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#short novel
gbhbl · 21 days ago
Book Review: Cathedral by Dave Jeffery (A Quiet Apocalypse Book 2)
Book Review: Cathedral by Dave Jeffery (A Quiet Apocalypse Book 2)
Gifted British author, Dave Jeffery propels us back into the world of A Quiet Apocalypse with the subtle but effective sequel, Cathedral. Cathedral was released via Demain Publishing on the 29th of January 2021 and was definitely my most highly anticipated story of 2021. To say I loved the story that started this journey off, A Quiet Apocalypse, is a massive understatement. I genuinely hold that…
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sweetnewage · a month ago
Shiny Happy People 10
We Japanese use the word "un" as "luck". And we also say the word "fun" as "poop". These are similar so sometimes people make jokes by using these words.
A friend of mine goes to Nara. There is a famous place in Japan because of a lot of deer. In Nara, we can buy "the deer's fun". It looks like the poops of the deer but it's sweets. But the friend takes real poops of the deer from there and gives us presents. "You know, this is real fun! You get luck soon!". He says so but we know that he has no money so took them from the ground. It cost no money.
I get the "fun" but of course, it is dirty so I cast them to my house's garden. A few days later, I find something is growing from the ground. It is like sticks but not plants. It looks like the coral reef. I think about cutting them but I don't do it. These sticks grow more day by day. Then, a few weeks later, I find these sticks are from something like an egg ball. In other words, something that looks like an egg ball that puts sticks on the top is growing. It reminds me of bursting something. I think about digging a hole and letting them out but I am too scared.
At last, one day I find that there is a large hole in my garden in the morning. My parents say the robbers went into our house and dug that hole. But I learn the truth because near the hole there is a lot of "fun". Nowadays we sometimes see the deer go from here to there in the night. However, there is no one who connects the hole in our garden and the deer... except me.
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sweetnewage · a month ago
Shiny Happy People 9
This is about a season at the end of a year. We Japanese usually send various gifts to our friends as "Oseibo" at that season. It is a kind of greeting and wishing more a longer friendship. Also, we wish our peace will last ever.
At the end of that year, I worked in a department. We always use the store as looking for the "Oseibo", then buy and send from there. Yes, the store is like a station. At that time a lot of people used the store so there was a crowd. It was busy. I was said. "Hey, Can you bring here a salmon?" by elder co-worker. I went into one of the refrigerators (the store has very large fridges). Then I found the salmon and brought it to the counter of the floor by a cart.
"This is the salmon!" I showed it to the co-worker. "Yes, it is! You are great!" she said to me.
"I will bring this to the customer's car!"
I said so and held it in my arms. We often send a whole salmon. It has its head and tail. So it is very long so I held it like a log. I stood vertically and the salmon laid in my arms horizontally.
Then, I lost my mind for a moment. At that moment I heard the sound of the flowing river. Water sounds... and I saw the forest. There are a lot of woods and greeneries. I heard something is howling... it was me. Yes, I howled... it was... the bear. I was a bear!
Then the elder co-worker shocked my shoulder. "Hey, are you alright? You should stop working if you weren't fine"
Yes, there is the department store. "Yes, I'm fine. I can work more"
"It's the busiest season so take care of yourself". she said so.
Yes, at this moment I noticed that I was a bear in the previous life.
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sweetnewage · a month ago
Shiny Happy People 8
I'm 46 years old so not young. But I feel nervous because her voice falls from above my head.
"Hello. I'm Kirin."
"Oh, I heard about you."
Yes, her name is Kirin. It means the giraffe in Japanese. It's famous for its height. She is also a tall girl. I don't know her correct information but the rumors tell me that her height is over 2m. 2m...50cm?
We meet in my apartment. When she comes into my room, everything in my room becomes smaller because she is so big. I serve beer can but if she has that can it looks like a cup. I don't drink alcohol so I serve a cup of coffee for myself.
She says so and shows that can to me. Her arms are also long. Very long reach. And her fist is also big.
