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erinmhidni · 6 hours ago
Been craving some smutty, angsty, maybe fluffy Shuake/Akeshu in an RP. If you care, here ya go;
- I only RP on discord, as it’s much, much easier for me to keep track of.
- I prefer writing paragraphs, not a script style or whatever else people do.
- English is, obviously, preferred, as is 20+ as I do intend to (eventually) write smut.
- I am willing to write anything but sexual abuse, which will be hinted at only.
- I will be writing as Ren/Akira.
If anyone is interested, throw me a message. :)
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Goro akechi can’t tell the difference between platonic and romantic affection.
I was going to make goro akechi as your best friend headcannons,,,then irealized they would be no different from romantic headcannons.
I follow this up with I think the reason we see so much shuake without it ever being cannon, and if anything it makes it more tragic.
(if we dont count the fact atlus is clearly homophobic because why tf cant I romance yusuke, or ryuji,,, BUT THE TEACHER OH YEAH GO FOR IT!!! GOD.)
Goro just wasnt loved and as much as he said he “hated” joker, he found himself in jokers company during most his free time.
There is no doubt in my mind goro would be confused as to why this person was hanging out with him. To goros own knowledge joker had no clue about his double life, and was only aware that he was a minor celebrity who opposed the phantom thieves. Which was true for a while.
While I love a good rivals to lovers, this may as well be a rivals to friends. The two words practically synonymous in goros own perspective. Because again, I dont think he can tell the difference. Either he would perceive it a a friendship and not realize how the way he’s caring for joker is a little more than friendly. Or know it’s romantic attraction but knows he can’t have it.
Either way it’s tragic because if it’s one sided with akiren pining after goro. Because yk taking somone you just met to your “go to place” isn’t very platonic goro. When goro dies (or under the assumption he dies) It would hit that much harder. Or if it’s mutual it’s only because goro knows he can’t have akiren, aha pain.
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hart-bun · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy I've come home, I'm so cold Let me in your window
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confused-novelist · 21 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Persona 5 Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Akechi Goro/Persona 5 Protagonist, Akechi Goro/Kurusu Akira Characters: Akechi Goro, Kurusu Akira Additional Tags: Fluff, Angst, Movie Star AU, Kinda insignificant if I'm being honest, Just kinda fits with the plot, Miscommunication, Practice Kissing, THE GAYS - Freeform Summary:
Until recently Akira was perfectly content with just pining away over the man he lived with but soon Goro dropped a block of cement on his head in the form of a casual statement. “We should practice kissing.” . . . How wild would it be if Goro conned Akira into practicing kissing with him and feelings began to appear?
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nonnecheri · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
akeshu lockscreens i made a while back! ❤️
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Okay but like I want to know people’s opinions on shuake ,,,like personally I think it’s one of those tragic right person wrong time things and that’s what makes it hurt so much. In current cannon I wouldnt like them in an actual set relationship I think they both have too much shit to work through,,,HOWEVER dont take this as me not being a shuake shipper. (I’m a disgusting multishipper.) But their relationship to me is best as an unspoken caring for each other. Any sort of confessions would just be shitty. If things didn’t end the way they did then I think it would’ve worked. Honestly I see them more getting together when they’re older and more mature but aha you can’t exactly age when you’re 6 feet under :)
My concept for a shuake fic would honestly be just them silently pining for eachother but there’s no progress other than the subtle hints that they care for eachother but goro knows he can’t and so does akiren (this is before saes palace) but they still have those little moments in the jazz jin where their knees bump and standing a little too close at the aquarium. But nothing comes of it and we watch akiren have a whole breakdown after he dies and some good old angst scenes of him crying and sobbing. And no we wouldn’t see him after he comes back in Royal cuz that’s icky just angst
Can some actually talented writers dm me like I really want to get this off my chest for shuake my dms are always open aha
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nymphomanik · a day ago
is it just me not paying enough attention to other confidants or is morgana just. Very pointedly leaving them Alone almost every time joker meets akechi. much unlike uhhhhh every single meeting of every other confidant
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magioftheseas · a day ago
Goro: Hey, I like long walks on the beach, jacked up trucks, and fried chicken. Let me know.
Akira: I like big butts.
Akira: That's about it. Let me know.
Goro: I have a big butt, but you will have to think of something a little more interesting if you want to see it. Let me know.
Akira: You know, I respect that. But I'm having a really hard time thinking about anything more interesting than a big butt.
Akira: Wait.
Akira: Have you ever heard of Bionicles?
Goro: Bionicles are full of exceptional lore and story, but I'm more of a bey blade kinda hoss
Akira: Wow, there's way more sexual tension now that I hate you.
Goro: So, do you think poptarts are a sandwich or a ravioli?
Akira: I'm not sure what's going on but this conversation has disturbed me in a way I can't quite articulate.
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bloodysparkles-zg · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this post is sponsored by @moshipuppy, who sent me the below image at 10:48 pm last night
Tumblr media
also, bonus:
Tumblr media
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skyheaven1231 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I like to imagine Akechi being really grumpy in the morning before his first cup of coffee. And Joker is just like... HUGS! NOW!
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That rank 8 scene where Akechi throws his glove and Joker all dramatic-like and declares it’s a Western tradition is so funny to me because, like, yes I know Akechi is clearly intending it to represent a gauntlet thrown, he outright says so, but like every other thing Akechi does it can be interpreted as incredibly romantic because giving someone a small piece of clothing (often before they risk their lives, with the implication being they’ll have to stay alive to return it to you) also follows the Western tradition of romantic favours
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