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sarahbadar2 minutes ago
I hope
I hope that you create the life you can鈥檛 stop thinking about,
I hope that you start,
I hope that you meet people that add value to your life,
I hope you visit the places you always wanted to,
I hope you listen to melodies that stay with you forever,
I hope that all the steps you take teach you something,
I hope that you realise happiness is about you and not anyone else,
I hope that you live a life with no regret,
And if life fails you
I hope you gather the courage to start again.
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13thdoodle3 minutes ago
For AU crossovers maybe Phantasy and Unicorn Blood?
i end up combining em and since both are technically fantasy settings it fits well enough~
Tumblr media
The Accursed Ghost Prince
Not many story is known of him, but legend has it that it was him who led the siege against the Tyrant King, Pariah Dark. After years and years of King Pariah spreading his tyranny through out the land, his people grown weary and began to rebel against their King. But the King's army was strong and none can
That is, until the Prince lend his hand towards the people and aid their battle against his own father. The tides turns against the King's army and the Prince gain more and more support. But little do they know, that the Prince has his own plan, to claim the throne for his own. A throne made of bone and blood is still a throne with power.
And so the day of the siege arrived, lead by the Prince. It was a long and ardous battle but eventually they managed to reached the King's throne. The rebel armies fought the King, but he was too strong even on his own. So the Prince, along with the archmages, sealed the Tyrant King into a Tomb of Forever Sleep. The King, angered by the Prince's betrayal, with his last breath cursed the Prince to be tied to the throne so he can never leave.
And so the battle was over, but neither side won. The King, sealed in eternal slumber. The Prince, cursed along with the castle.
A tragic story of betrayals.
meanwhile the actual ghost prince v
Tumblr media
for clarity : UB!Phantom (the Ghost Prince) did lead a siege against Pariah, along with the Archmages or the Ancients, and sealed him, but he didn't get cursed to stay in the castle. It was his own choice to protect the tomb and the crown n ring to keep em safe from other ppl trying to revive Pariah or take the crown for themselves.
The legend is what people came up with, not knowing the actual story lmao
((also ask requests closed for now until I finish my backlogs n wips sorry qwq))
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bestdeazurcom9 minutes ago
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Summer Floral Neck Party Dress Short Sleeve Casual Boho Bandage Print Beach Long Dress Women Sexy Deep聽V
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springtimebat15 minutes ago
Gold Dust (Short Story)
The clouds were beginning to roll in and a thousand city lights switched on.
The girl took a silver spoon from the checkerboard, twisting the handle in her fingers. It had a mer creature carved into the hilt, and she rolled its breast on her nails. Charles Newbury watched with hooded eyes. The girl watched him too, her eyes a similar pair. Her mouth twisted, distorted in the space just above her chin. Her lips are blood red, her shoulders hunched, her eyes yellowed and thirsty.聽
There a long silence, then Charles cuts through it with his stupid, useless words again; a butcher cutting through an animal with their disembowelling knife.聽
鈥淢ay I-may I hold your hands?鈥
The girl lowers her gaze and peers at her palms, claws with sharpened talons. She looks back up, slowly, then nods her head. Charles Newbury reached out for her.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e cold.鈥
The girl nods.
鈥淪o, terribly cold.鈥
The girl nods. Right again.
鈥淎re you ever lonely?鈥澛
鈥淪ometimes.鈥 And it's the first word the girl has spoken to him. Her voice is small, hazy. She鈥檚 like a mouse.聽
鈥淒o you have friends?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my friend,鈥 The girl insists. But she hesitates.
鈥淲hat did you do before me? What did you do a week ago?鈥
鈥淭here was never a time before you. There was only me and the city and the lights. A long moment where I had to shield myself from the lights. I lived life under an umbrella.鈥
鈥淔irst you鈥檙e mute but now I鈥檝e got you talking you鈥檒l never stop!鈥 Charles laughs. The girl looks down, embarrassed.聽
鈥淚 can stop if it bothers you.鈥
鈥淣o no, not at all! Please talk! I demand it!鈥
鈥淲hat did you do before me?鈥 The girl cloaked in midnight hours asks, and Charles Newbury鈥檚 face falls, 鈥淒o you know anyone?鈥
Silencio. Silencio for a short while. Then-
鈥淣o, no there鈥檚 no one else.鈥
鈥淛ust me?鈥 And the girl鈥檚 eyebrows raise, 鈥淛ust me and the empty spaces?鈥
鈥淟onely,鈥 Charles Newbury agrees, 鈥淓ver so lonely.鈥
鈥淪tuck in places you don鈥檛 even understand? That you don鈥檛 ever agree on?鈥
鈥淢ostly. Always.鈥澛
鈥淚s that why I found you dying on your back?鈥澛
The girl cackles, 鈥淵ou always speak in uncertainties! Possibilities, instead of certainties!鈥
鈥淚 wish I could speak like this all the time. Speak with others the way I can speak with you. But when I do I end up lying on my back, awaiting my saviour in an alley.鈥
The girl says nothing, but she smiles smugly. She takes her seat at the table, a shadow in the electric lamps. Her face is a painting. Charles is a painting too, only his image is marred by a dust cloth. Both duck to catch the others鈥 features.