I wonder if I should talk about her height but it sounds like a sensitive topic... but she notices what I'm thinking so say to me.
"Yes, I'm too tall. When I was 12 years old, I had a car accident. My height grew from that accident."
"What did you do when you were a student?"
"I drew pictures."
"You didn't play basketball or volleyball? You can be a very good player."
"Everybody said if I join the games become unenjoyable. I always rule the games... So I painted pictures."
Oh my gosh. People's talent is spoiled like this.
"It's hard for you to live, isn't it?"
"Yes. I want to wear the skirt but I have to make it by myself"
"That's the matter?"
"I think it's harder to live for the people who are left-handed".
Oh... She has also a big mind in herself. We enjoy talking listening to Oasis's album "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants". Yes, it's a warm spring afternoon.
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rhaestheticcircus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- FREEDOM - the way to see things...
by RK1o4
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a-girls-geeky-shelf · 6 months ago
Wanted a short story to get into a Halloween🎃 mood, guess now I'm starting a new series 🙈
Tumblr media
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livinglifedeliberately · 10 months ago
My dear heart, if only you knew how passionately, with what anguish, I thirst for my renewal.
Anton Chekhov, “The Duel” from Anton Chekhov: The Complete Short Novels, trans. by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky
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livinglifedeliberately · 10 months ago
When you look for a long time into the deep sky, without taking your eyes away, your thoughts and soul merge for some reason in an awareness of loneliness. You begin to feel yourself irremediably alone, and all that you once considered close and dear becomes infinitely distant and devoid of value.
Anton Chekhov, “The Steppe” from Anton Chekhov: The Complete Short Novels, trans. by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky
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jasperwood · a year ago
Sexy update
Hey my guys, I’m back and ready to post some new stuff! By which I mean talk about some new things I’ve been doing. Quarantine has been rough for me so far so I finally decided to dip back into an old manuscript I started a long time ago and dropped. But now I’m back to finish it with a vengeance!
So you know I like to put a lot of pressure on myself to put a lot os passion into the things I do, but I’ve been taking my time with this, so without further ado:
Apex is a short novel I’ve been working on and boy-
Tumblr media
oh boy
This is just a mock up cover, but essentially I am writing a gay LGBT coded story about a little character named Ricky, here’s the synopsis:
Twenty three year old Ricky Jones is what one would classically call a college drop-out. After a year or two of being independent and on his own he recruits two friends to help construct a spaceship out of a stolen airstream camper. Since then, Ricky, along with his two fellow crew members aboard the cheekily named ship, Trash Crusader, explore the vast galaxy together. Along the way they take on freelance jobs and get into exciting adventures while being the only three members of the human race that have achieved efficient light speed travel through their homemade warp drive. 
Yes I am writing alien smut scenes
But that is not the main focus! I’m aiming for it to be a road trip, investigative, horror sci-fi story with a few good doses of that feel good moments that stick with you.
Anyways, I’m going to be posting a lot about it, including updates, I have been keeping track of my progress on Nanwrimo in fact, so plenty to do!
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anomaly-ardour · a year ago
So I started writing a little story. Werewolf centered. I do take criticism, please give me attention, I live off of it. Also I hope there are no typos, I wrote it in Croatian as well. Anyways not to drag this anymore here it is !!!
Chapter one : Forest man, one way
Intro : Noone ever expects to get lost while trying to be found.
