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sinksstuff · 4 minutes ago
yuh, first post on the tumblr i suppose. this is from @nastiiuu 's blessed AU, crossposted on Instagram.
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apollos13th · 5 minutes ago
Catboy/catgirl eret?
no cause they'd be so coy, wrapping their tail around your leg, trying to subtly tell you they're horny, but when that doesn't work they get so blunt, coming up into your ear to tell you how pretty you'd look bouncing on their cock rn.
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grimxark · 7 minutes ago
Ok I say this a lot but y’all gotta see that C!Ranboos character flaws are so cool and are like the perfect recipe to piss me off. Dude hates conflict, will try to make anything about himself (“this is against my morals”, “you know I’m not like that (about the cookie post)”, “don’t you know me”) as long as his ass isn’t actually on the line. The instant he’s the subject of the conflict? He deflects like hell, hides under his so called “morals” and refuses to step forward to take blame (see:Tommy’s exile). He’s very vague about things unless they actually matter (forgetting the syndicate is supposed to be, yknow, secret. And then telling ghostbur about it.) and he’s incredibly selfish. Every major thing he’s done was for his own gain, sure he made it thinking of someone else but he’s still the one getting something out of it.
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apollos13th · 7 minutes ago
just imagine them asking you to stay after class because you got a bad grade on a test, so they tell you the only way you can make it up is by letting them bend you over their desk and fuck you, and ofc you're not gonna say no, I'm just so <3fsuwjfdma
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thezahhaksystem · 8 minutes ago
technoblade fanart be like
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(anime: bleach)
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shes-my-lifeline2 · 9 minutes ago
HAH you think I’ll draw Ranboo without his mask and sunglasses when he face reveals? You fool, you absolute buffoon. I will simply scrub the image of his face from my mind and continue to draw the funky tall faceless man thank you very much
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captionswashere · 10 minutes ago
i need to put my ideas somewhere so have this chat-
tommy is a prophet and necromancer and tubbo is a ghost
he has a vision that theyll all be trapped in the smp and sees himself almost dying at the hands of someone he thinks is tubbo
now, he doesn't want to die obviously but hes already oath/magic bound to give tubbo a body again and if he doesn't do it the punishments could be death
so he puts tubbo's soul in a crystal that will put him in his body when it touches the crystal
he also enchants the crystal to only work for 3 hours, the lowest amount of time he can do
he can only hope for the best now
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legacysmpheadcanons · 13 minutes ago
I think chimneyswift11’s Bee pastor has more to the story then we think, maybe he is the real villain who helps conduct all of these mishaps, like the ringleader or a cult per say
ooh, good theory good theory.
And Chim as the ringleader for the events? a really good theory and I love it
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boonbeenblade · 13 minutes ago
Sometimes, the wound isn't what it seems, or the cure isn't perfect. But the path, twisted and winding, still leads forward.
Technoblade doesn't see himself as hurt. He did what he had to do, to right the wrongs, to send his message. Yet there is a moment there, before and after his death stared him in the face, where Technoblade sees himself. Alone, in a cage, the one ally he had hurt for the simple crime of defending him. When the rage of vengeance and betrayal of Doomsday leaves him, he wonders if that is really enough for him anymore. The Syndicate is far from a therapy group. Their goal is function, and their relationships to each other are... strange and tenuous. Sometimes he even wonders if they will ever make a move towards their goal of spreading anarchy. But he has friends now. Philza is still by his side, and now he has Steve, and Niki, and Ranboo. People to fight alongside. People to fight for. Perhaps he does not have to be the Blade. Perhaps they just want him to be Techno.
A step in the right direction.
Ranboo is walking along the shore of the land upon which the Dream SMP stands, and he spies a familiar piece of unnatural stone in the water. The entrance to a room of memories. His lowest points run through his mind, threatening to swallow him once more, but one shaking hand clenches. The soft digging of a ring into his skin starts the breathing he didn't realized he'd stopped. He is not what the voice said he was. He's figuring out the enderwalk, step by step. Tommy defends him, to Wilbur even. Technoblade trusts him. Tubbo loves him. Ranboo keeps walking, passing the stone and not looking back. He does not need a room to panic in anymore.
A step in the right direction.
Eret faces out from the castle, staring across the path as sunrise casts through her windows to light the world in stains of color. Her path to healing is different than the others. To heal herself, she must first find a way to heal the things she has done to others. She takes the path to the museum, grabbing another blank map. Another walk to commemorate the history around them all. To prevent others from making the same mistakes that she did. Someday soon, the bridges will finally be rebuilt. Eret keeps her hand outstretched, offered. Someone will take it.
A step in the right direction.
Ponk still sees Sam occasionally, though mostly out of the corner of his eye. It is hard for them to face each other, after how tangled the thread has grown between them. But he can manage. He is not alone now. The Egg may be dormant, under Sam's watch, but the members of its old empire still hold each other close. And forgiveness, even in pieces, helps. Foolish treasures the fridge built to him in apology, and their banter aches his heart for times he never thought he'd feel again. Even broken hearts can love, in a thousand ways, as they are mending.
