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#slutty devil
lust-and-the-devil20 days ago
Anything posted after 4pm today is from my queue. I don鈥檛 want anyone to think I鈥檓 ignoring them. Please send me stuff to comeback to. Nothing like coming back to surprises in my inbox. If something made you cum while you were on my blog. Show me what it was. Tell me about it.
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morguebuddy2 months ago
Tumblr media
This one goes out to the 3 Modeus fans in existence 鉁
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universalcarnival7 months ago
Coffee Filter [ Coffee Twist x Roi ] Melodic Mocha Pony [Coffee Twist] The Apple to my Pie and the Straw to my Berry [ Aria Heart x Coffee Twist ] The Classy Radio Tyrant [Alastor] Slutty Spider [Angel Dust] #Honest Farmer [Applejack] Too Fast for Me [Rainbow Dash] Fluttering Kindness [Fluttershy] Hyperactive Laughter [Pinkie Pie] Embodiment of Magic [Twilight Sparkle]聽 Generous and Fabulous [Rarity] Draconic Assistant [Spike] Furry Crybaby [Asriel] Darlin鈥 Devil [Bendy] #I鈥檓 19 and Already Wasted My Life [Burgerpants] #The Man Who Watches [Gaster] #Little Prince of a Little Kingdom [Ralsei]聽 #Ketchup Hoarder [Sans] #HANDSOME SKELETON [Papyrus] #Fishy Punch [Undyne] Mischievous Feline [Capper]
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goldafterglow8 months ago
A good stripper you say? Have you seen The Mandalorian HISHE yet?? Shirtless Stripper Din resides in my braincells rent-free
i did watch it Kiwi!! And I鈥檒l admit, the idea grows more and more appealing to me with each passing sunset.
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mcuntainbcrn9 months ago
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@arachn0philia鈥 said: 鈥 you don鈥檛 need to worry about me. 鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淎nd yet here I am...worrying about you.鈥 It had taken a concerted effort to drag herself from her room, keeping the dull blade burrowed to the hilt in her thigh as she lifted the spider off the ground,聽 teeth tearing in to the soft flesh lining her cheek - even this much was borderline unbearable; she staggered knees nearly buckling as she did a walk and carry with the arachnid demon, breath coming out ragged as she arranged him in bed, sagging to the floor the moment she鈥檇 finished, ripping the blade from her flesh and plunging it back in again, the pain momentarily lifting the fog over her mind.
鈥...just rest...alright? ...I鈥檒l look after you as best I can.鈥
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universalcarnivala year ago
hello friends
i am feeling other muses than pony
Tumblr media
like this fucker
Tumblr media
and thsi fucker
Tumblr media
and this fucker
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I was talking about Joey's predeliction for sleeveless the other day, especially when performing, and
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm just grateful it's a thing that exists
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universalcarnivala year ago
Darlin鈥 Devil [Bendy] Tormented in Springs [William Afton] Slutty Spider [Angel Dust] I am the 脺bermensch! [Medic] Do-Gooder Fella [Wander] Boom. Headshot. [Sniper] The Classy Radio Tyrant [Alastor] Bitchy Receptionist [Loona]
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flatstarcarcosaa year ago
lucifer spends months trying to get me to open up to him and be....well, anything.聽
i meet his quips head on and i always have a joke at the ready and, honestly he does like that. he likes my wit and my charm and that i know how to schmooze and placate when needed.聽
but thats not what made him attracted to me, thats not what made him change a whole weekend鈥檚 worth of plans to crash my art gallery.聽
he came because there was something more beneath that, something deeper and darker and he needed to know what it was.聽
and he figured he鈥檇 find out in a weekend and call it done and add another notch to his bed post, but i gave him nothing. i gave him a practiced smile and attention through subtly ground teeth and all it did was make him more desperate for the truth.
