I don’t want to forget you.
Regardless of your answers, he also knows that he would want to get you back.
So, how could he forget that you exist? Because apart from being his greatest heartbreak, you are his greatest love.
“I really didn’t know. I’m sorry.” Erwin said as he gave you an apologetic look.
“You should be. You really put me in an awkward position last night. I would never trust you to set me up on a blind date again.”
Erwin chuckled as he sat beside you, “It is a bit cliché that you are eating ice cream while you are cooped up in your blanket. Are you heartbroken? You still love him?”
“It has been ten years. Of course, I...” you sighed, “I don’t know. I never really had some serious relationship after him. And, this ice cream has some bourbon in it. You want?”
Erwin just sighed at you. “No. So, what are you planning to do? Are you meeting up with him again?”
“Uh, no. Are you dumb or some shit?  What do you think? We are done, Erwin. I don’t think he would want me back after what I did. I just left him without any explanations.”
“So, why did you leave him anyways?”
“I couldn’t tell Levi. What makes you think that I would tell you?”
Levi is one of the things that you regret the most. You didn’t regret that you met and fell in love with him but what you regret is that you didn’t even try to tell him the reason.
You didn’t even risk it. You wanted to be with him but you know that he doesn’t deserve a quitter like yourself.
After nagging Erwin to watch a movie with you, he went home and you were left alone in your apartment. Sulking over your ex-boyfriend.
I moved on, right?
It has been ten years. Is it possible that you are still in love with him?
I don’t fucking know.
After stressing yourself about that, you went to sleep because you still have work tomorrow. You are sure that you wouldn’t see Levi again.
So, what is the point of thinking about it? You apologized to him already and you guess that is enough for the both of you to finally get on with your lives.
But is it? Is it enough that you just apologized without even explaining anything?
“Okay! Good work today, kids. That’s all for today.”
They cheered as they stand up to get their things ready. You chuckled because you remembered you were like them before when you were a student.
Eager to get home and watch some tv shows instead of doing your homework.
“Take care! Remain on the waiting area for your service, okay? Don’t talk or go with strangers!” you reminded them as they walk out of the classroom.
“Yes, Miss!”
You smiled at them as you fix your things, you went to the teacher’s lounge and you saw Erwin doing something on his desk. Your other co-workers must’ve left or still at class.
He looked at you when he noticed you come in. “Hey, how are you?”
“Fine. I guess.” You said as you place your things on your desk. “You have plans today?”
“Nope. I need to finish this.”
You just nodded and get your things ready to go home because that was your last class for this afternoon. “Hey. I’ll go ahead.”
“Hmm. Take care.” Erwin said without looking at you. You went out of the teacher’s lounge and you were about to go out of the campus when you notice one of your students is still waiting for her service.
“Hey, Leia.” You said as you walk towards her. She smiled as she look up to you. “Where’s your mom?”
“My mom isn’t going to fetch me today. My dad will. I’m still waiting for him, he must’ve forgotten about me.”
You chuckled as you sat beside her, “I’m sure he didn’t forget about you. You want me to wait with you?”
“This is the first time that your dad would get you, right?” you asked. You remember her because you talked to her mom a few times before, she told you that she separated with Leia's dad.
“Yeah. They agreed that mom would pick me up from school but I guess mom had something to do today.”
You just nodded as you listen to her, “When it’s my dad’s turn to get me, mom would bring me to his house. I wish that they would just get back together- Dad!”
Leia stopped talking to you and ran to her father as she loop her arms around his waist. “Hey.”
Your jaw dropped a bit when you looked at the man who Leia just called her dad. What in the fucking hell is this.
“Dad. This is my science teacher!” she pulled him close to you.
“Uh.. yes. Hi.” You said with a smile, pretending like you don’t even know him. As if you didn’t have dinner with him the other day.
But of course, he was shocked that you were there too. The last time he checked he thought you were going to be a doctor. That was your dream, that’s what you told him before.
He didn’t expect to see you in front of him once again. With his daughter. What the hell?
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aceass1n · a day ago
Modern AU Jean and Eren get into a prank war
At first, it’s just Jean fucking with Eren (Armin helps). Little things. Salt where sugar should be so Eren puts salt in his coffee instead of sugar 
Eren starts retaliating with little, petty things like stealing all of Jean’s left socks or hiding glitter in Jean’s pockets so it gets everywhere
Mikasa helps prank whoever annoyed her more that week, so she’s a wild card
But then it escalates until there are civilian casualties (Jean spills coffee on Erwin’s books by accident)
And Levi’s pissed. He just cleaned their floor goddammit why must children come in and ruin everything—
That’s the moment Jean’s messed up irrevocably. Because it leads to Levi agreeing to help Eren get Jean back, just this once. 
(TW police arrest going forward)
They hatch a brilliant plan—an evil one, but brilliant. Levi, as a criminal psychology researcher, sometimes consults on FBI cases, which means he has friends in the FBI. He convinces them to fake-arrest Jean. 
The day it happens has beautiful blue skies, bright sun. Armin was busy, so he wasn’t there when the FBI van rolled up. 
Jean damn near shits himself when they say, “Jean Kirstein? You’re under arrest for two counts of identity theft and two counts of credit card fraud.”
“You have the right to remain silent—”
“Wait wait I have money—I have—shit, I have eighty-three cents—”
“—And now you’re under arrest for one count of bribery.”
And Eren’s standing in the background with a shit-eating grin, but Jean doesn’t notice cuz he’s too preoccupied with the being-arrested part of things. He isn’t a religious man by any means, but by god, he’s ready to start praying. He’s still pleading with them as they lead him out in handcuffs, and Levi’s leaning against the van. 
Jean’s like “Professor, professor, please, help me, you know I’d never do something like that—”
Levi’s expression doesn’t change, but there’s an amused glint in his eyes. “Don’t bend over in the showers. Hoard cigarettes like your life depends on it.” He pats Jean on the back. “Good luck, Kirstein.”
The officers only take him a block before they’re laughing too hard to keep driving. It takes twenty minutes for them to reassure Jean he isn’t actually under arrest. They get back and Eren’s doubled over laughing. Levi's smirking. 
Jean looks slightly shell-shocked as he gets out of the van. “You—” he points at Eren with a shaking finger—”I get. But professor, what—why—”
Levi just says, “That’s what you get for spilling coffee on my husband’s books and my floor.”
(yes, Eren took a video of the whole thing. Armin laughs for hours when Eren shows him. Jean’s so betrayed)
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alyokkotsu · a day ago
Tumblr media
SUNSET CHAPTER FOUR — levi x reader.
Tumblr media
tags: romance, fantasy, magic, modern au, fluff, heavy angst, eventual romance, explicit smut, end of the world, sacrifice, doctor!levi
Tumblr media
You woke up with an arm on your stomach. You smiled when you saw Levi's peacefully sleeping face. You slowly turned to your side to face him.
You carefully move some of the strands of his hair out of his face. You outlined the curve of his nose using your fingertips, your eyes watched as your fingers gently stroke his skin. You're totally mesmerized by him.
"You're staring at me again." he suddenly spoke while his eyes are still closed. You just chuckled and scrunched your nose.
"You look peaceful. Did you have a good sleep?" you asked him. He opened his eyes and he nodded at you.
This is actually his first ever good sleep after a few years. With all his work and worries he can't actually sleep well. But when you're with him, holding you close to his arms he can actually rest. He feels contented.
"That's good." you said as you snuggle to him. You closed your eyes once again. "Can I sleep again?"
"Okay." he said as he caress your hair until you fall asleep once again.
Levi just looked at you while you sleep. He noticed the necklace on your neck. He has been noticing that and he's been meaning to ask you about the necklace but he always forgets. Not that it's a big thing for him. He's just wondering if there's any significance about your necklace to you because you never take it off.
He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep once again with you, safely in his arms without knowing what would happen to the both of you in your remaining days in this strange world.
But little by little, it's getting better for the both of you because you have each other.
As usual, Levi was the one who woke up first. He smiled a bit when he saw your sleeping face, mouth slightly opened, your hair strands are everywhere in your face. He carefully fixed your hair and slowly got out of bed, not to wake you up, so he can cook breakfast for the two of you.
A few minutes after, you woke up and noticed that Levi is not beside you. But you heard some rustling on the kitchen and you smelled the aroma of freshly cooked pancakes. So you figured, Levi is cooking.
You wrapped the blanket around your body and walked out of his room, you saw Levi only wearing his undershorts and an apron as he cook.
That's some sexy back right there. You chuckled at your own thought and that caused for Levi to look at you. He jumped a bit when he saw you just staring at him.
"Son of a bitch.." he paused and then he glared at you, "How long have you been there?"
"Not long." you laughed as you walk towards him, "Aren't you finish yet? Can you cook faster? I'm kind of hungry."
He rolled his eyes at you, "Really? Are we doing this again? I told you last night I can't-" before he can even finish what he was about to say you shushed his lips with your index finger.
"Yes. I know. Sorry, okay?"
He clicked his tongue as he remove your finger from his lips. "And put some clothes on. What? Are you going to eat like that?"
You pursed your lips as you walk away from him. "Grumpy old man."
"I heard you, runt."
You turned to look at Levi as you stuck your tongue out at him causing for him to frown, "Yeah. I was really aiming for you to hear me because you're a grumpy old man."
You walked towards the bedroom as you shrug your shoulders. It was like you didn't sleep together last night. The bickering and childish arguments are still there and you're glad because it wasn't awkward. And why would it be? You both wanted that to happen.
As you finish getting dressed, you saw Levi with his arms crossed while leaning on the doorframe. "Food's ready."
"Did you watch me get dressed? You creep." you jokingly said as you walk towards him. You heard him exhaled loudly in annoyance. "I'm just kidding, you know. You already saw my body so.."
"Did you have to say that?"
"Say what? That you saw my body? What is wrong with that?" you gave him a naughty grin, you saw his face getting kind of red, "Oh my god, you're cute!"
You pinched his cheeks and giggled. Levi gave you a blank stare and swatted your hand away. "Stop it."
You just giggled at him and made your way into the kitchen to eat your breakfast. Levi just shook his head at you as he follows you.
"I'll wash the dishes." you said as you stood up and carried your plate to the sink. Levi just gave you a hesitating look and you glared at him. "What? Do you think I don't wash dishes? You're so mean."
"I didn't say anything."
"Yeah but your face screams judgement, Levi." you pursed your lip as you pick his plate up since he's finished eating.
"It's because you don't seem the type to wash dishes, have you seen your apartment?"
You didn't answer him as you begin to wash the dishes. Levi just stood beside you, watching you closely as if he's waiting for you to make a mistake. You irritatingly scratch your head as you splash water to his face.
Levi clicked his tongue as he wipe his face with his arms, you laughed at him and continued to splash water on his face. You just like pissing him off, huh? "What the fuck, you're making a mess!"
"Don't observe me. It's like I'm being judged if I'll mess up or what."
"Fine." he said as he walk to the living room and got a magazine from his center table. It's the only form of entertainment that he can do now because there isn't any signal in the television. Plus, in this time of the day he's at the hospital making rounds and such.
Once you finished, you sat beside him and peeked on what he reads. He lets out a dull expression when your head obstructs his vision. So, he shoved the magazine to your face. "There."
"Levi!" you exclaimed, "I just wanted to see what you're reading!"
"Well I can't read it because your big head blocks it."
"I don't have a big head!" you said as you lean on the couch and crossed your arms, pouting like a little child. "It's boring, are we going to sit here and bicker all day?"
"What do you want to do?"
"Can we.. I wanted to go to my hometown. I just wanted to see that place once again." you asked him, he hummed as he nodded. You gave him a bright smile and gave him a peck on his cheeks. "Okay! I'll take a bath and get ready!"
Levi was flustered when you suddenly gave him a kiss. You just realized what you did. You're asking yourself why the hell did you do that?
It's not like you agreed to just give each other some random kisses just because you slept together. He's not your boyfriend. But you did said, whatever happens, happens.
You didn't think that much about it and you'll just go with the flow.
"Why are you just standing there?"  Levi asked you when he recovered from that cute little kiss you gave him. "Just take a bath. I'll go and get ready too."
"You want to shower together?" you jokingly asked as you wiggle your eyebrows at him. He raised his eyebrow at you and you were surprised by his answer.
"Levi! Ouch!" you exclaimed when he massage your scalp a little roughly. "Why don't you just pull my hair out of my head?!"
Well, he isn't joking when he said okay so now, you're facing each other while he rinse off the shampoo on your hair and you rub soap on his body.
This is your first time to experience this, showering with someone. You thought it'll be weird but it's fun and exciting. Levi also, he didn't even know why he said yes and now you're bathing each other.
"You asked me to rinse your hair and I'm just doing it." he said as he continue, you glared at him and continued to rub soap all over his chest to his stomach. "Turn around."
"Are you ordering me?" you laughed and nodded.
"How can I put soap on your back if you didn't turn around, are you stupid?" he just exhaled loudly as he lets go of your hair, turning around for you to rub soap on his back. You smiled once you faced his back, you kind of liked ordering him.
Levi felt a shiver once your fingertips came in touch with his skin. You slowly ran your hands on his back as you place small kisses on his nape. He hissed and turned around, grabbing your forearm and slamming your back on the cold wall.
His gray orbs staring right at your eyes, kind of anticipating what would happen. He leaned his face and pressed his lips on yours as you both close your eyes. Both your lips moving against each other while you hear the water running.
He held your hip and lifts you up to the wall and your legs automatically wrapped around his waist as you continue to kiss. You pulled away from him, "This isn't showering."
"I know."
"It's right there, turn on that corner." you said as you point to the corner where your house is. You felt kind of happy that you had the time to go home. Because of your schoolworks, you didn't have any time to go home and now you had the chance, but of course, you also felt down because there's no one to come home to.
You smiled as soon as you saw your house. Levi parked in front of the garage and as soon as he did, you walked out of the car and go to the front door.
"Your house is nice."
He didn't get to experience living in the suburbs because he grew up in the city with his mom.  You just smiled at him and bent down to get the key under the welcome mat. You giggled because you remembered coming home when you were in middle school. Your parents are at work and when you come home, there's no one to open the door for you. So, they would just leave the key under the mat.
Levi huffed a small air as he look at you, "Aren't you afraid of getting robbed? It's too typical to hide your key under the mat."
"Eh." you simply answered him as you shrug your shoulder, he rolled his eyes at you and you opened the door.
"Mom, Dad. I'm home.." you whispered, eyes welling up a bit because you miss your family so much.
You finally have the chance to come home and they're not here.
You felt Levi place his hand on your shoulder. You looked at him and gave him a pained smile, "I'm fine."
He scoffed, "You're clearly not."
"Levi. It's fine. Come on." you pulled his hand to the living room. "I'll show you my pictures when I was a kid and then I'll give you a house tour!"
"Some people are embarrassed when they show some pictures of themselves when they were young."
You snorted a laugh as you gesture for him to sit on the couch.
"Not me. I was cute." you winked at him and you laughed when he just rolled his eyes at you, "Just wait here. It's in my father's office."
You have the biggest smile as you search your father's home office for your photo albums. You're just excited to show Levi what you looked like when you were a kid. "Where is it?"
You looked at the shelves and it isn't there. Finally, you look at the drawer under his table and you noticed the scattered papers above the desk. You furrowed your brows when you saw some medical papers and such. You picked it up and your heart sank.
Your mind was blank. You just stared at all the papers in your hand. Still comprehending all the things that you've read. You sat on the chair as you stare into nothing.
Your eyes are welling up and your hand was shaking. You couldn't accept it.
No. This isn't true.
Levi was wondering what is taking you long, he walked to where you are and saw that you're crying. He went to you in a haste with a worried face, "Hey.. what happened?"
You looked at him as he stand in front of you. You sob as your arm looped around his waist, burying your face into his stomach. Levi sighed as he caress your hair, just letting you shed your tears.
"My father.. he has liver cancer." you said in a low pained voice. Levi's heart stuttered, he knew what it felt like to know that your parent is sick. He knew  how painful it is losing someone you love.
He picked the paper up and he just felt sorry. If he could do something he would, but you both don't even know what the hell happened. How could he do something if humanity is nowhere to be found?
Stage IV liver cancer. The tumor's too large to remove. This is inoperable.
Some idea came to your mind, you directed your face upward and looked at his eyes. "Levi.. you're a doctor, right?  He'll live.. tell me he will."
"I.." he sighed. "I don't know that.."
"Just tell me! We will do something to get them back, we'll find some answers then you'll help me! You'll help my father because I swear to God, I couldn't live knowing that my father is somewhere I don't know, fighting for his life!" you said a bit loud.
Levi just stood there while he looks at you with his apologetic eyes. You stood up and walked towards him, you tugged his shirt as your tears fell. "Just tell me, we'll do everything.. right?"
"We'll do everything to get them back.. I would do everything to help your father. But his tumor is unresectable. He could undergo treatment to shrink it but it wouldn't cure it. It would just hel-"
Levi stopped talking when you moved away from him and starts walking back and forth in the room.
"You're not really helping right now, you know?" you said as you stopped walking. "I just wanted you to tell me that he'll be alright!"
Levi shuts his eyes tightly for a bit as he exhaled. "How could I know that? We don't know what could happen because people are nowhere to be found! I can't tell you some bullshit lie just to make you feel better because I'm not like that! All I can do is to stay and be there for you while we figure shits out!"
