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122700 · 30 minutes ago
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extasiswings · 44 minutes ago
Do you think that whoever gets shot will be in 4x13 or 4x14?
I think Eddie’s going to get shot at the end of 4x13 and it’ll be a cliffhanger to set off the finale.
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felicecasucci · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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felicecasucci · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Nuova collezione primavera estate Think be in esclusiva presso la nostra boutique in via Roma 133 ad Acquaviva delle fonti. #casuccifelice #felicecasucci #boutiquecasucci #acquavivadellefonti #shooting #outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #fashion #fashionstyle #fashionista #fashionweek #fashionable #glamour #glamourstyle #glamourmodel #glamourphotography #model #love #smile #beautiful #gioiadelcolle #santeramoincolle #adelfia #casamassima #turi #sammicheledibari #cassanodellemurge #sannicandrodibari #mottola #thinkbeitalia (presso Felice Casucci)
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the-boy-branithar · 3 hours ago
Not to be Handmaid’s Tale on main but
Aunt Lydia, who cut out Ofglen 2.0′s tongue for not wanting to stone her friend to death, radicalising a previously super obedient handmaid into suicide bombing the opening of the new female factory, to the handmaids at the handmaid funeral: I wish I could give you all a world without violence :((
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from-nova · 3 hours ago
Cliffhanger non (who typed too quickly!) Meant to say that season-ending cliffhangers are not really 911's style. More likely to put the big event in the penultimate ep, or early in the dinale, to give room for the emotional fallout. My one fear was that the season would end with the shooting, but seems unlikely! My god, can you imagine if 4.13 ends with Eddie shot and 4.14. opens with Buck wailing out of his mind? And we get a whole ep of the emotional aftermath? The POSSIBILITIES...
Oh! I gotcha. Yeah, it is kinda odd for them to do it this way. But with Tim's interview about the finale from midseason hiatus, it adds up. There's gonna be an added pressure because Eddie's gonna be fighting for his life probably and the 118 aren't safe with an active shooter around. It's gonna be intense.
AND YES! I honestly think we'll end the episode with that zoomed out shot from the promos and open up to Buck scrambling to his feet and screaming for Eddie. I'm honestly thinking Buck sees him go down and the other guy who's with him stops him from running after Eddie and pulls him down to the ground, causing the head injury too.
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andilovetowrite · 3 hours ago
Punch To The Heart (Part 3)
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: After repeatedly blowing you off on plans, events and trips, you have finally had enough. But Peter soon regrets it as he sees the harsh reality of almost losing his best friend.
Based on a request, you can find it here!
Warnings: Shooting and violence. But nothing too graphic. Some angst and crying, but also a lot of fluff :)
Here is my Masterlist in case you want to find more of my work :)
Part 1
Part 2
Tumblr media
We’ve got he--r
Stay with us Y/nnnn
Come on, try anythin--
Oh, thank go-
Words swam in and out of your head, floating in front of you and into your ears. Voices shouted from either side of you at some point. You could feel yourself slipping into some type of unconsciousness, with bright white light shining through your eyelids. You could hear Peter’s voice mix in with your parent’s voices. You could hear May’s voice, and through some type of veil, you could listen to Uncle Ben’s voice as well. Sure that you were hallucinating, you tried to open your eyes but blacked out before you could try….
You regained your consciousness at some point, your brain making sense that you could not move your body. Which meant you were unable to roll your eyes. But you could feel things. The blinding sorts of pain in your stomach and right thigh. The rough material of some type of gauze covering your entire lower body. Your back bare, with your front covered in a flimsy cloth. And for a quick moment, you thought you were back in the van, with kidnappers and terrorists. And the thought alone made you pass out again…
The last time that you woke up, you were hit with a multitude of sounds and noises. Carts being pushed, metal creaking, glasses clinking. You could hear voices as well. The soft drawl of some lady next to you, one that you vaguely remember. A comforting voice, one that you were familiar with because she woke you up in the mornings. Your mom. Another deeper voice was trying to calm her down—your dad. A worried, yet the firm say that you knew since you went to her house every other day. Aunt May.
