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#she had to NOT make him
snw-cnvs · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
animals will always hate josh - even before the abduction, animals weren’t too fond of him do to how imposing he tended to be. they definitely registered him as a threat, but it was fine. they could warm up through gentle pats and treat bribes. now ?? it’s a very fundamental change in his biology that animals can sense. he isn’t human anymore, he isn’t of this planet anymore, and they can tell; he will always be an unknown threat to them, and thus their very biologies clash. animals will always hate him - they’ll have varying degrees of reaction from aggression to anxiety or running away, etc, depending on their temperament; but they’ll always have a negative, adverse reaction to him.
   taffy is the closest he can get to any animal warming up to him now - she keeps her distance and hisses/scratches, but she still loves him. when she escapes the apartment, she does stay nearby and even would eventually come home if josh just left the door open and had a nap. when he’s asleep, she sleeps next to him and nuzzles him. it’s mostly just when hes awake that she gets freaked out and avoids him.
   if the animal is intelligent, like to a supernatural degree such as a familiar or half-beast, etc.; then the anxiety and uneasiness may be present, but they can at least hear him out and judge his honesty, etc. but, if the animal is just... an animal. it goes off instincts. its instincts are telling it josh is an unknown and a potential threat, and this never changes even through exposure and trying to instill positive feelings to his presence.
   it just won’t happen. he will never receive an animals open affection as he once was capable of. this is smth i will kinda godmod since its crucial to his lore, and i dont wanna break that esp since i tend to work on a singular timeline until it diverges. past interactions affect future ones, so if an animal loves josh that will DRAMATICALLY affect him in a way i dont want. not with some rando he dont kno at least, thats smth that requires a lot of buildup so it can be special.
(  but also it IS a wishlist that sb helps him win taffys affection so that he can pet her again bc he'd be so fuckin happy, but ykno. thats special. one day he will earn a friend or partner who can maybe help him. )
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toytulini · 12 hours ago
Found out the other day, kids these days dont know how to play mario kart wii anymore, i feel old lmao
#toy txt post#my dad keeps inviting his coworker over and his coworker keeps bringing his family and they brought 2 kids 2 days in a row#one is like????? idk 9? other is like in middle school#first day i was like hey yall wanna play mario kart on the switch? they were like okay sure and they played and they did p good#middle schooler kept either winning or almost beating me#younger one was not in last she was doijg p good#then the next day i had gotten the wii hooked up and the wiimotes charged and i was like i really want to play some sims racing#so the younger one played sims racing w me and did. not great. kept getting last. but i was ok thats not unexpected#sims racing is great but its also awful its like mario kart but Worse#but then we switched to mario kart wii. and oh my god. she kept doing bad in that one too#and at that point her brother was here and he kept kinda making fun of her a little for how bad she was racing u know in that sibling way#but then she made him play and almost immediately he was like oh no im so sorry this is hard actually#both of them were struggling not to get lapped. they were struggling w the tilt controls i think? i offered the nunchuck toggle but#it was refused. i tried to gently give pointers onnthe steering like try not to tilt the remote past straight up bc itll get confused#but alas. also the younger one kept picking the fastest cars she could find and not being able to reach top speed cos she kept crashing#they kept being like how are you lapping me??? and i was like bc ive played this game too much#i probably shouldve been a little merciful and like purposefully picked characters and cars that im not good at but i dont think even that#would've nerfed me enough fhfkhfhkxbowdb#this was Surreal to me bc i genuinely feel like the wii controls are easier?? tge remotes is so much better sized to hold in ur hands like a#little wheel...i am just. Baffled#i feel Old lmaoo#also tho playing wii vs switch mario kart just once again confirms to me that mario kart baby peach is The Worst#also god please if you are a Kid These Days who Knows How To Play Mario Kart was a Joke im Kidding#the generalization is a joke! my sample size for this is 2 kids! im kidding! i Know there are probably Plenty of Kids These Days who know#how to play a wii etc etc dont fucking @ me
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awesometothe3rd · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What is wrong with you?”
