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#shush stella
stellalunes · a day ago
I’ve been binge reading 911 fic lately to fill the void and I feel like I should write a specific rec list of all the times fic writers predicted something specific in season 4 because holy shit there are some weirdly specific ones.
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stellalunes · 2 days ago
my timing is never this good. I almost placed a glossier order bc I wanted the new lidstar shades and a couple of their new lipsticks now that I can be seen sans mask. I had a 20$ credit stashed away, but something stopped me from pulling the trigger this morning. apparently they’re doing a 20% sale this evening so... I placed my order THIS time.
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stellalunes · 4 days ago
okay but we now have TWO instances of Buck going completely off the rails without Eddie ON CAMERA and I, for one, would very much like to see his reaction to that.
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stellalunes · 4 days ago
username change!
persnicketi > stellalunes
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stellalunes · 5 days ago
why can’t I just like, be funny and normal and flirt like a regular person.
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stellalunes · 9 days ago
me: maybe you shouldn’t add tag commentary anymore since OP can see it automatically now.
also me: does not stop
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zimblrmlw7 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Streaker: “So there I was, barbecue sauce on my titties.”
Stella: “Who are you, how did you get into my house, and WHY are you naked?”
Streaker: “Why aren’t you???”
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at-undred · 3 months ago
it’s  a  pretty  easy  job  compared  to  what  she  use  her  days  at  the  hospital  for ,   and  she  doesn’t  mind  when  it’s  her .   washing  away  all  the  blood   &   it  doesn’t  look  that  bad .   no  need  for  stitches ,   just  keep  it  covered  until  it’s  all healed  up .   maybe  not  go  throwing  any  punches  any  time  soon  but   .  .  .    there’s  hint  of  a  smile  while  she  puts  down  the  finishing  touches   :   dark  gaze  shift  up  to  meet  bright  blues .   and  it’s  nice .     not  exactly  the  nice ,   easy ,   calm  evening  she  thought  she  would  have ,   but  it’s  not  bad .   at  all  .        
❝   that  so   ?   ❞     not  exactly  her  specialty ,   but  then  again ,   she’ll  happily  do  this .     if  it’s  sharon .   done ,   putting  on  some  tape  to  keep  the  bandages  in  place   &   hands  goes  to  rest  in  her  own  lap ,   watching  her  work  for  a  few  seconds .   watch  her  wiggle  her  fingers  and  there’s  a  slight  nod ,   more  to  herself  than  to  her .   until  the  comment  sink  in  and  smile  only  grow   :   eyes  shift  back  to  hers .     ❝    yeah ,   you  can  come  see  me .   ❞     bites  the  inside  of  her  cheek  for  just  a  moment ,   tucking  strands  of  hair  behind  her  ear .     ❝        even  if  the  bandages  don’t  give  you  too  much  trouble .        ❞   /   @whitesuited .   cont .
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fromsolaria-archived · a year ago
random guy: wyd?
stella: *snorts & blocks the guy*
brandon: wyd?
stella: behold, a prince texted me
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innitberg · 18 days ago
Lina smirked as she heard the sound of a warning cry. From her perch she could spot citizens of Innitberg stumbling out of their houses, all with varying degrees of confused expressions. She was pretty sure that most of the citizens hadn't heard the sound of that call in forever, if at all. A crackling noise sounded from her communicator, and Lina picked it up with a grin. "What are you doing?" Raven hissed through the speakers. "Just enjoying the view" Raven whirled around until they spotted her, narrowing their eyes. It was kind of scary how good Raven's eyesight was sometimes. "What the fuck are you doing?! Is this an attack? Should I get my axe?" "Nah," Lina slurred into the com. "Just watching the chaos. And y'know, deciding some stuff." Raven went quiet for a moment. "Are you drunk?" "No!" Lina shouted, and Raven immediately shushed her. "Don't shout like that! Everyone's already on edge enough as it is!" They shook their head sadly. Lina was decidedly not in the best state of mind, whether drunk or high or ridiculously tired. Lina grinned wider at that as she watched Stella running around and putting materials in a small pile in the center of Innitberg. All sorts of things lay in the pile, from TNT to swords to fireworks to potions. "Hey Raven?" "Yeah?" They asked hesitantly, as they ducked behind a wall to stay out of sight. "Wanna see something funny?" Lina said as she notched an arrow. "I don't like your definition of funny. It always involves something blowing up or catching fire." Lina laughed into the com as she set the arrow on fire. "That's the idea." She said, as she aimed the flaming arrow at the TNT laying in the pile. Then she fired. An explosion tore through the town, and even from her perch Lina felt the shockwave of the explosion. Stella threw their arms up in a desperate attempt to shield themself, and Journey immediately stood in front of them, absorbing most of the blow. Meanwhile, a few other citizens seemed to sport minor injuries. Some even seemed to have more consequential ones, but at least no one was dead. "See Raven? Isn't this funny." She giggled into the com as the smoke rose higher. "Raaaven? Awwww are you maaad? Did I get your house? Whoops!" She slurred into the communicator, having not realized that Raven hung up a while ago. -Lina (also feel free to write ur characters reaction! Or not, it's up to you!!)
(ha no)
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wxnda-maximxff · a month ago
strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With His Outburst
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    The mix of barking and meowing stirred Lily Osborne from the depths of her sleep. The feeling of a warm body pressed close to her back earned a content sigh from her, his warmth beckoning her to pull back into her sleep. But the melodic noise of animals fighting kept her wide-eyed. A groan vibrated in her throat as she slid from her fiance's grip, stepping into her slippers. The blonde glanced behind her and chuckled lowly at the peaceful face of her hopefully, soon-to-be husband.
The howling continued and Lily stood to her feet, sneaking from her bedroom and down the stairs of their home. She began shushing the noisy animals when her feet hit the bottom, rounding the corner and separating the three animals.
"Why must you three do this every morning," Lily whispered, picking up the bright white cat the two dogs had been harassing, "I know they're so mean to you, Alpine." She cooed, scratching the cat's head, "Poor boy."
The cat cooed before hopping out of Lily's arms, racing down towards the small cat door that led into the expansive backyard. Lily followed close behind, watching the white fur dance along the boards of the dock, before perching on one of the posts near their boat.
Turning on her heels, Lily glanced down at the two dogs that stared up at her, wide-eyed and ready for their breakfast, "Well aren't you two just a sight to see." She grinned, bending down and scratching the Bernese's ear.
Along with the ever-loving cat that they had adopted, the small family rescued a Bernese mountain dog that was being used for dog fights in an underground ring in New York. They named him Chandler, coinciding with the german shepherd they had, Joey. Lily had made sure that the names matched, for only having Joey just didn't make any sense. She tried to name the cat Ross, but her lover was not having it.
After Lily made her coffee and fed the dogs, she found herself stepping out onto the back porch, finding a seat on the swinging bench. She curled into the light blue and navy pillows, allowing the warm sun to seep into her skin as it rose higher above the lake. Glancing at her phone, she saw a few texts from her best friend and chuckled at what was contained.
"Did you know Leo spits bananas at people? Rose forgot to tell me that while I was babysitting."
Typing back her response, notifying Gen that she did indeed know that, Lily chuckled. It was moments like these that reminded her just how lucky she was for the life she led. A loving fiance, great pets, a beautiful home, a perfect job, a son that she wouldn't trade for the world, and-
"Mama!" the young girl's voice rang as she pushed open the back door, walking over towards the blonde with a bright smile on her face.
"Well good morning Stella," Lily chuckled, placing her mug down and lifting the four-year-old to the swing with her, "What are you doing up so early hm? It's only 7." The blonde asked, kissing the dark brown curls on her daughter's head.
"Loud noises." Stella shrugged, looking over at the two dogs playing on the grass.
"And daddy was snoring."
Lily lifted her head and smiled at the man that had emerged from the house. He had a cup of coffee in his hand as well, and walked over towards his two girls and took a seat next to them. The blonde smiled up and pressed a quick kiss on the blue-eyed man's lips. Bucky Barnes. War hero. Ex-assassin. Avenger. Fiance. Father. Love of her life. Despite the obstacles that were continuously thrown in their path, the two found each other each time. And hadn't parted since.
"How do you think mama feels, having to sleep with him every night," Lily teased, tucking a strand of her daughter's dishevelled hair behind her ear, "Might just have to join you in bed tonight."
"Haha very funny," Bucky chuckled, plucking the four-year-old from Lily's arms, "you wouldn't dare steal mom from me would you?" he teased, kissing the brunette girl's cheek, "C'mon, let's get you fed and then get you off to school hm?"
"I wanna stay hooome," Stella whined, leaning her head on Bucky's shoulder, looking up at him with wide eyes.
Lily scoffed as she watched Bucky's face fall and grow softer as his daughter stared up at him with those bright blue eyes she inherited from him. The three fell silent for a moment as Bucky tried to keep his will intact long enough to tell Stella she had to go to school. But it was when he looked up at Lily with puppy dog eyes, she realized she was gonna have to play bad cop with the young girl this morning.
"Sneaky girl," Lily chuckled, standing from her seat and scooping the four-year-old into her arms, "Giving daddy those eyes. Y'know, I invented those eyes. You're welcome." She teased, turning and walking back into the home.
Lily sat Stella down in her chair at the table, before wandering into the kitchen and pouring her daughter a bowl of Cheerios with strawberries on top. Stella had an allergy to blueberries, meaning that Lily and Bucky had to work around the attachment they all had to them to accommodate the newest addition to the family. Hunter just about threw a fit when he realized that they wouldn't be able to have blueberry pancakes as often anymore.
"Morning grumpy," Bucky grinned as Hunter walked into the kitchen when he came back in from the porch, "Looking as excited to be up as ever." The supersoldier teased, ruffling the 16-year-old's blonde hair.
Hunter gave a disheartening grunt in response before popping two pieces of toast into the toaster, staring at it dead-eyed as he attempted to wake himself up. Lily chuckled and poured the boy a cup of coffee, sending it his way before placing the cereal down in front of Stella for her.
"Hey can you promise me not to be late for class this morning," Lily sighed, bumping her elbow on Hunter's arm, "I don't need another call from Ms. Humphrey in the middle of an examination again."
"I make no promises." Hunter quipped, giving his mom a tight smile before sliding into the seat adjacent to his younger sister.
Lily sighed and sent a quick glance towards Bucky. Hunter had been acting up at a continuous pace, furthering his attitude towards Lily specifically. The room fell silent as everyone resumed eating or drinking their coffee. Bucky sent Lily an apologetic smile when he caught her staring at Hunter with a saddened look on her face. When finished, Lily plucked Stella up and carried the dark-haired girl up to her room to get her ready for school.
"Hunter come on!" Lily called after buckling Stella into her car seat, "I don't want Stella to be late!" The blonde sighed, chuckling as Stella pointed out that Lily had a coffee stain on the corner of her mouth.
"I don't get why I have to go to school so much earlier just because Stella's starts earlier," Hunter sighed, climbing into the front seat of the car, "Can't I just get a ride with Bucky when he goes to work?"
"No, because Bucky is going the complete opposite way of your school," Lily hummed, taking a seat at the wheel, "Plus, it puts me at ease knowing that there's less of a chance of your dad calling me wondering why he keeps getting emails that you're late."
"Why do they even email him, it's stupid," Hunter muttered, popping one of his earphones in.
"Don't say that word around Stella, we've talked about this."
"Right, always have to watch out for Stella." The sixteen-year-old muttered, staring out the window.
"Don't start this right now, Hunter. Please."
Lily muttered a few unflattering words as she pulled into the driveway of the large beach house that she was fortunate enough to call home. However, she knew the teenage boy that sat inside the house would not feel fortunate that his teachers were so vocal with his mother. Slamming the car door, Lily stormed up towards the front door, throwing it open with such frustration she thought she herself had become a supersoldier like her fiance.
"Doll hey," Bucky smiled, jogging forward with Stella in his arms, "I know it sounds bad but let's get Hunter's side first- "
"Hunter's side?" Lily scoffed, dropping her purse, "What side, Bucky? He swore at a teacher today. What validates that?"
"Maybe the teacher said something to provoke him." Bucky smiled slightly, a weak attempt to calm down the fuming blonde.
"Have you talked to him?" Lily asked, sliding her coat off and hanging it up on the stand.
"He won't come out of the attic." He sighed softly, bouncing Stella in his arms.
Lily stormed past the brunette holding their daughter, running up the first flight of stairs to the second floor, before mounting the ones leading to the attic. She stopped at the top of the stairs, glancing around the attic in search of the dirty blonde boy she was hunting for. Lily spotted him at the birchwood desk, staring at a blank computer screen. Dropping her bag, the blonde walked over, not attempting to be quiet as she pulled a chair around next to the boy, arms crossed over her chest.
"Something you want to explain to me, Hunter?" Lily stated voice calm and collected as she waited for her son's response.
"If you listen to my side of the story, maybe," Hunter responded, shutting his laptop and turning in the chair to face his mother.
"I'm all ears."
It didn't take long for Lily to end up on the phone with Syosset High School, fuming with a new type of rage that Lily only ever summoned when these specific issues arose. She paced around the back deck, waiting for the line to be picked up so she could let the teacher have a piece of her mind. Though she was sure when they did, the school would've wished they hadn't messed with the Barnes-Osborne family. Especially when it came to the former name in the equation.
"Good afternoon Mrs. Tyler. It's Lily Barnes, Hunter's mom," Lily began, her lips stretched tight, "And I would like to speak with Ms. George about the things that were said to my son today in class."
