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casualwritersblog16 hours ago
Dating Billy And Lex | Deadly Class |
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/n Got addicted to this show so here a small head cannon of my favorite boys.
Warnings None
Lex would be the needy one out of all three of you.
After telling the others they thought you were pranking them.
"You're not joking?" Marcus asked laughing
Lex would for sure give you one of his chains so everyone would know that, you are dating.
"Back of mate you need to shut up about them.
Billy would be more the goofy, less asshole one in the relationship.
Lex is the best at we'll too much information around the rats, about y'all relationship.
" Jesus keep that in the bedroom!"
Billy would be so for it to teach you how to skateboard,
Always will bandage you up as well if you're clumsy lol
You were insecure at times about if they still had feelings about Petra.
"Love we only want you."
The rats loved you even if you guys can get gross at times.
Billy would enjoy laying or cuddling just as much as Lex did.
Lex would be on you're lap you will be playing with his spikes.
Or Billy would lay on you're chest he a big baby
I feel like it is both equal with how protective you three are over each other.
You holding Billy or Lex when they have breakdowns about there past.
" You two are going to be the actual death of me."
Dates would be really cute, Sometimes it just is you and Billy or all three of you, on dates.
Billy would have the most creative ideas for dates
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teriwritesa day ago
Tumblr media
The Funeral
The chapel was already overflowing with people when they arrived.
Winnie's parents were sitting in the front row, surrounded by family, friends, and acquaintances, all offering their condolences. They had decided against visitation the night before, a choice that had been intended to gently discourage other townsfolk from overwhelming the family with their chatter. Instead, it had merely held them at bay.
Leslie was quick to disappear into the crowd, which Winnie appreciated silently. With a deep breath to steady herself, she stormed forwards, unrepentant as she nudged and pushed people aside. The mass was resistant, at first, but began to part when they realized who was coming through.
Mrs. Pewitt shifted to offer Winnie a place to sit and wrapped an arm around her daughter. As Winnie settled her head against her mother's shoulder, Mrs. Pewitt whispered, "Thank you."
The gratefulness extended not only from Winnie's punctuality, but also due to the effect her presence had on the crowds. They immediately began to disperse following her arrival, though whether this was due to their refusal to cross the young woman on such a delicate morning, or because Pastor Glynn made for the pulpit wasn't clear.
The minister cleared his throat when he reached the front of the chapel, though there was no need. His chapel had never been so packed, or so eerily silent. Every pew was filled, and still dozens of others stood in the back, tightly pressed to take up any vacant space along the wall. Winnie had taken them in at the entrance. Every resident of Bildenbey must've been present for Bran's funeral, even those she knew by face but not by name.
It should have been an honor, but their eager preying on the social gathering turned the solemnity into more of a spectacle. As though Bran was some tragic figure and not a missing child.
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maddpechea day ago
Franco Pt.1
I want to say that I have trouble loving and trusting because of Franco, because of the way he would grab the space, between my ass and hip, and tell me he would leave if I didn鈥檛 lose that small amount of fat. But they say its really my fault because I continue to meander back to those harrowing memories. I continue to let him in. They tell me that if I want to get over it I鈥檇 just stop thinking about the hot tub and the bikini and him telling me to stop sucking in my stomach. Yet, as I stare into the mirror, I grab that space, between my ass and my hip, and though it is of my own hand I can still feel his fingertips. They still have a hold on me, not romantically, but in the kind of way that a noose takes hold of a too-fragile neck.聽
鈹佲攣 Yeti Youngblood // MaDD P锚che
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la-bibliophilea day ago
聽 Sunset by the Beach
聽聽聽聽 It's 5:54 pm, the Sun is currently setting. It's the majestic time of sundown, the Sun is downing, and it's as if it's getting back to the water. As if it's resting there for the remainder of the day until it rebirthes the next day again. A rebirth as beautiful as the birth of Aphrodite from the sea foams. And as I'm sitting by the shore, the water and sand tickling my feet; the sound of the waves a calming music to my ears. It's splendid in a way, it's as if the waves are piano keys, and the wind moving them is a talented pianist. The sounds of the kids聽 screaming with enthusiasm and joy as they play with their families. All those sounds working like a gland that secretes serotonin, filling the heart with happiness and calm, lightning up the mood. It's peace, it's human heaven. That's the beauty of sunsets by the beach.
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mestin-writes2 days ago
Tumblr media
My love is now cold and freezed into a snowflake 鉂刦or anyone who comes next, will have to make me feel enough warmth so that my love melts into a rain droplet , or else I'll lay there among all heartbroken people and gaze at fictional lovers and never be the reason of happiness to someone else .
- Mestin
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Do you ever just write a lot of poems but then you are like 'nah, publishing these would be like telling the whole world my story' or are you normal?
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sinpiesinpie2 days ago
Fanfic is not an anime.
Fanfic is not a kdrama.
Fanfic is not a novel.
If you want your fics to be enjoyed please remember why people are here to read your content. If you don鈥檛 care then you do you but please don鈥檛 complain about how no one reads your fics when you write them that way.
