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#sku's prompt list
waddlebouncefloof · 3 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 1: Leviathan
I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to participate in Sku's MerMay Prompt List. Here's Day 1! This is not canon to "Little Selkie".
There were once seven Leviathans who roamed the earth. Natural disasters would follow them as they fought amongst each other. Then, one day, two of their own vanished. Shaken by their abrupt disappearances, the remaining Leviathans halted their war.
Centuries later, the remaining five have found a new way of life. With peace, they have realized that the way they had lived and fought was not only pointless, but also harmful to all of the other lives on earth. Their existences have become legends and myths in a quickly modernizing world and they find that they have no reason to change that. They remained hidden and out of sight. They simply wanted to live peaceful lives with their loved ones.
But then, something changed.
As if the even the scales that had long since been uneven, a new Leviathan has appeared. The other Leviathans felt their existence. At first, they originally decided to ignore the newcomer, but then they’re hearing news about the northern ice caps not melting despite warmer weather and about mortals are disappearing. Perturbed and worried, the five gather together and decide to meet the new Leviathan and set some ground rules for this upstart.
There are a lot of snowstorms in the Arctic, making it hard for many to see and thick ice. Dream’s Koi form paves a bath for the sea-bound mers, and they eventually get to the heart of the storm.
When the group reach the center, what they find is completely beyond what they expected: a giant, baby harp seal about the three times the size of a school bus. Instead of the full-grown behemoth the other expected, the new Leviathan is but a scared and bleeding, little (in their perspective) infant.
“But this doesn’t make sense,” Nightmare says, staring disbelievingly at the shivering, giant poofball in front of him, “a Leviathan can’t be a child. We all come into being fully grown.”
Alas, it is the case, no matter how impossible Nightmare and the others think it is.
It turns out the snowstorms and the chaos were simply a reaction from being attacked by landwalker mortals, not some Leviathan flexing their powers as many amongst them had feared. The group also discovered who happened to the missing mortals when the baby Leviathan burps out a snowshoe.
“They deserved it,” Geno decides, looking at all the bloody clubs and stray guns.
“We should still teach them that eating mortals are bad,” Blue frets as the baby Leviathan, now less wary and fearful of the newcomers, coos curiously at everyone. They’re especially enraptured by Ink, Error, and Dream’s colors.
The baby Leviathan is immensely grateful when Reaper plucks out the pesky bullets and heals them. They flop their head onto his outstretched hands and gives them a nuzzle.
“Oh no,” Reaper gasps quietly, “oh nooooooo.”
Reaper adopts them by the time he leaves the Arctic. Baby is supposed to stay in the territory? Too bad. Baby is too young to manage territory anyways. Is Geno still Mama in this AU? Don’t be silly, of course he is. Giant or tiny, baby is still baby.
(I call it the Little Leviathan AU)
- Mod Berry
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chen20200805 · 25 days ago
Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1864-1873)
Q1864: After going to sell someone else, is it not possible to sell after being driven to sell? Or is it possible to continue to sell after being expelled, will there be penalties? You can continue to sell. But it's better to stop selling it, otherwise people may take more ruthless actions to engage your shop.
Q1865: My product was received today, and part of it has been received for pre-sale. Do I need to advertise now? It is recommended to place advertisements when "In Stock" is displayed on the front desk, otherwise the conversion rate of the listing will be lower.
Q1866: Can buyers send address information through the station letter? The buyer said that one of the parts was broken and he wanted to re-send the parts to the buyer, let the buyer send the address and then distribute it through multi-channel orders. Is this feasible? You can ask the buyer to provide his delivery address. After getting the address, you can also send the accessories to the other party through multi-channel delivery. This can be done.
Q1867: Two U.S. trademarks were registered last year, and the stores later listed them. The information used to apply for these two trademarks is the information of the company and legal person corresponding to the registered number. At present, the trademark has not been filed on Amazon, so can I use this trademark to file in other stores? The owner of the trademark and the company are not related to the Amazon store, will the filing be unsuccessful? It can be filed in the new store, and it can be successfully filed under normal circumstances.
