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#single dad au
lieu-rey · a day ago
Something to help you if your feeling down. Single Dad Au. Ozpin singing to Oscar after his baby has a nightmare.
Also say Salem manages to take Oscar. Oz holds something that was Oscar close to his chest and sings the song he sings to Oscar while he breaks down in tears.
Tumblr media
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dwarfplanetsorbit · 2 days ago
At the Lake (Remus Lupin x GN!reder)
part 2 of the single dad!Lupin au 
Find part one here
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Teddy and his father have fun at the lake with one of their favorite people 
Word count:
A/N: Hope you enjoy this super fluffy fic and my masterlist is in the bio
Tumblr media
Hogwarts was slow this Saturday as a lot of the third year plus students were at Hogsmeade. Teddy and his father were playing outside around the Black Lake Area. It was early fall in Scotland, and the weather was fairly nice outside for an autumn afternoon. As Teddy was running around he spotted his favorite Hogwarts professor(besides his dad), and he ran up to them.
“Professor Y/N,” He yelled out as he made contact with the professor’s legs, wrapping himself around them. 
Y/N giggled as they spoke, “Well hello there, Teddy.”
Remus was watching the interaction from a few feet away. School had been in session for about a month now, and he could see a bond forming between his son and his coworker. Y/N ended up watching Teddy a few times. Teddy loved when he was watched by them because Y/N often showed him all sorts of different animals they had for classes. He watched as Y/N bent down to Teddy’s level and whispered something in his ear. Remus walked over to the two and raised an eyebrow at them.
“Are you telling secrets now?” Remus curiously asked, studying the two.
“Maybe,” Y/N smiled at him.
They were standing relatively close to the lake at this point. All of a sudden Remus was splashed with some water. While Remus was talking to Y/N his son managed to sneak around him and splash some water at him. Y/N burst out into giggles as they watched their plan unfold.
“This was your plan wasn’t it,” Remus asked playfully at Y/N. “Well two can play at this game.”
Remus reached into the lake and splashed some water at Y/n which soaked the bottom of their pants. Y/N gasped as they went to splash Remus back but ended up hitting Teddy in the process.
“Hey,” Teddy exclaimed, “You were not supposed to hit me.”
Eventually the group of three got into a big splash war at the shore of the Black Lake. They were all running around and giggling before Y/N fell down and landed in about 2 feet of water at the edge. Teddy turned to look and pointed out the Y/N fell to his dad.
“Need some help,” Remus asked, reaching his hand out of Y/N to take.
Y/N took his hand and pulled him down into the lake with them. Remus gasped as he hit the water and turned to look at Y/N.
“I cannot believe it,” Remus exclaimed, faking being angry, “You are a heathen.”
Teddy watched the two interact with a smile he enjoyed two of his favorite people getting along so well. But eventually it started to get a little bit darker out, and he was getting chilly. 
“Daddy, NN,” Teddy called out to the pair, “I am getting cold can we go inside now.”
The two nodded as they stood up and started to make their way intp Hogwarts with their clothes dripping in the field.
Eventually, the three got to Lupin's Living area. Y/N was about to turn around to make their way to their housing area when Remus grabbed their arm to stop them.
“Come in,” Remus said shly, “Only if you want to though. It is the least we can do after getting you soaked is inviting you in for some hot chocolate.”
Y/N  thought about it for a bit before accepting the offer of coming in for a bit. They eventually asked Remus where the bathroom was as they wanted to get a shower. They borrowed some of Remus’ clothes and went to take a shower. When they came out in his shirt and pants Remus felt like his heart stopped in his chest. He snapped himself out of it as he saw that Teddy was making his way over to Y/N with some hot chocolate.
“Here,” Teddy said, holding out the hot chocolate to Y/N. “I made sure to add extra marshmallows.” 
Y/N took the hot chocolate and smiled, “Well thank you. I make sure to drink it all” 
Remus smiled at the interaction as he watched Teddy drag Y/N to the couch. As Y/N sat down Teddy sat down right next to them. Teddy looked around before his eyes landed on his father.
“Can we watch a movie?” Teddy asked looking at his father.
Not many wizards watched movies as typically they did not own a tv or VCR to be able to watch movies. But Remus ended up wanting to get one because it was a great source of entertainment for Teddy especially when he was grading papers.
“Well,” Remus said looking at the two on the couch. “As long as Y/N doesn’t mind.”
“I would love to watch a movie,” Y/N smiled, setting their hot chocolate on the coffee table. 
Remus sat down on the couch on the other side of Teddy and turned on a movie. The three watched the movie. And by the end of it, the hot chocolate was finished and Teddy and Y/N were asleep. Teddy was leaning against the older person with him hugging their torso. While Y/N had their head leaned back in a peaceful sleep. Remus smiled at the sight Y/N and Teddy were so adorable. They were both definitely going to be the death of him.
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dailyjojoaus · 4 days ago
Just Being Dolcio's Dad Things in order of How Concerning They Are:
12 million questions until he decides his curiosity is sated for now 
fairly well behaved, doesnt argue with rules but will find loopholes and exploit them and follows instructions to a t 
"a joy to have in class" 
a quiet kid. too quiet. 
didnt really make friends until he got assigned a lab partner when he was 16 
almost immediate infatuation near obsession with said lab partner, an equally if not even more quiet kid who just...... Stares At People and seems to randomly appear and disappear 
having to hide all the knives for a while when he was ~7/8 because he kept insisting the other children "weren't doing it right" during games of make believe hospital including one occasion in which after doppio skinned his knee dolcio tried to cut open his leg 
"....dolcio what're you doing?" "disinfecting the sewing needles." ".....why?" "secco and i are doing a project on the nervous system." THAT DOESNT ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION 
found him standing in the backyard with a shovel and a pile of dirt. watching. waiting. dolcio where's secco? put the stopwatch away and answer the question young man
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singledadsu · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
whoops my hand slipped. < :
a thought i had regarding Zoey's powers and how they work. 
short rant under the cut
so the color pink is actually red and violet mixed together, two colors that are at the opposite ends of the color rainbow jazz. so when our dumb eyeballs look at the two being bounced of an object at the same time it goes, hmm, yes this is one color. BOOM pink.
 so what if Stevens healing was from the violet, and destruction from the red? aaaaannnd what if Zoey so happens to inherit the red essence from father dearest, never knowing he has the same destructive power because he never shows it. she only knows he has super strength and healing, with floating and whatever, buuuuuut what if she starts to grow up thinking she’s a walking time bomb. someone who’s powers are only destructive. (fire, explosions, ect) 
and with all that trying reaaaaaly hard to hide how she feels about it, until it ‘explodes’ 
cue much angst.
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dwarfplanetsorbit · 6 days ago
A Little Run In (Single dad!Remus Lupin x GN!Reader)
Part 1 of Single dad!Remus au
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 630
Summary: Teddy runs into one of his dad’s coworkers
Author’s note: Sorry it has been forever. Enjoy the first part of this blurb series. 
Tumblr media
Remus was frantically wandering around looking for his son Teddy. His son would often get into trouble, and it freaked him out. Ever since him and Tonks decided to split up he was very stressed. They did not separate on bad terms. Instead, they both decided that they were much better off as friends then they were as lovers. Remus offered to take Teddy for a majority of the year as he worked at Hogwarts, and it would be easier to have care for the boy. As Remus was walking down the halls he saw a sight that he did not expect to see. A fellow professor at Hogwarts was bent down to his son’s level talking to him. On closer inspection he saw that it was the Care of Magical Creatures Professor whose name was Y/n L/n.
Y/n was walking to the greenhouses to pick up some plants to feed the new creatures they just got in to do their next lecture on Monday, when suddenly they saw a little blue haired kid running down the halls. He looked to be about 7 years old.
