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#shark eggs
nightlightsglow · 9 days ago
Made a Splatoon oc it's a shark person she runs the boat for salmon run and has an electric taser/whip thing.
Anyway time for shark people headcannons as a species I made up that other people have probably thought of before me:
- they have gills and can breathe both inside and outside of water
- usually found on the edges of the land working in aquatic jobs as most other species can't breathe water
- can't produce ink at all, rely on usually melee weapons to defend themselves
- they have tails that allow for greater mobility while swimming
- them and the salmonoids have beef as ya know they gotta eat something and both them and salmonoids usually live in water
- very sharp teeth, they regenerate like shark teeth but take a bit longer
- usually taller than inklings
- they got kinda like sheep muzzles going on
- look like inklings but with shark patterned bodies, shark and fish fins for hair, and a bulkier build
- also with half masks, only covering the bottom portion of eye, and shark scales (quite sharp one way but smooth the other)
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citrusacetate · a month ago
Extremely Long Heinoustuck Intermissions (The Felt) Descriptions
Pretty much everyone has a description, all because I wanted to redesign them. Keep them alive, and even give those that didn’t have designs a design. Also because I really wanted to draw Crowbar and New!Clover in my sketchbook.
Descriptions are kept on the keep reading, because it’s pretty long.
Trigger Warning for described gore, mating, and psychological torment. Viewers, don’t say I did not warn you. This is Heinoustuck, and this is also because some act more like animals than others. Also, don’t ask Crowbar or Matchsticks why they go in heat like Itchy, Quarters and Clover. Even they don’t know the answers to that question.
Itchy - A lot more animalistic, though I chose to keep only two aspects of his og design. The cat like tail, and the three arms. Mostly now four, two on his back and two on the front. He mostly walks on all fours, can make mostly cat-like sounds (hisses, yowls, possibly soft mews and trills). He can still communicate in writing, though he rarely ever writes anything cohesive (likely on purpose). He also has a mouth on the back of his head, though since he cannot speak he has no need to use it most of the time. It functions as a normal, non-cat controlled mouth. Description – Despite acting like a cat, and looking nearly like one too, this one is.. almost all bark and no bite. He thinks he can be threatening by hissing at his prey, but that almost never works considering that his prey is Doze (whom is never scared of him at all). And by almost… he’s only threatening when ‘in heat’. During summer it is unwise to step foot inside the mansion for a very good reason. Not only is Itchy in heat, but so are the robots and especially Clover. He will find a female visitor one way or another, and most likely he won’t hesitate to drag them to his room to tear apart their clothes and mate with them.
Doze - HOO BOY HERE WE GO! Doze used to look like as he did in the og post, slug-like with four arms on his back and two arms in the front. Though after the first 'Hibernation' period in the manor, he was given a shell to hide in. This shell was where he hibernated, and where something of a metamorphosis happened. During the first week, his original eyes opened up again (but they were blue.. that and he was still blind for a bit), and the stitched on (snail-like) eyes fell off and created 'horns' (slimy, but they were still horns). The second week the hands on the back fell off and out came slimy, drippy 'wings' (though he cannot fly with them). The third week his 'legs' became a more mobile (yet slimy) tail, akin to that of a serpent. His clothes is mostly slimy, and his arms dripped with slime. After the first 'Hibernation', Doze became a lot more social and well.. huggy to friends. Let him hug you though, and don't be upset if your clothes get ruined. This is just his way of showing affection.
Description – Doc Scratch presumed that Doze would stay in his forever form, doomed to a shell for all eternity being too slow to even escape any prey in any other way. He did not anticipate the metamorphosis that Doze would undergo after a whole month had pass since his first transmutation. Now that Doze is a bit more mobile (yet friendly), it means he can protect those he sees as friends more. Also, don’t pry him off. The last time someone did that he melted their arms off. Don’t struggle against someone who could accidentally do that. Sage advice.
Trace + Fin – THIS ONE. This one where I couldn’t come up with shit for either of them. Well, Fin’s I did… but I scrapped that idea because it was garbage! So instead, I gave the two of them shark legs, sliced their brains in half and therefore gave each other halves of each others brains inside their heads, and stitched the shark tails together (making them bound together). Thank you, it’s fucked up!
Description – Doctor Scratch, seeing that he had no choice but to act fast, did this one rather quickly. It was by no means sloppy though, as it lead to the fiercest of all the members of The Felt. Once the both of them were awake, they were quick to notice that their mouths were sewn shut. Their nails were a bit sharper, but another hindrance came immediately. They had a long shark tail… but it replaced both of their legs. Even despite both of those issues, the two of them would learn how to control their body. Becoming more in sync then they could’ve ever been before. Even despite them not knowing much about each other before they arrived at the mansion.