He suppose that there is no point in lying about your father's situation, you'll know it sooner or later. He's not the type to beat around the bush and lie just to make you feel better.
He hates that. His mother told him that everything will be alright. That she'll be fine and now, where is she?
You laughed sarcastically as you wipe your tears, "Really? Then what good would that do? Do you want me to feel okay because I know that you're right there? Yeah, you're right there but what could you do, Levi? Tell me. I didn't want to be left in here anyways."
You noticed the pained expression in Levi's eyes when you told him that. He gets that you're hurt but you didn't have to say that to him. He's stuck in here as much as you. He also didn't expect for any of this to happen. He did all that he can do these past few days to get some answers then he'll hear you say that to him.
Levi wouldn't tell you that everything will be alright because even he, doesn't know that. How could he tell you that it'll be alright if you're both still clueless about what's happening in the world right now? All that he could do is to be by your side and help you find answers.
"Look. I didn't mean to be some useless shit to you," he said with a stern and sarcastic voice, "I'll help you find answers and once we do, I'll help your father. Does that make you feel better?"
Levi walked out of the room as soon as said that. You sighed as you sat on the chair once again. After a few minutes of crying, you walked out of your father's office and found Levi sitting on the couch.
You sat beside him in a sideward manner and circled your arms around his torso.
"I'm sorry." you whispered as you place your face on the crook of his neck. You heard him sigh as he place his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him. "I just.. I'm sorry, Levi. I just don't know what to do. I was frustrated. My mother didn't tell me anything."
"I understand." he just placed a small kiss on your head.
After you cried on his shoulder once again. You gave him a tour inside your house. Showed him every nook and cranny. He thought he'll get bored but he didn't, seeing you talking about your childhood memories make him happy, though he wouldn't show it to you. He enjoyed watching you go on about how you got a bump on your head because your sister pushed you to that wall and many more.
"See this nick?" you pointed the small chip on the wall of your bedroom, "My ass of a little sister threw my heels at me after I got mad because she didn't ask for permission, can you believe that brat?!"
Levi just nods at you, you were about to speak again when your eyes caught the window and noticed that it was already dark outside.
"How long was I talking?" you asked him as you sat on your bed. He did the same and looked at you.
"For about a few hours now."
Your eyes widen, you didn't even realize it. But you can't help to feel a bit giddy because he just listened to you. He didn't even interrupt you once. "I'm sorry."
You gave him an endearing smile, he just pats your head. "It's fine. But I'm getting kind of hungry now."
You nodded and held his hand, pulling him up from sitting on your bed to go down on the living room. You both decided to stay here for a while, you brought clothes and some groceries that you bought the other day.
As usual, Levi's the one who cooked and you washed the dishes. After you finished, you both went up to your room, laying on your bed as you both look at the ceiling while you use Levi's arm as your pillow.
You turned to your side when you realized that you didn't get to show him the photo albums. "You didn't see the pictures."
"We'll look at the pictures tomorrow. Let's sleep for now." you nodded at him and placed a kiss on his cheek.
He just pulled you in closer as you place your arm above his chest, whispering before closing your eyes. "Thank you, Levi. Good night."
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Hi there!
Can you help me find a ff where eren works at a maid café and levi fell in love with him so he always goes to see him in the outfit.
If you can find one then thanks
Is this the one, Anon?
A Maid And A Midget by Amamizukan
(Rated M, 15,248 words, multichapter, incomplete)
WARNING! This fic is on hiatus for time being and maybe forever. Read at your own risk
Eren works in a popular maid cafe. Levi is an unimpressed midget, but can admit Eren looks great in a dress. A maid cafe- AU filled with fluff, eventual smut and ereri.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 3 days ago
longhair eren fics pls 🙏🏻
Here’s a few we’ve read recently~
Only to me by eli_saa
(Rated E, 2,849 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren is jealous when Levi gets flirted.
Bound and Tied by Ereri_mybabies
(Rated M, 3,538 words, oneshot, complete)
After Eren's attack on Marley, Levi's attempt at a punishment only leads to him spilling his heart out.
Teenage Fantasy by marlboro_reds
(Not Rated, 70,649 words, multichapter, ongoing)
How to deal when a crush you developed as a young teen shows no signs of letting up as you grow older.
Chicken Nuggets and Ketchup by rachel_exe
(Rated E, 13,349 words, oneshot, complete)
Tired and with nothing in fridge, one evening Levi decides to get his favourite food delivered: chicken nuggets, fries, and ketchup. His order tastes amazing, but what is even better is the delivery guy that shows up at his door. Tall, with chocolate brown hair tied in a bun, and the dreamiest teal eyes Levi has ever seen, he is the embodiment of Levi’s type.
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ackerfics · 3 days ago
the parent trap — levi ackerman (vi)
— levi ackerman x female reader (modern au | the parent trap au)
— warnings: angst (if you can count this as one skksk), sexual assault, mentions of excessive use of alcohol, also a character that i want to smack to the ends of the earth :)))
— summary: it's the most-awaited day of the meet-up, with levi thinking that meeting you will be just like what he imagined. when desperate times call for desperate measures, the two sides meet (minus you and hange) and added new agendas for the plan, and altair took it upon himself to save the day with another genius plot of his. here we go again.
— word count: 10.8k (i'm sorry, this is the first piece i wrote after a writing slump :((()
— author’s notes: hiii !! i'm back from a fucking drought. we were swamped with projects in our uni and i had no time to write something. i'm so sorry for the people who requested :(( i'm trying so hard to write but i couldn't do it mainly because i'm so tired mentally and physically. for the requests, please wait patiently because i'll be finishing it a few days from now !! AND THANK YOU FOR 200 ILY <333 without further ado, here's part 6 of the parent trap au !!
btw, here is the reference for the dress the reader is wearing ;))
my masterlist
Tumblr media
“Okay, I take back what I said, I can’t do this.”
Two days flew by in the Ackerman household and it was finally the day of the un-switch, as Altair cheekily put it during their last call. Levi was convinced that there was something the older twin was plotting, based on his too-bright smile that was too good to be true on the former’s phone screen. Actually, it wasn’t plotting again — Levi concluded that Altair was hiding something that might affect how great things are going and Caelum knows about it because of their little gestures. Right when the two boys thought their dad wouldn’t notice, Levi always kept a close eye on the two of them while on a video call. It was a good thing his boys weren’t paying attention to him, continuing their charades of ‘please stay quiet’ and ‘shut it’, because every scrunch of their faces amused him. He couldn’t prevent a little snort coming out of his mouth in an attempt for a laugh so the silent yet intense interaction between Altair and Caelum stopped when they heard it.
Those were still good times, even though they only happened the day prior.
Today, however, Levi was told that you were on your way to San Francisco, alongside your little family and a supposedly tagging-along friend. While you’re probably decked with clothes worthy of your status, Levi was in a slump on one of his armchairs, glare fixated on the opened closet. This was reminiscent of the time of your first date with him — sitting in front of his closet with an array of clothes surrounding him while having an internal meltdown, cursing himself for his non-existent sense of style because he needed one to impress you for the second time. He ran his hand through his mussed hair, already feeling tired just thinking about the upcoming events of the day.
He’s going to finally meet you after eleven years.
Will you still recognize him? To be honest, Levi also noticed that he hadn’t changed a single thing in his physical appearance but he always fought that he grew about a few inches than his years in college. This was the only change — he grew taller, for him, that is. (Petra would say that he needed some sleep because the lack of it along with stress is starting to show. He wordlessly told her he’d fire her with a stare so the housekeeper could only shrug and leave her friend slash employer be.) Will you still look at him the same you always do when you were together? Oh, how he wanted to see the same smile that managed to shake his world. He dreamed of seeing it again every night to the point of neglecting sleep because it has been plaguing his head too often while Altair grew up. All of Levi’s excuses of blaming it on his insomnia was partially true but the more obvious reason for his late-night trips to the kitchen, munching on that Oreo and peanut butter combination, was because of you.
Just like those sleepless nights, there are so many thoughts running in his mind at the moment and all of them came to a stop when the image of you flashed in his mind. Now, he wasn’t thinking about your reaction while seeing him. He wanted to make this work, for his sons to have a complete family, and for him, because he missed you so much. Levi shifted in the armchair as he wondered if you changed over the years, whether by your physical appearance or even just a small shift in your personality. But Levi always knew you will still carry that air of heavenly elegance you always had in college and that made him smile for a second, his eyes taking on the rose-colored glasses you blessed him.
Until some whispers by the opened door of his room shook him out of his reverie.
“Is Dad alright? He really looks out of it.”
“That’s his overthinking face, Cae. It’s best to stay here by the door because there is a chance that he will lash out at any time now.”
“… What do you do if he stays like this?”
“Nothing. This is the first time it came to that.” Petra gestured at the glaring Levi peeking over the back of the armchair. The redhead chose to ignore the knives thrown at her by Levi’s glower and faced the curious onyx-haired boy beside her. “Usually, he notices that he’s doing it before losing himself like right now. Damn, your mom’s something else if Levi gets like this. I like her — your mom. She’s cool.” She sighed with a smile. “I’m excited for the day, Cae, because I’ll be needing a bag of popcorn. You know, with the upcoming scenario of Levi meeting your mom after eleven years.”
“Mum is definitely something else.” Levi can hear the pride in his son’s voice, making him turn his head a little to stare at the duo still conversing by his door. “I’m also excited for the meet-up and for the un-switch to happen. I miss Mum just as much as Al misses Dad right now. I can tell it would all end perfectly.” The grin on Caelum’s face didn’t sit right with Levi, the latter narrowing his eyes at the mirthful half-smile pulling on his son’s lips. What are his two brats planning?
“Before we celebrate what will happen in the future, why don’t we take a look around and point out what you can see, Cae.”
The onyx-haired boy followed Petra’s instructions, the redhead smugly presented the room filled with clothes thrown over the bed and spilling over the closet. The boy blankly stared at the mess before directing his stare at his dad, who went back to brooding in his little world on the armchair.
Caelum narrowed his eyes, taking a deep breath, and, “Okay, this is enough!” Levi jumped at the shout and perked up when he saw Caelum making his way to where the armchair was. The silver-eyed boy stood in front of Levi, the two of them beholding matching unamused expressions that looked so similar to each other (Petra laughed at the sight before going downstairs to give the father and son some privacy). Levi was assessing his son while Caelum wanted to get his dad out of the gutter. The latter schooled his features in a sad smile. “Dad, pull yourself together.”
Levi never eased his furrowed eyebrows. “How? I have never seen a glimpse of [Name] [Last Name] in over eleven years and suddenly she’s flying here all the way from London to …” He trailed off. What was he supposed to say? That you’re flying here across an ocean just to see him? What about switching the twins back? Instead, Levi scoffed, running his hand again through his hair. “To be honest, I thought I can handle this but, Cae,” he looked up at his son, “I’m not ready to meet her again. I don’t know how to face your mother because if I’d chased after her back then, we would still be married right now.”
Caelum didn’t hide how the remark affected him. He pursed his lips as he took in the state of his dad. Levi had bags under his eyes that were too prominent that Caelum assumed the man didn’t sleep well last night. The boy understood that his dad would feel this way but he had to ‘hype him up’, as Altair put it. “Dad, seeing Mum is inevitable eventually. You two would have to meet each other someday after separating, and I know that moment is now. You can’t change the past, Dad, but you can fix it by doing this one small thing — by being brave enough to face Mum without having the urge to run away.” He shrugged lightheartedly. “We never know, Mum will fall in love with you all over again with just one look at you.”
At every word, Levi found Caelum’s words soothing him. He opened his arms a little and smirked, “Come here, brat.” Welcoming Caelum in his arms, the two of them sat side by side in the armchair, which luckily held the two of them without the other falling out. Levi kissed the crown of his son’s head. “It’s not that I’m scared of seeing her again but I have a feeling it’s because of me that she left. There’s something in my mind telling me that I could be right.”
The little boy shifted his gaze on any part of Levi’s room. One night while Caelum heard you crying, he went to your room to sleep beside you just like the other times when you both felt alone. He stopped on the other side of your room with his hand hovering over the doorknob when he heard you talking over the phone. Caelum heard you mention his grandmother, your voice pleading to the older woman on the other end about something that he never understood then. They were all cryptic pieces that were scattered in your rambles. But now, it all tied together because, after that call, you were sobbing along the lines of regretting your choices of not being selfish for once. Caelum chose not to enter your room that night. That happened one week before you sent him off to summer camp.
The onyx-haired boy deduced that Levi was the reason why you left, not because you fell out of love or you hated him, but because you did it for the best of Levi.
“You might be right, Dad,” Caelum felt Levi slightly stiffen beside him so he took his father’s larger hands and wrapped his own around them, “but there’s more to one side of the story.” He smiled as he looked up at Levi. “I think it’s your choice if you want to believe what you think is the truth, Dad, but I’m telling you that Mum never left you because she hated you — actually, it’s the opposite. She felt too much of it that she made a decision she believed was right for your sake.”
Silence enveloped the room as Levi openly stared at Caelum, who was cursing in his mind that maybe he spoke too much. Since there wasn’t anything he could reply to his son’s advice, the silver-eyed man blankly stated, “You know, for a kid your age, you speak your mind so well.” Truth be told, he was beginning to feel scared that Caelum can read his mind too well. It was the same with Altair, though the older twin used the joking route to alleviate the atmosphere. But with Caelum, the younger twin’s words can make Levi reflect on so many things in his life.
Caelum grimaced, scratching his undercut. “Sometimes, I tend to stray off-course while comforting someone. I always do this with Mum whenever she…” He trailed off because he didn’t want to explicitly tell Levi that you’re crying almost every night. “Whenever Mum feels like she needed someone to listen to her.”
Levi cleared his throat, his cheeks becoming warm. “Uhm, d-do you think your mom will be happy when she sees me?”
The gray-eyed boy adoringly looked up at his father, admiring the shade of rouge coloring the man’s cheeks. Caelum was starting to think that Levi appeared adorable while pretending that asking about you didn’t affect him. If only Caelum could preserve this sight, he would show it to you once the plan works out. The onyx-haired boy bit his lip to prevent a huge grin because once Levi notices his knowing smile, he would drop the subject immediately. “Dad, Mum will be ecstatic.” A white lie never hurt anyone, right? “In fact, I just got off the phone with her and she told me she’s anxious about meeting you.”
“Anxious? Like she’s nervous to see me and thinking this isn’t worth her time coming here in California? Or anxious excited, like she’s looking forward to meeting me. Because I know I’m a combination of the two, minus the ‘not worth my time’ because your mom owns every single part of me including all the time I dedicate in the world.” Levi stopped, his cheeks reddening even more, with his sigh coming right after. “Please don’t tell her I said that. That sounds embarrassing. Ugh, I just said something awkward in front of my son.” Then, the ramble started. “Just thinking about your mom always turns me in a mess. Did you know that when she first smiled at me genuinely, she was instantly my captor? One smile was all it took for me to fall in love with her.” Levi buried his hand through his hair. “How much more that I never saw her for eleven years. I will be on my knees in front of her.”
Caelum leaned his head on Levi’s arm. He was having too much fun in taking in Levi’s flustered state. His grin was becoming too hard to control. “It looks good on you, Dad.”
Levi blinked and stared down at his son in confusion. “What?”
“Being in love.”
Levi could only gape at his youngest son.
“Oh, and by the way, she’s anxious excited to meet you. You don’t have to worry about anything.”
“… Do I look like an idiot while talking about your mother? It’s just a thought I have since college because Hange and Erwin always told me I look funny. Eyebrows still tells me that to be fucking honest.”
Caelum laughed, shaking his head. “Not at all. I’d say it’s endearing rather than idiotic. As I said, it looks good on you, Dad.”
A chuckle came out of Levi, his hand ruffling his son’s hair until it became a mess. He stood up and stretched his arms in the air, placing his hands on his hips afterward. Talking to Caelum lifted some of the weight on his shoulder. His entire chest became lighter and he felt invigorated so he turned to his empty bag sitting on the bed. They were planning on staying in that hotel for two days and nights as a sort of vacation and a getaway from the plantation. “Hey, brat, let me just pack for a second and clean this room.” He didn’t see Caelum nod so he continued with a determined visage. “And can you tell Petra to prepare some whiskey for me? Just tell her to put it in my flask. Thank you.” Then, Levi started to succumb to his element — tidying things up.
At the mention of the alcoholic drink, Caelum winced but he will still follow his father’s request nonetheless. “Alright, Dad,” his voice came out tentative as he exited Levi’s room. He only hoped that the situation with Altair was faring better than his. He suddenly stopped in front of the opened doorway, his smile cheeky while he casually stated, “Just to let you know, Dad, the name of Mum’s bridal shop are your initials. Think of that as a reminder. Plus, you’re winning her back, right? Just be charming like how you charmed Cindy the publicist.”
The sound of Levi taking a sharp breath was enough to make Caelum laugh. Yeah, this trap that Altair planned out with his elaborate mind and the trap that Caelum is trying so hard for it to be a success will work.
