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#six the musical
Six: The Musical except it’s starring the Feanorion bros telling their own stories. And Mags put it together.
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julie-slamdrews · an hour ago
FFWF: What age do you imagine the queens as? Does it differ from fic to fic?
Thanks for the ask!
I’m honestly terrible at judging people’s ages in real life because I think particularly in adulthood there’s a lot that’s down to emotional maturity/life goals/life experience as well as actual years lived on the planet (my IRL friendship group ranges from people in their early twenties to mid-forties and other than visible signs of ageing you would sometimes be hard-pressed to tell the people at the upper end of that from the lower end).
I would say I headcanon most of them as having a body in their late twenties/early thirties based mostly on the West End cast when I saw the musical. But then I think they retain the life experiences from the sixteenth century so in mindset they are often closer to the ages they reached back then. (So Catalina feeling and acting much older than her body and Kitty younger for example.) And then some of them like to take advantage of having younger bodies to do stupid/energetic stuff (I would say I hc this particularly for Anne and Anna.)
Sorry if you were expecting a list of ages and you got an essay hahaha. I’d love to know how this fits with or differs from your own ideas.
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so-very-bored · an hour ago
imagine you have money
you have $1000
just imagine
the beauty
what seats would you get, what days, what shows?
I'd go to these four bc heathers and mean girls and the other stuff I want to go to aren't available in 2021 *pouts*
Dear Evan Hansen - Sun - Dec 12 - 6:30 pm - Orchestra G12 - $179
Six - Sat - Oct 10 - 8:00 pm - Orchestra J108 - $229
Hamilton - Sun - Oct 3 - 3:00 pm - Orchestra D16 - $349
Wicked - Sat - Sep 25 - 8:00 pm - Orchestra EE105 - $212
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julie-slamdrews · 2 hours ago
I don't know if anyone else does this, but I always seem to have grand plans for fic that is way beyond my scope that I always tell myself I'll commit to writing one day, but I never do. Do you have something like this on the back burner? Maybe like a magnum opus of fanfic that you'd like to talk about?
Interesting question, thank you!
Not necessarily in the sense of some long multichapter epic (I suit the Animal Rescue style of multichapter where the plot is limited and the chapters are only loosely connected). But I do have a fic I’ve been trying to write since...probably since I wrote Anne’s chapters in Courtship. It’s hard even to describe what exactly I want it to be (which is probably why it’s never got beyond writing endless intros anf notes) but it’s essentially about how her show persona contradicts her history and why that is and lots of messy emotions which used to be my absolute favourite thing to write. But I don’t seem to be very good at writing anything serious at the moment so I am on the strugglebus.
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aidensm8 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
One of the doodles from rewatching the musical and especially her song
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emilyelizabethfowl · 4 hours ago
i'm still waiting for my found family, they're exceptionally good at hiding
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nightingale6374 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Queenpreciation: Day 106
Loren Hunter (Jane Seymour, original Australian production)
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Prompt 28: “Care to give me a back scratch?”
Queens: Catherine Parr and Anna of Cleves
Cathy looks up as she senses someone in the doorway. Having the room at the end of the hall, she wasn’t in the habit of closing her door like the other queens were. She smiles at the queen in her doorway. “What’s up, Anna?” she inquires, giving Anna her full attention. “Are you alright?” She continues, sensing something is off. Anna nods, and the second she opens her mouth to speak, Cathy gets an answer as the smell of alcohol permeates the room. “Care to give me a back scratch?” Anna slurs. Cathy sighs. “Anna, how much have you drank?” Anna shrugs. “Too much? Not enough? I don’t know” Anna informs Cathy. 
Cathy thinks for a minute before concluding. “Right, come with me” she instructs Anna. Anna follows her down the hall to the bathroom, not questioning anything. Cathy pushes the drunk queen into the shower and turns it on. “Crap” Anna gasps “what was that for?”. Cathy rolls her eyes. “I had to sober you up somehow, Anna. You were barely making any sense” she informs the now drenched queen. “God I’m freezing Catherine” Anna complains. Cathy stands back, allowing Anna to move. “Next time you go and get drunk on a weekday, think about how much you drink”. Anna sighs and pulls off her wet top. Cathy watches this unfold. “What’s up, Anna?” She asks, handing Anna a towel. Anna shrugs and dries herself off. “Come on, Anna, go find yourself some dry clothes, and we’ll talk about this”.  Anna smiles faintly and tells Cathy she’ll be back in a few minutes. Cathy nods and uses this time to return the bathroom to order before heading back to her room. 