Finally, the man sighs.
鈥淭hat's how I got into the gold dust you know. That鈥檚 not really a question, I鈥檓 just explaining. I feel like an explanation is in order.鈥
The girl nods and allows him to continue.
鈥淚 felt...old? But young somehow. I felt so out of place. The last few years have been hell. Hell on ground.鈥
鈥淴ul,鈥 The girl agrees. Charles looks down to the floorboards.聽
鈥淭he trees turned red, turned hollow. So I went to the city, 鈥榗ause that鈥檚 where everyone goes don鈥檛 they? That鈥檚 where all the people are! But none of the people want me. None of the people can stand me. So I started the steps to take my pain away. I started on the dust.鈥
鈥淚n my country...鈥 The girl croaks, 鈥...The dying country... gold dust is a thing in the air. It鈥檚 something people quest after. Something people try to catch in jars. We experiment with it. Children play with it. It鈥檚 as harmless as a kitchen carpet.鈥
鈥淪till,鈥 Charles growls, 鈥淭here are times when the kitchen carpet takes it upon itself to fly about the room. Oh that鈥檚 how they drag you in. The magic, the air, the mountains! And all the singing that goes with it! But no. No no no! It鈥檚 all of a different sort! It鈥檚 gold, it鈥檚 dust but it stinks to high heaven. The stink repels but it drags you kicking and screaming towards it. It catches you and you spiral down. Down down down...until you meet strange girls in alleys and they turn out to be the nicest people you鈥檝e ever met!鈥
The girl giggles. Charlie聽lights a cigarette.聽
鈥淪ilencio,鈥 And this time, the forbidden word is spoken out loud. The girl smiles again and Charles starts to join her.
鈥淪ilencio?鈥 Charles Newbury asks
鈥淪ilencio. Appropriate as it is, sometimes people can鈥檛 stand it.鈥
鈥淚t sounds strange. It sounds like calm waters.鈥
鈥淚t is the cure for dark nights and purple eyes. Silence is the cure for all ills.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your name?鈥
The girl freezes.聽
鈥淒o you have a name? What鈥檚 your name?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e drunk,鈥 The girl bristles, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e drunk and you don鈥檛 know what you ask of me.鈥
鈥淚f you鈥檇 like, you don鈥檛 have to tell me. Not just yet. Just, say anything.鈥澛
鈥淚 will not lie.鈥 The girl frowns.
鈥淚t is not a lie. It is silencio. It is just as good. Just as needed.鈥
鈥淪urely you don鈥檛 think knowing my name will make things better do you? You must have more sense than that. Mr Newbury; are you new? Did someone ever bury you?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檒l never know if you refuse to ask.鈥
鈥淢y name,鈥 The girl curses, 鈥淚s none of your concern. It is about as helpful to you as the golden dust that kills you.鈥
Charles continues to smile, 鈥淲hen we are confined to the lonely places, a cluster of the grotesque and the pain, what should I call you?鈥
The girl lifts herself from the table and glances out at the concrete roads behind the window.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 a shadow. I鈥檓 shallow, flat and stupid. I have no need for a name.鈥
鈥淏ut you have one,鈥 Charles insists, 鈥淲hat is it?鈥
The girl turns. She grins, 鈥淵ou won鈥檛 let this go, will you?鈥 Her voice is paper thin. She鈥檚 beginning to cry, 鈥淲on鈥檛 you please let this go?鈥
Charles Newbury is a ruthless man. He props himself on his elbows and continues to smirk at his crying friend. His only friend in the world is crying and he laughs.聽
鈥淛ust tell me what your name is, please?鈥
The girl wipes a pale cheek with a black sleeve. She takes a deep breath. Two hours ago, outside was bleak and grey and worthless. Now she鈥檇 give anything to be out there again, just a silhouette on the bricks.聽
鈥淩ain,鈥 The girl confesses, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 my name.鈥
Charles rolls onto his side, satisfied and giddy. The girl's frown deepens as she listens to Mr Newbury laugh. Her fists clench.