“Whoa,” They called out crouching down to the boys level, “Where are you going? And where is your parent?”
Teddy eventually stopped running and looked up at the Professor. They had pretty (H/c) hair that complimented their (S/c) skin very nicely. He smiled brightly at him, and his hair turned a pleasant yellow for a few seconds. He had seen Professor Y/n around Hogwarts, but he had never actually talked to them.
“I am hiding from my dad,” Teddy said giggling, “Don’t tell him you found me.”
“And who may your father be?” Y/n asked looking at the boy.
“Teddy,” A voice called out down the hall. “Teddy, where did you go?” 
Y/N looked up to see their coworker, Remus Lupin, making his way over to them. They eventually put two and two together. Remus was the father of the child (who seemed to be named Teddy.
“Is this little rascal yours?” Y/n asked while gesturing to the boy as they stood up.
“Yes,” Remus said as he walked over to Teddy and crouched down. “Now, Teddy I would like for you to apologize for bothering this lovely person.”
“Oh,” Y/n smiled slightly, “He was no trouble at all in fact he was kinda cute. If you never need someone to babysit him, I am happy to do so.”
Remus had a smile on his face as he stood up. He had to admit that his coworker was attractive. He shook his head to try and get the thoughts away. Their relationship should be strictly professional. They were coworkers. 
“Daddy,” Teddy begged, pulling at his dad’s pants. “Can they please babysit me sometimes. Please.”
“Alright,” Remus said, ruffling his son’s hair. “I am not opposed to the idea”
“Well,” Y/n said as they smiled at the father and son. “I have to go pick up some plants from Professor Sprout. Just knock on my door if you ever need anything.”
As Y/n walked away, Remus smiled slightly as he may be developing a slight crush on his coworker. 
“Hey daddy,” Teddy asked looking at his dad who was staring at Y/n walking away. “Do you have a crush on Mx. Y/n”
Remus was shocked and he shook his head with a slight blush on his face.
“I do not,” Remus spoke looking at his son. “Now let’s get back to our room.”
Teddy may have been young, but he was not stupid. He had a plan to help set his dad up. He knew that they both deserved each other, and he wouldn’t mind having Y/n as a parent.
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bucknastysthighs · 6 days ago
We keep this love in a photograph
Pairing : single dad!Steve x photographer!reader
Summary: After her grandparents pass, (Y/N) moves to New work to work as a photographer. However, she doesn’t expect a little girl and her father to come into her life. After a while she’ll understand that her life won’t be complete without Steve and Sarah in it.
Warnings: fluff, slow burn, mentions of death, cheating , divorce, angst, maybe smut in later chapters
Tumblr media
One day after their funeral, you left. No one knew where you where you were heading, and truth be told, neither did you, but every one knew that you needed to leave. That is why you called your friend, Natasha, that lived in New York, and ask if you can stay with her for a while. She gladly accepted, sounding very happy that you called since it had been a little over three years since you two had seen each other. Yes, you kept in touch through social media, but from the day she left your hometown and moved to NYC, you only saw her via Facetime.
When you and Poe, your cat, arrived at the airport you heared a squeal and, before you knew it you where engulfed into your bestfriends hug “Oh my God, I’ve missed you so much!” Natasha exclaimed, hugging you tightere than before “Tasha, I need air.” you struggled to Natasha’s vice grip “ Right, sorry.” she chuckled. You two started talking, try to catch up and she told you about her new job, as an EMT and about her new boyfriend. You listened to her, happy about her own happiness and how fondly she spoke about her job and her new friends.
Later she asked what you were up to while scratching Poe’s head “ I got my photography degree, I was actuelly hoping to find a studio to work for, here.” you said as you two unloaded your suitcases from her car, taking them to her apartment “I think I can help, I Have some connections with Tony Stark,he is looking for a new photographer,I think I can put a word about you.” she said as the elevator doors open. However, before you could answered something collided with your legs making you fall and the cat that has in your hands to make a noise of discomfort, since you dropped his cage.
A giggle was heard from beside you as you saw Natasha holding a little girl, maybe five years old, tickling her sides “ You little bug, what isit with you and running into people.” the redhead claimed “ Sorry.” the litlle voice  retorted, once again giggling. A large figure appeared infront of you, a muscular guy with long brown hair and crystal eyes, he flashed you an apologetic smile helping you stand up “sorrry about that.” you brushed off his apology and extended his arm “ I’m Bucky, and you must be (Y/N). Natasha told me about you.” you shook his hand, smiling and picking up your cat’s cage, turning to Nat with a confused frown “You didn’t tell me you had a child?” you said, mostly to yourself, frowning once again when she laughed
"That's because I don't have one, that's Sarah, she the daughter of a friend ." You looked at Nat bad then ta the little girl, Sarah, who was already looking at you "Sorry for crushing onto you, miss" she sweetly said making you heart falter "it's alright, I'm (Y/N), by the way." You stuck your hand out, watching her take it in her own small one, a smile creeping on your face "nice to meet you, miss, what's your cat's name ?" Sarah asked "Poe" you answered , watching her face carefully . Natasha also watched her, seeing the small frown " do you want to ask something , little bug?" The redhead questioned, setting her hand on the girls shoulder " can I pet him?" She asked looking at you with big , doe-like, sky blue eyes .
You nodded your head, opening the cage as the little girl squealed and clapped her hands . She stepped forward, mesmerized by your cat as she ran her small, chubby fingers through the ginger fluff, giggling when the cat purred.
You didn't know why, but Sarah made you feel welcome, like you were part of her life long before the elevator incident. You never believed something like that could happen but meeting Sarah would change you life . She had liked you from the very first second and so did you. The only thing you weren't sure about was whether or not her dad would like you as much and as fast as the blue-eyed toddler did.
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bucknastysthighs · 7 days ago
We keep this love in a photograph
Pairing: single dad!Steve x photographer!reader
Summary: After her grandparents pass, (Y/N) moves to New work to work as a photographer. However, she doesn’t expect a little girl and her father to come into her life. After a while she’ll understand that her life won’t be complete without Steve and Sarah in it.
Tumblr media
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marydawson · 16 days ago
I did it!  I finished my NaNoWriMo Project 2019 and am finally publishing it.
This is a very adult story about loneliness when everything in your life suddenly changes.
Summary: Mingyu’s Bachelor party would be the best party ever! And if someone were to wake up with a tattoo and a missing tooth, then so what? As long as no one would find a lone tiger in the bathroom afterwards, Minghao thought with a side glance to Soonyoung, they would be good.
And everything is good, until Minghao sees Golden Jun, the man nobody can forget, upon the pole. The exotic dancer haunts his dreams, but Minghao really needs to get his grip together. Soon he will start teaching new kids in his dojo and he can't afford to be distracted. His new class starts great. Until Jun comes to pick up his son.
A friendship blooms as they bond over being homesick, feeling lonely and Minghao's love for clothing Jun's daughter in the most fashionable baby clothes known to man. As Minghao becomes more and more involved with Junhui’s children he finds himself torn between his lust for the man and the feeling of home.
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lieu-rey · 18 days ago
I remember when I was younger that I used hide underneath the coffee table during a thunderstorm and my mom would find me and bring me to her bed. I can see little Oscar doing that and Oz having to coax him out and they spend the rest of the night sitting in Oz’s chair by the fire wrapped in a blanket
aww!! I also imagine that ozpin starts to hum a song or tell a story to him in order to distract him from the storm until he falls asleep🥺🥺
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lieu-rey · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
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lieu-rey · 18 days ago
Imagine that one Oscar’s first day of school, he is absolutely distraught that Oz can’t be there with him and gets super upset. He has to go through the whole day a mess of tears. And when Oz comes to pick him up Oscar just clings to him like a bear cub.