"Why don't you, Hunter, and Mr. Barnes come by the school. I have Ms. George in my office here." The principal commented, her voice as calm and cool as Lily's.
That was the first mistake on Mrs. Tyler's end. See, over the years, Lily found that fire that burned deep within her. She had allowed herself to feel loved and confident, with the help of therapy and her fiance encouraging her. It only amplified the fact that Lily was the common mother bear that would not hesitate to go to war for her children. Specifically when it came to people spitting on the image of her family.
"Want to tell me why you called my son's father a terrorist?" Lily snapped as she stormed into the office of the high school, making a b-line towards the principal's office, "Because as far as I'm concerned, that's crossing a line."
"Ms. Barnes, please sit." Mrs. Tyler smiled, a tight one that made a shiver run down Lily's spine.
"Relax, love," Bucky whispered, hand finding the small of Lily's back, "You blowing up won't help the case."
"If I may-" Ms. George piped up, earning the coldest glare that Lily had ever dished out.
"No, you may not. You, Ms. George, have crossed a line here," Lily snapped, walking further into the office, "You may teach American History, but clearly, your mind is stuck in the 20th century. My fiance has saved this world more times than you can count, and if you think for a moment I would sit by idly and allow you to say that to the father of my children? You're as dumb as you sound."
A sigh escaped from both Hunter and Bucky's lips as they took a seat behind the roaring Lily, Stella situated comfortably in Hunter's arms. Both knew better than to step in between Lily when it came to this sort of topic. Bucky was the one person who made Lily feel genuinely safe in the world and hearing someone say he was anything but a hero made her stomach twist into violent knots that set off the fire within her.
"I agree the comment was inappropriate," Mrs. Tyler began, "but we are concerned about Hunter's response. We do not tolerate that type of aggression here at Syosset High."
"I don't care what you tolerate, Maria. Ms. George has insulted my son's father and the man that has helped raise him. And has thrown the term terrorist out like it was nothing," Lily continued, chest heaving, "My son had every right to lose it on her. It was a personal attack and insult. So if you think I will be disciplining my son for defending his family? You're mistaken. Suspend him, I don't care. Because I would prefer to teach him myself if this is the education he will be receiving here."
"It's Ms. Barnes, to you."
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chasingpj · a month ago
Caught Red-Handed
"Ehm, is this like a seven-minutes-in-heaven thing?”
pairing: percy jackson x child of hecate!reader
words: 5,236
warnings: none? pls let me know if i missed anything
timeline: post sea of monsters
if you want to be tagged every time I update this story click here
a/n: hi hi! i hope you guys like this chapter. i fell in a little bit of a rut about my writing so I've been holding off on posting but I think I'm pretty satisfied with how this came out. i'm so fried after editing this so if i happened to miss any typos, sorry, i tried haha.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven
The heat and dimness from the cabin surround you like a warm hug making it challenging to stay awake. Your eyelids droop against your wishes to study, fatigue messing with your vision as it blurs the letters on the page you were trying to read. As you find yourself mindlessly reading words, you decide to give in, and soon you’re settled in an in-between state of consciousness.
Suddenly, you’re standing at the entryway of the kitchen in your home, the first thing you notice is the scent of your favorite meal as it fills your nostrils, and you smile sleepily as your father looks at you. He’s hovering over the stove, right hand stirring something in a saucepan, and he smiles widely at you.
“Stella, you’re home!” He announces as he pushes his round glasses up the bridge of his nose, “Go, sit! Dinner is almost ready.”
You smile at the nickname your father has called you since you were a child. He said that the first time you cried in his arms, your little body illuminated like a supernova, and since then, he’s called you Stella, the Latin word for star. You make your way past the kitchen island on your left, noticing the history channel playing on the small TV in the corner of the counter like always. A sense of nostalgia hits you in your core, and you sigh, feeling safe. As much as you loved the camp, homesickness was unavoidable.
You settle yourself at the black round table in the back of the kitchen, chin resting on your palm as you look outside of the window beside you. The small garden of herbs and flowers you have in the backyard is as you remember. Every summer, your father cultivates herbs and flowers in dedication to your mother. He uses most of the herbs for spells, and at the end of the summer, he would make a bouquet out of the brightest flowers in the garden and rest them on your mother’s alter.
The reminder of your mother made your stomach feel heavy, and you quickly push the thoughts of her away. You weren’t in the mood to deal with them, especially not in a dream like this. The thumping of Atticus’s footsteps coming down the stairs catches your attention, and soon your brother appears in the doorway with his usual wide smile.
“Hey! I thought you were making my favorite tonight.” His shoulders slump, and he playfully narrows his eyes at you. You shrug,
“What can I say? Must suck not being the favorite,” you joke, and Atticus gasps dramatically. The sound of your father’s laughter fills the room as he tilts his head back.
“I love you guys equally! That’s not nice to say,” he says as he points the spatula at you as he squints. You snort as Atticus joins you at the table,
“Yeah, Y/n, that’s not nice,” he repeats, poking his tongue out at you, and you return the action. You and your brother have a short competition of who can stick out their tongue harder as your father puts the food on the table. At the sight of your favorite meal, you let Atticus win, turning to put a portion on your plate.
Amidst your dinner conversation with your father and your brother, the deep growl rumbling in Ambrose’s chest makes its way into your dream. A soft hum leaves your lips, your neck relaxing against your will, and your head jolts forward as your cheek slips off your palm. You blink a few times, groaning since you’ve lost your dream.
“Ambrose, shush.” Your chin returns onto your hand, and you submit to your fatigue once again. The image of a ravenous bunny, cartoonishly stomping its way through a candy cane forest, filled your mind, projected on your eyelids like a movie in a theater. It’s too ridiculous to give much thought, and you were too busy relishing in the soothing feeling of sleep.
All of a sudden, Ambrose bursts into a series of short high pitched barks, jolting you awake. Your eyelids fly open, and you turn in your chair. Ambrose stands up tall, his fur contouring to his muscles as they flex. His ears are perched up; his focus fixed on the back wall. Whatever he was looking at, he didn’t dare to approach.
"What? What is it?"
The bunk beds obstructed your view, but you are sure you are alone. Everyone was out and about doing their normal camp activities; if anyone had entered the cabin, you would have heard them.
You groan in your hands as they rub your face to shake off the remaining fatigue, growing annoyed at Ambrose’s persistent barking that nips harshly at your eardrums.
A bitter breeze fills the room, and your breath gets caught in your throat at the feeling. Your arms wrap around your frame, failing to prevent goosebumps from forming on your arms. It was impossible. Today’s weather report called for a hot, humid day like it’s been all summer. As the hair at the back of your neck stands straight, and you have an idea of what’s happening, but you hoped you were wrong.
Ambrose abruptly ends his barking with a distressing whine. His ears sag low on the sides of his head as he retreats, his large body shrinking in fear. With cautious steps, you approach him in the middle of the cabin. The thumping of your pulse is loud in your ears, and for the first time in a while, a familiar pang strikes you in your gut. You’re being watched.
Despite his fear, Ambrose guards you finding the courage to stand tall and confident after cowering a few seconds ago. You let out a shaky breath, and warily, you finally catch sight of what has his attention.
A tall, dark figure stands still at the end of the room. The light that bleeds through the thin curtains behind it wasn’t enough to expose its face but instead illuminates the swirling black vapor that made up this human form.
From your years of experience, you learned how to deal with these kinds of things. Ghosts gravitated towards you like a moth to a lit flame. Most of the time, the spirits are harmless, looking for some company, and were eager to ask for favors you often couldn’t fulfill. Other times, they were more malevolent entities, existing to feed off your fears, and had the reputation of being stubborn guests.
From the way, the room turned impossibly cold in the middle of a sweltering summer afternoon and the heaviness in your gut, the shadow in front of you was definitely the latter.
"Who are you? How did you get here?" Your voice booms through the silence. "Why are you here-"
The cabin door slams open, the shadow dispersing the moment the sunlight bleeds through the room. You jump, gasping as your whole body turns around. The two figures at the doorway are dark, the sudden beams of light blinding you for a moment before you manage to recognize Connor and Travis.
“Why is it so damn dark in here? And cold? Jeez, Y/n, open the curtains at least,” Travis nags with a smirk on his lips.
“I don’t need light to see.” You groan, turning your face away, the sun shining right at you as Travis begins ripping open the curtains. “And I hate when the sun gets in my eyes,” you complain, stepping aside where sunlight doesn’t reach. Though you saw the shadow disperse, you glance at the back of the room, double-checking that what you saw was gone.
"You know... “
Your focus returns to the two boys standing side by side a few feet away from you. Both of them sporting the mischievous smirk that all the Hermes kids had when they’re about to stir up trouble. Connor only uttered two words, but it was clear they were up to something, and you were about to be involved.
"You've been locked up in here, in the dark, alone, for a while now. It's been like a week and a half since the incident, and we know you’re still a little down,” he trails off, swaying on his feet.
"... yeah?"
"And we think we have the perfect way to cheer you up!" Connor gives you a toothy grin, and as confident as he looked, you don’t quite believe him.
"And that is?"
"I think it's time we execute our bunny prank on the Ares cabin!"
You press your lips together in a thin line; head cocked to the side. "That's supposed to cheer me up?"
"How is putting my life in danger going to cheer me up?" Your gaze switches between the two as they exchange looks with each other.
“Um…” Connor says, lost for words.
"It'll be fun. We promise!" Travis insists, waving your comment off. He moves to sit in your chair, leaning back as he props his legs on your desk. "So, have you thought about how we're going to do this?"
You sigh softly, not bothering to protest. If you denied participating, Connor would be quick to remind you what’s at stake.
"I have," you admit. After your last interaction with Clarisse, the prank did come to mind.
The Stoll brother’s faces grew almost as bright as the sun outside. Connor takes a seat on the bed closest to you, leaned in with his elbows on his knees, "Tell us the details then,” he urges.
"Okay, so I found a shape-shifting potion in my spellbook. It's pretty simple. I have all the ingredients except for one. The only thing I need is the hair of a rabbit. Get that for me, and I'll make it." Connor and Travis nod eagerly, and you can already see the gears turning in their heads as they formulate a plan to catch a bunny.
"If you can get it to me in a few hours, we can sneak into their cabin while they're practicing in the arena. Then I can pour a few drops of the potion into their water cooler. The potion is potent; you only need a few drops for it to work."
"Sounds like a solid plan. They'll be thirsty after practicing, and boom, they’re all cute little bunnies,” Travis says, legs unmounting from your desk, and he hops onto his feet.
"So hurry and get me rabbit hair!”
A small, almost manic laugh comes from Connor’s lips, "This is gonna be epic!"
"Should we ask the nymphs for help?" Travis ponders out loud as he makes his way out of the dorm.
"Wait! We should get scissors! Do you have scissors?” Connor asks you, and you giggle. You grab a pair of scissors from your desk drawer, and Connor quickly swipes them from your hands the moment you present them to him.
"Thanks, Y/n!” Swiftly, he turns on his heels, trailing behind Travis.
"Be careful, please! Don't hurt the bunny!"
"We won't! The worse we'll do is give it a bald spot; they’ll be fine!" Travis shouts.
After the slamming of the front door and the ragged footsteps of Connor and Travis’s departure, your smile falters as the silence regresses. The figure you had seen comes to mind, and you frown, Ambrose whining as he sits close to your legs.
"That was weird, wasn't it?" You lean down, affectionately scratching the backs of his ears as Ambrose licks your wrists. The sight of his drooping eyes told you enough to know that this wasn’t the last time you’ll be seeing whatever that was.
"C'mon, let's not worry about that now. We have to make that potion." An uneasy grumble comes from Ambrose's chest as he nuzzles his snout in your hand.
"I know, I know," you whisper before standing up.
"Shh, they’re coming,” Travis announces in a whisper, silencing you and Connor’s conversation. The distanced chattering and footsteps of the Ares campers become louder as Clarisse pushes open the front door. The three of you duck lower in your place as they scatter to their beds, beginning to take off their armor. Travis slowly rises from his crouching position, peaking enough to see the inside. He gives you and Connor a nod, a silent okay to peek yourselves. Cautiously, you come up, watching the group now crowding around the water dispenser, playfully telling each other to hurry up.
Connor lightly pats your shoulder with excitement, and you scrunch your face, anticipation swirling in your stomach as one by one, they begin taking sips from their water bottles. Your jaw drops as Mark forms a snout, his hands flying up to his face.
"W-what?" He sputters, moving closer to his reflection in the mirror. "What is-"
The rest of his words became soft squeals, his whole body shrinking and shifting into a stark white bunny in the blink of an eye.
“Um? Did that just-?”
“How did-”
“You have bunny ears!” Ellis shouts, pointing at Clarisse while she formed a pair of her own. Clarisse didn’t have time to comment as Ellis joins her half-brother. One by one, they began shrinking, and small shrieks fill the room.
"What are you guys doing?" The three of you practically jump out of your skin, heads snapping in the direction of the voice.
Percy’s eyes are wide and curious, furrowing his eyebrows at the chaos breaking out in the Ares cabin. You open your mouth to say something but stop yourself, not wanting to blow your cover.
“It must have been the water!”
“When I see the Stoll Brother’s I’m going to-” Squeal.
Travis’s face was a tint of pink from holding in his laughter. He doesn’t respond, simply waving at Percy to come and see for himself. You and Percy exchange a smile before turning back to the window.
