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#silvan elves
mairons-hope · 4 days ago
Thingol: Daughter! You can't just fall in love eith a stranger you saw once in the forest!
Melian awkwardly sipping her tea from the other side of the table looking away: ....
Luthien: Seriously dad?!
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mystiquepriestess18 · 5 days ago
"The elves are immortal, at least as far as this world goes: and hence, are concerned rather with the griefs and burdens of deathlessness in time and change, than with death."
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Digital fanart inspired after rewatching The Hobbit. 🤩🍿
I have always been a fan of the Elves, most especially the Silvan elves. They are so epic especially with their fight scenes.
And of course, they are very beautiful creatures.
I have a sweet spot for King Thranduil 🦌, I just love watching his royal demeanor in everything he does! Not to mention his looks too 🤭.
Im sorry Legolas, but your father is so gorgeous, I can't take me eyes off him whenever Im watching the movie. 😅✨
Now Im drowning in my Middle Earth fantasies✨
🎨 #Mystique Priestess Artwork 🎨
Tumblr media
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foxleycrow · 10 days ago
Word count: 33,503 (so far) Pairing(s): Thranduil/Celegorm Characters: Thranduil, Celegorm, (little) Legolas, Oropher, Galion, minor OCs, possibly more to come… Warnings: Canon-typical violence, trauma, grief, implied nudity.
Summary: A mystery has come to the Greenwood: something—or someone—is slaying the great spiders with mad abandon. Thranduil is not sorry to see the creatures slain, but he must learn what force is responsible and keep it in check. For the spiders are vengeful, and the safety of his people comes first.
What Thranduil does not expect is that the identity of the killer will not only alter the very future of the Greenwood, but his own life, and that of his young son.
Notes: So far, no one has mentioned the fact that revenants is plural in my title... Just pointing that out, haha. 
Also, I eventually raised the rating to Teen purely because of Celegorm being Celegorm.
Sorry this update took a bit longer than usual—I had to pause to work out my outline for the fic as a whole, to figure out how it would progress. It’s done, now!
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thekingslegaices · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The King of Mirkwood along with his fair lady.
Part 1
He watched over her small village. Her people had asked to shelter in his lands which he allowed, giving a sizable amount by a reliable river. Her people were saved. The elders of her village wanted to thank the king for his kindness. So they said
“We will give whatever you see fit of that of a king”
As the whole village surrounded the powerful elf king. Hold their most priced possessions.
Yet Thranduil saw the Beautiful Maiden moving behind the gathering crowd. She was heading toward the forest basket in hand and determination on her face.
‘Her’ he thought ‘I want her’
Her hair was beautiful and her skin flawless. She shined in the sunlight.
“ I will require nothing of you all to day” he spoke
“ I will return at spring solstice, then i will choose what i want”
The king turn mounted his mighty elk and rode off his royal Guards behind him. 
I got the photos and gif from We Heart it. But if anyone know a better app could you please share it with me.
Lots of love
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unnamedelement · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Podfic of my ficlet “You Carry Them in Your Heart,” written for Diverse Tolkien Week 2021. Fic notes can be found on the original tumblr post for DvTW, or on the link second AO3 link. You can find this ficlet on AO3 here (podfic) and here (original).
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unnamedelement · 19 days ago
i’m like 20% sure this is the funniest “overly-specific Tolkien thing” I have ever created X
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fuckfacetheunicorn · 20 days ago
Something That Makes Me Sad
The idea that the Silvan elves in Lorien lost their culture and traditions while under Noldor/Sindar rule.
Imagine the Lorien elves visiting the Woodland Realm after the War of the Ring and Thranduil purposely inviting them when there is some sort of Silvan festival going on. He just assumes that similarly to his people, despite Sindar/Noldor rule, they would still observe it. But they don't and they have forgotten how to celebrate it. They see the Mirkwood elves celebrating as they had done millennia ago and how the House of Oropher have embraced it and not sanitised* it.
Thranduil drinking with highest ranking silvans and laughing loudly in a completely undignified way. Legolas dances with his people and smokes the sweet smelling herbs that make your brain go numb. Yes, they can play the part of the Sindar Lord very well, but their hearts' rest with their people, not with their lineage.
They meet Thranduil's Silvan Queen (she's alive and Silvan and I won't take any criticisms on this), who drapes her legs over her husbands and rests her head on his shoulder when she gets sleepy. The Lorien elves could not imagine their own Lord and Lady acting in such a way in public.