Oz can’t even put Oscar in the back seat, his son has such a tight grip in him, he has to end up having to drive back home slowly while Oscar sits in his lap, his face buried in his papa’s shirt
aww🥺 ngl my first thought was "oz no that's dangerous pry that child off you and put him in the backseat" BCJDNX
ANYWAYS I imagine ozpin feeling incredibly guilty and while he kept it together to take oscar to school, he still shed some tears afterwards:^((
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djpurple3 · 19 days ago
I Just Keep Losing My Beat - Chapter 26
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4  - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14  - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17  - Chapter 18 - Chapter 19  - Chapter 20 - Chapter 21 - Chapter 22 - Chapter 23 - Chapter 24 - Chapter 25 -
wow hey look new content just dropped guys isn’t that pog.
Relationships: Platonic Creativitwins. Eventual Intrulogical. Do NOT tag as r*mr*m if u value ur molars.
Characters: Remus Sanders; Roman Sanders; kid!Deceit (called William) Sanders; kid!Virgil Sanders; OCs; Logan Sanders; kid!Patton Sanders; teen!Sleep/Remy (nb!Remy), Emile Picani.
Genre: Human AU, Single Dad AU, Slowburn, hurt/comfort, both angst & fluff
Chapter’s Wordcount: 1484 words [under the cut]
Chapter Warnings: Bullying (schoolyard type), a touch of swearing, let me know if i need to add.
Chapter 26/?
Chapter 26 hee hee
Remus spent an embarrassingly long amount of time every day just… thinking about Logan. Sometimes he’d be caught daydreaming, usually by Scarlett, who after the fourth time, demanded to know what he was thinking about.
“Oh,” Remus stammered, and the way he was turning red really didn’t help his case. “Nothing.”
“Nothing?” Scarlett teased, crossing her arms and shooting him a look. “No one turns that red unless romance is involved, Remus.”
Remus spluttered an incoherent response as Jamie stopped beside Scarlett, and folded her arms too. Remus pressed a hand to his face to hide the growing smile, embarrassed over how hot his face really was.
“It’s, uh, just, nothing, okay? Leave me alone!” he repeated, twisting his collar between his fingers. “It’s got nothing to do with him, okay?”
“Ohh, a him, is it?” Scarlett seized the information with glee, grinning as Remus cussed out his own mistake. He began pacing, he had to do something.
“I’m going to explode,” he declared, waving his hands about. “I’m going to spontaneously combust if we keep this up. You’ll have to scrape me off the walls, Scarlett.”
“At least I’ll get overtime,” she joked. “Tell us about him! Come on, Remus! Don't leave us in the dark!”
“What if I want you to be in the dark?” Remus shot back, turning on his heel and doing his best to give her an authoritative stare. “It’s- look, we’ve only had one date, alright? It’s too soon to-”
“A date!” Jamie crowed, clapping her hands. “Oh, that’s marvellous, Remus!”
He was waiting out on the street for school to end, so he could pick up William and head home. Remus sat there, radio quiet, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel and humming along.
The school bell rang, and it didn’t take too much time for kids to start pouring out. Remus watched them go, idly seeing if he could spot Wiliam, before his eyes fell on a kid he recognised.
Patton Picani, who had his head down and had stopped on the front steps, off to the side, to sit - and wait, probably, Remus realised. 
He watched him for a second, a gentle frown touching his face. It must be hard sometimes, your parent teaching at the same school you attended. Patton pulled out his phone, plugged in earbuds, and sat. But even from here, Remus could see that the normally smiley kid’s face was pinched with something far tighter. 
After five minutes, it became why Patton looked so stressed. Because a bunch of kids his age, about four of them, made a beeline for him, surrounding him, and Patton didn’t look up from his phone.
Remus watched the ringleader try and goad Patton into conversation. And Remus was already climbing out of his car as one of the kids kicked Patton. He was impressed by how Patton didn’t react, apart from slowly putting his phone away into his pocket.
Remus was striding across the schoolyard, eyes on the kids as Patton slowly stood, smiling, and something was said, before Patton was shoved.
As Patton steadied himself, his eyes locked with Remus, who was almost there, and the shock in his eyes was a little heart-wrenching.
“Hey,” Remus said gruffly, a hand on the ringleader’s shoulders, “haven’t you got anything better to do, kid?”
The boy turned sharply, eyes wide with the fear of being caught. 
Remus smiled at Patton. “Hiya, Patton,” he said brightly. “How’re you doing?”
“Um,” Patton said, a smile rising on his face. “I-I’m good, Mr Sanders, how are you?”
“I’m better, knowing that these bastards are going to leave you alone,” Remus said, his voice level but his hand tightening on the ringleader’s shoulder just a smidge, the threat clear in his voice. “Isn’t that right, boys?”
They were fumbling for excuses and turning red, but Remus lead the ringleader away a couple of steps, the others following, and Remus let the boy’s shoulder go. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said quietly. “Adults should never do that to kids. In fact, no one should do that to anyone. Let alone kids to other kids. But I will tell a teacher.”
The boys started to freak out on him.
“You feel bad about it?” Remus queried, raising an unremorseful eyebrow. “Imagine how Patton feels. You were kicking him. Among worse things, I presume.”
“But he deserves it!” one of the boys piped up, and one of his friends turned to smack him in the arm.
“Why?” Remus demanded, letting his revulsion show on his face. 
“His dad,” one of the kids mumbled.
“You’re hurting Patton because you don’t like his dad?” Remus echoed. “That’s dumb. That doesn’t make any sense.”
The boys looked at each other in surprise, newfound realisation dawning in their eyes. 
“I think,” Remus said quietly, hunking down to be level with these kids, “you guys have got your bad emotions all bundled up and nowhere for them to go, apart from making other kids feel bad. Is that about right?”
One of them was kicking the ground. All of them were avoiding his eyes. 
“You should never hurt someone,” Remus continued softly. “Maybe think about trying something new, like art or soccer. Do something fun, that makes you feel good, but doesn’t make someone else feel bad. You’ll be surprised how much nicer that makes you feel overall.”
“Are you still going to tell?” one of the boys wavered, “because… if my parents find out, they’ll… um…”
Something tugged in Remus’ chest. Fuck, he didn’t know how to handle this at all, did he? “If I don’t,” he started quietly, “will you all promise to try harder at something nice, and leave other kids alone? Because if you hurt someone again, that’s not something you can let slide.”
They all started nodding.
“Are you just saying that to make me go away?” Remus asked sharply, causing them all to divert their eyes again. 
“Hm,” he got to his feet again, staring down at the boys. “C’mon, lads. You can do better. I believe in you. Now, Patton? Let’s go.”
He waited for Patton to grab his bag, and escorted him across the schoolyard. “If you’re comfortable,” he said quietly to the 12-year-old, “we can wait in my car. I’m still waiting for William, you see.”
“Yes please,” Patton said quietly.
Remus opened the passenger door for Patton, who hopped right in, and Remus sat back down in the driver’s seat. “Do you have a radio station do you like?” Remus asked, instead of the heavier question, and let Patton fiddle with the radio instead of answering.
They ended up talking about books, and Patton was enthusiastically explaining the plot of the series he was reading as William came up to the car. He opened the passenger door, and blinked in surprise to see a kid already there.
“Oh!” Patton laughed. “Hi, William!”
“Hi,” William said back, a smile tugging at his lips. 
“We’re waiting for Mr Picani,” Remus explained, and William nodded his understanding, before jumping in the back seat instead. 
“Oh, I can wait outside, it’s alright,” Patton said quickly, preparing to grab his bag, eyes wide. 
“No, no,” Remus hurried. “I want to make sure you’re okay. I hope… I hope I haven’t made it worse.” 
He remembered what bullies could be like, after all. 