Tumblr media
You didn’t expect that stepping on California again could make you this sentimental. The drive to the hotel from the airport was filled with Lucas talking about nonsensical things, as Hange said, but that didn’t deter you from wistfully staring at the place where your ex-husband made his business known. You mindlessly caressed your ring finger and your touch faltered when you realized you wore the engagement ring Lucas gave you. Before boarding your flight, he pulled you to the side and shoved the piece of jewelry he seemed to have forgotten in your hand, murmuring along the lines of ‘letting people know you’re his’. At the sight of the plain gold band, you suddenly missed the vine-like design of intricate diamonds on another ring that should’ve been on your finger instead of resting idly in the middle of your collarbones. Lucas stared at your necklace in disdain, seeing as you have no signs of leaving the remembrance behind in London.
Your little group consisted of the entire family, including Oluo. As for your home, Mike was asked to keep an eye on it for the meantime, permitting him to stay in your house while you four were away for this so-called vacation. The blonde man reassured you to your house’s gate that the house is in good hands so you have no choice but to thank him profusely as well.
The hotel Oluo picked out was bedecked with an aesthetic that came out of a fairy tale. You looked up at the chandelier hung on the ceiling, its crystals reflecting the high Californian Sun. While you were admiring the hotel’s architecture, a wedding dress already in your mind, a small hand clung onto yours and you turned to your son, who was smiling widely at you. You returned his smile with your own and followed Hange and Oluo to the front desk.
“Miss [Name], let us take care of the check-ins,” Oluo told you, a kind smile pulling on his lips. Hange also rose a thumbs-up before returning to their conversation with the front desk, their grin making you smile again. “The armchairs over there are perfect for you and Caelum to rest after the trip.”
You slightly lowered your head in gratitude. “Thank you, Oluo.”
Once settled on one of the beige chairs near the floor-to-ceiling windows, you let out a sigh of relief at the feeling of the plush cushions encasing your tired body. You roamed your eyes on the table, taking in the beautiful flower arrangement and a filled tissue holder. You brightened, taking out a pen from your handbag before taking a piece of tissue in the middle of the table. Altair tilted his head curiously, following your every movement as you started to draw the wedding dress you have in mind. You started scribbling materials on the tissue along with the outline of the dress. You tried matching the wedding dress to the casual one you’re wearing at the moment — one with a lace-up corset bodice and a tiered skirt. You were so engrossed in adding details to the dress that you didn’t feel your son sitting on the armchair beside yours, a small smile lighting up his face as the dress came to life with your sketching. Raising your head, you were at a loss for words because Levi was suddenly beside you, however, when you blinked, a little version of him looked at you with adoration.
A little version of him.
You froze at your assumption. Maybe this was why he hugged you tightly when he came home, or why he cried on your shoulder like he couldn’t believe you’re in front of him. You knew your Caelum’s eyes, how they looked like yours despite having the same color as your ex-husband. Not to mention the little things he forgot that should’ve been imprinted in Caelum’s actions. The little boy sitting beside you, though, was a carbon copy of Levi Ackerman. The resemblance was so uncanny that you couldn’t look away, slightly gaping for a minute until Altair tilted his head in concern. What was he doing here with you? Did Levi know about this? You looked back and roamed your eyes over the hotel’s main receiving hall. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, except for Lucas introducing himself to a brown-haired woman that appeared younger than you. There was no Levi in sight.
Slightly shaking your head before turning back to your son, you tilted your head and caressed his hair. You would have to keep this secret to yourself, then. Who knows what Hange might’ve reacted if you told them about this theory of yours? “What do you think, starlight?” Oh, how you wanted to say that since he reached out to you when they were born. You looked at your eldest son with so much care and love, controlling yourself from hugging him in the middle of the hotel. “Is the dress beautiful?”
Altair never once looked away from you. “Yeah. You’d look great in it.”
You blinked at the remark, cheeks becoming warm at the thought. “Oh, no, this is a potential dress to be added in the new line Armin suggested. He suggested making dressed that seem to be out of a fairy tale so I got inspiration from this hotel.” You looked away to glance at the piece of tissue paper. “Besides, I won’t have any reason to wear any wedding dresses anymore. This upcoming wedding with Lucas doesn’t feel right to wear a dress this ethereal.”
The onyx-haired boy hummed, his wide eyes becoming half-lidded as he coldly stared at something behind you. “Yeah, because that fucking idiot is flirting with a woman old enough to be my sister over there.”
You followed Altair’s gaze and rolled your eyes as the young woman became charmed with Lucas. “I’m thinking they look good together. He should marry her instead of me, that way this circus will stop.” Then, you realized how easily the curse came out of your son’s mouth so you bit your lip to hide your smile. He sounded like Levi.
“Hey, you two, our rooms are available now,” Hange called, wrapping their arms around your shoulders before kissing your cheek. You lovingly pressed your cheek against theirs while they continued, “Let’s settle in first, and then, how about some exploring, sweet pea?” They directed the question at Altair, who nodded enthusiastically. Hange cheered, “How wonderful! [Name], let’s go.” They pulled you up from your seat, looping your arms together. “I’m rooming with you and sweet pea, by the way. Oluo was busy complaining how he’s rooming with the arsehole.”
“That sounds lovely, Hange, but poor Oluo, though.”
A cough rang from behind you three that prompted you all to turn around. Lucas was clearing his throat to catch your attention, his expression of annoyance lifting into faux cheer when your eyes landed on him. “Darling! Hange, Your Highness,” he each acknowledged the people surrounding you, “would you mind if I borrow my fiancé for a moment? This lovely weather should be perfect for a stroll around the hotel. I wouldn’t want to put this to waste.”
Hange blankly returned the stare. “I’d mind.”
“Me, too,” Altair grumbled.
“Thank you for understanding, Hange!” Lucas pulled you out Hange’s hold, the latter gasping because of the abrupt movement. He pulled you close to him with an arm wrapped around your waist, his thumb casually rubbing over your hip. He leaned down to place a kiss on your lips but you tilted your head so that his lips brushed your cheek instead. Lucas swallowed his disapproval with a bright smile that seemed to pull his lips to his ear. Altair found it scary. “Goodbye, you lot, we’ll be seeing you in lunch!” Lucas turned around and walked away, with you trying to put some distance between you two, leaving behind Hange and Altair.
“That bloody wanker!”
“Fucking son of a bitch.”
The two people left behind said at the same time, their heads slowly turning to meet the other’s eyes.
“I see Levi has been teaching you some of his vocabularies.”
“What’s a wanker?”
As Lucas led you away from your family, you looked up at him in confusion. “Where are you taking me?”
Lucas met your gaze and rubbed your hip with his thumb. “A good person told me earlier that the honeymoon suite proved to be one of the best rooms in this hotel. It might cost a lot but I hear it brings people in the mood. If you know what I mean.” He didn’t notice how you recoiled in disgust, thankful that Oluo already booked the rooms beforehand. You swore you heard your trusted butler and Hange planning on never putting you in the same room with Lucas. “Did I mention that you look stunning in this dress of yours?” Lucas roamed his eyes over your exposed collarbones and shoulder, with you regretting never taking out your jacket from your luggage. He lifted his hand from your waist and fiddled with the tie-straps over your right shoulder. “It’s more accessible.”
You looked at him like the idiot he was and walked ahead of him.
“Hey, darling, slow down!”
When the two of you rounded a corner, an entourage of three entered the hotel with a golden retriever barking in glee and catching the attention of some of the hotel’s patrons.
To say Levi was disoriented would be the understatement of the century. He was downing and refilling his flask of whiskey to the point where Petra offered to drive his car for the rest of the trip to the hotel. In all her years of working under his kindness, Petra never once saw Levi drunk. She exchanged a wary glance with Caelum, who was eyeing Levi carefully. The onyx-haired man never swayed on his feet nor slurred his words, instead, he appeared calm. Too calm for a meet-up with you. He was a rational man, he never relied on alcohol to erase the stress piling up on his shoulders. But this day called to his impulsive instincts, letting his gut dictate him to let loose so that he wouldn’t remember what he’ll say to you.
With a deep breath and half-lidded eyes, Levi walked in front of Petra and Caelum and looked around the busy receiving hall. He was on the lookout for the most beautiful woman he knew in his life.
“Are we going to be alright?” Caelum asked no one, never looking away from his father.
“I don’t even know, kiddo,” Petra whispered. “Can you hold Captain for a minute? I need to get our room keys from the front desk because I doubt Levi would do that if he’s this wasted.” They continued staring at the man in question, who looked like he was planning on murdering somebody based on his glare. People winced every time Levi stared too hard at them but the latter was only just looking for you. Petra sighed, already used to people shrinking away from Levi.
Caelum swiveled his head to Petra, who was handing him the leash. He cautiously stared at the dog and back to Petra. “But Captain hates me!”
Petra flashed a reassuring smile before patting the boy on the head. “This will be another great bonding experience for you two then!” Then she was off to check in at the front desk.
“B-But—” Caelum couldn’t finish his sentence, his voice trailing off while his eyes widely met Captain’s eager ones. Even though he spent the entire day yesterday playing with the dog and trying to get the pet to know him, he was still afraid that the large canine would bite his hand off. He didn’t remember his first pet that well but there was a faint image of a black Persian cat with gray eyes in the back of his mind. He was sure that cat was dead by now, seeing as he also remembered crying over a box when he was three years old. With a tentative hand, Caelum placed it on Captain’s head. The dog seemed to like it and nuzzled even more into Caelum’s hold. “Okay, Captain, please behave for me. I don’t have the strength to pull you if you run.”
The dog stayed still, panting as Caelum continued ruffling his ears. The boy perked up a little when Levi finally returned to him, only for his smile to evaporate because Levi looked annoyed.
“She’s not here yet,” Levi stated, crossing his arms over his chest. “I need another refill. There’s a bar here, right?”
“No!” Caelum exclaimed.
“What?” Levi stared at his son incredulously. “What kind of hotel doesn’t have a bar?”
The gray-eyed boy pursed his lips, straining since Captain brightened at the sight of his owner. “Uhm, what I meant to say was,” he took a deep breath, “Dad, stop drinking.” Caelum took Levi’s hand and prepared the weapon Hange told him never to use — he stared at Levi with wide eyes and a little pout. For a kid his age, the sight of him begging could melt any person’s heart — Levi wasn’t an exception. “Please, Dad, I know you’ll regret this later on so please don’t drink anymore.”
Levi’s tried to escape the effect of his son’s eyes. Caelum reminded him of you when you wanted to try something new that Levi deemed questionable. He groaned, scratching his undercut. If his son told him to stop relying on alcohol to solve his problem, he would follow it. It’s his son after all. “Alright, how about we follow Petra to our rooms.”
Seeing Caelum nod in relief, Levi smiled a little while slinging their duffel bag over his shoulder, tightening his grip on his son’s hand. They went to Petra, who was waiting for them with her bag. Everything seemed to hurt Levi’s head, his mind contemplating visiting the bar like he intended to. He badly needed something for this headache of his. He was starting to regret drinking that much whiskey so he weighed the pros and cons of visiting the bar. The pros being alleviating this headache; however, the cons involved his son. But God damn it, his head felt like a pickaxe was pounding on it. With a sigh, he let go of Caelum’s hand right when his son, Petra, and Captain entered the elevator.
“Wha—Levi!” Petra shouted to the retreating man.
“Keep an eye on Caelum for me,” Levi replied over his shoulder, passing by another trio of individuals making their way to the elevator.
The redhead huffed under her breath. “I swear to God, that man.”
Suddenly, Captain started barking, his leash pulling Caelum towards the doors of the elevator. “Captain?”
Both Caelum and Petra looked up at the familiar voice, their gasps ringing in the elevator. As the doors were starting to close in, Caelum’s slackened hold over the leash gave Captain the chance to run to the onyx-haired boy in a long-sleeved button-up tucked in a pair of knee-length shorts. The boy grimaced for shouting in the hotel since his voice was the reason why Captain tackled him to the floor. The brown-haired person failed to catch the boy, their brown eyes curiously following where the dog came from, with their smile brightening at the sight of the younger twin in the elevators. Without any care for the other patrons mingling in the hotel lobby, they raised their hand in an exaggerated wave. The man beside them also stared at the commotion, stupefied that his young master was being slobbered by a canine. The butler was fussing over the boy’s clothes while the brown-haired person continued waving in delight.
“Little bean!”
The elevator doors closed on a stunned Caelum weakly waving his hand, his jaw dropped, and a wide-eyed Petra by his side.
“That’s Caelum right now! Oh, my God!” Hange screamed, not paying attention that Altair was being licked countless times by a dog.
Oluo slowly turned his head to a grinning Hange. He narrowed his eyes before planting his scrutinizing gaze on the boy who was now standing up, the young master’s hands patting his shorts free of invisible dust. “But, Hange, Caelum is right over here.” The butler pointed at Altair, the boy now ruffling Captain’s ears. He blinked when Hange laughed loudly that it caught the attention of a familiar onyx-haired man circling the hotel lobby. Oluo noticed the man earlier since he looked like he was lost but the butler paid no heed to him. Instead of observing the man, Oluo stared at his friend in concern. “Hange, are you alright? Do you need a breather from the small tour of the ground floor?”
“Silly Oluo.” Oluo bristled at the adjective. “That was Caelum.” Hange pointed to the elevators, then, pointing to Altair, who was preventing his laugh to join Hange’s. “This right here is Altair. I thought you knew?”
Altair turned around while Hange jumped at the voice, pulling Oluo to face the display of flowers near them.
“What are you doing? What exactly are we looking at, Hange?!”
“Shh, can you be quiet for once?! Just go with the flow or else I’m going to tell [Name] you’re canoodling with a random woman after checking in.”
“Excuse me?! I’m not like that Luke person!”
“Yeah, I get it, Mr. Holier-than-Thou. Now, shut up and take a look at these flowers! They’re lovely, aren’t they?”
“They appear plastic, Hange.”
“Dad!” Altair perked up at his father.
However, the man’s attention wasn’t on him, it was on the duo behind him casually facing the flower arrangement like it was the most expensive artwork on the planet. Levi’s eyes were dangerously narrowed as if it hurt him to remember where and when he heard those voices. The louder voice made his headache worse, a familiar feeling that he didn’t experience for how many years and one that instantly increased his annoyance levels. The other voice was right at the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t exactly pinpoint where he heard it. While Levi was trying to recall the familiar people, Altair pulled on his sleeve, making him look down at his grinning son.
Altair had to do something to distract Levi but the smell of whiskey distracted the boy instead. “W-What are you doing here?” He subtly waved his hand over his nose.
It didn’t even register that the boy in front of him wasn’t speaking in a British accent so Levi replied without any skepticism, “I was about to look for the bar but I couldn’t find where it is. Do you have any idea, brat?”
It was a good thing that his group explored the ground floor for a couple of minutes so Altair responded with a smile, “It’s just right around the corner, right there, where the bellboy carrying a vase came from.”
Levi breezily smiled and there Altair winced in realization. The man ruffled his son’s hair affectionately, walking to where he was directed at. “I’m going to meet you upstairs in our room, okay? I’ll just get something to help with his headache and let’s go find your mother — the love of my life.” He didn’t see the bellboy coming his way with a huge vase of carnations when he turned back to his son to add, “I like that outfit, by the way, makes you look like a prince. How did you change outfits so fast?”
“Dad, watch out!” Altair closed his eyes tightly before opening one eye to the sight of the bellboy swerving to avoid hitting Levi, his father walking towards the bar without a care for the world. So, this is what his father always felt when he does something without thinking about it first. Altair could only exhale a breath of relief when Levi didn’t discover Hange and Oluo and for escaping that near-embarrassing experience of colliding with the bellboy. With a hand on his chest, he sighed, “This isn’t what I meant when I say I want Dad to drink his heart out. That nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“Was Levi … drunk?” Hange asked once they reached Altair’s side again.
“Levi?” Oluo voiced out. “As in Levi Ackerman?”
“Yes, Oluo,” Hange answered for Altair.
“As in Miss [Name]’s bridal shop, L.A, Levi Ackerman?”
“The one who nearly decked me when I went out the bathroom with only a robe on in our flat because he thought I was another man of Miss [Name]?” Oluo shuddered. “That still gave me nightmares.”
Hange faced Oluo with an unamused face. “How many yeses do you need, Oluo?”
“Enough to understand what the bloody hell is going on, Hange.” Oluo matched Hange’s blank face.
Altair turned to regard both people. “Okay, allow me to explain from the top for the sake of our dear Oluo here.” Oluo nodded with crossed arms. The onyx-haired boy sighed, trying to summarize everything that happened. “I’m Altair Ackerman and I met Caelum while at camp a few days ago. We discovered we’re twins because who wouldn’t? It’s that obvious.” He threw his hand in the air and blew a raspberry. “Then, I proposed this plan to bring our parents back together again, thus, this switch thing that happened. We thought we were slick with this but Hange discovered my identity while Caelum got caught by Dad and Petra, my nanny.” Then, he clapped his hands with a bright smile. “So, any questions from the class?”
Oluo raised a hand.
Altair pointed at him. “Yes, Oluo!”
“What do you mean to bring back your parents together?” He noticed Hange opening their mouth to answer him so he continued, “I’m asking Altair right now.” The butler rose an eyebrow, prompting the boy to answer his question.