Q1868: Will changing the debited credit card trigger a review? There will be a certain probability, it is recommended to open a case and report to the customer service before updating.
Q1869: Why does the advertising background show that one of my advertising activities has exceeded the budget and is no longer running, but I can still see that my product is being advertised when I search? The Amazon system generally prompts sellers of over-budget issues in advance, and prompts them before the advertising costs are spent.
Q1870: The same set of information, I have already registered for the North American site, and now I want to register for the Japanese site, except for the business license, are the other items (email, receiving account, credit card) different? It’s fine if the email address is different, and the other information can be the same.
Q1871: The outer packaging of the product is an opp bag or a pvc zipper bag. Is it necessary to perforate or paste the anti-suffocation slogan? This is currently not mandatory by Amazon, but it is of course best if there is one.
Q1872: If the product you want to make has already been sold, and the trademark has been registered, and it is not known whether it is the R mark or the TM mark, can you still do it? What needs to be paid attention to? You can sell it normally if the trademark is registered. The important thing is to see if the other party has a patent, you can’t sell if there is a patent
Q1873: A customer places an order on Amazon. For example, if he buys 10 quantities of an sku, should the logistics fee be charged for 10 copies or 1 copy? It is calculated based on 10 FBA fees.
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chen20200805 · a month ago
Amazon prompts that UPC and EAN do not match the uploaded product, what should I do?
Recently, when some new sellers uploaded products on the Amazon platform, they received a reminder that the UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN or JAN codes used did not match the published products. Why is there such a prompt? What to do in this situation? Today we will talk about this issue.
1. Concept introduction
UPC code: UPC code is a commodity bar code formulated by the United States Uniform Code Committee. The full name Universal roduct Code is composed of 12-digit codes, and each UPC code is different. It is a required option for uploading a product add a product. Mainly used in the United States, Canada and other regions. UPC is also called a universal barcode because of its wide range of applications.
Amazon prompts that UPC and EAN do not match the uploaded product, what should I do?
EAN code: EAN code is a commodity bar code formulated by the International Article Numbering Association, which is commonly used all over the world. The general commodity barcode in my country is equivalent to it. The barcode printed on the packaging of the commodity we buy every day is generally the EAN code.
ASIN code: The ASIN code is automatically generated by the Amazon system and does not need to be added by the seller. The ASIN code is equivalent to a unique product ID, which is unique on the Amazon platform. One ASIN code corresponds to one SKU. ASIN code can be used to inquire products in the front end of the platform and the back end of the seller's store.
Second, the reason for the error
The reason for this error is:
The brand name used on the shelves has been protected by Amazon. Amazon restricts the creation of new listings to prevent this brand from being abused by other sellers. The reasons for protection are:
1. Submit the brand record by yourself;
2. Other sellers have submitted brand records;
3. Amazon detects that the brand has been successfully registered in the Trademark Office and automatically adds protection;
4. The brand name used has been automatically added to the protection in Amazon for more than 1 year;
3. What are the countermeasures?
1. If you have a brand, you can apply for an exemption, and it will pass with a high probability;
2. Add a prefix or suffix to the brand name, such as Lenovo to Lenovo2021;
3. First use another unbranded trademark, then open a case to change back to your own brand, but prepare a product picture with the brand name and a barcode with UPC code to paste on the product;
4. Publish a new product page in the Amazon backend to search for the UPC you use, whether someone has already used it on Amazon. This action is mainly to check whether the merchant who sold you UPC is reliable. If someone is using it, then give up the service provider in the future;
5. If you don't want to change the brand name, please contact your UPC provider to ask for the authorization relationship between UPC and the brand, create a case and submit it to Amazon;
In particular, if you want to sell goods on Amazon seriously, please register your trademark as soon as possible.
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