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peachy-scars · a month ago
Oh, angst. Delicious. May I add to the idea of young legend knowing the colors? As Legend kills them, they thank him for doing so. That way they aren't corrupted anymore and they won't be in pain or hurting anyone else now. ^u^
I’ve actually been writing a fic with this concept! Also, the idea where in their last moments their trying to make Legend laugh like Green telling a dumb joke or Blue pretending to insult someone while their dying in his arms.
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aiden-png · a month ago
Cute idea to fuel your brainrot: Red is the one who likes to cook, especially for the others. Maybe at least once, Vio or Blue tries to cook something for Red with mixed results. Red is flattered but he then asks them if they want to cook with him so they can all learn together.
OHH YESSS OMG!!! Red teaching Blue or Vio to cook and just, unintentionally feeding their crush gfjgksjdkgjldf Blue would be a flustered mess if Red placed a hand on his to show him how to wisk properly ;o; and Vio would melt seeing Red enjoy the food they cooked together aaaaaaaa!! I think Vio is pretty hopeless in the kitchen XDDD so he definitely needs the lessons! it’s too bad he can’t focus on the instructions when Red is that close to his side >u< such an adorable scenario, just tooth rotting flufffff!
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aiden-png · a month ago
Ha, simp!
LMFAO idek what this is about but XD I’m glad to see you’ve finally realized what you are, Silver!
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aiden-png · 2 months ago
How about Twilight Princess for the ask game? I don't even know if you've played that one, actually
I have not played it XD but I can try since I’ve read some stuff!
The first character I first fell in love with: Link, obv because of Twilight XD The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: MIDNA aaaaaaa she is so cool! The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Ilia? idk how the TP fandom feels about her though The character I love that everyone else hates: no clue who the TP fandom hates XD The character I used to love but don’t any longer: n/a The character I would totally smooch: ...Midna The character I’d want to be like: nahhh The character I’d slap: ..........Midna XDDD A pairing that I love: MidLink, especially in GuG aaaaaa it is very cute! ShadLink is growing on me too! oh and MidZeLink is Good A pairing that I despise: Ilia/Link XD
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un-pearable · 2 months ago
Not sure if you'll take LU characters, but how about Hyrule or Four? Otherwise, Sonic or Tails? [My Sonic knowledge is limited, sorry.]
ooo definitely hyrule, i don’t think i could handle the ash and smoke of a forge constantly 😅 plus when you get antsy there’s an excuse to wander off,, (also tails. bc the kid actually knows how to sit still for more than two moments. and those two moments are probably somewhere normal and yknow, not on the roof)
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lightning-of-farosh · 3 months ago
If you don't mind doing it, maybe something with Hyrule since he's technically 35 now. He deserves a little happiness, as a treat. Please and thank you ^u^
The barroom was stained in laughter and music. The floorboards had lines carved against the grain from stools and tables and swords. Hyrule sat in one of the far corners, a kettle sitting before him, steam rising from the spout. A small mug sat by his hand and his fingers curled towards the warmth.
“Mind if I join you, lad?”
He looked up and smiled at the elderly woman leaning over the empty seat across from him. “Please,” Hyrule said, turning to look, once more, at the group of heroes laughing and smiling in the more lit part of the bar. The old woman moved in the corner of his eye, reaching for the kettle and one of the abandoned mugs. “I never thought I’d see you in a place like this, Impa.”
“No,” she said, “I suppose not, Link.”
There was a smile in her voice.
They sat in silence, sipping their tea, off to the side and hidden in the shadows. There for those who looked and fine with being invisible to those who didn’t.
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addoves · 4 months ago
Oh my god, wait, I recognize your username! I think your LU fics were the first ones I binge-read! Oh man, I'm excited to read this new fic ^u^
AJNSJSNS THANK YOUUUU ilysm ajsnjs im glad i can bring u joy with my silly little fics 💝💝💝
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timeturner-jay · 5 months ago
Shadow pranking any of the Links, please and thank you. ^u^ Happy New Year, Jay
Happy new year, Silver! ❤️🥰 Because it's you, I actually went and wrote Shadow. Kinda.
Out of the corner of his eye, he can see it – a shadow on the wall. It moves and dances to the tune of the flickering fire, and though there isn't anyone here who could have cast it, its shape seems distinctly Hylian.