His chance at seeing the pool of white bunnies went down the drain; the four of you met with an angry Clarisse instead. To your dismay, she didn't completely transform. Her normally brown eyes are now crimson and her mouth transformed into a whiskered snout. White bunny ears peek through her brown hair, making it look like she was wearing one of those bunny ear headbands they sell at the pharmacy around Easter time. You’d be laughing as much as the Stoll Brothers if Clarisse’s stare wasn’t fixed on you and only you. You give her a nervous smile as you step away carefully, and the moment Clarisse moves to jump out the window, the four of you bolted.
“She’s gonna kill us!” You exclaim; Travis and Connor burst into laughter, hands over their stomach as they run beside you.
“Split up! She can’t kill all of us!” Travis suggests, already making a beeline into the forest with Connor.
“Yeah, cause she’s gonna go after me!”
“We’ll weave you a nice shroud!”
The cackles of the two made you roll your eyes, and you make a mental note never to help them with a prank ever again. You grunt as Percy grabs onto your wrist, and you stumble for a second until you catch up to his pace.
“You can’t run from me forever!” Clarisse shouts, running close behind. She was right, you couldn’t avoid her forever, but you just needed her to calm down. "When I catch you, I'm tying your necks like shoelaces!"
You cringe at the threat as you and Percy burst through the swinging doors of the Arts and Craft center, weaving your way through the campers.
“Sorry!” You shout over their groans as you’re pulled into one of the hallways. Seeing the closets along the walls of the hallway gave you an idea. You bite your lip, focusing on the door leading to the outside. Reaching your hand out, you flick your fingers forward, causing the door to burst open fast enough for it to lock in place.
The moment you approach the last door in the hallway, you grab the knob. A grunt leaves Percy’s lips as you drag him in the closet with you. He loses his footing from the change of direction, spinning hastily toward you, and the both of you stagger into the closet. You yelp, the weight of Percy’s body sending your back right against the wall, and the knob comes out of grip right as it slams closed.
Percy grunts, his hands push against the wall beside your frame, promptly lifting himself away from you.“Sor-”
“Shh.” Your index finger rests your lips as you look at the door. Your shoulders tense up, afraid that Clarisse had heard the slam. Soon, Clarrise’s pounding footsteps rise like a crescendo and, to your relief, gradually fades as she runs right out of the building. A shaky sigh leaves your lips before glancing at Percy, who’s directly in front of you. You smile sheepishly, foot moving to step back only to be met with the wall.
Percy’s heart beats loud in his chest, and he was hoping that you couldn’t hear it. He tried to step back as well, but Percy’s foot was met with the shelves behind him to his dismay. He scans your face in the dim lighting for a few seconds. Suddenly, he’s reminded of how he stumbled on top of you, making him too embarrassed to look at you any longer. His focus falters to the shelves beside him, forcing himself to find interest in the tubs of paint stacked on them.
“It’s your fault,” you accuse after some silence. Shock flashes across Percy’s face,
“Because you were so nosey, you blew our cover.” You reach over, and you poke his shoulder. Percy’s peers down at where you poked him as if he was offended.
“At least I ran with you. Travis and Connor left you for dead!”
“Great friends, they are, huh?” You ask, your voice laced with playful sarcasm.
Percy laughs, "I think you've taken the trophy of being the most hated by Clarisse," he jokes.
"I don't think I can one-up you. You literally fought her dad and won," you point out. "I think if we split up, she'd definitely come after me. Imagine the last thing you see when you die is Clarisse looking like… that. "
Percy laughs and you laugh, too, feeling comfortable with making light of the situation now that you were out of harm's way.
"How did that even happen!?”
"I don't know!” You sigh, bummed that Clarisse had managed to be the only person who stayed human. “Maybe she didn’t drink enough water?”
“Wow, the only person you needed to transform into a bunny just didn’t,” Percy says as he crosses his arms over his chest, leaning against the shelves.
“Pretty much.”
“You have amazing luck, Y/n,” he says sarcastically.
“Whatever,” you mumble, eye faltering to the shelves beside you. Percy’s laughter fills the small space, making it hard to prevent the smile from creeping on your lips. The sound of footsteps interrupts you as you open your mouth to say something else and it brings Percy’s laughter to an end. Your shoulders are practically up to your ears as you look into Percy’s wide eyes before he mouths, “we’re dead.” If it is Clarisse, you guys are cornered, and you prepare to shadow travel even if it meant you might pass out, especially if you bring him with you.
You furrow your eyebrows as you hear two familiar voices, and soon the door opens, revealing you both to Beckendorf and Silena. There is a moment of silence, Silena blinking at the both of you, her head tilted slightly to the side as she observes the tension. Beckendorf’s right eyebrow raises, glancing between you and Percy’s face.
"Ehm, is this like a seven-minutes-in-heaven thing?" Your face gets hot, and you exchange a look with Percy, noticing the tips of his ears are bright red.
"No, we were hiding from Clarisse,” he stutters out, gaze snapping to the two, and you nod quickly,
"Because I turned her into a bunny and-"
"She didn't transform all the way-"
"It's okay. Charles and I would sneak around at first, too," Silena interrupts, her lips curled up in a satisfied smile.
"We were just talking!" You and Percy say in unison. The more defensive you got, the more suspicious you both came off. From the way Beckendorf and Silena smiled at each other, you knew they weren’t buying it.
Beckendorf shrugs, and he steps forward, reaching between the two of you to grab the box of beads from the shelf. He hums, “It’s clear we interrupted something. I just needed this. You guys can carry on,” he teases, amused at how embarrassed the both of you are.
“But- we-” you stutter, unable to finish your sentence, Beckendorf shutting the door, and Silena makes a sound between a giggle and a squeal as they walk away.
Percy clears his throat, interrupting the short silence that fell between the two of you, “Um, should we…?” His voice falters, not finishing his sentence, but you already knew what he was going to ask.
“Yeah,” you agree awkwardly, opening the closet. “Let’s go,” you mumble, stepping out with Percy close behind you.
"Where should we go now?" Percy asks, opening the door to the outside for you, and you smile, finding it sweet. You thank him shortly, and you shrug,
"I'm not sure, but I don't think Clarisse has calmed down yet…" you trail off, catching sight of a fuming Clarisse standing beside Chiron a few meters away. “Dammit.”
You shift on your feet, standing in Chiron’s office alongside Travis, Connor, and Percy. Clarisse’s crimson eyes are still narrowed at you as Chiron sighs, backing into his wheelchair before his backside disappears, allowing him to sit fully into it.
"I understand you guys are just having fun. However, I believe the Ares Cabin deserves a little break from the pranks, don't you think?" He asks as he looks at Connor and Travis.
You fiddle with your fingers, your shoulders slumped along with Connor and Travis’s shoulders. Travis nods, and he hums as if he considers it for a moment.
“We could prank the Apollo Cabin instead?" Connor suggests, and Chiron opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. You press your lips together in an attempt to refrain from smiling, discovering that Percy was doing the same. You became more amused at his face turning a little pink as he holds in his laughter, and you quickly look at your hands to recollect yourself.
“I’d prefer you tone down the pranking altogether,” Chiron clarifies. Connor frowns, and he nods slowly,
“Oh. Yeah, we could do that, I guess,” he mumbles, his hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. Chiron nods, shifting his gaze to you,
“Y/n, what did you used to transform them into rabbits?” You hum softly,
“It’s a shape-shifting potion from my spellbook,” you explain.
“How long will it take for them to transform back?” You look up for a second, trying to remember your notes. While recalling the day you went through Ernest’s potions book to jot the recipe in your Book of Shadows, you realize how many forms of the potion there were depending on the transformation length. Ernest had mentioned in passing something about reading his notes carefully. It wasn’t until now did you realize that the potion you had made was not the short-term one.
“About … 24 hours,” you admit, and Connor snorts beside you.
“What!?” Clarisse snaps, her fists clenching on her side. “You mean, they’re going to be like that until tomorrow afternoon?”
“Yes, that’s what 24 hours means,” you snap back; her presence was enough to annoy you. Clarisse’s glare burns into your face, and she moves to take a step, about to charge at you.
“Clarisse, please! They will be punished accordingly,” Chiron reassures her, making her halt in her place, and she groans, her arms crossing over her chest as she waits for Chiron’s verdict.
"Well, I was going to assign you four to clean the Pegasus stables, but now that it has come to my attention that the potion lasts 24 hours, your punishment is to feed and clean up after them while they’re under the spell."
“Ew, I’d rather clean the stables,” Connor mutters, and you furrow your eyebrows,
“But wouldn’t the pegasus stables be more work?” You ask, hoping to get him to change your punishment. The last thing you wanted to do was be surrounded by a bunch of angry bunnies. Sure they were small, but you did not doubt in your mind that you were going to be attacked by them.
“They are a big group; I think it is fair that Clarisse gets assistance in taking care of them,” He says calmly, his fingers intertwined as they rest on the desk in front of him. “Feed them before you go off to dinner, accommodate their sleeping arrangements and clean up after them before morning check-ins,” he decides. You sigh softly. At this point, as long as Clarisse wasn’t on the hunt to kill you, you were okay with it.
As Chiron dismisses you, you catch the satisfied smile Clarisse was sporting, and you felt your anger swirling in your chest. You grunt as you turn on your heels, Travis and Connor behind you as Percy walks by your side. You sigh, lazily trotting off the steps of the big house,
“Sucks,” Percy finishes your sentence, and you nod, the both of you frowning.
“Stop biting me!” You complain, nudging off the crowd of bunnies from your arm. Percy laughs, seated on the floor beside you as he helps you make a nest of blankets big enough for the bunnies.
“They hate you,” he comments, amused. His smirk falls flat, and he hisses as one of them gets a good bite on his finger. “Ow!” He squints at the bunny before picking it up. It was your turn to laugh, and you watch curiously as he walks to one of the dressers and plopping it on top. “I don’t know who you are, but you’re in time-out,” he grumbles.
“Wait, that’s actually really smart!” You look down at the bunnies around you. “They can’t jump from that high!” As you reach for the closest bunny, they run out of your reach, squealing, and soon they were huddled under a bed.
Percy smiles as they disperse, “well, now they’ll leave us alone,” he says as he sits beside you to continue piling the extra blankets you found. “You should have let me play that rock-paper-scissors game with them,” Percy mentions.
The two of you were stuck making a makeshift bed for the Ares campers since Travis and Connor had to round up their cabin for curfew. Well, one of them could have done it, but they insisted that it was a two-person job. You said it was unfair if they skipped out and they offered to settle who will go with an intense rock-paper-scissors game; best of three. You had accepted the challenge and lost miserably.
"I should have known there was no point in trying with their luck."
"Yeah, you walked right into that."
You side-eye him, "anyways, you would have lost.”
“How are you so sure?”
"Because, you just would have," you say shortly, and you smile as he turns to you.
“Well, considering how lucky you've been all day," he says sarcastically, and you squint at him. "I would have had a better chance,” he gloats.
“You’ve been real sassy today,” you mumble, and he laughs. “It’s fine. There’s not that much to do anyway.” Carefully, you roll the sides of the blankets into a nest shape after Percy finishes piling them. You rise on your feet, “It’d sleep there if I were a bunny. What do you think?”
“I would too. It seems comfortable,” Percy smiles as he stands up.
"Are you losers done?" Clarisse walks into the cabin with bowls of water for her siblings, and you roll your eyes as she puts them on the ground.
"Yeah, is it to their liking?" You ask with fake politeness, straining a smile. Clarisse observes the bundle of blankets as her siblings get in to try it out. She furrows her eyebrows, listening attentively to the various squeals. She had inherited most of the bunny traits, and though she didn’t transform completely, she could understand what they were saying.
“Eh, it’s good enough,” she concludes after hearing all the complaints of her siblings. “I’m sick of seeing your faces; get out.” She didn’t have to tell you twice, and you don’t waste any time as you turn on your heels. You were sick of seeing her face too.
Walking down the steps of the Ares Cabin, Percy follows beside you. A slight hum comes from his lips, and you look over,
“I was wondering when you’d come back to sword fighting,” he mentions, and you nod, recalling that you had agreed to attend classes after sparing with him a couple of weeks ago. “Your brother has been coming more often; he’s gotten a lot better.”
“That’s why my body has been aching so much,” you mutter more to yourself. For the past week, you thought you were staining your body in your sleep.
“Long story,” you wave your hand, and you think about his question.
If you were completely honest, you weren’t as depressed about what had happened anymore. After you talked with Percy, you had finally come to terms with many of the thoughts that were tormenting you. However, you still stayed locked up in the Hermes Cabin because in the past week or so, you’ve gotten so much studying done. You wanted to stay in and read, and you were planning on milking your excused absences for as long as you could. But now, you considered that maybe you should return to your normal activities. Connor and Travis were becoming more worried, so were Atticus and Lou Ellen.
“I could join tomorrow,” you say hesitantly, your heart fluttering as Percy’s face brightens up. “Are you that excited to beat me up?” You joke, and Percy laughs, shaking his head.
“No! It’s just… it’s weird not seeing you around.” He admits shyly as he looks away. The cool summer breeze blows on your warm cheeks, and you swallow,
“I’ll go tomorrow,” you confirm, sounding more sure of yourself this time. Once you approach the steps of the Hermes cabin, you turn to him. “Good night, Perce.”
The sides of Percy’s eyes crinkle as he nods, “Good night,” he says as he slowly backs away. “And try to wake up on time, yeah? I’m not feeding the Ares cabin alone tomorrow,” he teases. You did have a habit of being the last person to arrive at breakfast. He must have noticed.
“Yeah, yeah. Worry about yourself, waterboy.” You smile, hearing him scoff. Opening the door to the Hermes cabin, you look back at him one more time. You take in the wide grin on his face, and he nods,
“Got it. I’ll remember that when you’re being chased by Clarisse again.” Your mouth drops open, eyes glinting at his banter.