“It’s exactly what it means, Oluo.” Altair looked down with a slight frown, his happy demeanor vanishing. Captain whimpered when he sensed that Altair started to be gloomy so the boy ran his hand through the dog’s fur. “Dad is always missing Mom when he thought no one was paying attention to his pining. As much as I admit that showing what I feel sometimes makes me constipated, seeing my dad looking like he wanted to cross the oceans for Mom urged me to make this plan because it’s hurting me, too.” He clenched his fists, not noticing how Hange elbowed Oluo for asking a sensitive question. “Caelum didn’t want to do it but once he realized that Mom felt the same way for Dad all these years, we just winged it.” Altair raised his head to stare at the two with a pleading expression.
“I’m sure you two saw how she cried to the moon every night, how she always touched the ring on her necklace, or how she always stared with that faraway look on her face.
“So please, help us bring them back together.”
Oluo was silent for a few moments. Being your butler ever since he was a child, the happiest he has seen you were during your times in university. Your zenith can only be witnessed when Levi was around. Of course, he saw how you carried yourself with the elegance that you’re born with but there were times that Oluo wished he could wipe that melancholic air surrounding you while taking a break from work. He was a witness to you being pressured by your parents at such a young age, forcing you to take hobbies you didn’t even like. Being a childhood friend of yours and your family’s hired butler at the same time, it’s Oluo’s responsibility to make you feel comfortable, both as his superior and as your friend. But Altair’s words made him realize that he has failed you years before you separated with Levi, always watching on the sidelines as you got disciplined by your mother because you defied your parents too many times to count.
So, with a kind smile, Oluo placed a firm hand on Altair’s shoulder. “Count me in, little star.”
Altair beamed and it made Oluo’s chest clench with warmth. It’s just like being an audience to Caelum’s soft smiles. He decided — he will do anything for the boy standing in front of him, very much like how he pledged his loyalty to you and Caelum.
Hange whooped at the side, wrapping their arm around Oluo’s shoulder. “Finally! I was starting to think you’ll uphold your title as the official spoilsport of the family. I see you have some thrill in your blood, Oluo!”
Oluo laughed lowly, giving Hange a side-glance. “All for the happiness of Miss [Name] and the twins.”
“What about Levi?”
“Care to remind you he’s on the verge of slaughtering me for being your flatmate while staying in America.”
“Oh, come on! That was hilarious!”
Altair snickered at the imagery, letting himself have this small moment of peace because things would go two ways later — an infernal disaster or a victorious celebration.
Tumblr media
You were becoming weary the more time you spent roaming the hotel grounds with Lucas. You passed by so many sights and all he could talk about was setting up the wedding in this grandeur location. All because it would look good in the pictures. This was probably the first time you agreed to his opinions. There was a huge butterfly garden that made you feel like floating, several of the iridescent-winged insects perching on your shoulder and finger. If only you could create your tiny world inside the garden and never come out, you would’ve done it if not for Lucas waving his hands to keep the butterflies away. Next, there was a massive outdoor pool, with the man threatening to throw you in the pool if you keep scowling. With that, you continued walking ahead of him until you two reached the elevators by the bar.
When the doors open, you went inside without waiting for Lucas. A few moments after, the brown-haired man entered the elevator with a fake smile. You returned in and waited for the doors to close. While staring forward, you gasped as Lucas pulled you against his chest, your hands pushing on his chest to give you two some distance. You incredulously stared up at him, your annoyance with him bubbling even more and was now obvious on your face.
“You know, we never have a moment alone together, darling,” Lucas whispered in your ear with a grin. “Why don’t we start our honeymoon early?”
You leaned back, your heart pounding because he was being too close. “I’m not in the mood, Lucas, please stop it.” Still, he continued the leaning in and it felt like a tennis match between the two of you. However, he was too strong for you, successfully pulling you in and was preparing to kiss you on the lips. “Lucas! Stop this instant!”
This doesn’t feel right at all.
The only man who can make you swoon with his advances was nowhere to be found. He was somewhere in California living out the best in his life. His life without you in it, the mere thought of that was making you tear up. You were trying to get away from Lucas and your mind was a mess of thoughts that screamed for Levi. The cosmos might be on your side and at the same time laughing at your misery because the exact moment you turned your head to the opened doors of the elevator, he was there. You faltered and the next thing you knew, everything he made you feel through the years came rushing back — every memory playing like a highlight reel inside your head. The person you’re wishing for every night was right here, in this hotel, a few feet away from you. Tears started streaming down your face, your heart so loud, and your chest filling with butterflies that it made everything hazy except for the sight of the love of your life. You started to wonder when you got out of Lucas’s grip because you wanted to shout his name out loud but before you could do so, the elevator doors closed.
A sharp intake of breath expressed your frustration, your fingers already pushing on the ground floor button again when you felt the elevator move up a floor. Any person can call you desperate from the repetitive action but how could you stop when Levi looked at you like you broke his heart for the second time?
You stopped pushing the button and let the elevator take you to your rooms’ floor. You silently pressed your forehead on the doors, the image of his face becoming expressionless after being shocked burned your mind. It made you feel suffocated. He shouldn’t be looking like that. You were imagining all the faces he could make when you meet again but what you witnessed wasn’t a part of your anticipated reactions. You felt Lucas reach out for you but you only curled on the other side of the elevator, fingers clasping on the ring in your necklace as if it could wield Levi by your side. You just wanted Levi to hold you close to his heart again. Lucas started approaching you again and you couldn’t help it, you screamed.
“Don’t touch me!”
The elevator dinged, signaling you two that you reached your floor.
“Don’t call me that,” you snapped with your head down. “It’s best if you leave me alone for a moment.”
“Let me make you feel better, [Name].”
You lifted your head and glared at Lucas. It made him take a step back. “You will never make me feel better, Lucas. Just get away from me. Please.”
Lucas blankly roamed his eyes over your figure — shaking like a newborn deer. Only because you saw your ex. Pathetic, his mind told him. A smirk pulled on his lips as he got out of the elevator, his stare leveled with yours. “Your parents will not be happy about this, princess.”
A sad smile was all you gave him. “When did they ever feel genuine happiness for their only daughter?” The doors close, separating you from your proclaimed fiancé. You glanced down at the ring on your finger while the elevator brought you down a floor. You took off the ring and placed it inside your handbag, forgotten as the man you left moments before. The engagement is as good as the rotting corpses in the Underworld and you hoped your parents approve of breaking it off. You only need something sinister from Lucas’s side and your parents would cut it off. If only you can have evidence of his cheating ways.
But first, you have to find your ex-husband and tell him you still love him all these years, hoping that Fate and Time were in your favor.
Tumblr media
“Caelum [Last Name]!”
Levi didn’t know what to feel from what he saw a few minutes prior. The moment the elevator doors closed; he abruptly made his way to the other elevator stationed near the front desk. His hair was a mess from all the ruffling he did. At first, he felt everything disappear when he locked his eyes on your figure but it quickly died down to confusion when he saw a man pull you in. Confusion turned into a bubbling misery until he felt anger as he stomped to their floor. He was angry at the man wrapping his arms around you when you clearly pushed him away too many times. He was angry at himself for thinking that he still had that special place in your heart and that it would continue to be that way even after you broke up. Levi was angry at so many things but he will never feel anger for you or the twins, even though your and Levi’s children convinced him to get back with you.
“Where is he?” Levi grumbled; his blazer thrown over his arm. Suffocated at the image of you in another man’s arms, he took it off, which left him in a long-sleeved shirt.
Suddenly, a door opened and out came two copies of the boy he’s been calling for.
Levi groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Oh, great, I’m seeing double now. Guess that shitty shake the bartender gave me never worked.” He inhaled sharply. “God, I need a drink.”
The boy on the left leaned forward with an amused small smile. “It’s me, Dad — Altair.”
The man looked up and gaped at the two boys who wore opposing expressions, one was trying hard not to grin while the other looked at him in concern — his boys. Without a second thought, Levi rushed forward and pulled Altair and Caelum in an embrace that he was convinced belonged in a dream. The delightful laughs from his sons twinkled the empty hallway, encasing them in their little universe. Levi sighed in contentment, never planning on letting his boys go. He wanted to keep hugging them for eternity and when he felt arms hugging him back, he couldn’t help but let out a small sob that he could experience one of his wishes to the stars. The twins are finally together in his arms, something that he only envisioned in his dreams, waiting for them to come true if he continued straining his mind for that image. Levi pulled away for a moment and placed a firm kiss on each of the boys’ heads, with Altair scrunching his nose and Caelum chuckling at his brother’s reaction.
Three pairs of silver eyes gazed at each other, igniting the birth of a new constellation. Finding out that it was Caelum who came home to him from the summer camp was just the start because seeing both of his sons together made him reach the zenith. He cupped the side of Caelum’s face while rubbing the undercut of Altair.
He wanted to hug them again.
With a soft smile that reached his eyes, Levi uttered, “I can’t believe you’re finally together in front of me. Eleven years is a long time to see you two like this.” Then, he remembered seeing you, making his eyebrows furrow. “But how could you leave out that detail?”
“What do you mean, Dad?” Altair asked.
Caelum glanced at his brother before looking at the decorations in the hallway as if they were the most interesting things he saw.
The onyx-haired man turned to his eldest son. “What do I mean? I mean not telling me that your mom has,” he trailed off, looking away from Altair’s wide eyes, “has someone else.”
“Dad,” Caelum called out absentmindedly.
Altair was about to answer when the door to the room they came out of revealed Oluo, who was definitely not listening on the other side of the walls. He smiled and regarded Levi with a slight bow. “I’m sorry to interrupt this reunion but might I suggest we continue this heartfelt moment inside this room?” Oluo then peeked out of the doorway before nodding his head to the inside of the room. “I know this isn’t our floor but I can’t help but be wary.” The boys followed his suggestion, with Oluo patting each of them on the head. He met the inquisitive gaze of the shorter gray-eyed man and instantly gulped. “Hello, you probably don’t remember me.”
Levi hummed. “So that’s why you look familiar. You’re the guy in that robe, right? When we’re college seniors? What was your name again?” He snapped his fingers, placing his hand on Oluo’s shoulder (the butler became rigid at the contact). “Oluo. Her butler and childhood friend.” Levi nodded. “Nice to see you again. This might be years late but I’m sorry for nearly punching you in the face.” He then entered the suite with his hands in his pockets.
Oluo was speechless, staring at the back of Levi’s head. The butler nodded in approval. “I knew he was alright.”
Once inside the room, Levi started pacing in front of Altair and Caelum. The older twin was biting his bottom lip in fear that Levi would start another one of his hour-long sermons while the younger of the two patiently waited for the man’s words to acknowledge their presence. The two boys let their father regain his composure. Sure, his stress might have stemmed from the fact that you have a good-for-nothing fiancé and Levi’s trying to win you back but the twins had the perfect reason to keep that fact away from him. They just didn’t want their dad to back away from their enacted plan just because a tool managed to slither their way in. As Caelum told Altair, the only solution was to get rid of that person but it looked like the older twin couldn’t do it without his brother and father’s help. Now that this problem became worse, the sermon has yet to begin. Altair was still anticipating the rant, jumping when Caelum offered to give him a biscuit from the tray on the coffee table.
“Okay.” Levi breathed deeply as he flickered his gaze between his sons. “One of you told me that your mother knows I’m arriving today. I’m pretty sure it’s Caelum but who knows.” The said twin stopped chewing on a biscuit. “My point is, your mother didn’t look like she knows I’ll be here.”
Altair swallowed down the biscuit with a cup of tea Oluo placed inconspicuously on the table. “You saw Mom already?”
Levi took one of the cups of tea on the low table and sipped on it aggressively, sitting on the long couch that was facing the récaimer the twins were sitting on. His tight expression relaxed for a second. “That hits the spot,” he murmured before shaking his head to narrow his eyes at the twins. The children sighed in disappointment when they saw the peaceful look on their dad was short-lived. “Yes, I did. She was…” Levi paused to wistfully stare at the arrangement of pink and red carnations, with a dash of orchids, placed on the low table. He sighed dejectedly, which made Caelum push the plate of biscuits in his direction. Levi took one and nibbled on it before speaking, “She was still so beautiful. But this is not the reunion I was expecting to have after our divorce. She cried — I have never seen that expression in a very long time and it hurts since seeing me was what caused it.”
“Mum cried?” Caelum parroted and Oluo even stopped talking to his phone, the person on the other side of the call squawking for his attention. Caelum didn’t notice that he tightened his grip on the teacup until Altair loosened his hands with worried eyes. “Thank you,” he murmured to his twin. The younger boy’s thoughts revolved around you again, wondering why you cried when you should’ve been happy. Was the plan not worth it after all?
“Maybe Mom was crying because of happiness,” Altair stated with lifted shoulders.
Levi met his son’s stare with tired eyes. “I don’t think looking like I broke her heart amounts to being happy, Al.”
The door to the suite opened and everybody turned their heads to whoever entered. Petra stopped in her tracks when she saw how four pairs of eyes landed on her like she disturbed something phenomenal. She sheepishly smiled, raising the bag of lunch she brought for the entire group. “I’m sorry for disturbing but Hange — a wonderful person that they are —"
“I doubt that,” Oluo muttered, looking at anywhere but the woman.
“— bought lunch for everyone. They made me bring this here because they need to find someone and that their lunch in the hotel restaurant got canceled. I’m assuming it was because of that call they had that made them ballistic, in a good sense, on the ground floor. So,” the redhead prolonged the word, once again lifting the bags of take-outs on her hands, “who wants some pasta? Because there is a lot of it.”
The butler came forward, still not meeting Petra’s eyes. “Let me help you with that.”
“Oh, thank you!” Petra exclaimed, looking up to meet Oluo’s eyes, with the man freezing once they had eye contact. “I knew I could rely on you, Oluo.”
Oluo stammered, followed by three amused snorts behind them. The butler turned his head slightly to glare at the three black-haired people inside the room. When his eyes found Caelum’s, the boy continued snickering while sipping on his tea in that posture you taught him. He dejectedly accepted that his pure young master who was raised by the kindest person on the planet was turning into a little devil. He rolled his eyes and turned around to place the food on the plates provided by the suite, choosing to ignore Petra’s offer for help yet letting her do her part of the job.
“So would someone care to explain to me why I just saw your mom with another man in the elevator?”
Altair stopped stuffing his face with the biscuits, gulping at the question. Caelum chose this moment to avoid his father so he stood up, patted his lap free from crumbs, and made his way to Oluo and Petra to help them prepare lunch. The two adults asked him to place the pitcher of juice and the glasses on a tray. Upon seeing that his younger twin left him, Altair gasped, “Cae, don’t leave me!” Caelum only waved a hand in good luck.
“Al,” came Levi’s voice.
The said boy has no choice but to drop the news. “Dad, Mommy’s getting married.”
The words sucked every ounce of hope from Levi’s body. He slumped on the couch with a blank face, letting himself fall backward. The ceiling appeared to be beautiful for Levi at the moment. He never took his eyes off of it as he tried to comprehend what his son said. Even the sound of cutlery from somewhere in the suite halted to carefully anticipate his reaction. He could only run his hand over his face in exasperation. The look he saw on you while being hugged by that man didn’t have any semblance of affection or care. It reminded him of the times when somebody would come too close for comfort at you, with you clinging or calling out to Levi every time it happened. Once again, the anger started bubbling in his stomach for only gawking at you when he could’ve barreled to the elevators to get you away from that man’s presence. Maybe he should rethink his decision of getting back together with you.
“The universe seems to hate me.”
“No, Dad. I think you’re just unlucky.”
“Al!” Caelum shouted.
Levi sighed. “That’s basically the same thing.”
Altair shook his head. “But really, Dad, Luke is a terrible person. He doesn’t care about Mom. Other than that, he’s lacking basic human decency and always says insensitive things. Nonsense if Hange puts it. I’m worried for Mom if this marriage gets through. We have to stop this, Dad.”
“I’m not in the mood of murdering someone in broad daylight, Al.”
“I mean, that could work.”
“No, it will not,” Caelum stated, a glass of apple juice in his hand and a plate of carbonara on the other. He placed the food and drink in front of Altair before crossing his arms over his chest. “Murdering people will never be a part of our plan. It’s most likely that this whole engagement happened because of Mum’s parents. I heard something a week before the summer camp. Mum was talking about not giving me up on the phone. I thought it was because the idea of the summer camp was Grandmother’s idea but it was a completely different thing.” He glanced at Altair and Levi with pensive eyes. “I deduced that if Mum doesn’t go through this marriage, I’ll be put in adoption.”
There was a gasp coming from the table on the balcony.
“What?!” Levi lost his cool while Altair paled even more.
Caelum ignored the outburst and fixed his unreadable stare on Oluo. “Am I right, Oluo?”
The butler sighed. Months of keeping it a secret will eventually be put to waste if the child in their household was perceptive enough to figure it out. He placed the remaining plate of pasta on the table as he nodded. “It’s true. Miss [Name] proposed so many solutions to the Madam but they’re all rejected. They deemed her as a horrible mother for the little prince since she was always away for a business trip overseas. Hange is also a scientist so being home is out of the question, with them being a university professor. The last straw for the Madam was when Miss [Name] pulled out Caelum from primary school to be homeschooled instead. They didn’t like that, especially for the heir of the family name. The Madam wanted Caelum to be exposed more and not sheltered because it was essential for a member of a conglomerate. Then came Lucas. [Name] always rejected it but then they threatened to shut down every establishment under her name so she had no choice.”
