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#she's huge!! and not human!!!!
siirkaian3 months ago
Stardust refuses to take control UNLESS its banning Moonshine from doing something
#The thing about the three highest demos is that all three of them could be in charge. Like. They're all extremely powerful#You see this when we're brought back to the war like. You see Stardust absolutely untouchable on the battlefield.... Pure fucking#Speed and power. He's the Sun like........ He's so powerful#And then it turns to Moonshine who's literally taking up half the sky in a repeating lemniscate pattern... His energy when let loose is just#He's so slippery and so fucking powerful too like he'd king of the mental realms and when he's released he manipulates reality in#Accordance with willpower like. He's generally confined by Stardusts word to keep himself in the mental realm but it's literally like....#His mind radiates from him like Siirka. Siirka's hair is visible though. Moonshines isn't.... Moonshines just got this immense weight#Like UHHHH I keep seeing it in my mind and then I forget what it is but basically..... Its like his mental power buzzes under the skin of#Reality pushing at the surface so hard that that surface starts to bend.... Hes terrifying bc a) Huge. But also b) you can feel reality#Start to become like abstract water around him for miles and miles and miles and miles as his true self. Not the one you see. So much#Bigger than him is brimming at the surface ready to destroy reality like a piece of paper about to be crumpled up or folded into shapes#And Midnight........ She's literally space itself..... Over the other side of the sky she's not even really visible because she's become#Space itself. She's no longer taking a viewable form.... Like you look at her and its like..... No. She's not even something you can interac#T with she is reality around you - reality around you took a familiar form but you've revoked your privileges to that#Because now its so Furious at you it's no longer on your side#You know.... The three highest demos are weird......... I don't know why they are the way they are#I think it's that Moonshine is Consciousness and Midnight is Mind and Stardust is like.... The conscious being?? And its not that like#They bow to Stardust even tho he Is God-King. I think it's just that they..... Yeah it's conplicated?? They really don't have a human#Relationship. I think it's just a case that they Are that way because they aren't just beings they ARE the things they represent#Like..... Spoilers unless I change my mind. As much as I want there to be a huge question about whether Moonshine and Siirka are the#Same species because..... Oh boy#Oh BOY it's a really important question. Where did Siirka come from? He's the single most powerful entity in the whole story. Are there more#Of him? Are they all evil? Moonshine and Siirka both are very......... Out of touch with reality. There's a huge question as to whether MS#Is on Siirka's side or not..... But anyway they're not the same species I don't think. Uh. Point being. Moonshine literally is#Consciousness like he is the.... I guess fictional sort of field of opposites and distinctions and experiences and subjectivity#Midnight is a manifestation of the fabric of space itself she is like. The parental space. Referred to as She bc of how people see her#But she's beyond gender she's just a unified lake that now does what it wants. Stardust...............................................#Lore#Highest demos#Higher Demos
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jarchiecore6 months ago
so like a dumbass i blurted out that i voted biden harris to a coworker of mine i vibe with most out of the rest of my deep red state coworkers and even though she's clearly right wing she was decently chill about it but she still felt the need to emphasize that like i Should Not Tell Anyone Else around here cause i'd probably be ripped apart and like i knew that conceptually but to have her, who would definitely know better than me about how locals would treat lefties, warn me so blatantly is kinda fucking me up and now i can't stop thinking about the election tomorrow and my hands keep shaking aha
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debbieagan8 months ago
it鈥檚 loving debbie eagan聽hours folks!!!!!
#i'm on chp5 of from russia with unsaid and lemme tell you!!!!!#debbie being awkward and silent outwardly only to be RAGING INSIDE is like R*W me MA'AM#that it really be like ... ruth's insecurity blinds her to who debbie really is like .......#when betty was like ''or can they not make it work'' her strap is huge 聽and i want to TALK#like debbie silently suffering there as she feels EVERYTHING but is restricted by how she's perceived Not To Express#they think she's cold when really she's on fire and *no one would like her if she stopped being debbie eagan****#but it's like so . 聽. . 聽much . . . 聽to see debbie having to be subjected to people thinking she really has everything she wants#when she doesn't have ANYTHING she wants#and it's almost like those people who聽don't see聽further聽perpetuate the trap debbie has let herself step in#and really that in itself is a severe conflict in human existence ; that we perceived these people we will never know past our perception#we fill in the blanks of what their motivations must be and we follow the script and let ourselves just wallow in unhappiness#like season 4 is聽like i want ruth/debbie therapy and deep dives and then i want sex in every room available#and聽that's what i love about this show though fuck! no Single character is completely absolved against the presumptions they make#and neither of them communicate so they each have this聽distorted idea of the other because god forbid they be like#i am exhausted and i am in love#cos slamming聽their bodies together and ignoring each other for months is so much hotter than open communication 聽. .. . . .#okay but absolutely legendary if in season 4 they literally were like no yeah. they're the endgame. they've been.#and then s1-3 gets to be that Gap before they finally end up together ah but i dream#glow
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sbrn10a year ago
On my extremely low expectations and how SG continues to somehow limbo under them: A Saga
First of all, I am prefacing this with: I finally watched 5x11 actually, and it was like, fine? It was one of the better episodes of the season, honestly, minus the William stuff. And the William stuff is incredibly hamfisted and out-of-nowhere to the point that it almost feels like it has to be a red herring because it鈥檚 just so bad. But, I mean, history is not kind to us on this point, so who knows. BUT ANYWAY, to be clear, I am saying: maybe William doesn鈥檛 actually happen and this is an overreaction. MAYBE. Like, probably not, but there鈥檚 still a chance, so I am acknowledging it.
Second, this is a rant. Sorry. It鈥檚 also really long. I didn鈥檛 realize it was going to get this long.
On to the actual post I was going to make.
So I've said this before to various people but I came into SG in early-ish s4 (November 2018). I had somehow successfully avoided the show despite knowing that it was the big new femslash thing for two years and my last big media fandom had been Once Upon a Time (which hahahahahahaha fml), so, a while ago.
Anyhow, at that point after catching up to S3 my genuine reaction was that supercorp probably isn鈥檛 queerbaiting. (Definition: Intentionally 鈥渂aiting鈥 fans with a potentially queer relationship while having no intention of making it actually queer in order to capitalize on queer interest in bad faith. Keywords are intentionally, not queer, and bad faith. Depicting queer relationships badly, not queerbaiting. Being forced to keep things subtextual because of outside pressures, not queerbaiting. Completely unintentionally depicting a queer relationship, not queerbaiting, just oblivious as all fuck.)
S2 seemed to be a genuine mistake--they are all so aggressively heterosexual that they created these scenes without a shred of intentionality and seemed genuinely surprised when queer fandom reacted to supercorp. "Wait, wait, we had a canon gay couple RIGHT THERE. Alex had a whole coming out thing! WE LOVE THE GAYS, but Kara and Lena are straight? Y鈥檃ll are weird," seemed to be the general vibe of their reactions. Admittedly, in retrospect, I understand if you don鈥檛 believe them, as an office overflowing with flowers tends to have certain connotations, but honestly, in my experience, sometimes people are just really, really straight. Harold, they鈥檙e lesbians! is a whole thing because queerness can be literally and flagrantly staring them in the face and they don鈥檛 see it until they鈥檙e told. Some people just be like that. Okay, let鈥檚 operate on that benefit of the doubt.
Then S3 was an entire season of aggressively no homo-ing--between the continuation of the Mon-El story for Kara, Lena/James becoming a thing, and the weird (as in OOC for Kara, honestly) kryptonite rift story, it was the OPPOSITE of queerbaiting. They were saying very loudly that it鈥檚 not queer--chemistry notwithstanding. Were they probably happy to keep supercorp fandom around, sure, but they weren鈥檛 noticeably courting it other than, like, Katie and Melissa just existing.
