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prima-kirishima · 5 minutes ago
hey I wrote this can somebody rap or sing it idk it wont leave me rn
In need of affection
Afraid of attention
I'll make it through today
I don't have a say
In a life that's "mine"
Yeah everything is fine
Just fine
It's fine
Daughter of a pastor
Sadder than blue aster
But how to say oh how to speak
I think anxiety's reached its peak
Sleepless nights
Mental fights
Put those thoughts on flight
Everything's too light
Nice shirt,change it
Nice hair,cut it
If life's a game then I'mma sit
Loves not for me
They could never love what they see
Shy is not an excuse
I'm running short on fuse
I'm so confused
I feel so used
They said I was mature
I'm burning out
Can't come out
I'm stuck in-between
I snap I feel so mean
Ripped jeans
Better heard nor seen
No it's not my parents just me
How much does it cost
To tell you I'm lost
To tell you
To show something new
I want some oxygen, some air
Okay I'll be outta your hair
I was smart
Don't know what happened
Serotonin not doing its part
Life tastes a little tart
They say hardworks a work of art
But all im feeling is the pressure
Can't even describe or measure
I'm not writing this with pleasure
But to show
It's not for show
Now you know
Oh now you know
Please help
That's all I ask
So tired of wearing a mask
So tired of task after task
Not enough sun to bask
In the glory
What glory
Life's a little more gory
Than your fairy tale story
So let me out I want out
That's all I ask
No don't be sappy
That's just crappy
Tell me what
Tell me
Speaking requires
Something that tires
My Brain
It's insane
I'm insane
Feeling like Archibald crane
I don't want fame
Just a name
Just my name
Say my name
That's the name of the game
The game
You think it's a game
Maybe it was
Maybe it was
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rosegrl16 · 34 minutes ago
Teach me to be more adaptive. <3
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souliebird · 43 minutes ago
Nothing better than your faves singing along to 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne
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capitainecorbeau · 51 minutes ago
Also I heard some pretty conflicting things about vocal ranges, one of my teachers told me it was determined by how high you can go, and other sources saying it's about where you're more comfortable :/
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puredamien · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Demonstealer - Sic Semper Tyrannis - 2021 - Kidsquidy(OC)
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lemonedgeworth · an hour ago
me: playing stardew valley, in which i am about to propose to my boyfriend
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rastronomicals · an hour ago
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11:27 AM EDT May 17, 2021:
Gordian Knot - "Singing Deep Mountain" From the album Emergent (January 14, 2003)
Last song scrobbled from iTunes at
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keas-stuff · 2 hours ago
I make a little song just by using two quotes 🙂
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thestereotypebuster · 2 hours ago
I am fast approaching 2 years on T and am still being constantly misgendered, mostly due to my voice, which was like, the ONE thing i wanted T to change
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vocalinist · 2 hours ago
Tone Travelers original band has new releases coming soon! Stay tuned and please look us up on all streaming music platforms!
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