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#she served NO purpose whatsoever
galaxina-the-pyro5 days ago
I had the weirdest fucking dream last night (and by "last night" I mean an hour ago while I was napping).
So, like, it starts off in this hotel place, and there's a musical number about these gang members outside, and they're telling ME and the Red and Yellow M&M mascots that we need to run because the mafia wants us all dead. I'm like, "RED, the fuck did you do?!"
And Red was just, "I'm out, peace" and ran away. Me and Yellow went after him and stuff, till we realized we were just...running around different areas of the hotel and not actually leaving ANYWHERE. So Yellow was like, "Why don't we just...go somewhere else?"
And I'm like, "Oh, what a BRILLIANT idea, why did I think of that."
And he was like, "...are you mocking me?"
And suddenly we're in some...Alice in Wonderland place and I'm like, "YAY, I teleported us to safety, they can't find us here!"
But Yellow was gone. I think I left him behind...may he RIP, the mafia probably ate him. And if they got Red...screw Red, this was somehow all his fault.
But yeah, I eventually got bored with THIS dream, and I "changed the channel" so to speak to a lost Phineas and Ferb episode/movie (thankfully not the creepy, Candace is crazy one), about Perry having ran away from home for...some reason. And everyone, including Dr. D, was looking for him. And I'm like, "OH YEAH, this was the movie that just came out, but I don't remember any of this...what was the movie called again?"
So while I "watched" this very fake movie, and skipped over stuff, I saw Doofenshmirtz talking to Perry and having a heart-to-heart with him (apparently something happened to Perry where he was convinced that ALL the good moments he had with Doof and even his family were nothing but a buncha lies and THATS why he left - I couldn't tell if Perry was amnesiac in this "movie", or a total moron), and Perry could actually TALK, but every time he did, it would cut to some weird black and white cartoon of a bunch of talking candy, that would be saying exactly what Perry is saying to Doofenshmirtz.
THEN I skipped to the finale song of the movie, and everyone was dancing with Doofenshmirtz, and I was laughing really hard because it looked kinda ridiculous, they were running an absolute marathon while they had this musical number, they were running through what I can ONLY assume is a sewer, and then danced on this raft, and then these yellow submarines, it was weird. Then I apparently was able to see a deleted scene, all in storyboard form, about a joke that Dan and Swampy were apparently not allowed to make in the movie for some reason, and it went down like this:
Phineas: I know, let's pass the time by telling jokes! Think of something that's low energy and low budget to make-
(Everyone turns to Buford with confused expressions, as described by Dan and Swampy, who are kinda talking over each other)
Buford, with confidence: Pinky and the Brain, duh.
Isabella: Don't you diss Pinky and the Brain in my presence, peon!
And then I woke up. And I remembered the movie was called "Candace Against the Universe" and was confused why that movie was actually all about Perry and Doof, before I realized NONE of that actually happened and I had SOMEHOW dreamt a very drug-induced sequel.
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reidyoulikeabook3 days ago
Based on one of your recent asks:
The cm writers did the most atrocious thing by having a sibling-like relationship (where the girl shows maternal/older sister vibes THROUGHOUT THE GODDAMM SERIES) become a romantic/right-person-wrong-time relationship
What makes it worse is that Will had no fudging (idk how you feel about swearing lol) idea AND JENNIFER NEVER TOLD HIM. I found it so bad when in s15 she was in the hospital and Will allowed to Spencer to stay by saying "she will want to see you when she wakes up" AS A BROTHER. The second-hand guilt I felt in that moment was astronomical
Before I end up writing an essay, which I most definitely want to and probably will, I'll stop now 馃槀 I'm getting too passionate for an ask
i'm going to pop my response under a cut!!
firstly, we are okay with swearing on here don't worry! i appreciate the caution but i just tag any posts with tw swearing :) thank u for being considerate though!!!
i haven't actually seen anything past s11, so i THANKFULLY haven't seen the jeid arc but i've read a whole lot about it and the aftermath with will and it's just ... awful. will is such a kind and loving spouse who has always accepted jj and dealt with her workload even when it was hard and difficult (yes he had some issues a couple times but he stayed, when other relationships have broken down because of this exact thing)
i don't dislike jj but objectively? that's an awful way to treat somebody you're supposed to love. somebody you're married to, that you have two children with. she didn't HAVE to be with will. having a child with him did not mean she had to stay with him if she didn't want to, and it's COMPLETELY unfair on will to be with somebody who has 'been in love' with someone else (her co-worker who she spends more time with than him, her co-worker who he probably thinks of as family because he is the GODFATHER of their children)
it was bad writing. i don't think jj was in love with him the whole time, because if she was she sure had a FUNNY way of showing it, it was retconned for plot and for what reason? it was SO abominably silly
what you said about will seeing spencer like a brother :((( it's just horrible, it's emotional cheating and it's gross and it served NO purpose whatsoever other than to what? make a bit of tension for a few episodes? there were much better ways to do that than ruining a perfectly okay friendship and torpedoing jj's relationship with will in the process
we are absolutely okay with and welcome essays here especially when they are on topics near and dear to my heart, AND you are so right about them <3
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sprinklzz10 days ago
Hey Seven Deadly Sins fandom, here are some hottakes. I encourage you people to disagree with me, not that you need to. its all just opinions, discussion for shits and giggles. no actual arguing. anyway, here鈥檚 my take of what went down. whatever one you wanna discuss, you can say the number and we can do so. no one needs to say anything, just thought it鈥檇 be entertaining:
Meliodas is the worst character in the show
Ban and Elaine is ethically disgusting
Gowther has to be the best dynamic character there is in the franchise
Zeldris is the most innocent character
The Demon King is overhated
Elizabeth is really selfish, and probably one of the most morally impaired in the show
Meliodas is literally the dumbest character there is for less obvious reasons
The Demons are the good guys. The Seven Deadly Sins are not 鈥渂ad guys鈥, just uneducated.
Gelda is a plot device and the most pointless character in the show. zel鈥檚 story could have been wondrous without her.
Meliodas and Elizabeth are literally just Romeo and Juliet
In fact, BanEla and GowthNad is too
Jericho would have been a better love interest for Ban
BanEla has the worst backstory
King is homophobic and fatphobic
There is nothing okay with Kiane鈥檚 backstory
This story has the worst timelines in anime
Liz was the second most pointless character this show has ever had, and was also a plot device
Meliodas and Elizabeth deserved to be cursed
Actually, Mel and Eli have to be the least innocent characters ever
Drole and Gloxinia were wrong to ditch Zeldris the way they did (seriously, like not even in a joking manner).
Margaret and Gilthunder should have taken over Liones
Meliodas brought literally everything that happened to him on himself and I just cannot sympathize with him for the life of me.
Diane losing her memories was one of the worst thing this show has ever done
Helbram. STAY. DEAD.
Elaine should have stayed dead too, ngl.
Escanor is the most underrated character ever.
The Ten Commandments were also totally pointless and never should have been portrayed as people.
Arthur should have been the protagonist.
Zel also would have made one helluva protagonist.
Meliodas has no redeeming qualities.
More Meliodas, I have strong opinions on him. Love him to death but he sexually harassed Liz and that鈥檚 all there is to it. It鈥檚 not 鈥渓ove language鈥 because she didn鈥檛 enjoy it/encourage it, and there was nothing okay about him doing so. It was insensitive and disgusting.
Gelda, if Nakaba just couldn鈥檛 live without her, should have stayed dead.
Everything Meliodas did while in Assault Mode is unjustifiable. He knew what he was doing, 鈥渓ack of feeling鈥 doesn鈥檛 cloud judgement or morals.
Same thing goes for TC Meliodas, but i suppose he gets a freebie because DK.
Zel is (and i say this genuinely, and im trying not to be biased) the best AND the worst character in the series, and Gelda was his fall from grace.
Elaine and Elizabeth contributed nothing to the series.
The female characters are the most bland characters there are, and their only purpose is to serve the men as plot devices.
Why the hell was Simon black in the recent episode???? look at me deadass and tell me it鈥檚 the lighting.
Azure Sky have to be the smartest people in the show.
Tristan鈥擛princeliones please dont kill me i swear, no hard feelings i love youuuu youre one of my fave accounts鈥攁nd his entire existence makes no sense whatsoever.
Elizabeth Liones should not have silver hair. none of the other Elizabeths should have.
The number of Elizabeths is confusing. Like there shouldn鈥檛 have ever been that many.
Fraudrin and his connection with Dreyfus/Griamore was really stupid.
Just Meliodas as a whole. Not elaborating.
The vampires don鈥檛 make sense.
Zaneri is overhated.
If you consider the way Fairies are made, scientifically i think most/all of them should be non-binary. makes no sense for them to be born with sex organs/desires/egg/sperm if they come from plants鈥
If I come up with more, I鈥檒l come back and add some. I鈥檓 sure there is, I have really strong opinions about this.
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traveleorzea11 days ago
"Very well, ser." I adopted a stiff and affected formality and continued: "In regards to the garb you so kindly provided, mayhap you were unaware that the collar serves no purpose whatsoever."
"'Tis for modesty's sake, Sabaki. A replica from a bygone era, you know."
"It's not the only thing from a bygone era,鈥 I muttered under my breath. More loudly, I said, "Then explain to me why the neckline is so low. I'll always be one backflip away from a wardrobe malfunction, and anyone taller than me can practically see down my..." I paused, noting X'rhun鈥檚 guilty glance down at me. All this time, he could鈥 "Is the men's version of the uniform just as low-cut?" I demanded.
X'rhun cleared his throat. "Nay, but - "
"Aha!" I hissed. His gaze avoided me again. "You know, Ranaa warned me that you might be a pervy old man鈥"
"How dare she call me old!" X'rhun exclaimed with exaggerated shock and indignation.
- The Duelist's Apprentice
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evisionmediasusanfriesen11 days ago
How This One Thing Can Destroy a Client Relationship
Tumblr media
Tales from the Online Marketing Crypt #18
Why being mindful of clients鈥 perspectives can keep them supporting your business
We all have them.
Days when everything pisses us off.
In fact, I doubt there鈥檚 a human being on this planet who hasn鈥檛 been in a bad mood every now and then.
I know I sure have my fair share of them!
And for a variety of reasons too.
But there鈥檚 one thing we business owners have an unwritten rule about (well probably it鈥檚 written somewhere by someone) is that no matter what, we don鈥檛 bring our bad mood with us when communicating with clients.
Would you agree with that fundamental principle?
But how many times have you, as a client or customer, been on the receiving end of someone鈥檚 bad mood?
It happened to me recently and that single instance literally destroyed a 30 year working relationship.
I had a hair appointment with the same gal that I鈥檝e been seeing for decades. She works out of her home and lives about 25 minutes away from me. I know exactly how long it takes for me to get to her place and am typically on time, every time.
Except the last two appointments.
The time previous to this last visit, I had an emergency come up just before heading out the door. It was something I had to take care of or faced dire consequences (as in having a very angry client on my hands!)
It meant I was going to be about 5 minutes late for my appointment. I texted her when I was leaving stating I was hurrying over and will be a few minutes late.
She didn鈥檛 reply and never said anything when I got there. We had our usual girl talk that I very much looked forward to.
This recent time I needed to do a quick errand before my appointment. I completely misjudged how much time it would take me to get from that other location to my stylist鈥檚 place. Plus鈥 I got lost finding my way there since I was coming from a different direction.
I didn鈥檛 want to risk taking any time to stop and text her and honestly thought I was just a minute away鈥 except it was more like 15 minutes before I finally got there.
I鈥檝e never been 15 minutes late for anything and I felt terrible. I apologized profusely but unfortunately, she wouldn鈥檛 hear any of it.
She was pissed.
So angry in fact, she first lectured me on 鈥渁lways鈥 being late, citing my text from the previous appointment, and that she was sick and tired of constantly hearing, 鈥渟orry I鈥檓 late鈥 as if I鈥檓 the only one that says that every time I walk into her room.
Disclaimer: I鈥檓 a Canadian. We apologize for everything, even if we鈥檙e 1 minute late!
Stunned at how mad she was, especially knowing I was the last appointment of the day, I apologized again and tried to explain why I was late and even offered to leave with my hair wet to make up for the lateness so we would still end in time.
I didn鈥檛 know what else to do to rectify my error.
She was so angry, she gave me the silent treatment and only grunted her 鈥渉old your head here鈥 and 鈥渕ove to the sink鈥 commands throughout the entire time there.
I did leave with wet hair, 15 minutes earlier than what our appointment time would have ended at had I been on time, vowing to never return again.
I fully realize I was the catalyst that set off her anger, and I also realize she had to have been having one helluva a bad day before I arrived, and I got the brunt of her wrath.
I get it.
But as a customer, a loyal one for 30 years at that, there鈥檚 no excuse whatsoever to be treated like that.
When I have bad days like what she must have experienced, I set aside whatever is going on and treat anyone who I speak with that day, whether it鈥檚 one of our team members, a client, a lead or even chatting on social media, with the utmost respect and kindness.
Even if they are the reason for my having a bad day.
It serves no purpose whatsoever to make the other person feel worse than what I am feeling.
I found this experience to be so distressing, I posted about it on Facebook.
I received a variety of responses, ranging from my owing her an apology (which I did) to justifying why she blew up, right over to demanding I fire her on the spot (which I ended up doing).
These kinds of responses go to show how we are all human and all look at experiences from our own lens and past history.
For me, I was taken straight back to elementary school when I was the victim of bullying quite a bit. A feeling I never want to experience again!
For others, they empathized with her where time is very important to them and get angry themselves when someone disrespects it. (I鈥檓 actually the same way 鈥 being punctual is a huge deal for me.)
One thing I have done as a result of this experience is to find the lesson behind it all. For one, I will definitely plan my time better and ensure I give myself enough time to do what needs to be done in time!
I also learned just how fragile our relationships can be.
She lost a client of 30 years 鈥 and I lost any further opportunities to visit with someone I鈥檝e known a long time to get some of the much valued girl time I look forward to with each visit.
It doesn鈥檛 take much to destroy a 30 year working relationship.
Yes I realize I could reach out and try to mend the fences but I am choosing not to. At least not right now.
At the end of the day, this lesson goes to show how important it is for us all to keep our anger in check. To realize our anger is being received by the other person, and be aware of how they are receiving it with their own personal response. They won鈥檛 always understand where you are coming from because they鈥檙e looking at things from a different perspective.
So what do we do when we鈥檙e having a bad day and business must go on?
If you ever find yourself feeling angry, whether justified or not, here鈥檚 eight tips on what you can do to avoid creating irreparable situations with your clients:
Exercise. Go for a walk, head to the gym, box with a punching bag. Whatever works for you to do some venting.
Meditate. Or just sit quietly and practice deep breathing.
Yoga. Nothing is better at centering our emotions and getting back in touch with our bodies than practicing yoga.
Watch a funny show or listen to a positive podcast. It鈥檚 amazing how quickly your anger can turn around when you鈥檙e laughing or receiving positive energy from someone else!
Use the anger as motivation. If you can control the scenario that鈥檚 causing your anger, then you can do something about it!
Focus on something more positive. A great thing to do here is think of something you are grateful for and focus on why you鈥檙e so grateful about it. Putting yourself in a state of gratefulness will trigger those happy endorphins and will get you out of that pissy mood fast.
Get productive. Feeling on purpose can be quite energizing. If you have something that鈥檚 calling your name, get busy and shift your attention to that.
Write in a journal. A great way to release that negative vibe from your body is to write it out. Keep writing until you鈥檝e vented everything that comes to mind. Even if it鈥檚 not the same thing that got you angry in the first place 鈥 just let it all out!
I鈥檓 curious if you have ever experienced someone either getting angry with you in a business relationship or did you lose your cool and get angry with a client or service provider? How did it turn out? What lesson did you learn? And do you have any other tips on how to let go of anger to share?
To your business success, Susan Friesen
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WATCH: Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of customer service from another company and vowed to never do business with them again? And most certainly never told anyone else about them? This is why customer service is so vital to business success as I explain in this eTip episode on why it鈥檚 the primary reason we have such a high referral rate: How Great Customer Service Gets You Business Referrals.
READ: I guess all of us have been on the receiving end of a situation where we are not satisfied with customer service. But how do you respond? Read this great piece from Kindi Gill who shares excellent insights on managing difficult client situations: Five Tips for Managing Customer Complaints.
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thesfnews12 days ago
鈥淭he Haves And The Have Nots鈥 Kicks Off Final Season!
HOLLYWOOD鈥擨 cannot believe the end is near for my must-see Tuesday night guilty pleasure: Tyler Perry鈥檚 鈥淭he Haves and the Have Nots.鈥 After 8 years, the weekly soap opera that has delivered surprises, stunning moments and captivating TV is coming to an end.
The premiere episode, 鈥楢 Game of Chess鈥 picked up after that cliffhanger that witnessed Officer Justin confronting Jeffrey and Madison at that restaurant with gun in hand. Obsessed with Jeffery and refusing to let him go, Justin dosed himself with gasoline before lighting himself on fire. Jeffrey and Madison where in shock, as it was apparent that Justin wanted Jeffrey to burn with him. Nurse Madison came to Justin鈥檚 aide, and guilt started to consume Jeffrey鈥檚 body.