(Side note: P5 told me once that I had missed like valentine's promotions and stuff that seemed to lean into sc more intentionally but I tend not to count the twitter/instagram stuff as honestly that鈥檚 probably interns.)
(Side side note: I am not commenting on whether this kind of obliviousness or no homo-ing is homophobic or not; that鈥檚 a separate discussion and one I don鈥檛 have the energy for now. BUT at the very least it鈥檚 not actively malicious, is the thing.)
So that was where I was starting, like, as a baseline. Yeah, this show鈥檚 creators are oblivious, yeah, this isn鈥檛 going to be canon, but I enjoy these people鈥檚 faces when they鈥檙e on screen together and I can fill in the blanks, it鈥檚 fine!
And then 4b and the between season promotions (鈥漟ight for Lena鈥檚 soul!鈥 鈥渉alf the fandom says they should kiss!鈥) and 5a all happened and like... like... y鈥檃ll... either this was going to be a huge about-face and supercorp was actually going to happen or this had turned into the most blatant queerbaiting since Rizzoli and Isles. (To be honest, I have mentally blocked out most of what actually happened in canon OUAT and remember almost nothing of it, but also maybe that.) S2-3, at least someone in that writer鈥檚 room can say with a straight face, 鈥淲ell, we didn鈥檛 mean for it to be read romantically but if that鈥檚 what you get out of it, god be with you.鈥 Once you start doing shit like throwing in fucking Romeo and Juliet imagery, you lose the right to say 鈥渨e didn鈥檛 mean for it to be read romantically鈥 ever fucking again.
(Because images and tropes have history and context, and if you want to write a scene about two platonic-ass friends staring yearningly at each other, choose a setting OTHER than a balcony, and if you really wanted a balcony for it, I鈥檓 sorry, but tough shit, get over it. Obviously, this is only one example, but it鈥檚 the lowest hanging fruit--these people are fucking professional writers (albeit not terribly good ones); they know or should have known what they are doing. It is often said that one shouldn鈥檛 attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity, but it is, in my opinion, actually impossible for a group of 10+ people to be THAT stupid.)
So, at this point, I鈥檓 still thinking, okay, so wait, even if it鈥檚 queerbaiting, it鈥檚 still not going to be canon, because this is CW Supergirl, but I mean. Maybe they just end the series with both of them single? Wrap it in 鈥渨omen don鈥檛 need to be in a relationship to be fulfilled!鈥 feminism, call it a Boston marriage, and be done with it.
AND THEN. AND. THEN. William gets recalled from the 鈥渄id this character actually exist?鈥 no-man鈥檚-land they had banished him to for half a season (well, okay, that鈥檚 not QUITE fair as Crisis makes it feel longer than it was in the number of episodes) to flirt awkwardly with Kara over a sandwich and I almost punch a hole in my laptop screen.
The series isn鈥檛 over, I guess, so there鈥檚 room for this still not to turn out to be incredibly insulting queerbaiting? (I mean, if nothing else, William and Kara potentially NOT happening would demonstrate that nobody in that writer鈥檚 room knows what romantic tropes look like at all so actually perhaps exonerate them in relation to the stupidity-or-malice argument.)
But... look, I already had low expectations, and now I have, like, none.
Genuinely, the infuriating thing is that I WAS FINE WITH THEM NOT BEING CANON. (I mean, in some ways, that seemed preferable since all the canon relationships they tried to write were... not written well.) All they had to do was not be complete DICKHATS about it. But they had to go and be FUCKING DICKHATS about it! You know?
#also i would like to note that this entire rant is entirely separate from the huge problem i have with the whole non nocere/luthors arc#which is driving me fucking INSANE#5a was fine in terms of lena and kara's relationship being extremely unstable -- that's fine this is not a shipper thing#what i mind is that non nocere makes no flipping bleeding sense and i am over here bashing my head into the wall every time lena says q wave#i don't care if she's morally grey i care that non nocere is fucking stupid and not even lena should be that self-delusional#everything else lena has done has been at least definable and at least arguably beneficial in some manner#harun-el and the ability to make humans super (which btw is like a dead and gone concept i guess): problematic but achievable#and at least debatable on whether it would be a net benefit or not#non nocere: fucking nonsense indefinable bullshit because 'harm' is not a definable concept#definable: i want to mind control everyone so nobody hurts me again#definable: i want to make it so that nobody has the ability to lie -- it's radical honesty all the time#definable: i want to create a virtual world so i never have to interact with human beings again#non nocere: I AM GOING TO FUCKING SCREAM#i'm sorry i have a lot of feelings i just hate what they've done with her character so fucking much and i really should just write my#'lena fucked off to metropolis for 5 years because that is canonically what lena does when faced with personal feelings' fic instead of this#but here we are and i spent all morning writing this instead of working#i take small solace in that my employer is footing the bill for my self-administered therapy#also NO I WILL NOT STOP WATCHING THE SHOW IF IT BOTHERS ME THAT MUCH YOU THINK I CHOSE SUPERGIRL AS AN OBSESSION IT FUCKING CHOSE ME#musings#supergirl musings
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dainsleifs-vibrator20 minutes ago
So, I wanted to try writing smut for the first time, and I wanted to post it on my account, but I'm not really sure if I liked it, so I wanted to ask for an opinion. Like, is it actually good enough to post? So um here you go! ^^
(By the way, my first language isn't English, So I'm sorry about any grammar mistakes.)
Character: Aether
Warnings: Omegaverse, breeding, Reader is gender neutral, but they have a Dick. The Reader is spiderlike, but they're still humanoid, They're an Alpha, Aether is an omega, Begging
Aether was traveling in Liyue, his Companion Paimon by his side.
He recently got a request that he should kill a new monster, which somehow appeared out of nowhere.
Tho he was warned that the Monster would be too strong for him, he didn't listen.
He heard from a few people that the Monster didn't attack anything at all, but it could be a danger to everyone.
So, Aether accepted the request of eliminating the Creature, and made himself on his way.
While Aether was making his way towards the Home of the Monster, he didn't listen to the Protests of Paimon.
She told him that the Monster would be too strong, but Aether was too determined to listen.
He wanted to kill it.
Aether arrived at the Cave, Paimon shaking in fear.
Aether looked at the Cave once more, before entering.
But then he noticed that Paimon wasn't next to him anymore.
He turned around, looking at his flying companion.
"Paimon?" He called out to her.
"Paimon refuses to go in there!" She told him.
Even tho he tried to convince her to go in with him, she refused.
So they made a deal that they would meet each other in Liyue again.
Aether sighed at the sight of Paimon flying away towards Liyue, and turned around, finally walking into the Cave.
Even tho only a few minutes passed, Aether was growing anxious.
"Where is the Creature hiding?" He asked himself, looking around.
Suddenly, he heard Footsteps, which sounded very heavy.
He quickly turned around, making eye contact with a Creature that was around 9 feet tall.
It almost looked like a human...but it had Spider like features when it came towards the lower half of it's body.
Aether's eyes grew wide.
No way he could take down that thing!
He looked down at the lower half of the Creature's body.
It had spider like legs, which were huge.
It also had a piece of fabric around it's waist, hiding it's intimate Area.
Suddenly, his Omega called out to him: "It's an Alpha!"
Aether then noticed the scent of the Creature, which made him weak to his knees.
The Creature still looked down at him, tilting it's head.
It then lowered itself to sniff at Aether's neck, making the Boy shiver.