Ears perked up, alert. A wolf-man, with goat eyes unable to see in the dark, must be careful. He hears nestling, loud ruffling of leaves, and a few twigs braking. The ambiance of a forest is expected but he still finds it unusual. Listening a bit more carefully. Rumble rumble. "Darn it !" He thinks. This walk was extended by a foolish decision. And since that forked path he's been walking in what seemed like circles. But now another issue, hunger, became apparent. Alongside the unusually loud forest noises his stomach is rebeling. He thinks what if a hungry animal hears this, a hungry and weak pray is easier to catch. He knows that, he did a lot of research about wolves what with him being one now. Another thought came to him ; let's hunt. He can see the moon clearly, always somehow in front of him. Unable to see in the dark maybe following his lupine/lunar instincts will do the trick. But then he is suddenly stopped, as if by force dragging him by his gut backwards. Silence. No rustling, no wind, not even his footsteps. "Man I wish I brought them big boots, may be t'would brake the silence" sitting down to take a brake he continues "or may be I could'a traded them for lantern, yeah that sounds much more useful." Silence and darkness, the absence of stimulus makes the brain do crazy things. Add hunger and you get an all in all bad forest stroll. Moon ? Still there. His hands ? Here. Ground ? Touchable. Hell, he's already going insane, because he could have sworn he just saw movement for the first time in hours. Actually... To the ability of his vision, he is certain he saw more that just a shadow... Oh he's not alone ! He's not alone ! He's... NOT alone ! It suddenly hit him, that might not be good. What creature could live so deep into the woods and be so fierce that the whole world goes quiet for it. He should think about running away or fusing with the surroundings and swiftly he's gone, noone can see him, he runs, jumps, claws scratching wood, paws thumping. One last jump. He's on the back of the beast. Now is no time to think why he decided to not run away but do what he's about to do instead. Never before used claws, awaken by adrenaline, sink into his enemies skin. He claws at it like a mad man. Still not seeing the beast he sinks his hand into the biggest wound. He is one with the beast, he is a beast. He won. No victory dance or even a smile as the feeding begines. He is a beast of the moon. Always constant. That's the result of his mind going crazy from all of this. He is constant, unfazed, like the moon. But also powerful and never ending like the water the moon guides. A human moon child. Maybe that's one step towards the answer of why he is who he became. Who he is.
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shigerunakano · a year ago
私は銀色のHONDA N BOXの助手席に乗り込む。シートベルトを締める。外の景色を眺める。ここ埼玉県川口市は都会だが、昼間のこの時間帯の住宅街を歩く人は老人が結構多い。今も高齢者夫婦らしき2人が通っていった。学校で少子高齢化の話を聞いたし、そのせいかも知れない。つまり、私は少数派ってこと。それって少し変な気分だ。
ファミレスに着いた。HONDA N BOXを降りる。お母さんと一緒にファミレスに入る。入って右側の窓際の席にお父さんがコーヒーを置いた状態で座っていた。私とお母さんはお父さんの正面に座る。
翌日私はそつなく下校し、家で「やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている」を読み進めた。面白い。するとお母さんに呼ばれた。お菓子を買って来たらしい。私はお菓子を持って自分の部屋に戻り、読書を続けた。 時々スマホを見ながら読書をしていると、夜ご飯の支度が出来た。
参考文献:東浩紀「ゲーム的リアリズムの誕生 動物化するポストモダン2」
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eleniell · a year ago
Summary: The downfall of a kingdom.
Author’s note: This is my first time writing a (short?) novel, it’s my school year final project, so no worries I won’t finish it. The general tone of the story is medieval, I’m still working on the title and summary, it will most likely change as the story progresses.
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
There was once a kingdom whose name has been long forgotten and we shall hence name it Aphanizo. It’s Greek name doesn’t do justice to the events that happened to it, for it is not the story of it’s disappearance, but of the prince.
Aphanizo was situated between the South forest and the Mountains of the Lord Hezrin of the North, named after a dark Lord and necromancer that lived there many, many years ago. It is more legend that story and for the sake of this narration, we shall drop the subject.
The kingdom was a prosperous one and his ruler a peaceful King. His only son Bross was in the pinnacle of his youth, he had raven hair and his eyes the darkest tone. Some say they looked blacker the day he came back. There are those who would argue they had a certain spark to them. Whatever the case and whatever truth shall stand in judgement day, our story doesn’t start there, but on an unusually rainy summer afternoon in a small village a few miles from the Kingdom.
While life in the palace never left space for boredom, Bross often enjoyed going past the West forest to the small villages that stood on the other side.