Clover – Hahaha… Just read the description. It’s even worse than the original redesign! Also he looks normal! ...From the front.
Description – He ended up dying after colliding onto the ground for attempting to escape Doctor Scratch. A parasite discovered his corpse, afterwards bringing Clover back to life as a host to the main parasite. The mouth on the back of his head is noted to be deadly. It can trick prey by luring them in with a glow inside the mouth. The mouth opens so the prey can reach inside it… and SNAP! A hand is melted off and lost, and Clover will feel that happening. Thus, sensing prey with his vines to tear them apart limb by limb. He then feeds the limbs to the parasite, believing himself to be doing a good job.
Mating works differently for Clover. First he uses his vines to constrict the victim, his dicks coming free from the leaves keeping them hidden (well that and the crotch, considering that they come out lubricated). Then he approaches the victim, and forces their pants off one way or another. He then inserts the tenta-dicks into both of the back holes in the victims body, after that it’s… ‘basic mating’ from there.
Die - He basically has the powers his voodoo doll once had, that and also keeping pins in a bag-like object on his back. Sticking to the fact that he became more anxious, and is even worried whenever he sees ‘prey’. Though he has different morals than the others.
Description – After being stitched to have his dolls powers, and given a sack to keep the large pins within, he was allowed to roam around his room. He has no clue what the internet is, often poking at the phone screen curiously trying to figure out how it works. He eventually did, which is probably how he found out what Tumblr was in the first place.
Crowbar - Has metallic arms made of flesh and steel, that whilst he couldn’t move them, he did have other metallic limbs that could. His arms work like the game ARMS where they can stretch for more range. That ability though is solely used in combat, mostly since in any other situation he could smack the problem with his Temporal Fists.
Description – Being forced to have cybernetics on your body, while you were knocked unconcious even, is really painful. He is one of the three that would probably say you were right… if they, including himself, could! The programming within his brain  keeps him from having freewill unless there is no combat or ‘enemies’ (that means anyone that is from outside the mansion). Thus being really great at combat, but not so great at socializing with other people.
Snowman - She has frozen arms that resemble claws, and her skirt now covers her entire legs (she can still move around though). That and on her hat is a frozen crown made of ice. The crown is to remind people that she is in fact, the used to be ruler of Derse. She has no universe ending abilities, though one should still be weary whenever encountering her.
Stitch – Very stitched up, mostly looks like an effigy. He still owns the effigies of the other members, but some of them are grey to symbolize that they don't need special healing.
Description – Doc Scratch had started to slowly run out of ideas, at least for Stitch and for Sawbuck. General abilities for them mapped out, he decided to go all out with Sawbuck. As for Stitch, he stitched Stitch up like a rag doll. As in, make him look like his own effigy because he is his own effigy. The consequence was that Stitch cannot speak, having no mouth because it was stitched over by this careless decision. But he can easily stitch up the effigy’s that need to be healed, knowing which one’s do not need healing (as they are grey to signify as much).
Sawbuck - (No ideas yet)
Description – (No ideas yet)
Matchsticks - Let's just say he was merged with a flamethrower and his chest has many eyes, and then move right along. Not much to say other then his abilities work the same and he is a bit more serious then the original Matchsticks.
Description – One of the three that were given forced cybernetics, he acts like a completely different person when in and out of combat. When outside of combat, aka with his fellow Felt members or when with allies of The Felt, he seems to be chipper. He also seems to crack jokes, not that he doesn’t do that from time to time during combat. But in combat, he is more serious, cracking jokes a little less and seeming to burn all foes at once. He can move the flames that he controls, thus now you are wondering what happened to his fire extinguisher? Oh he wasn’t just merged with a flamethrower. He uses the fire extinguisher built into his right hand to put out the flames to prevent them from spreading. How does he know when to use it? His mind was programmed with the gem-like eyes on his chest armor in mind, they blink whenever he has to put out the flames.
Eggs – Is noted to always be very cold, and to have made the cold room that Biscuits resides in. Reading the description should help describe this idea in more details.
Description – Being transmutated with a fridge, and also an egg timer can make you cold. Very cold, because they are keeping the eggs fresh. When in combat, he breaks the eggs to create yolk clones of himself. Because of this cold feeling, he usually only stays in his room because it was made for him. Warm, unlike his body, but since he is basically (and sort of) a machine, he cannot melt. Also he has a cannon on his arm, because how else would you launch the eggs?