“You better go before the harpies eat you!” You shoo him away as he laughs, then with a short salute of his two fingers, he walks off to his cabin.
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The Englishman JACK - CHAP 4
< Chap 3 | Chap 4 Lady Things | Chap 5 >
Tumblr media
Summary: When living in a man’s world, you need to know a woman’s worth.  
Author’s note: I wasn’t sure how I’d introduce Lucia. My initial draft made her too meak. So I hope it sort of works... 
Word count: 4813 (17 min. read)
Disclaimers: NSFW - Strong language, misogyny, lots of cigarettes, alcohol abuse, corporal punishment, mobsters, mystery
Lady Things
‘I tell you boy. It’s a!’ Jacques slurred. 
The once stoic man was giggling like a twelve year old boy in love, moustache curling at the edges. Jack grinned and tugged him along. 
Ever since the incident at the lunchroom a few weeks prior, Jacques had changed. Before then he was never late and ever precise. But meeting Stella had set something off. And though Jacques was still a very capable detective, there were moments he finally let loose. Like right now. 
With unsteady feet he and Jack crossed the cobbled road towards Madame Chartreuse. A small looking club with green shutters and bright red neon signs. The rain that had fallen an hour earlier, casted everything in a devilish hue, the whole world seemingly aflame with red delight. 
‘Is it just because she is here?’ Jack asked, eyes studying the stupidly grinning man hanging from his shoulder.
‘No no...there’s other...’ Jacques hiccupped. ‘Other reasons too.’  
Jack smiled. Indeed, there must be other reasons or they would have simply gone to the far more established Moulin Rouge.  
‘Well you take care of yourself old man.’ Jack tapped him on the shoulder as they halted before the doorman. Outside a few people were having their smokes, coats hanging from their shoulders. The streets here were far more quiet than the abundant area near the Moulin Rouge. And were it not for the silent passing footsteps of a couple passing, it would have been close to dead quiet. 
The doorman tilted his grubby face and with the exchange of a few words, coins and gauging looks, Jacques and Jack got inside the most well-kept secret of Paris. Madame Chartreuse had once been a home. And though Jack had never seen it when it had been an actual house, the vibe still clung to its happily wallpapered walls. 
The entrance hall was small but crowded, and smoke wrapped everything in a magical yellow mist. Live music and dancing feet were heard in the back, whereas the living room and reception room on the left were more merrily entertained by conversation and card games. Beaded curtains hung from the door frames and for a moment Jack wondered what the purpose was of such contraptions. It didn’t even manage to keep flies away if the flies were the size of a hand, so why bother? 
‘This way.’ Jacques said, pushing through one of said curtains, its glass beads clicking above the sound of soft chatter.  
‘Zja-zja!’ A woman jumped from her recline and before Jacques could respond, she was already on his lips. 
‘My dear.’ He grinned stupidly, blinking at her sudden closeness. 
‘I missed you so-so much.’ The woman pouted her painted pretty lips before she turned her dark brown eyes towards Jack. ‘And you brought a ..present?’ She smiled.  
‘Oh, yes. Couldn’t leave the poor bugger -’ 
‘My pleasure!’ She pushed her upturned hand towards Jack, who carefully pressed a kiss there. 
‘Likewise. Jack.’ 
Jack cleared his throat and looked around the room. Some ten people were lounging about on dark green couches and the whole atmosphere seemed to breathe the pure and utter eroticism of decay. The lights were low, but Jack saw the slight fraying of the wallpaper. The wear-down of the shut curtains. The slight crookedness of the lamp shades that dimmed the chandelier’s many, many lights. 
‘I’ve never seen you before.’ Stella said. With a tantalizing bite of the lip she looked down Jack’s physique. He was a good looking man with his square jaw, dark hair and crisp blue eyes. But he never seemed to be truly aware of it - or so it seemed. With a slight quirk of the eyebrow he questioned her intentions. 
‘And! You won’t need to see him again.’ Jacques interfered, using his large palm to turn her attention back to him. ‘Oh my dearest dear!’ 
‘Oh my Zja-zja!’ She cooed back. 
Before long Jack had lost interest in the lovebirds who started to french kiss each other like their life depended on it. With another clearing of his throat and a soft: ‘I’m going to look for some drinks,’ Jack moved to inspect the rest of the curious club. 
Back in the hallway, the entrancing strum of a jazzy bassline lured Jack in closer. The people here were crowding and the air was hot. A quick beat was introduced and a trumpet cheered; people started dancing and before Jack could escape he was dragged into the moving body of the young and merry. They didn’t have these type of parties in England; there the men would hang out in dungy bars, losing their nickles and dimes on shots with ladies hardly worth the time. 
Yet here. Here, there were ladies in abundance. Here the ladies were sweet and slick with sweat that drizzled down their provocatively deep-cut dresses. Here.. Jack hesitated as he stood amidst the dancing crowd. The upbeat drum became more hastened and everything seemed to swim. 
The grabbing hands that slithered around his jacket felt like hooks, clutching to him like..
‘I’m going to die, huh?’ Harry’s lip shivered as he lay there amidst the many fallen men. The bloody fields of Hannut stank of piss and sweat and shit. And here lay Harry. His childhood friend. 
Jack gasped and looked around. The room and fields blurred into one indistinguishable mess of then and now. 
‘No.’ Jack started to shake his head, hands wanting to grab for Harry who somehow continued to remain out of reach. ‘ you won’t!’ Jack screamed as a rogue tear fell from his cheek. 
Suddenly he was back in the club, where people backed off like he wore the plague. The music hadn’t managed to drown out his heart wrenching sob and panicked cries, and were it not for the slightly muted lights, he surely would have seen the true terror in the eyes of the dancing crowd. 
With hastened steps, Jack moved back to the hallway, ashamed of the way his heart still beat in agony. He had hoped that the liquor and ladies would soothe his aches, but his heart only screamed louder. Louder and louder and.. The drum returned like the drums on the fields. 
Oh gods. 
Gasping for breath he grasped onto the door that separated the dancing room from the hallway, where people were still giving him a few looks. 
He felt so terribly lost and broken. It was like the war had eaten a part of him and spit out a mere shell. A shell with pretty blue eyes. One that made women want and men wonder. It was this shell that had gotten him his job as boy-errand for Jacques. The good looks helped to get an in, and for many months Jack had just followed Jacques lead, hoping that with time he’d feel the ache of war wear off.
Those same many months he would lay sleepless in bed. Sweating and hoping, wishing, waiting that it would get better. 
Perhaps he just needed another drink. 
Turning to the left he entered a room with a long table. A low light hung just above it, washing milky light over hairy hands that moved poker chips back and forth. It was hard to see at first who these men were. Perhaps he shouldn’t have entered. But then there was also the intrigue.
With careful steps Jack moved around the table, watching as the men continued on, undisturbed. In the darker corners of the room were a few women as well. Their hazy eyes looked up at him, though they too seemed to care little for his presence. 
‘You!’ One of the man called and Jack swiftly turned heel. The stress of the war fell away as he noted who it was; the peculiar man from the bistro. What was his name again? Manari? Minaria? Jack moved closer and greeted the man without disturbing the others. 
Where the rest of the house was filled with conversation, here the room was hushed.  The only sounds were the swallowed sound of the music further up in the house, alongside the clicking of poker chips, the sucking on cigarettes and the mumbling of the men. 
‘Jack, wasn’t it?’ The man quirked an eyebrow at Jack, smiling. ‘Come sit down with me.’ 
Miniri? Maniri? Jack just couldn’t grasp the man’s name, and so he just did as requested. 
‘Luigi, your call.’ One of the other men nodded. 
Luigi, that was it. But what was his last name? Sinking down on the proferred seat, Jack unbuttoned his jacket and watched as Luigi moved coins to the mountainous stack in the middle. 
‘All in.’ 
The other men grumbled and snarled, but Luigi didn’t care. He just smiled and turned his frame to get a better look at Jack. 
‘You look like you can use a drink.’ 
‘Indeed.’ Jack breathed out. 
‘Madame!’ He snipped his fingers and a woman appeared from one of the dark corners. ‘Champagne please!’ 
Jack gasped. ‘Oh no, no. Some beer or..’ 
‘Eh!’ Luigi shushed him and grinned.
Jack frowned. ‘Why.. champagne is for celebrating and you have not even won!’ 
‘But I will! And if not..well..let us celebrate friendship.’ 
‘Indeed. And if not..’ Luigi shrugged. 
Jack smiled and sniffled back the last of the tears that burned his eyes. Real men didn’t cry now, did they? 
‘Thank you.’ With a sigh he settled back in his chair. He was a little rattled by the trauma that had reared its ugly head just now, but Luigi’s ease was perfectly soothing. Even with this man being obviously a good many ranks above him in stature and earnings, he treated Jack like an equal. Or better yet.. a new friend. Jack cleared his thoughts and turned to Luigi as well. 
‘Seen that woman since?’ 
‘Her? No, no. Ha! But got a sweet deal out it with Delancour.’ 
Jack wondered for a moment what or who Delancour was, but he felt it inappropriate to ask. Why couldn’t he be as suave and amiable as these men? He felt so young in his years. Then again, he figured that he just really needed to practise before he could be like Jacques; fake it, until you make it, Jack-boy. 
‘A little tense there, huh?’ Luigi’s French-italian accent was funnily unnerving and Jack smiled, shaking his head. Just never fake your smiles. 
Jack sighed and nodded his head, watching as more and more men folded away their cards. ‘Just haven’t been out since the war.’ 
‘Ah, the war!’ Luigi smacked his lips and turned to reach for the filled champagne glasses that had appeared behind their backs. The pretty crystal cut goblets shone pretty spots of light on their arms as they toasted. ‘It’s like there’s no end to it!’
Jack’s stomach rumbled quietly, but it didn’t feel like the right moment to interfere. 
‘But you see my mother is not all bad.’ Luigi said, sitting in the window sill. Outside dusk had settled in over the Tuscan hills, and with every puff of Luigi’s cigarette, a new small cloud flew up in the pitch black dark. For a good many minutes the two men had conversed. Or better yet: Luigi had spoken about his peculiar mother, and Jack had listened. Sitting on the floor, with his back against the bed, he was rolling fresh cigarettes to smoke - he enjoyed those more than the factory made.
‘So free women are bad?’ Jack lit one of his freshly rolled cigarettes and looked through the smoke at Luigi. Luigi kept his face turned to the gardens outside. 
‘No. No. More like..’ Luigi shrugged. ‘You just don’t marry free women. You see Jack. There’s two types of women. The women that make your blood boil and cock hard. And the ones that soothe your pains and raise your flock. Can’t have both, never both.’ 
‘Might as well not have any women at all then, hmm?’ Jack grinned, allowing himself to sneak a peek at the key hole that was still far darker than it should be. Was he right? Was someone there? And if so, could he guess who? Sucking on his cigarette again he returned his attention to Luigi, who hastily looked away from him. 
‘Yea..yea. Women..’ Luigi cleared his throat and dragged a long breath from his near-finished cigarette. 
‘Do you..want a family though?’ Jack leaned into the bed and folded an arm over the neatly made bed. Luigi shrugged, keeping his eyes where Jack couldn’t see. 
‘And risk losing it all, again?’ A tinge of sadness crossed Luigi’s usually preppy and confident tone of voice. 
Jack sat up and stood to place a hand on Luigi’s shoulder. 
‘I’m sorry about Alfi, man. Truly. But we’ll find him.’
Luigi kept his head turned away, jaw tight. ‘It’s not that.’
Jack hesitated. With cautious eyes he watched Luigi stare out into the dark nothingness. A few silent moments followed, before Luigi finally, though testily continued. 
‘We’re cursed, that’s what. Every time good things happen for our business, another one of us bites the dust.’
Jack remained quiet. 
‘First it was Zazoo..’ Luigi sighed and flicked his cigarette out onto the terraces below. ‘It was our first big deal that brought us out of the shitter. He was..barely seventeen. Three bullets in the head. And then there was Paris.’
‘Paris?’ Jack asked. Luigi sighed again and offered a half-smile over his shoulder. 
‘Way before you and I met, English.’ 
‘Tell me.’
Luigi bit his lip and shook his head. ‘It was a mess. Father was sick for months. We needed the cash. We were all young boys, hardly capable. But family is family and business is business. We’d have a simple deal with another Italian family. Snip-snap hand in cash.’ Luigi flicked his wrists. ‘But instead it was snip-snap Piero is dead.’ 
Luigi spat out the window. 
‘You took care of that?’ 
Jack was near shocked to hear himself say it. But he knew what The Business was. And he had chosen to come here. Like a moth would come to a flame, even if it knew that it would burn. With a tight throat he watched Luigi’s lips curl in a thoughtful smile. 
‘Ever the detective.’ He said. 
Jack felt a cold shiver run up his spine as Luigi pushed himself off from the window sill. Suddenly the large man felt near threatening as he looked deep into Jack’s eyes. A silent second passed as Jack looked back, waiting for this to be the fire that would melt down his wings. 
But no. Luigi smiled, genuinely.  
‘To me you’re Jack though.’
Jack let out the softest of sighs, and Luigi took it for an invitation to pull his English friend in for another hug. 
‘There’s few like you Jack. Truly.’ Luigi backed away and cleared off invisible dust off Jack’s open hanging jacket. With admiring eyes he watched down Jack’s half-unbuttoned blouse, before he looked up. ‘So very few.’