The paramedics confirmed Justin is dead and it delivered a blow to Jeffrey鈥檚 world he did not expect. Madison鈥檚 preaching is getting damn annoying people; it was Veronica, she pushed Justin to the inevitable and it fractured Jeffrey, who wanted to sever ties with Madison to protect him from his mother. Colby tried to lighten the mood, but it was not the time for jokes, as Madison revealed that Justin killed himself by lighting himself ablaze. Ok, we鈥檙e 20 minutes into the show; we cannot spend this entire premiere episode on Jeffrey in misery people.
Justin鈥檚 mother, wow, we haven鈥檛 seen here in quite some time. When she stopped by David鈥檚 house, he was surprised to realize this woman was Justin鈥檚 mother. Pearl is just as nutty as Justin; she believed that Jeffrey lured Justin into his homosexuality. David delivered some truths to Pearl that shocked her to the core. Madison delivered the news that Justin was dead to Pearl, letting him know that Justin set himself ablaze. Thank you David for finally saying it, 鈥淢adison, you talk too much!鈥
Mitch arrived at the Cryer estate hoping to have a conversation with Jim, but instead came face-to-face with Hanna who posed questions about some issues and it got Mitch riled up. Yeah, he knows that Jim is poking his nose where it does not belong. Mitch showed that he is indeed a Malone and that mafia side actually came out. Jim is puffing his chest a bit, little does he realize the game being played is about to get dangerous and we might see Mitch truly show his Malone colors.
David you really need to stay clear of this situation because you鈥檙e messing with a family that is explosive to the core and all because you want to be loyal to Jim Cryer. Hanna said it best; you are indeed Jim鈥檚 lapdog. Tyler Perry please KILL this storyline with the Senator and Charles? it is beyond boring and serves no purpose for the narrative whatsoever.
Landon you read people so well, even he picked up on the fact that the Senator has an agenda. Charles, take Landon鈥檚 advice, this guy might be trouble. Thank you Landon, the Senator cannot be trusted as he attempts to gain Intel on Candace Young. Wyatt tried flirting with a nurse in hopes of getting out of his cuffs. Wyatt is such a charmer: when he doesn鈥檛 get his way his true feeling emerge people.
Katheryn wanted Hanna to check up on Wyatt to see if all is ok, in addition, she wanted Hanna to know about her little hot piece who is staying at Wyatt鈥檚 place. Hanna was taken aback to learn that Katheryn has someone she is seeing on the side outside of Jim Cryer people. Before Hanna could handle her errands, Veronica just waltzed into the Cryer estate looking for Jim and Hanna gave her foe the side eye.
Hanna made it clear to Veronica that she was leaving the abode and she would NOT be sticking around to wait for Jim Cryer. Barbs were traded, and the Ice Queen thought she controlled things, but she was about to see a side of Hanna that she never expected. Veronica starting searching drawers and it unnerved Hanna to the core and the police were called. Threats of someone being dragged out of house were made, just as Hanna made it clear if Veronica opened one more drawer a fight was about to ensue. These two ladies went toe-to-toe, and Hanna was delivering slaps and punches like no other people. It was fantastic TV people!
This final season looks absolutely bonkers and crazy. I have no clue who is in peril, who will live and who will die. All I can say is that these final episodes better deliver Tyler Perry, because this guilty pleasure cannot get more exciting than the tease that was just presented. It looks like Colby comes face-to-face with Veronica鈥檚 plan for revenge, the Ice Queen learns Hanna is NOT to be toyed with and Katheryn might make a deal with the Devil. Until next 鈥楾emptation Tuesday鈥 鈥淗aves and Have Nots鈥 die-hards!
鈥淭he Haves And The Have Nots鈥 Kicks Off Final Season! was originally published on San Francisco News
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surveys-at-your-service21 days ago
Survey #374
鈥渄octor, doctor, won鈥檛 you please prescribe me something?聽 /聽 a day in the life of someone else...鈥
Does someone have a crush on you but you don鈥檛 feel the same way? No. Who do you feel most beautiful around? No one. What鈥檚 one makeup item you cannot live without? I could live without any makeup. What鈥檚 the most expensive thing you own? My snake, I think. Or my laptop, idr. Are you more of a book person or a TV person? Book. Relationship status? Single. What color are most of your clothes? Black. Did you french kiss before you were 16? No, I was 16. Last song you listened to? "The Heretic Anthem" by Slipknot. Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships? Yes. What鈥檚 your favorite thing about life? That's a big question. I guess seeing acts of mass love and kindness, reminders that we're all in this together through all hardships. Who pays for the first date? Whoever asked the other person out, imo. Who has always been there for you? My mom. Have you ever written on a wall? No, at least not to my memory. Do you play any computer games, if so, what ones? I think anyone who reads these by now knows, haha. I don't much play anything else. I prefer console games. What would you name a baby boy if you had one? Probably Damien or Victor. What would you name a baby girl if you had one? Alessandra, no questions asked. What lyric means the most to you? I mean there's tons, but the first one that came to mind is "for such a little thing, you sure are in your own way" from "Get Up" by Mother Mother. Like in the big picture, we humans are so so so minuscule, but with brains that are too complicated for our own good. It's my own head that creates so many obstacles for me. Who is the smartest person you know? Probably my friend Girt. Have your parents ever been to jail? No. Do you share a bed with anyone? My cat, haha. Does it flatter you when guys open doors for you? It's flattering if anyone does, not just guys. Do you enjoy taking naps? Yeah. That's like part of my daily routine. If your friend asked you to hold their drugs, would you? Nope. Is there anyone you try to be a good influence for? My nieces and nephew, but I don't feel like I am. I'm a poor example of an adult. Do you own a pair of fishnets? No, but I have a pair of fingerless fishnet gloves. Which do you prefer: french toast, bagels, pancakes, waffles, bacon or cereal? All are great, but french toast. Yes or no: eyebrow piercings? I'd actually have one if I didn't have glasses. I think I'd look weird with one as I look now. When I say "The Beatles," what is the first song that comes to mind? "Hey, Jude." In your opinion, what is the very worst type of weather? Extremely hot and humid. You can only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who do you pick? Ozzy Osbourne, of course. Can you snap with both of your hands? Yeah, but it's harder with my left. What is something that you had to learn the hard way? For some people, promises don't mean shit. If you could re-paint your bedroom, what color would you paint it? Maybe like a light peach. When was the last time you got butterflies? I think not since Sara told me I look really pretty in eyeliner. ;_; <3 When was the last time you felt like your heart was actually breaking? There was this one time I was listening to "The Ghost of You" by MCR a while after finding out about Jason's mom's death and I just like... broke. When鈥檚 the last time you were in a line? When I was getting my second COVID shot. Do you trust the media? HA! Fuck no. If you could kill off one species of animal, which would it be? At first I was appalled by this question, but like... do wasps serve a purpose? Of all fauna, they annoy me the most. I mean bees are already endangered enough, and they prey on them. They don't pollinate, so like... why are you here. I may be mistaken and they have a valuable role, in which case I take all this back. Who鈥檇 you last say I love you to? My mom. What鈥檚 the most overpaid job in your opinion? I have on idea. Most jobs are underpaid. What鈥檚 the last thing you wrote down? I was doing some paperwork at the TMS office on my first day there. When鈥檚 the last time you heard a gunshot? I don鈥檛 know. What are you looking forward to? Now that my tattoo (which looks fucking stunning, by the way) is out of the way, I can focus on other things. I'm particularly looking forward to hopefully seeing the results of TMS manifest (which should take 3-4 weeks). It sounds horrible, but I'm also keenly awaiting this dog we're stuck with to go somewhere... The person who gave her to my sister to give my mom won't take the dog back, and we can't find another option that doesn't risk her being euthanized, which we absolutely do not want. We just don't know what to do, but she's driving Mom and me INSANE. Do you listen to online radio stations? No. Have you ever done something sexual that you regret? No. Have you ever said anything to the last person you kissed that you regret? Multiple things. Have you ever ate so much you puked? Ugh, no. That sounds awful. Do you care about what others think of your physical appearance? Very much, sadly. Would you rather eat cookies or brownies? I gotta say brownies. Which YouTuber have you learned the most from? I mean, this depends on the subject. From Mark, I've learned most about life and how (I think) to be a good person, but there's a lot of pet channels I watch that have taught me loads about proper husbandry. This answer just depends on what knowledge you're talkin' about. Who would you want to be the flower girl at your wedding? Probably a niece. Do you want to be married within the next ten years? It'd be nice. Do you feel like your life is too fast-paced, or do you wish it were busier? Ugh, I wish it was busier. My days are a COMPLETE, routine drag. What are some hobbies which you want to pick up? I want to just be more artsy. I wanna draw and write more, and I'd love love love to be in healthy enough shape to handle going on walks with my camera. There are sometimes I miss editing videos, too. I'm unsure about completely new hobbies. Does anyone encourage you to go after your dreams? My family and a few friends. Oh, and definitely my psychiatrist. What group are you most active in on Facebook? None, really. I mostly just observe. Are you ashamed of anything? A number of things. Primarily not having a job at my age or even being in school. What were your favorite Disney rides as a kid? I loved Splash Mountain, I think it was called. What were your favorite rides at Cedar Point? Never been. What are some places you want to visit that you鈥檝e never been? South Africa, Alaska, Canada, Yellowstone National Park, Bahamas, Venice, Rome... What are some places that you鈥檝e been that you鈥檇 like to go to again? Disney World, Chicago, and this one super clear lake I swam in once a few hours away that I don't recall the name of. Have you ever owned a succulent? No. While they're pretty, I've never been much of a plant person. Do you support small businesses? I REALLY want to start doing that more when I have the option to buy my own stuff/have my own income. As someone who wants to be a freelance photographer, I get it. Starting an independent business is hard as hell. If a brand were to sponsor you, which brand(s) would you prefer? Uhhh I dunno. Have you read the entire Bible? No. Do you make bucket lists for each season? No. That does sound kinda fun, though. How old were you when you first dyed your hair? I have no idea. Do you dye your hair regularly? No. :/ I desperately want to, though. It's just not something we can afford to spare cash on. What is the most comfortable type of pants, in your opinion? Pajama pants? haha Do you think you could ever be famous? No. I'm way too boring and don't want to be anyway. What are some jobs you鈥檝e had in the past? Sales associate, cashier, and deli worker. None lasted long whatsoever. What are some jobs you want to or would like to have? List five. FIVE? I don't know. I just know I want to be a photographer. Well, being an artist or poet would be very cool. And a reptile breeder, maybe tarantulas, too, but that makes me kinda nervous with JUST how many babies they have. What are some jobs you have considered? In rough order from youth to now: paleontologist, vet, movie director, game designer, author/poet, artist, music video editor, wildlife biologist, photographer... Maybe there's more that just aren't coming to me. Are you thankful for social media, or do you wish it didn鈥檛 exist? Depends on the day for me, but I'm generally thankful for it so I can keep up with the lives of people who are important to me. It's just that it's a breeding ground for self-doubt and rampant comparisons that can easily depress me when I see some people are "further ahead" and more "established" than me. What are some of the best medications you鈥檝e ever had? The combined efforts of Latuda and Lamictal saved my life. What was a video you watched over and over as a kid? There were lots of movies, like The Lion King, a certain Barney one when I was very young, and I watched Finding Nemo like crazy. Do you know a lot of people who were loving, and then turned cold? Jason????????????????? Is that you??????????????????????????????????????????? Do you own anything plaid? Ha, what a coincidence, I'm wearing my red plaid pj pants. Are you good at remembering names? Definitely not. Have the cops ever gotten on to you for anything before? No. What email thingy do you use? (yahoo, gmail, rock) ... Rock? lol anyway my main is Hotmail, but I inevitably have a gmail to have a YouTube account. What game system(s) do you own? PS2, Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, and a GameBoy Advance. Are you any good at Guitar Hero? I used to be; I played most songs on Expert, then some really tough ones on Hard. I was soooooo addicted to those games. I remember when I got the first one for Christmas, I literally played it all day. Have you ever played Call of Duty? Nah, not my jam. What is your favorite/most visited website? YouTube. Is your bed comfortable? Sure. I've definitely had way worse. Do you have a garage? No. Fun fact, I've never lived in a house with one. Should you be doing anything right now? What? There's a number of things I could be doing that are definitely more productive, like finishing decorating my damn room. Do doctors or dentists make you more nervous? Not really. I only ever get nervous to hear my weight at the doctor's. Did you ever think you were about to die before? I don't quite know. When I ODed, it was more like I didn't care if I did. Have you ever really had a near death experience? Was it cool? "Was it cool." Literally fuck off. I guess you could technically consider my OD a "near death experience," especially given how many pills I took, yet I somehow experienced almost no ill symptoms. Maybe because we got to the ER for fluids quickly enough, idk. I'm just glad I didn't die. What is your favorite kind of weather? Snowy! Like a steady snowfall of large flakes with no breeze and total silence. *chef's kiss* Ever tasted beer? Ugh, no. Just the smell makes me sick. It was my dad's drink of choice when he was an alcoholic so I just have a very negative association with it. Have you ever seen a dead body? Yes, at an open-casket wake. Ever poured salt on a slug? As kids, my sisters and I would get our parents to do it because they grossed us out. So, so cruel. I still have this weird but pretty extreme phobia of them, but I wouldn't torture the things like that.
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Fda Investigation Into Potential Link In Between Certain Diets And Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Women Over 40 May Cut Stroke Threat With Mediterranean Diet Plan.
Furthermore, healthy protein is the least most likely of all the macros to be stored as body fat when you exaggerate it. A medium sized orange pleasant potato will certainly obtain you fiber, potassium, and a lots of vitamin A for just 100 calories.
It's obtained nearly all of what you require daily for vitamin C, plus magnesium, potassium, as well as iron-- every one of which help in reversing salt and also bringing oxygen to blood cells. Include these foods to your grocery list to aid strike your weight-loss goals. For a fantastic snack on the run, take a tiny handful of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pecans. Study shows that when individuals bite on nuts, they automatically consume less at later dishes. The relationship in between entire food as well as the human body is very complex as well as has actually come about as an outcome of millions of years of advancement. There are countless nutrients and also compounds in food that cause countless metabolic reactions when they are consumed. As T. Colin Campbell, PhD, describes it, when it concerns nourishment, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual components.
Tumblr media
You may also end up liking them better than their carb-heavy predecessors. An additional strong option is to simply have a cup of coffee, as many people obtain much less starving on a low-carb, high-fat diet and also might not require breakfast whatsoever.36 This can conserve you lots of time. Our brand-new 10-week program helps you lose weight in a healthy as well as lasting method. Register for a FREE 30-day trial to get all our meal plans as well as lots of other subscription benefits.
. Hillside's 脗庐 Scientific Research Diet 脗庐 Adult 7 +Tiny Paws Poultry Dish, Barley & Wild Rice Dish Pet Dog Food. Hillside's 脗庐 Scientific Research Diet 脗庐 Adult 7+ Turkey & Barley
Her know-how is in analysis of nutritional actions of people and also populace samples in connection with cardiovascular and cognitive wellness. She is the Principal Private Investigator at the Chicagoland website of the GUIDELINE research, whose purpose is to see if lifestyle adjustments can shield memory and cognition as we age. Dr. Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, is co-director of the Alzheimer's Avoidance Program at Loma Linda College. Dean trained in Neurology at Georgetown College College of Medication, as well as completed fellowships in neurodegenerative diseases and also dementia at the National Institutes of Health and also UC San Diego. He likewise holds a PhD in Healthcare Leadership with a concentrate on community health from Andrews University. Discover more by visiting his as well as Dr. Ayesha Sherzai's website, Group Sherzai. Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, MD, is a neurologist as well as co-director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda College, where she leads the Way of living Program for the Prevention of Neurological Conditions.
In contrast to what you have actually kept reading the internet, a single food can not raise your metabolism, assist you shed a lot more fat, or avoid weight gain outside of calorie control. In lots of low-fat and also fat-free foods the fat is replaced with sugar, flour, or other full-food-energy active ingredients, as well as the reduction in food power worth is little, if any. For those who comprehend and also favor a classic, Atkins-style, carb-restricted diet, this food selection is ideal for you.
Hillside's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 I. Hill's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 D. Hillside's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 Metabolic + Flexibility Canine Veggie & Tuna Stew. Hillside's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 C. Hill's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 W. Hill's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 A. Hill's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Plan 脗庐 Canine Deals With. Hill's 脗庐 Prescription Diet Regimen 脗庐 Metabolic Canine Deals With.
The average percent healthy protein, fat, total taurine, total cystine, overall methionine, overall methionine-cystine, and immune starch web content on a dry matter basis were comparable for both grain-free identified and grain-containing products. Pet protein resources in the reported diet plans differed widely, as well as numerous diets contained greater than one healthy protein source. The most common proteins in the reported diets were poultry lamb as well as fish; however, some diet regimens include atypical protein resources such as kangaroo, bison or duck. To better define diets reported in DCM situations, product tags were examined to establish whether the product was grain-free, as well as whether the products had peas, various other lentils including chickpeas and beans, or potatoes. Due to the fact that so many items contained peas and/or lentils, a group was produced for "peas and/or lentils". Greater than 90 percent of items were "grain-free", and also 93 percent of reported products had peas and/or lentils. Brand names that were called ten or even more times are included listed below.
