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roshellow29 · 15 minutes ago
Zachary: It's fine
Eden: *looks up at him, seemingly worried* (。•́︿•̀。)
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roshellow29 · 17 minutes ago
Zachary: *gently rubs her back*
Eden: I-I'm sorry Z...i k-know they've been bothering you too....
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roshellow29 · 19 minutes ago
Zachary: *gently hugs her close* It's okay. They just need to back off-
Eden: i-i just wish they'd ignore me like they did before..
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roshellow29 · 22 minutes ago
Zachary: *smacks anon away* Learn to take no as an answer.
Eden: *slightly fumbles, then hugs herself a bit* s-sorry..
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roshellow29 · 31 minutes ago
B-bruh- Vanish-
Vanish: *slightly opens his eye, then closes it again, his face going bluer*
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roshellow29 · 34 minutes ago
Vanish? You okay??
Vanish: *doesn't move, but gives a small squeak*
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shiftang · 4 hours ago
Shiftblr Intro
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───── About ─────
Merry meet! Welcome to my shifting blog! Please, call me Tao and use he/him pronouns.
This blog will be used to journal my shifting experience and interact with fellow shifters. I’m still really new to the community so if I get something wrong, please correct me!
My ask box and DMs are always open so feel free to talk to me. 
Please, read this before you follow.
───── Tags ─────
Shifting Updates - #shiftang journal
Askbox - #tao talks
Triggers - #tw [topic]
Please, let me know if something needs to be tagged!
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───── Current DR(s) ─────
╭ . . . Kung Fu Panda - Main ╰ ₊˚ ⊱ Tao Jin. Raccoon dog. Traveling writer.
Remember, stay hydrated and well rested! Blessed be!
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inbothourhandsgloria · 7 hours ago
the way people always draw “marco if he had survived” with an eyepatch will never not be hysterical to me
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roshellow29 · 17 hours ago
Zachary: *wraps his arms around Eden from behind, glaring at anons*
Eden: ah-? *Looks up at him, gently squishing his cheeks* is okie Z- nu w-worries-
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rideinternal · 18 hours ago
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mrandomshitsandwhich · 21 hours ago
KARL MARX 👀👀👀👁👁👁👁👁👁👁?????????
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theelazarus · 23 hours ago
too tired to make the whole post but. theres an au in my head where john is the one to break into sam's house and take him back into the hunting world to look for dean, who's on a hunting trip and hasnt been home in a few days. they yell at each other and almost physically fight countless times and sam hates him SO much, but he stays, he has to stay, he has to do this for his brother. its only at the end of season 1 that we learn dean actually died right before the pilot, and john's been pretending he didn't know so he could keep an eye on sam without him running away. their biggest argument happens when sam finds out, and when he's finally about to leave, john makes a deal with azazel to resurrect dean.
season 2 then starts with a sam that has to process all of this, explain to his freshly back from the dead brother everything that happened the last year and, finally, ask HIM. "what happened one year ago ?"
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cynsworkshop · a day ago
Review of 'Night World'
First published back in 1996, Night World is a perfect light clean read for young readers interested in paranormal fantasy.
Night World by LJ Smith is the first novel in her Night World series. First published back in 1996, the series introduces young readers to werewolves, lamia (vampires), and witches. Age Shows Night WorldLJ SmithSimon Pulse I am a massive fan of LJ Smith, having read the Vampire Diaries series when she still wrote it, but I can say I think my age is starting to show. Night World is very much…
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rideinternal · a day ago
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