The younger twin’s eyes widened, heart pounding. “What about the bridal shop?”
“That’s the second thing they’ll take away after you, little prince.”
Your bridal shop was your pride and the only thing making you love working. Caelum gritted his teeth, anger, and disgust for his grandparents swirling inside his ribs but blaming himself overpowered every emotion. He was so angry at himself for putting all of these on your shoulders, angry for being this sensitive child, and for not doing enough to make you feel like the best mother when in fact, you are more than that. He wanted to scream and run away. He didn’t register that he was crying until he felt someone anchoring him to the ground, the smell of tea encasing him in a comforting blanket. At the contact of the solid yet warm body hugging him, Caelum sobbed, letting everything out like he didn’t cry for years.
Levi pressed his lips on his son’s head as he let the boy cry in his arms. He was slack-jawed when he heard that Caelum was used in this ploy of your parents for you to stay in line. God, Caelum was a child, an eleven-year-old. He was supposed to feel like a carefree boy but all this pressure on him for being born in an important family was preventing him from doing so. He was so young for him to blame himself. Levi knew you had good intentions for homeschooling Caelum. He knew that everything you did was for the best of others.
“So what are we going to do?” Altair asked, reaching out to hold his brother’s slack hand.
“If a person did something questionable that would tarnish the [Last Name] name, the madam and master of the household will cut them off without hesitation.”
Levi furrowed his eyebrows at the statement. He felt Caelum breathing heavily from crying too hard so he rubbed his back in rhythmic circles, his son’s breathing evening out. When the boy pulled away from him, Levi proceeded to wipe away the tears around his eyes with the softest touch he ever gave a person. “Are you feeling alright now, Cae?”
Caelum nodded, forcing himself to smile.
“That’s it!” Altair stood up from his seat, a grin lighting up his face.
“What’s it?” Caelum asked his twin.
“He’s cheating on Mom.”
Levi felt himself go tense. “What?” This was the second time of the day that he ever lost his cool to anger. The person hugging you in the elevator was cheating on you? Now Levi wanted to beat someone up.
“Yeah, I think Oluo has an idea about this.”
Oluo perked up in realization. “I think you might be onto something, little star.”
“We just have to get solid evidence that Luke is cheating on Mom and show it to her parents. That way, the engagement will never happen!” Altair’s smile grew at every word, his silver eyes finding their identical pair. The older twin felt warmth spreading through his chest as Caelum let out an impressed laugh, the latter’s smile was genuine and pretty. “With him out of the way, our main plan will still be in play! Dad will talk to Mom rationally.” He turned to Levi, who was watching his son in amusement. “You, Mr. Ackerman, will tell her all the things you couldn’t say. Tell her how much you miss her and that you still love her after all these years. Don’t worry about her answer because we all know Mom still loves you too.” Altair rubbed his palms together. “Now, time to plan this mini side-quest we have.”
Caelum endearingly rolled his eyes with a lighthearted smile. “Great, here we go again.”
Levi chuckled. “Tell us what you have in mind, brat.”
“Don’t forget us!” Petra chirped. “We want to help, too!”
Oluo looked at her in confusion. “We are?” When every person in the room turned to him, he quickly smiled. “Yeah, I mean, we are! So go on, little star, tell us what you have in mind.”
Altair’s smirk made everyone regret their decision on going on board with the plan. The little boy could go through so many lengths, this switch thing is proof of why Levi always made sure to tell him never to be impulsive and reckless again. This 'getting rid of Luke' plan was only a side-quest, to begin with so what could possibly go wrong this time?
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ereri-lost-and-found · 4 days ago
Hello 👋 i first read this fic from this blog but I lost it now I can't remember it, it was with omega eren and beta levi and a matching app was involved too, and they did it in a room in the school I guess and eren also wore a skirt! ⊙﹏⊙
Is this the fic you’re looking for?
Love Alarm by kathie_raddare
(Rated E, 5,616 words, oneshot, complete)
In a world where the feelings of your crush are on your hands, the omega Eren Jaeger needs to fight an alpha that calls himself his, while being fucked in the school's cleaning cabinets.
Based on the Netflix series and webtoon "Love Alarm", created by Cheon KyeYeong. For Ererictober Day 23!
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loveanoutcast · 5 days ago
"Games" | Eren Yeager
Tumblr media
Part Six | NSFW Content
TW: nsfw, smut, rough sex, degradation, slapping, spitting, creampie, swearing, public sex (Sorta), somnophilia (consensual), oral sex (male receiving), cheating and mentions of it
Pairing: Eren Yeager (Jaeger) x Fem!Reader, Levi Ackerman x Reader (Mentioned)
Other: Modern au, businessman!Eren, teacher!reader, administrator!reader, pregnant!reader, husband!eren, married trope
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven (Coming soon!)
Hi you all, here is part six! This kinda ended on a cliffhanger but I am already working on part 7! Please let me know what you all think and also give me your opinions about possible Levi x reader because I have no idea how to go about their pairing. Also we are coming to a close with this series as the reader's pregnancy draws to a close. Thank you all for the support and for the patience. Also, there is serious dark content on here so if y'all don't like it, just stop reading. Minors DNI and I heard a rumor about some tumblrs being put on blast on Tik Tok? I don't have the app so I don't care but I just found that odd. Y'all like whatever y'all like, let's just not be rude about it. Anyway, enjoy and leave a comment or like! :)
You felt something warm against your cheek, while something else felt to be shaking you around your shoulder. You snuggled deeper into the warmth, your lips brushing something soft, and it felt as if the very same thing seemed to tighten up under you. Your right hand flexed around what you recognized as your husband’s fingers, but the odd pull of your joined hands was opposite of the direction you found yourself laying on. The arm touching the back of your shoulders made you realize with drowsiness that you were currently snuggled up against a warm side and the half-seated position you were in was slightly uncomfortable. Nonetheless, you let a lazy smile cross your lips, your body humming in content as you let your lips leave a kiss on Eren’s neck.
However, despite the sweet notion the shaking came a little harder and you almost let out a groan of annoyance until a deep voice mumbled, “Angel, get off of Levi.”
Your eyes opened slowly, blinking a few times as you stared at a sharp jaw that most definitely did not belong to your husband. The undercut was fresh and the dark licks of hair that almost tickled your nose had you moving your eyes up until you saw long lashes framing gray eyes. Levi didn’t seem unhappy, but he did look more than uncomfortable as he glanced at you then to your right before meeting your eyes once more and whispering low enough so only your ears would hear,
“You have got to stop kissing me when you’re half-conscious.”
You shot up in your seat, face heating up in embarrassment as you turned to look at Eren who looked crossed between bemusement and slight irritation. You still felt groggy as you cleared your throat, it seemed that somewhere during the ceremony you dozed off. You remembered Levi relaxing into his seat, his arm was stretched behind you on the bench and one leg was crossed over the other at the knee while his left hand relaxed in his lap, and how inviting his lean body was, you had only leaned partially to rid yourself of the weight of your stomach on your back and he hadn’t seemed to mind at all. Eren held your hand in his, his back straight as his eyes was fixated on the sermon being given. You vaguely remembered what happened next, somewhere in those few moments your head leaned back, and you felt Levi’s left hand brush the side of your stomach while the other hand brushed your shoulder.
You don’t know how much time had passed and you noted that the ceremony was continuing but was drawing a close at the words your ears picked up. You looked around, everyone not seeming to have noticed what happened. You stifled a laugh when you saw the boys behind you, Connie’s head was thrown back in a way that you knew would make a knot form in his neck when he woke up as his mouth was also wide open, the snores soft and there was slight drool on the sides of his mouth. Reiner and Galliard were always known to never get along (It was a wonder on how they managed to agree to be seated beside each other) but you would have never thought them enemies by the way they were at that moment. Galliard had his arms crossed but his head on Reiner’s shoulder as he slept, Reiner had put his own head on top of Galliard’s and despite being asleep, he still managed to look angry. You looked further behind them to see Sasha asleep on Niccolo on one side while their daughter slept on his other side, his smile content as his favorite girls were with him.
You still felt embarrassed as you sat back around, looking at Levi who had since moved his arm and settled both hands in his lap. He stared forward and saying quietly enough to not bother the ceremony but loud enough for Eren to hear you told him-
“Sorry Levi, I thought I was leaning on Eren.”
A stiff nod was the only response you got, and you couldn’t help but feel your heart constrict as his frown deepened. You looked towards your husband, his eyes met yours and you wondered for how long he had been looking at you. You gave a hesitant smile as you leaned forward and kissed his lips softly, his eyes still closed when you moved away. He let go of your hand and before you could protest, he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you against his side and putting his right hand on your bump, the span of his fingers and palm warm as you felt your baby shift in you, as if knowing their father was there. You overlapped his hand with your own, your wedding band and engagement ring blinking back at you as if to gently remind you of the unbreakable vows you made to Eren, his own band clinking against yours and making a small smile grace your face before your eyebrows pulled down in a slight frown, your eyes unable to stop themselves as they looked over to Levi’s hands. His fingers were long and slim, no jewelry doting either hands, and pale in comparison to your husband who spent his childhood running about in the sunny hills of his hometown. Levi had cream tones across his, the veins a bit blue and prominent and you remembered how his childhood was spent in an underground city where food was scarce and the lack of sunlight stunted his growth, his body was impressive nonetheless, but it was the way he remained slim despite having impressive muscle mass that you could only conclude came from the way he had to fight to survive. Levi’s hands were softer than Eren’s too, not as calloused, and rough, the times he had brushed them across your own, the few times he squeezed your shoulder, tucked a stray hair away, and the rarer times you two kissed in secret and he held your face so carefully, you noted how soft and gentle he was everywhere. Even the times he would touch your belly, you could feel how smoothly he ran his fingers over you. You couldn’t help but wonder how the very same fingers you were staring so intently at would feel on your legs, how they would trail up your calves, past the back of your knees, to the top of your thighs where they would begin to travel inward to the place where you would want them the most, the very same slender pads teasing your folds before they would eventually dip in your desperate heat. You failed to notice how deep your breathing got, the sharp kick to your left side snapping you away from your train of thought and your eyes desperately met a pair of grey ones that seemed to know exactly what you were thinking. His own soft, just as the rest of him, as Levi held your gaze. The deep frown doting his lips reflected the emotion you didn’t even know you felt, for a moment the conflict within you felt overwhelming, your heartbeat beginning to race as you stared at a man who was obviously—and silently painfully—not your husband with a lust coiling and snapping within you. You loved Eren, you had a perfect man as your own and that love was enough to create a permanent product to show the world which currently resided within you. Levi Ackerman was not your husband, he was not the father of your child, and he was most certainly not the love of your life. But the way you couldn’t tear your eyes away as all these thoughts raced through your head, seeing the way his frown deepened as if those thoughts were being written across your forehead on full display, brought on a wave of pain that felt like a heartbreak you never really had. How could your heart break for a man who had never really been your own. How could you continue to allow the flirtation, the touching, the closeness, and the obvious longing between the two of you occur with the father of your unborn child so close. It spelled twenty different types of wrong and you both knew that. It just, didn’t stop you from feeling sad when your eyes took in his empty hands once more. You wondered how your hands would look like joined together, but the soft stroke of Eren’s thumb on your stomach had you looking back to the way your wedding
bands shined in the light.
When it came down to it, you knew you could voice these thoughts to Eren, He was your best friend on top of being the love of your life and despite his quick attitude, he was a smart man. He had easily caught onto the fact that Levi liked you and that you obviously felt something close to a crush in return. He was still oblivious to the kisses you shared with one of his closest friends and the small doting moments between you two, but you felt a bit assured that if you would eventually tell him, Eren would maybe understand. You could blame the pregnancy hormones, or maybe you could just own up to the fact that your heart yearned for not only one man, but two. Both whom which were good men with loving intentions for you and your well-being. You and Eren had never even discussed sharing each other in the bedroom, much less in an open relationship, and Levi could be the type who preferred monogamy, but with the way he met you in the hallway of your home and kissed you right after watching you get off on your husband’s thigh all those weeks ago, had you believing otherwise. You let out a deep sigh, your face looking up to Eren’s side profile and smiling quietly to yourself as you felt your love for him pour out of you. You looked back to Levi, the soft nod of his head in understanding made you nod ever so slightly in return.
The rest of the ceremony went by rather quickly, Levi had slapped the boys awake and they immediately darted onto their feet in a stiff military stance, cheeks red and throbbing with realization of where they were at and they only responded with sheepish smiles. Eren helping you up when it was time to applaud and holding your hand as you followed him out, Levi followed close behind and you looked back to give him a soft smile, your shoulders relaxing when he returned it, but he kept his hands in his pockets.
The reception was being held in a beautifully decorated ballroom. You let out a happy hum as you switched glances between your favorite boys. "I think the ceremony was lovely.”
“Oh really?” Levi scoffed, “Which part was your favorite?”
“Well, when they said I do, of course.”
“Baby, that was the only part you heard because you fell asleep five minutes into the sermon.” Eren stated from behind you. The three of you were currently sitting at one of the tables at the reception, your body leaning against Eren’s chest as everyone mingled around you. Levi had joined after grabbing a whiskey from one of the waiters and the soft clink of the ice made you miss alcohol for a moment.
“It’s not my fault they decided to let him go on for almost an hour, I mean if I wanted to hear a lecture I would go to church on Sunday or hell, even university again.” You threw your hands up, rolling your eyes and you felt Eren laugh against you, Levi took a sip of his whiskey while mumbling in agreement, and you saw Mikasa give a smirk.
“Amen, sister!” Connie cheered from the other side of the table, he was on his fourth beer and by the way Galliard’s head bobbed up and down with vigor made you believe he, too, already had too much to drink.
“How are you morons already plastered? It’s been less than an hour.” Pieck asked from her seat next to Mikasa, Zeke stood behind her as he shook his head in disapproval.
“You can be anything you set your mind to, if you just believe.” Connie hiccupped out.
Jean approached the table, his son close to his side and you immediately held your arms out for a hug. Jean glanced at you in confusion before bending down to hug you and you held your arms open awkwardly as you felt Eren smack Jean upside the head with a brute force that even made Levi snort out a laugh.
“Get the hell off my wife, horseface. She wanted a hug from ponyboy, not you.”
Jean looked beyond embarrassed, and you gave him a sincere smile before trying again and smiling wider when Jeremy flashed you his toothless grin. You doted on him while everyone else went on in their conversation.
“In that case,” Jean continued the previous conversation, his cheeks still tinged with pink. “They’re a pair of dumbass peas in a pod.”
Everyone laughed, Jean smiling in pride at his joke as Galliard flipped him his middle finger. Jeremy looked adorable in his little suit, his hair had been slicked back like his father’s and had he not inherited the deep black eyes from his mother, he would have been the spitting image of his father.
“You look so adorable, Jer-bear.” You cooed at him, you twirled him slightly as Eren agreed behind you, his hand on one side of you stomach as he perched his head on your shoulder.
“Thank you, papa did my hair like his!” He pointed out the obvious and you acted as if you hadn’t noticed.
“Oh, my goodness, he did!” You switched glances between the two smiling at Jean who looked at his son with that silent fondness only a parent would have.
“Does papa look adorable too?” He asked and you couldn’t stop the bubble of giggles that escaped you, you nodded saying your thoughts aloud.
“You both look very dashing.”
Eren let out a small huff of annoyance by your ear, with your free hand you reached by your head and stroked his cheek lovingly, shushing him as you turned to kiss him,
“None of that, my dearest. You know you’re the most handsome one to me.”
You could see him turning red from your peripheral vision, but before you got the chance to tease him further, Jeremy tugged of the other hand that held his. You looked back to see a scowl on his face, his eyes mean towards Eren but before you could question it, he beamed you an innocent smile.
“Ms. Y/N, may I have this dance?” Jeremy asked and you felt yourself swoon, you heard the chorus of “Awe’s” around you and you looked back at Eren who smiled in amusement as he nodded. He leaned back on his seat, his chest that was pressed against your back pulling away and leaving you to move yourself upright. You looked back to your student and gave a kind smile, already attempting to get up from your seated position as you answered him-
“Of course, you can. What a proper gentleman.” You noted as you let out a loud “uff” while getting up from your chair, everyone seeming to move to help you, but it was Levi’s hand on your elbow and Eren’s support on your lower back that aided you to stand. You thanked your husband, your hand grabbing Levi by the back of his own hand and giving it a grateful squeeze. You smiled at him, the ice in his glass clinking as his mouth was partly opened while gaping at you. He cleared his throat, attempting to be nonchalant about helping you but you didn’t miss the way he brushed his fingers against yours. His left eye dropping a wink as he sat back down, and you felt your own cheeks redden.
You put your attention back to Jeremy, “Lead the way, little one.”
Jeremy gave a pointed look to Levi, taking you by surprise at how he seemed to have noticed the subtle touches between you two and apparently disapproving. What a perceptive child, you thought. The two of you began to walk away,
“Oi!” Eren called, making the both of you turn back to look at him and the smile he was sporting, “And don’t even think about stealing my girl from me, Jeremy!”
