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#silly stuff
diosasoleada · 6 hours ago
current WIPs
1. in a magical word, a bunch of 20+ year old women travel the world and try to survive their abuser while working through their own trauma
2. a 23 year old woman who thinks she's been cursed with bad luck moves from town to town, wreaking havoc and sometimes razing entire towns in the process and her best friend is keeping an important secret from her.
3. an infertile couple want nothing more in this world than to have the children they've wanted for most of their lives so they summon a demon who makes a deal with them that if they can raise demon children for an entire year, that he'll give them the ability to have their own biological children.
4. a traumatized 25 year old pirate woman did something horrible and now has to face the ramifications of her actions, resulting in her escorting escaped slaves back to their home countries to safety.
this is too many 😭😭
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hazbincalifornia · 17 hours ago
Been listening to this song and y’all know why
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too-cool-for-facebook · 17 hours ago
I feel like working would be more fulfilling if every payday they literally handed you a sack full of golden coins
Tumblr media
Y'know, something tangible. A physical reward to make the dopamine go YAY!
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conductor-of-light-210 · 17 hours ago
Yoooooo, I've got just over 200 followers now! What the fuck is up, fam??? ❤️🌈🙏🙌
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literary-ly · 20 hours ago
I totally get how you feel in terms of the incessant need to be liked and have found myself falling into the same trap as of late but... just wanted to say- I may have followed you for the Frankenstein content, but I'm staying for the fact that you are a genuinely cool, incredible, amazing, kind person, and everything you post is great and interesting. I may not always understand all of the references or the things you post, but I find it all to be genuinely wonderful regardless.
(Sorry if you wanted this answered privately but private asks I can’t keep so that’s that)
Thank you so much for your words though, they’re genuinely really helpful and you guys are all so unbelievably kind to me. I’m glad you’re all understanding!! I really do enjoy Frankenstein a lot :) it’s one of my favorite books!! But I don’t want to bore others with my other occasional posts.
Thank you so much, that’s a genuine relief to hear. And it’s totally valid if you don’t understand everything shgfh totally not expected of anyone!! /gen 
You’re an amazing, kind person and I’m so glad to have interacted with you even a few times, thank you sm for sending this. Also you shouldn’t worry about being liked!! You’re so loved and an amazing person. 
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nylarac · 20 hours ago
Would love to see those stars as earrings 👀
i will definitely take pics once i make em 👀
planning on attempting to make earrings out of these guys tonight
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cruelsister · a day ago
not trying to gatekeep i just literally don't understand this idea of like... for want of a better phrase, treating butch and femme as entire genders and then being gnc to them because like 1. they're already inherently gnc by being lesbian roles so you're not doing something radical here and 2. they're social sexual roles so performance and presentation IS basically an inseparable part of them enough that like a "masculine femme" is completely meaningless where a masculine woman is completely rational
#and idk how to rationalise my thoughts abt this without like a whole essay#esp since butch and femme also have double meanings AND a lot of times ppl don't realise they aren't using the same meanings as eachother#but yeah especially since no one is ever expected to be butch/femme and like performing it has no benefit in society and stuff like#I feel like ppl r applying the same kind of rhetoric as like 'don't deny my womanhood just because I don't want to conform to femininity'#but.....womanhood and femininity are separable categories. butch/masc and femme/feminine like rely on those concepts#femininity means different things to different people n like a lot of femmes are very gnc (to womanhood)#but the idea of u know being like oh Im a femme and I hate dressing femininely and shit it's just like....#so are u a femme then?#like im not trying to be mean but it just doesn't make sense why u would Ídentify with like#An entirely optional label#if you don't feel comfortable with the implication of that label#and like there isn't really a way of going around '[#'subverting' butch/femme that doesn't end up basically treating them as male/female and like I fucking hate the conflation of femme/woman#its just silly to me like they don't need subverting because. they aren't forced on people or like wielded the way gender is#so it's like harmless that they're somewhat rigid and 2D like that's fine bc if ur not that then u just don't need to id as that#ALSO. I'm a femme who doesn't shave or really wear me#makeup so it's not that I'm saying u must perform hyperfemininith to b#be femme
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blockie · a day ago
door bell rang earlier but i am NOT accepting random packages for any neighbour EVER again BUT also my direct next door neighbour accepted that particular package and WHAT IF that was actually my long expected package (despite the car not being any of the delivery cars i know to expect) - BUT i have no note in my mailbox (bc it was not my package. but WHAT IF IT WAS... hence:) BUT WHAT IF the delivery guy just didn’t put a note in it, and NOW my neighbour has my package, forever, and I don’t know about it, and he gets all grumpy (your own damn fault, just don’t accept packages) bc i don’t pick it up (the package, which is totally mine) until he then decides to bring it over himself (which i now have to expect forever and ever and ever and lose eternal sleep about it)
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falloutdope · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After more than 6 years I returned to the house where I spent my adolescence, to the room that i used to call "mine" and whose walls I captured all the love I had for those series. Too much nostalgy...
I have to come bc me and my brother are renting the house today to a group of people who are planing to open a residence for the eldery, wich is actually pretty cool, and since they're planning to remodel the place, I wanted to have a testimony of what I drew on those walls that I'll probably never see again and also share it with you bc why not.
My favourites where ruined and covered a long ago by my lovely mom... anyway, fortunately, I keep the photos I took of them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twilight-lukos · a day ago
Hey BnHA, how come once I started to think the emotional and mental imprints I’d gotten from reading/watching you were silly and going away do I have a dream that gave me that old time panicy fear that the former imprints seemed to have calmed or allievated previously? What’s up with that?
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athalberdshelm · a day ago
"Blade sharpness has increased by 5!" [From selfrp and puffballsandfriends! ^^]
Tumblr media
Yes... This will do nicely. This is perfect for the spontaneous lumberjacking excursions that he’s been going on recently! Just kidding, he just likes to cut the occasional tree to assert dominance over the tall.
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While I'm glancing at this blog, and working on commissions and other stuff, I feel I should mention, since I decided:
As mentioned before, the actual story and evolutions of these characters will be on ConcealedErrors, as full OC's (obviously the vocaloid/synth community influences are still there, but y'know)
I have decided that for this blog, I'm going to do a silly AU idea. With them still as the Vocaloids, but not with the main story. Still about the same characterizations, though. Because I still love Vocaloids, and I have really dumb but fun-to-me ideas with these specific characterizations in the 'general Vocaloid' type situation.
So the next time I actually update this blog, expect them looking closer to the Vocaloid designs again here, and being called those Vocaloid names.
I'm probably still gonna reblog OC stuff over here on occasion though, for the sake of, y'know, promoting the original characters and story.
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nephrosoupp · a day ago
hello j-just a quick? Question I don’t know how to ask this of the ins community because ins is anxiety-inducing but
I think I’ve been losing followers each time I post anything that vaguely conveys negative emotion? If I write that I’m down in a post and draw something about those sad thoughts the next day I’ll look at my insights and see -50 followers (not that I really care about those trivial numbers but)
Or actually even just, normal doodles (normal by my art’s standards of sub-par normality) I lose followers anyway
I’m just? Unsure ?what it is I’m doing wrong?
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kirbychan234 · a day ago
Ryuji: Hey can I get a sip of that water?
Akechi: It’s not water.
Ryuji: Vodka! I like your style-
Akechi: It’s vinegar.
Ryuji: ....What?
Akechi: It’s vinegar, pussy.
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conflitdecanard · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Working on commissions but this time on my previous rhythm and it did wonder !
I have been thinking non stop about Polaire so here she is ! :D
Also don’t be weird about her body type, please :)
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