Patton dropped his eyes, but smiled.  “I’ve, um, never had anyone stick up for me before,” he mumbled. “So… thank you, Mr Sanders.”
“You can call me Remus, if you want,” Remus smiled, patting Patton on the shoulder. “And it’s alright. I know what it’s like.”
Patton looked at him with a new sort of look, one which Remus returned with a sad sort of smile, before he jolted as William tapped him on the shoulder.
“Look,” William pointed, and they looked to see Logan descending the steps, eyes scanning the schoolyard for his son.
“Oh!” Patton fumbled for his bag and opened the door. “Thank you very much, Mr- uh, Remus. I’ll see you around!” 
And the kid was out the car and running off to his dad faster than Remus could reply. Remus stared after him in surprise, blinking at the sudden disappearance, before he laughed a little, and turned to William.
“Wanna get in the front seat, rattlesnake?”
As William scrambled around, Patton and Logan met halfway across the courtyard, Patton pointing back at the car in explanation. Remus waved as Logan looked their way, and smiled as Logan slowly offered a single wave back.
“Alright,” he said quietly, trying to fight down his smile. “Alright, we should go home now. Let’s go home.”
“Yes please,” William agreed, poking his dad in the arm to get him to start driving. “Please? I’m tired.”
Remus laughed, and buckled up his seatbelt, starting the car as he watched the Picanis walk away.
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
ok hi it’s been 84 years it’s currently 3am life is bread right now but that’s okay!!! we vibin. forgive the lack of sanders content, ive been really getting back into talking trains and i mean that dead seriously so my attentions gone to a sideblog rather than sanders stuff but i’m still kickin.
anyway gjklsdg have a good day, leave a comment of any variety if u dont mind they get me out of bed in the morning, take care of yourself, drink water, etc et
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deja-vux · 20 days ago
Promise You’ll Be Alright
Would you guys want me to post the first Masterlist now so you can message me about being added to the taglist or would you prefer me to post it after the first chapter
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Promise You’ll Be Alright Series Masterlist
Masterlist for a new series about dealing through everyday life as a single parent and finding love in some of the most unexpected places. Inspired by The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series by @bts-reveries​​  who did it with BTS, which I highly recommend reading if you have the time. It will be an overarching series but they can be read on their own. As of now the taglist for this series is open comment or drop an ask to be added. 
Taglist- OPEN
KPOP Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just As I Am (Seonghwa x Reader)-Masterlist
        Flashing cameras dim as the doors to the car close the sound of the crowd now muffled. Seonghwa sighed leaning his head back against the headrest as his assistant laughed softly before teasing him. “What’s wrong movie star tired of the limelight already,” she teased. “No not just yet but I believe even movie stars need some rest and so do assistants,” he fired back, “We should go for a drink,” he suggested turning to face her. “I’m afraid I’ll have to raincheck Hwa I’ve got an early morning ahead of me,” she shook her head. “You always say that. I’m starting to think you don’t like me anymore,” he teased. “Trust me it’s the last thing I’d do,” she smiled warmly before getting out of the car as it reached her house, “Goodnight Mr. Park.”
Release Date: 3/27/21-ongoing
Tumblr media
Sing To Me (Hongjoong x Reader)-Masterlist
        She walked into the studio to find Hongjoong asleep with his head against the table still dressed in the same clothes as the day before. She sets the tray of coffee cups down before crouching down next to his chair laying a gentle hand on his back rubbing it softly as she attempts to pull him away from his slumber. “Hey Hongjoong you there?” she cooed softly not wanting to startle him. He shot up gasping as he suddenly awoke taking in his surroundings before mentally cursing at himself. He turned over to the person responsible for his wake-up call, calming down as his dark eyes met with her worried ones. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” she said standing. “No it’s ok,” he groaned as he stretched standing from his chair, his back and neck sore, “what time is it?” “Eight am. Here it’ll help you wake up,” she said handing him one of the coffee cups. “Thanks but I have to go. I should be back in an hour, feel free to wait here,” he said, grabbing his bag and keys walking out of the studio.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
Lost In the Rhythm (Yunho x Reader)-Masterlist
        Yunho interviewed prospect after prospect every single one full of talent and potential but all of them lacked the spark and drive he searched for. The person he chose needed to understand the value of family and how dance could bring people together. He almost felt like all hope was lost, that was until she walked in. the longer the interview went the further he could see into a promising future for his studio, one without the need for big names. “Congratulations, the position is yours,” he smiled, gathering the scattered resumes in a pile. “Really?!” she replied excitedly before clearing her throat, “I mean thank you for giving me this opportunity sir,” she said more professionally causing him to crack a smile.  Yunho shook the promising girl’s hand as she smiled brightly thanking him for the opportunity she was being handed. “I can’t wait to see the things you accomplish with us,” Yunho smiled pulling his hand away. “I promise I won’t let you down Mr. Jeong,” she beamed as he chuckled softly.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
As You Need (Yeosang x Reader)-Masterlist
        Yeosang sat across from the little girl who was busy coloring the pages he had printed out for her. He watched her as she turned the paper over after finishing beginning to draw a house on a hill full of flowers with the typical sun in the top corner of the page. He looked over at the clock sighing softly. “By any chance do you know how far mom’s work is from here,” he asks softly. “Ten minutes but her boss is a grumpy man,” Aaliyah replied, not bothering to look up from her drawing. “Is that so?” he held back a chuckle. “Yeah, the lady that’s been picking me up is my babysitter. Mommy always comes home late,” she replies softly. Yeosang looked down at the drawing to see two figures near the home and one halfway through the hill while the other was even farther in the distance. Just as he was about to ask her to explain it a woman stumbled into the classroom in a rush the little girl running over to her hugging her tightly yelling “Mommy”. “I apologize for making you wait, things got hectic at work,” the woman said lifting the girl into her arms walking over to Yeosang. “Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us,” he said, handing her Aaliyah’s bag.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
Everything Changes (San  x Reader)-Masterlist
“Thank you so much for getting me this interview Mel I owe you one,” she replied as she followed her through the halls. “You bet your ass you do. You wanna know how much convincing I had to do to get you this interview. You wanna know how many offers he’s declined?” Melanie informed. “I can imagine he just went into a whole new level by entering the international market and to think I've still never seen the guy,” she responded to her friend. “Well today is your lucky day,” she said opening the door to the man’s office, “Mr. Choi the journalist from Daily Ink is here for your interview,” she said leading her in.         As soon as San turned around to face the two girls she felt her heart drop despite her calm and professional composure on the outside. “Holy shit out of the people in the world why did it have to be him,” she thought to herself as she met him halfway, a warm smile on her face as she hoped he wouldn’t recognize her. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Choi. Let me introduce myself.”