The server moves, slow yet unending, towards healing.
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mrhols · 14 minutes ago
I want to make a post about restreaming because it's so fucking funny.
imagine risking your entire streaming career... for minecraft roleplay.
like? how does that not sound so fucking stupid?
hundreds of people do recaps so that you DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THE STREAM!
then they cry about their account getting suspended! what did you expect?
Some of these people genuinely want to become streamers and don't even fucking know the basics of twitch tos.
we should reopen schools so these people can re-learn what copyright infringement is.
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emwastakenw · 16 minutes ago
I have anon turned off for my own personal comfort but feel free to send in any requests or asks :D
Unless specified otherwise, I will not post the ask on my blog (unless it is a writing request!!) so don't be worried about that! Please remember to read my request rules before sending anything in :)
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sullivanityy · 17 minutes ago
were in agreement that techno wants the knowledge of the revive book because he wants to protect phil right
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que-poco-amor · 17 minutes ago
Tenemos promoción de suscripción para el onlyfans amigoooooots
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donteatdoves · 18 minutes ago
draw c!dream with hair like this cowards
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tenndderr · 21 minutes ago
Hello it is I again
So I've been getting a lot of nightmares recently and been scared to go back to sleep :(
Do you think you could write HC's for George comforting the reader after they had a nightmare?
(George is my comfort streamer after all)
hello again! and of course i can!
i hope that you've been able to get some more rest :')
TW; nightmares, curse words
my full masterlist
have a request? let me know <3
george nightmare comfort hcs
Tumblr media
- the first night it happens george is sitting up beside you instantly
- he looks just as scared as you do as he watches you try to level your breathing and take in you surroundings
- but i have a feeling that he has struggled with nightmares every now and then, so he is quick to pull you into his chest so you don't have to focus on anything but him
- back rubs all night
- he would never pressure you into talking about them until you were ready
- he tries to hide how worried he is when he gently brings it up the next morning though
- he's fiddling with his thumbs and bouncing one knee because the last thing he want to do is trigger whatever caused your previous nightmare
- but if they start happening more often, he knows how to comfort you better and what will calm you down
- but even then, he just wants you to be able to sleep again
- will defiantly confide into dream or sapnap on what helps them fall asleep
- but if they ask why, he just ignores them are starts googling things
- read somewhere that soft light, candles, lavender, and can help so he buys all of those things that day
- acts super excited all day, waiting for you to start yawning or talking about how you're feeling sleepy before grabbing your hand and leading you to your shared room
- he has a candle on his side of the bed that is illuminating a soft glow in the room, along with a book he wanted to read to you as he tucks you in bed and lets you lay on his chest
- probably bought lavender essential oils and had to watch youtube videos on how to use them
"baby, what are you doing?"
"be still bun, i have to apply this to your temples."
- will sit down and talk to you about doing yoga together because dream taught him exercises that he does to relax
- tried to give you a massage one night but you had to ask him to stop through fits of laughter because baby you're a gamer for a reason
- can you imagine when he streams people always tease him about his sleep schedule and how he is always out of the loop with things
- and everyone assumes it's because he has adapted to dream's sleep schedule
- when in reality, the moment he sees your eyes get droopy or hears a soft yawn escape your lips, he is taking a nap with you
- he may not push with nightmares, but i feel like he wouldn't leave room for arguing when you tried to argue or fight him about sleeping
- i have this theory that because he went through phases where he had nightmares, he doesn't want you to go through what he did and never sleep
- he might feel a little off when it comes to comforting people or really anything with feelings
- but with you, he is constantly reassuring that he doesn't mind staying up with you, as long as it takes
- if you really can't go back to sleep, he will run a bath with you and fill it with lavender soap because he bought so much lavender shit im
- will cup your cheeks and wipe away your tears with his thumb gently, eyes looking down at you with such adoration and yet concern because gosh he loves you so much and wishes he could do more than just hold you closer
- george will never sing in front of anyone but you, so when he starts softly humming or gently singing a song to calm you down it makes you melt because AGH WHAT
- he will be so blushy and you will have to pretend to not notice because you know he just wants to make you feel so so safe
"i like that song."
"yeah? i can sing it again if you want?"
- i just really feel like he would be so patient with you when it comes to these types of things and wouldn't care about anything but taking care of you :')
- sleepy george with eyes all puffy and red from rubbing them tiredly while giggling at every little thing you say before splashing bubbles at you
- he is still a simp
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mesmir-ized · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
average catboo believer (me) (strong) (gets all the women) ! ! !
(based off this post)
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sullivanityy · 23 minutes ago
what kind of information did dream right down about the prison?? there were four books right?? thats so much stuff. what information could techno possibly have now
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