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#she’s always booked a double time bc it’s always taken so long to discuss his needs and how he’s going
whoseblogsthis · 5 months ago
santa baby
genre(s): fluff
pairing(s): teddy pierce x reader
fandom: the christmas chronicles
warnings: ew a backstory; language; emotional abuse / manipulation; cheating; unedited
other notes: ignore my judah lewis loving a*s pls but otherwise, enjoy the fic
set in a world where santa & mrs claus have a daughter so like,,, slightly au?? i just made up random names for the schools bc i’m too lazy to research schools in lowell, mass.
word count: 3.1k
keywords: y/n (your name)
Tumblr media
teddy pierce . . .
you hadn’t always hated him.
when you guys were in junior high, he was fine. but then, high school started.
freshman year, it was petty stuff which just annoyed you like when his friend broke ms. shelton’s coffee cup and he’d blamed it on you to keep his friend from getting detention (which you actually didn’t end up minding that much; ms. shelton had been pretty chill and only wanted you to do at least one worksheet before letting you sit on your phone the rest of the time), or when he’d spilled his water on your finished and freshly printed english paper, effectively ruining it. then there was the one time he spilled coffee on your favorite pair of white pants.
then in sophomore year, his dad died, and you’d felt awful for him, but then he and his friends had hijacked your uncle’s car, and then he and his sister nearly ruined christmas—
but right now, he was the only one you felt could help you pull off the plan you’d been formulating ever since your fucking ex invited you to his family’s annual christmas ball.
christmas ball. what the actual hell? and the audacity of that jerk to invite you after what he’d done?
you swallow hard, before walking up to where teddy is stationed in the computer lab.
“teddy?” your gentle tone comes out obviously forced, causing your fellow senior to roll his eyes before looking at you.
“yes, baby claus?”
the night he and his sister almost ruined christmas, he’d also found out your secret— that you were really the daughter of santa and mrs. claus; when you’d expressed wanting to be “as human as you possibly could” before needing to take up your responsibilities in the north pole, your dad immediately thought of the duo of best friends carl and tikki, who’d helped him save christmas back in 1973, to help take care of you.
“don’t call me that.” you hiss, looking around the room to see if anyone had heard him despite already knowing no one but the two of you were currently in the computer lab. you take a deep breath. “i have uhm, a favor to ask of you.”
“no,” he says. he stands up, and begins gathering his things.
“you didn’t even let me ask!”
“i’m not helping you,” he slings his backpack over his shoulder and shoves past you.
“i’ll pay you!” you blurt out, which you’d never meant to say but it works, effectively stopping him in tracks.
he raises a brow, turning to face you with an inquiring look.
“how much?”
you mentally run through how much you have in your account, already knowing it’s not much. as a senior in high school, you didn’t really have any bills to pay, and you also didn’t have a job. a lot of your money came from your aunt’s and uncle’s family members, sending money on your birthday or for the holidays.
“fifty dollars,” you offer.
teddy crosses his arms. “fine. what do you want?”
“so, my ex invited me to his family’s annual christmas ball and i need . . . a date. so that bass thinks i’m over him. and he knows we sort of, have disputes, so if i brought you—”
teddy lets out a scoff of disbelief, shaking his head.
“yeah, actually, keep the fifty. i’m not going.”
teddy turns to leave the computer lab but just then, your ex strides in. he’s cocky as ever, his dark hair slicked back, wearing a white button up and navy blue slacks. his signature smirk is plastered on his face and you just want to smack it off.
“pierce,” he greets teddy with a nod. then he looks at you, his smirk getting wider. “hey babe, how’s freddie?”
“what are you talking about?” you snap.
you cross your arms over your chest, unknowingly enhancing your cleavage, but teddy notices the sweep of your chest that bass does; he barfs a little in his mouth at that.
“the guy you cheated on me with, remember?”
“i didn’t cheat on you,” you say through clenched teeth.
it was the truth— you hadn’t cheated on him. but he liked to say so as his reason for cheating on you.