After it took a long sniff of his scent, it muttered a low "Omega..."
Aether couldn't realize anything because it happened so fast, but he got picked up by the creature with it's spider legs.
The creature stared into his eyes, which made Aether blush.
The creature then looked away, walking towards a wall, still holding Aether in it's hold.
On the walls were Chains, which were definitely strong enough to hold his Body.
He widened his eyes and begged for Mercy, but his Omega inside was shivering in arousal.
The creature held Aether against the wall, pinning him onto it with the chains.
It then let go, enjoying how Aether tried to get away.
A spider leg went towards his body, which made Aether close his eyes in fear.
Suddenly, his clothes got ripped off, which made him open his eyes again.
He looked at the lower half of the Creature, which now revealed a huge Dick.
Aether gulped in fear, but couldn't help but feel a little excited of how the huge thing would feel inside him.
The creature went near him, still staring into Aether's eyes, wanting to know how he felt.
Aether didn't say anything, which made the Creature angry and shoved it's Dick inside, making the Boy scream.
Happy at getting a reaction of the Boy, the Creature started off with a slow pace.
Aether's toes curled and his hands gripped the Chains.
He couldn't believe it. A creature that he was supposed to kill was actually fucking him!
After a few minutes, the Creature grew annoyed again at the lack of Aether's moans.
It started thrusting faster, rubbing it's Dick more against Aether's walls.
His moans started to get louder, which the Creature greatly enjoyed.
"N-No wait! I don't w-want this!" He screamed, but the Creature knew that was a lie.
How his walls tightened around it's Dick, the pleasurable moans, and how his Dick let out some precum, told it that Aether was enjoying this.
Aether actually knew it himself that he wanted the Creature's dick, but he didn't want to accept it.
The creature went towards Aether's neck, biding down harshly on it.
Aether moaned even louder at this, his Omega begging that the Creature would mark him.
The Creature took notice of how Aether's scent changed, but decided to tease him.
It went away from Aether's neck, slowing down its thrusts.
Aether whined, making puppy dog eyes at the Giant creature before him.
"Please! Don't stop! Breed me! Make me your omega!"
Aether couldn't believe his own ears.
Did he really just say that?
The Creature's pupils grew wider, and started thrusting again.
Aether banged his head against the wall at the harsh thrusts.
His moans were growing louder, almost becoming screams.
He looked down at his lower half, enjoying the sight of the Creature's Dick destroying his Man-pussy.
He also took notice on how his belly was building because of the huge Dick destroying his organs.
He loved seeing the buldge appear and disappear.
"Is this a dream?" Aether thought. "If it is, don't make it stop!"
Aether's tongue lapped out of his mouth, his eyes crossing.
He could feel his orgasm approaching, which was shown of how much precum was slipping out of his Dick.
It was slapping against his own stomach, but it seemed pathetic now that he saw the Creature's huge one.
The creature growled, feelings it's own orgasm approach.
Aether noticed this, which made him continue to beg.
"C-Cum inside me! Breed me! Fill me up! Let me be your Cum-dumpster!" He screamed, trying to reach out to the Creatures neck.
But then, the Creature stopped.
Aether's tongue went back into his mouth, his eyes rolling back into their original position
He started whining, begging for the Creature to start moving again.
But the Creature just took it's Dick out of his hole.
Aether shivered at the loss of heat from the Dick.
The creature then took the chains of his body, and grabbed him with it's spider legs.
Aether struggled in it's arms, trying to get the Dick back inside his warm hole.
Suddenly, the Creature kissed Aether, which made his face explode in Red.
He felt how the Creature's tongue was asking for entrance, it licking his lower lip up and down.
Aether opened his mouth, giving the Creature permission on French kissing him.
While Aether was too busy with concentrating on playing with the Creature's tongue, the Creature slammed back into Aether, making him scream into the kiss.
It started thrusting at a rough pace, which made Aether's eyes roll into the back of his head.
His long awaited orgasm came back, again waiting for release.
The Creature stared into the Boy's eyes, enjoying how he looked.
Aether was sweating non-stop, which looked adorable with the Precum on his tummy.
Aether gripped onto the Creature's neck, closing his eyes
He then felt his long awaited orgasm finally come.
He shot a huge load out. It felt like the best and most intense orgasm he ever had before.
Then, it was the Creature's turn to finally release.
It broke the kiss, making Aether whine, and the Creature growled.
It bit into Aether's Neck, marking him as their Omega.
The Creature then released it's even more huge load into Aether, making his belly buldge even more.
Aether screamed once again, enjoying the feeling of how the Cum of the Monster coated his walls.
His screaming then took an end, and he closed his eyes, tired.
The creature let go of Aether's neck, and slipped out of Aether, making the Boy let out a whine once again.
The cum started dripping out of him, which made him even more sensitive.
The Creature just chuckled at this, and layed Aether onto the floor, putting the piece of fabric, which once covered it's crotch, onto him.
The small boy didn't even take notice of this, and fell asleep, smiling.
The creature layed itself next to Aether, laying his head against it's chest, falling asleep too.
The next day.
Paimon was still waiting in Liyue.
She was growing anxious.
Aether still wasn't back, and it has been a whole day!
"Where is he...? Did he get killed?" She asked herself.
But then, she noticed an approaching figure.
"Aether!" She screamed, flying towards him.
But then, she immediately stopped once she looked closer at him.
He was sweating, had many love marks around his neck, he smelled like Sex, and he was limping.
He had a love-struck look on his face and said to Paimon:
"Y/N...their Name is Y/N...Oh that was the best night of my life."
I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything like that. You can tell me that if I did.
This was good!!! Oh gawd i can just imagine jim being so full of cum and limping while having a hand on his belly, with hearts in his eyes 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槍馃槍馃槍馃槍
Just magnificent love!
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general-gay-thingsan hour ago
It's an alien thing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NOTE FOR STORY: Y/n was with the doctor before the regeneration.
WARNING: Pregnancy in reader. I have no idea where the hell this idea came from but here it is
IMPORTANT: The reader was in a relationship with the 12th doctor as well. And let's pretend a Gallifreyan can in fact get a human woman pregnant because this story has been in the back of my mind since I started getting to the end of 12s storyline. So sorry if you're only attracted to women and not men I guess either pretend men are your thing or like pretend this fic doesn't exist.
PROMPT: The doctor's wife is alone during her regeneration until she luckily returns (ok this description is lowkey trash and I'm like 70% sure imma change it to not suck)
Y/n watched as her alien husband made her way back into the Tardis, his hands still glowing.
"This is it then?" Y/n asks, "You're just gonna le-leave me? the Doctor strode towards Y/n.
"That's not what this is."
"Then what is it? Are you staying? For us?" Y/n rubbed her protruding stomach.
"Of course I am," the Doctor places his hand on top of Y/n's, "I can't let John Smith Jr be raised by you alone."
"First off, we agreed on the name Tula for our DAUGHTER."
"Will you promise me you'll always love me?"
"Y/n I will alwa-" The doctor was interrupted by a flash of light once again coming out of his body, "Y-Y/n. You have to get to the nursery!"
"Why the nursery?"
"It's in its own pocket dimension. No matter what happens to the Tardis the nursery should be safe. Be safe Y/n." With that Y/n ran towards the hallway before twisting back to the Doctor.
"I love you, Doctor." Y/n turned back and ran down the corridor towards the nursery once again making her way to safety.
For almost a month at this point, Y/n had been alone in the Tardis. Exploring her new home, working on small projects in the nursery. All manner of things to keep her mind off the fact that she has no idea where the Doctor landed or what he even looks like. Day after day, wondering when or if her husband will even return. Once again Y/n found herself in the nursery. Wearing an old purple trenchcoat she had found in the room they shared. She's on her third attempt at putting together her crib.