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kurosstuff · 14 hours ago
A/N: so here's a donna x reader thing I thought of!! Also the reader is a maiden a head maid to be more exact- made the header with the only pic that DIDN'T come out terribly??? Idk how the fuck to make them?? Its- technically first pov but isnt exactly written that way idk man I'm dumb
Warning(s): blood, angie swears because I say so. Goes into slight depth of a small injury. FEMALE READER, panic attack(s) SPOILERS!! AND ANGST- this isnt a nice fic. It's not even close haha(but I changed some stuff around to make more sense so fuck you♡)
Donna Beneviento x F!reader: Right place. Wrong time
Tumblr media
Parties sucked. Being a handmaid was fun and all but the biggest downside is you have to attend these.. events? You weren't entirely sure what they were but Lady Dimitrescu was very clear on you attending to assist her and the other lords during this time
"I swear if it weren't for Mother Miranda" Lady Dimitrescu spat out at the drunken fool-no her brother? You weren't actually sure what he was to her but they acted like siblings. Mother Miranda help anyone who asks- last person who did landed in the cellar "I would have kicked you out." Taking a drag from her cigarette. Leaning down and blowing into his face making the man start yelling as Moreau hide behind the table yet again-unless he wished to be dragged into the fight as well as he usually did during this time
If it weren't for two things happening with you. You'd probably laugh. But with how many villagers there are-the ones who hurt you. Your anxiety was racing. Even worse when the lord-no the women you were very interested in was here as well. The mysterious women dressed in all black as usual, Donna Beneviento and her doll companion, Angie by her side looking around frantically at all the new people. Jumping up and down excitedly
Deep breath...
Deep.. breath..
Turning you started out the door. Thankfully being the head maid you wouldn't exactly get in trouble with an extent of course(also helped the fact the lady and her daughters were well aware of your anxiety and were surprisingly kind about it?). As you moved you were unaware of a pair of painted eyes glancing at you before turning to another
The cool breeze in the air calmed you as you roamed around the garden. If it weren't for the weather it would have been such a beautiful sight. Well more then it was. Dispite the chilly air as winter was just rolling around the corner. The indication of it creeping up a bit closer with the speaks of ice and snow arounding around and on the flowers. Personally decorating then with their own weather, the crunch under your feet became louder as you got farther away from everyone
"So this is where you went?" A voice called out behind you, stiffening in response you could only hope for the best as you turned-half expecting one of the sisters, but you knew better then to assume that-if it was they'd have bitten you gently-as they could-before dragging you off somewhere
Turning around your assumption was proven correct. Standing infront of you was a small porcelain doll, odd colors painted on but overall handled with such care-you stared in awe before remembering yourself. Kneeling down a bit infront of the doll you smiled
"Why, hello Lady Angie" you started with a smile-watching the mock of a shock on her face, her mouth a gap more then it was before "would you like something?" Speaking softly to ensure not upsetting the doll if you even could? You weren't sure but you've heard that she had a temper of sorts on her
With a mock scuff Angie threw her hands in the air happily "ooo! 'Lady'? Can't remember the last person to call me that seriously" with a scratchy giggle she bounced around you happily. Almost intrigued with you "and what do I want? Hmm" she stopped infront of you again crossing her wooden arms in thought
"Walk with me"
She spoke suddenly after a moment rushing off you in tow- before her foot caught the long dress of hers. Almost sending her falling if you didn't grab her hoisting her up in your arms suddenly. Standing frozen for a second before placing her down gently
"Sorry Lady Angie." Looking her over you nodding in note of no injuries seen on the poor doll "rude to not ask but I'm glad your alright" before looking around her again to ensure you didn't miss anything.
Angie stood head titled to her side interested, holding her arms up to you she made grabby hands like a toddler would when wanting up. "Pick me up" she ordered with a giggle, kneeling down you gently grabbed her. Picking her up you held her against her hip, almost like a mom holding a baby or a toddler it seemed to be the best choice-her reaction was a happy laugh. Pointing off to a room she nodded her head towards there
"Off we go then Lady Angie" you said, walking to the door across the wintered garden. Opening the room to show the indoor version. After all Bela-the eldest likes to do some research on them every now and again-and some of the gardening things held vegetables for the other maidens to keep them "fresh" as they said.