In conclusion, while the Sindar may have brought order to the Silvan elves, in Mirkwood they did so without compromising what made them Silvan to begin with. The Sindar are just there because the Silvan's don't know how to negotiate a trade deal, which is fair enough considering that isn't exactly an everyday skill.
*The word 'sanitised' is not a COVID joke. When colonial powers would go into areas, they would often force changes upon cultural traditions to bring them into line with their own culture.
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fuckfacetheunicorn · 22 days ago
Silvan elves in Valinor anyone??
I need Silvan elves in Valinor fan fiction. Like, what do they do? Who do they piss off?
I can just imagine them rocking up later than everyone else, not really giving a fuck. They completely reject the Noldor and Sindar traditions and customs and just go and find a forest somewhere.
Sometimes they come out for special occasions but purposely try and piss off as many high and mighty pricks as possible. (They make a drinking game out of it.) And those high and mighty pricks always turn to Oropher, Thranduil or Legolas to try and get them to stop, but they just join in.
They get drunk, smoke all sorts of fun herbs and just generally enjoy their lives now they aren't plagued by the darkness.
The Valar get really pissy about it too, except Yavanna because she joins in. So does Radagast.
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mirkwoodchangeling · 24 days ago
Silvan Clans
It's me, MirkwoodChangeling, back with some more non-canon Silvan worldbuilding. I imagine the Silvan elves of the Mirkwood have a clan system, wherein the Silvan people do not have a strong centralized government and rather divide social and political organization among several matrilineal clans, each corresponding with traditional roles, symbols, and cultural practices.
As with clans in many real-world cultures, marriage is forbidden within one's clan (this is stretching LaCE a little bit, but it's essentially to ensure you don't accidentally marry your mother-cousin), and one isn't necessarily bound to the roles of their clan - it's just a convenient way of organizing a large group of people.
While one's clan is inherited from their mother, Silvan children participate in both parent's clans' cultures, and elves of any gender can take up leadership within their mother's clan. The clans each have a chief, who comprise the central council, and this council is useful in times of conflict, for organizing trade, and for planning major cultural events and festivals, etc. (I'm writing a Thranduil-centric fanfiction right now to explain where the Kings come in, so I will explain leadership more there if you're interested). Below the cut, I'll go more into my HCs for specific clans.
AMOSGARN (Red-Breast Clan)
Represented by the robin and the color red; not represented by a direction on the compass, but by the center of the wood. Originated near the Mountains of Mirkwood. Traditional artists, storytellers, and scouts, therefore holding a significant role in cultural and linguistic preservation.
AEGIL (Pierced Horn Clan)
Represented by the deer, the color white, and the West. Traditional counselors, spiritual leaders, and healers. They have a lot of spiritual importance to the Silvans, and descendants of this clan tend to be more gifted in magical pursuits.
THANNEN (Water-Shield Clan)
Represented by the turtle, the color green, and the Northwest. Traditional teachers, caretakers, and water protectors. They have a very important role in monitoring waterways and honoring the river, where a lot of the Greenwood's power comes from.
MITHELF (Grey Coat Clan)
Represented by the wolf, the color grey, and the North. Traditional hunters, warriors, and cooks. This is one of the more numerous clans, and they are valued for their courage and prowess in hunting. Possibly the key contributors to the "less wise, more dangerous" myth, but also very important in maintaining relationships with the creatures inhabiting Greenwood.
MORCERCH (Black Claw Clan)
Represented by the marten, the color black, and the Northeast. Traditional leaders, lawmakers, and laborers. Just as the roles of leader and laborer would suggest, this clan represents and values balance and compromise.
BARTHIR (River-Dwelling Clan)
Represented by the otter, the color brown, and the East. Traditional crafters (bowyers!!), artisans, and traders. They deal the most with outside peoples, as a result, especially the men from Esgaroth and dwarves.
COLUIDAL (Lightfoot Clan)
Represented by the hare, the color yellow/gold, and the South and Southeast. This was originally two clans, but they merged late in the First Age. Traditional gardeners, builders, and food gatherers. They are very important to foodways and sustainability within Silvan culture.
Represented by the butterfly (and sometimes the spider, although for obvious reasons that comparison is made less often after the giant spider invasion), the color blue, and the Southwest. Traditional scholars and weavers, and also deal with ceremonies regarding life and death. While most Silvans are closer to Yavanna and Orome on the rare occasion that they decide to acknowledge the Valar at all, the Lilthagwilith are more willing to deal with Namo and Nienna. As such, they are seen as a bit odd, but still very valued, especially as the war progresses and counsel regarding death is needed more.