Jack wasn’t sure what that meant. Italians always tended to be a bit more intense with relationships, so his friendship with Luigi left him at times a little unnerved. But then again, it was fine. Luigi was the man who had pretty much saved him from death by trauma. And he was the one who accidentally had introduced him to her. 
There was something exhilarating about Paris after the war. After years of suffering and pain, people wanted to live. And they wanted to live hard. Jazzy pop and cigarettes filled the nightly skies. And if not working, Jack found himself more often than not in the company of either Jacques or Luigi. 
The two men were like fire and ice. Jacques was calculating and gentle. Luigi was fiery and extravagant. And now Jacques’ attention had turned towards his new lady-love Stella, Jack found himself more and more often in the company of Luigi. 
Luigi appeared to be a textbook style caricature of an Italian man. Or so Jack thought. He had the slicked back hair, well cut suit and sparkling, mischievous eyes. But there were also some elements that were perhaps just typically Luigi. Like the ever-present hands that smoothed around Jack’s shoulders and back. The resting gazes and tight pressed hugs. 
Perhaps it was just Luigi. 
Where was he anyways? 
Sucking on his cigarette, Jack looked around the fairylike-lit courtyard. People stood around under the glow of the lights smoking cigarettes, all huddled away in their coats. Spring had come a few weeks ago, but the nights were still chilly. 
Looking around in the half-dark, Jack could recognise a few faces, but not Luigi. He likely had found himself another type of entertainment. A lady perhaps? Who knew. 
Jack sighed and killed his burned out cigarette beneath his well-polished shoe. If not for Luigi, he sure could find some different entertainment, right? Turning to the party inside, he was soon back in the lavish palace-like home of Monsieur Martinique-de-Boncour. The old man was rich and cared little for high society, but apparently these type of parties did please his wife who now stood by the grand piano, singing some hardly bearable tunes. 
Turning to his right, Jack found himself in the lobby. People were mostly here in passing, couples all arm-to-arm as they either moved out for air, or to the backyard for love. Jack, however, was alone. 
‘Jack right?’ Another man stepped in. Wide-shouldered, but in fact no more than a boy. Jack turned on his heel and outstretched a welcoming hand.
‘Indeed. Pleasure to meet you, mister..’
‘Maniari. Big.’
‘Ah, I see. Family of Luigi, then?’
‘Indeed.’ The boy already had the smug look down, eyes studying Jack for a moment before his attention moved to a familiar face. Luigi, slightly deep in his cups came strutting into the room. By his side he had two lovely ladies, the two of them either just as drunk, or terribly enamoured. 
‘Family! Family!’ Luigi laughed before he noticed Jack. With a swaggering step Luigi freed himself from the ladies, two arms wrapping tightly around Jack. ‘And a friend!’ A wet kiss was pressed on Jack’s cheek. ‘Good! Where’s Alfi?’ 
‘Only God knows.’ Big sighed, reverting his attention back to the entertainment room where Mrs. Martinique-de-Boncour gave a rather shrieky rendition of Toute Le Jour, Toute La Nuit. 
Luigi wet his lips and let his eyes fall on a woman who passed by with an even more exaggerated swagger. With a wrinkly hand she grasped for a curtain, near dragging it down as she tried to steady herself. It was then she laughed, ridiculously hard. Even the crowd in the entertainment room by the door took a gander. 
‘Oh my..’ Luigi tutted and wrapped an arm around Jack’s wide shoulders. ‘Would you look at that.’
Jack felt the innate need to help the poor woman, but the men just stood there, chuckling. There was some type of distaste on their lips as they watched the woman struggle to get up on her old, but dainty feet. 
‘I am well! Please!’ The woman snarled as she was helped up by another woman who passed by. With a sharp tug the old woman righted herself, shoulders pushing back to take on a more confident mien. She wore an oriental type of dress. It stood out from the crowd of auburn and champagne frocks that most women wore. Like molting purple gemstones it wrapped around her, all the up to her slender neck.
With a sure nod she greeted the Italian brothers, who didn’t bother to nod back. 
‘Do you require assistance madame?’ Jack asked. With a sure step he moved towards the woman, leaving Luigi’s arm falling down behind him. The woman blinked at him and tilted her head. Perhaps Jack had just done something uncalled for, because her eyes betrayed that she was taken aback by his gesture. With quick flitting eyes she looked at the Maniari brothers behind Jack.  
‘A new family member?’ She said testily. 
‘Oh shush it Lucia.’ Big groaned. 
She frowned and looked at Luigi, but the big brother did not intervene. Instead Luigi’s eyes bore into Jack’s back. He was obviously not amused with the way how Jack had side-stepped from his brotherly arm-on-shoulder. Slowly he returned his gaze to Lucia, who received all the annoyance a man could muster. 
‘Could have chosen a better frock, hmm. No longer mourning your husband, I see?’
Lucia returned his disgusted stare. ‘Do not speak of my Leo, Luigi.’ A flicker of emotion moved behind her high cheekbones. 
‘Yea yea. I hope it was worth it!’ 
Lucia’s eyes started to spit fire. ‘I did ..not! I did not ki-- I..’ She sputtered as Luigi and Big continued their way to the entertainment room. 
‘Come on then Jack, want to hear some of our hostesses’ fine singing?’ Luigi called, but Jack stayed, eyes remaining fixed on the woman named Lucia. She had olive skin, a slightly Italian lilt and fire in the eyes. Even with the Maniari brother’s hurting words, they glittered with the promise of hell and passion. 
Again, perhaps Italians were just all like that. 
Stepping forward Jack hoped that people would stop staring. Lucia, however, couldn’t be bothered by the stares. With another burst of laughter she started shaking her head. 
‘All of you. Sheep! You’re sheep!’ She turned her gaze to all who dared to look, but just as curious as they had been moments earlier, so ashamed were they of looking at her now. 
‘And you..’ She looked at Jack. ‘I don’t know you.’
Jack smiled. He liked her. ‘Not part of the family.’ He said.
The man in the bushes ducked down a little more. A light burst from the small shed he had been investigating. And though the night was dark, he felt suddenly aware of his exposed position behind the young Cypress trees. A car was parked just outside the shed and a few minutes earlier he had seen someone enter, shrouded in mystery and a long raincoat. 
Peering into the quiet, he watched as the light beam shifted. It was as expected. 
‘Oh mom..’ He sighed. 
The light died out again. 
Jack hoped that dinner would be served soon. His stomach was growling after the long day of rent collecting and fruitless investigating. Leaning into the window frame he watched Luigi. Luigi kept a pensive gaze out of the window, cigarette in hand. 
Outside the first lisps of mist were crawling over the darkened Tuscan hills, and it wouldn’t be long before everything would start to look like a scene out of a classy horror movie. Luigi, however, didn’t seem to be bothered by the gloomy scenery. With focused eyes he was looking at something in the distance. 
‘See that?’ He asked, puffing out smoke. Jack stepped in and followed his pointing finger. Right through the mists, some few hundred meters from the house, came a light. It was nearly too small to catch if you didn’t know what you were looking for, but it was definitely there. And it blinked. Which was curious. Was it a car? 
A little thump broke the silence. 
Luigi reared his head towards the source - the door - and before Jack could intervene, Luigi had rushed towards the hallway where two Bambi-big eyes stared up at him. Jack followed in quick pursuit and like always he had been right; someone had been staring at them through the keyhole. Bunny. Brown haired, long legged, ever curious; Bunny. 
Since their meeting in the village square Jack had wanted to get a word in with her. But with the thrill of a literal chase, followed by the whirlwind that was the Maniari household, he simply hadn’t managed. Besides, it was likely not a good idea to be alone with her, lest he be daring to face the wrath of Augusto. 
‘Looks like little Bunny wants trouble, huh?’ Luigi grasped her by her shirt collar and started dragging her down the winding staircase until they stood before one of the most dreaded doors in the entire house. With little squeals and whines Bunny tried to fight Luigi off, but he held a tight grip on her.
With a sharp rap he knocked the door three times. And were it not for Jack to be right behind them, he would have missed the little exchange brother and sister made. 
‘I do love you.’ Luigi whispered as the door was opened by a bored looking bodyguard. 
Bunny stiffened and as she was pushed inside, Jack and Luigi were also invited in. 
‘What?’ Augusto grumbled from behind his desk. He was hiding behind a newspaper the size of a tablecloth. 
Luigi cleared his throat, which left Jack just enough time to step in instead. 
‘Before we do continue, sir --’
The newspaper was lowered and two dark eyes stared over its edge. 
Jack nodded his head in greeting and continued: ‘I’d report on my findings regarding your missing son.. Alfonso.’
Augusto kept a straight face. ‘Well, I don’t see him here, do I now?’
Jack tilted his head, thinking. ‘Indeed. Yet he may not be far. Even ..close-by. I’d like to perform more rigorous searches tomorrow, early morning, when tracks are fresh. Also, do you happen to have a pair of his shoes that I could take for measurement and wear and tear?’
Augusto lifted an eyebrow. ‘Shoes.’
Their eyes met. 
‘Even one shoe would help considerably.’
‘You think he’s alive?’ Augusto said with a tinge of melancholy. 
‘There’s no signs of the contrary, so there is a good chance he --’
‘Number Three will see to it. Luigi?’ Augusto looked towards his son, who still held firmly onto a stiff-standing Bunny. 
Luigi tilted up his chin. ‘The usual.’
Augusto sighed in utter annoyance as his dark beady eyes shifted towards Bunny. She visibly shivered, though her face remained stoic. ‘Might as well have you married off and done with. Would you like that Bunny-dear?’ 
Bunny kept her gaze focused on the bookcase that stretched along one of the walls. Everything here was brown; the mahogany wood, the smoke-tainted leather, the chesthair that poked out of the men’s crisp white shirts. It was the very last place a woman like her wanted to be. That much was clear. Especially now Augusto raised from his seat. 
With a grunt and slow, stiff joints, the man pushed himself up from behind his desk. A silence fell over the room as he awkwardly shuffled forward until he stood in the middle of the room, arms folding behind his back. With a plopping lick of his lips he shook his head. 
‘So many sons. Good sons. And then there is you.’
Bunny looked up and pain flashed behind her lashes. She shut her eyes in shame. 
‘Always causing trouble. From the day you could walk, you did everything you shouldn’t.’ He stepped forward and used his grubby finger to tilt up her chin. ‘Now look at you.’
Jack felt a rush of dizziness come over him. Perhaps it was the hunger in his stomach. And perhaps it was the start of another war flashback. 
‘Look at me Jack. I’m here.’ 
Bunny was struck across the cheek with a snapping flat hand. 
‘It’s okay. Breath for me.’ 
Another slap to the other cheek. 
'I’m right here.’ 
Bunny let the force of her father’s hand turn her face towards Jack. Her eyes found his. 
‘Right here.’
A silent tear fell from Bunny’s pained eyes, but she did not give a kick. Jack looked back. 
‘Don’t ever let them take your worth Jack-my-sweet.’ Lucia’s long fingers curled around his cheek and for a moment the harsh looks of the aristocrats at the party fell away. Not even the war could trouble him beneath her fingertips. She smiled. ‘I mean there’s only so few who know a woman’s worth.’ 
‘What if I can’t? Can’t do it?’ 
‘There’s always a way.’ 
Chap 5 >
General tagsquad: @harrysthiccthighss​ @tumblnewby @magdelen69​ @thereisa8ella​ @darkbooksarwin​ @summersong69​ @madbaddic7ed​ @luclittlepond​ @maroonmolly @just-a-normal-fangirl18​ @hell1129-blog​ @agniavateira​ @tillthelandslide​ @elinesama​ @maddyreads14
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anatomy-lesson · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Bride at 14, Woman Is Accused Of Bigamy,” Toronto Star. February 11, 1930. Page 03. ---- Evelyn Walker Believed Seven-Years’ Separation Left Her Free --- Declaring she had understood she could marry again after living away from her husband for seven years, Evelyn Walker pleaded guilty before Magistrate Margaret Patterson in women’s police court to-day to a charge of bigamy. Accused was remanded to the psychiatric hospital for one week.
Police alleged that Mrs. Walker, who had been married to William Walker in 1920, married Gordon W. Hartford in Nov. 1929.
In a statement read by Detective McAllister it was stated she left her husband because of living conditions on their farm in Bethany. In 1920 she had come to Toronto.
Married in Windsor In 1929 she declared she met Hartford. Later in November both she and Hartford left the city and after taking out a license in Belleville got married in Windsor. Mrs. Walker said she had been a ward of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.
She had been lodged in the aid’s home, when her mother died. With the consent of the Children’s Aid Society, she was married to Walker. At the time she was 14 years of age and Walker had been 48, she claimed. Her husband was a widower with four children. Accused was no 25 years old and had a child of nine years of age.
‘Why did you leave your husband?’ the court inquired. ‘My husband shushed me and living conditions were very bad.’
‘Why did you marry again?’ ‘Hartford told me that if we remained apart seven years I could get married again.’
A sister of the accused testified hat she had tried to prevent the second marriage and that despite warnings from her and several police officers, the couple were married.
The court suggested that as Hartfod had seemed aware of accused’s previous marriage, he should be brought to court.
Doris Allen, who yesterday blamed an injured leg for her unsteady gait up Bond St., Sunday night, was sentenced to three months on the jail farm. Wife Make Appeal Albert Ellement received a reprimand when he appeared on a charge of beating his wife. His wife pleaded on his behalf. The charge was withdrawn.
‘We hear that your wife works her fingers to the bone to support you,’ Fred Malone, crown counsel commented to Ellement. ‘We understand that you cut her lip and hit her over the back with a shovel.’ ‘I was just tending the fire. It was accidental,’ said the husband. He was then dismissed.