Everyone laughed in unison, even Levi seemed to look bemused at Eren’s innocent joke. You waved him off as you laughed, looking back down to see Jeremy’s expression, and being surprised to see such determination on his features. His next words had you floored,
“I don’t like him.” He huffed.
“You don’t like Eren?” You had to confirm.
“I don’t like him.” He repeated, eyes shifting to Levi. “Or him.”
“Jeremy that’s not very nice. Eren is very important to me. Why don’t you like him?” Your eyebrows pulled down together in a frown, subtly trying to ignore the comment of Levi as you planned to asked after, this was the first time any of your students had an issue with Eren. Every time he would drop into your classroom during school days, the children loved him. They were always excited to see him, the girls asking for piggyback rides while the boys wanted to show him their cool toy cars or chatter to him about being so tall. The girls had even mentioned how cute he was, you laughing as you reminded them that school came before boys and them bombarding the both of you with questions about your relationship. The hardest one you had to answer was when Kira asked the two of you what happened that resulted in you having a baby in your tummy.
Now that you had thought about it, however, Jeremy had grown quieter these past few weeks when Eren came by. As summer had come, summer school had begun. Since the students were so young and did well in your class, you merely volunteered to take on students who willingly wanted to come to school or whose parents worked full time and could not have anyone else watch them. Eren had joked that your class became a daycare center and despite your protest, even you had to silently agree. Luckily Mikasa and Connie had also decided to stay back so the three of you often took turns. Your summer class was smaller than your regular ones, the most you saw in one sitting was twelve. Jeremy and Kira were there every day, Jean working full time while Kira accompanied her father who did the summer lunches, and she only came to keep her aforementioned best friend company, plus being an only child could be lonely. There were times when Connie would bring his small group to your class and you would co-teach, sometimes you would take yours to Mikasa as you got more tired being on your feet. With the break going on, Eren insisted on spending as much time with you. The board didn’t even protest when you asked if he could be a sort of teacher aide (An excuse really as he mostly just sat at your desk and blew you kisses when he thought no one was looking). The girls had once insisted he attend their make-believe tea party during recess that was them sitting on a bunch of logs that were makeshift into seating and making mudpies as they sipped imaginary tea. When they invited everyone else, most of them joined, even fighting over who would sit next to the tall man with pretty eyes before settling on taking turns. Eren had been so wonderful the entire time, his patience unwavering and his smiles genuine.
Eren walked towards you as you called the end of recess, his smile bright and wide as he approached you. His cheeks were red and flushed from the heat of the day and the girls had woven him a delicate flower crown that currently resided on top on his head. He was a sight to behold, his work jacket taken off prior to leaving the classroom, the sleeves of his button up rolled up and pushed up his forearms, his tie was loose on his neck, and his slacks had obvious steaks of mud on the sides. To anyone else he looked as if his workday had taken an odd turn, but to you he looked adorable and oddly sexy.
Both his hands were occupied, the girl with bouncy sandy blonde curls on his left while the little boy with black spiky hair tugged at his right. The kids adored your husband, more so than you did at times and the way they continuously wanted his attention was as cute as it was competitive, especially with your continuous need to have him glued to your side only grew as the pregnancy loomed.
“Hi baby.” He greeted you with a smile that made your heart flip, his voice deep as you greeted him softly.
“Hi,” You smiled, “Love the flowers, they go with your eyes.” You tentatively reached up and let your fingers brush a daisy.
You both stared at each other for a moment, Eren leaning down in a way that indicated that he was going for a kiss but when you cleared your throat and looked down to the curious eyes of the young ones, he moved back. The smirk he had in place made you shuffle on your feet, the half-smile silently telling you that he would try again later, and you felt your cheeks warm in color.
You watched his back muscles through his shirt on the way back inside, the way his slacks hugged his narrow hips and seeing how easily he hoisted a kid on each of his shoulders had your head swimming. You wanted to blame the pregnancy hormones but imagining your future child and your husband bonding even more so than he is with your class, made your heart flutter and that unmistakable feeling between your legs grow. You thought about it twice, wondering how far you’d seriously go in the place where you worked, but the feelings of lust wouldn’t go away and seeing as there was still a few hours left in the day, you just weren’t sure how you would last until the both of you were home. You thought about jumping him once you were in the car, but the thought of the tight space and the heat of the summer sun making your already sweaty bodies worse in fever, had you shaking your head to immediately dismiss the thought.
The kids ran ahead of you as you ensured they were all accounted for. Walking down the hallway you could faintly make out words of Eren’s conversation with Kira and Jeremy, and a little girl named Ryder whose parents consisted of two mothers and who you knew had a general curiosity when it came to older men and the father role, they often take on, but she would never experience. She always had questions for Eren, nothing odd or a cause for worry, they often related to sports and how to do small things that were often associated with men such as tying a tie, shaving, and even how to grill in which you couldn’t help but giggle as Eren explained that cooking is not a gender associated activity, nor is any of the other things she asked about. You admired his patience with them, though there were times where he seems a bit overwhelmed and would turn into an awkward guy that had you giggling quietly before ushering the kids away from him.
Hearing a familiar voice, you stopped in your tracks and felt a lightbulb go off in your head. Calling for the kids and Eren to halt, they looked back at you with curious eyes before you held up a finger and motioned to the door on your right. You knocked three times before hearing the inside voices quiet down and a soft, “Yes?” echo through.
Opening the door, you peeked your head in. Your smile kind as your eyes swept across the curious faces of the students before meeting your sisters-in-law grey eyes.
“Hey, sorry for the interruption.” You gave a sheepish look and watched as she approached you while waving off your apology.
“No worries, what’s up?” Her voice grew quieter the closer she got, and you suddenly felt a bit guilty for asking for the favor on your mind.
“I know this is a bit last minute, but would you mind taking my class for an hour or two? I only have eight today and I promise they aren’t rowdy.” Your eyes pleaded silently for you and you let out a sigh of relief when Mikasa nodded right away.
“Yeah, no problem. Everything okay? I thought Eren was with you today.”
“No, he is. He’s right here, actually.” You motioned behind you and she craned her head, seeing Eren twirl Kira in a circle that had her puffy tutu swaying and her giggling loud.
Mikasa looked a bit confused, and you scrambled with your words, “I know it’s not your day, but I could really just use a small break. My back and my legs are cramping, and I was just-“
The rambling stopped as Mikasa smiled at you and waved you off once more, “Don’t worry, I understand. Your due date is so close and being on your feet all day can’t be fun. I’ll take them, I’ve been meaning to show them a movie about the planets, anyway.”
Gratitude was all you could give as you quickly ushered the children in. You firmly asked them to behave which they all agreed to, and you let Mikasa know you’d be back to pick them up later. You waved before closing the door, turning around to your husband who stared at you with a curious yet calm look, he was leaning sideways on the wall, hands in his pockets as you slowly approached him.
“Feeling okay, angel?” He asked softly, you interlocked your hands behind you, your smile small as you shyly nodded. You got on the tips of your toes, Eren catching on quickly as he leaned down to meet you in a needy kiss. Your lips moved against each other, soft and warm and you could taste a bit of sunshine and sweat from his upper lip, not that you minded.
He began to move away, but you were quick to grab onto the front of his shirt and pull him against you harder. His hands reached up to cup your cheeks as he softly chuckled against your mouth. You couldn’t help but smile against the kiss as well. When you two finally separated, you grabbed a hold of his hands, beginning to walk backwards as your husband raised an eyebrow in question.
“Where are you taking me, love?”
You decided to ignore his question, turning on your heel as you began to walk straight ahead and keep one of your hands interlocked with his and pull him in the direction of your classroom, instead you told him-
“Have I told you how wonderful you are with the children?”
His laugh was soft, “Yes, baby. You have mentioned it once or twice.”
“I can’t wait to see you with our baby, it’s going to take everything not to jump your bones each time you so much as change a diaper.” Your laugh echoed in the silent halls and before you reached your door, you felt Eren stop in his tracks. You looked back to see the prominent smirk on his face and you concluded that he had caught onto your current agenda.
“Oh, I see. You’ve had that look in your eye since recess. What was it? The flower crown or the way my ass looks in these slacks?” His voiced dripped with conceit and you resisted the urge to roll your eyes and instead plastered on a fake sweet smile.
“Oh, my dearest. You have no ass; it was the flowers.” You deadpanned and laughed when the smirk immediately fell away from his face.
“Hmph, I think just for that, I won’t give angel daddy’s dick today.”
You opened the door to your classroom, maintaining eye contact with Eren as you slowly stepped towards the supply closet on the far side of the room.
“Are you sure about that? Last I recall, daddy really liked my ass, and I was so looking forward to blowing you in the closet.”
His eyebrows rose so high you almost laughed; it wasn’t every day that you took Eren off-guard. Especially with being married for so many years, it had become such a rarity for the two of you to do something new or teetering on the edge of illicit, but these past few months had been nothing short of new and exciting and by the look on your husband’s face, you knew you had won him over.
“We’ve never done anything in the closet…” He mentioned, his eyes following your movements so carefully, you flicked up the switch on the side, opening the door before beckoning him over with two fingers. He stood just outside the open storage room, eyes looking to the shelves that carried a variety of books, crafts supplies, and other small office supplies. He looked cute, you thought, his green eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief and curiosity as he thought about how pretty you would look pressed up against the shelves as he fucked into you.
You moved to stand beside him, the space between you minimal as you both stood underneath the doorframe. His smirk was still on his face as he lifted your head up by your chin and placed his mouth down onto yours. You let out a sigh of pleasure against his lips, your fingers trailing up his arms and pressing against his chest as you suddenly caught him by surprise by pushing him into the closet. The deep laugh he let out sounded like a melody to you, your smile playful as you closed the door behind you.
“My girl is kind of dirty.” Eren said, his hands beginning to unbuckle his belt as you worked the buttons of his shirt. You felt a coil inside of you snap when you heard his pants dropping, your fingers hooking into the elastic band of his briefs before you began to trail kisses down his chest, taking your time to let your tongue dip into each of his abdomen muscles. His breathing had grown heavier, your eyes flicking up to his face and you almost stopped right then and there to beg him to fill you with his cock instead. His eyes were heavily lidded, lips swollen, and body smeared in shades of your lipstick. The flower crown from earlier still adorned the top of his head and you couldn’t believe how adorable yet sexy he looked. You pulled his briefs down his legs, his dick fully erect and leaking with precum as you got down on your knees in front of him.
“Angel, do you want a cushion or something? You’ll get bruises.” His concern was as heartwarming as it was surprising. Eren was always rough in the bedroom, his dominant control also included degrading and humiliating you to the point of delirium, which you always loved. You knew your pregnancy had changed many dynamics between the two of you, but you huffed out a sigh of annoyance as you gave him a pointed look.
“Since when had daddy cared about bruising me? Last I recalled you so desperately wanted everyone to see how much of a slut I was for you, you made me go through a whole day of meetings with your cum dripping down my legs and left so many hickeys on me, I’m pretty sure half the board thinks you’re a sadist.” You let your hand wrap around him as you spoke, his cheeks flushing immediately with red as his breathing deepened as you smeared his precum with your thumb before you began to jerk him off.
“Yeah, but that was before…you know.”
“If I knew you were going to go soft on me, I would’ve thought twice about throwing out my birth control.” You muttered. You were so fixated on his pretty dick that you had failed to see the flash of anger in his eyes, his body tensing and when you did finally look up, you barely opened your mouth before you were suddenly facing the side of your closet. The slap echoed loudly in the small space, your cheek already throbbing in pain from where Eren struck you and you couldn’t say anything as tears suddenly formed in the corner of your eyes.
For a moment, Eren looked like he regretted it, almost close to apologizing before he unmistakably saw the way you tried to rub your thighs against one another, your tell sign for liking something he did. You began to pump him faster, your eyes wide and innocent as you breathily told him—
“Again, daddy. Please.” Eren granted your plea, slapping your other cheek hard before he took the pencil that was holding your locks up out of your hair. The writing tool thrown somewhere as your hair fell in volumes around your face. Eren wasted no time in wrapping your hair in his hand, he jerked your head back and the soft whine you let out only made him wrap his other hand around your neck.
“I was trying to be a considerate daddy, trying to put my princess’ wellbeing first and consider your condition, but I keep forgetting that you’re not a good girl, are you?” You shook your head.
“Tell me what you are.”
“I’m daddy’s cumslut.”
“And what does my little cumslut deserve?”
You pouted up at him, letting out a small whine in a failed attempt to get him to be nicer. Instead, he yanked on your hair, his fingers prying your mouth open as he leaned over you.
“I’m waiting.”
“To be punished.”
His smile grew wicked, and you flushed in excitement, you had been longing to see this dark side of Eren for a while. His grip on your scalp tightened, he crouched closer to you, smacking the side of your cheek and you lolled your tongue out with a sparkle of joy in your eyes, the glob of saliva fell slowly from his mouth before he promptly spit it on your tongue.
“Don’t swallow it.” You nodded, humming as you went back to the task in hand, but Eren called your attention again.
“Let me see your tits, baby.” You quickly lowered the sleeves of your dress down your shoulders, your bra unclipped before you tossed it aside. Your stomach remained clothed, but with your upper half on display, you could only imagine how good you looked for your husband right then and there. His hand stroked you across your chest, Eren taking a nipple between his fingers before he straightened up and pulled you by your hair closer to him. You pressed a few kisses to his tip, hand squeezing his base before you took him into your mouth.
Eren let out a loud groan, his head immediately falling back against the shelves in a soft thud as you swirled your tongue around the length of his dick. You hollowed out your cheeks, the slurping noise echoing around the small space as you used your hand on what you couldn’t fit in your mouth.
“Come on, princess.” Eren cooed as he smirked, “You can do better than that.”
Your eyes were large as you slightly shook your head before releasing him for a moment, the trail of saliva connecting your mouth to him long and heavy before breaking.
“So could you.” Your tone was snarky and by the eyebrow he quirked up at you, you knew you were about to be in trouble for being a smartass.
“Take me deeper or I’m going to fuck you up.” His voice was deep, and the threat was anything but light as he moved his hand to grip you by either side of your head. Eren barely let you take in a breath before he forcefully shoved himself back into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat as you began to claw at his thighs. This went on for a few more minutes, Eren always liked his blowjobs sloppy and wet and soon you had plenty of spit dripping down your chin and onto your chest. When Eren finally let you catch your breath, you felt a familiar ache in your jaw, your tongue sticking out as your lips were red and puffy.
“Daddy, can you feed me?” Your voice was hoarse, the whining tone making Eren let out another moan.
“Fuck yeah, princess is hungry?” Your nod was frantic and soon you were using both hands to stroke him, your hands moving in circular movements and you felt a familiar burn on both your biceps.
“That’s it, angel. I’m close.” You took his tip in your mouth, tongue swirling as you sucked harder, and you watched as his thighs tensed before feeling the familiar warmth of his cum shoot into your mouth. You swallowed every drop. Eren tugged you to your feet, lips meeting yours in an eager wet kiss. You felt his hand trail to your hip and down the back of your knee. You let out a yelp when Eren suddenly picked up your leg and put it in the crook of his elbow. The position was slightly uncomfortable as you shifted your weight onto one leg, your belly large as it took up space between the two of you. Eren took notice of this, moving to hoist you up by both your thighs before he shifted so that the shelves behind you could help keep you up.
Your panties were pushed to the side, fingers stroking your cunt sloppily as Eren continued to kiss you. You took his bottom lip between your teeth, your moans slipping out between the both of you. You felt the tip of his dick along your entrance, your lips breaking from the kiss as you looked to meet Eren’s green eyes.
“I love you, my handsome husband.” You said quietly, the breath being knocked out of you as Eren thrusted into you. You both let out a gasp at the same time, faces flushing a brilliant red and you suddenly felt the closet being stuffy.
“I love you, my beautiful wife.” Eren panted, his pace picking up as he let you wrap your arms around his neck. Soon, he was fucking wildly into you, the thumping so hard that you saw a few knickknacks and books fall on the floor. Neither of you cared as you both attempted to reach your climax. You tried to keep your moaning at a minimum, your panting fanning across Eren’s neck as you desperately clung to him. Your pussy was spasming around him, the clenching making him grunt hard and you began to leave your own set of lovebites on him. You were already on your fourth one when Eren notified you about being close, his forehead was sweaty, the flower crown had fallen and your attempted to shift your own hips to move against him. You both came at the same time, moans loud and breathing deeply as you two kissed. Your legs were shaking when Eren put you down. He helped you put on your bra and fix your dress but the two of you still stumbled out sweaty and disheveled. You both tried to give yourselves a few minutes to calm down, but one look at the hickey on his collarbone had you pushing back in and getting on all fours as you allowed him take you doggystyle.
End of Flashback
You smiled at the memory, blushing slightly as you recalled the inappropriate moments. Jeremy had only shrugged in response, and you decided to let it go. You knew that once he was comfortable, he would speak to you.
You held Jeremy’s hand as you walked toward the side of the makeshift dance floor, the music was slow beat, not fast enough to crazy dance to but not slow enough to make you want to fall asleep under the table. You held Jeremy’s hands as the two of your swayed, this went on for a bit, the tempo of the music changing with the songs but remaining danceable nonetheless.