Magic burns through Legend's hand as he traces its outline with his fingers, the bracelet on his arm heavy with the desire to join it, to take part in this bizarre dance of two dimensions.
He pulls his hand away forcefully and the shadow stills, flickering almost apologetically as the fire flares and shoos it away.
Hahaha... Pranked?
I had a plan for this, but it's a drabble, so I had a limit of exactly 100 words, no more and no less - I couldn't express all my thoughts and ideas with such few words.
So make of this what you will, and interpret it in whatever way feels right to you; it might not be quite what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway! ❤️
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kyoupann · 5 months ago
Give me Shadow messing with the others, please and thank you. Four may or may not be aware of this happening. Or he's getting pranked just as hard.
henlo, Silver! Thank you for the prompt! :D
Here’ Shadow messing with some of the boys (and by extension Four), and Four trying to not get kicked out of the group :’D
It started as a series of unrelated events. 
First, the Captain's scarf went missing for hours just to be found hours later hanging from a tree branch. Odd. He didn't think much of it, maybe one of the younger heroes was feeling mischievous, and he could take it. No harm was done. So, with no more than a good laugh, he retrieved the blue garment down. 
"You did it?" Hyrule asked Legend, who simply shrugged and shook his head. 
"Wish I did," was all he said before landing his eyes on the smith packing his stuff. "But I smell a rat." 
Then, one morning Wild woke up to Wind snickering over him. When the youngest couldn't talk over his laughter, he quickly reached for his slate and checked his reflection in the camera rune. Sometime during the night, someone had drawn on his forehead and cheekbones markings similar to those on Twilight's face. After washing his face, he questioned everyone during breakfast and when no culprit was found, Wild declared he would be taking maternity leave for a week and that in the meantime the group would have to feed themselves. Still, no one came forward. In the middle of their distress, Legend glanced at Four, who didn't even spare a reaction to Wild's threat. 
The third instance is what made Legend halt in his step and think. They were traversing an open field. The evening sun burning their brows, not a single cloud in the sky and much less a single tree that could provide them shade. However, what caught his attention was the way his hat swung from side to side over his shoulder; the movement too unnatural to be caused by his step. Definitely, someone was messing with him. He took his hat off and fixed it on his head again, the end hanging over his left shoulder. Not even a minute later, he felt the familiar, slight pull. Annoyed, Legend turned around, ready to glare at whoever was behind him being an absolute pain in the ass. To his surprise, the only one walking behind him was Four, a couple of feet behind him and too distracted by a rock he kept kicking along the way. Legend frowned, but that didn't stop him from catching the small hero's attention and giving him a stern look.
"Stop it." 
Four looked up from his feet, his leg frozen midair ready to kick the rock once more. 
"Oh, sorry. Did I hit you?" 
"Playing dumb won't work, kid." 
Four just gave him a raised eyebrow and a side glance as he speeded past him,  filling the gap between Legend and Sky. Legend scoffed. Well, at least he won't be bothering me anymore, he thought. It was then that his hat was aggressively snatched off of his head and he swore he could feel the faintest, almost ghostly noogie on the crown of his head.
What the fuck.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
With most of the group asleep except for the hero keeping watch and an absurd excuse, Four left the campsite. The moon shining so bright he didn't even need to bring a candle with him, casting sharp shadows. He walked, the light of the campfire disappearing in the background with every step he took. When nothing but the quiet of the forest met his ears and new trees provided him with the privacy he needed, he stopped and looked around, assessing his surroundings. Nothing to be worried about, he was sure; but being cautious wouldn't hurt. 
"I know you're here," he said to particularly no one but himself, his voice trembling with excitement at the end of the sentence.
He waited and, as expected, didn't get an immediate response.
It was one moment later, when his spirits began to waver, that he spotted out of the corner of his eye the deformation of his shadow in the ground. Black tendrils emerged from it and swirled around his legs, going up to his torso like a snake strangling its prey. 
"Hello, there," his body visibly relaxed as he felt the black appendages squeezing his neck snuggly, "I have a favour to ask of you."
The tendrils around his neck quickly backed away, hiding most of its body in Four's shadow, a spiky tip peeking from the blackness.
Four laughed, "you already know, huh?" he bent down to be at eye-level with the tip, "I know you like to mess with them, but could you please stop it for a bit? One of these days you're going to get me in serious trouble."
