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naisha-lusthana · 3 hours ago
Slytherpuff Couplez: Tops and Bottoms
Hufflepuff: Guys, have you seen my top?
Ravenclaw: *without looking up* Slytherin's outside.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 4 hours ago
I tell myself it doesn’t matter.
I know it won’t matter in five years,
but it matters now.
It hurts right now,
and I don’t want to keep
feeling this way.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 4 hours ago
The more I write,
the more it seems that these thoughts I keep
so private to myself
are shared by so many more people
than I ever imagined.
Perhaps we can all find comfort
in that little thing.
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hogwartshousefriends · 15 hours ago
Slytherin: Hufflepuff just texted me.
Ravenclaw: Well then respond.
Slytherin: Not now, I’ll look too desperate.
Ravenclaw: You are literally married to him.
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hornedhufflepuffdevil · 21 hours ago
Another day
Slytherin: *Comes into Puff's room* I ordered some stuff and they don't fit me anymore. You can take it?
Hufflepuffer: *sprawled on the bed* but I don't need it
Slytherin: yeah but you can still use it
Hufflepuffer: *thinking hard*...maybe you just think it doesnt fi—
Slytherin: *holds hand up* NO. *Thrusts clothes at puff*
Hufflepuffer: I didn't ask for this...I already got a set for me. This is too much...
*Puff really doesn't like this. And don't judge. She has her reasons*
*after a couple minutes of silence with slytherin hovering around puff*
Slytherin: *literally 🥺👉🏽👈🏽* so...can I—
Hufflepuffer: *already knows what they're going to say* NO
Slytherin: well I gave u this so... I was hoping you could pay for an order for me...
Hufflepuffer: I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS SHIT *grabs her by the collar of her shirt*
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
Some problems can be solved with
Hozier and late-night poetry.
There’s always something that
can be solved in this way.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
They’re only chemicals,
I remind myself.
They’re only chemicals produced as an
animal instinct,
a product of nature.
Chemicals don’t mean anything.
Chemicals can be broken down and
can decompose into the world.
Chemicals should not be causing me as
many problems as they are right now.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I have never quite figured out what
is wrong with me at my core.
I have no problems attracting people to me.
They come quite readily,
with little effort on my part.
The issue is,
they never do seem to stay.
Nobody has chosen to stay.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I choose to live in spite of my family.
I am going to love who I want, at the expense of
myself and my heart.
My voice is meant to be heard;
It will not remain silent.
I am not a person to be controlled.
I will live in spite of everyone telling me
who I am suppose to be.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I am a living paradox.
I refuse to show my real emotions,
and yet they fill me up and cloud my vision.
I often feel a certain sadness in my veins,
and yet I laugh more than any of my friends.
I stopped believing in love a long time ago,
and yet it’s the one thing I want in the world,
the one thing that I never want to be without.
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letysara00 · a day ago
Hola queridos lectores y fanáticos, bienvenidos un día más a este blog donde se publicarán datos interesantes, información, historias, etc. De series, libros y películas, el miércoles hablamos de un tema que eran las casas híbridas, sin embargo quedó pendiente hablar de cada una de las casas individualmente por lo cual crearé el hashtag #especialdecasas.
Sin más comenzamos…
Tumblr media
Como ya había mencionado en mi artículo de las casas híbridas, mi casa híbrida era Slytherpuff por lo cual Hufflepuff es mi segunda casa. Sinceramente considero que las personas más nobles pertenecen a esta casa, algunos creen que son torpes pero yo creo más bien que son leales y justos.
¿Qué es Hufflepuff?
Hufflepuff es una de las cuatro casas de Hogwarts fundada por Helga Hufflepuff y su fantasma es el Fraile Gordo, sus principios son; el trabajo duro, la paciencia, la amistad y la honestidad. Su animal es el tejón y sus colores son amarillo y negro. El elemento principal es la tierra.
Tumblr media
Los estudiantes de esta casa son conocidos por ser más nobles y por no ser competitivos, ellos no tienen rivalidad con nadie como Slytherin y Gryffindor que están en constante competencia.
Hufflepuff se dio a conocer más en “Harry Potter y el cáliz de fuego”, en el torneo de los tres magos el campeón resultó ser el Hufflepuff, Cedric Diggory. El tenía todas las características para ser un Hufflepuff, era leal, honesto y un gran amigo como lo demostró con Harry al quererlo ayudar y perder la vida siendo leal hasta el final.
Tumblr media
Razones para ser un Hufflepuff:
1. La lealtad: son las personas más confiables, nunca te van a traicionar sin importar perder.
2. Son realmente justos: no les gustan las trampas, por eso uno de sus aptitudes es el trabajo honesto, y eso es una cualidad que muchas personas valoran.
3. No tienen prejuicios: ellos aceptan a las personas como sean, lo único que les importa es que seas leal y honesto.
4. Son muy pacíficos: nunca buscan problemas, por lo cual nunca salen perjudicados, prefieren mantenerse al margen y así es como consiguen su reputación de nobles.
Y es por eso que en realidad para comenzar a ser buenas personas todos deberíamos seguir el ejemplo de un Hufflepuff, con todos estos principios a todos nos iría muy bien, la verdad estoy orgullosa de decir que es mi segunda casa, pues me considero una persona leal, justa y pacífica.