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
Nights Like This (Mingi x Reader)-Masterlist
“Hey, Mingi I need 3 whiskeys, on the rocks please,” she yelled as she approached the bar. “You got it,” he said as he served his current customer.         Mingi effortlessly moved around the small crowded area of the bar getting what he needed preparing the drinks in a matter of seconds. To most, it looked like a piece of pie and with his years of experience it probably was, but for a newb, the cramped bar and its three other occupants would get in their way. Before she could even lean on the bar to take a breath Mingi had already set the three glasses on her tray causing her to sigh. Mingi poked her nose, chuckling softly at how she scrunched up her nose. “You know the boss doesn’t like us leaning on the job. Don't’ worry lunchtime is just around the corner,” he reassured. “If only it’d come sooner,” she mocked, “Thanks Mingi,” she smiled, turning to deliver the drinks.          As soon as she came back Leah called her from the back. “Hey, there’s someone on the phone asking for you. They said it was urgent,” Leah informed.  She ran over as a million thoughts ran through her mind. Once she finally reached the phone she brought it up to her ear taking a deep breath. “Hello?” she answered.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
A Dash of Heart (Wooyoung x Reader)-Masterlist
“You know you should spend more time with your son Woo. He misses spending time with you,” his publicist spoke. “I hired you to help me with my career and business, not my personal life,” he spits out. “Yeah well we both have been misleading each other because I don’t remember being hired to be your personal nanny either,” she retaliated. “Why do you care so much anyway?” he said running a hand through his hair. “Because the boy needs his father especially since he’s missing a mother. Because he should matter more to you more than your franchise you could work anywhere for anyone for whatever price comes out of your mouth and you’ve chosen to work over being a father,” she confessed. “I’m doing this for him, to give him a future. It’s not my fault that she left ok! Everything I do is for him!. I’d do anything for him, even if it feels like I'm at my limit,” he replied, choking up, tears spilling. “Woo,” she cooed, approaching him cautiously hugging him back as he sought shelter in her arms.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
By the Book (Jongho x Reader)-Masterlist
Jongho walked with his daughter by his side after carrying her for three blocks attempting to get away from the paparazzi. He took note of his surroundings realizing he was in unfamiliar territory. Soon enough he spotted a small and peaceful bakery giving a breath of relief as it’s only patron walked out with their order. “Come on, Hyori, this place looks empty,” Jongho said, opening the door to the bakery. As soon as they walked in the smell of warm bread and sweet pastries filled their nostrils the ringing of the bell at the door beckoning the owner from her safe haven. She took note of the father-daughter duo as she walked out to greet them. “Hi, guys how can I help you out today?” she asked, giving a warm smile. “Just looking for some sweets to help the little one’s craving for sweets and maybe a quiet place to whine down,” he said, giving a hopeful smile as he lifted his daughter up in his arms. “Well, you’ve come to the right place. What kind of sweets are we craving,” smiled leaning on the counter giving a small wave to the shy girl who currently had her head against her father’s shoulder.
Release Date: TBA
Tumblr media
Taglist: @a-soft-hornytiny​ @yoheyyosup​ @little-precious-baby​
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New Series?
I kinda wanna do a dad!au series with all the members of a group most likely being Ateez, BTS, or Super M since those are the ones i’m most failiar with at the moment. let me know if any of ya’ll would be interested in that if so with what group. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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For your Single Dad AU: a concept/idea I have always loved is Oz being one of those parents whom just gets up during the night, goes into Oscar’s room, picks him up and brings him to his bed because he wants to just hold his boy. Like Oz is super clingy and he’s going through separation anxiety because Oscar is growing so fast and he can’t really handle it
aww yeah!🥺 I also see oscar being clingy too. ozpin is pretty distrusting because of everything that's happened, also the fact that they're in a new town, he and oscar were isolated and they only really had each other for a long time.
oscar actually hated going to school for a while bc he was away from his dad, but he got better when he started making friends! and ozpin, it took him a bit longer, but meeting taiyang helped him start making more friends!
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could've been us; m | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 5.7k
genre: singledad!jungkook, smut, exes!au
warnings: dom!jungkook, sub!reader, making out, marking, groping, oral (m/f receiving), swearing, fingering, dirty talk, mentions of daddy kink, name calling (slut/bitch), thigh slapping, deep throating, thigh riding, manhandling, protected sex, spanking, boob slaps, choking, brief anal play, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, cum swallowing, tiny bit of cum on face
summary: two years after breaking up with jungkook you meet again. and things get very naughty... you're sure he changed a lot in these years, but you didn't expect THAT twist when thinking about his new gained maturity.
a/n: another filthy jk fic because jungkook has been bias wrecking me for a few weeks now😔✊ didn't proof read this!
When you and Jungkook shared eye contact in the disco - that your lovely friends dragged you in - you both immediately knew what was bound to happen.
You didn't share that oh no my ex is here type of stare, it was more like the oh yes my ex that knows how to make me cum is here type of stare.
To say it simple; you were thirsty. And to have met Jungkook was the best thing that could've happen because oh god, that man knows how to still your thirst.
It's no wonder that you find yourself pressed against the wall by Jungkook's defined body, messily making out with him and his hand wandering all over you and squeezing every bit of bare skin he comes across - which was a lot since you decided to wear a tiny flimsy dress that exposed almost all of your body and was the perfect fit for accentuating your curves.
Jungkook's lips move sloppily over yours, his tongue greedily darting out and tangling his wet muscles with yours. A whine escapes your mouth when he palms your ass with both of his hands in a harsh manner.
His bulge was pressing against your lower stomach and your pussy ached for feeling his hard cock inside you after so much time again. His soft lips pressed against yours is already enough to let your bones thaw and get putty by the sole touch of him. It was almost crazy how much of an impact Jungkook has on your body - even after two years - because he always knew what you needed and was eager to please you.
You withdraw from the kiss, you're both catching your breath from the intense make out. But Jungkook can't stay away from you, he needs to feel you on his lips, so he instantly latches his mouth onto your soft skin on your collarbone and starts sucking. Your ruffle his hair with your fingers, his dark locks feeling so familiar on your hands.
,,You still like it dirty?" he asks after being satisfied with the red mark he left on your skin. ,,Hm? You still like to get treated like the dirty little slut you are?"
,,Fuck, yes, Jungkook," you keen and start grinding your lower half on his groin, but the luscious feeling comes to an stop when Jungkook kneels down and parts your legs.
,,Shit, did you really-" he trails of when he takes your glistening folds into sight. ,,What a fucking bitch you are. Not wearing any panties?" - he spreads your folds with his fingers - ,,You're that desperate, huh? So desperate to get cock."
,,Please," you beg when he doesn't make a move to properly touch you yet. He comes closer, taking a long whiff of your sweet scent.
,,Walking around with no panties anymore after breaking up, I see," he comments and takes one leg up to his shoulder.
An amused simper rays over your lips as the forsaken memories, that always abided in the back of your mind, rekindle.
One of Jungkook's habits that you'd never forget is his devotion for the smell of your sweet pussy. He was crazy about it. So every time you went out with friends he always insisted on that you have to wear some panties, not because he was feeling possessive or anything, but because he knew that when you both would be home again he'd fuck you real good and curling the small fabric in his fist to occasionally smell it.
Maybe you even caught him jerking off in his bedroom while sniffing on the panties you wore the day before. That didn't abominate you though - your unexpected arrival only led to a hot and long round of Jungkook reorganising your inner organs.
,,It's unnecessary," you answer and place your hand on the back of his hand to coax him into doing something.
,,Always so eager to get laid, y/n," he mumbles and presses kisses over your inner thighs.
,,You should know that I'm always needy, Jungkook."
,,Yeah, I fucking do," he says scornfully and a second later he's gliding his warm tongue all over your folds, his fingers spreading them open to get better access to your swollen clit. He swirls his tongue around your little bundle of nerves, causing you to buck your hips forward.
You grip his hair tightly, pushing his head even closer to your cunt and relish in the way his skilful mouth reminds you of how Jungkook knows what he has to do to make you feel good. You almost forgot that you could fee like this - all the other men that you've been with never reached Jungkook's range. It was even crude to compare a few of these men with Jungkook - sad for you who has to deal with men that lack in sex but good for Jungkook's ego, though you don't plan on telling him that.
Jungkook starts slurping your juices, swallowing hungrily. He messily makes out with your pussy and you close your eyes when the pleasure hits your senses, but soon enough you open them again, not able to withstand the beautiful view of Jungkook eating you out on his knees. His eyes are locked on your face, every little change of delight on your face spurs him on and makes him growl against your core. The vibration sends shivers down your spine and nudges you closer to fall of the cliff. You whimper and moan above him, eyebrows furrowed in utter glee.