For a granular, case-by-case malfunction of DCM records sent to the FDA, see Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy Complaints Sent to FDA-CVM Via April 30, 2019. FDA prompts pet owners to collaborate with their veterinarians, who may get in touch with a board-certified veterinary nutritional expert, to get one of the most ideal dietary advice for their pet's details requirements prior to making diet plan modifications.
Bitter plain Greek yogurt can supply probiotic benefits also. Choose ones that have 5 stress or more of microbial societies per 6-ounce serving. A mug of peas loads 8 grams of healthy protein and also lots of crucial bloat-reducing nutrients.
How can I burn calories without exercise?
50 Ways to Burn Calories (Without Breaking a Sweat) 1. Take Vitamin D. Women who were deficient in it lost weight more slowly in a study in the British Journal of Nutrition.
2. Drink Coffee.
3. Sleep More.
4. Do Things by Hand.
5. Wear a basic pedometer.
Tumblr media
6. Eat lightly and often.
7. Move briskly.
8. Laugh.
More items芒鈧
It is likewise seen in Cocker Spaniels connected with taurine shortage. It is thought to be much less usual in little and average breed canines. We suspect that cases are underreported because pets are commonly treated symptomatically, and diagnostic testing and therapy can be complicated and also pricey to owners. There are three primary kinds of carbohydrates in food-- starches, sugar and also fiber. As you'll see on the nutrition tags for the food you buy, the term "total carb" refers to all 3 of these types. Most significantly, remember that eating well-- as well as adding task to your daily routine by moving more-- are essential ways you can manage diabetic issues.
Grinding grains into flour makes them extra glycemic and eliminates their resistant starch. These could be anything from jarred pasta sauce to potato chips to cookies to deli meat-- foods that are prepared in an industrial kitchen area or manufacturing facility and also supplied to your supermarket or convenience-store rack. They consist of added components utilized to change their taste, make them much more shelf-stable, and so forth, which means they are not entire foods. Some meat and fowl include prescription antibiotics and also hormonal agents that those on an entire food diet might choose to stay clear of. In some cases it can be challenging to discriminate between entire foods and those that are refined in some way. When acquiring food outside the produce division as well as fish and shellfish counter, you will check out tags and try to find synthetic components, chemicals, as well as ingredients. Whole foods are typically those that continue to be near their state in nature.
"It might totally eliminate foods from pets or simply limitation intake, depending on the person's analysis," Manaker claims.
Going down the expression "plant-based diet" is hip when speaking nourishment nowadays.
Recent evidence likewise shows that cost-free sugars affect blood pressure as well as product lipids, and suggests that a reduction in free sugars consumption decreases danger factors for heart diseases.
Excess calories from foods as well as beverages high in complimentary sugars additionally contribute to unhealthy weight gain, which can bring about overweight as well as obesity.
Lauren Manaker, RDN, that is based in Charleston, South Carolina, presumes it's as a result of boosted recognition of the health as well as environmental advantages that occur with consuming by doing this.
Several of that might be the outcome of documentaries that toss shade at eating meat and various other pet products, such as What the Health, Cowspiracy, and Forks Over Knives.
And also, almonds are the highest fiber nut, providing even more staying power. Peanut butter or any kind of nutter butter is a favorite high fat food for lots of.
It's rather possible to eat a vegetarian keto diet regimen, an egg-free keto diet regimen and a dairy-free keto diet-- as well as many other versions. Here are several of the most common inquiries about our keto diet regimen plan. For much more inquiries and responses see our complete keto diet regimen Frequently Asked Question. Kate Nordin, Material Manager on Diet Physician's dish group, created today's meal plan.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 You ever stop and think about how ISOLATED Kitana must have been in her childhood? Shao Kahn had to keep her in an environment of complete control, so that also means taking control of her social life to monitor what opinions reach her ears. The ONLY friend Kitana had was Jade, and Jade was only allowed in such close proximity to Kitana because she served an alternative purpose that benefited Shao Kahn.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Because of this isolation, Kitana, despite having the grace and poise granted by extensive education as princess, was probably extremely awkward as a child, socially. When she did encounter other people her age, she had no idea how to act and treated them as she was taught to interact with adults, which isn鈥檛 the best for making friends. She might be adept and eloquent now, but I bet some of that awkwardness still carries over, mostly in regard to her distinguishing what could be both informal yet appropriate for a close relationship.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Kitana is perfectly fine interacting in formal settings, but when it comes to one-on-one relationships, she struggles. The line between personal and impersonal is ill-defined for her because she was raised to be detached from everything, treating even her closest relationships as formal matters.聽She doesn鈥檛 know how to approach someone about interests. She doesn鈥檛 know how to treat special occasions (birthdays, weddings, etc). Even her idea of romance is half-formed because it is something so distinctly separated from statehood that she doesn鈥檛 know where it鈥檚 okay to cross the line and is afraid of the consequences of being openly personal in the public eye. She鈥檚 been taught that the public鈥檚 view of her must be carefully constructed and never tarnished or she will fail them through perception. She has such a difficult time distinguishing the line between her private and public life, and when she can, she often holds the line too tightly. But this is because she doesn鈥檛 have a basis to go on. Up until this point, there was NO private life for her whatsoever. She was a trophy. A tool to keep the public smiling. Kitana hasn鈥檛 had a chance to find out who she really is, beyond the constructed, public version of her.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Kitana feels everything so deeply to the point that her emotions control her despite all her training to prevent that. Her outward responses may be subtle, but her inward responses can be cataclysmic. It鈥檚 why she is prone to being prideful or hot-headed at times; even if you don鈥檛 see it, there鈥檚 often a war going on inside her head, and the more she fights against herself, the worse it gets.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 It鈥檚 in private relationships where the image of Kitana as this otherworldly, untouchable figure starts to crumble. When you are around her long enough to learn all the subtleties of her behavior, you begin to see the moments where she鈥檚 inwardly frustrated or distraught even though she hides it well. You learn about her without her knowing, because she cannot keep it all locked away no matter how hard she tries at times. Behind the facade, there is a lost girl. There is rage in her veins; emotions that have been bottled up for years, waiting to erupt, but her wrath is being saved for one person. For Shao Kahn. For the day she finally confronts him about the gilded hell he created for her. Others may anger her, but she does not step past the bounds of her dignity. She may lash out with words or choose Kombat for more grievous offences, but she will not act in a way that she deems unbecoming.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 But when you get to know her, you also get to see the best of her. Beneath it all, there is so much SOFTNESS. Kitana, at her core, is kind. She is compassionate, caring, and encouraging. She loves people and wants the best for those around her. She is self-sacrificing, putting herself aside to help others.聽Sometimes she may come across as overbearing. As too interested in a person for no discernible reason. She wants to project goodness and hide everything about herself that she doesn鈥檛 like, but this is self-sabotaging. How can she get close to anyone if she won鈥檛 let them know her? She wants close relationships. She wants friendships. She wants to be loved. But she doesn鈥檛 know how to do any of that. She doesn鈥檛 know how to express that she wants that, even when the opportunity may present itself. Still, she tries. It鈥檚 something she has to puzzle out for herself once she has the independence she needs to do so. When is she doing/saying too much? When is she giving too little of her real self? At what point will she feel comfortable being herself without fear, letting someone else accept her for who she truly is and not what she projects herself to be?
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 All I鈥檓 saying is bless anyone who tries to befriend or romance her. She鈥檚 gonna need a lot of patience, but she鈥檚 trying hard to figure things out.
Tumblr media
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magnusmysteriesa month ago
Part 8 Family Ties
The Magnus Archives was a horror podcast. It is now completed. Many of the show鈥檚 mysteries were never explained on the show. I intend to explain them. Spoilers for the show, but also spoilers if you wanna solve these mysteries yourself.
In Thought For The Day Annabelle undergoes an experiment and is turned into a Web avatar. I don鈥檛 believe this was an accident, the purpose of the experiment was to change Annabelle.聽
The experiment was run by Dr. Elizabeth Bates. In Weaver Annabelle says she has a sister Lizzy. I think Elizabeth and Lizzy are the same person. Lizzy has reason to resent Annabelle, as Annabelle would bite herself and blame Lizzy for it.聽
Annabelle speaks of her mother being manipulative. And her father 鈥渉ad no interest whatsoever in engaging with the life where he had trapped his family.鈥 Trapped like in a cobweb. I think Annabelle鈥檚 parents are of the Web. I think the way they raise their children is to try to make them liars and manipulators, to prepare them to become Web avatars. It鈥檚 similar to how the Lukas family raise their children to serve the Lonely, but Annabelle鈥檚 family does it more secretly, because Web.聽
In Weaver Annabelle keeps referring to the Mother. Meaning, apparently, the Mother of Puppets, the Web. But if Annabelle鈥檚 mother is of the Web, it seems Annabelle could be referring to her own mother, at least some of the time.聽
One sentences in particular takes on another meaning, when Annabelle writes about if she was manipulated into running away from home and seeing the spider: 鈥淎nd yet, the Mother got exactly the result she no doubt wanted, one that would lead to a fear of spiders so acute that I could later have that horror focused and refined into a silk-spun apotheosis.鈥
I think the experiment that transformed Annabelle was her mother鈥檚 plan from the start.
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WARNINGS: Child death
TAG LIST:聽 @bunzom鈥 | @caelumwrites
Tumblr media
Jimin was absolutely聽enamored聽by you. He could finally understand why his brother鈥檚 were so obsessed with you. From the second that your lips had shocked his skin, the world had seemed more colorful. Screw what Taehyung had said about you, you were聽perfect. He didn鈥檛 care much for Taehyung鈥檚 brutal hobby, and he had half a mind to wander off somewhere while he killed your husband. But taking part in your punishment gave him the perfect excuse to sit and hold you without his brother giving him a hard time.
聽聽He enjoyed the way that your heat seeped through your cloak and warmed his body, the way your hair felt while tangled through his fingers when he held your head up. Your body fit against his like the missing piece of a puzzle, a perfect match.
聽聽Jimin had never been fond of the idea of soulmates. It was a childish concept that he mocked Jungkook for believing in. Yet now? Now he believed. There was absolutely no way that you weren鈥檛 destined to be his. And even if you somehow weren鈥檛, he鈥檇 never let you go. The shock that had traveled along his skin and straight to his chest was a big enough sign that you belonged to him.
聽聽He鈥檇 steal you away from Hoseok and Jin if he had to. They were older than him after all, more in the spotlight. He could beg his mother for his own castle away from his brother鈥檚 and most likely get it. He could take you there and have you all to himself, without the annoyance of the gossiping court or his brothers.聽After all, he wasn鈥檛 anywhere close to becoming the next King. He could do whatever he wanted.
聽聽He was thrilled to finally have someone to dress up, to spoil and shower his love upon. As he laid in the bed of one of the villagers that his younger brother had slain, all he could think about was what it would feel like to hold you again, your bare flesh pressed against his. Any romantic mood that could have been mustered up from those thoughts were promptly ruined every time a whiff of the fishy ocean seeped through the windows.
聽聽He would have preferred having you by his side on the rickety bed that he had been given for the night, but Taehyung had tied you to a post in the center of the village, surrounded by the dead villagers that you had once cared for. Jungkook had been sure to lay a thick blanket over your shaking frame before retiring to his own bed, ignoring the whimpering little girl who had practically glued herself to your side.
聽聽Jimin had seen the way that you tried to push past your own grief in order to comfort the child, showing him that the little girl was also important to you. He also knew that this was the child of the older couple that had just been murdered due to the stark similarities in facial features and hair. Because of this, he tried to offer her one of his candies that he had stashed away in his small pack. After all, your punishment was over and he wanted to show you that he wasn鈥檛 the bad brother. Although in the end if you still didn鈥檛 like him, it didn鈥檛 matter. You were going to be his.
聽聽He rolled onto his side and propped himself up on the pillows, staring at you through the window. Even from this distance, he could see you shaking. He was unsure if it was from the cold or from shock, or maybe even both. The little girl was still attached to your side, although she didn鈥檛 seem to be moving whatsoever.
聽聽Dead, probably.聽Jimin thought to himself. He knew it was probably for the best, however. Both of her parents were also dead, and a simple village girl like her wouldn't have a higher purpose to serve anyways. It would be better for her to leave such a dark world to join her parents in the peaceful afterlife.
聽聽By the looks of it, you seemed to have finally fallen into an uncomfortable sleep, which meant that you hadn鈥檛 noticed the newest addition to the dead bodies. Jimin considered just going to sleep with the promise of providing you comfort when he was well-rested. But then he thought of the effect the death of a small child would have on you. He knew that it was a little more horrifying than an adult鈥檚.
聽聽He threw his scratchy blanket from his body and stood up, slipping his boots on over his cold feet. Then, he snuck out of his room, careful not to alert Taehyung or Jungkook of his intentions. The last thing he needed was to spark an argument with his bloodthirsty brother, or to risk Jungkook trying to follow. His youngest brother was never good with being stealthy, and if he woke you while he were dragging a dead body away then you could end up assuming the wrong thing.
聽聽The short journey to the front door was painfully nerve-wracking. Both brothers were very light sleepers, and he knew that any slight sound would wake them. He practically stood on his tiptoes the entire way, which wasn鈥檛 an easy task in his hard-toed boots.
聽聽Thankfully, he managed to throw his cloak over his shoulders and open the door, exiting with barely any noise. He pulled the warm fabric tightly around his body as he made his way over to the guard who was watching you and stoking the fire, to help give you a little bit of extra warmth.
聽聽鈥淪uhan.鈥 Jimin greeted. The guard bowed immediately, dropping the long stick that he had been using to poke at the fire. 鈥淧rince Jimin. I was just trying to keep him warm so that he didn鈥檛 freeze like the little girl.鈥
聽聽Jimin waved him off. 鈥淚 figured as much. That鈥檚 good, Jin and Hoseok will kill us if we return with a frozen corpse instead of a healthy groom鈥︹ He gestured to the smaller, stiff body next to you. 鈥淪o, she鈥檚 really dead?鈥
聽聽The guard nodded, sadness passing over his face. 鈥淵es鈥 can鈥檛 tell if she froze to death due to being underdressed, or if it was due to shock. She stopped moving shortly after the servant drifted off.鈥
聽聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 want him to wake up to a dead child laying on him.鈥 Jimin said. 鈥淏ut I don鈥檛 want my brother to have a fit if he realizes that I stopped him from suffering even just a little bit鈥︹ He gave the guard a wry smile. 鈥淎re you good at keeping secrets?鈥
聽聽The guard seemed taken aback by Jimin鈥檚 easy-going attitude over such a sad thing, but he nodded. 鈥淵-Yes, of course, my Prince. Would you like me to take her over to the bushes?鈥 He asked.
聽聽Jimin shook his head. 鈥淣o. I don鈥檛 want to risk her being found by anyone. If a villager finds her and says anything, then we practically moved the girl for nothing. I鈥檓 going to put her in the ocean.鈥 He reached into the small leather pack that the guard had left on the ground nearby, pulling out a rope. 鈥淲e鈥檒l weigh her down and push her off of the dock. This is an ocean-side village, so they no doubt live off of it. I think that it鈥檚 meaningful in a way, y鈥檏now?鈥
聽聽He began to gently pry the little girl away from you, ignoring how cold her body felt on his hands. When he managed to get her a good distance from you, he waved the guard over. 鈥淕o find me a heavy rock.鈥 He said. 鈥淎nd then bring it over to the dock.鈥
聽聽Jimin didn鈥檛 wait for him to respond, scooping the girl up and shuffling awkwardly down to the large wooden platform. When he managed to make a quarter of the way towards the end, he dropped the stiff body with a quiet thud. His arms were going numb from the human icicle that used to be a smiling child, and it was beginning to become uncomfortable. He gripped her thin leg, dragging her the rest of the way. A few moments later, the guard was approaching him with a large, dark gray rock in his arms.
聽聽He grunted, placing it down next to Jimin. 鈥淧rince, do you know how to tie a good knot?鈥 He asked. Jimin scoffed. 鈥淥f course I do鈥hy do you think that the ladies love me?鈥 He asked, unfurling the rope.
聽聽He began to work quickly, tying a secure knot around the small waist of the child. Then, he tethered her to the large rock that the guard had brought. When he was satisfied, he stood up. 鈥淚 need you to throw the rock in.鈥 He said to the guard, backing away.
聽聽Jimin allowed him to give the body one last sad look, before he hefted the large stone up again and dropped it into the dark waters below. Jimin watched with a sort of strange fascination as the little girls body slid from the dock, disappearing over the edge of the wooden structure. There was another splash as her body fell into the waters, not to be found most likely ever again.
聽聽He approached the edge and stared down into the inky darkness, as if expecting a small figure to pop back out of the water in desperation. But nothing emerged from the surface, and Jimin grew bored with watching.
聽聽He turned away from the water and clapped the guard on the back. 鈥淕ood job. Go ahead and switch rounds with another guard, get some rest.鈥
聽聽The guard watched him retreat back towards the sandy shore, his cloak pulled tightly around his slender frame.
聽聽Jimin was satisfied. He passed you on his way back to his temporary hut, shooting a quick glance at your strained face. You were still asleep, thankfully, but also shivering extremely hard. Jimin pulled his cloak from his shoulders and laid it over top of the blanket that Jungkook had given you earlier.
聽聽Happy with himself, he rushed back into the warmth of the hut. You wouldn鈥檛 know what he had done for a while, but eventually he would tell you. And he would be expecting a 鈥榯hank you鈥 in return.