But one specific voice was loud and clear to you. High, slightly cracked, chocked up. A voice that you could recognise even if you were half dead. A voice that you grew up with, a voice that was by your side for years. A voice that now seemed to be crying softly from the other side of the room.
So with whatever energy you had left in you, you opened your eyes and whispered. “Peter”
“Peter”, Peter said, shocked, staring at your body. “Did she just say, Peter?”
The doctor nodded, putting his hand on his shoulder. “Yes, she did, I believe. Are you her boyfriend? Or a family member?”
Peter shook his head, still staring dumbfounded at you. “I’m her best friend.”
The doctor sighed. “Alright, well, here is what we know so far-”
“Wait, shouldn’t Mr and Ms Y/L/N be here? To get an update on their daughter?“Peter interrupted, trying to see where they were. The doctor sighed again.
“They had to go to a business meeting and told me that a lady named May Parker would be her guardian until they return in a couple of weeks.”
Peter’s mouth flew open. “They left her?”
The doctor nodded, looking at you sadly. “Yes, they did, but I will send them daily updates about how she is doing.”
Peter licked his dry lips, suddenly realising how parched his throat was. “Here, drink some water, and I’ll tell you how she is.” Peter took the plastic cup from him, drinking it down.
“So first of all, she is getting better. Our team of doctors had predicted that she would likely be in a coma for the next few days, but she has regained consciousness, and her fluids are good. Her internal organs are getting stronger, and hopefully, if all goes well, she should wake up for good in the next day or two.”
The doctor read his papers, nodding politely at Peter, who was visibly calmer. The doctor looked at his watch, tutting softly. “It’s late. I would advise you to go home. Get a couple of hours of sleep. You can come back in the afternoon.”
Peter looked out, confused when he saw the starting rays of sunshine come in through the window. He was so tired that he didn’t realise that he had been in the hospital for 9 hours. Peter looked at you, weighing his options. As if the doctor could sense what was going on in his head, he patted Peter’s back. “Visiting hours have been over since 3 am. But it opens up again at 11. Go and rest for a bit. It’ll do you good.” Peter averted his eyes to you again before he nodded, kissing your cold forehead lightly before he walked out, hoping to get some sleep or rest.
He didn’t get any sleep. Usually, if he couldn’t, he would call you or swing over to your house. Well, not usually. Ever since he started dating MJ, he wouldn’t even go to your home. And MJ never let him come over in the night, too paranoid that her parents would find Peter. Oh, and forget about patching him up after patrol. She would get sick at the sight of Peter’s bruises and injuries. One time, he even had to swing to the compound because he had been shot.
None of that would have happened if he had just been a good friend. Been a good best friend. If only he had not fought with you that day, not ignored you, then you wouldn’t be in the hospital with pipes going in and out of you.
Peter couldn’t shake his fear and paranoia, creeping out of his bed quietly, to not wake up May. Slowly walking to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror. Bloodshot eyes stared back at him. He ran his fingers through his hair, wincing slightly. Tears slipped down his face, little by little as he tried to imagine how worried you might have been. Soon, he couldn’t see anything, as salty tears fell into the sink infront of him. “Oh god, Y/N”, he said, voice cracking. He dejectedly went back to his room, grabbing his suit. Instinctively, he pulled it on, opening his window slightly. Jumping out the window, he didn’t even know where he was going. Somehow, he ended up back at the hospital, looking into your window. It was open, letting in the warm air into your room. He sighed, letting the mask fall off his face. He let the wind go through his curls, feeling it dry the lines of water on his face. Suddenly, he heard some noise from your window. Looking closer, he saw your eyes flicker open, and your voice walf over to him.
“You can come in, you know? Everybody has gone to sleep…”, you said, your voice cracked and scratchy from not using it. Peter just stood still for a couple seconds, too shocked to move.
You were alive! And speaking to him…
Jumping in, he landed softly, not wanting to cause a scene. “He-hey”, Peter said, stuttering. You smiled at him, tiredness showing on your features.