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incorrectcq · 5 hours ago
Anne, reading a note stuck to the fridge: "Water the plants, do your laundry, check if we neelk?" Who wrote this note?
Anna: I saw Lina make it in the morning.
Anne, texting Lina: What the hell does "neelk" mean?
Lina: What do you mean?
Anne: *Sends picture of the note*
Lina: Oh, it's "check if we need milk".
Anne: Why did you write it like that?
Lina: I was thinking "Don't mess it up, 'need' is written with two e's and 'milk' is written with an i", then I messed up and didn't have time to remake it.
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pikapals16 · 8 hours ago
Anna: *holds up banana as phone*
Anna: Hello? My girlfriends are being really fucking cute today and I just thought I'd let you know
Kat and Cathy: Hi?
Anna: That Kat and Cathy are being so cute, look at them, THEY'RE SO CUTEE!
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pikapals16 · 8 hours ago
Anna: Good morning I'm Jane.
Jane: What? No you're not, I'm Jane
Anna: Remember, you are what you eat?
Jane: *flustered noises*
Cathy: For crying out loud, let me finish my coffee first!
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incorrectcq · 8 hours ago
Mrs Chompers part two which I couldn't finish earlier.
Tumblr media
The queens decided they wanted to experience stuff like art galleries and aquariums, they got Mrs. Chompers from the latter.
After walking through all the available exhibits that day, having to drag Anna and Anne away from an exhibit where they let you hold a sea urchin and not really learning about animals at all they stopped by the gift store, at that point they were familiar with the ridiculously high prices they set for things and only wanted to go to find the most overpriced item to complain about it on their way home.
That's when they saw the stuffed animals and Cathy was in awe at the softness of the material they were made with, she made up her mind to look the shark ones up online to find one that was close enough to the ones on the shop and they were about to leave when a child yelled "Look it's squeaky!" At their parents while showing them those exact same stuffed sharks.
That's when they knew there was no way Cathy was gonna risk not buying it right there and then and getting a non-squeaky hammerhead shark.
Anna got a tiny stuffed penguin keychain.
Jane almost got a mug with a pun written on it but decided against it when Anne mentioned how much cheaper it'd me to find it somewhere else or get it made for her (Half of the mugs they own now have puns written over them in ugly fonts because that's just Jane).
Kat got a stuffed alligator that is almost as big as Mrs Chompers but doesn't squeak.
Anne got a couple of those pens that has a led flashlight and a laser on one side shaped as a trident.
Lina just wanted the stupidly expensive pictures and to go home because her legs hurt from walking around for so long but at the other's insistence she got some glow in the dark sea animal stickers and let them put them all around the house when they got home.
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imarriedafrog · 8 hours ago
Fuck this
*watches all you wanna do on repeat*
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pikapals16 · 8 hours ago
Kat: There are two types of lesbians: Lesbians that are handy
Kat: *leans onto Cathy*
Kat: And lesbians that are handsy
Kat: *grabs Cathy's face*
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pikapals16 · 8 hours ago
Catalina cuts up an aloe vera plant and puts the stuff on her fingers as a prank
Catalina: Hey babe, you know how you've been teasing me all morning?
Catalina: *pulls apart fingers*
Anne: *jaw drops* EXCA-USE ME?!
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pikapals16 · 8 hours ago
Cathy: *walks out of bathroom*
Anne: Bet I can make you scream
Cathy: I-
Anne: Without the 's'
Cathy, blushing: ....Both of those were dirty!
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vaguelyominouscoconuts · 10 hours ago
Cathy: Kat has strong opinions on everything. Try asking her something nobody should have an opinion on.
Anne: Kat, what's the worst multiple of 6?
Kat: 18, obviously
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