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catboyroycebracketa month ago
Hey hi hello thanks for giving me daily transistor content hope you dont mind me asking but do you have any thoughts on selections and Boxers reluctance to chose? That was always something that caught my attention that i wish was explored more!
OHHHHHHHHHHHH absolutely!!!!!!! SO his lines regarding this are as follows:
Tumblr media
subtitles of 鈥淒oors_81鈥 said when observing the selections office towards the end(?i believe) of the canals
Tumblr media
found on his function file ^
these two single lines of dialogue provide So so much characterization for him!!!! we know selections are something very personally important to each individual in cloudbank (see red and royce, the disillusioned artists, not citing any reasons for theirs), but also something thats Public Information. look at this OVC ticker:
Tumblr media
(appears only in the 8th Terminal, the amelia article about the sports game being cancelled) it would seem selections are something each individual chooses as part of their public profile when they finish schooling (traverson halls placement in the general education system seems similar to our concept of college, as reds file says thats where she started studying city planning but switched to music... the specificity of those makes me think theyre closer to choosing a major rather than being just highschool classes.) that OVC ticker tells us the unveiling of what each student chooses to say about how how theyll serve cloudbank is a Big Event, and/or its media coverage is extensive enough that its something the average citizen is inclined to tune into in order to keep up with the city. the people love their city. so selections are a BIG deal both to the individual, and to the city as a whole.
we can also assume that part of choosing your selections is 鈥渃ompleting鈥 your public profile via providing information on yourself. mr nobodys lack of selections goes hand in hand with his lack of public photo and disclosure of name/gender/age.
mansistor hasnt made any selections yet, and this is part of why theres no file on him; he hasnt allowed cloudbank to keep tabs on who he is. i wouldnt call it a聽鈥渞eluctance鈥 on his part!! its deliberate!! hes off the grid on purpose!!! the very Reason he hasnt made any selections (and subsequently, any public comments whatsoever) is he specifically wants it this way: the phrasing of 鈥渟till figuring it out鈥 when he very clearly Does have a specific line of work comes off as him evading the question when asked by admins/terminals. of course it is very possible he Is in fact still figuring out his purpose in the city.... but he Very Clearly has a specific history in specific jobs. him saying 鈥渓ooks like i can put it off for longer鈥 when the canals are completely wiped and theres no one operating the office is another one of his goofs. i interpret it as he wasnt literally 鈥減utting it off鈥, its something he Never intended to do, and hes saying it as a joke about how dire the situation is (as he does..... the phrasing of it may also imply a previous conversation between red and him....)
hes clearly past the age of choosing selections, as we assume hes around reds age, and red attended traverson hall then made her selections in her early twenties. he very clearly shares a lot of ideals with red, and he loves his city very very much, he knows it like the back of his hand!!! but he Intentionally never let the city learn who he is!!!! exactly why hes done this is unclear.. the implication that hes some sort of former underground boxer-turned-secret-bodyguard that simply doesnt Want mass surveillance to have any concept of him is what i understand the reason to be!
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muthaz-rapapaa month ago
TroPre Ep 11: Moar Laura development, YEARSH!
Tumblr media
Last week marked one of the usual Precure season checkpoints in the form of the first group attack...but it also signaled the start of anticipation for the next event: mid-season Cure debut.
Now it would be dumb to say anything against Laura becoming Cure La Mer聽especially if you鈥檝e seen the leaks already聽when the next 10 episodes are purposely set up to bring her closer to earning that title.
Though far from perfect, she鈥檚 already shown that she does care for others beside herself (especially when it comes to Manatsu) and this episode further highlights how much she鈥檚 changed just by hanging around with the other girls.
Laura, the selfish and conceited mermaid, has learned what it means to be聽lonely.
Tumblr media
First sign, the curiosity and yearning for what鈥檚 beyond the sea.
Before, Laura scoffed at the idea of the human world, thinking it as an inferior realm to the mermaids鈥 one.
However, after spending some time up at the surface, she finally admits that there a things here that聽鈥渁ren鈥檛 so bad鈥 (haha, ever the tsun).
Tumblr media
Then the sand art contest.
It鈥檚 an activity for everyone to enjoy and have fun together...except Laura because the team can鈥檛 risk people discovering there鈥檚 a mermaid among them.
She tries to act like it doesn鈥檛 affect her, like it鈥檚 a trivial matter for one who aims to be Queen (again, throwing up that tsun wall聽really high) and such...
Tumblr media
But the more she tries to deny it and use聽鈥渢aking embarrassing pictures鈥 as an excuse to hide her own restlessness, the more it becomes apparent that she hates being left out.
Because she never had friends before Precure, I assume.
She was always fine just being absorbed in her own world, where she鈥檚 the center of everything. She was convinced she didn鈥檛 need anyone, just pawns to order around to do her bidding.
The Cures didn鈥檛 give her that sort of satisfaction. Instead, their presence didn鈥檛 just force Laura to see them as necessary allies...but that they were her equals as well.
Tumblr media
If Laura didn鈥檛 remotely view them as such, she would not be this upset over not being able to participate.
Frankly, a mermaid doesn鈥檛 need to make sand art. It serves her no purpose whatsoever.
But that fact that she can鈥檛 do it聽because she鈥檚 a mermaid bothers her most of all.
They are always being told that she鈥檚 not allowed to join them, it stings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then we take another step further.
Manatsu鈥檚 worried that the sand art will collapse under the rain and wants to preserve them so as not to waste the participants鈥 efforts.
What does Laura do? Go聽鈥渉mph!鈥, turn up her nose and not care since she wasn鈥檛 included?
No! She showed Manatsu a way to protect the sand art by suggesting the parachutes as a cover.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Manatsu thanks her...and Laura smiles at that. No trace of smugness either.
Even though she couldn鈥檛 come out of the Aqua Pot and play in the sand with the rest of them, at least she was still able to contribute to it in some way.
In fact, it was perhaps the most important one since it prevented the contest from being totally ruined (not counting the Yaraneda appearance).
And Laura鈥檚 actually satisfied with that. She didn鈥檛 even demand thanks afterwards (if she did, it would鈥檝e been shown), she was just glad she could play a part.
Tumblr media
Yet the 鈥減roblem鈥 remains. She鈥檚 still a mermaid and that greatly limits her to staying in the Aqua Pot when the team does stuff that are not Precure-related.
Laura鈥檚 world has expanded. It鈥檚 not just only her anymore. It includes the other girls as well.
Being the one who鈥檚 the most different in their group...will make her wish there was some way she could be more like them so she doesn鈥檛 have to be alone.
This is what鈥檚 becoming most important to her...more than wanting to become Queen!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And oh, this part!
Laura not only thought that there was no need to thank her (it wasn鈥檛 like it was a brilliant idea or anything)...but that she didn鈥檛 deserve thanks either because the entire time, she was just watching everyone from inside the Pot. She聽鈥渄idn鈥檛 really do anything鈥 that warrants gratitude. This coming from a mermaid who鈥檚 always looking for validation? Insisting praise be heaped on her for just existing?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then Manatsu proclaims they鈥檒l definitely do something together next time.
It鈥檚 not clear whether she picked up Laura鈥檚 feelings on being left out or not...but obviously, Manatsu sees Laura as just as important as anyone else. Her being a mermaid makes no difference, she鈥檚 still a friend and as friends, they鈥檙e going to stick together!
Laura鈥檚 unsure because it鈥檚 not like just saying things will change anything...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But the fact that Manatsu wants to spend time with her, wants her to be included in everything their team does, it renders Laura unable to argue back.
Laura can鈥檛 find it in herself to dismiss the offer with her usual haughty fa莽ade.
She gives a meek聽鈥渙kay鈥 because she wants it too.
She wants to hang with the other girls. She wants to have fun with them. She wants to not be the only one in her own universe anymore.
And to make that wish come true, she will inevitably change.
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franticpoetica month ago
This is by far one of the best dramas Ive watched and the best this year for me! Also the most violent Ive watched but Its both a light and dark drama and the balance between both is just nice! And this is definitely not a repentance drama;not our anti-hero nor our villains repent in this drama but Vinny's purpose is different from them.
Jang Han Seo's death got me sad! I was sceptical of his change at first but seeing him redeem himself and helping Vincenzo,all he wanted was just to be acknowledge by someone he respects. His brother made his life miserable and to meet Vincenzo and the latter acknowledging and accepting him,that was nice. And he got to hear Vinny saying he's his brother in his final breath;that scene was sweet!
I was wondering how do I write this,so I'll just make it simple. Vinny really kept his promise of a slow death for our 2 most evil villains;Choi Myung Hee&Jang Han Seok. I already knew that the former was gonna die,she had no repentance whatsoever and even played dumb whenever a murder occurred and she gets interrogated. And to actually team up with Han Seok and even supported him,how cruel. So her death and Han Seok was not to be pitied at all since they had it coming. They messed with a Mafia Lawyer and thought they'll die by a gun,I too had thought of that but Vincenzo took it up a notch. I dont need to talk about Han Seok since he never had any repentance anyway and like his brother and Cha Young said,maybe he shouldn't have been born. Both of them only apologized for fear of dying and the pain;not for all the things they did.
The only thing Im not satisfied is the ending. I had hoped that Vinny would have somehow be able to live in Korea and with our Cassano Geumga Family but well,I'll just imagine that Cha Young will fly to Malta(?) with our CGF!
I had thought and hoped that he would actually be arrested and serve his sentence and then after release,work under Mr An&Mr Cho as either a legal lawyer or as an undercover. And then live happily with our CGF. Just my thoughts.
Kudos and I mean it a 馃挴% to our actors and actresses in this drama. From the heroes to villains,they all did a good job of executing their characters. I especially love the chemistry between our Geumga Family! Like in the Game Caterers or Vincenzo special,they describe the lively shoot they have and Song Joong Ki even said he always look forward to shooting everyday!
Im fine with how it ended though unsatisfactory but for a season 2? Im not so sure about that unless theres a new villain and Vinny can live in Korea normally and the whole CGF comes back, then I'll probably watch. Till then,rewatching our CASSANO GEUMGA FAMILY scenes again and again. Cassano Geumga Family forever!
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annibunnysworlda month ago
Overall a good episode. One of the best in a while. I hope they can keep this up. Though I also hope they make it less busy next time. There was almost one too many storylines going on at once. You could have easily canned the whole Kaleb/Cleo/Alaric storyline until next ep.
I'm not really all that excited about them bringing back Dark!Josie as a cheap gimmick. She was never a fun iteration and never will be. Just leave her dead in the fairytale world where she belongs.
It's also just not an interesting storyline for Josie. Like, I'm sorry, but the fact that she was so adamant about not using magic anymore (with good reason) and now she's back to using it and will probably be moving back to the school in the next couple of eps, what was the point of her whole "I wanna be human" storyline?
I'm not mad at Lizzie this episode. She may have crossed the line, but there was no sure fire way to know that Finch DIDN'T kill someone in cold blood. Especially with the way she's been acting in the past. Sad for her for sure but I still don't find her character all that interesting and I don't think she has chemistry with Josie whatsoever.
The whole MG and Ethan plot could have also been canned until the next episode. There were just too many cooks in the kitchen on this one.
They're FINALLY hinting at a backstory for Kaleb. ABOUT TIME. Now give me MG's and Jed's and Wade's too, you COWARDS!
Speaking of my Wade, my lil baby bean!!! Literally, they should come to him about everything always. He has SO much monster knowledge but they never ask him for help like the idiots they are. And the fact that he's not only protecting the school on his off-days but is also the only one to notice something off about Landon? Give my mans his detective badge NOW!
Speaking of Landon too, of course they had him be an impersonater because god forbid he go through actual development. I swear the writers really do hate Aria and Landon so much for no reason.
Hope apologized to Josie so good on that. I still don't ship them but I would hate for them to not be friends.
WHERE'S DORIAN?! Why can't he go on info gathering missions too? Don't dangle him in front of me for an episode and then rip him away again!!!
Is the Necromancer dead for real? I really hope so. So help me if he's the one possessing Landon.
Why do they keep showing Clark? He's either the skull dude or the one possessing Landon and I could already care less.
What even is Alaric doing on this show anymore? Like, what great purpose does he serve other than being connected to the TVDU universes past? And why does he still look 40 when he should be almost 60 by now?
Do you see how good this show can be when it's not JUST the monster plots every episode? Or at least not the Gremlin-type monsters. And I liked the Christmas episode so that's saying a lot.
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therealvinellea month ago
Vinelle (and muffin since I know they'll see this too~!), I don't know if you guys have made a post ranking the Twilight books and why (including Bree and L&D if applicable) but I'd love to hear your opinions! (also if you could rank the Twi movies from least worst to most worst and why that'd be awesome too! 030 hi key love your rants on the movies and would love to hear y'alls thoughts more on them)-Sw
You鈥檝e caught us out, anon.
And thanks to you, we spent last night watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 so we could rank it. @theoriginalcarnivorousmuffin hadn鈥檛 seen it at all, while I half-remembered it from years ago. A terrible time was had because that movie was unwatchably bad.
Since this ask was sent jointly, our answer was co-written.
So, without further ado, movies first:
1. Twilight
This is a bad movie, but it鈥檚 recognizably a movie. The scenes are connected, there are things it did well, and we could tell you what the plot is. The awkwardness, for instance, is very well done. The weaknesses are glaring, the main one being that the film never sells us on the characters of Bella and Edward, nor on their relationship, relying instead on the audience knowing they鈥檙e in love because- well, they鈥檙e in love.
Diving deeper into Edward and Bella, there鈥檚 an understandable explanation for this. Edward of the books is terrifying, and I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 a translation to screen that could have kept the romantic atmosphere surrounding him that we see from Bella鈥檚 point of view.
Bella can listen to Edward eating Biology and how he explains that it means how much he loves her and not blink. An actual audience hearing that dialogue will have second thoughts.
Right out of the gate, Twilight has a very difficult task: Salvage Edward Cullen while still producing a somewhat recognizable character who will take the same actions (or near the same actions) that Edward Cullen did in the book.
In the effort to make Edward palatable but save some of his original character he loses his more terrifying lines (as well as his hilarious ego) but becomes weird, awkward, and vaguely creepy. Edward Cullen of the films is that weird, friendless guy in your high school who you feel kind of bad for but don鈥檛 want to eat lunch with.
Bella faces a similar transformation. Bella鈥檚 insecurity is completely removed (or else the screenwriters somehow failed to notice it). As a result, we get this strange antisocial girl who is too cool for school because she鈥檚 a stuck up bitch.
Between Edward, this creepy guy who sits next to her in Biology, and Bella, this girl who enters school too good for everyone else, we see no reason why they would ever be interested in one another.
In an attempt to make these characters likeable they made them both unlikeable and boring. The film series as a whole never recovers from this (indeed, the quest to make Edward look good keeps leading to stranger and stranger places).聽
It also forgets to explain why the Cullens live among humans, they鈥檙e attending high school鈥 because. It鈥檚 a movie that explained to us all those terrible 2010 era memes and 鈥渟till a better love story than Twilight鈥. And frankly, those memes were great, better than the movie. Case in point.
Everything is weirdly blue, which is atmospheric but also makes everything and everyone washed out. Everyone is super pale, so you have Mike looking just as vampire-y as Edward. However, it鈥檚 recognizably a movie. It introduces the characters, recognizes that the audience needs to be informed of things that are important to the plot, and most scenes are in some way connected to the plot. This is more than can be said for the other films, which is why it lands the top slot.
2. Eclipse
Eclipse earns its second place by process of elimination. The remaining three were worse. Eclipse also features Edward being cuckolded mercilessly, which is hilarious. Oh, and Victoria playing Riley, that was another beautiful scene.
Apart from that it鈥檚 just a deeply boring, borderline unwatchable movie.
Special shoutouts go to:
The opening scene of Riley getting turned, a ridiculous and poorly executed scene that served no purpose for the movie whatsoever.
Rosalie dropping her backstory without any context, Bella walks up to her and Rosalie launches into this horrific story for no particular reason. Both her and Jasper鈥檚 backstories could have been cut, as they served no purpose to the story and felt really thrown in there.
The many, many redundant scenes. The Victoria chase that ends with the Cullens and Quileutes squabbling could have been cut entirely. So too could the Seattle subplot with the newborns and Bree.
It鈥檚 a movie that isn鈥檛 about anything in particular, so it throws subplot spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It dutifully regurgitates the Jacob/Bella/Edward love triangle while also trying to convey that Bella鈥檚 about to lose her mortality, while also trying to introduce suspense and excitement with the newborns. It fails to execute either of these, and it also fails to tie them together.
3. New Moon
The movie that wanted to skip itself.
This movie had two jobs, show that Bella is depressed when Edward leaves and convince the audience of Bella and Jacob鈥檚 strong friendship. And apart the rotating shots and the occasional Stewart voiceover, the former becomes one of those 鈥渏ust stay with us on this one, guys鈥 failures, and the second is failed on every level. Jake and Bella are much closer at the beginning of this movie than they were in canon, and a montage of Bella hanging out with her buddy is just that, it鈥檚 a montage of Bella hanging out with her buddy. It speaks volumes that Stewart鈥檚 voiceover has to remind us she鈥檚 depressed and Jacob is helping her heal, because there鈥檚 no indicator on screen that this is happening.