“yeah, you did. it’s why i slept with paris; i was so destroyed.” bass explains, and though you know there’s no truth to that sentence besides the fact that he’d slept with paris belmore, you still want to punch him. “anyways, christmas is next saturday and i just wanted to make sure you’re still coming to my family’s party?”
“wouldn’t miss it for the world.” you answer, and you find you mean it.
he could be a jerk and even though so much of your being wanted to knee him in the nuts, you . . . missed him. in all honesty, you’re hoping that if he sees you with teddy of all people, he’d realize his mistakes, apologize, and want you back. plus his mom and baby sister make killer apps; you wouldn’t pass those up for anything.
bass glances at teddy, offering him a fabricated smile.
“you coming, pierce?”
“yup!” teddy answers, popping the p. he crosses his arms. “i’m with y/n.”
“wow,” bass chides. he looks at you. “wow. you’re sleeping with him now? poor freddie.”
you bite your tongue, unknowing of the fact that it’s taking every ounce of self control teddy has to not lunge at your ex.
“see you two next saturday.” bass says with a click of his tongue and a wink before turning on his heels and exiting the computer lab.
teddy regards you with a frown, a newfound hate burning in his eyes. “okay i know i said i didn’t want to help you but your ex is a piece of shit, so what’s the plan?”
   *·  *•
today’s the day.
you and teddy had met every day of christmas break to discuss your so-called backstory. by now, the two of you knew more about each other than either of you could have ever predicted.
before today, all he’d really known about you was the truth behind your parentage and the real reason you were living with your apparent aunt and uncle, and all you’d known about him was that his dad had died in a fire and he’d been walking a fine line along the path of delinquency.
now you knew how much he really cared for and loved his sister, how proud he was of his father despite how much he missed him; how much he cared about his new family; his passion for photography. he even told you about his first real crush, on some girl named esma riley in the fourth grade. in return, you told him your first real crush was david bowie; it was kind of true. when he asked who your first school crush was, you lied and said it was robbie donahue because there was no way you were going to tell him the truth.
for your outfit, you’d decided on wearing a long-sleeved, maroon velvet shirt, with a pair of sheer black tights underneath your knee length, white tulle skirt.
you sit at your vanity, putting the final touches of your look together. you’re applying some mascara when the doorbell sounds throughout the house.
carl yells up the stairs, “y/n, i’m getting the door; pretty sure it’s teddy!”
you hurriedly swipe on a light coat of lip gloss before grabbing the shoes you planned on wearing and running down the stairs.
upon seeing you descending the stairs, teddy practically chokes on air. he coughs violently, covering his mouth while trying to apologize to carl. tikki rushes in with a glass of water, offering it to teddy who takes it gratefully.
once he gathers himself, he apologizes once more to tikki and carl.
“you ready to go?” he asks as if he hadn’t just had a vicious coughing fit. he wasn’t going to admit you’d quite literally taken his breath away; no.
you nod.
tikki gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye; carl patting your shoulder once as you step outside before shutting the door.
teddy climbs into the driver’s seat of his equinox. you get into the passenger’s side.
he turns to look at you.
“so where is this stupid party?” he asks.
“you know, i really thought we were past all the snippiness and whatnot, but whatever, i guess.” you say, before telling him the address of the simmons’ residence.
it seems the christmas ball is in full swing by the time you guys pull up to the lavish house at the end of the cul de sac on brosnan place.
teddy finds a place to park, turning off the engine. he leans forward, crossing his arms over the steering wheel. he gives you an uneasy look.
you take a deep breath.
“okay so if anyone asks, we started hanging out a month ago. we’re not official or anything, but i’ve met your family and you’ve met mine—”
“your aunt tikki and uncle carl took you in when you were nine years old. you guys moved from seattle to lowell when you were twelve. if bass asks me anything about us hanging out, we usually hang out outside of school, at kapp’s ice cream place.” teddy finishes.
the corners of your gloss-painted lips quirk up in a barely-there smile.
the two of you step out of the car. as you approach the large, sleek black double doors, you can hear brenda lee’s “rockin around the christmas tree” blaring from inside.
you’re about to ring the doorbell, though with how loud the music is, you doubt anyone will hear, when the door swings open.
it’s keane, a friend of bass’ mom, from her book club if you remember correctly. her platinum hair is pulled back in a tight bun. she’s wearing heavy makeup, bright red lipstick, and a figure-hugging, thigh-length black dress.
she regards you with a bright smile, complimenting your outfit before pulling you into a tight embrace.