Unfortunately with her limited amount of Gallifreyan, her endeavor was falling a tad short. "Wait, Y/N?" she whispers to herself, "does this go-" Y/n was interrupted by the sound of the Tardis. Her classic screeches indicating she's landing. Gently, Y/n with her large pregnant belly attempts to stand. After almost two minutes she had managed to stand.
Y/n soundlessly crept down the passage towards the control room of the Tardis where she heard different voices. Two men and two women. Just like the Doctor, always one to pick up strays. Y/n made her way around the corner, not truly paying any attention to their conversation, still looking at the older brown-grey-haired man.
"Hi," Y/n practically whispered, "You're here." the group all turned towards Y/n, "I was so worried that you wouldn't regenerate." she made her way towards the man who she presumed was the Doctor. "I mean, you were gone for a month. And here I am, huge and pregnant and about to pop." She made her way towards the man, "You're here though. Thank god." Y/n felt the tears begin to flow down her face. She pulled the man in for a tight hug, "don't you ever leave your 7-month pregnant wife again Doctor Dove. Or else I'll take the Tardis and raise our daughter on some random planet."
"Um," the man stands there confused.
"Your memory is probably still being put together. It's alright Doctor. I'll just have to pull a River and-"
"Sorry, I'm not the Doctor."
"Excuse me?"
"I'm not the Doctor. My name is Graham."
"Oh," Y/n deadpanned, "well forget everything I just said." Y/n turned toward the taller black man. "Ok Doctor. Everything I just said is now applied to you."
"Not the Doctor. I'm Ryan."
"Oh jeez. All these regenerations are messing with my head." Y/n turned towards the amber-skinned woman, "You wouldn't happen to be the Doctor, would You? Because if not I'm throwing this thing into a supernova."
"Sorry, my name is Yasmine."
"I call her Yaz." Y/n turned towards the skinny blonde woman, "Hi, Darling."
"Yup. New body. What'd you think." The actual Doctor did a small twirl for Y/n. "Shorter than before, but I actually quite like this body." Finally, Y/n made her way towards the Doctor.
"It's You," Y/n asks, "My doctor?"
"You're a woman. A five-foot five-woman," Y/n pulled the Doctor in for an embrace, "I was so worried. I thought I had to raise our daughter alone." The alien quickly pulled away before kneeling down to Y/n's stomach.
"How is John Smith Jr?"
"Terribly since that's not HER name."
"Oh, you're right."
"Thank you."
"Her name is Rainbow Moon."
"I'm starting to think you're making these things up."
"Don't you remember? I speak baby."
"Yeah but, TULA is still in my womb. How can you even hear her?"
"She's quite loud."
"She gets it from you."
"Oi." Behind the Doctor, Graham clears his throat.
"Hey, Doc?" he points at Y/n, "Who's this?"
"How rude of me," The Doctor stands tall in all of her pride, "This is my wife, Y/n L/n, And this," The Doctor places her hand on Y/n's stomach, "is Rainbow Moon."
"Her name is Tula, and you know that."
"Wait, wait, wait," Ryan says, "The Doctor's your wife. Did you get her pregnant, or?"
"She did actually," Yaz, Ryan and Graham looked between Y/n and the Doctor, "She used to be such an 'Oh don't even touch me with your pinky.' and look where we are. Expecting." Y/n tipped her head against the Doctor's shoulder
"So is it an alien thing?" Ryan asks.
"Well, not even thirty-six hours ago I was a white-haired Scotsman. So I'd say yes, it is an alien thing."
After almost an entire month of being alone in the Tardis, worrying her pregnant self off, The Doctor knew she'd have had a bunch of stress regarding her safety. In all that time, even though it hadn't been as long for the Doctor, she had been fretting about her wife and how the Tardis could show up any time in history for Y/n.
Now that she's back, the Doctor has Y/n laid down on a hospital bed in the infirmary for of the Tardis.
"All right," The Doctor says, "This'll be cold. Oh, I've always wanted to say that." The Doctor pours the ultrasound gel onto Y/n's stomach.
"Well, you are the Doctor. So I'll give you that Doctor." The doctor puts the stick onto Y/ns abdomen. The room fills with the steady heartbeats of their daughter. The Doctor kept her eyes on the Ultrasound machine.
"Wow," was all the Doctor could bring herself to say as tears flowed down her face, "That's her."
"Does she look fine?" Y/n asks.
"She's beautiful. Just like her mother." The Doctor takes the stick off of Y/n's stomach, "We're having a baby" the alien whispers to herself in excitement. Abruptly the color drained from the Doctor's face. "We're going to have a baby. What if she hates us?"
"Our baby is not going to hate us. She's going to love you." The Doctor put the ultrasound machine away as Y/n wipes the gel away from her stomach.
"Alright. Now, all we need to do is finish the nursery."
"Pretty much all we need to do is put the crib together. Which you will have to do because I can't read Gallifreyan."
"You did everything else?" The Doctor asks mildly distraught.
"It was a long month. All I knew to do was to decorate the nursery." Plus until an hour ago, I thought you were dead."
The trio of Ryan, Yaz, and Graham had mutually agreed to let Y/n and the Doctor finally have time together. So here was Y/n sat in the rocking chair as the Doctor put together the crib in nervous silence.
"Hm?" The Doctor returns not looking up from her project.
"Is everything alright?"
"Yup." She replies, popping the p. Dissatisfied with her answer, Y/n attempted to stand from her chair before the Doctor ran over to her. "Don't strain yourself, love."
"What's wrong, Doctor?"
"Nothing. I'm just trying to get used to my body."
"What do you mean 'Nope'?" The Doctor managed to get her wife on her feet.
"I mean Last time you regenerated you went into a mini coma. Before that, you had a weird craving for fish fingers and custard. And before that was a weird actual coma. I'm your wife. Try and make it harder for me, my love."
"Fine," The Doctor sighed, "I'm a woman now."
"I can tell."
"No. You don't understand. I'm a five-foot-six blonde woman and thirty hours ago I was a white-haired Scotsman. I've had quite a few companions over the years. Certain ones have stayed in between regenerations. They didn't always react well. I mean, new face, new personality, new hair. Why would they react well? I'm a new person every time. Even worse. Not a ginger yet."
"Well. Personally, I'm glad the you before wasn't a ginger. I don't need any ginger babies. Especially since I'm more into blondes." Y/n trie to joke. "I didn't fall in love with a Scotsman. I fell for the alien whose timeship I literally dissolved inside of one day. I fell for someone who basically broke the laws of physics because they wanted to make sure our daughter is safe when she's born. Now I'm just married to the person I love."
"Well, at least one of us is happy I'm a blonde."
"Really? I pour my heart out to you and that's your reaction?"
"I'm sorry. I'm not the best at these types of things."
"Are we gonna ignore the fact you basically picked out my wedding and reception dress?"
"At this moment yes." The couple looked back at the bassinet, "I can't wait." The Doctor shuffled towards the wall behind the bassinet. "I think I'm gonna paint Tula's name on the wall."
"In Gallifreyan?"
"Of course."
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captainjolrasan hour ago
prey. satoru gojo x reader
Summary: Reader encounters her natural enemy. Gojo saves the day. (Same Reader as my other stuff. Set years after leaving Jujutsu high, before main story.)
Warnings: Canon-typical violence. This one is long (2.1k), and Gojo鈥檚 barely in this part. I kinda just wanted to develop the abilities of my dear electric type Reader. This is mostly a fight scene, all of the attacks are in Latin by the way.