This, in turn, makes Bella/Jake as weak and unconvincing as Bella/Edward was in the previous movie. We just have to take on faith that these people are important to each other because that鈥檚 what we鈥檙e told.
There鈥檚 also the wolves, who are completely butchered. In the books, there鈥檚 this great mystery with bears in the woods, there鈥檚 Bella wondering why Laurent ran off, there鈥檚 build-up, then when we find out what鈥檚 actually been happening it鈥檚 a satisfying explanation, all the pieces come together really nicely. This is not the case in the movie. Meeting the pack is just weird in this context, because we never wondered who they were. Bella is randomly invited to breakfast, we meet Emily with the scarred face who won鈥檛 ever have a line again, and that鈥檚 it, these characters don鈥檛 become important to the movie in any way. It鈥檚 a pointless scene that could have been cut, much like so many other scenes in these movies.
Apart from that, the Volturi scene from the books is butchered so I hardly recognize it, and Alice, Carlisle, and Edward鈥檚 characters are assassinated to an impressive degree considering they were barely in the movie.
It was hard to watch.
It lands third place because somehow, Breaking Dawn was worse.
4. Breaking Dawn Part Two
I鈥檒l just list the positives: the intro was very pretty and promised a better movie. It was also long, which we appreciated because it took away from the movie鈥檚 runtime. (This is not at all an exaggeration, a lot of the time watching all five movies was spent looking at the remaining runtime and groaning.) The Tommy Wiseau sex scene in the sex cabin was uncomfortable, but the fact that it would have fit perfectly in The Room made it funny. The Romanians were genuinely, unironically, great, because of all of Carlisle鈥檚 trashy friends, these were the only ones the movie didn鈥檛 try to convince us weren鈥檛 trashy.
This movie ranks above Breaking Dawn Part One because of the things listed above.
Apart from that, something all of these movies, but especially the last four, suffer from is that they don鈥檛 have plots so much as they have a check list of things to put in the movie before they can call it a wrap. This movie is the worst offender of that, and it鈥檚 made worse by the film鈥檚 expectation that the people are fans who already know what鈥檚 happening, and therefore don鈥檛 need anything explained. I鈥檒l explain what we mean by that.
We get Bella waking up a vampire, and absolutely nothing is explained. If you don鈥檛 know what happened in the last movie then fuck you. Bella then goes hunting, we get the hiker, we get the mountain lion, she goes back to meet Renesm茅e, finds out Jake imprinted on her daughter, we get the sex cabin, the handwrestling with Emmett. The Charlie problem is introduced (poorly), only to be solved a scene later with emotional payoff that had absolutely no buildup. All of these things, and the rest of the movie as well for that matter, feels like we鈥檙e just crossing items off a list.
Since the audience is expected to already know the story, the story only bothers to explain about half of what鈥檚 happening, if half. Who鈥檚 the lady living with Charlie? If you don鈥檛 know, don鈥檛 worry because it鈥檚 not important anyway. When did Kate and Garrett fall in love? If you don鈥檛 care, that's understandable, because they鈥檝e barely interacted in the movie. Who are the Amazonian women? Do they have names? Don鈥檛 worry about it. Did Alistair actually leave, if so did that have an impact? Well, Bella stared at a window for a few seconds.
Every so often the characters will start quoting the books, and it鈥檒l be completely out of place because these movies veered off course long ago. Carlisle references his great friendship with Aro, a friendship that was only briefly mentioned at the beginning of the second movie. Aro randomly starts talking about how scary human technology is.
All of these scenes feel like Marcus is telling the story, he鈥檚 just listing events waiting for the story to be over, and forgets a lot of pertinent details because he doesn鈥檛 care enough to remember them. There鈥檚 no effort to tie these scenes together, no effort to build up to anything.
There鈥檚 also one significant failure, and this is a failure shared by all five films, but it affects the plot (I use the term 鈥減lot鈥 loosely) of this movie which is why it gets a special shoutout here. Vampires in these movies look human. The fact that Bella has to ask Edward is Gianna the secretary is human says it all, because in the books you know instantly, there鈥檚 not even a question. This makes the Charlie subplot ridiculous, because Bella looks and acts the same as ever. She had a trashy makeover, maybe, but she鈥檚 still Bella. Watching her get human acting classes after we watched her act perfectly human is just silly. Now, we鈥檙e all for suspension of belief, but this movie just pencil drew a moustache on her and the audience is supposed to go 鈥淢y god, Bella, I didn鈥檛 recognize you!鈥
We then get to the atrocious fight scene, which was somehow worse than I remembered. It was also oddly long for a giant fake out. This scene took significant run time and it turns out to have 0 effect on the plot. And when we get back to the real world, the tonal shift is extreme. You can鈥檛 go from Jane being choked, dragged across the snow and face eaten by a wolf to her standing around chilling. We could have skipped it entirely, just had Alice touch Aro鈥檚 hand, and he goes 鈥淎h, I see, cheerio.鈥
The end credits were pretty funny, 鈥渉ere are these random characters with bit parts in previous movies, isn鈥檛 this nostalgic?鈥. Nice try, movie. The fact this came after an extended clip show of the great romance of Edward and Bella, through blurry montage images that failed to be convincing in their original films let alone this one, just made it even more hilarious. Hope you didn鈥檛 completely ruin the director鈥檚 career, though honestly you should a bit.
5. Breaking Dawn Part One
As you can probably tell by the above entries, the fact that this is the worst one is really saying something. All the movies were hard to watch, but this one required pure strength of will to power through.
The big issue is that Breaking Dawn shouldn鈥檛 have been split in the first place. However, it was, and that meant that we got a movie that was almost entirely filler. (Followed, somehow, by a movie that was also largely filler.)
We get everybody preparing for the wedding. What do Mike and Jessica think of Bella and Edward getting married? What鈥檚 that, you don鈥檛 care? Well, now you know anyway. We get the full wedding, as in the whole fucking thing, including the afterparty. We get Bella and Edward traveling to their island, and there鈥檚 filler in the filler where they go clubbing in Rio. We then get every minute detail of the wedding night followed by every minute detail of the honeymoon.
There鈥檚 fanservice, and then there鈥檚 this. This was live action fanfiction.
NOTHING that in any way is relevant to the story happens, the closest we get is Irina looking stoned. Too bad the Denali鈥 refusal to help out in Eclipse was cut from the last movie, in fact I鈥檓 not sure they were mentioned at all previously in these movies (I think maybe Edward had a one-line reference in Twilight?) so this means nothing to people who haven鈥檛 read the books.
We then get to the pregnancy arc, which could have been Rosemary鈥檚 Baby but is instead as outrageously boring as the first half of the movie was. The director must have realized as much, because he gives us Jacob鈥檚 alpha plot that should have been cut from the movie (yes, I know it was in the books, but the thing about adaptations is that things have to go. For the record, I think Meyer should have cut it too). That subplot was straight out of an anime, by the way. Jacob claiming his ancestral rights as alpha while listing off his titles and the soaring music, was鈥 every shounen anime, ever. Complete with the shitty voice acting.
It was a soul-crushingly boring movie.
Something that screws over the last four movies is that they were made to feed the fangirls, and generate revenue because the producers knew the fans were coming to watch the books they liked come to life, so they just had to throw scenes from the books and into the movies and let the magic happen. This is a terrible way to adapt something.
Special shoutout too to having to watch Taylor Lautner run around shirtless in four out of five movies. That was very uncomfortable and none of us needed that in our lives, Lautner included.
Super special shoutout to the fact that we disagree with nearly all the casting.
And this isn鈥檛 the post for that, but all of the characters were butchered. Some more than others, and some more insidiously than others. It鈥檚 the big things, like Carlisle鈥檚 character being turned on its head since he thinks all vampires are damned, exactly the opposite of what he thinks in the books, and the little things, like Jasper and Bella being buddies who bicker fondly in New Moon.聽
Then the books:
1. Midnight Sun
HANDS DOWN. This is easily our favorite thing to come out of the entire Twilight franchise.
Edward is every kind of crazy at the same time, all the time, and it makes every single sentence packed with delirious entertainment. Reading this book is having a stroke, a psychotic episode, and watching five different true crime shows all at once. We adore every letter of it. (That鈥檚 no exaggeration, we even laughed about Edward capitalizing 鈥淪on鈥 when Carlisle refers to him as 鈥渟on鈥 in conversation.)
The book was more than we鈥檇 dared to hope for, one of those rare books that makes you go 鈥淭his was written just for me.鈥
2. Twilight
The one that started it all.
Vampires are wonderfully creepy. Things like Bella staring at Carlisle acting like the mundane town doctor shortly after learning just how old he is, Alice explaining how vampires kill all, and the uncanny valley perfection of the Cullens all add to the otherness of these vampires, and the general atmosphere of the book.
The love story is convincing. Edward seen through the eyes of Bella is wonderful, the red flags are there but if it weren鈥檛 for the books that followed we wouldn鈥檛 have decried the ship the way we do.
3. Eclipse
Breaking Dawn is the more interesting book, but Eclipse has less things we outright don鈥檛 like. We get to know all the characters better, Edward and Bella are their usual beautiful selves, and it鈥檚 overall peak Twilight.
4. Breaking Dawn
Would have ranked much higher, we like what it did. Without it we wouldn鈥檛 be in this fandom now, as it brought so much amazing content. The baby plot is fine by us, Carlisle鈥檚 friends are great, the Volturi confrontation is a beautiful, if bleak culmination of preventable events. There鈥檚 a lot of great stuff in this book.
Unfortunately, and there鈥檚 just no diplomatic way to put this, so I鈥檒l just come out with it: there鈥檚 too much Jacob.
He no longer had a reason to be in the story, given the way Eclipse ended he had every reason not to be in it. In spite of that we get an entire third of the book from his point of view, and then damned if he鈥檚 not shoehorned into the last third as well. He added absolutely nothing to the story, he was just there taking up space and being possessive of a toddler. His POV section was tough to get through, and his presence in book three was just painful. He should have been cut.
5. New Moon
This was the book we had to power through. There are some very good things in it, most notably the Volturi scene, but the Muffin and I enjoy Twilight for the vampires, and that makes Laurent and Hallucination!Edward the highlights of the part of the book where Edward is gone.
There鈥檚 also the fact that Jacob isn鈥檛 a very compelling character. He has to carry the book now that the Cullens aren鈥檛 doing it, and he simply isn鈥檛 up for it.
Yes, we鈥檙e aware that these books are ranked according to how much Jacob is in them. We don鈥檛 even hate him, not at all, it鈥檚 just that he鈥檚 boring.
(That being said, the books at their worst are better than the movies at their best. Jacob narrating his perfect playdate with Renesm茅e would still be preferable to鈥 I鈥檓 trying to think of a good scene from the movies. Hm, nevermind.)
As for The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and Life and Death, only I have read Bree Tanner and I don鈥檛 remember it well enough to give a proper assessment. I was bored with the OCs, though, bored to tears, throughout that book I was itching for Victoria and the Cullens. We have not read Life and Death, but we鈥檙e offended by its existence so it ranks bottom.
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free-falling-grenadea month ago
Cannnn you please do like a list/headcanons of little facts about Raya??? pretty pless
Ooo okay okay. I can do that:
Raya is ambidextrous af. Pretty much a survival perk she had to master with her years of being alone and encountering bandits or mercenaries. Many smart bandits would target her right hand/arm specifically so she wouldn鈥檛 be able to whip her sword out. So, she decides one day when her arm is fully dysfunctional and poorly wrapped in a makeshift bandage and sling,聽 to practice her left hand skills. She forces herself to eat, write and fight with her left hand. How to flip and land as smoothly with her left as her right.聽 She purposely moves her sheathed sword to the right side of her belt so she can practice unsheathing it using her left hand and using the weird angle to her advantage to use her right hand sometimes as well to stun some of her enemies.
(I saw this headcanon through someone else and I highly agreed so i thought i should expand) Raya at 16 would find underground fighting competitions in the deep slumps of Tail. At first, she would participate to get some jade but she loses her first few matches much to her embarrassment. But then again, the fighters are twice her age and size. A lone traveler takes pity on her and takes her under her wing one night after a great loss that left her bleeding on the the stage. The traveler, a Tail woman, takes care of her wounds and offers to teach her further fighting skills to tweak her style in exchange for nothing. She compliments her agility but reprimands her for using it wrong. Raya reluctantly agrees, unsure at first coz of the woman not asking for anything back but not having much to offer or lose. She trains with her night and day, only offering her water, not food as the traveler catches on her trust issues. She offers her jades instead to buy her own food to keep her health from deteriorating. They don鈥檛 talk much, nothing personal, mostly about her training and fighting related topics. They dont dare venture deeper to their personal business. She tests her skills one day during another underground fight, bets going around, a big sum of jade on the winner. She鈥檚 determined but the size of her opponent is three times her size and she almost falters. She sees her teacher in the dark corner of the room, observing her strictly. She remembers her teachings on how to not be intimidated by someone physically stronger than her. She has her speed, her flexibility and agility as her weapon.聽 Basically, she wins the the match and the next few ones until the traveler informs her that its time to end their lessons. Raya is surprise to find herself disheartened, for once having company other than Tuktuk an actual pleasure of being around. She tells her one day she鈥檒l be able to thank her personally but the traveler dismisses her gratitude saying she has only done what she thought must be done. She leaves without a words. Raya only fighting a few more matches to have a crazy enough jade with her to continue her travels into finding Sisu.聽
Which leads to a headcanon that Raya actually met more good people along the way. But didn鈥檛 let herself get too personal and attached. Enough for her to actually remember. Her trust issues are still present but she鈥檚 not dumb enough to acknowledge genuine acts of kindness.聽
Raya is hella introverted. Being used to her time alone for all those years has taught her how to sit in her own thoughts and relish the quiet. She has her friends, Boun, Tong, Noi, Sisu and Namaari but there are times where she鈥檇 rather be alone. Her energy easily depleted after a social interaction. Taking a while to recharge till she can. Although, Namaari is an exception. The Fang princess allowed to be by her side, the only one who seems to understand Raya鈥檚 desire for the quiet.
Which leads to another headcanon. Raya is sensitive to noise, having it trigger her sometimes when it gets too loud or irritable. Or noises she can鈥檛 distinguish the sound off, or has no control whatsoever. She has to step away before she goes into sensory overload.聽 It鈥檚 why social gatherings, or Kumandra鈥檚 esteemed parties never sits well with her. Her own heart and mind trained to be cautious, the loud noise usually causing her to get disoriented and the feeling of unsafety spreads through her in panic. Namaari is by her side instant dragging her away when this happens.聽
She can actually cook, despite her horrible attempts of dried jackfruit jerky for years. Jackfruit being her only source of food that she didn鈥檛 have to blatantly steal out of someone else鈥檚 hands and hard work. She has learned from her Ba even before they were turned to stone. She was taught how sharing a meal is one of the most important thing in friendships and relationships, strengthening their bond to great heights. Namaari was surprised one day when she was invited to Heart and Raya was the one cooking and serving her the food.
She can sing! Of course she can, but its mostly to herself or when she鈥檚 alone. Namaari catches her one day, her cat like stealth making her undetectable. One night Raya can鈥檛 sleep in Fang, she steps away to the training grounds, Namaari follows closely but she decides to observe for a while, not wanting to disrupt the alone time the Heart princess might have preferred. She listens to her sing in the middle of the training grounds, not even bothering to practice any moves. She just sits on the sparring platform in the middle and letting the natural echo and reverberations of the room enhance her voice.聽 Namaari just falls inlove a bit more after that.
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darkpoisonouslovea month ago
Top 5 plotlines that make no sense (excl s8 so it doesn鈥檛 take up the list)
90% of this show doesn鈥檛 make sense so top 5 will be a real challenge but let鈥檚 see:
1. The entire plot of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. It is a goddamn mess and so bad for the overall arc of the show, I can鈥檛 even. The prophecy they shoved in there is dumb and so does not come true. Winx - and worst of all, Bloom - didn鈥檛 do anything to free Domino. Sky pretty much got everything done. It was terrible. What were they thinking?
2. The Trix coming out of the Legendarium (even though they should have become fiction by then) in season 7 and having FAIRY animals all of a sudden. Like, bro, what the absolute, honest, genuine fuck? How does any of that make sense. Please, stop. I am begging you to stop.
3. The Avalon plotline is really dumb because if Darkar can corrupt anyone (which he said he can and I am inclined to believe since even Bloom was turned dark despite the Dragon Fire), why make a double of Avalon? Why not just corrupt the real Avalon? But they wanted the real one to get free and go to Alfea because everyone there is too dumb to notice how predatory fake!Avalon is towards Bloom. And I don鈥檛 even want to mention the fact that real Avalon still had the invitation Faragonda sent him. Not only did Darkar not think of stealing that and giving it to fake!Avalon but Faragonda, the absolute dumbass, did not ask to see it when fake!Avalon arrived at Alfea. Because why would you want any proof of someone鈥檚 identity in a world where people can shapeshift and you know the Shadow Phoenix is on the loose?!
4. Fixing the Emperor鈥檚 Throne without the last seal from the Pillar of Control. That was so dumb. They set some rules and then they broke them on purpose just like they did with Bloom鈥檚 Enchantix in season 3 (and Tecna鈥檚).