The greenish room should more of the vibrant colors of the objects then the snowy wind from outside. Catching your attention was the chorus of 'down's' repeatedly from the doll-who in turn was put down on the floor gently. Rushing off she called for you to join her. Following close by you couldn't help but smile at her child like nature-dispite her crazy nature, it was very enduring
Turning the corner you didn't expect to see her maker-the lady of the Beneviento house. Donna Beneviento also the same one who caught your attention from seeing her for the first time. Growing a bit flustered you bowed your head towards her-gaining a snicker from Angie who whispered-or at least seemed like it- to the veiled women. Of what? You weren't sure but it must have been something if she suddenly jolted up almost nervous like
"Hello Lady Beneviento" you responded carefully. It was obvious to anyone who sees the Lady- she seems to not be be used to being social with others, "its nice to meet you, My lady" speaking formally as you've been taught-and reprimanded for repeatedly in the past. Thankfully now it stuck
Nothing but silence filled the room. No talking. No movement even from Angie who just stared at the Lord. Your anxiety crept up even faster now, did you say something wrong?
"..WELL!" Angie suddenly jumping up bringing her wooden hand onto your pant leg pulling you forward- with such strength for such a small doll. "Come on" she tugged again annoyed like a child would if their toy was taken from them
"Give me attention!" Smiling you followed her to the smaller table you've seen before- when you first entered you never knew why the Lady would want such a small table. Now with Angie you knew why. Sitting down infront of the doll you leaned forward awkwardly in the seat
"Thank you Lady Angie" smiling at the doll like child who held a cup of 'tea' flavored air towards you with a cackle and nod-unaware of the gaze on you both from the veiled women who underneath smiled slightly at the sight
After a couple moments of playing tea, Angie's attention was stolen from a butterfly getting up and chasing after it with a yell of- profanities which you could have only assumed she learned from the other Lords. Movement was heard behind you-aware of the other women you pretended not to hear as to not scare her off
A flower crowded your vision for a moment before you took it gently. Fingers grazing across the other women's gently-ignoring the way she flinched away almost like you burned her somehow "thank you Lady Beneviento" you replayed glancing over at the veiled women who moved to sit beside you-almost so still you would has mistaken her for a statue-if not for her breathing hitching softly as a smile crossed your face. You didn't want to scare her off as she finally started to relax around you, slightly but enough
Holding the flower you looked down admiring it with a soft smile- which if you remember correctly Bela-during her studies-called it a Calla lilies. Whatever it was, it was a beautiful flower. While looking at the flower you failed to notice the one who gave it to you watched intently. Almost like she was flustered- but it was hard to talk with her veil to anyone. Anyone but Angie-who giggled behind you. Ditching the Butterfly for the scene before her. It was not only surprising that Lady Beneviento gave it to you but it also confused you as to why. Twirling it in your fingers gently you glanced up to the black veiled women "Thank you Lady Beneviento" smiling before remembering you already thanking the women-you grew slightly embarrassed from the lack of response-unsurpising as it was.
Laughing that scratchy tone-almost like a disk being scratched you drew your attention to the doll clinging to your pant leg once more "oohh~" Angie started in a tease "Donna thinks your pretty~ I can see it I guess" Angie giggled pulling at your pants for attention-if it weren't for what she said you'd compare her to Daniela for her need of almost constant attention
"What?" Was all the response you gave as the veiled women yet again stiffened in response-before abruptly standing up. Looking up at her smiling getting up as well. Angie curling herself around your leg like that of a cat against their scratching post, the Lady before you stopped almost as if debating something before turning and leaving hurriedly. A groan was heard as Angie unwrapped herself from you and chased after Lady Beneviento'
"Aww why can't we keep them?" Was all that you heard before they left the room. A smile grazed your face at the comment. It wouldn't be all that bad to be a maid for the two Ladies. You looked at the flower in your hand unaware of the glowing yellow eyes watching with a knowing smile.
A loud call of your name rang through the building loudly- the same way it was usually used for a certain sister. Gulping the lump down you straightened your outfit as best you could to be at least somewhat presentable, the flower safely in the pocket of your front shirt poking out.
Rushing down the hallway hastily while making sure not to make it seem like your running. Getting to the lady of the castle while running from one of her daughters? Yeah not that fun. The memory of the incident where you did accidentally set one of then off thinking you were trying to run away. Rubbing the scar on your wrist shivering at the thought.
Yeah. Not again.
