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tiredlilmiracle · 11 minutes ago
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Absolutely no one: 
And i’v missed them ok??
From top to bottom 
Amai and Konpetio 
Merry and Ash
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kingboos · 18 minutes ago
ily youre so hhhhhhh great u v u` -shy anon
:pleading: ily so much shy anon!!!
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st0neymal0neyxo · 21 minutes ago
Would you be open to a photo shoot?
If you're open to the most awkward photoshoot of your life then let's do it
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klarsynt · 28 minutes ago
that quiz really has me thinking about how much emil always minimized his presence because he was so shy and now he just wishes people would see him bYE
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idkidcjustme · 36 minutes ago
I sometimes talk to people
and those people,
they have fun and laugh really loud
they have a job and multiple friends
And everytime I talk to them
I'm reminded of the fact that I will never be like them
i will never be able to feel normal
And I look at myself
and I just wonder where it went wrong
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sweets-n-bitters · 38 minutes ago
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lil skeleton and lil snake
Ash belongs to @bonelyheartsclub
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azaphaer · 57 minutes ago
Multiple System Ask Meme
1) How many system members are there?
There are 5 of us. Myself, Thomas, Preston, Chase, and Nathan.
2) Youngest member?
Chase, 22
Nathan, 32
3) Any friendships within the system?
Chase and I
4) Any relationships within the system?
Thomas and Preston have a private relationship of sorts. Thomas and I are bonded.
5) Does your system have a name?
The Iacon System
6) Any fictives or factives in the system?
We’re all cybertronian(Transformers)
Thomas - Orion Pax of Iacon
Preston - Prowl of Praxis
Chase - Rodimus of Nyon
Nathan - Wheeljack of Polyhex
Azaphaer - Starscream the First
7) What does the headspace/inner world look like?
The inner world is made up of the cybertronian city-state, Iacon. Iacon itself is hosted by the Titan Iaconis.
Is it just one building/area, several, or more?
It is a few buildings. The library, Nova Point, Macaddams Old Oil House, police station and the lost light ship are the main places. There are some other places in between these as well, as it really is just the entire city of Iacon.
8) Do members have separate rooms/areas?
Thomas sticks to the library. Preston usually hangs down there with him. I typically go to Nova Point when someone else fronts. Chase has his room on the Lost Light. Nathan goes somewhere.. he’s new so we don’t much currently.
Does anyone share a room?
Thomas and Preston share. Everyone else has their own space.
9) Any unused rooms/areas?
The Nemesis ship has remained vacant since a past member, Alastair, left. Some other buildings are abandoned.
10) Unexplored rooms/areas?
It was unexpected to learn that Iacon was held up by the Titan, Iaconis. So really both surprising area and person?
11) Who likes/dislikes being in the headspace/inner world?
Preston hardly comes out and prefers being in the headspace.
12) Any members who never leave the headspace/inner world?
Iaconis. Though he hardly counts as a steamy member and more as just the headspace in general.
13) What do members do in the headspace?
Preston.. for lack of a better word, sulks. He’s a bit moody and keeps to himself, or hangs out with Thomas.
Thomas reads books in the library or likes to relax as a polar bear.
Chase plays music and bounces around. I think he talks to himself a lot? He’s always doing something.
Nathan tinkers or is lost in thought. He also sticks mostly to himself and doesn’t really connect with anybody.
I hang out in the tower or fly around when in the headspace.
14) Is anyone religious?
I don’t think so? Or I really don’t know. I’m not religious and the others are questionable.
What are their religions?
15) Who cofronts the most often (what group/pair)?
Thomas confronts with me the most. He’s our rock.
16) Are there any otherkin in the system?
I’m Otherkin(dragon+cybertronian)Thomas is cybertronian, a willow tree, and polar bear therian. Preston is cybertronian and a Malinois. Chase is cybertronian and a red fox. Nathan is cybertronian and a thermonuclear reactor.
17) What is something that system members have very different opinions on?
Everything. We can never agree on much.
18) Does anyone talk with a different voice in the outer world? In the inner world?
Uhh, we all sound different.
19) Favourite part of the inner world/headspace?
Feels like home.
20) Least favourite part of the inner world/headspace?
It’s kinda vacant when you consider it was one of Cybertron’s bustling cities. Feels strange.
21) Running jokes within the system?
None that are age appropriate.
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pastelbear12 · an hour ago
who was that hater anon i saw on your blog just now and why dont they get a life ...........
Idk girl.... It honestly just an entertaining view for me.....
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lallorryart · an hour ago
" Just because you don't say much doesn't mean people don't notice you. It's actually the quiet ones who often draw the most attention. There's this constant whirlwind of motion and sound all around, and then there's the quiet one, the eye of the storm."
Amy Efaw, After
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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The power I would hold if my hair was naturally wavy....
Tumblr media
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dimitresc · an hour ago
hey :) i'm sorry to ask, but you could please tag your resident evil village spoilers? i haven't seen the game play yet! thank you so much in advance and i'm sorry for the inconvenience.
oops,  i’m so sorry!   i just tagged it now.
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pikaole · 2 hours ago
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A cup of water lettuce
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kingboos · 2 hours ago
hhhh youre so nice i swear. maaaybe ill come off anon soon. maaaaybe. depending on how i feel later gvkculöo -shy anon
🥺🥺🥺🥺 if u do I look forward to it!!! ily shy anon 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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