and then finally, FINALLY, after what feels like forever to him, something that is no mean feat considering...聽
finally he gets a peek behind the curtain.聽
it is 18 months after i have met him, and 6 weeks after i have disappeared into the wilds of washington state. he鈥檚 pulled in every favor and every resource to find me, and I end up having to head back to LA when he finally decides to just harass one of my biggest clients non stop.聽
and it is the first time i drag him back to my cabin.聽
and it is small and it is two bedrooms.聽
it has a wrap around porch and a fireplace, and a grill out back, and a fire pit in the yard and a storage shed beyond the swinging bench. at night you can hear the river and the wildlife, and it is so far removed from los angeles that for a moment he thinks his heart has stopped.聽
i tell him i bought and paid for the land outright and that i had both hands in building the cabin myself.聽
i tell him how my grandparents* had a house in the south carolina mountains and how they鈥檇 built it brick by brick by themselves and how i鈥檇 always been so resentful of my family for letting it be sold.聽
and he asks, with a frown and a raised eyebrow and an awkward chuckle why, why someone like me would slum it聽out in the middle of the woods.聽
and i look at him levelly and tell him over the rim of my whiskey glass that it is because i plan to retire as early as possible so that i may drink myself to death in the peace and quiet and for the first time in a long time,聽
he doesn鈥檛 know how to respond.聽
so i fill the void for us and i explain how i was late聽getting started on an education and a career, and how i willingly threw myself into a viper鈥檚 pit to get what i want.聽
i tell him how i made a career and money out of real estate in florida and how i skirted laws and still clung to my morals with a pinkie. i stole from the rich and i screwed them over and i lied and schemed and i went to court time and again and time and again they had nothing on me.聽
i tell him how once i hit the correct number i put money into bigger properties, how i stole it right from under their fucking noses and gave it to people who would otherwise have nothing, and i tell him how i used vacation rentals to fund my photography and my art, and how when that wasn鈥檛 enough i used to the profit from both to seek out my escape in the PNW.聽
and finally as the sun begins to rise over the mountains and stream through the trees he realizes that i never truly plan for a future.聽
i plan for today聽and tomorrow聽and everything else is just interest.聽
he has fallen in love with a human that planned on dying years ago, and now has to struggle through every waking moment knowing it didn鈥檛 fucking go as planned, and he has no idea what to do with that.聽
for once,聽
for once it鈥檚 not about him, and he knows he shouldn鈥檛 be so excited about it.聽
but fuck, is he ever.
*eventually, some time later, i tell him how my grandparents were actually my great aunt and uncle. i tell him how so many relatives died before i was born, and how my nana/great aunt took a promise to her sister seriously and how she decided she would be the nana i did not have, and how that would be all i ever knew until such a time as i could understand the how and why.聽
i tell him how when she died when i was nine going on ten, and how i didn鈥檛 understand and i didn鈥檛 cry about it for almost a decade.聽
it is always over a bottle of whiskey when i tell him these things, and sometimes he wonders if it is not taking advantage, but he brushes it aside because he鈥檚 so desperate to know.聽
i tell him how my great uncle once slammed the door to his new house, with his new wife, two years after my nana had died, right in my face and he notices finally the way i say聽鈥渘ana鈥 always, and聽鈥渓eo鈥, always.聽
he notices how i do that with many people.聽
he notices there are some people who are barely more than a name, names he takes careful notes of, and how there are people that are more than names.聽
he notices so many things he never mentions.聽
he notices and sometimes when he鈥檚 alone by himself staring up at the ceiling and listening to the never ending LA traffic,聽
he wishes he鈥檇 known sooner.聽
he wishes he鈥檇 been given the foresight his beloved father has; has and ignores.聽
he wishes for so many things he never tells me.聽
we are a ship that is based on secrets and half truths, and we will never tell each other we are each aware of it.聽
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universalcarnivala year ago
me: i should do things productively today, maybe write some drafts or send asks! yeah that鈥檒l be good also me: let鈥檚 spend hours making Angel Dust in
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wushiji11 hours ago
content warnings : mdni. dub鈥攃on. bruises. fingering. temperature play. dacryphilia.
notes : aged鈥攗p ! character. shouto is a pro鈥攈ero.
summary : shouto is a good boyfriend, he just happens to know perfectly well what he wants 鈥 when he wants it, the where be damned.