Most of the people lived from some or other form of agriculture, mining and craftsmanship. No better sword or axe could be found and more often than not Bross rode there to spend his evenings amongst the villagers. His closest and only friend was a relatively young man (You wouldn’t be able to tell had been you who’d seen him. It was rumored he had been there before the village settled, or at least, everyone remembered so. This day, he looked no more than thirty) who lived in a little cottage a bit far into the North and his name was Zim.
“Will I ever hear about your business in the North? You are never here whenever I come down from the Kingdom nowadays”. Bross chuckled, he was never one to question Zim, for he admired him greatly, but it was true, it was starting to become routine for him to not be around. In reality, Bross had no other reason to come all the way from Aphanizo but to visit him, and if he wasn’t to be here, there was no point in coming at all.
Zim didn’t look up from the pot he was cooking on and by the time he turned around, Bross found him smiling “Well, what do you want me to tell you that you will not already know. The business in the North has always been the same, I sell my pots uptown, stay for a few days and then come back.” He set the pot on the table and filled Bross’ cup “That’s life”. He sat facing Bross and with an audible sigh continued “And besides, what’s with you and this new pestering, huh? I had believed you were taught about all that in your play castle. There is nothing beyond the Hezrin Mountains.” Now, of course this was ridiculous, everybody knew those mountains were cursed and the fact that Zim portrayed those unknown and dangerous lands as ‘nothing’ made Bross laugh. Zim took a long sip from his cup and then put it down. He looked stern for a moment before continuing, “You see adventure in every corner because you are still young.” “Right, Mr.Death-forgot-to-take-me” “Shut up for a moment, will ya?” Bross stared incredulously at his friend. Zim was not one and thirty and yet spoke as if he were Mathusalem. If he didn’t know his friend better, he would’ve been insulted.
A high pitched sound came from the stove which startled Bross and indicated dinner was ready. Zim stood up in a lazy form and proceeded to reach for the plates and serve the stew while Bross hurried to set the table.
“You talk as if you were my father”, Zim didn’t bother to look up. He often didn’t. He was always unbothered by everything, he never cared much for anything. He wasn’t a person you could easily move or manipulate.
Zim turned around and placed the dishes at the table, “Perhaps you should listen to him more, young prince” “By my word, call me you young prince again and there will be murder”. He intended it as a joke, of course. Bross was always this light hearted and care free around him.
Zim was finally smiling, “Yes, there will be murder, though let us hope not today”.
The sun was coming down and the rain had ceased long ago.
There is a certain calmness that comes with the evening, it is the same one that comes when you are surrounded by people you love.
And so, the evening fell upon them, and they were merry, and they were happy.
They each knew it was too late for the Prince to start on his way home now, it was half a day of easy going road from Zim’s cottage to Aphanizo. It was agreed it would be better for him to leave tomorrow at noon, preferably after breakfast.
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narada-c · a year ago
Tumblr media
My (short) novel, NATASHA is suitable for grown men...
Get your paperback copy from Amazon now!
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narada-c · a year ago
Tumblr media
I am extremely excited to learn that my (short) novel, NATASHA is now available in paperback form. Do check it out. I set a ridiculously cheap price to encourage you to get it & read it. Or buy it for someone you really like :)
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gypsyjamtani · a year ago
The next morning was a Saturday morning. Not knowing what to do that day, I laid in bed till noon. I thought about these past two days; my encounter with the hobo, who by the way, I did not know his name yet. The conversations we had, the box of candies he had.
Yes, the candies, I remembered the taste of the cantaloupe, the taste of the fresh strawberries, it made me smile. The smile, started on face radiated to my whole body and soul. I felt excited. I remembered the colors of those candies in the box, and wondered what other tasted like.
I shall try the brown one today, I heard myself thinking. It must be of a chocolate taste. My smile grew wider as I thought of the chocolate taste, and my excitement grew as curiosity filled me. I wonder if my guess was true.
