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chirimichi · 49 seconds ago
"you have reached your destination"
The train finally stops and Ghostbur, with hesitance, walks out of the train, half expecting to be back at the train station he was in before. Instead, he was met with a small portal. But it wasn't a nether portal as the frames were diamond blocks instead of obsidian and the color of the portal itself is a lighter shade of purple, not to mention how the portal is too thin.
The train behind him roars back to life and leaves the ghost behind. He looks around and didn't see anything else. It's just him and this three by three portal that goes to who knows where. He reaches his hand to feel the portal, coolness washing over his hand immediately unlike the warm pull of a nether portal.
He clings to the hope that maybe this portal is his way back home. Back to Tommy and Friend where he is safe and warm and far from this place.
So with soft determined steps, he enters the small portal. Cool wisps embrace his body and he braces himself for any impact on the other side.
On the other side where Hermits are finishing up builds for the day, a message appeared on their communicators, shortly followed by many confused messages.
[Wilbur Soot has joined the game]
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comfortinabox · 5 minutes ago
It’s been raining all week here
Rain - Jungkook
The pattering against your window that you, at first, found calming had now turned violent. The harsh drops of rain scratched the glass like needles. A flash of lightning outside was followed by tumultuous thunder, making your heart skip a beat. You sunk deeper into your couch, mind going blank, yet running astray with an overwhelming amount of thoughts at the same time. Your body was frozen with fear. In a desperate attempt to distract yourself, you hastily switched on your TV. But it did nothing to take your mind away from the raging storm outside, now creeping in through the window you had opened earlier that day but were now too afraid to close. Another flash of lightning and you fisted the material of your shirt on your chest, preparing your heart for the roar of thunder that followed a few seconds later. You swore you could feel the room shake or maybe it was your head spinning.
He finally noticed the lack of light in the room, which was highlighted when another flash of lightning lit up the room momentarily. The boy’s eyes widened and immediately landed on you, clutching onto a blanket for dear life as you rocked back and forth with your eyes closed. Jungkook quickly discarded his towel and jogged towards the window to close it, hiding the storm behind it with a quick shove at the curtains.
You felt the room darken even more through your closed eyelids. Opening your eyes, you noticed Jungkook’s shadow rushing around. The sound of the storm outside was muffled now and you felt your heartbeat steady. With a quick strike of a match, Jungkook had lit your favorite scented candle and brought it out as quickly as he could without blowing it out, doing his awkward big step, slow walk that made you giggle. He placed it on your coffee table and the room took on a faint, gentle glow. The flame on the candle flickered softly, hypnotizing you. Soon, the comforting scent from the candle filled the air around you, alongside the smell of Jungkook’s fabric softener as he snuggled under the blanket with you. His arm came to rest behind your head and you leaned into his shoulder as he whispered sweetly into your ear, his other hand coming up to brush the hair out of your face.
“It’s okay. I’ve got you.” He spoke softly, followed by a peck to your forehead.
You looked back at the TV to see that he had put on your favourite show, the one he knew you always rewatched when you were feeling down. Your heart softened at the gesture and gradually, your thoughts melted away to form a comfortable silence in your brain. You looked up at the man who played gently with your hair, letting his fingers curl in your locks. His sparkly eyes looked back at you, before a subtle smile softened his gaze. His eyes twinkled and you basked in the starry night in them instead of the storm outside.
Your hand travelled up to his head, lightly combing through his hair, damp and cool from the shower. Your finger traced down to his jaw from where it followed the tattoos down his arm. The boy shivered under your touch, his hypersensitivity getting the best of him. But his eyes still lingered on your hand that continued to map out the lines inked into his skin so beautifully until you felt your eyelids weigh down. Your eyes slowly closed as the movements of your hand halted. Your head fell limp on his shoulder before you subconsciously brought your arm to wrap around his waist, feeling his chest expand and fall with each breath.
Jungkook rested his head on yours, smiling to himself when you noticed your state. The smell of your favourite candle mingled with your scent, comforting him. Before he knew it, he also felt his eyes close in your soft embrace, the sound of the TV turned into a distant buzz. He was your home and you were his. And with that thought, he felt himself drift off to sleep.
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buttonso · 5 minutes ago
Wellllllli ended up zoning out and binging 6 out of the 10 new episodes of Castlevania that dropped today, sooooo..l the ThTh sketches will happen tomorrow and over the weekend. I have 5 requests lined up, which makes this week tied for my biggest week of requests! (Iirc I did 5 requests once before)!