Rounding the corner to the front of the manor your Lady and Lady Beneviento stood almost like they were waiting for something, or someone. A loud snicker brought your attention to Angie who stated up at you, bowing your head at them respectfully-thankfully remember the first rule anyone would know
Rule 1- don't look at any of the Lord's until they gave you some sort of signal(you technically broke it? But they either didnt care or mind)
Lady Dimitrescu placed a single hand on your shoulder sending a tingle of fright and anticipation through you "I will be giving you my own head maid, Donna dear" she started nodding in your direction giving you a odd smile-almost knowing? Of something "to help around your home" with that decided-it was clear she would not be changing her mind. Not that you'd want her to either
"Oo! We get the pretty lady?" Angie giggled loudly making her run around you in circles chanting something along the lines of "Pretty!" And "tea partner" smiling softly at her, Beneviento tensed up in embarrassment at the thought of you in her home. But accepted none the less
Calling out your name as you all got ready to finally leave. You turned to your former Lord "Now" she started giving you a stern look "be on your best behavior. Treat her right." Placing a hand on your arm her nails slowly turning to claws before turning back to normal. Like a warning
Entering Beneviento's home you noted how.. homie it really was. Like a normal house minus the dolls around. Some on shelves others on random chests or just sprawled on the floor.
Smiling like a little kid on Christmas you let a small "woah" as you glanced around the Lady of the house watching you intently as you neared one of her dolls, a defensive one who attacked if an unknown/violent person enters in her home on instinct without her command. Nibbling her lip nervously under her veil she hoped you would grow uninterested in the doll.
She was wrong
"This is so cool!" You escalated getting way to close for everyone in the room. The other dolls stared worry surrounding them from their Mothers nerves being shot. The doll sprung to life-a sharp intake from Beneviento, Angie moved to get you away, She slammed her eye shut. Awaiting the scream of pain to come out. The blood. But nothing came. Slowly she opened to see what could only be a silent but swift kill.
Her mouth opened in shock. You held the doll gently in your hands-it didn't even try to harm you just stared curiously at you, "I'm assuming you made this as well m'lady?" With a tilt of your head you sent a smile her way. Shock and disbelief was all she felt-even Angie was stumped about this.
"W.." for the first time since she first learned to talk. Angie was at a lose for words. "Well of course you dummy!" She just as quickly regained her ability. With a nod of your head you placed the doll where it leapt from gently smoothing out its outfit and you moved back. Hands on your hips before turning to face the two once again
"Well I think its cute!" The dolls around the surrounding area chattered excitedly, their mother stood yet again stumped. They obviously liked you-and she had no idea what to do about it.
She ignored the giggle of Angie who stared at her knowingly.
That started your new routine.
Everyday you woke up, changed. Accompany Angie around to clean as she entertained(teased) you. Everynow and again one of the Dollmakers dolls that are capable of walking yet have no speak or full will of their own like Angie would pop up and just stare at you. Or follow you. But if you looked at then they'd run off
So that made you have another rule.
Rule 2- if one of her dolls pop up don't look at them depending on who they are, and if you see them politely smile and wave. Do not engage unless they do.
It seemed like almost everyone in the house liked you to some extent. Almost everyone. You knew the Lady Beneviento at least somewhat liked you even during the small times of seeing her.
Yet during the last couple of weeks you barely saw the Lady of the house herself. Just at breakfast through Dinner. When you bring the food in she brought the tea. She refused to let you make it- Angie said something about how that's her favorite thing(and only thing) she cooked. All the other times you assumed she had little to no interest in you.
That all changed when one day you drew her attention to you even more then you unknownly had.
While cutting the bread you glanced up watching Angie as she ran around the small room, in awe about how life like she was, even after the amount of times you've seen it and heard it- she acted like a child- it was heartwarming but it was still a surprise. "Fuck" you hissed moving your hand away from the knife, in your obviousness you accidentally cut your thumb. Some specks of blood. Looking up from the deafening silence Angie was frozen in the middle of the room staring at you mouth agape. As usual you imagined if she was truly alive you wondered if she'd outright laugh
Which she did. And to your horror mimicked you
"Fuck" Angie copied gleefully. 'Oh no' was all you could think of as you rushed to her "FUCK!!" She yelled out louder then the last
"No no Lady Angie please" you attempted to calm her. What if Lady Beneviento heard? Would she be mad? Or find this funny? You were almost scared to find out "don't say that word please" at that she froze before slowly turning her attention to you
If this was anyone else. Like for example the daughters you served at your time in the Dimitrescu castle you'd be dead right about now. That's when it finally settled in. You just gave an order. To one of the lords. And if not the most unpredictable one at that considering how out of the ordinary she is. They all were in their own sense but Angie is arguably a very very unpredictable doll. If you weren't already worried out of your mind, you are now
"Um-" you started before she floated close to your face frozen. It was a couple minutes. Long painful silence. If it weren't for this situation that was happening admiring the work done on the doll would have been something you would have been doing
"Fuck" she giggled making a deep sigh of breath you held in this moment. "Hehe~" laughing that weird laugh of hers rushing off leaving you alone in the living room. Around dolls that seemed to pierce daggers into you much harsher then usual. Like Donna knew what you just taught Angie that. Like she saw
But.. she couldn't have. She's in the basement.. right?
