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f2f-when · 21 minutes ago
scaramouche real name being ayato is unlikely now
we get the introduction of skins in the game
if scaramouche = ayato, then scara with normal inazuma skin as the noble "Kamisato Ayato" persona is possible and his normal outfit is the fatui clothes
scaramouche = ayato theory probability increases
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faketokufan · 21 minutes ago
Hey-yo fellow Toku fans! In my continuing watch through of the Heisei riders, I've moved on to Kiva! I'm about 6 episodes in and Yeah uh What the Fuck is happening I'm so confused please come pick me up I'm scared
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the-weirdos-mind · 30 minutes ago
Hawkins Siblings AUs
These are a couple of AUs I wanna do with the Hawkins Siblings. 
Big Hero 6: To Be A Hero
The Land of Stories: A World of Magic
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roses-bel-air-darling · 31 minutes ago
What are your HC’s when Touya is saved reunited with his siblings 👀
My headcanons or prediction is that it will be a tearful reunion between the siblings. Especially with Natsuo and Fuyumi who grew up with Touya until his supposed demise. I think it'll be a bit awkward at first with shouto after his actions when he was 'dabi' even though shouto was more concerned of his brother's wellbeing over his life at the time. And still is. I believe the oldest and youngest brothers will finally bond. Despite them not fully knowing each other, they have so much similarities to bond and share. Shouto will no doubt accept his big brother back
I hope that hori will recreate the scene between the siblings of them playing ball but this time with shouto involved as he wanted to play when he watched his siblings from afar before and now in their new home that endeavor is building for them and eating soba together at the dinner table.
I will cry when Natsuo and Touya see each other again after he is saved. I know it will be a tear jerking moment as those two were so close. Natsuo will probably help touya heal with his mental health as he is going to school to be a medical professional to help abuse survivors. I can see Natsuo paying visits and talking to his big brother again. Fuyumi, Rei and Shouto making visits as well. And if hori shows it as well, I can see touya apologizing for the pain he has caused to his family and the other actions he did as a villain.
In a nutshell, it will be a sad yet happy ending for the siblings.
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jinchuuriki · 34 minutes ago
i will never forgive 3 houses for giving leonie that HORRIBLE b support that directly caused everyone to hate her
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satan-incarnate-666 · an hour ago
Finally, the side of me that would fucking Stab for a sibling is coming out.
Or my Dean kinnie side lmao.
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busyncthings · an hour ago
one of the most deeply upsetting casting choices to me was when c.olin f.irth and e.milia f.ox played a married couple in that one dorian gray movie...
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beclynn-herondale · an hour ago
I feel like whenever Maryse and Robert were arguing or when they just needed comfort; Izzy, Jace, and Max went to Alec's room and snuggled up with him and they'd all read a book together. Alec is in the middle, so he can snuggle them all.
(you can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands).
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highlifeboat · an hour ago
Alcina silently(you would think that's impossible, but somehow she still does this) walks on Mia stiming. She watches her for sometime, until accidently alerting Mia of her presence. Her wife quickly starts apologizing and making excuses for herself and ultimately just leaves, still muttering apologies.
Meanwhile Alcinia just thinking: "Oh my god! She just became even cuter!"
Imagine the relief Mia would have when Alcina tells her what she thinks about it, though.
Like Mia's whole life everybody's told her that her stimming was annoying, or distracting, or immature, and she should have stopped those habits when she was little. Even Ethan found a few of them annoying when they were together. And they only got worse after the Baker incident.
So when Alcina catches her in the act of getting some hand flaps out of her system (or something), then later on tells her that she thinks it's "Very cute." it's like Mia falls for this woman all over again.
It's a lot nicer to hear that than "Stop being weird" or "Just sit still, damn it"
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solar3lunar · an hour ago
So I have been informed by @silkylious that I'm a cutie 🥺
I'll take it💞
Tumblr media
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jasthefriendlyghost · an hour ago
casey: i got dad a father’s day card
me: uhh, bro, why is there no envelope???
casey: do you knOW how much the card and all this was together?? i could not afford
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berryblu-blog · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
R...raccoon innit
Had to draw him asggxgfcjf, him w techno was too funny to watch
2nd photo was the original sketch and i think everyone should see it 😭🤣🤣
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