The tendril recoiled into the shadows completely, and Four knew that if Shadow had a more corporeal form, he would be slumping and groaning dramatically to the skies right now. How dare Link mess with his fun.
Naturally, Four just rolled his eyes, "Oh, well. I guess you could keep it to a minimum. Is that alright?" 
The little spike peeked again from its hiding spot, its posture a bit dejected. 
"huh? not good enough? How about this, you can keep messing with just one of them."
The tendril perked up with interest, but not fully convinced by the offer.
"You get to choose your victim."
And just with that, Four found himself tightly enveloped by a thin mass of darkness. If only he could return the hug the same way without his arms passing through the mass as though it were smoke. Soon crossed his mind and left a wistful smile on his face.
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Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. What did you mean by "breaking in the binder"? I don't think I've heard of that before
You're welcome^^
Also, what I meant by "break in the binder" is to wear it for a while. Make sure you're used to/comfortable with it before you do anything major in it.
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kyoupann · 6 months ago
Speaking of the quiz: What made you decide what to put for the descriptions at the end? Was it just how you see the characters or was there more to it? I'm honestly glad that I took it 10 times or so, it was fun to see which character my answers led to.
oh, I wish I could give a very profound answer but the truth is that it was all just unexpected. It was all supposed to be a shitpost alkdfjsa but then I got too invested in the questions and it felt wrong to have a result with nothing but an image.
But if I think really about it, I feel that I took the general ideas or headcanons that the fandom has given each of the boys and just expanded them a bit more, just so that it wouldn’t feel like I’m talking about completely different characters. Like Time being a figure of authority in the group, Warriors drinking respect women juice 24/7, and Legend being a softy deep inside lol.
The more pretentious part was a mix of references to either that Link’s game/answers from the quiz, and of course, my perception of each Link heavily influences what I wrote. For example, Sky not being uwu, and Hyrule’s “You’re content with what you have and what you know, but the universe knows conformity isn’t really your thing.” comes from my idea of Hyrule knowing a lot of shit out of pure curiosity and not, let’s say, interest in putting it to use. He just genuinely wants to see and learn.
While writing the results, I realised that I wanted people to take something from their result with them and tried to include some sort of reassuring words that I believe that ‘Link’ would appreciate (: e.g.: giving Twilight reasons to keep trying, Wild being reassured of his worth and so on.
I hope I made myself clear? lol but tl;dr: generic zodiac sign writing meets my notes on the boys.
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aiden-png · 7 months ago
Dying breath kiss with the OT3 ^u^ Who do you feel like killing?
ohhh Silver.. oh no.. why do you enable me so? :3 kiss prompts are from here
Blue had known from the start that he was fighting a losing battle. It was supposed to be a casual patrol, albeit in an area more densely populated by monsters but still. There had been little hesitance in allowing the four of them to take the route--they’d faced far worse than a few Moblins, and the resounding consensus had been what’s the worst that could happen?
A dozen Moblins trapping them in dense woods seemed to be just that.
Blue couldn’t deny that he was tired, frustrated. It was nearing dusk, the sky overhead turning to dull greys as the sun set somewhere behind the clouds. These woods were thick and unforgiving, and Blue knew there wasn’t help for miles. The perfect trap, and they’d fallen right in. Brambles caught at his ankles, making his footing sloppy as he ducked beneath the swing of a spear. He could hear the others fighting nearby more than see them, and having his back open, not knowing if anyone was hurt or worse, it made his movements all the more desperate.
Blue lunged and caught the Moblin in the side, brackish blood spraying across his sleeves as he tugged his sword free. The beast fell in a heap and Blue panted, barely sparing a moment to be sure it was dead before he hurried back towards the others. They tried to stick to battle plans and formations, especially when outnumbered, and anxiety wormed its way in as Blue feared his separation could’ve put one of them in danger. When he burst through a thicket and spotted Green and Vio back to back it was a relief, though that relief was short lived as he whipped his head around searching for Red.
A familiar battle cry and blast of heat came from his right and Blue took off, Green and Vio more than capable of protecting each others backs against the two Moblins on them. Red however, Red he worried about. It wasn’t that Red was reckless or incapable--far from it, he had some of the best speed of them all. Blue’s protective instincts had always been more intense for Red though, and some nights he only truly felt safe with Red’s arms wrapped around his front and Green at his back.
So when Blue skidded into the clearing and spotted Red catching his breath, shirtsleeve singed but otherwise unscathed amidst three smouldering Moblins, he had to fight not to surge forward and wrap him in a hug.