That night Angie still said the word and laughed like the 9 year old? You guessed? She was, but never said it infront of her mom. Thank god for that. But.. that didn't last long either
"Motherfucker" was the first thing you heard leaving your room. Looking at the small doll in question who just giggled at your shocked expression "you are a motherfucker" before rushing off laughing
"WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT?" you yelled after Angie who in turn laughed even harder in horror you tried to wrap your mind around it. Did you say that? No. You're 50% sure you didn't say that word yet. At least not here
Standing in the hallway for a moment. Someone was behind you watching frozen not at you telling but at the young dolls profanity. Turning around you saw the one person you hoped wouldn't see or HEAR anything.
"L-Lady Beneviento!" You exclaimed bowing your head down harshly, "sorry about that I don't know where she heard that from" hoping to Mother Miranda she wasn't mad.
A ear piercing silence surrounded you both in the hallway before the sound of a chuckle-then a deep soft laugh escaped the veiled women in front of you. Bringing her hand under her veil to probably whip away tears she probably had escape from how hard she laughed. Standing in shock at the scene infront of you-growing flustered before a smile crept on your face.
You could only hope you'd hear that lovely sound again.
"...thank you" a hoarse voice so soft you had to hold your breath to hear it clearly. It was even more apparent that she hardly spoke to anyone if it was that hoarse. But it was still the most beautiful sound you've ever heard. A smile crept up your face as your heart swelled in happiness. "Donna." She interpreted your thoughts making you blink in confusion
"Call me Donna"
After a couple of months you and the two Ladies of the house got closer. Angie followed you around like a duck yelling profanities or teasing you about your crush on her mom- that she somehow figured out. Just like now.
"Donna and Y/N sitting in a tree" Angie sang, dancing around the coffee table. Donna sitting next to you drinking a cup of tea under her veil "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Angie spoke making the veiled women spit the tea out onto the table and the surrounding area.
"ANGIE" You yelled flustered but chuckling at the exaggerated reaction from Donna who was frantically whipping the spilled tea off of herself. Leaning over with a napkin you helped a bit
Silence filled the room when Angie ran out laughing the only slight of sound was the tick from the clock which sat above the door to the living room. Tapping the table you glanced at the time, realizing what the time was you jumped up catching Donna off guard
"Oh! Donna I have to see the Duke" you spoke looking away unaware of frozen panicked state. You hadn't left the house since the day you moved in, so you weren't aware of the jar, unaware of the village's state. Unaware of everything. With a gulp behind the veil the one thing that mostly plagued her mind.
What if you left?
What if you saw what she helped do and left her? Forever?
She couldn't deal with another lose- especially not you. Looking back you smiled at her gently, grabbing her hands gently rubbing the too with the palm of your thumb "I'll be back. I promise. I won't ever leave you or Angie, Donna I swear it"
Taking a deep shaky breath Donna nodded her head. "Alright. Just... don't be gone too long ok?" Donna begged-Hopeing it wouldn't seem too desperate- if it was you'd never comment on it.
"Of course" you promised.
The trip to the Duke wasn't easy nor was it too hard, bumps and bruises here and there. But in the end it will be worth it.
"Ah, the young helper from Lady Beneviento's correct?" The Duke spoke allowed rolling out of no where- you'd never figure out how he could do that. Or how the single horse could pull such a big guy either. A large grin appeared on your face
"Duke! Hey what's up?" Going over towards his shop you looked around a bit "it's been a bit quiet hasn't it?" The Duke froze turning towards you looking as you gushed over some of his items. A smile suddenly came onto his face
"Ah yes" he cleared his throat "I believe their planning on some..celebration of some sort for the Lords. And Mother Miranda of course" he concluded
"Ah, that makes sense!" Before you would say anything else something caught your attention. A single flower. A rose. If you could remember from the many books-and studies with Angie it means "Love" pointing to the rose "I would like to buy that one please" you spoke the Duke following your gaze and smiled softly
"Ah, a beautiful rose for a beautiful lord, my dear. Perfect choice" pulling out a couple more then just the single you assumed he'd pick he held them out to you gently, before you could pull your coin pouch out he held a hand to stop. "It's on the house, dear. You don't owe me anything"
"Oh! Well.. thank you Duke" smiling you took the Rose's gently in your hand turning and rushing off, rubbing the scar on your wrist in nervousness. The Duke watched in silence- he could only hope you'd stay safe looking back in his shop at the three statues he concluded- life isn't that fair nor kind to anyone.