Biscuits – Is noted to always be very hot, being a furnace in all. He made the really warm room that Eggs resides in, considering that Eggs is always cold. Reading the description for Biscuits helps with this idea, much like Eggs. Description – When you are transmutated with a furnace, to be used like an oven, you would wonder why he seems to talk about Eggs. This is because he and Eggs can communicate to each other to coordinate attacks. Their rooms are linked through a special doorway, with their bodies being able to merge together at times (only when their backs are together!). His room is kept cool so that way he does not overheat, which would be bad, especially if there are enemies nearby!
Quarters - His right hand was merged with his Mini-Gun, and he mostly looks machine-like. Do not threaten him or he will fire very fast, very deadly coins into your body. These are as deadly as bullets, even deadlier then lasers if you think about it. (or don't)
Description – Being one of the three given forced cybernetics, this one is the one that no one knows his personality at all. He is either activated whenever a threat is within the mansion, or deactivated when he isn’t needed. As such Crowbar and Matchsticks can only speak to him when they are charging (aka sleeping for robots). Surprisingly, he doesn’t like violence. It makes him upset, so every time he recharges, within his resting mind he weeps because of the bloodshed he caused.
Cans - Many arms, many ways to kill people with said arms (fists, hands). He won't hurt anyone he doesn't see as a threat though.
Description – He was forced to have many arms… okay many as in four sets of them. Two sets of arms and hands on the back, and two sets of arms and hands on the front. The only reason he does not fight most people is because he thinks most of them are weak. He believes that he should only fight foes that are as strong as he is, so that way they prove to be a challenge. And also because, like Quarters, he just isn’t a violent person. Also did you know his head has three sets of eyes? I just wanted to point that out somewhere...
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bittybattybunny · 2 months ago
What happened to the rest of Ru’s clutch? Were the other eggs just eaten or destroyed? Or does Ru possibly have a monstrous sibling still out there?
Leviathan’s don’t lay more than one or two eggs in a clutch actually!
similar to long-lived species like a whale, elephant, a Greenland shark etc they have a more lengthy gestation time/period between breeding
this is why the pups grow so fast
Doesn’t help there’s a lot of cannibalism for leviathans. they tend to eat smaller ones all the time. it’s not a fun time.
So Ru doesn’t have anyone related to him in the ocean, and even then he drifted really far south when he was taken by Marcus and the magic the moonjumper uses has kinda warped him.
If he met another leviathan he most likely wouldn’t have a good time
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aermuir · 5 months ago
for the longest time i thought sharks were marine mammals not fish but i think i just got them mixed up w dolphins
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godnanime · 9 months ago
---- @fleurtm​ liked !!
Tumblr media
---- “ Heeeeey! Hey, hey! Are your feathers real?! If they are, how come you only got one wing? Does your girlfriend lay eggs?! ” A barrage of questions from the amphibious yordle, who... gets around, apparently. We’ll just not ask how he ended up in a lake in Ionia, which wasn’t exactly all that close to the coasts of Bilgewater. That said, he doesn’t seem to mind, and even seems quite curious about Rakan. You know, if that wasn’t evident.
      “ Ohhh, oh, oh, oh! Can you fly? I’ve always wanted to fly! ”
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chestswell · 10 months ago
Man this was a good blog back in the day. Would love to see more! (Also some of your links are borked.) As for a prompt or something: What can you tell us about clown eggs?
wahh i know, i’m just like permanently hyperfixated on my main ocs at this point. also i think the seperate blog thing makes it feel harder to develop bc it’s like, partially interactive and request based which i just don’t have the time or energy for. doing a sort of character, keeping up the yes this is a clown habitat thing is a lot of extra work for my adhd brain. i might just move this into being a story w worldbuilding like my normal art blog content is ahlkghdslg i’ve been doing the same thing w my seperate wc blog so that’s why im thinkin it’s the sep format that’s making it harder to work on now that my main motivation for it’s fizzled out
also clown eggs hm. ik half of the main clown species hit the reptilian/avian vibe of things more but i like the idea of them all still being mostly mammals and laying eggs in a similar vein of platypus
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omg-snakes · 10 months ago
Left Shark laid her clutch with Ringwood today, but they were all unfertilized slugs. This makes me a bit nervous for Kitty Junior's impending clutch, which is also sired by Ringwood.
I guess we'll see.
Also, I've said many times before that this blog is non-political, but black lives matter and I stand with protesters. There's no room for racists here.
If you disagree please see yourself out, thanks.