“Blue!” Red cheered, bouncing excitedly, though the sweat sticking his bangs to his forehead showed his exhaustion. “Thank goodness you’re alright, when we got separated I--”
Blue saw it in slow motion, though the length of each second lent him no favors in reaching Red sooner. A Moblin had sprung from the brush to their left and before the rustling of branches had even alerted them an arrow had lodged itself lengthwise into Red’s chest. Blue felt a shout tear from his throat more than heard it, springing towards the archer and cutting another arrow from the air as it whizzed towards him. In seconds Blue had dispatched the Moblin, fury and panic driving his sword deep into the ground on its downswing. He didn’t bother to free it from the dirt, didn’t even spare the Moblin a glance as he sprinted back towards Red.
Red stumbled forward, face scrunched in pain and eyes squeezed tight as blood bloomed over his tunic. Blue caught him before he hit the ground, wincing at the pained whine that spilled from Red’s lips at the jarring contact. Blue lowered them slowly, heart in his throat at Red’s pale face and gasping breaths, his freckles standing out plainly where tanned cheeks would normally blend them in. The arrow had hit his right side and driven in to the feathers, stone head buried somewhere inside Red’s chest cavity and--
“I-It’s going to be okay,” Blue whispered, running a hand through Red’s hair as he leaned against Blue’s chest.
“Hurts...” Red hissed, one hand reaching blindly to grip Blue’s tunic.
Blue didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t remove the arrow, not when there was no way of telling how deep it went, how many vital organs it could have hit. Red’s wheezing breaths were sign enough that there wasn’t much to be done, that each second spent knelt in this clearing was counting down to Red’s last. Anger would do nothing but Blue trembled with it, with the urge to fight and kill and somehow fix this. But there was nothing to be done, no direction for his rage but in holding Red as he struggled to breathe.
“Blue? Red?” Vio’s voice called from behind them, bushes rustling as they approached.
Blue couldn’t find his voice but he didn’t need to in the end, Vio cursing as he entered the clearing. Hurried footsteps brought Green to his knees beside them, emerald eyes wide as he hovered, Blue meeting his gaze and feeling tears burn behind his eyes. Vio came closer but kept his distance when he saw the arrow, his expression turning cold, calculating, and Blue knew all the more how hopeless this was. Red lifted his head, amber eyes moving between them slowly, grimace on a face made for smiling. Even in these tense, final moments Red was trying to comfort them, and Blue’s vision blurred as his chest throbbed.
“Blue...” Red whispered, just for him, and his hand shakily made its way to cup Blue’s cheek. A thumb brushed away his tears, Red pulling him down until their foreheads pressed together. His skin was cool and Blue let out a shaky breath, meeting amber eyes with desperation clear between them. Red leaned up and pressed his lips softly against Blue’s, too cold to match the fire that burned within, too soft to match the passion they typically shared. A kiss that didn’t say I need you, didn’t shout you’re mine. It was a whisper, barely there, of goodbye.
Red pulled back and turned his gaze on Green, the other shuffling over with tearful eyes. Red winced as he moved his other arm and Green quickly sprung forward, grasping Red’s hand and leaning closer on his own. Their lips met just as briefly, fleeting, and Blue struggled to keep it together when Red quickly pulled away to cough.
His small frame shook, each breath coming more labored, more desperate as the coughing took the last of his strength. When it finally gave way to choked breaths Red remained slumped over, Blue gently maneuvering until Red could lean fully against him. There was blood on his chin and collar, staining his too pale skin, and if it weren’t for the tired blinking of his eyes Blue would have thought Red was gone.
Green was stifling his sobs in hiccuping breaths, furiously scrubbing tears from his eyes as he held onto Red’s hand like a lifeline. Vio had drawn closer, kneeling by Red’s legs and rubbing circles into his knee. There was pain in his gaze despite his composure, and as amethyst eyes met amber Vio nodded, posture collapsing as his facade gave way.