Holding the flowers tightly so you wouldn't drop them yet gently so it wouldn't break, you smiled gently, today is the day, you were finally going to tell Donna how you felt. How much she meant to you.
Rushing up the trail to the house you couldn't help but shiver, a slightly unnerving shiver-almost cold. Obviously worried about the whole confessing thing. With a rub of your wrist you gulped deeply, biting your lip slightly-Donna would never cast you away for how you felt-she wasn't like that...
The closer you got to the door as it came into view, the more worried you became, walking around the sprawled out dolls around you took a deep breath and opened the door
"Donna. Angie I'm back!" You called out
Nothing came back. No quick pitter patter from the wooded feet of Angie sprinting towards you. Gulping down the lump in your throat you clutched the flowers a bit tighter still being mindful of how much strength you put in it.
The doll room! That must be were they are, walking around the couch you started down the hall before you froze everything happened in slow motion. The flowers falling, the white red speaks appearing in your eyes.
The scream that pierced out of your throat in horror. Anguish and grief. The bloodied body of Donna laid on the floor Angie beside her. Blood pooled around them, it was obviously Donna's and by the looks of it- it stopped pouring out. Dropping to your knees with a heavy thonk-you ignored the pain in then. The static in your ears as blood rushed from your face. Bringing Donna's head onto your lap. You shook her gently
"Donna" you started tears rushing down harsh against your cheeks-all you saw was the blurrier vison of the women you loved "wake up" you begged shaking her yet again. Trying desperately to ignore the painfully obvious dull in her eye as her veil moved slightly, before you on instinct moved it to cover her whole face.
"Don't leave me" sobbing harshly you brought her closer as you shook. "I" gulping down the sob from your horse throat "I love you, please don't leave me alone"
"Please. Come back"
All you got was silence
Then another scream
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banglatown · 17 hours ago
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popshopsicle · a day ago
Me to Me, tearfully: You've already got 11 other fics you're writing
#Lemme tag like#All the fandoms I'm currently making fics for#And I still haven't finished#Haha ADHD go brrr#Genshin Impact#I've got an Albedo one shot where I had a random idea that included him disliking rain#And Aether discovers with horror that the reason he hates rain is because once he's hit with any liquid his skin begins to sort of dissolve#Like Chalk#And when in fights with enemies he tends to use his elemental shields so he's fine#But rain?#Nope#Anyway yeah I'm working on that#I've also got a one-shot that imagines Paimon as the Unknown God working together with Lumine to undermine the Archons#And it explores how she's manipulated by Lumine and slowly grows fond of Aether#And it's all just a mix of several theories I've found#Ninjago#I've got a Lloyd gets blasted into the past and is trapped in Morro's body fic#A fic where in S6 Zane gets sent to the Movieverse as a result of one of his wishes#A fic where the Movie Ninja are the reincarnated souls of the Show Ninja#Another fic where of course Echo is passed down the element of water#And uhhh just saying I've already planned out that entire plot holy shit#I think I've got one more but I can't remember#Kingdom Hearts#I've got a KH Fic where PostKH3 Roxas gets sent into the past and he tries to fix things so that Sora doesn't DIE#Via Young Xehanort#Of course Young Xehanort has something up his sleeve#I've got another fic where as punishment for committing the Forbidden heart stuff Sora is trapped in an indefinite time loop of his life#All leading up to the end of KH3#And he's trying to change it so that he could at least live out the rest of his life before he time loops again#There's one more one shot fic featuring Roxas exploring ideas of love and how everyone around him views it. It's Roxner too
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sabraeal · a day ago
How are you?
What do you think of Chapters 111.5 of Akagami no Shirayukihime? I think it's after Haruto became regent and went to Wilant but before Izana stepped up to help her.
Contrary to most ice princes Izana behaves with Haki politely but there is a lot of softness too and he was paying attention to her.