Part 2: Working on it.
Tumblr media
You are going to die.
You鈥檙e a Grade 1 Sorcerer, blessed with an immense amount of curse energy. You鈥檝e spent your whole life training and honing your innate technique. You鈥檝e been personally tutored by the greatest sorcerer alive.
And yet here you stand, on death鈥檚 door, at the hands of a special grade curse (who quite honestly wasn鈥檛 even that good).
Slouching against a tree, you curse under your breath, wondering how you got to this point.
This all started about 10 minutes ago.
You felt their cursed energy before you saw them, you suspected they were two special grades, tracking you for some reason.聽
You had been able to quietly lure them to a less populated area, thankful for the safety provided by the quiet night sky.聽鈥楨veryone. Please stay away.鈥
Pleased with your surroundings, an empty huge park on the edge of a small forest, you turn around to face them, eyes cold. "Alright, thanks for coming. How can I help you?鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e here to exterminate you, Jujutsu Sorcerer.鈥 A gravelly voice, deep. Fitting for a curse his size.
You stretch, 鈥淲ell, you wouldn鈥檛 be the first or last to try.鈥
Two special grades stood before you. There鈥檚 the human sized one that resembled a fish more than anything, real ugly bastard. You point at it, 鈥淔ishface.鈥
The other one was larger, at least twice it鈥檚 partner鈥檚 size, and seemed awfully...聽solid. You tilt your head,聽鈥淎nd you... What are you?鈥澛
Fishface lunges towards you, its finlike appendages swipe at your front.聽鈥淲hat the fuck did you call me?!鈥 A shrieking high pitched voice, fitting as well.
鈥楾hose seem sharp, best keep my distance from its arms.鈥櫬 You quickly evade, fast reflexes and movements were a major plus to your smaller frame.
You extend both your arms, one for each curse,聽鈥淔ulmen.鈥溌
Your trusty bolts of lighting quickly hit their respective targets. Fishface falls flat on it鈥檚 back, screaming in pain, desperately trying to put out the small fire in its chest.
Big guy, on the other hand, stands unscathed and unmoved; instead he lunges at you, you quickly duck under him, placing a hand on his calf.聽You will your electricity to flow from your palm right into the curse. 鈥淔luxus.鈥
Unaffected, he reaches down, wraps a massive hand around your shoulder and tosses you 20 feet away against a tree.
You gasp out in pain, the impact knocking the wind out of you. You feel cold dread creep up your spine,聽鈥楬e鈥檚 made of rock.聽My innate technique is useless against him.鈥
You look up to see the rock curse help his partner up,聽鈥楾his my natural enemy.鈥櫬
You gingerly place a hand to your left side, feeling for the broken ribs you were certain you had.聽鈥淪hit.鈥
Your eyes focus as you spot Fishface and rock curse heading towards you. You stand up, pointing a finger casually towards the big guy,聽鈥淕olem it is then.鈥澛
鈥楪olem will be an issue, but I can take care of Fishface easy.鈥 You watch as Fishface looks back towards Golem,聽鈥楤ig guy鈥檚 not quite as fast as his lil friend. Better separate them.鈥
鈥淗ey, ugly! Talking to you, Fishface!鈥 It snarls at you, hurrying ahead of it鈥檚 partner, weapons drawn.
You smile as non-threateningly as possible,聽 give them both a thumbs up and quickly dash for the cover of the small forest beside the park.
鈥淪he鈥檚 running away!鈥 High pitched voice, near your back. He鈥檇 fallen for the bait.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry I鈥檒l get her.鈥 Gravel tone, far. You better find a way to deal with him from a distance, getting close could mean trouble.
The earth seems to shake, loud rumbling behind you. Something big is approaching from your left, You jump to the right to avoid whatever is coming, your instinct warning you to move. The ground beneath you shoots out, jagged and sharp, right into your side.
鈥淔u...fuck...鈥 Blood, everywhere blood, you hold a hand to your side. An obvious thought muddles your brain: 鈥楾his isn鈥檛 good.鈥
Adrenaline pumps through your body, waking you from the fog of pain that had threatened to settle over you. You remember Satoru once told you that all Jujutsu Sorcerers were crazy, that you had to be, to survive in this profession.
You laugh, the sound flowing involuntary from deep within you. It had been a long while since you were forced to go all out. You sharply turn around, Fishface falters as it spots your expression, you point straight at it,聽鈥淔ulmen.鈥
Huge bolts of lightning tear through both it鈥檚 arms. You give the curse no time to react as it falls to the ground. You make your way to it鈥檚 side, taking a second to look down on your prey. 鈥淏etter luck next time!鈥澛
You grin, feral, as your foot rests square on Fishface鈥檚 chest, 鈥淚npulsa.鈥澛
Your whole body bursts with electricity, a shockwave explodes off you, spreading to the unfortunate curse on the ground. It鈥檚 screams get drowned out by the deafening thunder that resounds from your attack.
Gojo had once compared Inpulsa to when Pikachu turns into a ball of energy. You shocked him as soon as he said it. He turned on his infinity against you for a couple days after that.
鈥淕yaro!鈥 Golem yells out, still making his way towards you. You鈥檙e surprised at the reaction his partner鈥檚 death seems to have on the curse.
No time to waste, you weave around the forest hoping he鈥檒l lose track of you, even if only for a minute.
Taking refuge behind a tree, you quickly pull your phone out. Text conversations with Satoru were easy to recognize from the sheer amount of emojis he liked to use, you had to admit it was as endearing as it was annoying (a Satoru Gojo specialty). You quickly send him your current location, and start a voice message,聽鈥淭wo special grades. Disposed of one. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l-鈥
Your message gets cut off by the sudden roaring of the earth, the scenery changing around you.
You grimace, as big rocky mountains tower over you. 鈥楽o the big guy can use Domain Expansion...鈥
You slowly put your phone back on your pocket, sending a silent plea to the universe for Satoru to check his goddamn texts in time.
You extend your arms, trying your best not to wince at the pain the movement causes,聽鈥淚s this really necessary?鈥
Golem growls, a deep rumble that makes his domain shake,聽鈥淵ou killed Gyaro.鈥
You sigh,聽鈥淔ine then.鈥
Fairly certain you鈥檇 win this domain fight, you quickly expand your own, fingers assuming the familiar pose,聽鈥淒omain Expansion: Tempestas鈥
The domain crackles around you both, dark thunder clouds surround you,聽 heavy rain soaking everything inside.聽
You have one of the thunder clouds strike him, an experiment. He stands, sparkling with electricity but otherwise mostly unbothered.
You grit your teeth, frustrated, it didn鈥檛 matter if you had him trapped in your domain if electricity didn鈥檛 work on him.聽
鈥淪eems were at an impasse!鈥 You shrug, forced nonchalance. You鈥檇 learned to bluff from all the years of having Satoru as your best friend. 鈥淢y domain is more refined, even if my technique won鈥檛 have an effect on you.鈥
You wave away your domain with a quick flick of your wrist, the calm night sky coming back into view.聽鈥楴o point in wasting the already limited amount of cursed energy I have...鈥
You freeze.
It dawns on you that the amount of cursed energy within you feels smaller than ever before,聽鈥榃hy? I always have so much of it, why is it slipping away...鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 need my domain to kill you, Jujutsu Sorcerer.鈥
You think, 鈥榊ea, that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 afraid of.鈥櫬燭rying desperately to figure out a way to defeat this guy.
The ground shakes around him, flowing like a wave towards you.聽鈥楽hit, not this again.鈥
You avoid the attack once, twice, before the ground wraps itself around your left leg and swings you hard against a nearby tree.