“who’s this?” she asks, glancing at teddy.
“teddy pierce. he’s my date,” you tell her. you see the gears turning in her head. “uhm, bass and i broke up. a couple months ago, actually.”
keane frowns. “oh, i’m so sorry hun. breakups are always the worst. anyways, come on in you two!”
she steps aside, letting you guys in. immediately, a slight man offers a tray of half-filled champagne glasses to you two.
“non-alcoholic,” he informs with a smile. teddy grabs a glass, taking a sip. “dinner will be done shortly. until then, there’s tables full of apps and treats in the rec room.”
teddy furrows his brows, mouthing “rec room?” at you as the server walks away.
you shrug a shoulder, reaching for teddy’s wrist. you weave through the crowd of people mingling in the grand foyer, through the living room and down the hallway. at the end of the hall, there are two ways to go— you turn left, into the rec room.
there are banquet tables against the walls, covered with cherry red tablecloths, showcasing a plethora of delicious looking appetizers and treats you know mrs. simmons and leela, the adorable eleven year old sister of your ex, spent hours putting together last night.
you reach for a pickle roll up and a jalapeño popper, plopping the roll up into your mouth. you let out a savory groan, pressing the jalapeño popper against teddy’s soft pink lips.
he frowns at you.
“open,” you smile.
he rolls his eyes but opens his mouth, letting you set the popper in his mouth.
“that’s actually really good,” teddy says. you nod enthusiastically, even though you’d never eaten mrs. simmons’ jalapeño poppers.
teddy almost grabs another to give to you, before remembering you’d told him you didn’t like jalapeños. he wonders for a moment why you nodded then, before grabbing a bite sized brownie and offering it to you.
you stick out your tongue, and he pushes the brownie into your mouth.
another server carrying a plate of drinks walks past and you snatch one, taking a sip of the drink.
“this is good.” you tell teddy, handing him your glass. he looks at the drink, then at you. you grab another pickle roll up. “i think it has alcohol in it though.”
he takes a sip. “oh definitely,” he says. “skyy.”
“teddy!” you laugh, smacking his shoulder. he chuckles, taking another sip.
the laughter immediately dies on your lips as you spot bass talking with one of his dad’s golfing friends. he surveys the crowd, spotting you and shooting you a wink.
you watch him tell his dad’s friend something, patting his shoulder before heading towards you.
“teddy!” you smack his shoulder again, this time with more force.
“ow! what—”
“he’s coming this way, kiss me.”
“ew, no!” teddy exclaims. “you just had like, five pickle wraps!”
“just do it!” you beg.
“ugh, fine!”
one hand grips your waist while the other cups your chin. he smashes his lips against yours and oh, it’s everything you ever thought it would be.
not that you ever thought about kissing teddy pierce. psh, no. okay, maybe—
you can’t even be bothered to try to convince yourself you hadn’t at least once thought of what his lips might feel like this past week (they’re very soft), and what he’d taste like (peppermint chapstick, jalapeño poppers, and fruity cocktail).
teddy is the one who pulls away from the kiss first. the butterflies are swarming in your stomach, and all you can do is blink up at him, dazed.
“you know, i can’t wait for the day you realize you’ve fallen in love with me so i can laugh and call you a loser,” teddy jeers.
that breaks you from your trance.
you scoff, rolling your eyes. “please. as if that would ever happen.”
“y/n!” bass booms, arms open wide. he pulls you into his embrace, his hands trailing down your back and resting dangerously low. teddy purses his lips. “teddy, how are you?”
teddy smiles forcibly at bass. “i was fine, before you tried feeling y/n up.”
bass scowls at teddy, while you give him an appalled look over your ex’s shoulder.