Please tag your fics with appropriate tags (if you do this correctly it will get shown to more people who want to read and interact - look at what popular fics are tagging if you need help.)
Also if you need to rely on asks and requests then maybe you shouldn鈥檛 be writing. It鈥檚 okay to want to get interaction (believe me I understand) but if you are only writing for other people and not yourself, you are gonna burn out quick. If you do not love writing for writing鈥檚 sake, that鈥檚 okay - you don鈥檛 have to be a writer. Not everyone needs to be a writer. Just do you and have fun.
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i do not stop walking.
TODAY i woke up choked with words. it wasnt until they were flowing, much faster than i could ever hope to control, that i realized how absent they had been. the last week has been barren. i've been chilled to the bone as asphalt turns back to char-melted tar. this is the twenty second humid tennessee summer of my life and it has been inhospitable. maybe i didnt notice because of how much better i have been. maybe i didnt notice because i am worse than i realize. but when everything falls apart, truly, neatly, perfectly cascading, i dont think to mention it. i guess i think everyone else already knows, or that language is reserved for something that i do not reek of. for thank yous at the grocery store or song requests. but a whisper can be stumbled into. a breeze begs to be tripped on. friends are hurt that i did not tell them sooner. i am hurt that they think i could have. what is there to tell? i simply step from 2:04pm into 2:05pm and suddenly there is nothing. i talk about my sandwich, about holidays, about the fact that lobsters pee through their foreheads. but when there is nothing but the metal taste and the crystalline steps that will be taken over and over, what would i say? how do i describe the act of suffocating in open air? that there is all at once far too much and far too nothing at all in my chest? that my skin is too tight, wrapped around a body that violently refuses to admit its own presence in the world, all the while knowing that it has no skin at all? naked, vulnerable, an exposed nerve, i walk through the produce section of a Publix in a city that is closer than i realized and i weep with strangers in my peripheral but how could i be weeping? there is nothing. nothing to see, nothing to mourn, no tears. once, a man is in front of me. i weep, now so far out of his periphery that the sight of me burns at him. he does not look away. but he does not stop walking. it is only the nagging starvation that has mass to it. the unquenchable gaping of myself. i could be better if the abyss collapsed. if i could crash down, down, down self imploding, inward, inward, inward onto self, if i could equalize the hollowness with the brooding bulk of what it created to house it, i could make sense. but i do not collapse inward. i do not find words to feed the reaching, gasping threat. i do not look away. but i do not stop walking.
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sydthecrybaby3 days ago
Hello, I鈥檓 starting a new podcast with my friend Max where we talk about our lives as artists and touch on topics that not many people our age discuss in normal conversation. It鈥檚 called Talking Is Hard. You can check out the highlight I posted on my Instagram below. Also, consider supporting our show on all of our social media links. Thanks!
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writerfae3 days ago
I'd really appreciate it if tumblr wouldn't show me funeral ads when I already have anxiety about getting vaccinated next week
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cuppasunu4 days ago
i just wanted to come on here and say that other than updating my works, answering asks and dms, i won鈥檛 really be as active here. not bc i don鈥檛 like it here, but bc i just won鈥檛 have the time to.. i hope you all understand, especially my lovely mutuals here that i have been guilty of not reaching out to for a while..
i will be more active on my twitter acc (@/JAEHYUNMlRAE) so if you want to be mutuals on there, i usually interact more there !!!
i don鈥檛 want to close my writing blog bc it鈥檚 such a sweet pastime for me other than school or busy work, (therefore this is not a goodbye/hiatus post) but i realize that i won鈥檛 be able to devote as much time as i would like to so this is my compromise. <33
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ow-anteater5 days ago
The announcement of the end of the Omnic Crisis had washed over them like a wave; sudden and at once unexpected and long awaited. Gabriel still isn't sure what to do from here
A short little thing about choosing to be okay, no matter how briefly. Also about how nicely Reinhardt Wilhelm cleans up
Reinhardt/Reaper, rated T, spans 4411 words. Reblogs are priceless in spreading my writing 馃А
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I used to write all the time. I used to sit down and pour and pour and pour until there wasn't even a little bit of a letter left in me. Now I sit in front of a computer screen and a notebook and both of them feel daunting.
I want to write. I want to write. I want to write.
I wish there was a way to puncture a hole in the part of my brain that holds all the words I have. I know that I was younger, a teenager, and everything is more intense.
But I should still have my words. It feels wrong to be stuck in my own head like this.
I want to make a zine. I think that they are so neat and I really wish I could think of an idea for one. It feels like my head is all empty. It makes me wonder if my head is empty because of how stressed I am all the time now, or if that's just the way that it's always been.
Maybe those years were a lie. Maybe I was just imaging all of the times I could write. I don't even recognize my own words now. Looking back I want to learn from myself.
How did you learn to write like that?
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colourtheashes6 days ago
Being surrounded by people who act like mental health issues aren鈥檛 a thing is very depressing.
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