5. Flora鈥檚 sudden insecurities in herself that lasted throughout most of season 5 to have no resolution at all and just vanish in the next season
Dishonorable mentions:
all of season 7 (but there was no plotline there at all)
the pixies spending all season trapped in the Legendarium in s6 without becoming fiction
whatever the hell they were doing with Daphne in s6
Bloom鈥檚 sulking in 6x11 and 6x12... nvm, just put all of season 6 in here too
the bullshit relationship drama in season 4 that took up about 1/3 of the season and served no purpose whatsoever
The Wizards showing up after Bloom pulled off the sheet covering the painting of them. What, did she summon them? What the hell?
Also, favorite moment when they cut off the wings of the Earth fairies but they grew back! Makes perfect sense. If you鈥檙e gonna do anything, then fucking commit to it!
Don鈥檛 even get me into the timelines of the Wizards plot and the destruction of Domino.
Them being able to use Charmix and Gloomix in the Wildlands even though it was said to be a magic-free realm. If it鈥檚 magic free, there should me no magic, no matter how powerful any of them are. That was really stupid and annoying.
The fairy dust has no set rules of working. It obviously does not remove all dark spells because it didn鈥檛 work on Valtor鈥檚 spells a couple times. Not to mention that they use it to treat physical injuries in 3x17. What the hell is even going on? Please, stop.
Bloom鈥檚 inner dragon
Tumblr media
Ask me top 5 anything
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starstruck-shimaa month ago
饾悡饾悺饾悶 饾悥饾悽饾惂饾悵 饾悂饾惀饾惃饾惏饾惉. (饾悤饾悶饾惂饾惌饾悽)
鈥淓ven gods can鈥檛 help but stop to catch a breath.鈥
Notes: fem reader.
Tumblr media
There were many things I wondered about.
After so many years of living, so many eons of asking questions without answers, I simply stood in the middle of a dandelion field, surrounded by crystal flies--Like a fool.
As I gaze upon the starstruck sky, what would lie ahead of me now? I was but a directionless being, with nowhere to go. My kin were gone, separated by walls that spared no mercy, not even to the birds. Now, all that remains of such were merely ruins of old. Its as if I鈥檝e completely lost my purpose--no longer a protector of Mondstadt, no longer worthy of the long lifespan I was blessed with--Just a being of pure element, lost and astray.
It was there when I first felt the wind glaze over me so softly, and it was the first time I met you. At that moment, I felt a moment of rebirth. You were so kind, glazing upon me with such hazy eyes, and I felt so out of place. You, the ever glowing saint, an archon of the new world, and me... a soldier with no master.
I couldn鈥檛 even muster up words, for I was ashamed. Ashamed of what you鈥檇 think of me. So I did the bare minimum, for a being with heavy debt to Mondstadt itself. I ask for my punishment.聽鈥淚 lower my head to you. Please, set me free.鈥
His response however, shattered my expectations. With little to no hesitance, his reply flew like the wind.聽鈥淭hat is for you to bring upon yourself.鈥
W-what? My eyes felt like saucers, as my throat ran dry. What did he mean by that? Freedom, retribution, I deserved none of that. The sin I hold upon myself by serving Decarabian is too much for a simply apology. It鈥檚 a burden I must carry.
鈥(Y/n) (L/n),鈥 I rise my head to the call of my name.聽鈥--Former soldier of Decarabian鈥檚. But most importantly, a lover of Mondstadt.鈥 His hands outstretched to mine, and for some reason, it was as if I was naturally drawn to him. I knew his name, I knew who this was. Barbatos. It seemed that it wouldn鈥檛 take long for me to realize that no matter what form he took, he was still the same inside.
Archon, elemental being, bard. No matter what, Barbatos was Barbatos, and he gave me the ability to see truly for the very first time. That my freedom was in my own hands.聽
鈥淭hen, with the freedom you鈥檝e given me...
Let me vow to protect Mondstadt, for as long as I live.鈥 It was going to be a very, very long time. I knew that. But I shall do this with the freedom I have granted myself. For the good of the four winds, of the nation I loved, and Barbatos, this is the vow I will stand in for as long as the wind howls.
...And that was how I ended up with this total drunkard of a god for the rest of my days.
Should I have begged even more for my execution? Probably. But would Barbatos still spare me? Most likely so.
鈥淒andelioooooonnn~~鈥 his words were slurred, like he was riding a merry go round of booze.聽鈥淲hy won鈥檛 you let me touch you? Hey, come here~~鈥
鈥--That is unnecessary,鈥 our friends watched as we bantered, me dodging Venti鈥檚 barrage of physical affection, and Venti... still trying no matter what. The traveler, who sat opposite of us, could only stay bewildered at the story, and the stark contrast of its two main heroes today.
鈥淪-so, this is the fierce warrior who was granted the mercy of Lord Barbatos?!鈥 Paimon鈥檚 mouth was agape. She stops for a breath, before carrying on.聽鈥淵ou m-mean, (Y/n) once KNEELED to Venti?! Not only that, but the Barbatos in that tale feels so different than the Barbatos now!鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 like watching an old married couple.鈥 The traveler adds on to Paimon鈥檚 speech, still in disbelief.聽鈥淪o, that was how you met?鈥
Pushing away Venti鈥檚 hands, I try my best to keep a straight face.聽鈥淵es. The tales you hear the townsfolk tell to their children are partially true. however. the one Venti and I have told you tonight is how it really went down.鈥 I chuckle at the thought. Who knew our first meeting had such an impact?聽鈥淭hough I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 been teaching the kids a good life lesson or two.鈥
As my eyes trail back to Venti, I was hit with a softness, the same softness I felt after my adrenaline rushes were over, and when I knew everything was safe. I was pretty sure the traveler noticed my fondness too, but it鈥檚 alright. It鈥檒l be our little secret.聽鈥淪ay, traveler. Let me let you in on a hymn of the bards of Mondstadt.鈥
鈥淣o matter how far the wind blows, everything stays,鈥 I shift a bit at Venti鈥檚 weight, finally letting him rest on my shoulder. He reeked--though that was to be expected.聽鈥淩ight where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes.鈥
I hope the traveler knew what I was talking about. In any case, the feel of Venti鈥檚 hand in mine, and the way he looked at me with such gentle eyes even whilst intoxicated proved such phrases to be true. We鈥檝e gone through change, we鈥檝e become different people. Once a warrior, once a rebel, now simple folk of Mondstadt, learning how to love like the people do. Once on different sides, fighting for the same freedom, and then--as the same wind blows, our relationship with each other slowly differed.
鈥淪o~鈥 Paimon started to speak again, this time in a mischievous tone.聽鈥淗ow did you two fall in love?鈥
Unexpectedly, I threw out a hoarse chuckle. Love. Such an unexpected experience that had befallen me. The truth was, I never expected it--at least not during my days of serving Decarabian. But as the times past, and when nations grew, I began to realize quite the consensus. The Mondstadt I protect now is still the same, yet things are different now. I didn鈥檛 need to devote myself to endless servitude, to slice monsters in half--because there was barely the need for it nowadays. Mondstadt鈥檚 people are capable of protecting themselves, and perhaps that was what Venti wanted me to believe.
鈥淎nd then, perhaps that was when he grabbed the opportunity and freedom to woo me.鈥
鈥淗o ho, and it worked!鈥 I roll my eyes at Venti鈥檚 sudden jab. Geez, what a childish god.聽鈥淪he used to be so serious.聽鈥淚 will protect Mondstadt!鈥澛犫淚 will devote my life to it!鈥澛犫淣o threat will ever pass you, Barbatos!鈥 And then she鈥檇 run off to the wind, flipping her hair and acting all cool.鈥
鈥--But give her a flower and a song and she鈥檚 all red like an apple! Ahahahaha!鈥澛營 wince at the embarrassment, quickly shutting his mouth. The traveler and paimon seem amused at the sudden revelation, and this was when I realized that it was probably best to do some damage control before my dear lover would be sleeping on the couch tonight.
Bidding the two and the bartender at Angel鈥檚 Share a farewell, I shoulder Venti, making sure to guide him deftly through the streets of Mondstadt. As we pave through the mostly empty surroundings, I start to feel warm--almost proud of the new Mond of today. How long as it been since the people were granted freedom? Since I had been able to stop and see the fruits of the labors its people who fought for it grow? It鈥檚 a nostalgic feeling, really.
鈥淗eya, (Y/n).鈥 It seemed that Venti noticed my silent musings. I hum a response, with no expectations whatsoever. If it was a question about how far we were from home, surely that--
鈥淢arry me.鈥
I nearly ran into the pavement there and then. Marriage? To Barbatos? To Venti? To the man I knew as my lover? Wait, of course the person you鈥檇 get married to is most likely your lover. Then, why am I still so flustered? Why is it that with this man, everything felt so different and new? How is it that he could make such a mess of me, yet make me whole?
鈥淗ey, why are you so quiet?鈥 He pouts, adorably I might add. I still stumble to catch my breath. To be honest, I wouldn鈥檛 mind...聽鈥淲e鈥檝e been together for so long, we鈥檙e pretty much just giving rings to each other. Come on~鈥
鈥淕eh... When you put it that way... can鈥檛 you take this seriously?鈥
I felt a sudden drop--a different feeling place itself on him, and all of a sudden, he vocalizes many, many words.聽鈥淚 have! I鈥檝e consulted the church, I鈥檝e looked at all kinds of rings and other things you might prefer for proposals, and I鈥檝e been thinking about it even in eons of slumber! I want us to be happy, (y/n), but most importantly, I want you to be happy, so regardless of your acceptance, it鈥檚 fine if we stay by each other鈥檚 sides, right?鈥
My breath hitched. Tears were threatening to prickle my eyes. Of course he鈥檇 be 聽so thoughtful, yet so playful too... don鈥檛 tell me.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to propose to me while you鈥檙e drunk, Barbatos... but you鈥檙e actually sober, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淓he.鈥 He chuckles, before getting on one knee, a small crystal core presented on the palms of his hands.聽鈥淪o, is that a yes?鈥
I couldn鈥檛 contain my smile. No matter how red my face was. A chorus of giggles rang through the night sky, and as Venti hovered over to my head to place the crystal core on my hair, I accepted his proposal.
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miraculouscontenta month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*rubs hands together*
The first thing to talk about with this episode is the pacing, and I think this might contribute to why people think it鈥檚 the best/least bad of Season 4 (personally, I鈥檇 rather watch 鈥淔urious Fu鈥 but that鈥檚 just me; also, this isn鈥檛 the only contributing factor as to why I think people might feel this way, but I鈥檒l get there later).
The episode has a very serious pacing issue, particularly with its more intense scenes. There鈥檚 only one minute of time dedicated to Ladybug landing on her bed, de-transforming, and her snapping at her friends plus them leaving. More time was spent on Chat Noir and Ladybug in the movie theater and Ladybug storming out.
I particularly remember watching the episode and getting eighteen minutes in, at which point I had the realization of, 鈥淚t feels like nothing鈥檚 happened?鈥
This episode is supposed to be a big gut punch, but the season has been going by at the speed of sound, like they鈥檙e trying desperately to play all their cards at once (Lukanette break-up, Adrimi break-up, then Alya is told Marinette鈥檚 secret identity). Instead of letting things build and play out for a while in the interest of suspense, the show just throws whatever will get a big reaction out of the fandom (whether positive or negative) and it doesn鈥檛 care how shoddily put together everything is. The first two episodes feel like hastily put together drafts, and while this one is technically more put together, it still feels like a draft.
Let鈥檚 just start with Chat Noir, who feels completely out of place in the episode. Not only does he imply that he intentionally calls Ladybug 鈥淏ugaboo鈥 (which she has told him to stop doing) in order to get a reaction out of her, but when Ladybug insists that she doesn鈥檛 want to talk, he tricks her into thinking that he has a good location to do so (and my heart breaks a little at how readily she trusts him) only to then take her to a romantic movie, then shush her when she calls him out for it because she 鈥渟aid she didn鈥檛 want to talk.鈥
Tumblr media
Gee, and people wonder why she didn鈥檛 tell him her secret (even outside of 鈥淐hat Blanc鈥 existing)?
And... look, I know it鈥檚 a joke, but I do not find it funny. The 鈥渏oke鈥 is basically that Chat Noir is taking advantage of the situation to flirt with Ladybug, and though I find it at least mildly cathartic that Ladybug is unaffected by all the people staring at them while Chat Noir is embarrassed, this episode is coming right after the one where Kagami broke up with Adrien, and here Chat Noir is getting his flirt game on. I already talked about all my problems with 鈥淟ies鈥 so I won鈥檛 do it again, but I鈥檒l just say that it鈥檚 not a mystery why Ladybug doesn鈥檛 want to talk to him and would rather avoid her problems.
(Not to mention that Ladybug knows that Chat Noir likes her, so talking about her romantic problems with him is awkward to say the least and would come off as insensitive.)
Honestly, at this point I feel like they must be building to something with Chat, like Ladybug finally going off of him with no mercy and that forces him to give up/fall out of love for her because reverse love square, but if that鈥檚 what they intend to go for, then that means Marinette is going to fall for this guy who鈥檚 repeatedly disrespected her feelings for multiple seasons, almost abandoned her and let Paris drown because she wouldn鈥檛 tell him a secret that wasn鈥檛 hers to tell, and just generally all the other things he did????
Ugh, I don鈥檛 wanna think about it. Let鈥檚 just move on.
Talking about Ladybug and her rant next, it basically summarizes the whole show in a nutshell, but simultaneously casts a shadow of sorts over 鈥淭ruth鈥 for people who maybe missed the episode entirely (which is also sort of the show in a nutshell). I mean, Ladybug confirming to the audience that she was genuinely in love and happy with Luka (you can鈥檛 watch how depressed she was over the break-up and not think that) was great, but Ladybug鈥檚 dialog implies that Luka 鈥渉ated secrets鈥 and that鈥檚 why they broke up, when Luka was more just... hurt that she couldn鈥檛 be honest with him, and he didn鈥檛 actively hate secrets. Marinette broke up with him because she felt like she had to; because she had to keep ditching and lie to him.
In addition, what she says also hints to the audience that they鈥檝e both held and kissed each other, which not only indicates cowardice on the part of the staff (鈥漼eah this happened but--um--off-screen; we鈥檇 still like credit tho plz鈥), but may perhaps go back to the theory I had about how Adrimi and Lukanette were supposed to last longer in Season 4 but their arcs got cut (based on the Adrimi kiss having supposed to have gone off). This could mean that Ladybug鈥檚 statement was originally accurate to canon but the scenes got cut and the scriptwriters just awkwardly left it in, which is made more awkward by the cinema scene in 鈥淭ruth鈥 that felt like Luka and Marinette were kissing for the first time (again, alluding to the whole, 鈥渢his entire season has been a draft鈥 thing).
Also, if you think about what that actually means - that Luka and Marinette did have successful dates and kisses but they were off-screen - then all it adds up to is that showing Marinette happy and comfortable was something that the series didn鈥檛 deem as 鈥渋nteresting/fun enough鈥 to show, because Marinette being happy isn鈥檛 something they want to see; only watching her be miserable, which is exactly what Ladybug says, along with how everything was 鈥渁lmost too simple, too easy,鈥 because Marinette isn鈥檛 allowed to have nice things without being jammed through the wringer first.
And... sure, let鈥檚 say that Chat Noir thought the movie was genuinely a good idea; let鈥檚 assume that it could be a joke, him wanting to flirt, and him believing that it鈥檇 make her feel better somehow.
If that鈥檚 the case, then where鈥檚 the apology when it fails miserably? Ladybug goes from her semi-anxious state at the start of the episode (a little scatterbrained but ultimately just looking for a distraction), to outright enraged by the movie, and then to this upon leaving the cinema.
Tumblr media
She just got her heart broken from being forced to break up with a boy she genuinely wanted to be with and there鈥檚 not a single, 鈥淥kay, maybe coming here was a bad idea, I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 (which could鈥檝e been seen as another joke with the audience like聽鈥渓ol no duh Chat Noir鈥 so there鈥檚 no excuse not to have it) or, 鈥淢y bad, that was insensitive of me. I really thought this would鈥檝e helped but I wasn鈥檛 thinking about what you would鈥檝e wanted.鈥
No. The only people Chat apologizes to are the other people at the theater because he鈥檚 embarrassed by Ladybug鈥檚 reactions, yet he himself feels no remorse for taking her there and has the gall to go on now about how he鈥檚 鈥渢here for her if she wants to talk.鈥
Tumblr media
Again, it鈥檚 no wonder Ladybug doesn鈥檛 want to open up to him.
And I鈥檓 sorry, I just don鈥檛 buy that Marinette suddenly has all this free time. It鈥檚 one thing for her to have a little more time now that she鈥檚 broken up with her boyfriend (likely avoiding spending time with him altogether now), but 鈥淭ruth鈥 went out of its way to talk about all of the emergencies she had to deal with and how she doesn鈥檛 have any spare time. which is causing her to become forgetful and lose track of certain events (patrols with Chat, dates with Luka, etcetera), yet Marinette spends most of 鈥淕ang of Secrets鈥 simply sulking on her bed. It鈥檚 so jarring to go from 鈥淭ruth鈥 where she was doing 鈥渢oo much鈥 (which I called them out on for not describing what the 鈥渢oo much鈥 she was doing was) and now 鈥淕ang of Secrets鈥 where she鈥檚 not doing anything.
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 almost like they invented that plot point to break Lukanette up and it served no purpose outside of it.
