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pinkballerinas · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Here had come at last the fairy-tale princess of childhood dreams." - Sybille Olivier on Vivien Leigh
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theheadlessgroom · 23 hours ago
“My favorite to make is the top hat,” Randall smiled. “They look so simple, but they’re”
For a moment, he struggled to think of the word he was looking for, and his cheeks flushed pink as he wracked his brain before finally coming upon it, saying, “V-Versatile! That was the word I was looking for! There’s much variety to them!” The width of the brim, the height of the hat overall, the different fabrics, the colors he could use for the band around it, they were a delight to make in his opinion.
“Um...m-most popular when I worked at the haberdashery was p-probably the boater hat for the men,” he continued, rubbing his chin in contemplation. “I-I had a lot of men come in looking f-for those, y-y’know, it’s good to wear when you’re o-out boating and in the sun all, the women mostly wanted sunhats, l-like those ones with wide, floppy brims, y’know?” He made both kinds very often, particularly for those planning on attending a garden party or cotillion in the summertime.
“B-But I made all kinds,” Randall chuckled, as he drained the water from his glass, the cubes clinking together as he set it back on the table. “Cloches, fedoras, newsboy caps...y-you name it, I-I probably made it at least once!” He’d even made a veil or two, hence his familiarity with them when it came to handling Emily’s on the set. 
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ripperonline · 2 days ago
screen projector stand
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theheadlessgroom · 2 days ago
Randall’s cheeks flushed pink again (what was it, the millionth time they’d done so in her presence?) at her well-wishes for his career, a gesture that made him smile. He hadn’t told many about his plans to move to California, outside of perhaps his old boss, who had scoffed at his dream of costuming movie stars, and sarcastically wished him good luck on his last day of work. It warmed his heart to know that Emily genuinely wished to see him succeed, that she truly wished to see him happy here in his new home.
“Th-Thank you,” he replied, before adding earnestly, “I...I’m very happy th-that you’re happy too, a-and th-that you get to do what you l-love! Y-You’re a-a wonderful actress, and I-I don’t think it was just luck th-that got you t-to where you are now.”
There was no doubt that she was one of the brightest stars to light up the screen, he felt-graceful, charming, capable, she could do anything a role asked of her. She undoubtedly lit up the lights of Broadway, and so it didn’t seem so surprising that she did the same with the silver screen. He just hoped that her parents warmed to her career choice-but something told him he shouldn’t hold his breath...
“Wh-What was it like?” he asked her, as he picked up a pepper that had fallen out of his sandwich to toss into his mouth. “D-Dancing on Broadway, I-I mean.”
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