If y'all want to use these in your own fanworks (with credit), I am more than okay with that! I'd love to hear people's thoughts about these. Also, I have no idea if my clan names make sense, I was just scouring Parf Edhellen to try to come up with names that made sense, so if any linguistic scholars have advice it would be much-appreciated.
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mirkwoodchangeling · 26 days ago
Traditional Silvan Foods
I have no idea if these are actually agriculturally compatible foods, but I've done a bit of research and I love to do Silvan worldbuilding, so here are some of my headcanons for traditional Silvan foods.
Many of these are based on traditional Irish foods since the Legendarium is an attempt at English legend, but I've also incorporated some traditional foods from my heritage since it's in a similar geographical area. This'll probably be a bit long, so foods below the cut.
I'm taking a few creative liberties here, but based on the geographical area as well as animals Tolkien has shown to be canon, I think these would be common meats in the area.
Deer: I think venison would be one of the more common foods. It can be eaten in many ways, including as a roast, jerky, stewed.
Boar: Another common meat, usually eaten spit-roasted or dried.
Beaver: Beaver meat is actually very nutritional, so it is considered to be a very valuable food. Generally cooked very slowly in broth.
Spring bear: It's inconvenient and among the least preferred meats, so it's only eaten during times of necessity.
Fish: Due to their proximity to Esgaroth and the Great River of Wilderland, fish is common and one of the favorite foods of the Silvans. It's made almost every way, baked, fried, steamed, stewed, etc. Fish oil is a useful dietary supplement, often added to other foods.
Hare: another common food due to its prevalence, often eaten smoked or roasted.
Broths are made of many of these meats, especially fish, to be eaten or drank alone for sustenance and used in soups and stews.
Bannock: due to how easy it is to make and its versatility, bannock is a very common food. It can be eaten by itself, with meat, with honey, or with fruit. Can be baked or fried in fat.
Wild Rice: wild rice is also a common food, often cooked with fish or meat, mushrooms, wild onions, and spices. Also handy in stews.
Acorn: Flour can be made from thinly ground acorns that are frequently used to make breads and cakes. it lends itself very well to sweets because it is denser and sweeter than wheat flour. Porridge can also be made out of coarser acorn meal. Acorn porridge is a very common dish, especially for children, eaten with fruit and honey for breakfast, broth and meat for lunch and dinner, and a common dish for people who need extra nourishment is acorn porridge with fish oil and mashed turnips (it's not great but it's definitely food).
Dense nut breads: dense nut breads made from acorn flour, hazelnuts, and chestnuts among other foods, such as fat from meats, dried fruits, and honey are staples of the Silvan diet.
Hazelnuts and chestnuts: used in many recipes, especially pastries and festival foods. Hazelnut butter is often eaten on bannock.
Pancakes: another common food is pancakes. Can be eaten alone, in stacks, with honey, and one favorite dish is fish wrapped in thin eggy pancakes with onions added into the batter.
Berries (strawberries are a favorite), cherries, and apples are the main fruits.
Often eaten alone, stewed, dried, or baked into breads and sweets.
There is also a syrup made out of cherries, and because it can be made faster and spoils sooner than grape wine, cherry wine is a favorite especially among younger elves.
Turnips, cabbage, leek, watercress, carrots, turnips, parsnips, radishes, spinach, nettles, wild onions.
Some favorite dishes are mashed turnips (surprisingly good side with meat); braised cabbage; leek, carrot, and turnip soup; a salad made of watercress, carrots, and radishes; nettle porridge; and venison liver with onions and stewed spinach.
Cherry wine, mead, and beer. (Wine isn't imported until later).
Wild garlic is a favorite flavoring. Mushrooms are very, very common because they go with most savory meals. Parsley is another favorite seasoning. The Silvan elves usually have criminally underseasoned food, but they do have truffles on their side. Sage, rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves are other common seasonings. Fresh herbs in a cream sauce is a common dressing.
Many dairy products are traded and used, including butter, cheese, milk, and whipped cream. Weirdly enough, yogurt is a favorite food of the Silvans.
Because of their high metabolisms and the fact that I have decided that the Greenwood and surrounding areas are abundant with honey (beekeeper elves, anyone?), I headcanon that elves in general but especially the Silvan elves have an uncontrollable sweet tooth.
This includes candies, dense tarts made of honey and ground nuts, cooked berry desserts (think blueberry crumble and fruit crisps), a dense acorn flour cake made with honey and a scary amount of butter, fruit custards, and just plain honeycomb.