,,J-Jungkook," you breath and sink your teeth into your bottom lip.
,,Are you gonna cum for me?" Jungkook mumbles against your wet folds. When you don't answer he slaps your thigh that's hooked over his shoulder. ,,Huh? Fucking answer when I ask you something," he urges.
You were too caught up in enjoying his sinful mouth on your core, but you reply once he asks again. ,,Y-yeah, gonna cum for you." Jungkook hums in agreement and wraps his pretty lips around your clit. ,,Put your fingers inside me," you pant and your fingers run through his hair uncoordinated.
When he plunges two fingers inside you, you bite your lip so hard that you feel the metallic taste on your tongue. It just feels so good. Jungkook instantly crooks them, finding your sweet spot in a matter of one second. Your legs start to shake, announcing your incoming high.
,,Fuckkk," you moan and the added pleasure of his long fingers rapidly going in and out are the final push and your entire being gets wrenched in your intense high. You throw your head back, luckily not hurting yourself on the wall. One had is occupied with palming your own breast and the other with tugging at Jungkook's strands, which makes him moan.
His fingers slow down, riding out your high as his mouth swallows every bit of cum that he coaxed out of you. Jungkook caresses your thigh and slowly puts your leg back when he feels you getting limp.
,,Still taste so sweet," he whispers and sucks on your bud.
You whine and push his head away. ,,S- sensitive."
Jungkook grins and withdraws his fingers from you, putting them into his mouth and cleaning them before he stands up to his full size. He captures your lips into a kiss and though you're still breathing heavily you can't seem to stop moving your mouth against his and tasting your own juices. While you're occupied with kissing, he pulls the thin straps of your dress down and the black fabric pools around your feet and you quickly kick it away. His hands squeeze your perky tits, rubbing your nipples with his thumb.
,,Now be a good girl and suck my cock, yeah?"
You hum and place on last smooch on his sharp jawline before getting on your knees. Jungkook unbuckles his belt, discarding his tight fitting blue jeans and throwing them behind him. These thighs. Oh God.
,,Can I ride them later?" you ask gallantly, eyes mesmerised by his thick muscly thighs and hands rubbing his skin, even though most of it is still covered by his briefs.
Jungkook chuckles. ,,We can do everything you want, babe." Maybe the pet name causes your heart to skip a beat, but only maybe. He tugs his briefs down, tossing them back to his pants.
You didn't know that you missed the sight of his hard cock until it was dangling in front of your face, pre-cum shining on his tip and just waiting for your mouth to suck him real good.
He grabs his dick by its base and glides his tip over your mouth, smearing his arousal on your plush lips.
,,Open," he instructs.
You part your lips and he allows you to have control over how much your gonna take in. When your warm mouth closes around his tip he breaths loud. You swirl your tongue over his mushroom head, tasting his salty pre-cum. The feeling of his veiny cock feels so good in your mouth, coaxing you to get more eager with wanting to please him. You start bobbing your head, using your hand for the part you can't reach.
,,Oh fuck," Jungkook curses and traces his fingers through your hair, pushing it back to prevent it from falling into your face. He starts bucking his hips into your mouth sometimes, needing your warmth to enclose around him completely.
After warming up a bit, you take more of his length in, slowly trying to get everything inside. You try to suppress your gag reflex when you almost reach the end of his huge cock. Jungkook puts pressure on the back of your head, making you take the bit that is left too.
,,Just like that." Jungkook closes his eyes and you swear you've never seen him that hot before. His brown strands hanging over his eyes and face scrunched in felicity. His defined brows creating a little pucker between them.
It doesn't take long till you have to take your mouth off, panting laboriously. A string of your saliva connects your lips with his tip. While you catch your breath your hand jerks him off in fast movements.
,,Gonna fuck your mouth now, okay?" You nod, opening your mouth and allowing him to use you as he wants. He curses under his breath when your submissiveness turns him more on, but he's still quick to guide his cock between your lips, bucking his hips forward and letting you take everything of him in an instant. You gag around him, eyes immediately starting to get teary when he continues his fast pace. Jungkook holds your head while he is mercilessly shoving his cock inside your throat, moaning when the feeling of your warm hotness wraps around gets intense.
Soon he lets go of you, slipping his dick out and permitting you to catch your breath. Your chin is tainted with your saliva, your throat feeling itchy due to his size. Jungkook grabs his cock and starts smearing his tip over your cheeks, smearing pre-cum and your spite over your face. When you're ready to take him again you part your lips and stretch your tongue out. Jungkook teasingly pushes only the tip in before retracting again.
,,Mhm, you're my dirty girl, aren't you?" Jungkook asks, voice sounding strained, and doesn't stop his teasing on your tongue. You look up at him, humming in agreement. Jungkook removes his black shirt and finally he's now fully naked too.
You are too entranced by his beautiful abs that you're not prepared for the sudden snap of his hips into your mouth, nails digging into his thighs when Jungkook's thrusts only get faster. You stay still, letting him use your mouth just like he wants to. Tears start falling down your cheeks and more saliva drops down to your chin, some of it falling down to your chest. But then Jungkook presses your head forwards, holding you snugged up against his groin. He looks down at your, his other hand caressing your cheek and swiping your tears away.
,,You look so pretty with my cock stuffed inside your mouth," he coos and cascades his fingers through your hair. When Jungkook feels your wicked tongue swirling around him he hisses and pulls your head away. You cough and swipe your arm on your chin to get the mixed fluids away.
Jungkook pulls your up to stand again. Once you're on your feet again - you try to ignore your hurting knees - he presses his lips against yours. His hands fondle with your boobs, kneading and squishing them together. Then you feel one arm around the back of your knees and one swift motion later your being carried by Jungkook's strong arms. You wrap your hands around his neck for leverage and lean your head back onto his shoulder, intently eyeing his new apartment as he walks to his bedroom.
,,Do you still have a daddy kink?" you ask and look up at him.
,,No." Jungkook doesn't spare a glance at you, only focusing on opening his bedroom door, but you notice how his face hardened at your questions.
,,What, you grew out of it?" you snicker. When he doesn't answer you continue. ,,You really mean it? I remember how you bruised my ass that one time because I called you Jungkook instead-"
,,Who allowed you to talk? Or do you want me to shove my cock down your throat again?" he says while throwing me onto his bed. You want to dig some more, but his harsh tone and your sore throat make you stop. He settles himself against the cushioned headboard. ,,Wanna ride my thigh now?" Jungkook arches his brows, voice still laced with ruthlessness.
It should be humiliating how fast you sat down onto him, legs firmly straddling his muscular thigh. You start grinding on his smooth skin, Jungkook immediately flexing his muscles to give you more pleasure. Your arms are draped around his neck, head hanging low as the familiar rubbing of your clit against his body stimulates all your senses. ,,Feels so good," you mumble, already breathing hard.
,,Little slut likes to get herself off on me, huh?" You nod frantically, gripping his shoulders when you feel the familiar feeling building up again. ,,Faster, y/n. Ride me faster," Jungkook demands. He's not holding your hips to help you in any way, but only watching how you use his body to receive pleasure through him. One hand gives the small of your back a little push so he's able to enclose his lips around your hardened bud. His rough hand crashes against your ass cheek, the sound reverberating around the room. ,,Do it faster or I'll make you stop completely. Did you unlearn everything? What happened to you, hm?" Jungkook's condescending words spur you on, hips picking up on speed and rubbing your slick pussy faster on his thigh.
Jungkook busies himself with your boobs against while his hands toy with your ass and spanks it occasionally. When he retracts his pretty lips from your chest your cup his cheeks with both hands, eyebrows furrowed as you feel yourself coming closer and closer. The eye contact you share is so intimate, you couldn't compare anything to this ardent infatuation that you share with Jungkook.