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afkintheark · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did my Aberration cave trip! I got a ton of rock drake eggs, none of them very good until the last couple where I found a 155 and 175. Everything else is 90 or below.  >.<
I’m not hatching them yet, gonna wait til I build the new base. I’ve got it pretty much all planned, just need to build.
I also nabbed another pair of ravagers, and when I got them home I found they both had slightly better stats than what I had so I bred them into my line (and got a few new mutations in the process \o/). Got some glowtails as well, and also raised up my latest batch of deinoch eggs.
Shiny! dinos had a couple new spawns and I went out and grabbed this “budgie” pteranodon and an albino compey. Finished the night with this ‘roo when I took one of the unicorns out after thatch.
Not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but if I wind up coming back here I’m gonna start building.  \o/
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dasistleeway · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
even 5-star hotels tried hard to survive this pandemic, Gong-Ba bought us some packs of frozen shark fin soup, I cooked the fried rice and upgraded the soup...
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az-ulema · a year ago
Aquarium, 2018: Mermaid purses, or in other words, baby sharks. 💙💙💙
(sorry about background noise, forgot to cut that out 😅 let's just call it ambiance lolz)
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caerdroia · a year ago
🐚 💕 tell me a story!
The mermaid watched rain patter across the ocean’s surface, stretched out on their back across their extensive rock collection. Heaving a sigh, they thought on how desperately they wanted to go look for rocks like they had planned entire moon cycles ago. Today would’ve been the first one in much too long, but of course the rain and subsequent clouds obscured visibility too much for a casual stroll. The mermaid rolled onto their stomach, rolling a few rocks in their fist. The water shifted around them and they glanced up to find a battered looking nurse shark approaching. A faint smile stretched across their lips as they sat up and reached out a hand. There was no hesitation in the gentle bump of its snout against the proferred palm and a grin broke out across the mermaid’s face. They felt something drop onto their lap and once they shark tucked itself against the mermaid’s side, they saw it was a particularly stunning shell. The light glinted off its curves as the mermaid held it up, examining. They took a look around their space, trying to secure the best place to display it. The shark wiggled onto their lap and with a flourish of their wrist, the shell floated with purpose to a jagged shelf above the mermaid’s sleeping alcove. The mermaid pressed a kiss to the top of the shark’s head, planting a simple “thank you” in its mind, and they knew there’d be other days to add to their collection. 
mutuals send me emojis to base a short story on OR a heart emoji for a love letter :-)
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shelli-gator · a year ago
Tumblr media
Shark Sam Shark Sam Shark Sam!
I’m an animal, and i doodled this. At least I’m consistent, I still suck at arms!
Mermaid AU Sam is a Lemon Shark, one of the few sharks that actually like socializing. Sam grew up as the tiniest shark in the estuary nursery, and never knew his mother. He didn’t fit in amongst his peers for his small size, but he makes it up for it with his massive personality and sunny disposition.  (Not even in the ocean can Sam escape Twinkdom)
But sadly, a shark is still a shark, and he has trouble making friends with the other fish in the ocean. He spends most of his years alone, until he stumbles upon a very grumpy merseal sunbathing in the bay. His very best Salty Seadog Buddy, Guy Am-I. The two become inseparable, and even Sam’s terrifyingly toothy smile grows on the seal. Does the sun seem to shine that little bit brighter when Sam’s around?
Fun fact. Lemon Sharks eat a lot of garbage, so they’re able to throw up their own stomachs to empty it like a trash bag.
Guy: You’re a yipping disaster! You eat garbage! Sam: Hey now bud, that’s not nice to say about green eggs and ham! Guy: No, I mean I JUST saw you eating literal garbage! The plastic is still stuck in your teeth! >:C Sam: Oh! Ooooo... right. My bad. *grimaces*
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ncpsss · 54 minutes ago
Educational Toys for your Child: Here’s the list of the top ones to choose from
Tumblr media
Education is not about just studies, it’s about learning. Learning is something that you start as a child and you never stop learning no matter your age.
However, children learn differently from us, a child learns better with fun and we at NCPS Jaipur understand that that’s why we have listed the best educational toys out there that we use in our classes and would recommend you to also use these at home for the better learning and development of your child.
Toys for Fun Learning
Smart Piggy Bank: - A piggy bank was our first toy, but we wish that ours was this smart. This colorful toy is not only a visual treat to your child, but it is also an educational one with different usages for children of different ages.
For toddlers, it’s just a fun toy that helps improve motor skills as your child puts the coins into the bank, but as your child grows up it can be used for counting. We at No 1 School For Science use with our grade 1 to 5 students.