He was already sitting on the bench when I reached there. I could hear a soft snore; he must have dozed off waiting for me, I thought. Not wanting to wake him up, I sat as quietly as possible next to him. 
I hadn't waited for more than 5 minutes when he opened his eyes. He did some stretching; twisted his body in a very odd way, yawning as he did so. As soon as he realized he wasn't alone, he looked at me and laughed his crispy laugh that has now been recorded to my brain.
"Did you wait long, bella?" He asked, addressing me as ‘bella’, which means beautiful girl in Italian.
I shook my head in response.
"It's such a beautiful day out here today, so comforting. The sun is pleasant and I can't help but let myself swim into the world of dreams." He said.
I commented nothing.
"What did you do today?" He asked me, looking into my eyes with curiosity. 
"Any adventures?" He asked again before I could even answer the first one. 
"Nah, just lay in bed. Didn't know what to do."
"What a waste..." he shook his head. "So many adventures to conquer, so many people to meet, so many stories to tell; and you just lay in bed?" His tone wasn't judgmental; it was more like sad and trying to understand why I chose to stay in bed that day.
"I didn't know what to do that I haven't done before. The routine is starting to get boring." I paused. "I'm not used to routines, my life has always been jumping from one place to another. One adventure to another, I have never stopped for this long before." I said.
"So sticking to a routine is something new to you?"
"I guess so... Yeah..."
"It's an experience then, isn't it?"
"Hmmm...." I didn't know what to say, how is sticking to a routine an experience?
"Every new thing you do that you have never done before would be considered an experience, agree?" He asked, trying to explain.
I thought for a while then I nodded. Let's see where is he going with this, I thought.
"And every new experience is an adventure of life." He concluded. "So there, an adventure right there all along, you just didn't bother to notice it."
I looked at him as if he was a mad man, but my brain was processing what he said and funny that it made sense. I smiled at him. The smile grew wider when he smiled back, and without knowing we both busted into fits of laughter.
When the laughter ceased, he took out his box of candies. At the sight of the wooden box, I could feel my heart thumping in my ears. 'Brown one! The brown one!!!' I hear my brain whispered, reminding me of what I had thought about earlier.
My hands started to trembled. The excitement kicked in; this time it was curiosity that filled my veins. I wanted to know, to make sure if my guess was right: brown equals to chocolate.
He laughed as he saw how excited I was. I felt a little bit embarrassed.
"I wanted to know if I could guess the taste from the color." I explained in hope he would understand.
He didn't stop laughing but he nodded and opened the wooden case.
I looked at the colors; so many of them and looked for the brown one. There were two of them, light brown and a darker one. I chose the lighter one.
As the candy touched my tongue I expected a sweet bitter taste of milk chocolate, but instead it was mocha, Coffee with chocolate. My eyes widened and I turned and looked at the hobo with surprise.
He chuckled, "Not as u expected huh?" 
I shook my head. 
"You know, they say don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge the taste by its color." he said and I raised my eyebrow.
"Every time you make a judgment about something, you create a picture and unreliable fact in your brain, and that image stays. So when it turned out to be not as you expected, you can’t enjoy it as you should. Instead you are filled with disappointment." He paused. "Well sometimes with good surprises. But still, it would be hard for you to accept it as it is because you already have an image of it which is hard to change or erase."
"What most people forget is that the world keeps on turning and nothing stays the same. So don't train your brain to create a picture of something or to judge or to think two steps ahead. Nothing is ever as what you think it is.
"Just relax, enjoy the flow and all you will experience is the excitement you seek."
I frowned. 
"Bella, the world is a wonderland only if you want it to be that way. Stop trying to analyze everything. Stop trying so hard to figure things out. Sometimes you are not meant to know what you don't know." he continued.
His words were wise, I knew, but I just had to challenge what he said.
"If you do not at least try to know what's waiting for you, how are you going to be prepared?" I asked.
"It's like going for an exam; you don't know what questions are going to be given, so you study everything. You prepare for the worse and you are ready for anything. Just like that, you should always be prepared for anything that comes. Surprises are always around the corner."