Neil Darnley, charged with a serious offence, was remanded one week for sentence.
Mary Silk and Stella Sneaky, vagrants, were remanded till Friday on bail of $500 each.
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whatstobedone · 2 months ago
This got requested and I just had to write it down!
It’s a Farah & Sky fic set after the Rikki incident.
Look after me
Adrenaline was still rushing through Farah’s veins and the first sign of a headache was throbbing behind her temples. She had not felt like crisis mode in years. Luna’s appearance had not helped. She took a deep breath and reminded herself of the differences. It was not war. Rosalind was gone. She was headmistress. It had just been teenage drama. Severe teenage drama. But no-one died. She noticed now that she was still standing behind her desk, her hands gripping the edge. She was in the same position she had been since Luna and Stella had left her office. It had taken everything in her power not to scream at the Queen. She wished she could say that she had finally mastered the diplomatic side of being headmistress, but mostly it had been Stella’s small and subdued form that had helped her hold her tongue. It had gone dark outside and Farah reckoned that she had been standing like this for over half an hour. There was a knock on the door.
‘Leave me alone!’, Farah yelled, allowing some self-pity in her voice. She knew Saul would come in anyway but she wanted him to know that she was having a rough time.
The door stayed close.
‘Shit.’, Farah cursed, realizing that she had yelled at someone other than Saul. She rushed to the door and opened it, only to find Callum’s office deserted.
She ran through the next door and almost bumped into a tall blond boy.
‘Sky.’, Farah exclaimed, immediately recognizing her godson. ‘Sorry, I did not mean to scare you off.’, she was rambling a bit, still catching up to her mistake.
Sky looked at her, his eyes were red rimmed.
Farah stopped her explanation and softly touched his shoulder. ‘Are you okay?’
Sky looked at her, his lip trembling. He looked lost. Like the lost little boy that would climb in the chair across in her office and asked questions about the father he never knew.
‘Stupid question.’, Farah corrected herself, a little unnerved by Sky’s silence. ‘Of course you are not okay.’ She felt like she was doing all the talking and not even a good job at it either. ‘Shall I walk you over to Saul? I am sure today must have been really hard on you.’
Tears briefly filled Sky’s eyes before he closed them. Farah watched one escape and roll down his cheek. The boy would turn eighteen this year, he was almost a man. His first year at Alfea had broadened him up, but Farah wished she could still scoop him up in her arms.
‘I don’t want professor Silva to see me cry.’, Sky mumbled.
Farah felt a deep pain in her chest. She wanted to hug her godson. Starting school had been hard for Sky. He had pushed Saul in the teacher role, but had lost his parental figure in the process. Farah knew it bothered Saul. Sky was learning to stand on his own feet. Making his own mark in the world. It was a fine balance, letting him be his own person and still looking after him. It seemed like they had missed the mark.
‘Saul would not mind and you know that.’, Farah scolded gently. ‘If today has learned us anything it is that we should not crop up our emotions.’ She gently threw an arm around the boy’s back. Heavens, he really was getting big. And guided him back to her office. ‘Let’s drink a cup of tea, darling. Just the two of us.’
She settled Sky on her sofa and fumbled with cups and boiling water for a few minutes. When she finally settled everything on the small table in front of the sofa, she noticed the tears that were rolling down his cheeks. His eyes were closed and his bottom lip was stuck between his lips. He looked so broken. His girlfriend had hurt her best friend and she knew Sky felt responsible.
‘O Sky.’, she sighed softly, sitting down next to him. ‘O darling.’ She pulled Sky into her embrace and held him tightly. Immediately his hands went up to her back and held her closer. There was a familiarity to it. Often she had comforted Sky as a child. Held him. Let him cry in her chest. Yet, it was so very different. Sky was bigger now. Bigger than her. And so were his problems. Between the sobs, Farah could make out some choked up words. Stella. Rikki. Fight. Sorry. She gently rocked the man in her lap as she made shushing sounds. She did not know what else to do.
‘It’s okay Sky. Everything will be alright.’, she kept saying it over and over, ignoring her own worry. She remembered Stella being yanked out of her office by Queen Luna and suddenly she was not so sure if everything would be okay. She would try to fix that tomorrow.
Tonight was about Sky. He had become so big. He was almost a grown man. It did not mean that she would not be there for him anymore.
Check the story out on Ao3
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thisbloghasnoaesthetic · 3 months ago
Last Time
Zeppeli x reader
The air in the room was thick and hot with tension. So much so that you could barely breathe. The anger and hurt rushing through your veins made it hard to think, your head hazy as you stared your husband down.
“You can’t leave,” You tried again, hot tears threatening to pour down your cheeks. The lump in your throat stayed there no matter how hard you swallowed it down, your lips and hands trembling. Your heart thudded against your ribcage.
“I have to,” William’s voice was soft and solemn. As if he had the right to be upset when he made the decision to leave.
“God damn it William, you don't have to!” You snapped, your anger coming to a point. “You don't even know if there are more of those masks. This is not your burden to bear! Are you really going to leave your family, your...your children on a hunch?”
William sighed heavily, sitting down on your shared bed. He put his head in his hands, fingertips weaving through his dark hair.
“I want them to be safe,”
You stood, flabbergasted at his response, red filling your vision. You could feel your face contorting into pure lividness, the fire in your stomach making its way to your voice.
“You want to protect them by leaving them? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?” You whisper shouted, not wanting to wake your 2 children. God, he wanted to leave and they weren't even five.
“You didn't see what I saw,”
“I don't care! You can't leave them! You can't leave me!” You sobbed, tears rolling down your cheeks in fat globs. Your knees buckling out from under you, sending you collapsing onto the floor at his feet. William only placed his large hand on the back of your head, scratching his nails against your scalp softly. His touch only made it worse, causing you to shake and sob out right, your hands clutching his trousers as you begged him to change his mind.
“la mia stella, I promise to come back to you, and to them” William was trying to offer comfort, and for that you were thankful. But that wasn't a promise your husband had the power to keep. You both knew that. 
You sniffled hard, clutching the fabric of his pants like that would keep him from leaving you. You continued to grovel like a child, finding no comfort in your husband’s touch nor in his empty promises. You could physically feel your heart shattering. You really wouldn't be able to change his mind. 
William petted your head and let you hang onto him until your sniffles became quiet hiccups. His fingers running through your hair as he shushed you quietly in Italian. His hand was so warm, and strong. The familiar weight making everything melt away, leaving only the bitterness of goodbyes in the air. You sighed heavily, your lungs burning. You look up, resting your chin upon William’s knee. He reaches down and strokes your cheek lovingly, his thumb wiping away the undried tears on your cheeks.
William urges you up, moving to hold your hand as he guides you to stand. He pulls you close, strong arms wrapped around your waist, his hands pressing you close. He buries his face in your chest, inhaling the smell of you. It’s your turn to comfort him now, running your hands across his tense shoulders and brushing the hair off his forehead. William’s hands continue to press you further into his body until you are sat atop his lap. His breath is shuttering against you as his hands continue to wander your back and waist, trailing down to your hips.
William looks up at you, his eyes half lidded and lips parted. His cobalt eyes scan over your face, taking in as much information as he possibly can. He glances at your lips before meeting your eyes once more. Your blood is roaring in your ears as he stares at you. William moves his hand up and over your shoulder, trailing his fingers across your collarbone and up your throat until he has your chin between his thumb and forefinger.
He pulls you even closer, craning up while you bend your head down, your nose brushing over his, the hair of his mustache tickling under your nose. Your eyes slip shut, savoring the feeling of your husband’s hands on you and the feeling of his breath puffing against your lips as his face draws closer and closer. The scent of his cologne is overwhelming, it floods your nose and makes a pleasant, familiar heat pool in your abdomen. 
Your lips meet his sweetly. William’s kiss is comforting and familiar, like coming home after a tiring day. It hits you that you may never have his sweet lips against yours ever again and you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pulling him close and deepening the kiss. William’s hands hold to your hips tightly, his fingers twitching against you as you kiss him like a love crazed teenager. He groans into your mouth as your hands tangle in his chocolate tresses. You press your chest to his, shifting your hips against him. William falls back, taking you with him.
“(Y/N)...” He whispers your name like a prayer, too occupied to ever leave your lips. You don't answer, you can't. You were afraid your voice would waiver both from the pain of his decision to leave and the desire coursing through your veins. William’s hands begging to wander your body more, passing over familiar trails and spots he knows that will make you gasp. Dexterous fingers move to unbutton your clothing, and you do the same to him. His body is lean and strong, the golden candlelight casting delicious shadows across the planes of his defined abdomen. William pushed your clothing off as well, fingertips leaving heated trails across your chest as he carefully rolls you over. 
You're pinned beneath him as William ducks down to kiss along your neck, sucking marks into your skin and lathing his tongue over the bruises in apology. Your hands tangle in his hair, moving down to stroke over the skin of his back as he moves to mouth your chest. You arch and gasp as his hot mouth encloses over a nipple, his hands keeping you still by pressing into your stomach. You wrap your legs around his waist, pushing his pelvis into yours. He’s achingly hard and the friction causes a growl to rip itself from his chest. The sound shoots straight to the coil low behind your abdomen and you whine.
William’s hands continue to devour your body, pushing down your underthings and throwing them to a forgotten corner of the room. His fingers trail across your navel, dipping into the crease where your thigh meets your hip as he kisses down the length of your body. You gasp out his name when his lips meet the apex of your thighs. William wastes no time, gripping your thighs to devour you like you're his last meal. His talented tongue felt like lava against you and you struggled to breathe as he mouthed your most intimate parts. Your hand winds in his hair and he groans, the shockwaves making your toes curl. Willam looks up at you through his lashes, moving one hand to your mouth, placing two fingers against your lips. You welcome them with a moan, swirling your tongue around the digits. You wish he would replace his fingers with his cock. The earthy taste of his skin makes your eyes roll into the back of your head and you whine in protest when he pulls away from you. William chuckles at your neediness and he pats your thigh.
“Spread for me, amore” His voice is low and husky. It dripped with desire and made shivers creep up your spine. You do as he said, looking away as you open yourself completely to him. It seemed he didn't want the favor returned, happy to move on to being buried within you. 
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous” 
William is laying beside you now, his head resting on your chest as his fingers swirl around your entrance. You whine as his fingertips push inside you, slowly. He presses against your heat, groaning at the feeling of you surrounding his fingers. He takes his time prepping you, stretching you out slowly as you whine and writhe under his touch. You're a babbling mess, your hands gripping his forearm as you beg. You want more, his fingers no longer enough for you. You need him closer.
“Will...please,” You whine, pulling his hair so he can look you in the eye. William gives you a dazzling smile, pulling his fingers out of you and dropping his drawers. He plants his hands behind your knees, placing your ankles on his shoulders and nudging your entrance with the tip of his cock. You gasp at the feeling of him, hot and velvety and fuck you just need him. You grind your hips up into him. William gasps, ducking his head into your shoulder with a huff.
“Eager,” He chides, leaving kisses against your skin. He edulges you anyway, pushing himself into your heat with a groan. You moan as he slowly fills you, his cock pressing into the places that make your toes curl and your vision go blurry. He pulls out slowly, making sure you feel every inch and ridge he has to offer.
It's not long before William is pounding you into the mattress, his lips never leaving yours as you swallow his gasps and moans. Your nails scratch down his back and you meet each of his thrusts with ones of your own. William gasps praises in your ear as he drives the coil in your abdomen tighter and tighter. He holds you down easily, his hands reaching for yours and intertwining your fingers. He shutters as your feet press into his ass, pushing him deeper and deeper with each thrust. You can feel yourself stumbling closer to your end, the overwhelming tightness behind your intestines making pleads fall from your lips.
“Will...please..I need..” You're breathless, your mouth falling open as William picks up the pace, slamming into you hard enough to make the bed frame groan. He tosses his head back as you begin to tighten around him, your back arching as you cum with a cry of his name. Will falls over the edge not long after, spilling himself inside of you as he presses his lips to yours. 
You both pant hard, your heart still racing as he pulls out of you. William offers no words, opting to hold you close to his chest as you both come down from your high. He helps you clean up of course, leaving loving kisses and caresses on your skin. 
You lay your head on his chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat and letting your fingers play with the light dusting of chest hair on his skin. Neither of you speak, not knowing what to say and too shy to say goodbye.
When you wake up the next morning his spot on the bed has gone cold.
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(K)night in Black Armor (Part 15.2) – Spock (Mobster!AU) [SMUT]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Spock x reader
Warnings: Smut, slight mentions of past dub-con
Words: 3710
All parts: Series Masterlist
A/N: Okay, this is their wedding like and contains like 99% Smut. It doesn’t need to be read to understand the rest of the story.
Let me know if you want to be added to the Series taglist!
Please do not repost my work on other sites or platforms.
Spock had insisted to honor the tradition and carry you over the threshold of his home. Well, in fact he carried you from the car to the couch, where he sat you down.
“What now?” you asked and when he sat down as well, you climbed into his lap “As far as I know there’s another tradition we might need to honor” you traced your forefinger over his tie and then slowly started opening it.
“I will not force you do anything you do not want” you chuckled
“I know” you said “But I’ve wanted this for a long, long time. But if you don’t want to that’s ok-…” he picked you up again and started carrying you upstairs. In the meantime, you managed to get off his tie, dropping it somewhere on the stairs and you began to undo the top buttons of his shirt. He put you back to the ground on the floor and you took off your shoes, tossing them into a corner, before you pulled him down to your lips to kiss him. “What would you like?” you asked
“How do you mean that?”