Furthermore, the scenes of her finally talking to Tikki and then deciding to live as Ladybug does nothing outside of making the plot more predictable, the latter because of the 鈥淎lya almost sees Ladybug鈥 moment (an obvious indicator that Marinette is losing control and is struggling to maintain her secret identity due to her emotionally breaking down) and the former because of Tikki herself and what she doesn鈥檛 say.
Because, really, think about what actually goes on in the scene. Marinette (eyes rimmed red and filled with unshed tears, as she is for a good chunk of the episode) is venting to Tikki about - yes - her love life, but also that she has to lie to everyone in order to keep her identity a secret. The fact that Tikki focuses solely on the note of Marinette鈥檚 love life and not say a word about the identity/lying issue or even consider telling Marinette, 鈥渉ey, this is clearly too much for you, you should tell someone, I think the benefits outweigh the risks right now,鈥 really proves that the episode tried to avoid the topic altogether to try and make the ending more shocking (which ironically made it more predictable).
Tumblr media
So yeah, not only does Tikki鈥檚 dialog with Marinette provide nothing except for a line about how she can鈥檛 help Marinette with love issues due to kwami not falling in love (alright, I guess aros can鈥檛 give good love advice then or have any input whatsoever), but Marinette鈥檚 line about lying to everyone being why she can鈥檛 pursue Adrien nor Luka is repeated in the very last scene of the episode. The only reason that scene and the scene after exist is because the writers needed Marinette to be emotionally devastated enough to leave for her balcony as Ladybug for the almost-reveal to Alya and so Rose would get close enough to the dollhouse to have an almost-reveal with the Miracle Box, making the scene feel further contrived because the emotional punch of Marinette wanting to live as Ladybug lasts for barely any time at all.
And it could鈥檝e served a purpose, like if Ladybug had genuinely left and Alya finds her goggles and towel, recognizing them from a news story about how Ladybug had gone to the swimming pool after losing her temper at the cinema, which could鈥檝e led to Shadow Moth making the girls believe that Ladybug was no longer heroic and had kidnapped Marinette, or... heck, Ladybug coming back inside would鈥檝e been so much less jarring if she came back because she heard the girls鈥 voices talking about the dollhouse and had to hurry (but of course, then they鈥檇 have to point out the ridiculousness of Ladybug not hearing Alya calling her and the girls not hearing Ladybug literally shouting for Shadow Moth to come fight her, even though the kwami heard the girls calling for Marinette from the balcony).
But instead, the entire scene feels off and unnatural, forcing every part of it in order to get to where Marinette has to snap at the girls to make them leave.
(Oh, by the way, just a little detail to add to the annoyance: they bothered putting Tom and Sabine in the episode when the girls are leaving, clearly saddened by something that happened, and neither parent even bothers to go and check on Marinette to see if she鈥檚 upset or just to see what might鈥檝e happened. They鈥檙e such a 鈥渂link-and-you鈥檒l-miss it鈥 moment in the episode and it鈥檚 not like I鈥檓 surprised because they鈥檝e done this multiple times by now but really?)
Tumblr media
As for the girls themselves... oof, where do I even begin?
Alright, first off is the annoyance that they assume Marinette鈥檚 problems relate only to lovesickness. Marinette has been an anxiety-prone mess throughout the entire series, and suddenly now the girls care about Marinette鈥檚 love problems on an emotional level rather than 鈥渨e鈥檒l meddle sometimes unless we don鈥檛 feel like it and be wholly inconsistent on how much we push for it.鈥? It鈥檚 not that I don鈥檛 see how they came to the conclusion (hearing that Luka and Marinette broke up and now seeing Marinette is depressed, it checks out), but considering they bothered noting that Marinette hadn鈥檛 told them anything, one would think they鈥檇 come to the conclusion of, 鈥渙kay, we haven鈥檛 talked to her, we have no idea of what鈥檚 going on, maybe we don鈥檛 know her as well as we thought then and shouldn鈥檛 make guesses.鈥
Secondly is the 鈥渆ternal friendship bracelet,鈥 which comes off as a copy of the聽鈥淪ecrets鈥 game from聽鈥淪yren鈥 extremely manipulative. Mylene goes on to explain that one is supposed to give a secret to the pearl 鈥渕entally,鈥 yet when the girls actually show up to see Marinette, they expect to be told the secret directly. I鈥檝e already talked at length about peer pressure and the mental stress Marinette goes through when they mock her and/or meddle for her, but this idea of, 鈥渨ell we all used this friendship bracelet after we mutually agreed to it so now it鈥檚 your turn because we said so!鈥 just comes off really bad. I know the episode is going for this idea that their hearts are in the right place, but they鈥檙e really not. It feels like they鈥檙e the ones in denial and are trying to compensate by forcing Marinette to prove that they鈥檙e friends, unable to handle the idea that they might not be as close to her as they thought.
Tumblr media
Thirdly, the show acts as if the girl squad are her only friends when we know that鈥檚 not true because we鈥檝e seen episodes like 鈥淏efana鈥 (the guys in the class), 鈥淩everser鈥 (Marc), 鈥淚kari Gozen鈥 (Kagami), and聽鈥淪ilencer鈥 (Ivan) that all established Marinette having more friends than just them, but for the sake of 鈥渄rama鈥 and the depressing line of, 鈥渁t least I don鈥檛 have any more friends to lie to,鈥 the episode just pretends like Marinette鈥檚 friends are limited to Luka (who she had to break up with) and the girl squad (who she forced to leave and refuse the friendship of).
Fourthly is the actual set-up and the sheer grossness of it all. The girls call Marinette and leave a message about how they much they love her and how she can talk to them 鈥渨here and when鈥 she wants, and then - immediately afterwards - decide that they鈥檙e going to go straight to Marinette鈥檚 house completely unannounced, go into her room completely unannounced (not even knocking, by the way), and when Marinette begs them to leave, Alya basically tells her that she鈥檚 overreacting. When Marinette demands that they leave, Alya refuses and makes demands right back that they won鈥檛 leave until she tells them what鈥檚 wrong.
Tumblr media
So much for 鈥渨here and when鈥 she wanted, right? It鈥檚 already one thing for the girls to invade Marinette鈥檚 privacy and demand/guilt-trip answers out of her, but it鈥檚 another thing to give the illusion of respecting her feelings and personal space only to actively plan to go back on it. I can鈥檛 tell if it鈥檚 a bad draft that they didn鈥檛 catch in quality check (you know, the quality check that they definitely don鈥檛 have) or just an intentional way to make them seem more sympathetic so Marinette looks worse for driving them out, but either way, it鈥檚 awful and I hate it. I would鈥檝e rather had them be all in on invading Marinette鈥檚 privacy and learn a lesson in the end than outright contradict themselves.
There are also little nitpicks I could make (like Juleka鈥檚 constant mumbling despite Luka鈥檚 crush on Marinette playing a role in the episode, Horrificator getting sidelined due to being mute, and the girls鈥 akumatization ultimately being for spectacle and nothing else, serving no purpose to the plot and being furthered by the fact that Timebreaker goes after Marinette despite it being a bad idea and Reflekta鈥檚 power clearly not lining up with any sort of plan), but the real issue issue here comes down to the fact that these are Marinette鈥檚 so-called 鈥渇riends鈥 and the episode refuses to address their actual issues.
Alix, who is known for making rude comments at Marinette (鈥滸igantitan,鈥澛犫淐hat Blanc,鈥 鈥淢iraculous New York鈥) and then gives mixed messages by going along with meddling anyway.
Mylene, who is the closest thing to a background character in the girl squad but nevertheless finds her way into being definite voice against Marinette in 鈥淐hameleon.鈥
Juleka, who blamed Marinette for things she didn鈥檛 do in 鈥淩eflekdoll鈥 and got huffy with her until Marinette apologized for said things.
Rose, who outright screamed at Marinette in 鈥淐hat Blanc鈥 over a freaking stuffed animal, which pressured Marinette enough that she snuck into Adrien鈥檚 room to deliver her gift which nearly led to the end of the world.
And, of course, Alya; freaking Alya. I don鈥檛 even have to go into every single thing she鈥檚 ever done because I have a history of giving her absolutely no mercy.
...But let鈥檚 go through some anyway because I want to.
鈥淐opycat鈥 - Alya gives Marinette a script and tells her to memorize it, then immediately pushes the 鈥渃all鈥 button when Marinette hesitates after Marinette had just told Alya that she鈥檚 awful at improv.
鈥淒arkblade鈥 - Alya takes a jab at Marinette when Marinette says that she鈥檚 too busy to be class representative, implying that Alya thinks that Marinette does absolutely nothing with her time.
鈥淕amer鈥 - Alya is busy recording the gaming competition when she and Marinette were supposed to be researching for a term paper. Alya then scolds Marinette for wanting to use the competition to get close to Adrien only to do a 180 and put up a fight about it when Marinette decides to quit.
鈥淎niman鈥 and how 鈥淭he Puppeteer 2鈥 follows up on it - oh, I鈥檓 not going to touch that particular point right now, but keep those in the back of your mind, because I am going to absolutely go off later
鈥淪imon Says鈥 - Similarly to Marinette鈥檚 parents, Alya gives zero damns about whatever might be going on in Marinette鈥檚 life that's causing her to miss classes.
"Despair Bear鈥 - Alya laughs at Marinette being forced to kiss Chloe鈥檚 cheek and then outright compares Marinette to Chloe after knocking Chloe multiple times during the episode (sure, just compare your 鈥渂est friend鈥 to her multi-year bully, how "hilarious鈥 of you).
鈥淕igantitan鈥 - Alya has no qualms about mocking Marinette鈥檚 over her failures, even if it embarrasses her and she鈥檚 been through enough already.
鈥淔rozer鈥 - Alya tries to find ways for Marinette to prevent herself from third-wheeling for Adrien, but when Marinette tries to show character growth by wanting to go, Alya gets into a shouting match with the other girls over how Marinette has 鈥渓iked Adrien forever and isn鈥檛 going to give up now鈥.
鈥淐atalyst鈥 - Alya claims that Marinette is only salty over Lila out of jealousy when 鈥淔rozer鈥 exists and literally is the prime evidence of Adrien liking another girl and Marinette telling Alya outright and very genuinely that she鈥檚 not jealous.
鈥淐hameleon鈥 - Alya doesn鈥檛 care about her best friend sitting in the back by herself while Alya herself get to sit next to her boyfriend and everyone else in general gets to sit where they want (Alya even acting confused at the mere suggestion that she鈥檇 tried to engineer things to let Marinette sit next to Adrien), then not only believes Lila over Marinette but contradicts herself twice (asking Marinette for proof when she has none herself, then claiming that she wouldn鈥檛 let her best friend sit by herself).
鈥淐hristmaster鈥 - Alya leaves Marinette to babysit so she and Nino can go out on a date.
鈥淒esperada鈥 - Alya suddenly is for Lukanette for literally one episode and doesn鈥檛 know how/doesn鈥檛 even try to cover for Marinette鈥檚 Adrien blindness despite mocking her for multiple seasons over it.
鈥淩eflekdoll鈥 - Alya invites Adrien to something that鈥檚 crucial for Marinette to focus on after Marinette has already told her not to and continues meddling to the point where it gets Juleka akumatized (she also doesn鈥檛 get punished for it and the blame gets thrown onto Marinette).
鈥淭he Puppeteer 2鈥 - Alya pushes her luck with Nathalie to try and get Marinette to come with her, Nino, Adrien, and Manon to the museum, then traps Marinette in a room with Adrien to force her to spent alone time with him, even abandoning and forgetting about the child that she offered to watch for Marinette so she and her boyfriend can go off alone.
鈥淢iraculous New York鈥 - Alya is told directly by Marinette that she needs help seeing Adrien as a friend, which leads Alya to do the exact opposite throughout the entire special, at one point shouting at Marinette and pressuring her to chase after a car, in the rain, while there鈥檚 a supervillain rampaging through Paris, and all of this right after the scheme that Alya had set up caused both Marinette and Adrien to go missing.
And just saying, as Marinette鈥檚 supposed 鈥渂est friend,鈥 Alya sure doesn鈥檛 know how to handle her. It was acceptable back in 鈥淭he Bubbler鈥 when she asked Marinette about signing the gift too late and the same goes for 鈥淒ark Cupid,鈥 but by the time we get to late Season 2/3 and Alya refuses to learn Marinette鈥檚 weak spots (unless it鈥檚 to mock her) and adjust accordingly (like if she鈥檇 already made sure the gift was signed in 鈥淐hat Blanc,鈥 which would鈥檝e prevented Adrien seeing Ladybug at all due to the time difference), it starts getting infuriating.
A best friend is supposed to cover for their friend鈥檚 weaknesses. Alya doesn鈥檛 do that; she meddles and often drives Marinette鈥檚 anxiety even further up a wall with absolutely no consideration for Marinette鈥檚 feelings (鈥滵ark Cupid,鈥 鈥淭he Puppeteer 2,鈥 鈥淩eflekdoll,鈥 鈥淢iraculous New York鈥).
Tumblr media
And here, she and the other girls are rewarded for it. Luka actively resisted his akumatization whereas the girls gave in immediately, yet Marinette still opens up to them in the end, likely because they had pressured her and made her feel bad for the secrets she was keeping while Luka was willing to actually wait for her to be ready to talk to him. I can鈥檛 put into words how frustrating it is watching these girls trample all over Marinette鈥檚 feelings, not have their worst actions called out, and then jump cut post-deakumatization to Marinette telling them exactly what they wanted to know about her love life.
Tumblr media
You know what this entire episode is really missing, outside of a coherent plot, properly-paced development, and a basic understanding of rewarding a character for things they鈥檝e held firmly to?
It鈥檚 missing the apology. Chat Noir apologizes to a bunch of moviegoers and Rose apologizes for the broken dollhouse, but no one apologizes to Marinette for how they treated her, especially not the 鈥渇riends鈥 who got rewarded in the end.
鈥淪orry, we shouldn鈥檛 have told you that we鈥檇 respect your feelings and then showed up unannounced to make you talk about them.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e sorry we came into your room and invaded your privacy. You were right to be mad at us.鈥
鈥淥h my gosh, Marinette, we got akumatized and we鈥檙e so sorry for literally all five of us going after you and probably scaring the living daylights out of you.鈥
And as if that wasn鈥檛 enough, guess what else this is missing? It鈥檚 kind of important and brought up directly in the episode, yet the episode simultaneously goes out of its way not to bring it up again.
It鈥檚 the reason why Marinette didn鈥檛 tell the girls about her relationship with Luka. It鈥檚 not there - it鈥檚 missing - and the girls never try to pursue the subject. They talk about how Marinette didn鈥檛 tell them but don鈥檛 think for a second that maybe it鈥檚 them who have failed as friends. Instead, they don鈥檛 guess anything about why Marinette wouldn鈥檛 tell them (which is already strange considering how much they already assume about her) and jump straight to, 鈥渨ell clearly we just need to push for her to talk to us.鈥
Tumblr media
Gonna just go out on a limb here and say that maybe - just maybe - Marinette didn鈥檛 tell them because they are habitually pushy in everything they do.
Because they would鈥檝e teased her relentlessly about, 鈥渙hhhh you鈥檝e got eyes for Luka? what about Aaaaaadrien~? aren鈥檛 you sooo tooorn between both of these cute guys?鈥
Because they would鈥檝e meddled to force her and Luka together and gotten on her case when/if she ever had to bail on him.
Because their intrusion on her feelings for Adrien had caused her nothing but problems and she just wanted to be with Luka in peace without them forcing their way into things.
Because--hey, wild thought--maybe they鈥檙e not really friends???
But the episode completely avoids it, because that would鈥檝e meant addressing it; it would鈥檝e meant acknowledging that they messed up, which - fun fact - they actually don鈥檛 do in the episode.
They invaded Marinette鈥檚 privacy, insisted that she tell them how she feels (not about them of course because that would imply that they felt like they screwed up), and in the end it鈥檚 Marinette who gives them exactly what they asked of her, and the closest thing we get to acknowledging anything is Alix telling her/joking with her that they鈥檒l help her confess to whoever she likes as soon as she tells them she鈥檚 ready.
Tumblr media
That鈥檚 not an apology. That鈥檚 not an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. Even when the five of them are about to get akumatized, it鈥檚 not a circle of them saying, 鈥渉ere鈥檚 how I screwed up, I could鈥檝e done better but I didn鈥檛 and I lost Marinette because of it.鈥
No. It鈥檚 just them talking about how sad the situation is. Mylene has the closest thing to remorse in saying, 鈥淚 hoped it would work,鈥 but where does it go? A grand total of nowhere, especially because Marinette still takes the bracelet in the end instead of the girls mutually deciding, 鈥渙kay, maybe the bracelet was a bad idea; how about we all agree on making something together instead, no requirements attached?鈥
And then the episode has the gall to act as if Alya has gone through character growth when all they did was put Alya through the same thing that Chloe did. I鈥檒l explain that last bit momentarily, but first let鈥檚 talk about the whole 鈥済rowth鈥 thing.
