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#shes mean
fruityhag8 hours ago
thinking about tween Sirius as McG鈥檚 number one stan and most vocal devotee finding out she鈥檚 also queer. the elation, the multitude of overly personal queries, the showing up to her office hours to sigh dramatically and drape himself over her furniture about his 鈥榮ecret鈥 crush.. She meant did you have any questions about the LESSON, Black. Merlin鈥檚 beard. Have a biscuit.
GOD SO TRUE i also love the hc that after he runs away she starts calling him potter and then in POA she has to physically stop herself from calling him that
i ALSO love the hc that he flirts with her despite being gay so like imagine he finds out she鈥檚 gay and is like BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR LOVE and she鈥檚 like mr potter. knock it off. who let you in here.
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destiel-is-canon-bitches9 hours ago
Me: Maybe I should stop following Paris Hilton on Instagram
My lovely friend Payton: Paris Hilton? From Supernatural?
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harryinthecountryside11 hours ago
鈥淏etween stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.鈥 - Viktor Frankl
Olivia tweeted this quote and posted it on her IG story so is this how she鈥檚 deciding to defend herself against her problematic behavior that was trending the other day? While also ignoring the issue of Palestinians being evicted and killed from their land after marketing herself as a human rights activist and feminist. White pseudo-activism is a disease. I hate this cr4ck3r
Shes honest to god a moron
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illyriamade11 hours ago
鉂浡 what鈥檚聽 your聽 alibi ? 聽鉂 for elvira!
"聽聽聽for 聽 the 聽 love 聽 of 聽 the 聽 saints 聽 -- 聽 i 聽 was 聽 at 聽 my 聽 loft 聽 , 聽 with 聽 my 聽 friend. 聽 i 聽 dont 聽 do 聽 my 聽 business 聽 during 聽 the 聽 day 聽 , 聽 only 聽 at 聽 night. 聽 saint 聽 , 聽 im 聽 only 聽 awake 聽 during 聽 the 聽 night! 聽 " 聽 she 聽 flails 聽 her 聽 hands 聽 , 聽 irritation 聽 at 聽 the 聽 heartrender 聽 raising. 聽 though 聽 it 聽 was 聽 a 聽 simple 聽 question 聽 , 聽 she 聽 could 聽 only 聽 answer 聽 so 聽 much 聽 before 聽 it 聽 got 聽 annoying 聽 and 聽 felt 聽 like 聽 an 聽 interrogation.聽聽聽"聽聽聽i 聽 can 聽 assure 聽 you 聽 that 聽 i 聽 am 聽 not 聽 who 聽 did 聽 this.聽聽聽my 聽 work 聽 looks 聽 much 聽 different 聽 than 聽 this 聽 , 聽 more 聽 smoke 聽 and 聽 ash. 聽 " 聽 elvira 聽 rubs 聽 her 聽 temples 聽 and 聽 pushes 聽 out 聽 a 聽 small 聽 grin.
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sushidoucheydudes13 hours ago
Ever since I was a kid, I've made art with kinda intense and dark themes because some kids are just like that, and my parents have pretty much given up trying to expunge this preference. My mom is really excited about space opera, because she's read both the other books, but I just know I'm gonna have to preface the whole thing with 'okay so there's obviously some drug use and language in this one and also a guy gets his esophagus gruesomely torn from his body but we don't have to worry about that rn and she's gonna be like 馃檮馃檮 ugh fine.
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disastercomingfaster22 hours ago
It鈥檚 probably not healthy how much it would destroy me if I met Anna Kendrick and she wasn鈥檛 a nice person
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angelicanguisha day ago
aghhhhhhhh . agh . why r moms like this i swear to god there鈥檚 like聽 a mom club where they plan and plot to make their kids* (daughters, mostly) life unbearable. anytime any of my brothers do something wrong its MY fault, even my older brothers ????? literally what did i do to be eternally the Bad Guy in every situation, even ones i wasnt in???
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malecacidda day ago
@ everyone, i've been friends with em for over a year, and i can confirm he is in fact opj
Oh my god LIV
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hajskaega day ago
Talked to my mom last night & mentioned we baked some really good bread in school on monday & she said "It's good you're not going to be a baker, imagine how fat all that bread would make you! We need to prevent that from happening, you cant end up like your dad"
And I was like :) okay cool
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