This was not how things were supposed to end. Not in some clearing just miles from home, on patrol after they’d finally succeeded. After Blue and Green and Red had finally come together--they were supposed to have their whole lives ahead of them. Not a few months of held hands and shared beds and loving kisses. Not barely enough time to memorize the constellation of freckles on Red’s face, not days after Blue had managed to perfect that sweet bread recipe Red had begged him to make. It tore him up, each stuttered breath and slow blink twisted a knife in Blue’s heart. He took Red’s free hand as it fell from his cheek, capturing cold fingers in his own, ignoring the warm fluid that stuck against his chest and legs where Red pressed against him. Blue pressed a soft kiss against Red’s knuckles, earning a small upturn of tired lips before Red’s eyes finally closed.
“I love you,” Blue whispered against Red’s temple, and Vio ducked his head, Green stifling a sob.
Red shifted, face smoothing out, hand growing lax in Blue’s own. Heavier and heavier against his chest, but Red’s weight was nothing compared to the vice of Blue’s ribs around his heart.
Red didn’t reply.
A few minutes later Red’s chest stilled and Vio had to retrain Green from trying to revive him. All Blue could do was hold Red’s still body, feeling the chill its fiery spirit had left behind, and shake with the gaping hole Red’s absence left in his soul.
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kyoupann · 7 months ago
You mentioned language/writing disorders in your handwriting headcanons. I'm curious about them since I know very little about those disorders [I only know a bit about dyslexia cuz my cousin has it]. Would you mind talking about them? Please and thank you.
I’m more than happy to share these language headcanons with y’all!! c:
For now, I’ll just address the two disorders I mentioned here, aphasia and agraphia
Quick disclaimer: I am not a professional and I’m very much still learning about language disorders. To be fair, it’s been only about a year and a half since I found out aphasia existed at all. All my knowledge on these disorders come from a couple of classes in my applied linguistics and phonetics courses and my own research. I encourage everyone interested in incorporating any type of condition into their writing to do your own research as I’m sure you’ll find better explanations than mine out there <3
I love seeing everyone’s take on Link’s lack of speech. I’ve seen people writing Link as hard of hearing, mute, autistic and all of them are amazing ideas that I’m sure represent many people in the fandom. However, I have yet to find someone who has attributed him a specific language disorder (and if you know of anyone, please let me know!!!)
Funnily enough, I haven’t played BoTW yet my headcanons are for that Link
My language headcanons for Wild (in both LU and general LoZ)
If the shrine could cause him total memory loss, or amnesia, I consider it very plausible that other areas of his brain were affected as well. After all, he died and his brain must have been inactive for quite a few minutes which is obviously big yikes in any situation. So, inactivity/damage in the brain = possible language disorder/expressive aphasia
               Language disorders are, basically, of two kinds: those which affect comprehension speech and those which affect production of speech. For Wild’s case we are of course looking at the latter. There are two areas in the brain that are responsible for language: Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area. Wernicke’s area is involved in the comprehension of language (both written and spoken), while Broca’s is responsible for the production of language. Damage to either one of these parts is likely to result in one type of aphasia.
               Aphasia is the loss of language comprehension and production due to damage in one area of the brain. Common causes are strokes and head trauma. There are many types of aphasia but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just focus on Broca’s aphasia or Expressive aphasia, which is the specific condition I headcanon Wild to have.
               Although its name is a bit confusing, Expressive aphasia prevents Wild from creating complete sentences. He would be able to speak, but his sentences would mostly consist of words with meaning (horse, house, beautiful) and will be missing articles and prepositions (the, this, a, on); he wouldn’t be able to create grammatically correct sentences, his speech would be slow and something like:  morning….uh…I…er…first… uh…. Apple… apple… er…. Eat... (The first thing I ate in the morning was an apple).
               The biggest issue is that expressive aphasia doesn’t affect language comprehension as much as it affects production. Wild could be able to understand written and spoken language with mild limitations (can read simple sentences but might have problems with indirect speech and multiple-subject sentences) And I say biggest issue because most patients with aphasia are aware of their struggles. Their intelligend is unaffected. Wild would be very aware that he is missing some words. This often leads to feelings of frustration and insecurity.
Think of expressive aphasia as “I know the word for it, but I cannot remember what it is” but… for most of your vocabulary.
               However, aphasia can be ‘treated’ with speech therapy. Language will not be the same as before, but it can get better. And there are many cases of people with aphasia using sign language as means of communication because gestures are produced/perceived by a brain area different to language areas! So, Wild would prefer to be mostly silent and use sign language to communicate with strangers, but would feel more comfortable speaking with close friends like Zelda and Twi, who he knows will be patient with him so he doesn’t have to worry about taking long to remember words.