Because there鈥檚 no apology or acknowledgement of wrongdoing, all Alya does when she鈥檚 finally alone with Marinette is do a 180 from where she was at the start of the episode, going from, 鈥渇riends have to tell each other everything,鈥 to, 鈥渉ey, if you don鈥檛 want to tell me, then that鈥檚 your right.鈥
Tumblr media
The crucial part that鈥檚 supposed to go in the middle is missing. Instead of acknowledging her failures, Alya just cuts straight to 鈥溾濃漛eing a better friend,鈥濃溾 but storytelling doesn鈥檛 work that way.
It literally would have taken zero effort to fit an acknowledgement into that scene. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to tell me everything, I get that now. All my meddling鈥檚 done is hurt you and I鈥檓 so sorry. I wouldn鈥檛 blame you if you didn鈥檛 trust me.鈥
In a world where Marinette has to apologize for everything, has to learn lessons and suffer because the narrative says so, I will not accept anything less from other characters who are trying to develop and improve. That鈥檚 not fair to Marinette, nor has it ever been.
Instead of properly developing Alya, the show does whatever it can to get its audience to root for her as Marinette鈥檚 鈥渂est friend鈥 (ugh) without having to put in the effort of admitting that Alya hasn鈥檛 been Marinette鈥檚 鈥渂est鈥 friend.
Remember when I brought up Chloe? Yeah, 鈥淢alediktator鈥 did a similar thing, showing Chloe doing something awful, then being sad (while not actually acknowledging the thing she did wrong), and in the end she was rewarded with a miraculous prematurely.
One show of character from Chloe and Marinette gave her a miraculous. One show of character from Alya and Marinette told her that she was Ladybug.
(Also, for the record, I think Chloe is far worse than Alya character-wise and I鈥檓 not comparing their characters; this is just the simplest comparison I can draw here from a narrative standpoint.)
鈥淢iraculer鈥 is another apt comparison, perhaps even more so. Chloe got Hawk Moth in her head after an akuma landed in her photo of her and Ladybug, but Chloe resisted and fought back, ultimately forcing the akuma out of her and freeing herself from Hawk Moth鈥檚 control.
But it wasn鈥檛 to develop her character; no, it was to convince the audience of Chloe and Sabrina鈥檚 friendship so they鈥檇 feel something during Sabrina鈥檚 happy flashbacks, then lay the foundation of tricking viewers into believing that Chloe might not go to Hawk Moth鈥檚 side.
At the end of the day, it was doing something that鈥檚 鈥渘ever been done before鈥 in order for the character to earn brownie points for something that the writers can just have them do because willpower is an easy thing to just write in. 鈥淕ang of Secrets鈥 does the exact same thing when Lady Wifi breaks free from Shadow Moth, with Ladybug even hammering it home by talking about how no one鈥檚 ever done it before.
Tumblr media
And the pacing is - again - awful. Not only is Ladybug banking on this working when she herself says that it鈥檚 never been done, but the conversation between her and Lady Wifi where Ladybug tries to convince her doesn鈥檛 even take a minute.
It also has nothing to do with Marinette herself; Ladybug relies on Alya鈥檚 adoration/friendship with her as Ladybug (you know, after Alya took a photo of LadyNoir kissing and posted it online without Ladybug鈥檚 consent, betrayed her by putting information on the LadyBlog that Hawk Moth was able to take advantage of, and is the only hero outside of Chloe to resist returning a miraculous) in order to break from Hawk Moth鈥檚 control, because talking about Marinette with Lady Wifi didn鈥檛 even work.
(Ladybug also uses her yoyo as a portal to the Miracle Box when this has never been pre-established to be a thing despite Ladybug acting as if she knew it was; further proof that this episode was rushed.)
Tumblr media
And of course talking about Marinette didn鈥檛 work, because that would鈥檝e meant convincing Alya that her reason for getting akumatized was 鈥渨rong鈥 and the episode didn鈥檛 want to do that. It didn鈥檛 want someone else actually learning something and feeling bad; surely, this is just Alya being manipulated by Shadow Moth and having the power to break free because Ladybug 鈥渘eeds Rena Rouge鈥 and not because Lady Wifi and her friends are chasing after their supposed best friend and that鈥檚--you know--wrong???
Rena Rouge鈥檚 reappearance is also yet another thing the episode refuses to address because it avoids the topic of 鈥渂ut my identity--鈥. At least 鈥淗eart Hunter鈥 had the tact to have Kagami question why Ladybug was giving her the dragon again, but 鈥淕ang of Secrets鈥 treads as lightly as possible on any discussion of identities outside of Marinette saying that she can鈥檛, as if it were Marinette who made the choice of concealing her identity and not the basic idea of heroing that has been stressed over and over for the whole show.
Tumblr media
Even Plagg of all kwami stated back in 鈥淥rigins鈥 that no one is supposed to know about secret identities, a rule that continues becoming flaky and muddled with each passing season, almost like they kept attempting to retcon and make the audience dulled to the idea so that the reveal in 鈥淕ang of Secrets鈥 would be more acceptable.
But now, with the way they did it and how they don鈥檛 even have Tikki comment on the matter, it once again has it look like they鈥檙e making it - say it with me, everyone - Marinette鈥檚 fault.
Alya says that Marinette has a choice in telling her secret, Marinette insists that she doesn鈥檛 and goes on and on about how it鈥檒l change everything, and then just... tells Alya her secret in the end.
And remember all the way back in Season 2? 鈥淪apotis鈥?
Tumblr media
Alya: What were you saying about her secret identity?
Marinette: Ladybug needs it to protect her family and friends. Otherwise the villains could use them to get to her.
Alya: Well, if I knew who Ladybug really was, I'd keep it a secret. I would even help her! Like say, if you were Ladybug, I'd cover for you 鈥 when you needed to transform in school, go fight the "baddies", you know?
Marinette: Oh yeah? Well, if I was Ladybug I wouldn't even tell you, to protect you from the "baddies", you know?
Alya: You serious? If I was Ladybug, I'd totally tell you! Because I tell my best friend everything.
And now here we are in 鈥淕ang of Secrets,鈥 as if the narrative is saying, 鈥淪ee, Marinette? Alya was right all along, you were just being ridiculous and making yourself suffer for no reason!鈥
Yet Marinette had a right to keep her secrets. When Alya and Nino learned each other鈥檚 identities, Alya took a hit for Nino in 鈥淐atalyst鈥 and both of them fell to Scarlet Moth鈥檚 akumas. Chloe was a mess and a half because of Hawk Moth knowing her identity. Fu had told Marinette that her miraculous would get taken if she and Chat Noir learned each other鈥檚 identities.
The only ones who received no consequences due to someone knowing their identity were Pegase (who Chat Noir and Markov knew), Ryuko (who Chat Noir, Ikari Gozen, and Hawk Moth knew), and Viperion (who Adrien knew). 鈥淐hat Blanc鈥 also exists where Marinette got the impression that people discovering her identity would be a disaster, and even all the way back in 鈥淟ady Wifi鈥 insisted that not telling anyone her identity was 鈥渓istening to her head and not her heart,鈥 and the narrative has relentlessly humiliated her for going with her heart, so yeah, probably for the best.
I hate that the episode avoids talking about anything identity-related outside of what comes out of Marinette鈥檚 mouth to make it appear like it was her choice all along. I hate that they had Tikki fixate on Marinette鈥檚 love problems instead of having her actually support Marinette and admit that Marinette should tell someone before she has a mental breakdown. I hate that the episode inserts Rena Rouge into the plot as if to brush all identity issues away so as to make Marinette鈥檚 identity reveal seem less jarring.
Now, of course I鈥檓 glad Marinette told someone. Of course I want her to get love and support from someone. Of course I think the benefits outweigh the risks, or I wouldn鈥檛 have written multiple fix-its where her identity gets revealed in some way or someone already knows.
But I didn鈥檛 want it to be Alya, because I knew how they鈥檇 do it. I knew they鈥檇 do it wrong and I knew that they wouldn鈥檛 have the courage to address Alya鈥檚 issues properly.
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Those familiar with my blog will know that I鈥檇 been taking negative predictions for future seasons for a while and adding them to cards whenever they were proven right. Does anyone remember the Season 4 predictions that were proven correct for 鈥淕ang of Secrets,鈥 specifically these ones?
- 鈥淎lya will suddenly be portrayed as a good/worthy friend to Marinette in/if there's an episode where Marinette tells her that she's Ladybug鈥
- 鈥淎lya resisting Shadow Moth/fighting back against him will be used to excuse telling Alya Marinette's secret identity鈥
- 鈥淎lya will know that Marinette is Ladybug first because "BFFs" despite being one of the worst candidates for it鈥
- 鈥淭he secret that broke Lukanette up will be resolved in episode 3 when Marinette tells Alya鈥
Each and every one of those were mine, because I knew that whether Season 4 had a proper chronological order or not, the writers would not have the guts to develop Alya first and then have Marinette tell her in a future episode after Alya has properly earned it.
I knew that they wouldn鈥檛 take time to develop Alya. I knew that they would have Alya resist Shadow Moth to make Alya look聽鈥渨orthy鈥 of the secret. I knew that Alya would swoop in during the last minute and a half of an episode, insisting that Marinette 鈥渄idn鈥檛 have to tell her anything鈥 when Alya had been pushy and insistent for the entire rest of the episode and the whole series in general, and would ultimately be rewarded with the big secret simply because she鈥檚 鈥渢he best friend鈥 and that鈥檚 it.
The Alya at the end of the episode isn鈥檛 the Alya I鈥檝e known for the entire rest of the series before this, or at the very least they turned her into an Alya I don鈥檛 recognize.
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Alya claims during the ending scene that she knows that Marinette is hiding something beyond her love problems because she - as a reporter and 鈥渉er best friend鈥 - can sense such things, and all I鈥檓 left wondering is
w h e r e ?
Where and when has Alya been suspicious or worried about Marinette keeping a secret from her? What, back in 鈥淭he Pharoah鈥 where she didn鈥檛 immediately disregard Marinette for the role of Ladybug, or 鈥淪imon Says鈥 where she vaguely teased Marinette about having a double life, both Season 1 episodes?
Where was Alya in 鈥淭ruth鈥 saying that she didn鈥檛 know Marinette鈥檚 secret but knew that she was keeping one? Where was Alya anywhere in Season 3 being concerned that Marinette hasn鈥檛 told her something? Where was this 鈥渟upposedly very observant鈥 Alya when Marinette needed her to out Lila because Lila got her expelled--oh wait, Alya 鈥渙bserved鈥 that Lila did nothing and Marinette was just jealous.
What, is it only now that Alya suddenly 鈥渒nows鈥 that Marinette is hiding something else? Now, after Alya has already not known that Marinette was literally dating someone, even when Alya had multiples pictures of Marinette and said someone giving each other heart eyes and saw Marinette leaving school with said someone riding on the same bike together, you know, like normal, typical, average friends would?
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Where鈥檚 the line where Alya acknowledges the problem? Where鈥檚 Alya sitting down with Marinette and admitting, 鈥渉ey, I鈥檓 sorry I haven鈥檛 noticed this stuff, but I promise I鈥檒l do better starting right now, and that鈥檚 how I know now that you鈥檙e hiding something else, and I鈥檓 sorry it took me so long to realize that it鈥檚 been hurting you鈥?
I can鈥檛 tell you where it is, but I can say that it鈥檚 certainly not in this episode. 60% of the episode features the Alya we knew from the rest of the series and then switches her out the second she鈥檚 de-akumatized for another Alya who hasn鈥檛 done anything that the old one has because she pretends like it didn鈥檛 happen.
You know how I know? Because of this absolute gut punch of a line that showed that the series wanted to handwave everything away.
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鈥淚 know how to keep a secret.鈥
...Really? Does she now? Well, I hope everyone remembered my point about 鈥淎niman鈥 and 鈥淭he Puppeteer 2,鈥 because I鈥檓 bringing it right back.
Considering that 鈥淭ruth鈥 has been burned into all of our memories, we all definitely remember when Truth shoots Alya and questions her on Marinette鈥檚 secret, to which Alya states that Marinette鈥檚 secret is, 鈥淪he鈥檚 in love with Adrien Agreste.鈥 Now, at the time of Season 4鈥瞫 airing, this is very much not a secret, as most characters already knew about Marinette鈥檚 crush, to the point where it鈥檇 been broadcast on television during Season 2.
But do you know when it was actually a secret? Back in Season 1, specifically in the episode 鈥淎niman鈥 where Alya told Nino.
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And not only did she tell Nino, but she lied to Marinette by claiming that she didn鈥檛, acting as if Nino knew that Marinette had a crush but didn鈥檛 know who she was crushing on, which is then directly proven false as Nino accidentally implies that he does know who it is. This is also after Alya had gotten on Marinette鈥檚 case for trying to set her up with Nino, and then she had the gall to say that she wouldn鈥檛 spill Marinette鈥檚 secret because she, and I quote, 鈥渄oesn't go around making decisions for other people,鈥 a statement that is directly contradicted by this little thing known as everything Alya has ever said and done in the entire series.
And while Marinette meddling in Alya鈥檚 love life actually ended up working out for Alya, Alya meddling in Marinette鈥檚 by telling Nino who Marinette is crushing on comes back to bite Marinette - not Alya (because of course) - in the infamous episode of 鈥淭he Puppeteer 2,鈥 where Marinette realizes that Alya really did tell Nino that she was crushing on Adrien.
Marinette: You told me you wouldn't tell Nino!
Alya: I haven't told him. Right, Nino? I didn't tell you anything. (elbows him)
Nino: She didn't tell me. And besides, I told her I wouldn't tell.
Then, when she鈥檚 called out on it, Alya lies again, and shamelessly so.
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Marinette: Why did you tell Nino everything? You promised you wouldn't!
Alya: I didn't, I swear! Besides, even if I had told him everything, he would still be clueless. Ugh, who cares anyway? I've set everything up with Nino, who doesn't know a thing, so you can finally pour your heart out to Adrien, girl!
And now, here we are one season later - and not even half of a season if you go by production code order - and Alya claims that she knows how to keep a secret.
No. No, she does not. In fact, she does even worse because she won鈥檛 even admit when she鈥檚 spilled said secret. I absolutely refuse to accept that Alya is 鈥渨orthy鈥 or 鈥渄eserving鈥 of learning that Marinette is Ladybug when she couldn鈥檛 even keep a basic secret like who her friend was crushing on.
And no, it didn鈥檛 matter that Nino was her boyfriend, or that maybe she thought it would work out because Nino was friends with Adrien. By that logic, Alya would tell Adrien that Marinette is Ladybug if she heard that Ladybug is who Adrien was crushing on and we all know how that would鈥檝e gone.
Marinette has a right to tell her secret to whoever she wants and I鈥檓 glad that a burden has been lifted from her, but that doesn鈥檛 mean I have to be happy that it鈥檚 Alya. That doesn鈥檛 mean I have to be happy that, after so many moments of Alya disrespecting Marinette鈥檚 feelings, she is the one who gets to hear the big secret that the fandom has been waiting for someone to find out about since the very start of the series.
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Luka said it best in 鈥淭ruth鈥 that the truth is meant to be shared, not taken by force, but Marinette was forced to tell Alya by the narrative because Alya is her supposed 鈥渂est friend.鈥 It pushed Marinette to her breaking point, forced her to break up with the guy who has respected her agency and feelings since the day they met, and gave her a version of her 鈥渂est friend鈥 with the same name and face but with none of the responsibility from previous events so that said version was there at the right time and the right place to hear what had to be heard.
And in the end, I end up feeling nothing. Marinette doesn鈥檛 even have a 鈥淢arinette鈥 reaction to saying it as one would expect; for her to blurt it out and then immediately start panicking until Alya hugs her to calm her down. Instead, Marinette just says it and stares silently at Alya - after blabbing this huge, very big deal of a secret - until Alya goes in for a hug (the 鈥渉appy/hopeful鈥 ending of which is why I feel like this episode also gets less flak, as the previous two ended off rather depressing/upsetting).
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 off. Everything is off. The pacing, the delivery, and the logic that the episode uses. The emotion in Marinette鈥檚 voice when she鈥檚 rambling about how hard it is to keep her secret is so powerful, but then the ending hits and she just says it, breaking the momentum they had going. They pulled the card of Alya walking away too soon when they could鈥檝e saved it, having Marinette go quiet and letting Alya take a few steps away in order to let the moment build before Marinette finally blurts out the secret she鈥檚 been painfully holding in.
But they didn鈥檛, and I鈥檓 so many levels of dissatisfied. I wasn鈥檛 against the idea of Alya learning Marinette鈥檚 secret at some point (though honestly, Alix would鈥檝e been a better pick considering that Bunnyx will know eventually anyway, and I say that not even liking Alix!), but not now; not when Alya had so much to work towards.
And now what? What happens now? Now Alya will turn against Lila, not because she learned to have faith and believe in Marinette, but because Marinette is Ladybug, which disproves Lila鈥檚 ultimate lie that got Alya鈥檚 attention in the first place? Now Alya will be supportive and less teasing/mocking whenever Marinette will be late, not because she understands that Marinette isn鈥檛 perfect and has so many other things on her mind, but because she鈥檚 Ladybug and has 鈥渉ero stuff鈥 to take care of? Now Alya will be careful about what she puts on the LadyBlog, not because she respected Ladybug and what Ladybug would want, but because Ladybug is now her best friend and that changes everything?
Because now, Alya has a free pass to all of that, the show making her spontaneously 鈥渄eveloped鈥 now so they won鈥檛 have to develop her later, and disappointing doesn鈥檛 even begin to describe it.
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