,,Feels so good," you moan Jungkook can't resist to tenderly kiss you. You whine into the kiss when he spanks both your ass cheeks and rest your forehead against his shoulder. Your grinding gets more ferocious when you feel the breeze of the familiar sensations that your orgasm always brings and concentrate on keeping up your rhythm to finally reach it.
You whine his name, hands holding onto his shoulders with dear life and eyes shutting close. Just one, two, three more rubs and you're gonna-
Suddenly Jungkook shoves you away, pressing your back against the bed. Your moans get stuck in your throat when the feeling of his thigh is taken away from you and you only stare at him in utter disbelief. Why would he do that?
,,No more cumming unless its around my cock," he explains and grabs a condom from his nightstand and
,,Fuck you, Jungkook," you say defiantly.
,,What was that?" He asks you, daring you to repeat your words.
,,What, you changed your mind? Want me to call you daddy again?" Your bratty answers only angers him, making him clench his jaw.
,,Get on your hands and knees."
You ponder about whether you should comply or not, but quickly decide that obeying him would be the better option because the fiery look that he has in his eyes won't endure your behaviour any longer. So you turn around and steady yourself on your hands, arching your back for him. You wait till you feel him positioning himself behind you and twist your head, watching him pumping his hard member before wrapping the condom around it.
Jungkook rams his cock inside you, not even bothering to start slowly and prepare your tight hole for his big member, though your wetness makes it easy for him to slip right in. His whole length suddenly buried deep inside you causes you to moan out loudly. ,,You're such a fucking brat sometimes," he grunts, hands holding your cheeks open. ,,Never being satisfied with anything I give you - always needing more like the greedy slut you are." Maybe there's a deeper meaning to his words, but you don't care about that, you're only focusing on what you're doing now and wouldn't think about your past.
Jungkook's thrusts are slow, but hitting you so deep and finding all the right spots without having to search for them.
,,You missed this cock, didn't you?" he asks. ,,Didn't even hesitate when I asked if you wanna come home with me." He punctuates it with a sharp snap of his hips, stopping his motions as your pussy is still wrapped around his entire member. ,,Answer me," Jungkook demands and spanks your ass.
You couldn't deny it. Of course you missed his dick and moreover having someone in bed who actually knows what he's supposed to do. ,,I missed this," you answer truthfully. ,,Missed your cock, missed you."
,,Good girl," he praises you and starts moving again. He hisses when he feels your tight walls clenching around him. ,,You're so fucking tight." - Jungkook closes his eyes for a second, enjoying your little pussy sucking him in every time he slips back in - ,,When was the last time someone fucked you properly?"
,,It's been a while," you utter and whine when he picks up on his speed. It's true though, your not only saying this to stroke his ego. The last time you fucked someone was probably last week - but properly? Maybe Jungkook was the last one who accomplished that.
Your moans, hard pants, his balls slapping against your skin and the headboard slightly banging against the wall - you hope his new apartment had thick walls unlike his old one when you were a couple...let's just say the neighbours started scowling at Jungkook and you after you established the stage of being intimate in bed with each other - echoes through his bedroom.
,,Oh!" You jerk forward when you feel Jungkook's thumb circling over your puckered hole. He gathers saliva and aims for your rimmed hole, spitting onto it and using it as lubrication to plunge his thumb in. ,,Fuck, fuck, Jungkook!" The feeling of his thumb moving inside you coaxed loud moans out of you. You feel so full.
You start rubbing your clit, adding more pleasure to the already intensive sensations that Jungkook drenches your body in. Your other hand grips onto the sheets, knuckles turning white at your tight hold. His lurches are fast now, his hips colliding against yours viciously
,,Can I cum? I wanna cum so badly," you whimper. Your arms can't keep you up anymore and you rest your head against the soft duvet.
,,Mhm, I don't know anymore. You were really bratty..."
,,Jungkook's please! I need- need to cum!"
You're undoubtedly sure that he's smirking behind you, loving how you're sounding so desperate and needy and that only for him.
,,Beg a little more and we'll see," he answers.
While his one hand is still on your ass, thumb still inside you, his other hand reaches for your hair, coiling it around his hand and tugging at it to steady yourself on your hands and arch your back again.
,,Please, you make me feel so good. So fucking good, Jungkook. I wanna cum so bad. I need it," you plead.
Jungkook grunts, pace getting more rapid if that's even possible. ,,My slut wants to cum?"
,,Yes! So bad!"
,,Tell me your mine, tell me you're my slut," he orders.
,,I'm your slut! Only yours!"
,,Fuck, that's right. Then cum, baby. Cum like the dirty little slut you are."
You don't need more - you're cumming the second he allows you to cum. Your body shakes, eyes tightly close, walls clenching around his thick cock. Your high washes over your body in such an excruciating way, that your moans get stuck in your throat and you're only able to let out little whimpers. The intensity of it was probably causes because of your climax that Jungkook didn't allow you to have earlier, but now you're not mad at him for shoving you away anymore, but rather thankful for the powerful orgasm he snapped out of you. Both your hands are gripping the sheets now and when Jungkook's lets go of your hair you fall forward, nuzzling your face into soft duvet.
,,Shit, that was hot," he comments and retracts his thumb from your hole. ,,Lay on your side."
You're panting like crazy, but still do as he wishes and slowly shift onto your side. You're limbs feel boneless and moving seems like a lot of work.
,,Hmm, already tired?" he asks when he remarks your droopy eyes and cups your cheeks with one hand. ,,I guess your sex life hasn't been that amazing without me?" he mocks you and grins mischievously.
You roll your eyes and playfully jab his side. ,,Shut up."
His grin only widens more when he starts moving inside you again and you moan lightly, closing your eyes and just enjoying the feeling. Jungkook starts slapping your tit a few times before kneading it and solely focuses on your face as he fastens his tempo. He loves the little whimpers and moans that leave your mouth, adores the way you bite your lip when the pleasure gets blistering, cherishes your eyebrows furrowing every time he grazes against your sweet spot. But what he worships the most is the sole fact that you didn't change a bit. It feels like you're continuing from where you left two years ago - before the break up of course - everything is still the same. You're still the same person he started to love all those years ago.
A particular ringing moan from you snaps Jungkook back to reality. And when he takes your fucked out face into sight, he can't stop himself. He's so into it, so into you. He lifts your leg up and his other hand sneaks down to your dripping core and starts drawing circles on your clit. When you feel his finger on your throbbing bud you open your eyes again.
,,J-Jungkook, I already came twice. It's okay, just focus on yourself now," you keen. Your clit is so swollen and so sensitive after your two climaxes.
,,No, you're gonna cum a third time," he says determined and Jungkook sets something into his mind, then he's gonna get it no matter what. His determination unfolds in his thrusts, movements going more rapid and harder than before. When he feels your walls clenching around his member he knows he got you. ,,You're gonna cum for me, aren't you?" the devilish smile and the short swipe of his tongue on his bottom lip only causes the tight feeling inside you to grow more.
Jungkook leans down, planting wet kisses over your chest and sucking on your skin to leave more marks. Your fingers run through his hair, the dampening strands forming into curls.
,,I wanna cum on inside your mouth. Want you to swallow it like the little slut you are," he utters. He decided that he wanted to cum on your tongue the moment he saw your beautiful face scrumpled up in delight.
,,Oh fuck." Jungkook's naughty words spur you on, leaving you so fucking desperate. ,,Make me cum. Make me cum, Jungkook."
He pulls his body back again, his tempo never decreasing once. Jungkook watches your breasts jiggle with every snap of his hips and has to push the urge away to yield into his need and cum right then and there.
,,Shit, your pussy feels so good. So fucking tight," he curses.