“Well, what things to you like, what would you like me to do?”
“No” he said, cupping your face “This will be about you”
“A-about me?”
“Yes. So what would you like me to do?”
“Hm good question. No one ever asked me that. At least in relation to that” you turned around “Could you just help me out of the dress for a start?” wordlessly, he pulled down the zipper of the dress, then turned back to him and slowly stepped out of it. You noticed how his eyes immediately darted to the underwear you had bought extra for under the wedding dress and smiled. Your arms snaked around his neck and you kissed him again and he lifted you onto his bed after he had pulled away his blanket “Do you know that your bed is very soft?” you asked when he parted from your lips, making him raise an eyebrow. Slowly, he moved his hand from your face to your neck and then to your chest
“Will you tell me if you are not alright with what I do?”
“Okay. But I’m actually pretty able to withstand….” he shook his head and pressed a finger to your lips
“I do not care what you have done during your time at the Stella or how you were told to behave. Tonight I want you to only do or tolerate what you are comfortable with and you can tell me any time if you do not like something”
“I’ll try” you whispered. He gave a nod and pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth before his lips wandered to your jawline and the side of your neck
“You still have not told me what you liked” he mumbled
“That always depends” you breathed out “It depends on how people do it. For example, if you kiss my favorite spot too lightly, it won’t be as good as massaging my breasts but if you squeeze them too hard I won’t like that either”
“And where is that favorite spot you have?” you were just about to answer when he shushed you “No wait, I will find it myself” you let out a hum, that turned into a slight moan when you felt him nibble at the side of your neck. You couldn’t really remember if being with another man had felt this good. His left hand moved to your stomach, running his fingertips over your skin. His lips wandered to your shoulder and then he lifted his head and slowly started moving the strap of your bra down your arm and then moved back to the other side to do the same there. Somehow it surprised you how slow he took things because at least more than two third of customers at the Stella would already be fucking you by now. On the other hand, they knew that they had paid and could not take forever. Somehow, you even found that a part of you was not sure what to do because you wanted him to do more than what he currently did. You felt, how he ran his hand along the band of your bra, to your back
“It opens at the front” you said, making him raise an eyebrow “I know that’s not usual but makes it easier. You wouldn’t want to know how many other men…” he pressed a finger to your lips
“Shh. This is about us and us alone. Do not mention other men. From now on, no one else is allowed to ever see you like this again or even touch you” his hand wandered to the front of your bra and he undid the magnet in the middle. “You may not know how many have done this before me but I will make sure I am the last” a gasp left your lips at his words. Of course other men had tried to… no, you told yourself, you would not think of the past. You dug your fingers into Spock’s hair and gently guided his head to your left boob, arching your back when he complied and started to move his tongue over your nipple. His hands were moving over your stomach again, then down to your thighs. You bucked your hips, hoping he would get the hint but of course he didn’t move his hands to where you wanted them.
“Spock!” you protested, hooking your leg over his, trying to pull him closer. He looked up
“Is something wrong?” he sounded worried
“No I mean you did nothing wrong but stop teasing me like that” he raised an eyebrow and then moved his mouth back to the side of your neck, making you huff. Your right hand travelled down to your panties, wanting to take them off and touch yourself, something you usually did later on during sex, but he caught your wrist and pinned it to the mattress beside your hip “Mean” you muttered. But your pout didn’t stay long since he now pulled down your underwear himself and you moved your legs so that you got rid of them completely. Then you did the same with your bra and tossed it off the bed.
“You seem a bit impatient” at this, you let out a huff and tried to move your other hand between your legs but he caught it as well, taking both of your wrists into one hand and looking down at you almost reproachfully “Is what I am doing this unsatisfying?” again, you huffed and decided not to answer. He pecked your cheek and then your lips again, letting go of your wrists so that he could dig his fingers into your hair and you felt his other hand slowly and lightly moving up at the inside of your thigh until he reached your clit. He left your lips and a breathy sound left your throat when he experimented with different movements over your clit. When he seemed to have found what you liked most, he got a bit more fervent and you tried to sit up a little to open his trousers but once again he pulled your hand away. “Not yet” he said and you started wondering what else he would do.
“But what…” you croaked out
“I told you that this will be about you” his mouth went to your left nipple that time, pressing a kiss to it “so before I do anything, I will take care of you” his fingers on your clit stilled “Unless you want me to stop” a whine left your mouth and you only managed to shake your head a little. It was only now that you realized what he was planning to do, he wanted to make you come just by rubbing your clit. You didn’t know what to think of that because of course no one had done that before. In fact, you only rarely ever had an orgasm at the Stella. And if you did it mostly was because you touched yourself. Somehow you also had the feeling like you couldn’t take it anymore before you reached your height with a deep, guttural moan.
“God” you muttered, more to yourself and threw your head back. While you came down, his fingers still were stroking you lightly, making your whole body tremble and when you pulled away, he removed his hand and started pressing light kisses all over your chest. When you had steadied your breathing you sat up on your elbows and smiled at him when he sat up too. “Thank you” you said, not sure what else to say. Suddenly you could understand how some customers felt when they weren’t used to the situation and you found it cute when they stammered out a thank-you afterwards.
“You do not need to thank me. It is enough if you could enjoy it” you nodded
“Yes” you moved closer and grabbed him by the collar, pressing your lips against his again while you made quick work of the rest of his shirt buttons and started to remove it afterwards. You parted from his lips to have a look at him and traced your hand over the small tattoo under his right collarbone. It reminded you of a rounded arrowhead with two elongated tips at the bottom. And there was another tattoo that looked like a mirrored pi on his right arm. Although you were curios what they meant, you were occupied otherwise. “Now” you said, straddling his lap “if you don’t tell me what you like, I’ll just have to guess” you ran your hands down his chest, while nibbling on his ear lobe.
“I…” his voice broke off and you noticed a slight blush on his face “I have never…” you pulled away
“Wait, you’re telling me you’ve never been with someone? I thought that Jim was just joking”
“No, it is correct, I have never done this before”
“Oh” you turned away a little “And you’re sure you want your first time to be with me? I’ve been with…” he pressed a finger to your lips
“As I have already said, I do not care with how many men you have been before. Besides, I have married you, so yes, I am more than certain that I want you. It might even is better that you have some experience because otherwise the both of us would be uncertain about what to do”
“Hm” you ran a finger over his skin again, watching how his muscles twitched under your touch “You’re right. But don’t worry I’ve helped two virg-…”
“Do not mention other men. And please, only do what you are comfortable with” he stopped you
“Right. Well then” you said, placing both your hands on his stomach “Then I’ve just need to go easy on you. Even though you did seem like you kinda know what you’re doing before.” your hands went down to the hem of his trousers and you slowly opened them. When he tried to remove them, you slapped his hands away “My turn” you whispered in his ear as you slipped your hand in his underpants and started stroking him. Not much later, he pulled your lips back onto his and started groaning into your mouth. You smiled and then moved your lips to his jawline, pressing small kisses along his jawbone. “Is that how you imagined me touching you would feel like? Or maybe you’ve already jerked off thinking or even hoping it would be me doing it?” he let out a gasp and you could see that his face gained even more color. “Is that because I’m right or because of my words in general?” you asked but didn’t give him a time to answer by kissing him again. He then leant his head against your shoulder, panting heavily, obviously trying hard to bite back any other sounds that would let on what your touch was doing to him.
“It is even better than…” he trailed off, letting out a grunt “Shit” you chuckled
“Well, sounds like you regret not having let me do this earlier, huh?” you nuzzled the side of his face “But this is only a very small part of what I can do”
“I’ll catch up on it” he pressed out, making you grin
“And when do you plan to do so? Right now you’re a little… motionless”
“I could change…” he tried to push you down on your back but you didn’t let him
“Oh no. We’re taking it easy” yet you sped up your movements a little after you had pulled his trousers down a little anyway. Not much later he came over your hand and bit down on your shoulder. He stayed like this, panting for some time, before he carefully moved away from you and took a tissue out of a drawer from his nightstand, then took your wrist to clean your hand
“I hope this did not make you uncomfortable” you chuckled
“You wouldn’t want to imagine at which places I’ve already had…”
“(Y/N)” he said warningly.
“Sorry. But you know… for me this is kinda normal. I mean to talk about sex and all. It’s been like one of the main things in most of my life so far and…”
“It is not anymore. You can leave all of this behind. I urge you to only keep the happy memories”
“Okay” you muttered as he slipped out of his trousers and underwear. You smiled and lay down on your back, Spock leaning over you shortly after
“Are you certain about this?” you rolled your eyes
“Fucking hell yes. I’d have let you fuck me earlier already if you had not chosen to just rub my clit” he raised an eyebrow and then his lips were over your Stella tattoo on your shoulder and you felt him lick the shape of the star on your skin. His hands gently started massaging your breasts and also his mouth moved downwards. All too soon you felt a wetness starting to pool between your legs what surprised you because that rarely ever happened. You started to wonder if, with time, Spock would need to do even less to achieve getting you that wet. “Please” you moaned, making him look up at you “Touch me”
“I am touching you, am I not?” that sassy little bastard. You let out a huff and made sure he was in between your legs before you tried to pull him closer. To your dismay he pulled away from you and took something else from his drawer and you could see it was a condom
“But I thought you did the test if you have any sexually transmitted diseases and it said you had none?”
“You are correct”
“Then we won’t need that” you took it from his hand and tossed it away. “This is your first time and it shall be special. And without condom it will feel much better for both of us. Trust me. Besides, I still am on birth control. Now come here” you sat up and pulled him against your lips, lying back down. Soon, he let his hands wander over your body again and this time he moved to your middle much quicker. After he circled his fingers on your clit for a while, he moved them to your entrance. Before he pushed in the first one, he looked at you and you nodded “Do it” he complied and you let out a moan, throwing your head back. For a while, he just seemed to explore your vagina before he added another finger. You didn’t know if he just was curious about your reactions and was just trying out different things or if he really had no clue what he was doing. Yet you had to admit that it felt good. But suddenly he slowed down and pulled away “Is something wrong?”
“I was just thinking that I will probably hurt you”
“Now come on, don’t feel bad. I’m more scared that it will be awful and all….”
“Even if it was, we will get better with practice” you gave a nod and sat up, trying to push him down on his back
“What are you doing?”
“I have an idea how you won’t feel bad about hurting me. Lie down” he complied with a raised eyebrow and you straddled his hip. Now he seemed to realize what you were trying to do, yet he winced when you took hold of his cock and guided it into you. Slowly you sank down on him, making both of you moan and you used his chest as support as you started moving. With a smile you watched him, obviously trying to be quiet again and then leant down to kiss him. He used that chance to flip the two of you over, so that you were lying beneath him
“Sorry” he mumbled
“Don’t be. Just move” you said, bucking your hips. And he did move, you gripped the sheets and cried out in pleasure. He brought his mouth to your collarbone and started muttering things against your skin that you couldn’t understand. His hand moved to your clit again and started rubbing it almost fervently. A row of curses left your mouth like a mantra and you heard him chuckle against your chest before it turned into a groan and you too felt that he was close “It’s okay” you mumbled digging your fingers into his hair “You can let go, I’ve got you” you whispered and only a second later you felt him come inside you “Tha-that’s it” you breathed as he pressed his face into the crook of your neck, muttering incomprehensible things again “How was it?” you asked when you heard that his breathing had steadied.
“Much better than I have thought” he started peppering light kisses all over your face “I suppose that now I understand why people would pay for sex” you chuckled “But I would never do it, unless it involved you”
“What would you say if I started charging you money?”
“I would simply let you pay rent so that you can live here” again you giggled and he looked down at you “Fuck”
“What?” you asked full of worry
“I did not pay attention to you. I… you have not had an orgasm, correct?”
“It’s okay. I’m used to it. All I wanted is that you can enjoy it” he shook his head and pulled out of you
“I promise you that you will never go without an orgasm again” he said before he moved down and started trailing kisses up your thigh. Although you knew instantly what he had in mind you still were surprised when he closed his mouth over your clit
“Oh fuck” you muttered and as he went on, you fisted your hand in the pillow and bit into a corner of it “Fuck, are you sure you never did that… oh before?” you panted out because you almost couldn’t believe that you were the first woman he pleasured like that. Much sooner than when he had just used his hand, you reached your orgasm and shouted his name. “Okay that’s it” you breathed when you had the strength to talk again
“Is something wrong?”
“In contrary. I was just going to say that I was never going to give you back” there was a smug little smile on his face as he leant up to kiss you. He then lay down on his side and pulled you against his chest. “Now what?” you muttered, tracing your forefinger over his chest “We still have all night”
“I know. After all I still have not found your weak point” he nuzzled your nose with his.
“And I should find yours too. I bet you don’t know yourself which ones you have?”
“No” you let out a hum and let the other fingers of your right hand start the journey over his skin. He shuddered slightly at the touch
“Yes, (Y/N)?”
“I just wanted to say thank you”
“For what?”
“Everything. I mean I already thanked you for what you did to me but now I also wanted to say thank you for today. I really enjoyed it”
“So did I” you pecked his lips
“And uh… we both know that you can’t be my first but at the Stella, I have never done anal before so if you’d like, we can try that once”
“Not now. Besides, as I have already said, it does not matter that I am not your first or how many others you have been with before me. All that counts is that I now got you all to myself” he nibbled on your collarbone again, making you squeal.
“You know, I kinda love it when you go all possessive. It makes me feel…. I don’t know. Wanted, appreciated and protected and loved”
“And all of the four apply” you gave a nod and pressed a kiss to his shoulder
“How can you be so perfect?”