I do wonder if it was before Izana realised he liked Haki. Because when he notices that with him she is all politeness and respect unlike Zen with whom she is much more comfortable obviously since they both look close in years and also are younger siblings. There is something in his reaction made me think that he must have felt something. He was all 'give me the flower I'll search its name since you are so curious' and that's when Haki genuinely smiles at him.
Izana totally remembers it despite what he told Haki when she reminiscented it. And he probably wasn't happy when she said that she confused him with Zen but 'no I shall be calm and collected' is his unbreakable facade yet the way Haki smiled at his cool response it looked like she was letting him have his way.
From the chapter it's indicated that there were many banquets Haki atteneded at the palace with the boys. So, maybe with Lyrias' position adults were arranging Hakizana wedding but the Bergatts were interested too and something went wrong. Since Izana behaves same with Zen as he did back when he wasn't helping Haruto but he is much more reserved with Haki than he was in this chapter.
What do you think?
I think, for no other reason than it meets my personal headcanons re: their ages, that this chapter may actually take place pre-Kain's death! It would also explain why Izana is so soft with her-- he's not yet the prince who had to spend years pretending to be a complete airhead to fix his father's kingdom, so he's less jaded, more naturally reserved rather an distrustful. He's the heir apparently, but he is still in training to eventually become king, probably not for decades yet.
I definitely agree-- no matter what Izana says, I'm pretty sure he remembers the whole thing. I've always gotten the feel that he like Haki and has probably always liked her-- especially since we see how very soft he is with her in the flashback. Haki's conversation with Zen back in 102 gave me the feeling that she's been around often, the way nobles often did when they were going to arrange a betrothal. I'm assuming that whatever happened to Kain put it on pause (my best is he was poisoned, hence Zen's preoccupation with it), but something during or prior to the first Lilias arc has Izana set it in motion (I have a feeling it was murmurings about Touka's dealing in the North, but I SUPPOSE WE SHALL SEE)
It would be SUPER INTERESTING if the Bergatts were involved with scuttling the betrothal too. I have always liked the idea of Haki having been betrothed to Touka first, before having that tossed out once Kain had their titles revoked. Touka mentions most of their lands were given to Arleon, Haki's family, which gives me the feeling they had some sort of hand in their downfall...or that Kain merely was looking for a reason to beef up Haki's dowry to make her a better match for Izana. All of which is SUPER interesting, considering how Makiri doesn't seem to be a big fan of either Izana or Zen, but lbr, that might just be one of those personal childhood grudges and be separate from his political feelings.
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jazzy-peryton · a day ago
Okay so I’ve seen the theory of Tyto (Owl Mask) being Belos’ son (very cool) in conjunction with Tyto being half-witch half-human, with Belos actually being human (also super cool, loving it).
BUT I’ve also seen theories of Tyto being related to the Clawthornes in some way, and we know that Eda had direct access to a portal to the human realm. So what I’m saying is, what if Tyto is Eda’s son, half-witch half-human.
#here come some thoughts#i’m warning you if you go into these tags. there’s a lot.#the owl house#toh#toh spoilers#tyto#owl mask#eda clawthorne#and for all of you stan pinesXeda shippers he could be stan’s son too#haha i hope that makes it clear enough that this is mostly a joke and that i don’t believe it’s the case for several reasons#BUT it’s actually super fun to think about so it’s perfect for like an AU#and there’s angst potential which is the best kind of potential#eda having to give him up for Reasons and always regretting that and believing she was a horrible mother#but now looking out for luz and being a great if unconventional mother figure#tyto eventually learning about this and he knows he has a better life as the emperor’s right hand and a powerful magic user and a prodigy#literally on posters all around the isles the face of the most revered coven in the lands#and he wouldn’t even want their life as they’re traitors & have nothing (he tells himself even as he begins to observe the ways they laugh#and love like no one he’s ever seen in the emperor’s coven)#(even as he sees the insecure and strict lilith smile and glow in ways she never did when she had all of her magic)#no no. he does not envy them.#but still infuriatingly feeling cheated and jealous because WHY is she keeping YOU when she ABANDONED ME?#and and!!! what if he inherited the curse?#what if he grew up with a curse that wasn’t his own?#something thrust upon someone else and now he has to carry when he didn’t do anything to deserve it?#and if that was the case it’d probably be impossible for him to not put together that eda ‘the owl lady’ was probably his mother#so he hated her and kept his relations to her a secret but always in the back of his mind when after he’d transformed he’d feel a strange#sense of CONNECTION to her because it was something THEY shared and it made him feel CLOSE to her in a way he both despised and yearned for#and i’m sorry i’m just rambling now and nothing’s making sense but tyto is literally my favorite type of character right now#has enough personality to have a presence but a blank enough slate of a mystery (for now) where you can throw anything at them & it sticks#you can explore lots of ideas with their character and i just think that’s so cool
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mrfutureboy · a day ago
Tumblr media
tfw you accidentally wear the same shirt as your dad and now both of your parents are fawning over you (while your sister laughs her ass off about it somewhere offscreen)
happy pride! i have a headcanon that the mcflys love buying silly pride shirts like that for their kids because they would've killed to have worn things like that when they were kids.
