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nuyoricua · 6 hours ago
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driftinglightofthewoods · 15 hours ago
@first-son-of-finwe while I completely understand where the viewpoint in this post:
comes from, to the point where I dont want to derail it, I also think there's something profoundly sad about the movie's way of ending the story.
Its not really like the movie goes the route of so many other movies and goes "and they all went home and lived happily ever after the end.", Frodo comes home to a shire that basically moved on without him and can't find the healing and security in it like he used to.
He feels out of place in it to the point where he leaves it permanently, in hopes of finding the healing it can't offer.
Idk its almost 6 am and I just woke up so I have no idea if I'm getting my point across but while I get that the actual scorching of the shire is a visual representation of Frodo's inner struggle I think the movie did a pretty amazing job at portraying a feeling of like "my home hasnt changed, I have, to the point where it no longer feels like my home."
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shirecorn · 18 hours ago
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may I offer you a teeny tiny unicorn?
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shirecorn · 22 hours ago
Thoughts on capybaras? :)
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Good. Beautiful. Friend Shaped
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shesadollfixer · a day ago
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feels like summer ☀️
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Most people don't know, but plantation shutters are one of the oldest forms of window coverings. People still look for plantation shutters Sutherland shire as they offer numerous benefits. These shutters had their origin in ancient Greece when the stonemasons created them by using marble. Later on, they were introduced to the US.
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ssej-ica · a day ago
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finally trying blazy susan rolling papers
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Bilbo: Thorin, how do you take your coffee?
Thorin: As dark and bitter as my soul.
Bilbo: One glass of milk coming right up.
Thorin: Wha- HEY!
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landscapers Sutherland shire - Your Character and Landscape Accessories
Landscape devices are a wonderful means to boost a stunning landscape layout. These accessories may not offer a practical function; however, they can add charm and personality to a landscaping style. Some landscape accessories do offer a practical objective to the consumer, for example, patio chair, however many of the accessories only supply passion as well as visual appeal, rather than a practical objective. You can do numerous different points utilizing landscape accessories as well as you can find numerous different landscape accessories that they selections might even overwhelm you.
 landscaping services
When you are determining what landscape, devices are best for your yard, after that you require to remember the whole landscaping layout as well. You do not desire landscape design devices that overpower the remainder of the landscaping or that take excessive attention from the landscape design itself. You want something that boosts the remainder of your landscaping design and blends in with the remainder of the landscaping. Smaller things can generally be contributed to your landscaping style very easily, but bigger items may require more thought taken into their usage as well as area.
Tumblr media
You require to pick landscape design accessories that you discover gorgeous and intriguing. Don't simply pick an item because you believe that it would trigger individuals' eyes to be attracted to it or you might end up with a device that you do not like very well. See to it that it is a landscape design device that is well made and also long-lasting enough to spend time outdoors in your landscaped location. Ask yourself if you would certainly like this thing if it were not in your lawn and also determine whether it provides you favorable sensations. Choose landscaping devices that make you feel pleased and also great concerning your landscaping design.
All-natural accessories are the simplest points to include in a landscaping layout. Natural landscape design accessories work so well in the landscaping design because they appear as they belong to the backyard or garden. You may also wish to think about making use of driftwood for your landscaping design because it is available in a wide variety of shades, consisting of white, silver, black, as well as brown. One more all-natural landscaping device that you can pick is rocks, rocks, or stones. By selecting natural landscape design to include in your landscape area, you will certainly be assisting to make it extra relaxing and also enjoyable.
You can likewise find a large range of landscaping devices that are manmade. This might include points like sculptures, outside chandeliers, as well as stained glass. You need to select these things meticulously or they may overpower your landscaping design. You can locate manufactured landscaping devices that will fit together well with your natural landscape; however, it is very important that you make the choice carefully. Adding lights to your landscape is a fantastic method to add passion and also visual allure. They are not necessarily for safety, but they are for design and beauty.
You can discover landscaping devices that can offer a purpose and also provide aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Grass and patio furniture is one kind of landscaping accessory that you can choose. This may include tables, umbrellas, chairs, hammocks, and/or benches. Meticulously take into consideration each piece prior to purchasing any kind of accessories to make certain that it goes with your landscaping layout and with your various other landscaping products.
  northern beaches landscapes
  Despite the fact that it is furniture, it still needs to harmonize well with your landscaping layout. You might likewise find that planting containers, birdbaths, and also bird feeders can be quite a beneficial landscaping device for your yard. These items are thought-about landscape design devices due to the fact that they are not a needed part of the landscape, for example, the grass, trees, plants, etc. 
Tumblr media
 One of the most important things that you require to keep in mind is to not exaggerate the landscaping accessories. You want them to improve your landscaping layout, rather than remove it from the feeling of it. Keep your grass looking neat and also tidy, rather than chaotic and hideous. If you carefully think about the selections that you make to make sure that they beautify your backyard, you will locate that your satisfaction level, as well as satisfaction degree, will certainly increase significantly.
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We focus on all aspects of structural landscaping, residential, commercial and acreage. We offer a full service, offering planting, mulching, turfing and irrigation. We work across all over NSW, including – Sydney, the North Shore, Northern Beaches, and the Hills District. 
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quotemadness · a day ago
We never see what we have until it’s too late, Charles. We spend so much time focusing on the greener grass that we fail to appreciate how much grows in our own garden.