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carter-sg-1 · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Elven warrior?
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riderofrohirrim · a month ago
I want to read more about the Teleri
Show me the Teleri learning how to live with the sea. They carve intricate designs on the sides of their swan ships as a thanks to the Valar. They deftly weave rope into nets and slowly they learn how to only capture what they need. Their halls are decorated with pearls, with shells, with metals that reflect the oncoming high tide. But the Teleri inhabited many coastlines: show me them developing unique styles of fishing, unique clothing, unique words that do not exist in other elven dialects that specifically refer to the sea.
Show me the Teleri singing in harmony with the sea, the waves and their voices weeping as they recall the kinslaying. Perhaps Ulmo and Ossë mourn with them, the roar of the ocean echoing their grief. The howling wind is the screams of the dead, the water is their blood - despite all the pain, all the ugly agony, there is a haunting and beautiful melody that now lingers by the shore and is heard even far over the mountains. On both sides of the Anduin, the elven leaders remember the second and third kinslaying - their words are tainted by the woods and the waves of Beleriand, a haunting melody of a sea and a forest echoes in their every breath.
Show me the Nandor, the Teleri who abandoned the great journey, singing ancient melodies of the sea even though they have never seen the ocean. The Silvan elves may live in the forest but somehow their words are tainted by the faint hum of waves on the shore. They may have turned away before they ever saw the ocean but it lives within them, a distant lull in their souls. Other Teleri have been slain on the shores and in the woods where we have never dared to travel, but we feel the pain, we feel the wind and the waves mourn with us. Perhaps they do not know why they mourn so deeply, perhaps they do not know why they hear and feel sounds that do not exist in the forests deep in their hearts. But soon they will know, soon they will never be able to leave the shore.
Show me the Nandor and the Sindar making the journey together at last, finally crossing the sea, finally following the Falmari. They build their boats on the shoreline as they hear the seagulls call. Intricate carvings line the side of the ships, as if a memory that never existed awoke within them of Ulmo and Ossë anchoring the floating island in the sea. But now there is a woman throwing herself into the waves, there are bodies on the cliffs and on the shore - all carved into the ships. There is a tale of a prince who heard the seagull cry and from that day on he longed for the sea, he longed to make the journey.
And they can hear the melody of grief in the waves and in the wind. And their uniqueness binds them as one, their language and their clothes may be different but they are all Teleri, they are the third clan, they are those who come last and they are finally making the great journey. Years of living under forest and high in the mountains has not wearied them, they will sail and they will reach Valinor.
After all they are the Foam-riders, they are the Singers of the Shore, the Elves of the Sea. They are the Ship-wrights, the Gatherers of Pearl, the Blue Elves, and the people of Olwë. They are the Sea Elves.
But they live in the woods, they live near the mountains, they live far away from the sea - show me that someday they will all make the great journey. Show me that someday the sea will call them all home.
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mirkwoodchangeling · a month ago
you know, I always hoped that if I was an elf, I’d be Silvan because Indigeneity parallels and “lesser elves”/ “less wise, more dangerous” being colonizer code for “fucking badasses who are better at gardening and minding their own business and the rest of Arda is salty about that”
but fuck if I don’t relate to the Noldor tendency to be “OHFUCKOHSHIT if i’m not creating something at all times I will LOSE my MIND my evil little brain has to be creative or i’ll die when did i last make something oh no oh shit gottagomakestuffgottagomakestuffgottagomakestuff”
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starwrought · a month ago
headcanon that Silvan elves all have a special tattoo (usually located on the side of the ribs or on the hips so that it is normally covered by clothing or their body) that identifies them to close friends/family while not being very noticeable to someone who might be trying to impersonate them
as this tradition stands over from the days of Morgoth's people stealing away their people and some of them "returning" but really being enemies with enchantment spells to look like the lost one
they also have special words that are considered names by outsiders but wouldn't be considered names to them that are only used underneath fear that the person they are speaking to is an imposter and these words aren't known outside a handful of people. these are strings of syllables almost like a poem but with no meaning so that it couldn't be guessed at
(example: Legolas would have three leaves on his ribs beneath his arm crossed over with a line. His word would be 'Dalienelmorasenavenwinelwy.' da-li-en-el-mor-a-sen-a-ven-win-el-wy)
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it-hun · 2 months ago
Okey I’m gonna say it...
Elves with bangs are rebels!!
Thank you for your attention have a nice day :)
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majestictolkienelves · 2 months ago
At least 80% of the Silvans have called Radagast Grandpa
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