"I was kicked out of school in my freshmen year, I can’t recall having an examination, let alone remember how I felt or what I did f or it." I said coldly.
"Do you surf?" He asked. 
"Well, it’s just like surfing, or playing in the sea, you never know when the tides are gonna hit you. You never know if the next wave is the one you wanna catch to surf or not. And so you are always prepared. You don't let your guard down, you never know when the huge tide is gonna hit you. That my dear is an analogy of life."
I didn't say anything to that. We sat silently to his words; I let it the taste of mocha seeps through my taste buds while his words were trying to make sense in my brain. He didn't say nothing neither, he just stared ahead; as if giving me my time to process.
After a while we started talking again. Although, none of any philosophical importance. I asked him his name; at last, it was David. When I asked him where he was from, he said he traveled so much, even when he was still a baby (Traveling hippie parents), that he didn't remember his origin. He was proud to be a man of all origins. Not to my surprise he could talk in almost all of the languages I could think of. 
He asked me where I came from and about my family. He smiled widened when I started talking about Ramon. He said I was more alive than he ever saw me when I was bragging about my brother. He knew from the way I spoke about Ramon that he was the important person in my life.
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griffin22776 · 2 years ago
“Some times the images are too advanced for Tumblr.......”
   “My crayon drawing was too advanced for Tumblr.”
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rena87 · 2 years ago
Tales of Vesperia Short Novel 「The Interval between Unchangeable and Uncertainty」Part 4
Tumblr media
「There are more trees than what I thought」
Flynn muttered while pushing through the grass。Not only trees、but in some place the grass also grows at a height that exceeds the height of adults。If you got distracted by the grass、the roots of the tress or stones are hidden in unexpected places、seems like they waiting to trip you up。
Take Karol for example、who tripped several times、fell down in a flashy fashion and got scratched all over。Still he continues making a map quietly without any complain、because he is in the middle of the work now。
Yuri who watched him like that、remembered the first time he met Karol。Looking at the Karol of those days、who could imagine him like this now。
「Well well、why did you accepted this kind of job、it’s likely that there’s another one better than this」
「What are you saying。It’s not good if you just pick up the guild’s job that you like。We’re just started after all」
To Raven who is short of breath already、Karol who is more cheerful than usual、replied。Flynn turns back and helps Raven。
By the job、it means the one that the guild Brave Vesperia took、to survey this land。This place was chosen as a candidate site for building a new city following Aurnion、and because there is only an old map of this place、it was necessary to do a field inspection。
Flynn and Raven each came as a representative、of the empire and the guild。Estella――seems like to be Flynn’s attendant――or possibly the reverse。
(Well、half of it would be just a pretense)
Yuri thought with a slightly bitter smile。
If it is a survey of land、there really is a guild specializing in it。
More so、beside Yuri and Karol、the other three are really not suited in this kind of place。If they want to be present for it、if you are thinking about their position、there is no need for them to be the one who come。It seems that this time、in the background、there a lot of favor and consideration of various people。
EspeciallyEstelle who is supposed to be here at the request of Ioder。Ioder――the current emperor。
In the past that airhead prince――or maybe now he should be called the airhead emperor――、strangely could be wandering around carelessly。
In that sense Flynn should not be an exception。The exceptional youth who is the current commandant of the knights、without permission of the emperor he cannot be here alone in such a place。
Yuri fixed his eyes on Flynn’s back。
It seems that the way he keeps going forward strongly expresses his creed as it is。There is only ahead for him。The back――it is Yuri’s job。
「Yuri、what is wrong?」
Yuri tilting his body a little and look into the direction of Estelle’s voice。Her clear big eyes staring at him。Without realizing it、everyone else has already gone ahead of Repede。
He shrugged his shoulder with a smile as if to make her feel relieved。Even so Estelle still look at him suspiciously、so Yuri poked her forehead。