鈥淲hy am I with you?鈥 She whispers, to herself more than anything else, 鈥淲hy you of all people? We shall die and no one will care except us. And... maybe this empty flat. And that cigarette. That鈥檚 all that will be left of us. You won鈥檛 care but I will! Will we be lost to the sands of time, to the gold dust?鈥
The hairs on Charles鈥 arms stand up.聽
鈥淵es!鈥 The girl yells, and her voice is the voice of a snake鈥檚 bitter poison, 鈥淵es we will melt in the rain! In our rain! We shall build our own graves! And we shall die copies, stuffed and filled with gold dust! No blood, flesh tissue. Only straw and dust. Our remains; lost to the city sights and sounds. Petrified. Petrified body bags! Is that what you want? Is that really what you want?鈥
She鈥檚 shaking, but Charles crosses over and holds her in his arms. Her own arms, wire lines, grab onto his shoulders.
鈥淲e won鈥檛 forget each other. We will be together, intertwined. And that鈥檚 all that matters.鈥
鈥淲e barely know each other.鈥
鈥淎nd that鈥檚 why I trust it. I trust it more than the gold dust. I trust it more than Xul. Tonight you have opened me up more than years upon years of shrine worship ever could! And that is why I trust you, more than outside. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Rain. Rain, I love you.鈥
He says it again and again. Begging the girl to life. It works somewhat, but they spend the night lying on the kitchen floor, dreaming on a static wind, holding each other's palms. They trace their lifelines with the others fingers.
Outside, the electric lights continue to buzz.
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loveeepoem19 minutes ago
When I was a kid,
I thought it was easy.
And when I grew up,
I realized that it wasn't.
鈥 a naive child
anna pierce "the girl with eyes of coffee beans color"
Hi everyone, I had a huge idea to write a collection of poems based on what I've felt all my life. It's actually not as easy as I think it is. I will be writing in two languages at the same time and I really need your help. If I have mistakes in English, please politely point them out. Writing is my life. And to be honest, I've been having a hard time lately, I'm mentally tired, and all I want to do is dive headfirst into what I like. I will write every day for 100 days about everything. Please support me!
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motelbf24 minutes ago
how do you not hate your story idea after two weeks??? this always happens
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bestdeazurcom30 minutes ago
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bestdeazurcom40 minutes ago
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bestdeazurcom42 minutes ago
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danceracing7545 minutes ago
This Simple Tool Will Supercharge Your Courage, Motivation
The Orlando, FL > Sermons - Redeemer Church at Lake Nona Statements
Tumblr media
The following two Latin verses (with their English translations) are normal of keepsake mori in middle ages music; they are from the virelai advertisement mortem festinamus of the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat from 1399: Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur, Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur, Life is short, and quickly it will end; Death comes rapidly and respects nobody, Death destroys everything and takes pity on nobody.
Tumblr media
Daily Stoic - The Memento Mori medallion 鈥 Daily Stoic Store
If you do not turn back and end up being like a child, And alter your life for the better, You will not be able to enter, blessed, the Kingdom of God. To death we are quickening, let us refrain from sinning. Danse macabre [edit] The is another well-known example of the memento mori theme, with its dancing depiction of the Grim Reaper bring off rich and bad alike.
Gallery [edit] Momento mori ring, with enameled skull and "PASS AWAY TO LIVE" message (between 1500 and 1650, British Museum, London, England) Momento mori in the kind of a small coffin, 1700s, wax figure on silk in a wood coffin (Museum Schntgen, Cologne, Germany) The salutation of the Hermits of St. Paul of France [edit] Keepsake mori was the salutation used by the Hermits of St.
Getting My Artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death The To Work
It is sometimes declared that the Trappists use this salutation, however this is not true. In Puritan America [edit] Colonial American art saw a a great deal of memento mori images due to Puritan influence. The Puritan community in 17th-century North America looked down upon art since they believed that it drew the devoted far from God and, if away from God, then it could just cause the devil.
Tumblr media
You Must Stare This Scary Fact in the Face-
Thomas Smith, a 17th-century Puritan, fought in many naval battles and also painted. In This Author -portrait, we see these pursuits represented along with a common Puritan memento mori with a skull, suggesting his awareness of impending death. The poem underneath the skull emphasizes Thomas Smith's approval of death and of turning away from the world of the living: Why why should I the World be minding, Therein a World of Evils Finding.
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