               The other language disorder I mentioned was apraxia, but I meant to write agraphia. However, it is still relatively new to me and I haven’t had the chance to find enough material to work with, so I’m still not sure if I’ll ever really to commit to this headcanon.
But long story short, agraphia often appears with other disorders (like aphasia), there are so many types of agraphia! some affect the movement areas while others affect language areas in the brain. When there is no sign of other disorders it’s called pure agraphia and it’s the inability to write while still being able to read and speak. People with agraphia might have problems sounding out words, making sound-to-letter connections and they sometimes heavily rely on their orthographic memory for writing which results in frequent spelling errors.
As for Wind, I’ve been considering either agraphia or aphasia for him as well since he has been thrown against walls enough times, hard enough to cause at least some concussions :( that battle with Ganondorf? Yikes! But since he is young ™, he has a greater chance at easily strengthening his remaining language skills, they will not be on the same level as kids his age, but there’s the possibility of getting better than Wild with less difficulty.
So, tldr:
Broca’s Aphasia: loss of language production, can understand with mild difficulties but has problems coming up with complete sentences and speech is robot-like.
Agraphia: loss of the ability to write due to either damage to motor areas or language areas in the brain. Can read and speak with mild difficulties but has problems producing written language.
I definitely didn’t expect this to be so long 😂 I’m sorry! I hope I was clear 😞 still, I had a good time writing this since I never had the opportunity during my classes, so thank you so much for asking, Silver!! 💛💛
If you got this far, then you might want to be check my handwriting headcanons. If you have a hc about language/culture (or any type, tbh), feel free to share them with me anytime! I’d love to read them!!! 💛
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koolkitty9 · 8 months ago
Writing prompt: Shadow [I now realize my mistake last time, I'd like to see what you do with this one ^u^]
(Ah, you’re good lol :3 Gives me good practice in, I’ve hardly been writing lately, so it’s been nice to do these) --- Green sat down next to Vio, who was reading. He cleared his throat awkwardly, “So, is almost up, it’s late and we’ll have to merge back.” Vio sighed through his nose as he looked up from his book while he snapped it shut. “Yes...”
“What...were you reading? Is it how to shut Blue up forever?” “I heard that!” Vio stifled a chuckle, “Just...some ancient texts...”  “To...” Green sighed, “to find more about how to find him? I know that’s why you wanted to split tonight.” Vio stood from the base of the tree and brushed off his tunic, “Maybe.”
Give me a drabble prompt and I won’t use the word that is given
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koolkitty9 · 8 months ago
Writing prompt: Minish
“Do you think they’ll be happy to see us?”  “Of course, Red!” Four...well Green said as he walked, he hadn’t separated yet. They all agreed it would be easier once they arrived.
“But won’t they see we’re gone?” “That’s why we told them we’d be getting firewood.” Vio replied. Green smiled, “Exactly! The Picori leaders will be so excited, I bet Blue is excited too, he hasn’t spoken at all.” Then, Blue hissed, “I’ll make you never speak again!”
Green sighed, “Well we’re here, so let’s go say hi!” As they arrived to the village, he finally split into four.
Give me a drabble prompt and I won’t use the word that is given
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themisadventurescrew · 8 months ago
I love that we both react similarly as far as Four is concerned XD We stan one smithy boy
Yeah no, tumblr and public areas see a VERY toned down reaction XD
Im very toned down with my reactions to the LU Four, in public at least, you should see how feral i go for the Hero of the Four Sword in general XD
It's a problem jrkffjajwj
But yes, the smithy is my boi and I love him a whole lot and my friends make fun of me for it.
I just have a thing for blondes.
I just woke up so most of this probably doesnt make sense apologies gisnfkwkskw
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aiden-png · 8 months ago
What if, I came over there to hug you so you weren't sad anymore?
adsfsdfkjkdf Silver I will cry, I am actually tearing up I’m ;-;
a hug sounds very nice, yes please <3<3<3
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creatorverse-official · 10 months ago
Permission to come aboard? I wasn't really a part of the whole minivan adventure thing, tho i did see some of the shenanigans. I'm uh, not as into Undertale anymore, but I honestly don't know much about this AU in general.
Of course! Literally anyone can join!
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faerieking · a year ago
And now all I can think of is Legend teaching Hyrule how to ride a horse
I may actually try my hand at writing for this I fucking love this thank you for my life????
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