“Hey Peter, are you okay?”, you asked, eyes going over his own, how disheveled he looked.
“You-I, I’m not the biggest thing you should worry about Y/N! You-you were shot. Twice. How-I don’t-wha-”
You reached out to him, wincing as you moved your arm. Peter noticed this, running over to you. “Don’t-don’t do that, you can hurt yourself”, he said, worry evident in his eyes.
You sighed, sitting back. “Pete, why don’t you change out of the suit. I don’t want nurses to walk by and see Spiderman in my room… especially if you don’t have a mask.”
Peter nodded, pressing the small button on his suit that made it shrink up, revealing his clothes underneath. Peter didn’t say anything, but walked over to you, hands in his pockets.
“How are you feeling?”, Peter asked, sitting down gingerly at the side of your bed. You shrugged, not knowing what to say. A few minutes passes, the silence becoming suffocating. Almost simultaneously, you both said.
“I’m sorry”
“I’m sorry”
Looking at Peter, you saw him staring at you indercously.
“Why are you sorry?”
“Why are you sorry?”
Again, you both shut your mouths, and as easily as you could, you gestured to Peter to say something. “Why-why are you sorry? I’m the one who put you in danger Y/N! Yo-you could’ve died.”Peter rambled, eyes starting to glisten as he looked at your body, how those men had hurt you. “I-if I had just not fought with you, then you wouldn’t have walked out of the school, and I wouldn’t have had to give you the bag, and then they wouldn’t have targetted you. Y/N, I’m the reason you are in the hospital. I can’t-yo-you got so badly hurt, I can-no” By this time, the dam inside Peter had broken, as tears started streaming down his face.
You could feel your own throat start to close up, so you did the only thing you could think of. You opened your arms up, letting Peter crawl in. He kept his weight off you, so not to hurt you even more. You ran your fingers up and down his back, calming him down.
“It’s alright, Peter. I would have them rather come for me than yo-”
“No”, Peter said firmly, trying to mask the crack in his voice. “Don’t say that. You are far more important than me, you can’t even wish that Y/N”
You smiled sadly. “Peter, the world needs Spiderman. They don’t need me…”
“No no no”, Peter said, making you look at him. “So many people need you Y/N”
“No, they don’t, Pete. My parents don’t care. I mean, they aren’t here, are they? What is it this time? A business trip?”
Peter tried to object, but he knew that you wouldn’t believe him. “I-I need yo-”
“And don’t say that you need me, because you had no problem spending time with M-”
“I broke up with her”, Peter said hurriedly, wanting to get it out as soon as possible.
You nodded, feeling guilty as a small part of you rejoiced. “Good for you”, you said, emotionless. An awkward silence enveloped the air around you two again, but this time, it became too much. Out of nowhere, you started crying, choked hiccups and sobs coming from your throat.
“Y/N!”, Peter said, smoothening your hair.
“I-I’m sorry. I was just so sc-scared and I was sure I was going to die, and I just can’t do-” You said, hugging yourself softly, as you looked at him through blurry eyes. And you didn’t have to say anything before Peter hugged you closer, the last thing you saw was his brown irises before you dropped to sleep…
Dr Lee walked around the hall, looking at the different rooms before he reached Y/N Y/L/N’s room, and he had to clean his glasses twice to see what he think he saw. Hugging you, with your legs intertwined, was Peter. Your face snuggled into his chest, his arms were looped around you, holding you close. What was the most astonishing thing was how even your breathing and charts were. No patient who had ever gotten shot would’ve recovered so quick, but he could see something was different.
Carefully opening the door, he quietly watched as Peter stirred, eyes flickering open as he drowsily smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead before falling back asleep.
Dr Lee sighed, smiling at them. “Oh, they are obviously in love….”
Tumblr media
Ooh, I really liked this part! Anyway, thank you for reading this, and the next (and last) part will be out later this week, possibly on Friday or Saturday. If you want to be tagged in the next part of the following fics, please just respond to this one telling me that. Until next time👋👋
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ausmetaldetecting · 3 hours ago
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