Building Blocks: - This toy promotes creativity and imagination in children, your child can construct anything with the 80 piece set, the only limit here is imagination, and children have a lot of it so don’t worry.
Examples include trains, towers, animals, castles, etc. All these were created by our children at the Best Boarding School in Sanganer Jaipur. At Ideal Education Point ( New Choudhary Public School), we encourage our young students to take these block sets home, create something and show it in class the next day as a part of our creative classroom program.
The Alphabet Island Game: - Learning letters is very important for young children. In our school days learning letters used to be a boring routine, but now learning letters is a fun process because of this fun game.
In this board game, your children have to find a corresponding small letter or a word written on a disc to a capital letter written on a card flipped, otherwise a shark will eat all the letters. This engaging game will increase your child’s vocabulary and improve alphabet knowledge.
The Color Matching Egg Set: - With this toy, your child will learn to recognize numbers and colors while having fun at the same time.
How this works, you ask? Each egg is divided into two halves and the halves contain a color and a number, your child’s job is to simply match the same colored and numbered halve to form a complete egg, this way children learn colors and numbers without even realizing it.
The Shape Sorting Cube: - We didn’t imagine that learning shapes can be this much fun. This toy does two things, first, your child will learn the shapes and your little one will also learn problem-solving skills
How? The cube comes with slots of different shapes where only the right shape will fit; children learn the shapes by fitting the shapes into the correct slots, by doing this your little one will also learn to solve problems and will have a never give up mindset because of curiosity and this puzzle being a little hard for children.
We can’t list all the toys here, but these are some of the best toys that we use so that you know that your young one is in the right hands when enrolled in Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School).
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chooscrs · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“So, like… were you hatched from an egg? Or born like a shark?”  ↪ mermaid starters           — @heartsealed​  ( Rio )
Tumblr media
THE  QUESTION  MAKES  JOE  LAUGH,    WARM  AND  FRIENDLY,    IF  STILL  NOT  A  LITTLE  NERVOUS.      His tail curls up out of the water and into the air,  in as much as it has room to,  drops of water being flung into the air to rain down on the both of them.    The human before him still seems somewhat in shock,  so he takes the question to be earnest,  and even if it’s meant teasingly,  well —    this is the one human who’s spoken to him as if he were a person.    He can respond to that in a manner that is kind,  at the very least.
Tumblr media
“ Merpeople are laid as eggs.    Humans aren’t,  though,  right ? ”
There’s a grid at the top of the tank,  keeping him from actually pulling himself out,  but he can have his head above the surface,  to speak with his visitor.    That’s what this is,  right ?    A visit ?    Not another test.
He hopes so.    He has spent the last day being poked and prodded,  readings taken that he simply doesn’t have the grounding to in any way UNDERSTAND.    He is trapped in a network of tanks and tubes,  big enough for him to swim around in but nowhere near big enough to be comfortable.    There’s a human that scares him who claims to have bought him.    Over the course of the day,  he heard other humans,  but they haven’t been allowed to see him.    He doesn’t know if they will be.    The concept of what will happen in the days to come terrifies him.
Though he comes from a vastly different world,  he has a sense of what the word EXPERIMENTS means.
Now it is the dead of night,  he thinks.    This leads him to believe that this particular human is not supposed to be seeing him or interacting with him.    All the more reason to play nice.    He needs an ally desperately.
“ Do you normally ask people how they’re born before asking for their NAME,  though ? ”
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foli-vora · 6 hours ago
omg the spring asks are so cute!! i’ll ask Favorite and Ocean!
Favorites - what’s your favorite show, movie, and book?
Schitts Creek, the Mummy & Green Eggs and Ham!
Ocean - what’s your favorite sea creature?
Sharks! Scary but beautiful 🥺
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smoliboops · 9 hours ago
if someone were to tell me a month ago that i’d be looking forward to the lore of a half-enderman husband/father of a zombie piglin with memory problems, and the lore of a friggin evil egg two days after that, all while watching a 23 ft shark god of life and the ocean (formerly death?) as i am typing this, i would not understand a word i was saying
Tumblr media
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cecilsstorycorner · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Give your local SadLad some love
Art Taglist: @metanoiamorii @oceancold @endlesshourglass @littlehenrikehd @chayscribbles @kick-kennedy @stardustspiral @thethistlegirl @piyawrites @t-lane-writes @c-h-a-n-d-ra @little-boats-on-a-lake @hazard-writes @alicewestwater @ashen-crest @ettawritesnstudies @egg-shark
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