“i didn’t try feeling her up,” bass says.
“i’m sure if this room wasn’t crowded with your mom’s and dad’s colleagues, you’d have gone further down.”
“no, you got it all wrong.” bass states, stepping up to teddy. he whispers in his ear, “look bro, she’s just a piece of ass. the sooner you realize that—”
and teddy sees red.
he doesn’t even comprehend that he’s punched bass until the shouts of surprise hit his ears. bass is on his ass, on the floor, his blood-soaked hand covering his nose.
you’re muttering to yourself, grabbing teddy’s wrist and dragging him through the crowd.
you want to get out of there as quickly as possible.
“give me the keys, teddy,” you demand of him when the two of you reach his car.
he fishes into the pocket of his suit jacket and tosses the keys to you. you open the doors and the both of you climb in, you now in the driver’s seat.
you turn to teddy. “what the hell?!” you shout, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard your knuckles are turning white.
teddy avoids your gaze, instead focusing on his hands resting in his lap.
“teddy!” said boy swallows hard, jaw clenching. you throw your hands up. “fine! be like that.”
he lets out a huff, crossing his arms as you start the car and pull out onto the road.
the entire drive is spent in silence, both of you emitting anger.
you’re mad at teddy for punching bass, and for what?
though teddy’s not mad at you. he’s mad at bass, for talking about you like you were . . . less than. sure, you annoyed him at times, but no one deserved to be talked about like that.
as soon as you put the car in park, teddy’s ripping off his seatbelt and jumping out of the car. you watch for a moment as he paces the driveway, dragging his fingers through his hair.
you step out of the car, walking around to teddy.
“teddy.” you try again, softer this time. “what happened back there? i know i don’t know you all that well, but i know that this teddy, post meeting my dad teddy, wouldn’t have just punched someone. so tell me why. please?”
teddy sighs.
“why did you ask me to accompany you to that party?” your turn to sigh. but before you can say anything, teddy continues: “when you first asked me, you said it was so bass thinks you’re over him? why aren’t you over him?”
“i– i am! but i loved him, teddy!” you stammer. “h- he—”
“because he’s a piece of shit,” teddy continues. “he cheated on you and he tells you it’s your fault he did what he did; he still looks at you like you’re a piece of meat—”
“why do you care?” you’re fuming now.
bass had always looked at you and treated you like that, like you were a prize to be won and flaunted. carl and tikki had always hated him, but . . . something about him always wanting you on his arm, needing to tell people you were his, made you feel special and loved.
“do you still want to be with him? honestly?”
“no,” you rub your face. “i mean, i don’t know.”
“i need you to,” teddy swallows. “i need you to know.”
again, he’s avoiding your eyes.
“what if i kissed you?” teddy says instead, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth, keeping his eyes on your shoes. “for real this time? would you be okay with that?”
“yes,” you answer without hesitation.
his reaches forward, hands grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours. your knees nearly give out at the warm, fuzzy sensation shooting through you.
this kiss is infinitely better than the one earlier in the night.
it wasn’t staged.
he wanted it just as much as you did. who’d have thunk it?
you could feel him wanting to convey a surfeit of things through this kiss— apologies for past actions, confessions of love.
you push back harder against him, wanting to tell him the same things through this kiss.
he’s still holding your face after he pulls away, thumbs stroking your cheeks.
“i think i love you,” he admits.
“i uh,” you swallow, blinking dreamily. finally, “loser.”
he laughs softly, leaning in for another kiss.
then your phone rings, startling the both of you. you pull out your phone, brows knitting in confusion at the contact photo of you and your dad up at your home in the north pole.
you press the green button, putting the phone to your ear.
“teddy,” is all he says.
you grimace, handing the phone to teddy who takes it warily.
───────── ❝ 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝 ❞ ─────────
after story notes
dedicated to @biqherosix bc sis told me i used two of her favourite tropes in this fic
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