Estelle closed her eyes without thinking and when she opened them again、Yuri’s face is right in front of her。It is a distance which you can clearly see yourself reflected in each other’s eyes。
The moment the recognition reached her heart、reflectively Estelle steps back。Without a moment’s delay Yuri steps forward。The distance between their face does not change。
Until Estelle’s back touched the tree behind her。Confused by not being able to measure his true intention her cheeks are stained with cherry blossoms color。
「What’s wrong、Estelle?」
Seems like Yuri found that her reaction is so amusing。Estelle tried to raise her voice and protest、but suddenly her expression changed completely。
Seeing her gaze aimed at his back、Yuri followed her gaze and tried to turn around、and at that moment――
A shock went through Yuri’s head。Sparks could be seen in his eyes。
「It’s hurt!?」
It followed with the sound of something heavy falling to the grass near his feet。
「Hurt~~。What the?」
Yuri picked up a thick book from the grass。Estelle still looking at something behind Yuri。A smile like summer flowers spreads over her face。
A huge shadow was appeared from above them。
Yuri’s field of vision has been exaggerated to the brown tree wall。The wall is curved to the left and right drawing a gentle line。A large object floats on it、blocking the sunlight。
Needless to look at everything、Yuri realized its identity。
Karol shouted from a distance。
He approached without anyone realized、Entelexeia Ba’ul、and he carries the flying ship Fiertia-go with him、floating on the ground。
One leg was hung on the ship’s edge、a girl with a daunting pose is there。
Yuri’s voice was canceled by the overthrow from the overhead。
「What are you doing、this idiot!!」
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rena87 · 2 years ago
Tales of Vesperia Short Novel 「The Interval between Unchangeable and Uncertainty」Part 1
So, this is the translation of the short novel which you can find in the Tales of Vesperia Official Scenario Book. I have this book since ten years ago, but just translated it for celebrating the Definitive Edition ^^ The story follow up after the end of the game.
Just keep in mind that Japanese and English are not my mother language, so... yeah X’3
Tumblr media
A gentle grassy spreads wide on Peyoccia Plains。Toward the North there area lot of high peaks――although the highest peak is now lost、and huge structures that transformed into ruins in their place are lying there behind――and now、the tress that growing bit by bit are scattered like dark creeks。
There were plenty of empty lands surrounded by such small forests、as if they were separated from their surroundings。It is blocked by dense branches and leaves、and can hardly be seen from the outside、but there are lumps of stones that out of place at first glance。
White stone with various shapes。It has been weathered and old for so long as it might be、but it is clear that people’s hands are still being added。
Most are covered with ivy、and buried in mid grass。Still some of the pillars、as if they are comfortable with the flow of unrelenting times、continued to straighten their white figure towards the sky without falling down at the end。
The sun has not yet risen to the middle of the sky。
There are no roads passing nearby、if there are sounds that can be heard、mostly it is either the rumble of the birds or the sound of the wind。
The ruins that will continue to exist quietly while being forgotten by anyone。
Now they were greeted with customers after a long absence。
Black and white。The two men set up their swords、face each other silently。
There is nothing beside seriousness inside of their hearts。While staring at each other eyes、they are stay still。
Yuri・Lowell and Flynn・Scifo。Two young people who walk in the same road yet completely different。
Because of the tension which rising between the two、the air goes still。
And one figure who watching both of them――Estelle。
A girl who was once at the mercy of a fateful destiny、watching with concern in her heart、as people who are important to her now align their blades with each other。
A dog is right beside her、Repede。Unlike Estelle、as if he is a master who is trying to figure out the skills of his disciples、Repede sits down firmly and only gazing straightly at those two。
Estelle put both of her hands in front of her chest、and grasped them tightly。
Repede’s ears stand upright。
A bird is singing somewhere far away。
「・・・・・・Let’s go」
Yuri muttering。
With a little movement as to whether it can be seen or not Flynn nods。
The two of them kicked the ground at the same time。
Between one chest and another、the deadly silver light glows。
Estelle closed her eyes without thinking――
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