Brandon Shire
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hippography · a day ago
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Messrs. S. Leggate and Sons’ “DOGDYKE PREMIER” (4 years), winner of the Cup for Geldings at the Shire Horse Show. 
Photograph by W. A. Rouch. 
The Agricultural Gazette and Modern Farming, 21 May 1920
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shirecorn · a day ago
I actually discovered you through the Animal Bingo creature design challenges. Those were some wild combinations.
Animal Bingo (not currently open so do not suggest animals until I post that it is open, ok to reblog otherwise tho!)
The cool thing about animal bingo is I was actually using that as a training tool for myself! I find designing creature's heads and faces to be pretty much effortless, but bodies have a lot of false starts and bad vibes before i get them right.
The audience participation is also really fun, because I end up combining things that no one would actually think of.
Tumblr's format allows me to present the whole chain as a collaborative project, with direct links to the contributors, and it shows that I am truly taking things as they come and not cherrypicking by making my own animal choices for what comes easily to me.
This is good because it shows potential clients/studios that I am ready and willing to take whatever they throw at me.
Also, the fact that you have to reblog to participate is good for exposure ;)
Basically, it's a way for me to have fun and stay sharp.
But most of all. It's the attention and interaction. If i could live on attention alone I would. I would draw so much with no worries about how I'm going to make rent, for myself, for other people, for the world just to see how they react. Unless some nobleman wants to keep me in their basement tho i gotta make a living
My header used to be "shire draws all the time and sometimes posts it" because i have always drawn like a rabid animal, but going through the effort of uploading it with 0.5mbps internet just for 5 likes and 1 reblog was not worth it.
I took that out a long time ago when I started getting more traction, so now I post almost daily. Feed the artist > get more art
at the risk of looking like an obsessive goblin, I do admit that I read every reblog, comment, and tag posted on my art. Yes, even the one with 300,000 notes. They fuel me
(Sooooo many people say they're gonna make him a character or NPC in d&d so if you did this please tell me if anything funny happens!)
On occasion I also track down reposts to other sites and read what people say there. (currently I have no policy against reposting my viral ones as long as there's credit. ask for the regular art)
I know once I get a job and this pandemic is over, I'll be more chill, but right now audience interaction is definitely keeping me fired up.
as a kid i wanted to be a comedian or motivational speaker (and singer and actor etc etc etc)
Most art is kind of a presentation to the world, while for me it's a performance and collaboration.
You really do not get this kind of community on other sites. I really love it here.
(dont go parasocial relationshipping me tho I love you as a conglomerate and I have poor memory for telling people apart)
Ive been getting a lot of asks lately haha wonder why, and rambleralmberalmbelenare
at this point you should see an ask and know its gonna be an essay
TLDR: animal bingo is a challenge to merge things I wouldnt otherwise think of, and my favorite kind of art on here is audience participation. I read all comments and tags even if there's thousands.
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mcmillan14wichmann · a day ago
If you have resolved to get your leaky basement repaired and acquire gone the river within the basement, then its time to take a look at finding a basement waterproofing contractor. The question then becomes, how do I find the best one? Here are some good suggestions to help.
Choosing the correct contractor for the position is just not something you should do hastily. You will want to invest some time and get several estimates to do the job. Since basement waterproofing can be a significant cost, get at least 3 estimates from various contractors before making any decision. Even getting as much as 5-6 is just not unreasonable. Where do you find a basement waterproofing contractor? You can start with friends and family needless to say. Perhaps they have used one for his or her wet basement within the past. There is nothing superior to a firsthand experience tell you with regards to a particular contractor. Co-workers may also involve some firsthand knowledge about their basements at the same time. You never know until you ask. Next, you could seek advice from the National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC). Many contractors are folks this organization. In addition, they also have plenty of information about basement waterproofing. Finally, it is possible to go through the Yellow Pages and call the contractors you will find there. Now you have your list it's time for it to schedule the crooks to emerge and provide estimates on your own wet basement. One of the most important things you should do is obtain a report on references. Check many of them out and acquire a solid idea of their quality of labor. Ask concrete waterproofing sydney if they're there. How long were they been accomplishing this type of training? How long will the task take? Will they be working full-time on your home only, or will they do other jobs as well? You certainly don't want your basement torn up and still have to hold back 30 days whilst the company completes other jobs within the meantime. Also, make sure you have a waterproofer that provides a transferable 30 year - lifetime warranty. Then, get yourself a written estimate from their website and appearance within the small print. The estimate ought to include information on everything the contractor can do, costs, as well as the amount of time to complete the task.
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bitchamphetamine · a day ago
you can't make homes out of human beings someone should have already told you that and if he wants to leave then let him leave you are terrifying and strange and beautiful something not everyone knows how to love.
from warson shire’s for women who are ‘difficult’ to love (2017)
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shittylotrimagines · a day ago
if we were dating i'd take you on a trip to the LOTR set in New Zealand 👉👈
YESSSS🙏🙏🙏 and we can go on a picnic and I start eating handfuls of grass😋🤙
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shirecorn · 2 days ago
I found you cause of the plane post, sometimes a post of yours circulates and Im like oh YOU made that one?? Its also nice seeing all my mutuals reblogs your posts cause Im like ‘hehe I follow the person who made that’
your mutuals could follow me too if they were as cool and sexy as you
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shirecorn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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