“Papa come dance with us!” He waved wildly at Jean who was midway in drinking his pint of beer, he hastily put it down wanting to answer to his son’s beckoning right away and he had obviously not thought through Jeremy’s request before acting hastily, the confusion becoming more apparent as he approached the two of you.
“Jeremy, you’re dancing with Y/N, do you want to dance with me instead?” He gave you a sheepish smile in a way to apologize and you began to wave it off, your feet aching a bit and you would feel a bit grateful if Jean took over so you could go back to Eren’s strong arms.
“No!” Jeremy yelped, causing you to look at him with slightly raised eyebrows, it had been a while since you’ve seen such an outburst from him, “Dance together!”
You didn’t really have the chance to question what he meant as he proceeded to show his meaning by taking your hand into his left one and Jean’s in the other.
“Now you hold hands.”
You fully understood what he meant, and you and Jean shared a laugh before he reached for your hand. You held hands in a down-facing palm style, your fingers weren’t interlocked and you gave a crooked smile when you saw the small circle the three of you made, it reminded you of your childhood and how you and your best friends would hold hands in a circle and sing songs like ‘Ring around the Rosie” “London Bridge is falling down”, the songs now a little haunting as you learned their true meanings your first year of high school.
The three of you swayed clumsily to the music, Jeremy’s eccentric attitude made his dancing consist of him jumping and laughing loudly. You smiled at the little boy, your eyes dancing with delight and Jean pulled your attention to him when he gently tugged at your joined hands.
“I really can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and Jer these past few months. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.” His smile was kind and you easily returned it as you shook your head.
“You don’t have to thank me for that, Jean. He’s been a joy to have in my class and you’re a friend. It’s what you would have done for me.” Your eyes shifted to your husband, the beer he held was midway to his mouth before he loudly laughed at something Connie said, his side profile was as breathtaking as the rest of him, his nose sharp as eyes crinkled amid his wide smiling. You felt your heart swelling with love as his whole frame shook with amusement. The idea of one day never being able to see it, made a sad look cross your face and you gave Jean a reassuring squeeze. “I can’t even imagine a day without Eren by my side, I don’t-“ You paused to clear the lump in your throat.
“I can’t imagine how you do it.”
Jean let out a deep breath, his smile sad and eyes sullener than you had ever seen. His smile grew a bit when he looked to twirl Jeremy who let out a series of small giggles.
“There’s days where I wake up forgetting if I’m going to be honest, times where I think “Oh, she’s in the kitchen making breakfast.”, or times where I genuinely believe she’s just in the shower getting ready for work. Then I really start waking up and I don’t hear the sounds of plates being set or water running and it all just hurts.” You almost stopped dancing, the lump in your throat only growing as Jean allowed you to see him so vulnerable for the first time. The small grimace he let out made you tilt your head in question.
“Then there’s times, where I feel okay. I go about my day like nothing happened, I have a great day at work, or I’m excited to pick up Jeremy and take him to our walks in the park. I get dressed for a night out with the boys and I just…forget to send a prayer to her before I head out. Then I feel like shit for having such a day and I feel like I’m disrespecting her memory.” At this you shook your head rather vigorously and Jean looked to you for a response.
“That is not something you should be ashamed about, Jean. I didn’t know your wife much, she was always kind and fun when she would volunteer at school events, she always wore a smile, and she was just amazing with Jeremy. I think she would’ve wanted you to be happy, at least I know I would want Eren to be happy. You have a piece of her within Jeremy, and the last thing she would want for her son is for him to see his father so lost without her. You aren’t forgetting her, you never can, but I think your days are starting to hurt less and less because even though you’ll always love her, you’re moving forward with your life.” He nodded along to what you said, his smile small but there nonetheless and you yanked at his hand, bringing him into a sideways hug that had him chuckling and smiling at you.
“Thank you, Y/N. You’re a great friend and I have no doubt that she would have liked having you around.”
You smiled around the tears growing in your eyes and Jeremy’s question sounded between the two of you.
“Who would have liked who papa?”
Jean smiled at his son, letting go of your hand and crouching slightly to look him in the eyes as he explained.
“Momma, Jeremy. I think momma would have liked Mrs. Y/N.”
“Do you like Ms. Y/L/N, papa?” His question made Jean laugh and you brought your hands up to hold your stomach, your smile causing your nose to scrunch up in amusement.
“Very much, she’s a good person.”
You let out a soft laugh, your eyes looking over to Eren who was still conversing with the group, but your head whipped back when Jeremy said,
“Do you love Ms. Y/L/N?”
The both of you laughed and turned red in embarrassment at such a bold statement. Both of your heads shaking in agreement as Jean replied,
“Not really, bud. I have a lot of respect for her and we’re great friends. I love momma and Mrs. Yeager here, loves her husband Eren, very much.”
Jeremy looked visibly displeased, you really weren’t sure what part of his response could have upset him and Jean seemed just as confused as he tried to hold onto Jeremy’s hand.
“Jeremy? Everything okay?” You tentatively asked in a soft voice and the screech he let out next made several heads turn in your direction.
“NO!” He wailed so loudly, you felt your baby shift slightly, the new pressure on your bladder seemingly reminding you about the last trip you made to the bathroom being this morning.
“I don’t want you to be friends! I don’t want her to love Eren! I want papa to love Ms. Y/N/L! I want her to be my momma!” You both gasped at the sudden confession, your hand brought to your mouth as your shocked brain tried to register the words from one of your students. This was crossing a line and despite feeling flattered that one of your kids saw you as positive maternal figure, this was crossing into a personal territory that needed to remain untouched. Jean’s face was red in embarrassment. The hand that found the small of your back made you jump as you turned to meet the confused eyes of your husband. His mouth was in a frown, touch comforting as he rubbed circles on your muscles.
“What’s going on, angel?”
You stammered over your words, trying to clumsily explain the unfortunate situation and by the time you finished, Levi had stood on your other side with an expression that looked bored more than anything, but you didn’t miss the way his shoulders were rigid, and his eyes were slightly sharp. Jeremy’s face was a deep red as his father unsuccessfully tried to wipe the fat tears leaving his eyes. Eren nodded in understanding, his mouth still downturned as he worried about your feelings towards the entire ordeal and if it might put a strain on you. He understood that Jeremy must still not have processed the death of his mother, his defense mechanism being to attach himself to the next available motherly figure in his life and it being his own wife. Eren had spoken to Jean the times they hung out and knew Jean was mostly moving on from his wife’s death, he still wore his wedding band and Eren knew that there might never come the day for him to remove it, but kids were different. They needed stability and were sometimes too young to comprehend the idea that families didn’t always come in wholes. It didn’t make them any less of a family, but with the way social media and entertainment painted the idea of a perfect home, not having a mother was a tough one to get across. Eren had spent nights lying wide awake in your shared bed, his hand never leaving your stomach and listening to the sounds of your soft snores, if he listened close enough, he could swear he could hear your heartbeat. Feeling his unborn child shift occasionally would always bring a smile to his face, especially the times when you would let out a soft groan in discomfort and shifted in Eren’s arms, your body half-laying on him while your nose was scrunched up in what he could only conclude was discomfort from having to support another life form and the strain it had particularly on your back. His thoughts were constantly racing, shifting from one scenario to another as he imagined what fatherhood was going to be like. He worried over things like losing his temper, having to teach his child how to change a tire, how to defend themselves from bullies, and he low-key hoped you would handle the conversation of sex because even Eren had to admit that it took him a little bit more time than others on how contraception worked and that women were indeed not stopping their periods altogether by taking the pill.
It was also more than once that he secretly let out a few tears of fear, the very thought of losing you due to complications during birth had him googling one too many articles on maternal mortality rates. You were stronger than any other person he knew but seeing the way the bump had slowed your movements, seeing the way your cheeks had become chubby and squishy, and how even though you looked more beautiful and glowing carrying his child, you were also looking more tired as the days went by did not escape his notice. You just seemed so fragile to Eren, that even as he made love to you, each heavenly thrust into you had worry swirling in his head. Was he going to fast? Too rough? Too much? He was so afraid of breaking you that it seemed like Eren had broken himself. He couldn’t imagine what he would do without you, you were his life support and without you by his side, he would lose himself in the abyss. If you two had a child who looked like you and he had to watch them grow into this wonderful individual without you there to witness it alongside him…it would be impossible, he concluded just the night before the wedding. His next thoughts were his plans on who the best godparents would be and how he would soon need to check on his life insurance as well as begin the writings of his will. Just when he had begun to think of a good family lawyer, you had woken up and smiled so dazingly as him. Sleep laced in your voice as you climbed on top of him and let the silk night robe on you slip down your shoulders, the soft pink tips were leaking once more and Eren could do nothing but watch you in fascination as you slipped him inside you and rode him softly while only being half-awake.
Honestly, he wasn’t even sure if you had remembered using him to get off in the middle of that night. When you had come apart and let out the softest cry of pleasure, you promptly rolled off him and didn’t even bother tying your robe as your drifted off to sleep again. Eren had tried to shake you awake, whining about you leaving him with a painful erection and practically begging for you to help him. Instead, you wordlessly spread your legs, tugging on his arm as he climbed on top of you.
“Use me, my dearest.” Was all you mumbled before drifting back into your state of unconsciousness. Eren had to think about it twice, unsure if it was okay for him to fuck you while you were obviously not awake, but when he saw your orgasm from earlier leaking out ever so slightly, he figured he would be quick. He had pushed your thighs farther apart and against the mattress, inching himself little by little before he let out a groan once fully inside. Your pussy squeezed him nicely as your nose scrunched up as the intrusion, he thought it was adorable how even though you were asleep and consented to the idea of sleepy sex, you were still being violated by your husband and by the way you were gushing around him, you liked it. He had taken his time; his thrusts slow but full of vigor as his hips snapped to meet yours. rusts slow but full of vigor as his hips snapped to meet yours. Your breasts had bounced with each movement and he took his time littering your neck and chest with open mouthed kisses, his tongue leaving wet trails before he brought your flesh between his teeth and he sucked hard enough to leave you with red and purple love bites.
All the while, you remained asleep. You let out a small moan here and there, and once you tried to close your legs to add more friction before you felt pressure on your clit, Eren stroking and rubbing the small bundle of nerves as he tried to entice another orgasm from you. When he felt the familiar clenching, he increased his pace, all caution thrown to the wind as a loud groan ripped from his throat and he pumped his cum into your willing hole. Your legs fell limp against the bed, your hands on either side on your head as you stayed motionless. Eren milked himself dry, taking in deep breaths as he tried to steady his heartbeat and calm down from the intense orgasm. When he slipped out of you, the mixture of both your fluids began to trickle out, he tapped his tip against you a few times, your legs jerking at the small smacks before he used his fingers to push his essence back into you. He left a few more kisses on you, leaving a final one to your crown before collapsing beside you. You both were sticky and sweaty as Eren collected you in your arms. His sigh satisfied as he soon followed you into the world of sleep. When you had woken up the next day, your thighs were still sticky and covered in cum. Your smile soft as one of your fantasies came true, you had looked over at Eren, he was in a deep sleep, but you noticed the erection he sported and decided to let his own fantasy come true. Your husband had woken up impressed and laughing at you riding him, your thighs slapping together as you moved to get you both off, again.
Coming back to the situation in hand. He looked to Jean, the disheveled father still doing his best to tame the cries from his son before a larger crowd formed and Eren pulled you into him, fingers finding their way to your neck where he massaged the space where your shoulder met your neck.
“Baby, why don’t you and Levi go mingle. I’ll help Jean.”
Your eyes were wide and confused as you tried to argue, “No, no, I should stay. It’s my fault, I let Jeremy get too attached.”
“It’s not your fault, angel. He’s a little boy who misses his mother, I think you staying will only make it that much harder for him.” You were caught by surprise when you saw Levi nod in agreement, he held his hand out to you, you hesitated for a moment, eyes switching between everyone before you nodded and placed your palm into Levi’s.
His hands are soft, you thought to yourself, his hand larger than yours as he quickly began to pull you away. As if sensing your agitation, Levi rubbed small circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. His stride determined as you both walked towards the doors leading into the hall.
“Are you alright?” Levi’s voice broke your train of thought. You two had stopped just a few yards away from the main doors, the area dim in lightning and a bit away from the crowds to give the two of you privacy.
You nodded meekly, tears pinching the corner of your eyes as you felt your shoulders begin to shake in the familiar sadness. Levi’s eyes were soft and understanding as he looked at you.
“It really isn’t your fault, love.”
“I just feel awful about it. It’s not fair, any of it.”
“Tsk,” Levi let out, your eyes meeting his and the seriousness in his brow, “Life was never meant to be fair. You have nothing to feel awful about, he’s a kid, whose had it a bit tougher than most of us. He’ll understand once he’s older. Until then, you shouldn’t be putting such stress on yourself, it won’t be good for the baby.”
You nodded to his words, eyes staring intently at the floor as Levi’s words echoed around your head. You felt him move closer, fingers gripping you by your chin as he raised your head and eyes met his in a steady gaze.
“Is there anything I can do for you?”
You shook your head, your smile small as you put your hand on the hand holding you.
“You being here is enough.” You smiled, “You’re a good friend, Levi.”
His eyebrows came down in another frown, eyes flickering between your own and your lips and you knew very well what he had in mind. You didn’t stop Levi as he inched closer to you, nor did you stop him as he drew so close that you felt his minty breath mixed with whiskey fan across your lips. His kiss was gentle, yet hesitant. He was careful as he moved with your mouth and all too soon, the two of you broke apart. Your cheeks were redder than tomatoes and you took a step back as you shook your head.
“Levi, we need to talk.” Your eyes held his, “About us.”
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ereri-lost-and-found · 5 days ago
Hello ELF! I'm not looking for a lost fic, but do you know any rivaere fic that takes place in japan?
Try these~
Small World by Dreamy_Heichou
(Rated M, 4,883 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren found Armin, he found Mikasa, but will he ever find Levi? The world they live in is so much bigger than the one he used to know in his past life, which makes him worried about finding the man. He doesn’t have to look very far however, as one day they come across each other in the middle of the big metropolis that is Tokyo, Japan. Maybe the world isn’t as big as Eren thought it was.
Part 6 of Reincarnation AU prompts
Classmates (Doukyuusei) by Morganic_4653
(Rated T, 14,895 words, multichapter, complete)
A boy met a boy. They were in flush of youth.
They were in love that felt like a dream,
like a sparkling soda pop.
If you have read the manga or watched the movie its basically just like it but the characters are switched.
To you, a lifetime from now. by PKSamurai
(Rated M, 10,020 words, oneshot, complete)
In modern day Tokyo, life isn't always easy for Eren, especially when he's the only one who remembers their past.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 5 days ago
Can’t find this fic where Levi is a famous professional soccer player and Eren is a photographer who has hemophilia and has a huge fan crush on Levi. I cannot for the life of me remember the title
Hi @in-love-with-the-poisons-of-life!
Here’s your fic~
Freedom of the Press by kylar
(Rated E, 181,500 words, multichapter, complete)
Eren is just an ordinary college student, wondering how long he can put off his art projects and if it's possible to live off of only ramen and mac 'n cheese. Oh, and if his medical alert bracelet is really necessary, because honestly, it shouldn't be. His part time jobs as a barista and a photographer for a major newspaper help pay the bills, but when he gets assigned the task of photographing the upcoming professional soccer match, he can't believe his luck. He has been given permission to legally stalk his idol, center forward for the Scouts, Levi Ackerman!
Levi Ackerman is a famous soccer player, and the object of millions of girls' and guys' wet dreams. For Levi, the life of a celebrity is nothing to complain about. He can walk into any bar and leave with his choice of men to take home. And with a sexual appetite that can rival that of a porn star, this is a benefit of stardom he takes full advantage of. The only problem is, it's hard to keep secrets when constantly under a spotlight. What the world doesn't know is that he's gay, and he's determined to keep it that way. Levi struggles to keep his deep, dark secret out of the public knowledge, but a certain green-eyed brat is making that exceptionally difficult.
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tobaitfishwithal · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
"It has been fun playing cat and mouse with you officer, but now you have to go."