There’s still time to break the record if anyone wants to put one in still, so long as it’s Thursday. :)
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fleurmatisse · 7 minutes ago
i should really draw the loml tammy radbody
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prisma-the-pretend-avenger · 10 minutes ago
Daniel is, as stated before, a cuddle bug. If his s/o wakes up before him, he won't let them out of bed, he clings to them like a koala and won't let them go.
18+ only!!! Minors do not Interact!!!
Tumblr media
He's curled behind you and his arms are wrapped around your waist
He pulls you against his chest and buries his nose into your neck
Or he's cuddled into your chest with his arms around your tummy
He as you pinned and there is just no way you're moving
You're just so warm and comfy all wrapped up in the blankets together
And he's still so sleepy
Why would you want to get up?
His tired brain just doesn't get it
So he just cuddles into you until he falls back asleep
His legs get tangled with yours, any way to keep you snuggled up with him
Taglist: @mysg1spacemonkey @sgcprometheus @i-am-morrigans-apprentice @malcolm-reeds-pineapple @witching-things @reeseykins @abnormalvampire64 @girl-obsessed-with-things @gatez
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sleepybrainiac · 11 minutes ago
Summer Commissions!
Opening summer commissions now that I’m done with school! Sketches, Busts, and Banners with unlimited slots! More information and TOS here: 
Reblogs and Donations are appreciated! :]
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fallengrizzly · 15 minutes ago
5@439f 4g48, 4g228 😔
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fallengrizzly · 16 minutes ago
squib canyou say what the letter a is or is that not allowed
1 4620x41/8 4g41d “ i ” 431/ “ e ” , 4g8z 38z :P
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utau-bowl · 19 minutes ago
Honoka Elie’s 7th anniversary!
Tumblr media
*Art by akuya
Happy birthday Elie! I can’t believe I almost missed it!
Daikonspiders wrote an original song for her birthday.
tatsuikami also covered one of Kasamura Toota’s songs with her!
The same person did make art for the cover but it’s a very different song.
There is a decent number of other videos made for her birthday, but mostly on Niconico. ^^ You can also see birthday art for her in the Twitter tag. I got a lot done today but I’m a little tired now. Can you imagine multiple people celebrating your UTAU’s birthday?
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mandoalorian · 28 minutes ago
Rach your drunk posts are amazing😭😂🧡
i’m not FRUNK i’m BRITJSH
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minninugget · 30 minutes ago
*Suddenly, the doorbell rang and when I opened it, Denki was standing there looking like a puppy who had just been kicked*
Denki: I thought you were my friend, man! How could you betray me like this!?
Excuse me?
Denki: How could you get my baby sister pregnant!? She’s too young and innocent!
First of all, both of us are in our twenties. Second of all, innocent my ass. Have you forgotten that she’s always been the FIRST one to make sexual innuendos at our social gatherings? Even faster than you. Mineta doesn’t count because ours were jokes. His were just gross.
I laugh and walk to the door, still wrapped in my blanket, “Kiki, I was kidding! Well, kind of. But how did you get here so fast?”
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simplyscattered · 40 minutes ago
i’m not rly here because i’m tired & watching dbd vids but you know who deserves ships & lots of love and affection? millie mathers, space girl, people pleaser, absolute darling daughter of the stars --
Tumblr media
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prideandperdition · an hour ago
I'm that guy who literally gets up at 3am to change my bed sheets, and I regret nothing
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thylady · an hour ago
am I spamming on my khudka profile right now? Gooooooooooood! What am I? ಠ_ʖಠ
a Gen Z I guess ಠ‿ಠ
Tumblr media
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arandommfer · an hour ago
Tumblr media
We need more deranged Charlie content really
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sleepyrintaro · an hour ago
here to say that i love you and i hope you are having a good day my lovely rinnie! so blessed that you share your talents with us hehe mwah
eri berry, i adore you. take care of yourself tonight, okay? no staying up late unnecessarily >:( you need and you deserve a proper rest. mwah. i love you lots
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themarquisdebabinfield · an hour ago
Tumblr media
y'all. Y'ALL. This is a momentous occasion. It may LOOK perfectly normal, seeing the bun casually flopped out and sleeping on my bed. BUT. He's NEVER done this before. He'll jump up, get a treat, stick around for some pets, and jump back down. He sleeps under the dresser. But TODAY he got his pets ... and took a bath ... and went to SLEEP!!
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cheryls-blossomed · an hour ago
got the second dose of the vaccine today, and i am already feeling the side effects. 
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