His fingers pinch your clit, making your body jolt in surprise and then you come undone for a third time that night. Jungkook draws his fingers back from your clit, your shaking legs telling him that you aren't able to take more of that.
,,Good girl," he mumbles and tries to soothe you with soft kisses on your jaw, contrary to the snap of his hips that didn't falter in their pace.
,,Want me to swallow you?" you ask after calming your heavy breathing and look into his eyes.
,,Fuck yes," he groans, continuing his swift motions till he feels like he's about to explode. ,,Come here," he instructs and stands up, throwing the condom somewhere behind him and pumping his throbbing cock. You get up quickly, though your whole body feels drained and so tired and kneel in front of him.
You dart out your tongue, looking up at him with big eyes and patiently wait for his hot load of cum. Jungkook moans at the sight of your obedience. He aims his tip right onto your face, trying to find the right position to shoot his load onto your pretty tongue. Jungkook slows his hand movements down when he feels that he's about to cum.
The first few spurts land on your cheek, but Jungkook is quick to alter the direction and soon you feel his hot release on your tongue, waiting for him to milk everything out before you close your lips and swallow his release without a thought.
Jungkook moans above you, his hand still moving in leisure strokes. You dart your tongue out again to show him your now empty mouth and he curses at that sight.
When Jungkook calms down you get up from the floor and sit down on the edge of his bed. ,,Can I stay for for night?" you ask.
,,Yeah, of course," he immediately answers, grabbing a few tissues from the baby wipes that are placed on his nightstand.
,,You're sex life can't be that exciting either if you literally have baby wipes next to your bed," you humour while Jungkook sits down beside and turns your head to him. He doesn't say anything, but you notice how he slightly stiffened at your comment. Jungkook carefully wipes the remnants of his cum away on your cheek.
,,I'm gonna give you some clothes to sleep with, okay?" You nod, watching him scooping up the used condom to throw it away with  the dirty tissues. Somehow this whole scenery feels so familiar and domestic and you don't even care that its maybe not supposed to feel that way. But as long as the giddy feeling inside you lingers in you, you won't complain about anything.
When you wake up the other side of the bed is empty. In fact, the other side of the bed is so cold that Jungkook must be gone for quite a while now. You faintly remember hearing him shuffle in bed quickly and rushing to get up. Your brain was too tired to get alarmed as to why he is rushing at so early in the morning on a Sunday. Then you heard him starting the shower and thought he would come back once he washed up, but apparently he didn't. You hoped for some morning sex before you would leave, but that's obviously not happening anymore.
You stand up, slowly strolling into the living room and eyeing his whole place. Jungkook isn't home, though you already know that because his apartment is way too quiet for him to be home, but you still hoped he'd be here.
You clutch the loose joggers that are about to fall down and pull them up. Jungkook lend you his joggers and a shirt to sleep with and you're really thankful for his attentiveness, but walking around in those big joggers were definitely a challenge.
You're about to walk back into his bedroom when you hear the door opening.
Jungkook walks in. At first he doesn't notice you standing in the middle of his living room, but when he starts taking his shoes of he becomes aware of your presence and looks at your like a deer caught in headlights.
Your tired brain tries to comprehend why a tiny bundle of pink blankets is tightly snugged up in his arm. A baby. Jungkook has a baby in his arms.
He rushed out of bed and got ready that quickly to go and pick up his baby.
And suddenly everything makes sense. His bigger apartment, the baby wipes on his night stander, and - oh god - the thing that shocked you the most yesterday: his fucking daddy kink is gone.
,,What the hell, Jungkook?!"
Your unexpected words only shock him more. It's not like you are the first one to say something like that - especially girls that he tried to date had the same reaction- when seeing him with a baby. The girls he tried to date were always taken aback when Jungkook told them he was a dad. They never dared to say it personally, never said how dating someone with a child was too hard for them, but they let Jungkook know by never returning any text messages again. And though he's not trying to date you or anything like that, it still kind of hurt to see the same reaction on your face.
,,Yeah, I know surprising," he says annoyed and throws his shoes away
,,N-no, I have a girlfriend? Did you cheat on her? With me?"
,,What? No, I'm single. Her mother left," he answers, voice laced with confusion.
,,Oh, okay. I just kinda thought- you know... nevermind."
Your whole expression changes once you're reassured that he didn't cheat on anyone with you and you get closer to Jungkook to see the little girl in his arms.
,,What's her name and how old is she?"
,,Her name is Nari and she's 8 months old."
,,Oh my god, she's so adorable," you coo when she looks up at you with Jungkook's doe eyes and a tiny smile on her lips. Jungkook realises that he misinterpreted your reaction from earlier and is relieved to know that your not like all the other people. You're not judging him like all the other people did, but actual show sincere interest. ,,So, how is life as a dad?"
,,It was pretty though in the beginning and it is still kinda hard, but I'm getting the hang of it." When Jungkook looks down at his little baby girl an automatic smile spreads across his face.
,,And her mother...left?"
,,Yeah, she...left a note and left us before Nari was even two weeks old." You nod in understanding. It must have been really hard for him to suddenly be left alone when he thought he would have someone on his side to get through something new together. ,,Seokjin watched over her so I could go out with the guys yesterday." Suddenly Nari starts fussing around and whines. ,,Ah, she's probably hungry," Jungkook says and rocks her in his arms. Nari looks so small compared to his bulky arms.
You feel like you're not supposed to be here anymore, suddenly feeling like your invading Jungkook's privacy with his little one. You need to get out of here.
,,Uhm, I'll get going then, I don't want to be a burden by staying any longer," you say and Jungkook shoots his eyes to you, oddly not wanting you to leave, but he doesn't say anything.
,,Sure, uhm, you want me to call you a taxi?" Nari only fusses more, soon starting to cry.
,,Ah, no no! You should take care of her, I'll be fine," you reassure and grant him a genuine smile and watch him walking into the kitchen. He whispers some soothing words to his baby girl and continues to gently rock her in his arms while preparing her milk. It's a sight you didn't expect to see from Jungkook, but you can't deny how your whole being softens when you catch a glimpse of Jungkook's eyes that have sheer love in them when looking at his little girl
A few minutes later you're inside a taxi - still wearing Jungkook's clothes because he insisted on it since it was pretty cold for you to wear your tiny dress from last night - and think about everything that occurred this morning.
You can't prevent your thoughts drifting off to a question that stays inside your mind for the whole ride to your apartment.
What if you had never broken up with Jungkook? What if you would have continued your relationship? Would you also have a little baby like he has now?
You just can't seem to stop questioning yourself about what could have happened if Jungkook and you never separated. You never thought like this when you broke up, you just took the break up as it is and moved on.
Your whole Sunday is loaded with images of Jungkook's and your life together if you would still be a couple, even though you try to distract yourself with so many things. Seeing Jungkook with his baby girl made something click inside you, showed you what you could have had with Jungkook, what the future with him could have looked like.
And maybe you feel a tiny bit of regret by being the one who ended the relationship when those heart-warming images freely flood your mind.
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mdzs-fic · 28 days ago
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Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic
Word count: 14k
“A-Yuan,” he says, carefully, “did—did you make the flowers grow like this?”
A-Yuan shakes his head in exasperation. “Baba, I said. Doctor Flowers did it.”
“Doctor Flowers,” Lan Zhan repeats, pointing at the tiny plum tree, just to confirm that his son is suggesting a magical tree named Doctor Flowers sprouted overnight and made their tame family project turn into a verdant jungle.   A-Yuan nods. “Doctor Flowers,” he confirms. “He’s funny! I like him.”
A mysterious garden blooms on Lan Zhan's rooftop. His internet forum pen pal gives great gardening advice but never seems to sleep. The man who works at the florist, who keeps reviving the plants that Lan Zhan can't seem to keep alive, has a beautiful smile.
These things are related.
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