“I am far from perfect but I will take the compliment” you let out another hum and let your hand wander to his stomach, down to his manhood “What are you doing?” he asked
“Well, the sooner we get you hard again, the sooner we can have the next round” you replied with a grin “Isn’t that some great logic?”
“I can only say that I agree with it and quite like it” you giggled “However, I was wondering if there was another position we could try. I am certain you know some”
“If the Kamasutra says you something… I think I know all of the positions in it”
“Just tell me….” he brought a hand to your face “Which one do you consider to be the most tender one?”
“Hm good question. I myself like the spoon position pretty much” he raised an eyebrow
“I do not think I know how it works. I probably do not know how any other position works” you chuckled
“Don’t worry” you whispered in his ear “I’ll show you. I’ll show you them all”
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1nsomniacwriter · 3 months ago
FamILY Movie night
Part 10 of my intrulogcial library au
Let me know if you want to be tagged
Ever since Remus and Logan had started dating the others rarely saw the two. They were always holed up in the library being sickeningly cute or in the imagination going on cute or by other standards disturbing because apparently taming ‘evil’ animals for a circus is not normal. Anyways Janus and Patton were looking for the two as it was movie night and Remus turn to choose. He already had some cheese horror movie picked out so he, Janus, and Virgil  could make fun of the characters.
Janus banged on the doors to the library and a few seconds later Logan opened one wearing one of Remus’ big hoodies because none of Remus' jackets fit Remus so naturally they wouldn’t fit his taller boyfriend. Remus followed behind in one of Logan’s jackets. Remus’ reading glasses had slid down and he looked adorable with Mortuus in his arms and Corvus on his shoulder.
“Hey guys. Is it time for movie night?” Remus asked.
“Yep. What didn’t you pick?” Janus asked.
“A random horror movie. You, Virgil, and I are going to make fun of the characters like old times,” Remus said, moving Corvus to Logan’s shoulder.
“You know Patton doesn’t like horror movies, Cephy,” Logan said.
“Oh he will the way us ex- dark sides watch them,” Remus said, setting Mortuus down and running down the hall opossum falling.
“She’s like a dog,” Logan muttered.
“Leave it. Remus raised her from a baby,” Janus said.
The three follow after and see Remus dragging his brother and Virgil down the halls. Virgil is grinning and chanting ‘Time to make fun of idiots’ in a sing-song voice and Remus joins in. Roman groans in annoyance and Patton moves to the kitchen to make popcorn. Logan and Janus sigh in annoyance.
“Five bucks says Virgil and Remus have already started on a blanket fort,” Janus said.
“I’m not taking that bet.”
Sure enough a half constructed fort using comforts, sheets, chairs from the kitchen, the recliner, and couch was being built by the duo. Both wore onesies. Virgil was in his skeleton onesie while Remus wore a Stitch onesie.
“Holy shit,” Roman said, staring.
“We’re having a Dark Sides movie night,” Remus chirped as Virgil nodded.
Both were beyond happy. They hadn’t done one of these in forever.  Mortuus was scooped up by Roman who also had Avis on his head. Avis began to scream which irritated even Roman so he was taken back to Roman’s room. While Roman took care of Avis Remus and Virgil finished the blanket fort.
“I will never understand how you two do that,” Janus said, crawling into the fort.
“Just because you forgot how to act like a kid doesn’t mean we did Janny,” Remus said.
“I did forget you ass. I just know how to act age,” Janus countered.
“I call bullshit mister, I tried to ask Patton out with fifty frogs you had Remus help you catch. I had to stop you. You are just as much a child as Re and I” Virgil said.
“In my defence they weren’t really cute frogs,” Janus said.
“Of course they were. All frogs are cute,” Virgil said.
“Hey Re why did you give Patton a hedgehog instead of a frog?” Janus asked.
“Because they make good cuddle buddies and Pattycake needs a cuddle buddy for when he can’t cuddle you,” Remus said like it was obvious.
“Huh,” Virgil said.
The other three watched the trio of childish sides.
“Hey Janny,” Remus said.
“Dare you to bring Sibium out here,” he said.
“What do I get out of bringing my darling out here?” Janus asked.
“Ummmm…” Remus said.
“You can borrow any item of clothing you want from me,” Virgil butted in.
“Why are you offering?” Janus asked.
“Because I wanna see Sibium too,” Virgil said.
The three ex light sides watched the ex dark sides interact and act like a couple of children.
“Deal,” Janus said and went to crawl out, “You better have the movie set up by the time I get back.”
Remus crawled over to the TV turned it on taking the remote when Virgil offered it.
“What was that?” Roman asked joining them in the pillow fort.
“Jay needed to relax and what better way than joking around like we did back then,” Virgil said.
“Were you guys always like that?” Patton asked.
“Janus has closed off and decided that acting like he once did is bad. I don’t know why. I used to be the cuter vintage outfits, mostly dresses. I think he thinks similar to luce della stella (starlight, Italian), that you have to dress and act a certain way to be listened to and taken seriously,” Remus said.
“How do you-” Logan starts.
“He adores picking apart people's psychology; it’s why he and Emile get along so well,” Virgil said.
“Ah,” Logan said oh so eloquently.
“Sorry,” Remus said.
“Don’t apologize Remus,” Patton chirped and joined everyone.
“Did Remus psychoanalyze someone?” Janus asked to come back with Sibium.
“You and Logan to be exact,” Virgil said stretching over Romans lap.
“He said you used to wear vintage dresses. Why don’t you anymore?” Patton asked.
“I mean I do sometimes,” Janus said.
“You should wear them more,” Patton said.
“Both he and Virgil should go back to how they used to dress,” Remus said as he pushed play.
“Wait what did Virgil dress like?” Roman asked.
“He put effort into how he looked. He would do a full face of makeup, shit ton of jewelry, and full emo outfit,” Janus answered.
“Why did you stop?” Roman asked.
“You guys already picked at me for dressing how I do now multiply that by ten. I wasn’t risking it,” Virgil said.
“It looked cool,” Remus muttered.
“Oh yeah what about your old style?” Virgil asked.
“Huh?” Roman said.
“Dark Academia,” Janus said.
“Shush. I’m watching the movie,” Remus said.
“Liar you just don’t wanna talk about it. You looked cool Remus,” Janus said.
He slipped out of the lying as he relaxed more.
“Meh,” Remus said.
“You did,” Virgil said.
“How about thi,” Patton said, “Next week we go shopping in the imagination and buy you guys a whole new wardrobe of anything you want.”
Everyone agreed before Remus hushed them as he did actually want to watch the movie. The ex dark sides made fun of the characters the whole time. Patton hid in Janus' shoulder during the gory parts. Roman pretended to watch while hiding in Virgil while Logan made fun of the characters with the ex dark sides. As the movie rolled to an end and the last person was killed Remus put on Lilo and Stitch to calm down the other two. By the end of Lilo and Stitch the sides were passed out in the fort.
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megan1412 · 4 months ago
Its Time
Cynthia goes into labor and John and Paul become parents to their third child.
The drive is tense and quiet. They had just gotten the call that Cynthia was in labor, and was at the hospital. Paul begins to tap the steering wheel, a habit John hates.
"Paulie, do you have to do that?" John asks with an annoyed tone.
"Leave me alone!" Paul snaps back at a startled John.
"I know your anxious love, but you know I HATE it when you tap. Its bloody awful!" John whines.
Paul speeds up slightly, continuing to tap. John just sits back and groans. Then he begins to mess with a button on his jacket. The button was his favorite to mess with, and it was nearly torn off. The flicking makes Paul nearly go feral.
"Alright, we're both anxious! I just want to see our baby now. Its been nine months and Im ready!"
"Yeah... I wonder what the gender will be."
They decided to wait and see what their baby's gender was. Cynthia knew, but she promised not to tell. The rest of the ride was aggravating, the tension growing as they continued to annoy each other.
"Stop. Fucking. TAPPING!" John yells at a now infuriated Paul.
Paul suddenly stops the car and pulls over to the side of the road. John braces for the worst.
"Do you want me to turn this car around and let us miss the birth of our child Lennon?" Paul says bitterly, his face reddening.
John simply shakes his head, and takes a huge breath of relief. Paul bangs his head on the steering wheel and they continue. They had never been this anxious before. The first two kids were excitement. The day they both were adopted as babies were the best days of their lives. They look at each other and sigh, and continue on to London.
They walk into the hospital, and they ask the receptionist where Cynthia's room is. They say on the second floor in Room 207. They run upstairs and down the hall till they see the room with the sign outside saying Lennon. John goes in first, followed by Paul. Cynthia was laying in the bed, already changed into her gown. She was breathing heavily and was chewing on some ice.
"Hey Cyn. How are you love?" John said tenderly, laying a small peck onto her forehead.
"Not well. Im not dilated enough so this may take a while." She said, frustrated.
They sit down with her and help her through the contractions. They get worse one after the other. The pain looks excruciating to the two men, who just look in awe and sympathy.
"How bad does it hurt Cyn?" Paul asks cautiously.
She just shoots him an ugly look.
"The birth will be worse." Cynthia says on the verge of tears.
The couple look at each other with concerned looks and sit back down when the nurse comes in to check on her dilation. The exam looks uncomfortable. John tries to look away but can't help looking at Cynthia's uncomfortable expression. He wonders why women have to go through so much pain to have a child. He starts to think that women are the strongest beings on earth. Two hours go by and she is still not dilated enough for a natural birth. George and Ringo stopped by to say hello but had to leave as it was 3 in the morning and they were exhausted. Around 5 in the morning, Paul and John were asleep on the couch while Cynthia napped on and off. She suddenly squealed and the couple were awoken with fear in their eyes. The nurse ran in and decided to check if she was ready. As they waited to see, Cynthia was in pain and was lightly crying. She kept mumbling about how she couldn't move much.
"Mrs Lennon, I think we are ready to bring you to the delivery room!" The nurse said excitedly.
The nurse gestured to John to come along as they prepped her bed for transport. He gave Paul an excited peck on the cheek and ran down the hall after them. Paul made his way to the waiting room, where Brian, Mimi, and the kids were sitting. The kids were asleep in Brian and Mimi laps. They had begged Mimi to bring them to the hospital to see their new sibling, but they fell asleep quickly. An hour went by, and the anxiety was growing in Paul's stomach. He heard groaning down the hall, and screaming as well. It sounded like Cynthia.
Paul sprang up and, on impulse, ran down the hall. He followed the crying and burst into the delivery room. John sprung around as the nurses tried to usher him out. But John refused.
"Let him stay. If you don't, Ill sue the bloody hospital!" John growled.
They reluctantly moved out of the way and Paul ran to John's side. Cynthia began to cry louder as they told her to push.
"Ok Cynthia. You're gonna have to push harder!"
"I CAN'T I CAN'T!" Cynthia moaned.
"Yes you can Cynthia we believe in you, the baby's almost here!"
The next few agonizing minutes were horrible to watch. She pushed and pushed, getting more exhausted by the minute. John tried to excuse himself, but Paul held his hand and squeezed it, comforting him. Eventually, they saw something.
"I see a head!" The nurse said excitedly.
John and Paul ran to see. They saw the baby begin to appear. John got so excited he nearly broke Paul's hand from squeezing so hard. Cynthia began to push even harder, letting out one final scream.
"She's here! Baby Girl Lennon is here!"
Paul and John freeze in their tracks. Its a girl? John becomes very quiet as he looks at the crying baby. Paul becomes concerned and tries to rub his shoulder, but John just simply walks over to the now relaxed Cynthia, with the baby on her chest. She smiles and kisses the baby's forehead. She then hands the baby over to the nurse. The nurse then weighs her and cleans her up. She is then wrapped in a bright pink blanket with a white beanie on her head. Some red hairs are visible peeking onto her forehead. John takes the baby in his arms, playing with her little fingers and toes and smiling gently. He then whispers softly to the baby with tears in his eyes.
"Hello Elizabeth Stella."
Paul stumbles over to his husband, standing in front of him as they look at their precious new child. Cynthia meanwhile gives the baby's new information.
"Role of the mother?"
"I am a surrogate." Cynthia says blankly.
"And the name for the baby will be Lennon-McCartney."
They can feel the judgement behind them but they don't care. They look into the baby's eyes and smile.
"We are gonna love you better than anybody in the world can ever do." Paul says softly.
"Mr Lennon? Is this your life partner?" the nurse politely asked.
"Husband. Thats the proper term. And the baby's other father." John said confidently.
"Paul McCartney." Paul said quietly.
The baby was rushed to the nursery as Cynthia was cleaned up and getting prepared to move to the Recovery ward. Throughout the morning, friends and family came by to see the baby. Cynthia let John and Paul hold the baby mostly, not wanting to get too attached. Julian and Sean came later in the day and met their new sister for the first time.
"Hey sweetheart." Paul said as he picked up a very excited Julian.
"Where is she?" Julian asked.
"Down here. Hold my hand." Paul grabbed Julian's hand as Sean held onto Paul's jacket.
The room was quiet when they entered. Cynthia was asleep. John was in the rocking chair with Elizabeth. He was holding her little hand and humming to her softly. Julian wanted to yell for his Daddy, but Paul shushed him.
"Hey guys. Wanna come meet yer new sister?" John said quietly.
Sean and Julian ran over to John and stood right beside him. He showed Elizabeth to them gently and they just played with her fingers and giggled. John was ecstatic. Never had Paul seen his husband so happy. He loved kids, especially girls. John simply just smiled at Paul and they exchanged a passionate stare. Their little family was complete.
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