👉serial killer zeke x detective levi
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Tumblr media
chapter seven — exploring you
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lostbbygorl · 5 days ago
✨ It was Hange's idea, not Levi's
✨ Levi hates attention usually, so when Hange suggested he start a channel that millions of people can view anytime, he wanted to smack her
✨ But then Erwin and Mike kept harping about (Mike wanted to see him do a sparkly intro)
✨ He wanted his friends to leave him alone, so he grudgingly decided to make one video
✨ It was a rant video LMFAOOO
✨ He basically exposed all his friends names and the fact that they wouldn't leave him alone until he made a video
✨ Well, everyone liked that. I'm not kidding, he's like a 30 year old Joanna Cedia man rose to fame lightning fast
✨ Even though his video kinda lacked structure, it was FULL of meme potential and Gen Z did their thang so Levi's suddenly trending
✨ Levi is the only one from the group who doesn't use social media so when Levi and Hange show him that the whole internet is simping for him his eyes widen like in that scene where Eren suddenly titan shifted
✨ He saw that his comments under the video were mostly positive and that men and women alike were complimenting his good looks and he's super confused cause our rough baby is actually super soft and insecure and he doesn't understand that it don't matter if he ain't tall and tanned and that he's scarred, he's fine asf
✨ Well that was an ego boost and Levi realized he wants to make videos
✨ Levi is shy asf so his intros are super curt and he gets straight to the point
✨ His viewers love his dry, dark humor and unfiltered behavior
✨ Wattpad authors love his deep voice, and well, so does everyone else
✨ His viewers are a literal CULT and Levi's like Corpse Husband but with a face
✨ He's still wondering what the main focus of his channel should be so for the first one month of running it, he usually takes subscriber requests
✨ Levi isn't as ~mysterious~ as he likes to think he is lol. His subscribers figured out his undercover teddy bear personality as soon as he stuttered in the second video's intro. Also, all his psychology student fans kept posting body language analyses in the comment section. His second video was basically him reacting to the memes people made
✨ After that, he started making house tour videos and working/studying productivity tip videos and just YOLO cuz his fans eat whatever up
✨ Levi DEFO has an aesthetic house and bedroom. He's too tidy and classy not to
✨ With each video, you can see the editing getting better
✨ His following keeps growing and he finally opens up a social media account he barely posts on
✨ Levi finds meme culture annoying so the memes that people send him just get eyebrows raised at
✨ Levi TRULY started loving being a youtuber when he started getting paid cuz that check was SWEET (I mean he's a capricorn guys cmon)
✨ He reacts to memes and Gen Z slang cuz he has a mostly Gen Z fanbase and now he's getting trendier much to his friends surprise
✨ He starts saying "All facts no printer" and "spill the tea" unironically. He also likes the grunge and alt aesthetic
✨ You know what else comes with being a handsome edgy older youtuber? THIRSTY FANS
✨ Levi knows what fanfiction is but he doesn't know fanfic terminology so when Hange comes over to his house one day and starts laughing hysterically at "Levi x Reader 18+ smut" he's confused
✨ When Hange and explains and shows him the smut his soul leaves his body I-
✨ He reviews his smut very seriously on his channel the next day and the SMUT AUTHORS HAVE ALL DEACTIVATED-
✨ Levi isn't extremely fond of the way he's being sexualized but he's a grown man and he's just gonna take it though he hopes it'll stop. You know what Levi does like? FANART
✨ Levi finds it impressive that his young fans can use him as a source of creativity and that he's someone's muse. He makes it a habit to like whatever fanart he comes across on social media and leave an encouraging comment
✨ The first time Levi smiled on his channel was when he saw a chibi fanart of himself
✨ Levi doesn't really wanna do collabs initially but when a younger, more experienced youtuber suggested a collab he wasn't against it surprisingly
✨ The internet BROKE when THE Sasha Blouse made a video with Levi where they made dalgona coffee
✨ Levi didn't realize how big Sasha is till he saw all the comments on social media and he considers the collab with Sasha his first celebrity encounter
✨ Sasha and Levi end up becoming an unlikely friendship duo and fans LOVE the personality contrast (I love Levi and Sasha's interactions and I love personality contrasts so stfu Levi and Sasha's friendship >>>>>)
✨ It takes Levi at least a year to realize how big his impact is. He first realizes this when a little girl recognizes him in public and tells him all starry eyed that she started cleaning her room more after watching his videos and he's internally crying
✨ Levi also makes more friends because of this platform and Sasha isn't the only one. He surprisingly became fast friends with Eren, Connie, and Jean (AKA the kings of the gaming world), and he's on better terms with his cousin Mikasa ( A well known fashion vlogger) after he opened his channel
✨ He is now the father of younger, more chaotic youtubers and he honestly loves the light it brings to his life
✨ Has he changed after fame? Well yes and no. Levi is the same hardworking, introverted, sophisticated man he was before fame, he just grew better communication skills and has a wider friend group now
✨ He doesn't think he's above anybody though he has more confidence now, and he treats his fans very politely. He's super humble and anybody who has met him praises him
✨ Youtube brought only positive changes to his life and he doesn't express it much but he's very grateful to for his subscribers and fanbase
✨ He never knew that he'd actually like being surrounded by so many bright people and that he'd actually like broadening his horizons and making new friends. He's experienced many different things like playing horror games with Eren (he didn't flinch) and mukbangs with Sasha
✨ He liked each experience in his own way though he liked some less than the others
✨ After a life of gloom and loneliness, this is a nice change for him and he's quietly but warmly welcoming it. He feels accepted and he feel like he belongs after blowing up. People love him for his weird humor, scars, and brash personality. They want more of him and he's influenced them in a good way
✨ Levi goes to bed every night tired yet happy after his actual job, his job as a youtuber, and his many fan interactions
✨ And the money too of course BUT BESIDES THE POINT-
✨ Overall, his channel is super binge worthy and 10/10 content
✨ Do subscribe
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Run, it’s the Ackerman’s!
A special operatives captain with issues decided to adopt two child victims of human trafficking after a raid.
A chemist, forced into cooking meth, escapes with two children-couriers to save them.
Both have no idea how parenting works but will definitely fuck you up if you hurt their children.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 6 days ago
Hey elf, weird ask but are there any top!Levi consensual / non con somnophilia fics you can recommend? It’s alrighty if you won’t answer this ask but if you would, would totally appreciate it. ;) Thanks!
Try these~
Lights Out by Fluffyboots
(Rated E, 17,039 words, multichapter, complete, dubcon elements)
There was a noticeable shift in the room; a change from their comfortable small talk to something tense and unknown. Drunk or not, Eren quickly realised that Levi was, in fact, being quite serious.
“Captain,” Eren said with some hesitation. “How often do you watch me sleep?”
Levi stared at him, dead silent. He only seemed to realise now that he’d been talking out loud.
Levi has a secret, and one night, he's not so good at keeping it.
Don't Stop by secretlywritessmut
(Rated E, 1,386 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren was rocked back and forth, something solid pressing into him from behind...
Early In The Morning by ShirosMissingBicep
(Rated E, 1,835 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren has a certain kink that he would love to have Levi induldge.
Part 5 of Ereri One-Shots
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lostbbygorl · 7 days ago
✨ Everyone's favorite mom and son duo
✨ Their personality difference is honestly so heartwarming like-
✨ Eren was Carla's rock when Grisha left her
✨ Eren bitches about Grisha and insults him infront of Carla to which she responds angrily but on the inside she's giggling because angry, protective Eren is ADORABLE
✨ Eren randomly buys Carla miniature things and Carla cherishes ever single one of them
✨ Eren is the mama's boy you would actually wanna date
✨ Like he respects his mom on every level and he does get pampered but at the same time he's independent and strong ya know
✨ Carla has to sit through all of Eren's rambles when he starts obsessing over something
✨ Like when middle school Eren got starry eyed talking about Iron Man, Carla had to restrain herself from pinching his cheeks
✨ Eren LOVES LOVES LOVES making Carla laugh
✨ He's the kind of son who would come back from basketball practice all sweaty and hug their mom just to piss her off. Carla always smack him when he does that
✨ He just loves affection from Carla in general
✨ He just feels like a baby sometimes so he randomly bursts into Carla's room and plops down on her lap
✨ He tells Carla the DARKEST fucking jokes knowing she's gonna feel bad for laughing
✨ Again, Eren wants his mom happy
✨ Definitely pops in at her office to check on her if she's working too late with snacks
✨ Eren maybe a 19 year old rage machine, but he's still holding Carla's hand when they cross the street or when they go to the supermarket
✨ Spamming Carla with memes >>>>>>>> doing homework
✨ Carla loves baking so Eren develops a major sweet tooth
✨ They bake together and Eren makes a mess but at least yall are having fun ig
✨ Kisses her cheek before heading off to college
✨ The one kid who makes all the other kids jealous with their lunch
✨ Carla still has all of Eren's crayon drawings
✨ She dreads her birthdays because she knows Eren is going APESHIT with the presents
✨ "Only the best for mommy"- Ereh
✨ Like this one time he bought a Gucci purse for her and it's her fave purse BUT DAMMIT EREN IT WAS 2500 BUCKS YOU COULD FEED 10 KIDS WITH THAT
✨ Carla seriously contemplates keeping all her relationships a secret from Eren becuz the second he hears his mom has a new man in his life Eren is going full on Jake Peralta
✨ He has to interrogate them and stalk them on social media
✨ On the up side: he managed to find out that Carl Berkowitz cheated on his ex wife so Carla isn't dating him, and he also managed to find out that Chris McDonald has a criminal record so Carla has him crossed out too
✨ "Why is every man you work with at the office such garbage?"
✨ Carla turns every girl Eren ever brought home gay LMFAAOOO
✨ Eren always teases Carla for being so short
✨ Eren DEFINITELY spins Carla around for no reason
✨ Carla always has fucking palpitations cuz her himbo son gets into fights alot and he has bruises one way or another
✨ Overall, they are a power duo
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depressing-debbie · 7 days ago
A Latte For Erwin Pt. 2
Summary: So now Levi’s got Erwin’s number, and Hange’s involved... what could possibly go wrong? 1.7k
Guys I’m having so much fun with this story, I hope y’all enjoy it <3 This chapter is DIALOGUE CENTRAL so that’s something I guess
Did I leave this potentially open for a part three? Yes. Yes I did 👀 Did I also write this instead of stretching before rehearsal and end up getting hurt a teensy bit? Also yes. :)
Tumblr media
“So are you going to call him?” 
A day had passed since a certain customer left Levi his number, and the paper was still sitting on the counter, untouched. 
“No.” Levi and Hange were sitting at one of the tables in the front, counting out whatever had been emptied from the cash register and scribbling onto a notepad. 
Hange eyed him suspiciously. “So, then you aren’t interested in him. You didn’t enjoy talking to him.”
“No, I didn’t say that...” Hange’s eyes lit up, nearly jumping out of their chair.
“SO THEN YOU’RE GOING TO CALL HIM!” Levi glared up at them.
“No.” Hange slumped into their chair and threw their hands up in exasperation.
“Why not?” Levi paused for a split second to consider his response.
“I’m just not going to. He’s just a customer, and I’m just a guy who makes coffee. I know nothing about him, he knows nothing about me.” He finished his task and began gathering everything up, and Hange followed him back towards the counter, frowning.
“Levi. That’s what a first date is for. Go get to know him! Give him a chance!”
He eyed the slip of paper, the ten little neatly written numbers and message, and grabbed it. Hange cheered silently, before realizing he was walking towards the trash. He opened the lid and tossed it into the garbage. 
“Hange! Leave it alone.” Levi ignored Hange’s eyes following him as he went to grab his coat and headed towards the front of the store. “I’m off tomorrow, don’t forget, so please don’t call me unless it’s important.” Hange nodded. “See you Monday.”
The next morning, Levi was awoken by none other than a call from Hange. 
“Hange I swear to god, this had better be an emergency.”
“I knowww, I’m sorry, some guy from the government left a message saying there was an issue with our permits, and you’ve got all the papers. Can you bring them over here?” Levi groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” 
“THANK YOU LEVI! Oh, and make sure you look presentable! Bye!”
“Make sure I... what-” Before he could question it, they hung up on him. Oh well. Wasn’t the first time they’d said something strange, and it wouldn’t be the last.
Half an hour later, Levi was trudging through the door with an enormous stack of files and paperwork. Before he even got halfway through the door, he realized something was off.
“Oh, Levi, hello!” Erwin was standing by the counter, fiddling with something in his pocket.
“Back again so soon? The coffee must have just been that good. What can I get you, another latte?” Levi set down the papers and ducked behind the counter.
“Well the coffee certainly was terrific, but that’s not why I’m here.” Erwin laughed slightly.
“So... tea? A muffin?” Levi stared at him, raising an eyebrow in confusion.
“No, no, that’s alright.” Now Levi was totally lost, and Erwin clearly picked up on it. “Well, I was planning on us getting something to eat later, but I suppose if you’d rather we eat now...” 
“Yes! I have reservations for our date-”
“DATE?” Levi nearly dropped the cup in his hands. Erwin looked at him with a confused smile.
“We planned it last night, Levi. Oh, I’m so sorry, did you not intend for it to be a date? I must have misread something, I apologize-”
“Erwin, what are you even talking about? We never... planned anything?” 
“I’m sure we did? You texted me last night, and-” It suddenly hit Levi exactly what was happening.
“HANGE. GET OUT HERE.” Levi spun around to face the back room and shouted. Slowly, Hange ducked around the corner and became visible, their expression both embarrassed and apologetic. “What the hell did you do, shitty glasses?”
“Okay, okay, calm down, Levi. All I did was grab Erwin’s number after you left and reach out to him for you. It’s not like I had a choice, you certainly weren’t going to!” Hange explained nervously. A bit of an awkward silence fell when they realized Erwin now knew Levi had no intention of calling, but it was quickly broken.
“So I take it the permit emergency was a lie as well.” Levi locked eyes with Hange and glared as they nodded, staring at their feet. “Great.” He turned to face Erwin, and the discomfort in the room was tangible. “Sorry, Erwin, but I’m just going home. It’s my day off, and now that I know our business isn’t in peril, I’d like to return home.” 
Erwin nodded understandingly. “Of course, Levi. I’m sorry you had to be dragged out here, have a nice day.” He smiled, and picked up the umbrella resting by the counter.
Levi eyed the umbrella before realizing it was absolutely pouring raining, he must have been too distracted to notice. He cursed himself for forgetting to check the weather when hastily getting ready that morning.
Erwin noticed his frustration. “You aren’t planning on walking back with all that paperwork without an umbrella, are you?”
Levi let out a sigh. “Yes, actually, I suppose I am. Not like I can leave it all here, Hange has a knack for losing any documents that I leave in their possession.” Hange nodded sheepishly in agreement. 
“That’s a terrible idea, it’ll all be soaked by the time you get home. Let me walk you back, I’ve got this giant umbrella here.” Erwin caught his eye, and Levi noticed his face burning.
“No, no, that’s not necessary-”
“Nonsense. Consider it an apology for making you walk all the way out here.” He smiled, and Levi thought about it for a moment. One awkward walk home would certainly be preferable to hours spent on the phone to replace all of the permit documents.
“Alright. I appreciate it.” Levi picked the stack of papers back up, and the two moved towards the door. As he glanced back, Levi caught Hange smirking at him and mouthed a silent “shut up”. Erwin opened the door for Levi, who mumbled a thank you, and they left. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t turn around and see Hange dancing around in victory.
Levi and Erwin walked the first two blocks in silence, huddled under the umbrella. Eventually, Erwin cleared his throat and broke the silence.
“So, I guess it wasn’t you I was speaking to yesterday. On the phone, I mean.”
“No, that would be Hange. That lunatic.” Levi rolled his eyes, still fuming.
“To be honest, I’m a bit glad it wasn’t you.” Levi looked up at him, intrigued. “I usually don’t make it a habit to leave my phone number for people who use that many emojis. And you certainly didn’t strike me as an emoji kind of guy, Levi.” He laughed, and Levi could picture exactly what Hange had sounded like, since he has plenty of experience with their chaotic messaging.
“Rest assured, you won’t be getting any emojis from me.” 
Erwin smiled. “I’m glad to hear it.” They fall back into an uncomfortable silence, and once again, it was Erwin who broke it. “So, how long have you had that shop?”
“A few years. Hange and I started it together.” Levi considered elaborating further, but decided against it. “What about you, what do you do?”
“I’m a professor. I teach anthropology at the university a little ways away. That’s where I heard about your shop, actually, from some colleagues!” Erwin grinned. “I almost didn’t take the suggestion, but I’m glad I did.” Once again, Levi caught his face burning slightly, and he turned to face away from him.
“So then you live in the area?” Levi cleared his throat a bit, still refusing to make eye contact.
“Well... not really. I’m on the other side of town, closer to the university.” Now Levi spun around the face him, stopping in his tracks.
“Erwin. My house is in the complete opposite direction of the university. You’re gonna have to walk for an hour to get back.” Erwin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.
“That’s alright. I’m due for a good walk anyways. Too much desk work lately.” Even as Erwin reassured him, Levi shot him a doubtful look. 
“Alright... my house is just down here.” Levi pointed in front of them at the small, well kept home a block away. Erwin smiled to himself as he thought about how the house seemed to match him so well. Levi caught him, but decided not to say anything about it. 
He went to fish his keys from his coat pocket as they reached the gate, and nearly dropped his entire stack of papers. Erwin caught them, holding onto them while he opened the lock.
“Erwin. Thank you for walking me home, I appreciate it. Sorry about Hange.” Levi went to take the papers back when they reached the covered porch, safe from the rain.
“Not a problem, Levi. I’m glad I could help you stay dry. I better get going.” Erwin handed him the last document and turned to leave, quickly shaking out the umbrella. Just as he went to step off the porch, lightning struck eerily close, followed by a boom of thunder and an even heavier bout of rain. It was obvious that a messy storm was brewing.
Erwin didn’t even hesitate in continuing forward, but Levi held out a hand to stop him. The hand landed on Erwin’s shoulder, and they both froze for a moment before Levi pulled himself back together.
“You can’t walk an hour in this weather... here, just come inside until it’s cleared up a bit.” Erwin turned to face him, hesitant but grateful.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to inconvenience you.”
Levi rolled his eyes. “You getting struck by lightning would be an inconvenience.” Erwin laughed, and he opened the door. “Now, come on, before the wind picks up.”
Erwin nodded in appreciation, shaking out his umbrella and setting it down on the porch before following Levi inside.
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