And so here you are.
You are going to die.
At the hands of this Golem, this so called 鈥榮pecial grade.鈥
At the hands of a fight that Satoru would win while sleeping.
You close your eyes, a memory from your youth strikes you.
Sometime late during your 3rd year, Gojo had insisted on personally training you in hand to hand combat. At first you thought he just wanted an excuse to wrestle, but he鈥檇 been surprisingly strict and focused as he asked you.
There had been no sign of a joke in his tone or delivery.聽 No teasing lilt to his words.
鈥淵ou know, Sparky. Your technique is pretty cool and useful. You鈥檙e actually quite strong.鈥 He said, leaning down to meet you eye-level. His signature round sunglasses slipping down his nose slightly, revealing his eyes. 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e so small and cute that you鈥檇 lose any physical fight.鈥
鈥業鈥檓 sorry, Satoru. I should鈥檝e taken your training more seriously.鈥
Clutching your side with one had, you attempt to steady yourself against the tree behind you. You weren鈥檛 about to go down without a fight.
You stagger. Your vision鈥檚 blurred when you spot a familiar mess of white hair pop into existence in front of you.聽
Gojo takes in his surroundings, taking note of the wet ground and uneven terrain. Easily deducing how the fight had progressed.
He completely ignores the curse in front of him as he turns to look at you, flashing you a grin,聽鈥淧hew look at you! You鈥檙e all beat up, Sparky!鈥澛
He chuckles as you weakly flip him off, a relieved smile on your face, 鈥淭hanks for coming...鈥
He takes off his blindfold, fond eyes set on your own,聽鈥淔or you? Anything.鈥
鈥淪mooth talker.鈥 He winks and you laugh, a feeble sound.
With one last look at you, Gojo clears his throat,聽鈥淣ow then.鈥 He turns to the golem, blue eyes losing all trace of softness.聽
鈥楻un. Run away.鈥 Every instinct in the Golem鈥檚 body was telling him to flee. Telling him that death itself was there, in the form of the dead-eyed sorcerer staring at him as prey.
Yet, under his enemy鈥檚 wild stare and suffocating presence, the Golem wills his legs to move to no avail.
Before the Golem can move an inch, Gojo appears in front of him, lips drawn back in a snarl. 鈥淲hat makes a dumb rock like you think you can mess with what鈥檚 mine, huh.鈥
鈥楻un away.鈥
Gojo extends his arm,聽鈥淟apse: Blue.鈥 All matter within range crumples into itself.聽聽
Gojo huffs, kicking the small rock that used to be the golem away.
He pulls his blindfold back over his eyes, smile on his face as he turns back to you,聽鈥淗ey, Sparky! Did you see how cool..."
You were still there, slumped against the same tree, but there was no trace of your trademark cursed energy.
He yanks his blindfold away, grips it tight in his hand. 鈥淗ey.鈥澛
His six eyes told him the scene he faced was real, he couldn't see even a trace of your signature spark. The soothing cursed energy he loved so much, the one that had earned you that lifelong nickname.
"Hey." He calls your name, throat tight. "You're joking right."
He knew you needed to go see Shoko as soon as he saw you, but your energy had been so strong then, so alive. Yes, there was way less of it than what was normal for you, but there was still so much.
So, why? Why was this happening?
"This isn't real." He whispers, eyes wide.
He teleports beside your body, says your name again, louder this time, his voice breaking.
Gojo rests a shaking hand against your throat, tries not to cry as he feels a faint pulse under his pointer finger.
"Thank you." He takes in a shuddering breath. "Fuck."
His lanky body almost crumbles with relief. He still hated the fact your cursed energy was seemingly gone, but as long as you were breathing, he'd take anything.
He gingerly scoops you in his arms, making sure to press his large hand on the wound by your side, the pain causing you to whimper.
Gojo looks down at you immediately, "Aw fuck, I'm sorry. I know it hurts. Just please don't fucking die, you hear me? We're going to Shoko's. Don't you dare die."
You look up at him. Thoughts muddled. His face contorted in an expression you'd only seen once before. His words had come out in a panicked rush, and his eyes seemed to shine with tears. One thought shines above the rest as sleep takes you, 'Huh... I thought you never said please.'
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willmer7an hour ago
Tumblr media
This was my last day of coaching the 7-10 year old NOVA AG group. For almost 3 years, coaching this group has been a sparkle of fun, creativity, and athletic discipline for me. Everyday at 3pm, these kiddos show up with their huge smiles, positive attitudes, and funny stories (that must be told and also take forever to tell). They have been my sanity throughout the pandemic-reminding me daily that joy is needed, normalcy is important, and bravery in leadership is a must. I created a happy normal brave place these past two years. Despite what the 鈥済uidelines鈥 were, I still hugged them, high fived them, did relays several times a week (even relays where they had to touch each other鈥檚 feet 馃槀). I did not wear a mask, so they could see my expressions and humanity towards them. They needed it and so did I. My group doubled in sized throughout the pandemic and I had 90 percent attendance everyday. What a treasure in the midst of such barrenness!
Swim meets began shortly after the new year, and I found myself feeling pressed in on all sides. I was working 7 days a week, homeschooling 5, and missing my own children鈥檚 weekend activities that we had been missing for over a year. I knew something needed to change, but I was struggling to imagine leaving my swim group. I hung in there and tried to balance it all. I was day to day-one day I could do it and another I couldn鈥檛. After about two months of this back and forth, I knew I needed to be home again- full-time. I was nervous because coaching had been the only thing I鈥檝e had in my life that was just for me. How would life look if I stepped down? Would my motherhood improve or suffer? Would I lose myself? Would I smile less? Would my vitality fade?
I remember telling NOVA鈥檚 HR on the pool deck at a swim meet that I was going to be stepping down. She was asking me to renew my CPR by the end of the month and in the next breath I said I wasn鈥檛 going to be coaching anymore. I couldn鈥檛 believe it, I couldn鈥檛 lie or sit on my indecisiveness any longer. With my truth bomb, I had the biggest sense of relief. I called Brian on the drive home from the meet and his excitement for what God would do in my life was met with uncertain enthusiasm:).
I can鈥檛 imagine a better place for me to walk into work these past three years, than the Los Cab pool deck. I was able to use my love of swimming to create an impressive swim group and turn struggling swimmers into fast swimmers. I was also able to use my years as a mom to come along side of my swim parents. What a blessing to build into their children and into them! Several of them have already reached out to me outside of the pool deck to pick my brain about raising kids and the impact youth sports can have on a family.
I began coaching a little bit nervous, but came out with a renewed sense of ability to be good at something and to be affirmed with a paycheck (and some occasional colorful artwork too 馃榾). I loved getting to make an impact!
Last week was my first week being home at 3pm, and each Willmer kid told their dad separately (and behind my back), that they were so glad to have me home in the afternoons and that they didn鈥檛 want me to find another job yet. My Addie joined me at the kitchen counter each day last week, and meet my dinner prep with heart filled conversation. I was able to drive Titus to soccer again and I was added into the carpool rotation for Gwenyth鈥檚 soccer too. This is where I鈥檓 meant to be-for now. It felt perfectly perfect to be present. I鈥檓 not a big regrets girl. I am intentional with my words and my choices, always trying to be present with how and why I鈥檓 feeling whatever I鈥檓 feeling. I match emotion with truth well and quickly. I think that is one of my strengths. I walk forward, not looking back for any 鈥渨hat ifs,鈥 only what was and that 鈥渨hat was,鈥 was tremendously special 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍.
