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#shitpost lol
radicalreliablerandomness · 7 minutes ago
Sometimes I forget that my uncle is colorblind until he asks me what color that mallard is so he can tell his kids
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jurassicobsessor · 51 minutes ago
I have never related to anything more than Scrat from Ice Age.
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Tumblr media
I had an epiphany
sorry this has probably been done before
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meeko-mar · an hour ago
If Katsuki not meant to carry Izuku when he hits rock bottom, why Izuku smaller than him? Hmm?
If Katsuki not meant to finally hug Izuku when he needs it most, why Izuku's head fit so nicely under Katsukis chin? Hmm? Hmm?
Checkmate, antis
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imapursoon · 2 hours ago
god I’m so hot
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Happy father’s day to my imaginary father figure from my paracosm and to him and him only
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imapursoon · 5 hours ago
Some days I forget that I can’t respond to an email with a keysmash
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vacuously-true · 5 hours ago
Hello yes, I saw your post™; You should recieve your girlfriend in 2-3 business days please do not flip the container. You'll need about a 500 gallon tank to keep them in and approx. two pounds of worms to feed her every two weeks, medium powered sunlamp, terrarium mesh top, and a leash
Any questions?
Yeah just one: WHAT
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imapursoon · 6 hours ago
Where’s my phone? *plays my ass like a bongo drum*
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storyrecorder-au · 7 hours ago
Space Protectors AU In Nutshell #1
Oliver:Ryker I told you not to eat or drink in your mecha
Ryker:Don't worry it's fine *drink energon soda*
15 minutes later...
Ryker:*coughing smokes*
His mecha in the background on fire
Oliver:*sips energon tea*Told you
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kajukatliontop · 8 hours ago
I have four moods-
I need attention, I need some attention, a little more attention please!??, I freaking need your attention so would you please concentrate on me!
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