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sometimes i wonder if my father’s toxic (or possibly even abusive) behavior is only something I notice bc it feels like everyone else in my family never tries to avoid triggering him and his behavior is eye roll inducing at best for them meanwhile he slams his plate down and i feel like running the other way and can’t calm down for the rest of the day
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thursdayg1rl · 2 days ago
what a day.
#so in the morning my aunt kindly informed me that my friend had invited me to her house#and she was really angry abt it as if I was trying to hide smth from her when I didnt even know abt this#anyways she made me cry before my maths exams#which went so SO terribly#i cldnt concentrate bcz my head was hurting sm#bcz of the crying#the last few questions.. 🤡#i dont even want to talk about it it was so bad#i literally starting tearing up again whe one of the science teachers told me that i'll do well#it really makes you realise like how little praise you get like i thought i'd start crying#it was so weirdly nice of him hes so nice even though he doesnt even teach me#but yeah i did not infact do well.#maybe i can get a 7 though so its fine#hopefully i can manage an 8 though#no way im getting a nine lmao#so yeah after that. geography was good i finished with half an hour left which was like so impressive for me#usually im working right until the end in geography#but yeah i used the right exams techniques and everything so im happy#then i went to my friends house it was nice we just listened to music outside#now its nearly time for me to go to sleep i cant wait like unironically my body is going to be SO rested in the morning ugh <3#but yeah now my aunt is being normal again idk she literally has something wrong with her#think she might have even casued trouble before my exam on purpose. wuldnt put it past her lmao#anyways yeah im not going to study at all this weekend cannot wait
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amazing how the DS9 writers had the perfect ziyal x garak storyline fall into their laps - an exile becoming a father figure to a traumatized young girl whose biological father is not only a war criminal but a selfish prick, and thereby healing said exile’s own trauma over being exiled by his own father - and make such overwhelming narrative sense for the characters that andrew robinson refuses to play garak as anything other than fatherly/avuncular towards ziyal, but instead they spent multiple episodes stupidly refusing to follow this extremely logical trajectory by trying to convince us it’s some starcrossed romance...between a teenager-ish girl and a gay man in his fifties. when i tell you heteronormativity is the ghetto...
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aphroditegifs · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
peter, as an alpha, killed his niece to gain his power (admittedly in a fugue state, but there is never any significant remorse showed, even in scenes where he mourns his family). he lunges at scott to bite and turn him for his own gain. when he gets down onto scott’s level, it’s to intimidate. when he dies, he dies on the forest floor, burnt alive by the group of teenagers he tormented and his throat slashed by his own nephew after spending his spree as alpha torturing (if not killing) everyone he comes across. when he comes back, he has to do so through torturing and manipulating yet another teenager. he never becomes an alpha again.
scott, as an alpha, showed strength and virtue time and time again, and officially gained his power by breaking through maintain ash to save his mother (and his friends’ dads). he lunges at liam to try to pull him back on the roof, and when that no longer seems like an option, bites and turns him in order to give him a chance at surviving the fall. when he gets down on liam’s level, it’s to comfort. when he dies, he dies in his school library, killed by someone power-hungry after spending his spree as alpha trying to save everyone he comes across. when he comes back, there was never a chance of being left dead; mason tried to resuscitate him and failed, but when scott’s mom shows up, she tries and succeeds. he never stops being an alpha. 
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weirdthoughtsandideas · 3 days ago
It's weird, because when most Violetta couples aren't a couple but still have this mutual pining, they are super cute and adorable and you'd die for them. But when they actually become a couple they slowly start to become clingy and jealous and trust each other less.
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