Tumblr media
dressed in a dainty little dress with a bow tied around your waist, silvers and flowers in your hair 鈥 you just knew this date with shouto would be absolutely wonderful. though you became unsure about the length of your skirt, shouto's narrow鈥揺yed glances at your thighs making you want to choke on the heart pounding sensation forming in your throat. was it too short? did you accidentally turn yourself slutty? squirming in place as your mind drifted further and further from the truth, completely unaware of the heat smoldering in mismatched irises.
palm that was bigger than yours, colder than usual, landed upon your thigh; jolting you out of your revelry with a squeak. orbs adopting that doe鈥揺yed look that was more of a deer caught in headlights as you looked at him. "s鈥搒houto..? did i鈥搃 do something w鈥搘rong?" and shouto wanted to laugh, your innocence about his intentions 鈥 about the storm ragin beneath his veins, was endearing as it was aggravating; he wanted to ravish you the moment he saw you, he wanted to pound your pretty little cunt until you become so sore you'd be begging for him to stop ( he wouldn't have ), he wanted to ruin you while covered in the dainty little thing you called dress. you looked like a present that was meant for him to ravish. a squeeze hard enough that bruises would probably bloom on the flesh the next day was given, completely bypassing the hitch in your breath and the way your thighs pressed together even tighter. "spread those legs for me, would you now?"
features set aflame by the bluntness of his words, you looked away from him to gaze eyes bright with tears and glazed over with lust at the passing streets instead; unaware of how his eyes immediately turned into slits at your defiance and how each turn of the vehicle brought the both of you further and further from the crowded city to some place bare of crowds. another squeeze given in the tight grip he had around your thigh made you whimper, slowly travelling upwards despite the way your muscles clenched together 鈥 as if wanting to stop him, like you could ever stop todoroki shouto from getting what he wanted.
foolish girl. his foolish girl.
a chuckle that echoed in the confines of the vehicle brought such delicious shivers to course through your spine, in an attempt to maintain a semblance of dignity you wrapped both hands against his wrist. "s鈥搒houto please, n鈥搉ot here鈥" words cut off as his fingers deftly pulled your panties to the side and slip inside the plush velvet walls of your drooling cunt, tears immediately sprung in the corner of your eyes, latching on to your lashes like dew drops 鈥 the searing heat of your pussy wrapped around the frost鈥揷oated digit had you whimpering. it felt so good that you failed to notice how the vehicle already stopped in the middle of nowhere, how shouto had that god awful smirk in his lips at the sight of his pretty thing finally surrendering to his will.
"you can't tell me no, darling. you know why?" it was the soft cadence of his voice that made your eyes widen, a sob tearing from your lips at the torturous pace of his finger 鈥 cruel man with glaciers and lava in his soul, you love him; you love him so much you would offer yourself to him on a silver platter if he ever showed indications of wanting you to. "because i wouldn't listen. i will fuck you wherever and whenever i want, i will flip your skirt and pound my fingers in this tiny cunt if i wanted to. so be a good girl and take it for me, yeah?"
nails digging into his wrist, whines spilling like honey from your throat 鈥 you nodded and thus, sealed the deal with the devil that would end with you sore all over, bruises blossoming like petals in spring, and cunt drooling with his cum.
Tumblr media
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Okay but I love how while Carrie thinks Samara is the devil on earth, everyone else she knows absolutely loves her
She鈥檚 sweet to Kendrick and always asks about his bat research or any cool poisonous bugs he may have found
And Chris thinks she鈥檚 annoying in a little sister way too, but she won鈥檛 interrupt his research or experiments unlike some other people he knows
Then she鈥檚 nice to Jon and is always super polite when she comes to stay over. She always helps him clean up after dinner and asks him how his day was unlike his other kids-
Then Kitty and Nancy think she鈥檚 cool, she always compliments Kitty鈥檚 outfit no matter how slutty, and Nancy likes her in an admiring way cause she鈥檚 just so cool
Then even though she thinks Thomas is a doofus, it鈥檚 in a charming way so she tries to keep up in conversation with him
Then Carrie just stares at them all in disgust cause how could you like someone so rotten-
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