Here we go 3-6pm! Let鈥檚 do this!!
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vesperporta3 hours ago
Time has a Football Equivalent
Normally played by a team system of Tank, Damage Dealer, Support, Hexes, and so on like that of RPGs but the equipment used on a football pitch with different markings is tennis rackets and ice hockey sticks. The ball is literally like a cube type thing with many different dimensions woven into it and the goal is low like half body height. The sorts wear is ridiculous and like a Buch of people from Harry Potter came on pitch with long gowns accompanied by huge robotic androids.
Tumblr media
Woo - @gaeungbebe
Defining this state of Time took staged interaction from myself during sex with my granddaughter, Woo. Being her grandfather defines the need of self to be both a child and grandfather with a single wife performing magical communication understood across all realities as the crux of communication, SEX. Two interactive by need visions took place after:
Catholic Church people trying to force me as a child into their church to define what time it is, the two priests were grabbing me wrong and shouting so I took to stepping on their 鈥榟allowed鈥 ground by scorching the floor with my magic emblems instead on each step. As they complained they got a spider bot to hit my head to force me to accept their word, I refused as the spikes hit my cuboid with slight polygonal sloping to the head (very different to everyone else) concerting the fact that I will not bow down to any filthy wrong time management system. 鈥淭here are two times and one of them is not defined by you!鈥 Standing I slam my hand against the floor and pull a sword out of the ground as red carpet and wood chip melt away as a sphere of turquoise light radiates from my being, the sword is sheathed inside my cuboid head resting for times of personal action needed. Their pathetic demands is actuated by greed and the desire for the golden things in life, to shut the old creeps up I produce the most accuracy stop watch in the world, half golden case and half holographic projection they have no option but accept my work.
To the games there is always drama, the other half of the vision brought the ugliest and foulest introduction to a match ever, the queen in dress similar to Elizabeth Windsor jumped out of the audience as she demanded that time is dictated by her and her methods alone. A punch or two later lead to a charging of my body from her mount, chestnut brown the horse was force to ride over the top and away only to be kicked in the balls. A dude came over as a spectator of the time games 鈥淵ou鈥檙e actions of defying the queen has lead us into rebellion.鈥 The fight not quite over to note the singling out in duel with the lazy and slow queen to find her being made up from snails themselves from land and sea.
The mental and the physical, the first vision is a projection of the mind within the universe defining itself as ruler and creator of real time with the second was supplied as a game pitch without my presence, to this projecting both Woo and myself into the audience sparked the fight. The world of digital time and the world of organic information are both defined as two separate constraints to what a game really is, religion and sportsmanship.
Progress to have time exist is upon us, love and enchantment define the core to our union of progress fighting Satan or as now understood to be a similar match to the Irish luck with a difference of colour as a red squeeze ball present through nebula touched by the physical transmission of human beings. Satan is a possum mentality and had her head chopped off. Right before this part of the saga, interwoven by a mulberry tree and psychic spiders infesting the world and bodies of us all the destruction on going is my call to bring House vesperia to the height of definition in magic and beauty.
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tatsispeter3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LU is a futuristic company that sells protective suits and gear against the meteorological exposure of Chiralium.
The main inspiration for the creation of this prototype is a unique video game called DEATH STRANDING.聽
In the year 2881, our planet earth faced a huge threat called chiralium. Chiralium exposure is dangerous for humans, manifesting as severe mental-health problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and apocalyptic nightmares; in extreme cases, chiralium exposure can be lethal.聽
The name LU came with the actual designer of the suits and jackets in the shop page. Zhou Lu was one of my clients. She is from China and her garments were very similar to the actual suits from the video-game.
I combined the story of DEATH STRANDING and the garments of my old client, making a fiction web-design prototype, with the objective of selling protective suits and resolving the problem of the Chiralium exposure.
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theelvenhaven3 hours ago
I don鈥檛 mean this to be rude, but why do you stress so heavily on why you won鈥檛 abuse? I was looking through your blog and also said you won鈥檛 even write for yandere. Its fanfiction and just pretend right?
-sigh- I can鈥檛 add an undercut so big warning literally:
Trigger warning: Talks of Abuse
Okay, so you wouldn鈥檛 believe the amount requests I have received in the past that basically ask me things like;
鈥淚 want to request Reader x Character where he almost hits reader and apologizes.鈥
鈥淒o a Reader x Character where he does hit reader and apologizes.鈥
Or other requests essentially asking me to write character gaslighting reader or saying threatening things.
This romanticizes abuse and it is not okay EVER. A man or woman or non-binary or trans person should NEVER EVER EVER lay their hands on you ever. Unless it is absolutely out of self defense because you attacked them and that鈥檚 it.
In this particular case it is not sweet when a man apologizes after, it鈥檚 not a grand display of good masculinity and showing his 鈥渕ature鈥 side because he can apologize for almost hurting you or hurting you.
It is deeply disturbing and the epitome of toxic masculinity. It is not manly, it is not good or romantic or wholesome. It should never occur no matter how angry someone is with you.
And while I am marked as an 18+ blog my fics generally are not 18+, it鈥檚 the confessions that motivated me to mark it as 18+. Not the fics or headcanons. So when people are reblogging my fics if younger people were to read them, being as impressionable or naive (which isn鈥檛 a bad thing) could very much assume that is normal behavior. And I refuse to contribute to that in anyway shape or form.
It鈥檚 bad enough there are people who write YA targeted books that have included darker themes like r@p3 and abuse with heavy misogynistic themes branded as 鈥渞omance鈥. Someone who鈥檚 impressionable and will read that and think that鈥檚 the standard or have that expectation of what a relationship should be all because he鈥檚 鈥渉ot鈥 or 鈥減retty鈥 and he鈥檚 in a position of power. Him being in a position of power makes it even worse.
A friend of mine who is an author and works in preventing or stopping human trafficking, and helping abuse victims read a few of these books and did an analysis and said the content is ridiculous.
I鈥檝e got deep feelings about it if you can鈥檛 tell.
And I refuse contribute to that very toxic theme that鈥檚 floating around and you wouldn鈥檛 believe the amount of adults and fans that defend these books as romance. As acceptable romance.
Not to mention, themes of abuse is extremely triggering for me. Not in a 鈥淚鈥檓 just throwing the word around because I can.鈥 I鈥檓 a victim of abuse because I was the young and impressionable teenager and was under the assumption that鈥檚 what love should look like. It continued for a year.
I was lucky I was never hit, but there were constant threats and while he never hit me there were times he put hands on me to threaten me. There were times he鈥檇 threaten to kill me if I did x or x.
I鈥檝e also been abused my 鈥渂est friend鈥 granted I wasn鈥檛 a teenager anymore and it wasn鈥檛 romantic. But still it stands that I was vulnerable when it occurred and it wasn鈥檛 okay. There were texts that made me uncomfortable and constant gaslighting even when we RPed the romantic character she put me with would gaslight me.
It鈥檚 why I can鈥檛 write Yandere and romanticized abuse. Aside from the fact that while my blog is 18+ the fics can absolutely be for much younger audiences and I won鈥檛 contribute to desensitizing younger more impressionable people. As well as people who are extremely kind or lonely and impressionable.
It is a huge trigger for me.
I also want my blog to be a very safe space for not just those that are young, but those who have been abused romantically/platonically/etc. I want for it to be an escape from those harsh realities.
I want people to read my fics and feel loved and warm and safe. And I never ever want to contribute to any confusion or normalization of being hurt.
