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aspiring-corpse2 hours ago
After my primary school biology teacher's husband cheated on her, she became more active and dropped a lot of weight. She's a fit/thin woman now. On instagram she posts a lot of her pics, sometimes workouts n stuff... honestly she lowkey thinspo馃憖
Edit: I just want to say that she was cute and pretty attractive even before she lost weight when she was chubby. Plus she has amazing personality, she's so kind, fun and loveable馃ズ I kinda had a crush on her in 8th grade but that's a different story
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skinnypirate4 hours ago
i won't stop till i look good in low rise jeans
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anny-19979 hours ago
So鈥 I just realized that it鈥檚 been 9 years since I created my first ED account and I鈥檓 still around here..
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radxjayja day ago
I鈥檓 so happy today, I got my gym membership so im going to workout every single day now :)
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anny-1997a day ago
馃崳馃 i hope you are having a good day <3
馃崳 I do love a lot of things but when I think about favorite food, the first thing I think about is Petit Gateau. I mean, two things that r already perfect apart (ice cream and chocolate cake with melted choc) become even better together. if you put on some brigadeiro and brownie, then鈥.
馃 I鈥檇 choose boiled eggs and grapes.
Thanks for asking! 馃グ
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