¿Les gustaría ser un Hufflepuff?
Y eso sería todo por hoy, muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, espero que lo encuentren interesante y que haya podido resolver sus dudas, nos vemos hasta la próxima.
Bye, besos!
Ig: @letysara00
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
There is no shame in being alone.
I find that I do quite well on my own.
I really am fine taking care of myself.
I know how to be gentle with myself
when I am sad,
and I know how to celebrate my joys.
But I don’t want to live life
only fine.
I want to be fully immersed
and obsessed,
over the moon for you.
I want to be better than fine,
and I want to be better than fine with you.
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poetry-byyourstruly · a day ago
I never thought the day would come
when I forget the color of your eyes,
but stranger things have happened.
The day has finally come,
and I can find comfort in knowing
my heart has finally moved on.
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whythefuckdoiexist · a day ago
how's being a slyherpuff? coz i don't know too many ppl who have the personality able to combine Slytherin AND Hufflepuff! ooooh and which Slytherpuff headcannon/stereotype do u 100% relate/agree with?
Ooooo being a slytherpuff is amazing as fuck. One reason I am a hybrid is cuz all quizzes I’ve ever taken were either slytherin or hufflepuff (tho I got raven claw one time but that was because i chose reading books as a hobby)
Also, slytherin cuz I’m cunning and ambitious in some way. Sneaky is also there. Also I am told I can come up with great insults but if I’m on the spot il probably just say shut up. Hufflepuff cuz, idrk how to explain it, you just gotta get the vibes. Also I’m big on loyalty. No likey snitches at all.
Sorry for answering this late!
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naisha-lusthana · 2 days ago
Slytherpuff Couplez: Confession Time
Student: It's been like two weeks since you guys have been dating, so I wanna know, how did you guys meet?
Slytherin: We hooked up -
Hufflepuff: Potions class -
Hufflepuff: *raising eyebrows at Slytherin* Potions class.
Slytherin: *sighs* Potions class.
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poetry-byyourstruly · 2 days ago
I consider myself a rather
confident and brave individual,
And yet,
I have not ever found ability
to say everything I want to to you.
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Slytherin: Well, maybe some of us have been having impure thoughts!
Slytherin: *gazes longingly at Huff before suddenly snapping out of it and glaring at gryffindor*
Slytherin: Gryff!
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officialcga · 2 days ago
Hufflepuff: can I tell you a joke?
Slytherin: *already regretting it* Sure
Hufflepuff: why shouldn’t you break up with a quidditch player?
Slytherin: why?
Hufflepuff: *on the brink of tears bc they’re holding back laughter* because they’re a keeper.
Slytherin: ...
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rosiehufflepuff · 2 days ago
HEAD CANNON :What kind of girl Draco Malfoy would go for ??
Draco is rough and on the edge yes we all know that however he wouldn’t go for girl who is copy from him , he would go for someone softer and yet funny
Someone caring as he carves the feeling of getting cared about and giving him the care he doesn’t get .
Someone humorous , draco has a lot of serious moments however he actually loves to be goofy so he would like someone who can be goofy with him and maybe do pranks
Someone who would understand how he real feels and would like to listen to him , draco feels like he is not understood emotionally and not allowed to express any emotions , he wanna a safe zone for himself where he can express his emotions
Draco wants someone to listen to him and feel like he is not judging him for how he feel or how is actually feeling cuz let s be honest my man grow up in toxic home where only emotions that are allowed are pride and over confident
Someone who is patient as hell , the man has fear of showing feelings and sharing his thoughts so the idea of sharing what he thinks or his feelings other than what considerer “accepted” is weird to him .
LOVES ARTS AS HELL MY MAN LOVES PAINTING AND PLAYING PIANO , tho he would be very embarrassed and kind of feeling that he got humiliated , making his girl swear over death she won’t tell anyone!.
My man is a Gemini!! And Slytherin , he wants someone to not judge him by what people say about him and just get to know him .
He wants someone who is ready to sit with him and read , be low-key with him not into fancy stuff much or carve it from him , no he wants someone who makes him feel like real home for him where he can run away and hide .
Draco would appreciate if his girl communicates to him what she likes and what she doesn’t and if he messed up to say it softly , cuz my man is unfamiliar with relationships , he would work hard to avoid his mistakes again
He would love to be cared for ALOT LIKE yes he won’t show it in front of people nor admit it himself , but he would love to get cared for non stop , that he himself would think he is being clingy as hell but he would be saying to himself “ it is what she has done to me !!! “
He would like someone who he can be “naked “ with , no not that ... but like he can be in her company , without any layers or masks but only himself and just to forget Draco the slytherin prince image .....
Someone who is interested in new stuff and has passion , work hard , not traditional ( let s face it , the man has a lot of them in his life ) doesn’t give up , ready to face problems , free , doesn’t run away , not afraid , determined , gets the stuff done , honest , open , stay with him and doesn’t faze away from him -loyal to him - and ready to ground him down to earth , to show him the best in the world
That is my view !! IT IS INSPO BY TIKTOK !! ENJOY ALL !!!
Tumblr media
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dina-nolastname · 3 days ago
Hufflepuff-Slytherin relations INTENSIFY
How did I find myself, a Hufflepuff, dating two Slytherins?
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