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kim-ruzek5 hours ago
I'm SO in my Stella Kidd feels today so I'm just gonna scream in appreciation about her, and about how amazing the evolution of stellaride and Kelly has been, but before I make a different post on that, I really need to express just how brilliant this whole storyline has been and that even if it's made her a "bad friend", it's so good it's NECESSARY and WORTH being a "bad friend"
First, this fandom is so amazing and lovely and it's such a breathe of fresh air and I LOVE how that one anon in Sky's ask just immediately got everyone screaming in Stella Kidd appreciation, like I truly love that for us.
Second, I do have issues with how Chicago Fire-- and one chicago in general-- handles their poc. I mean CF does it much better than the other two, but there's still issues I have, but I'm not going to touch upon them, bc this is an appreciation post and because I TRULY adore how they've given this storyline to Stella this season and how they did it.
Like, some people may hate that they're not just focusing on her, as a good firefighter, going into the journey to becoming a Lieutenant, but that they're making it about a woc becoming one, but I seriously adore that. Because as a woc, we don't have the luxury to be just a person, we'll always be seen as a woc. And as much in some circumstances that truly sucks, in others it's needed, because everything we do, everything that made us us was through those lenses, and it makes us more heightened to stuff, that we see and notice things others just don't.
So Stella will always make choices and decisions as a Lieutenant through those lenses. And to make the storyline not just about someone becoming an officer who just happens to be a woc, but instead making that a center focus is something SO amazing bc I think sometimes people get caught up in that we don't want to be defined as just woc that they ignore that it's still such a huge part of us and the way we exist in this world.
Third, and onto the main point of this post: I LOVE how they evolved this storyline. Like how Boden's been such a big part of it, especially because Stella never was someone who's ever believed she's the kind of person who should be aiming high, never had anyone tell her she should. And I love how it wasn't someone like Matt or Kelly, someone white, but Boden. Especially that scene when he showed her the photo of the first black firefighter station, that he appealed to her to be a lieutenant not just because of her amazing skills, but because the CFD needs more woc with those skills.
And I love how much girls on fire has been part of this journey for her. Like I've seen people criticise that we haven't seen her do much incredible things out in the field (which, uh, I don't buy into bc we absolutely have) but like... being an officer, especially in this day, isn't just about how you operate in the field but how you guide. Being a lieutenant means you need to be able to lead, and girls on fire shows she can, alongside all her field work.
Plus, season eight was all about showing her off in field, this season is showing exactly how incredible she's going to be in all areas of being a lieutenant. The fact that you have to have the right demeanour, that you need to make the people under you feel comfortable confiding in you, that they trust you, that you will be their guide. That you have to be comfortable talking to the people above you, arguing for what you think will help your team.
And they've shown that Stella can ABSOLUTELY do this.
I also really love how they've shown what she needs from Kelly. That she just needs him to support her from the sides, because she doesn't need him to hold her hand, guide her, just needs to know he's standing there, proudly, watching her shine. Because she doesn't need help, but she's perfectly qualified and able in her own right, without him. But she's still human, so she still needs her partner to be her cheerleader, to help get keep her self doubts at bay, because that's the one thing she can't do herself.
And I love how they've used Boden. Especially because when as a poc you're finally realising your worth, all that encouragement and appreciation for who you are, it means SO much more coming from a role model who's also a poc.
And I love how they've shown when he encouraged her, when he stood back and let her process things, how that when he's complimented her efforts it's not just out of no where, not just making her feel happy, it's when he truly thinks she deserves it.
Also. I know some people didn't exactly like her meeting her CFD role model, but I LOVE that they did that because yet again, that would mean so much. Especially bc that does something Boden's encouragement can't, bc they'll always be a voice that says Boden knows her, he's bias, but she didn't. And of course, Boden may be a poc, but he's still a man so having a fellow woc recognise her as great? So, so necessary.
Plus, as woc we're constantly told, maybe not directly but definitely indirectly, that we shouldn't aim high, that we should be content, that if we do aim high we should be meek about it, apologetic. And that's wrong, so seeing Stella appreciate her own worth? NEEDED.
Finally, I know a whole lot of other people besides woc can relate to Stella, and her storyline. It's the great thing about stuff like this, it's layered and everyone can find something in it that they relate to.
But I'll never be able to overstate how refreshing and healing this storyline has been for me, a woc, and my fellow woc. Like Stella has been kickass, has been recognised as such, has had goals and been unapologetic about it, has had a supportive partner just letting her shine, like all that? It can be a struggle to find stuff that explores all that, and it's so needed.
Like me, for example. I'm comfortable in my skin, I'm passionate about this, I'm so much more validated and self accepting and so unapologetic about it than I was in my younger years but I still have this need, this craving, to be validated in my shows and over mediums. Because I grew up without it, with it barely being there.
I can count on one hand my woc role models in shows I had growing up, with fingers left over. Even now, it doesn't take long to list. And while I'm fully unapologetic with who I am and how I experience the world, I still need these storylines, these characters.
And a little part of me would die inside if I saw such a kickass character be reduced to a plot device for petty white people drama, because Stella and all of us woc are so much more worth that. We exist. We are people. We have feelings. And I'm so happy that the show is giving us kickass Stella Kidd, and that most of the fans respect that.
And yeah, that anon or anyone else who had that opinion, may not have meant it as Stella doesn't deserve this focus or she's pointless if not fixing white adult drama, but sorry, woc can't exist in this world without being seen as that, and that means when you say stupid stuff like that? You can't ignore that she's a woc, can't just remove that from the equation. Because this isn't just Stella, firefighter and Brettsey's friend becoming a lieutenant, this is Stella Kidd, woc becoming a lieutenant and that makes all the fucking difference.
This may be incoherent but I don't care because I love Stella Kidd, I love her storyline and it is Needed to be said.
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sushiii-ah6 hours ago
I need to type out this Dream I had before I forget.
The dream takes place in a snow covered valley. Mountains all around, and building, put high above the ground on tall pedestals. Its like a village in the sky.
Me and a group of people, one having long dark wavey hair, and emerald green eyes. Another, was Edith. They where a witch. Or, a witch of sorts. She was a fawn witch, having the horns and hoofs of a deer. She practiced dark magic. The rest of the group was oddly enough, some of the DreamSMP members. Tubbo, Ranboo, Dream, Sapnap, and Tommyinnit.
Well, it was they're characters, or at least I think so. I'll draw how I dreamed of then soon...
Us and the group climbed up a stairway to make it up into the odd village, and walking down the paths, looking for... I think it was someone. But the sky began to crackle and... well.. This large, spider like beast came down from the sky, diving to one on the homes, and smashing it.
I don't remember much of what happened next, but I remember looking back at the village, it completely destroyed. The green eyed friend was crushed under a house, dead.
I remember we made our way to another village of the sorts, similar to the old one, on a tall pillar, in the sky. It was bigger though, and higher up.
Apparently my group was being chased. A creature that was... almost human...
It looked human first glance, but they're face was mangled and gone, only muscle.
Dream continues as we go into the new sky village and I sit on the edge of one of the paths. There was no railing, and I could have fallen hundreds of feet into the ground below.
The creature that was chasing us poped up behind me suddenly, and I was shoved. Shoved off the edge.
Edith saw me falling though, and used what she could to get my down. I'm unsure how the spell worked but it was like a transparent black dripping sludge, and it reached out and caught me... but...
The spell was ment to kill people, and... in a horrible way too. When the sludge wrapped around me, my skin began to burn away, slowly. And painfully.
In the Dream I felt like... like I could actually feel it. Like it actually happened.
The Dream ended when Edith had to let go, and let me fall to my death...
That was an interesting Dream though... I know I'm missing a huge portion of the Dream, but I don't know what happened.
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